i just have a lot of things i feel about all the members

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i always get very insecure when i see the beautiful female idols and girl group members because i know i can never look like them and idk. i'm too emotional tonight

awww love please don’t!!! trust me i felt like that too a couple months ago… it got so bad i started starving myself and my mom found out… and it turned into this really big thing… since then i have learned a lot :) 


YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND GORGEOUS IN YOUR OWN WAY! DON’T LET ANYONE MAKE YOU FEEL UGLY B/C YOU ARE PERFECT JUST THE WAY YOU ARE! Never think less of yourself. Don’t ever wish to be or look like someone else. Stop comparing yourself to others.Stop worrying so much about what other people think. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. One day you will realize how beautiful you are. Why not make that day today? It’s only when you accept yourself that you will truly be free.


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Things i think about a lot about namjoon.

  • one time when a fan told him they got his photocard, he gave her a dimply, sheepish smile and apologized.
  • he and jin often rank 6th & 7th in terms of “popularity” rankings in sk fan polls.
  • he said one time he feels heinously alone even when surrounded by people and even his members at times.
  • he said once when asked what kind of person he would like to date it would just be someone pretty inside and out.
  • he’s often times seen on his phone during bombs and pictures and…all of the time, and there is a lot of teasing about that, but did you know that he writes lyrics on his phone pmuch all of the time. he also checks the fanchats and rooms for comments very often (like jungkook, jhope and yoongi have said they do).
  • in order to write better lyrics and be a better leader, and person, he reads all of the time as much as he can, all kinds of materials. including studying philosophy for the HYYH album as well.
  • openly supports lgbt community.
  • he has said before (similar to yoongi) that he prefers to save his tears and not cry. but he has let his tears fall before and become emotional before, and he said those times have made him panic over giving in.
  • he has given much praise to and about each member of the group many times. when asked about going solo he said he wouldn’t because of bts and what they mean to him.
  • he said that he began rapping as a way to cope with studying so much and so hard to be the best in school, even though he had no dream or no idea what he wanted to do with his life.
  • he said that he practices his expressions in the mirror often.
  • he has a difficult time mastering and remembering dances, especially during concerts in which things are rearranged and there are so many in a row. he gets nervous about concerts because he’s afraid he will forget or mess up.
  • he’s been known to drop his microphone, accidentally mess up, even rip clothes, on stage before.
  • he has very complex emotions and thoughts, and is often overwhelmed by the depth of them.
  • he’s very adamant in the thought that he wants to remain human, and close to his fans, without barriers. he wants his fans to be able to treat him, and speak to him, like a friend.

things i want to say about the last wolf 359 episode that i don’t necessarily wanted to talk about publicly but that i don’t feel i can really pretend to be okay with

  • killing off one part of the three relationships that a lot of gay/bi people are deeply invested in and
  • killing the only character played by a black cast member by having her executed by a white man and
  • using the death of a black person to motivate a white person into action and
  • using the death of a female character to motivate a man into action and
  • regardless of whether they work out differently or not, still making listeners go through that regardless and
  • not realizing that this is more than a little tone deaf is… idk

i’m just tired of not being able to get emotionally invested in anything at all in peace anymore as a disabled non-white lesbian because i keep waiting for the other shoe to drop every time and it does, it always does, and when it does i feel like i’m expected to keep quiet about that disappointment because it’s silly to get this worked up over fiction or i don’t wanna make people uncomfortable or w/e but… it’s unfair that i only ever get to enjoy things with caveats and while having to brace for the worst while others get to coast through their media experience without having to do any of that

The type of best friend Joshua, Hoshi, Wonwoo and Mingyu would be

Thanks for requesting! This is a new type of request so I was excited to try this! I hope you like this and tell me what you thought about it~ ^^ I just chose the four boys you mentioned but please do request again (when the requests open again) if you want me to do the rest of the members too! ^^

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hoshi has taken over my bias list with the rest of seventeen, i need help, send help, my bias list is a mess


  • Caring brother kind of best friend? I feel like he would always ask if his best friend has eaten etc. but wouldn’t take it too far you know?
  • Would probably get along with all his best friend’s friends too
  • Yo don’t hurt his friend unless you want to be lectured for hours Will protect his best friend at all costs

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  • Just a lot of laughing, jokes and happiness and if you have a thing for SHINee, you just found your bff of literally forever (#ME af)
  • I feel like he would be really, really close with his best friend, like they would tell each other everything and would support each other no matter what
  • Will come for your ass with his squad if you hurt his bff

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  • Being best friends with this guy right here would probably be so… adorable? I don’t really know tbh, I feel like he would be that one friend who’s kinda quiet but thinks a lot and is good at giving others advice if they need it?
  • But like he’s such a fluff ball but like if someone hurts his best friend, that person better be ready to die get scolded by him

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  • idk if this is only me and my friends but I feel like this boy would be like that one friend you have that you diss all the time and he would diss you all the time too but you two are still really close and you never really mean any of the bad things you say to each other
  • Hurt his best friend and expect an angry Mingyu to show up at your door and be prepared to really die or at least receive a long lecture from him because, duh, no one else is supposed to be dissing his best friend than him

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idk what to call this so i’ll just tag this as a reaction lol

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When you get this respond with five things that make you happy and then ask the last ten people in your notifications to do the same :) . . .

We’re going to do this fandom style because I’m having a lot of feelings of frustration and sadness about Loki lately. I need happy Loki thoughts.

1. Loki as a begrudging participant in a massive group hug.

2. Loki blowing people’s minds with an unexpected display of competence and nobility. (BAMF Loki combined with Reluctantly Noble Loki = sign me tf up.)

3. Loki reconciling with his family. Long, tearful arguments with Odin lasting all night until they tire out and give in to a quiet game of chess instead.

4. Loki as an honorary member of the Avengers. Slowly coming to realize he has a second home on Midgard.

5. Loki as a small, sleek black cat who is so very, very moody and prissy and purrs with fierce aggression when Thor scratches him just right beneath the chin.

SHINee in Dallas – 03/24/2017

There are a lot of amazing things that happened that day that still feels surreal!! I wanted to write a fanaccount not just to share my experience but also so that I can have a “dairy” to look back on whenever I wanted to :) Fair warning: ITS SUPER DUPER LONG!!

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Reason to love Namjoon? God, where do I begin. I know lots of people probably feel the same things I feel and you’ll get these same words over and over again from other people, but I really need to say this. I love Kim Namjoon, plain and simple. He’s so selfless and so kind. Namjoon does so many things for us fans, and he genuinely has so much love in his heart whether it’s for us, for the members, for his mother, for practically anyone. He’s given me so much strength. All of his philosophical metaphors have always given me inspiration in my every day life. I will never forget the moment he tweeted about Macklemore’s song ‘Same Love’. I balled my eyes out. I cried, and cried, because my family will never support my bisexuality, but Namjoon does. My hero supports me. My hero loves me just the way I am, and that was enough to keep me going. I’m tearing up just writing this because I don’t know how I can ever be able to fully express how thankful and grateful I am for him, how much I love and care for him. He deserves so much. Thank you, Namjoon. Thank you for writing music, thank you for giving me strength, thank you for existing. I don’t know where I’d be without you. (if this isn’t the type of submission you’re looking for, feel free to delete, I just thought someone should know what he’s done for me)

Dating Min Yoongi would include:
  • Staying up together just talking 
  • but then sleeping all day long 
  • like seriously 
  • all day
  • “yoongi are you asleep”
  • “yes”
  • Staying at the studio with him till 12 o’clock 
  • having to pull him away from the sound systems so he could sleep
  • sleeping at the BigHit building because you were to tired to drive 
  • Sarcasm being the only language you both speak to each other.
  • “yoongi I love you but i’m about to punch you in the throat.”
  • “I feel the same way.”
  • Constantly bugging each other.
  • Cuddling all the time.
  • Constant rap baddles
  • Letting you win
  • Not a whole lot of PDA
  • Only when he gets jealous 
  • which is everyday
  • Always skying when he is away.
  • All the members loving you
  • yoongi getting upset when you hang out with Jungkook all the time.
  • Being the biggest supporter when he releases his mix tape. 
  • getting hate from fans 
  • Yoongi always standing up for you no matter what.
  • Mini silent treatments
  • Followed by a, “You don’t know how much I hate you.” 
  • Fighting over useless things
  • Bringing things up from the past and using it against you.
  • You doing the same.
  • Him apologizing first.
  • Long cuddling after the fight. 
  • “You know I love you right jagiya.”
  • “I know yoongi.”

(Do you guys like these? Tell me who you want me to do next in BTS)

Prince!Woozi AU

I’m so sorry, I know that there are already so many Prince!AUs but I just had to write this!! I don’t know if I’ll do any other Prince!AUs for the other members. Maybe I should just finish my royal servant!seventeen AU

Dt: @kikhwa because you said you wanted me to tag you in ALL my AUs (but I’m not sure if you meant that you wanted to be tagged for only the royal servant!seventeen AU?) and @with-woozi because you made me have major Woozi feels lmao

  • Very strict on the servants and expects the very best out of them
  • But it’s only because he’s under a lot of stress and is constantly pressured by his father to become the best ruler
  • He’s always studying the history of his kingdom and other kingdoms, learning about different cultures and customs and such
  • Basically learns about things that will help him become a better ruler
  • Tends to overwork himself and is always multitasking
  • Never goes out into town because he’s too busy working
  • Whenever officials from other kingdoms make remarks about him or question his capability to run the kingdom he gets SO MAD because honestly he works so hard WHAT GIVES THEM THE RIGHT TO JUDGE HIM??? THEY’RE JUST A BUNCH OF OLD MEN!!
  • An official from another kingdom once flat-out said that Jihoon wouldn’t make a good leader and so Jihoon just kind of clenched his fists and just went over to the guy and tried to fight him, but was held back by his servants
  • He was scolded by his father and was ordered to control his temper
  • Now whenever someone makes a comment or questions his ability to be a leader, Woozi just kind of brushes it off and makes a comment about the person so casually that the person will be confused as to whether or not Woozi just insulted them (spoiler alert: he did)
  • But since he still has a lot of stress, Jihoon’s advisor suggested he do something to help relieve all the pent-up stress
  • So what Woozi does is he sword fights with the knights (specifically, knight!Jun)
  • He’s actually really good at sword fighting and everyone is surprised because they didn’t expect him to be THAT good
  • But since he’s either working to improve himself or sword fighting he’s tired quite often
  • If you’re a servant then you probably go into his private study to tidy up but then you find Woozi sleeping on the desk, his hand still clutching his pen
  • He looks so exhausted and you know that you should really wake him up, but you don’t
  • Instead, you cover him with your apron (because all of the blankets in the room are dirty and you really don’t have time to go and fetch one from another room) and slightly move his position so that he’s more comfortable
  • Woozi is really surprised and confused when he wakes up and finds your apron around his shoulders, but he sees your name sewn into the inside of the pockets
  • So he spends a good forty minutes walking around the castle, asking all the servants if they know where he can find you
  • Servant!Seungcheol says that he knows you and offers to take Woozi to you
  • Woozi accepts and the two of them go off into one of the castle’s rooms where you’re changing the bedsheets
  • Your back is to them, and Woozi kind of walks to you, ready to just hand over the apron and get it done with because honestly he’s been doing this for 40 minutes now he has other things to do
  • But then you turn around
  • You have a polite smile on your face, and Jihoon is kind of just frozen because the sun is shining through the window and illuminating your figure
  • Jihoon wasn’t prepared for you to look so cute so he’s just red-faced and flustered and he’s stuttering and trying to grasp onto a coherent sentence
  • So he just kind of holds out your apron like “H-here…t-t-t-thanks f-for, uh..I-I..thanks”
  • You’re just like it was no problem and you take your apron back from him and yOUR FinGERS toUCH  and Woozi gets so RED so he turns around and runs out of the room
  • Servant!Seungcheol is kind of jogging next to him with a sly little smirk like I saw what happened back there~you like them~you think they’re purdy~
  • `Woozi is just like NO, I DO NOT! I-It was just hot in that room…that’s all
  • And Seungcheol is still jogging next to him like sure~~you TOTALLY don’t like them~~
  • And Woozi is just like shUT UP! DON’T YOU HAVE WORK TO DO???!?!?!?!
  • There was one time when Woozi ran out of supplies so he had to go down and ask for some and you and Seungcheol were the only ones there
  • So Woozi had to walk up and ask you for supplies and he was really embarrassed but what made it worse was that Seungcheol was standing behind you, wiggling his eyebrows and making kissy faces and being such a grease ball
  • Basically had to bribe Seungcheol to just stOP (and he also may have challenged Seungcheol to a sword fight and scared the dude to death but shhh)
  • Sometimes Woozi will get really depressed because all the pressure and stress is crushing him so he’ll like to take really long and calming walks in the castle garden and he’ll also sometimes sing to himself
  • You were in the gardens one day and saw Woozi walk by and thought he looked a bit lonely so you started to walk next to him without saying anything and looked at the scenery
  • Woozi had to do a double-take and was really surprised like is that really them??? Is it just my imagination??? because he has on more than one occasion imagined that you were taking nice walks with him but he never thought it would actually happen
  • You just look up at him really innocently like “mind if I join you?”
  • And Woozi is really shy and just stutters out that it’s alright
  • And for a while it’s very nice, almost like a date which actually makes Woozi very happy
  • But it’s not as calming as it’s supposed to be because you are so CLOSE to him
  • Your hand is dangerously close to bumping into his and your arms are slightly brushing against his and he can see every detail of you like your very kissable lips, your eyes, your soft skin, it’s just toO MUCh to hANDLe
  • So Woozi has to excuse himself, saying he has work to do, and runs the entire way from the garden to the castle and he’s out of breath and breathing heavily, but it’s not because he was running it’s because !!you!!were!!right!!there!!next!!to!!him!!
  • And servant!Seungcheol somehow managed to get pictures of you and Prince!Woozi which he send to Woozi and the prince turns 50 shades of pink it’s adorable
  • There’s a time where Woozi was just kind of tired while he was working so he rested his head on the table and focused on breathing and he heard someone come in but didn’t move
  • He slightly opens his eyes and sees that it’s you so he just tenses up like !?!?why are they here?!?!
  • You just drape your apron over him and make sure that it’s all snug
  • When you look at him he looks so comfortable and soft and squishy you just can’t resist so you lean down and place a gentle kiss on his forehead and just leave
  • And Woozi just m e l t s
  • Prince!Woozi works really hard to be a good ruler, but all he really wants to do is take nice, romantic walks with you in the garden and hold your hand and place soft kisses on your face. But he’ll continue to work hard because he wants to show you that he can be a great ruler and hopefully you’ll fall in love with his determination and hard work

“I’m trying hard to escape from my stress. I debuted later than all of you did and there were a lot of things that happenend. These days I feel more okay with reading malicious comments than before. I just hate that there is nothing I can do. I was thinking about not showing any emotions and what to do for the members. I’m working hard, the hardest I can. I don’t know but it seems like it’s going to be difficult.[…] I’m scared. Actually, I have never felt this scared before. Whenever I see people from the stage, I feel scared… What should I do?” translations by sunlight overcast

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I keep thinking about when Namjoon said 'my fave type of girl is one that looks good in a white t shirt jeans and red converse' bc I feel he was being that specific just to throw shade at the whole 'types' thing fifhdjdhsfrh. Also I think a lot of the times the ideal types are fake bc we even see this w boybands from America/Europe where they're like 'oh I like this type of girl' and all the members have completely different types to cover almost every kind of person so they gain/keep fans

.omg..sis, this ideal type thing is rly fuckin w my head!! i always thought namjoon was just a headass for saying that but he was actually just a step ahead of our dumb scammed asses di whole time 

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kyungsoos such a sweetheart idk why they always gotta use that satansoo thing about him

it’s that fuckin astigmatism smh. making people think he’s trying to shoot death rays from his eyes. poor guy.

i think a lot about his second box couple talk with jongdae and how jd was like “when i met him he glared at me and it was weird but!!!! i didn’t think he hated me or anything, it was fine, we didn’t have any problems”

(and jongdae also said kyungsoo was the kindest member when everyone else said jongdae himself was, so if THE NICEST PERSON says YOU’RE the nicest, that’s really????? like??????? idk i don’t even have words)

OK so here’s my list of who I don’t want on this season and why:

  • Illionaire (any member in any combination)
    • They have a lot of personality and they are cool people but their songs for this show are always kinda one trackish. Not to mention we already got to know the msince they’ve been on the show until the finals for 2 seasons. I think they should just move aside for someone else. They’ve done all they can do on this show.
  • Tablo
    • He’s great. However, like Illi, he’s already been on twice. Not to mention he has a knack for giving certain people special treatment and that’s he last thing I want for the next season. 
  • AOMG
    • Every rapper but Ugly Duck has been on. Plus, I don’t feel like Gray and Loco added much to the show. Yes, they made some good songs but I don’t feel like I really learned about them. Like ok, Gray is quiet. Ok… AnywayUD can come on but leave your friends at HQ. Pair up with someone else.
  • Timabaland
    • There’s really no reason. He didn’t do much of anything and had no lasting role.
  • Snoop Dogg
    • Same as above
  • Bobby
    • He doesn’t need to keep being involved with the show if he’s not gonna have a lasting role. Either give him a job and keep writing him checks or let him move on. He has other shit to do. Plus, him being involved just evokes whoever he’s paired with to get hate votes (meaning hella people just hate the performance by default and vote for the other side).
  • Mino
    • He didn’t even win so??? Unless he’s a contestant why bring him back? But even then, he’s had way too much success on the show to come back as anything less than a judge or featuring artist but again he didn’t win the show to be able to deserve that so that puts him in a weird situation. Less likely to cause a hate vote situation but still
  • B.I.
    • Same as Mino. Plus, EXTREMELY likely to cause hate votes.
  • Taewoon
    • People just want to hate him. There’s really no redemption at this point. He can make his mark outside of this show.
  • Any black contestant whp’s only getting picked to use as a prop
    • self explanatory
  • Any contestant who can’t speak Korean
    • If they can’t speak Korean and there’s a translator, it would be fine but don’t tell them there’s gonna be a translator then when they get there there’s not translator that’s shady.
  • Probably any contestant who’s ever made it to top 16
    • They’ve already profitted enough from the show. Let others get screentime.
this is gonna be kind of a personal rant

i really hate when family members/friends make fun of you for being introverted. I live with my grandmother who is very loud spoken and sociable. So when I tell her I really just wanna be left alone she scoffs and says really degrading and hurtful things to me and calls me names. I’m not a bad person because I am not as social as you. And make I just dont want to be around you all the dam time because all you do is rehash old topics that are hurtful and not fun to talk about anymore. I feel a lot more isolated from my other friends and even my girlfriend because they all have happy family environments and I’m sort of floating in this bubble of isolation. I live alone with my grandmother who also lives in seclusion and I have absolutely nothing in common with her. I just need someone right now oeaigaeoing 

Animation Advice Post something or other

So I see a lot of negative stuff about animation and jobs floating around on tumblr lately and I was going to do a post outlining some of the things that can help you out when you’re just starting a job. So I thought I’d do a post of all I tell my students and crew members on a pretty regular basis. 

KEEP IN MIND , THIS IS JUST MY OPINION AND MY EXPERIENCES THUS FAR IN THE INDUSTRY. People will disagree and thats fine , there is no 100% right way to do anything. Feel free to take it with a grain of salt. 

lots of texty advice under the

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Road Rage|FanFan Smut

Member(s):Kris(Centric), EXO members(included), [Jongin, Sehun, Chanyeol, Luhan](mentioned)


Inspiration(If Any?):Just an idea I had when I was in Drivers Ed. Weird place to get an idea for smut, I know. We were learning about road rage, watching a video about it and the idea just popped into my head.

Prompt:You’re on the drive home with Kris after a party with the rest of the exo members and Kris gets jealous at how close you got with the other members and he ends up pulling the car over and fucking you.

Genre:Rough Smut {K!nks(if any)~Daddy!Kink}

Warnings:NC-17, there is indeed smut in this, so if you’re not into that, please scroll past this;

A/N:If you have any requests of your own, please feel free to send them in to my submit! I do all kinds of imagines, preferences, edits and I write for a lot of different things! Hope you enjoy this^.^ This is also a repost of the same imagine on my main blog, I’m reposting and moving all my imagines to this blog.

Playlist While Writing This(Please excuse my music choice if it weirds you out I listen to everything lol):The Phoenix!FallOutBoy, LetOutTheBeast!EXOK, CoffeeShop!BAP, HeartAttack!EXOK, Back!INFINITE, Let’sStayYoung!DesterySmith, Don’tFallAsleepAtTheHelm!SleepingWithSirens, Thunder!BoysLikeGirls, TimeBomb!AllTimeLow, Acid!GhostTown, JustOneDay!BTS, ICan’tRemember!5SecondsOfSummer, Playboy!EXOK, WhyDon’tYouLoveMe!HotChelleRae&DemiLovato, Disconnected!5SecondsOfSummer, BackseatSerenade!AllTimeLow, TheBigBang!RockMafia,

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Is anyone able to tell us a bit about the Philly trans health conference? It sounds interesting but like.. What happens there? What do they do, can anyone go or is it restricted for trans doctors, youtubers etc? Are reservations needed or do u just show up? If it's a totally open event for trans people and their spouses/families I'd love to go and feel like I could learn a lot while also being around people of my community for once. But I'm not sure if that's the kind of event it is?

Hi there! To my knowledge, it’s mainly an educational event where speakers have talks about trans health, aging, representation, spirituality, etc. It’s really inclusive of all identities and open to family members and allies. I want to go some time! It’s also a social gathering for people; I know a lot of trans YouTubers meet fans there. 
Groups like your fav YouTubers have tables and sell things, too!
My fav YouTuber Chase Ross goes every year, and makes videos about it (he can’t film during the conference with people who don’t consent to be filmed though, for safety reasons. And that’s cool!).
I’m really not sure about the whole money thing and “tickets” or something though. Anyone know??

The workshop page: https://www.mazzonicenter.org/trans-health/workshop-guidelines-gen-track

The about page: https://www.mazzonicenter.org/trans-health/about-the-conference

More info from the fb page: https://www.facebook.com/PhillyTHC/app/2374336051/


[17's Diary - SEVENTEEN] 2015/02/02 The day we become one!!

Mingyu / Today… was a very important day!! Today, all the things about team named ‘Seventeen’…have formally and officially announced. Also, the members had an appointment ceremony!! We…didn’t know about it at all so… we were very surprised. We also received a ring… with all Seventeen members’ initials engraved on it… !! We’ve been together for a very long time with a (team) name 'Seventeen’ and… I have an uneasy feeling all the time… but now that it’s formally…announced..I felt like I was about to cry…excited and nervous.. I just have a lot of feelings… since the hard-work, and sweat that I… and the.. Seventeen members shed for all these times… won’t be futile… I’m going to just look forward, and keep my spirit up!.. All Seventeen members.. I really love you, and let’s hwaiting!!

Seokmin / Today is the day when Seventeen was born~~!!!@@ Today.. CEO, Vice-CEO, and also section chief, team leader, manager hyung(s) and noona(s), trainers, and members all gathered and had an appointment ceremony~~ We also received a ring with our name and 'Seventeen’ engraved on it; we wear it on our pinky fingerㅎㅎ I feel odd, somehow.. hoho.. furthermore, Seventeen got our own mark(sign) so I feel even happier ㅎㅎ !!! Has the time for (our) attack finally came?!! Now, all of us are going to put our hearts together as one, we’re going to work harder to be a better and modest person; that’s our goals and dream! Seventeen, fighting and I love you all ~♡^^

S.coups / Today CEO, Vice-CEO and the company staff came to announce Seventeen official members and gave each of the members a ring as a gift. (All) 13 members wear the ring, and I almost cried after seeing that but I~ endure it. I think, every time I feel tired because of the practice, and when I feel down, I can settle it down just by looking at the ring . Also (even I already considered them as family) it can become a good motivation to always consider the members as my family. Through this ring, I hope a team named 'Seventeen’ will always become one, and will stay together for a long time. Let’s not forget this day, I love you!

Seungkwan / Today Seventeen had a 'ring’ ceremonyㅎㅎ It’s a very awesome and cool ring, with 'Seventeen’ engraved on it. I feel really happy because of the surprise giftㅜ Everyone were trying so hard to held back their tears, but at last.. from the oldest S.Coups hyung, to DoogiPD-nim who’ve been looking after us from the start; they slightly shed a tearㅎㅎ (We made fun of them when ceremony ends!! ㅋㅋㅋ) but I also feel like I was about to cry because of what CEO said. Seventeen, let’s hit the jackpot as we’ve been working so hardㅜㅜ

Wonwoo / I feel really really happy today. We only knew that there will be an evaluation test but suddenly, we received a very meaningful gift. Our existence as group has become definite. When I first heard the subject ‘Official Members Appointment Ceremony’ I actually feel like I was about to cry. All the good times and hard times that I’ve experienced until now, came across my mind.. but I felt happy that time (during the ceremony), the CEO and Vice-CEO also gave us a lot of nice words. CEO gave each of us a ring and a hug, and I felt really emotional. I felt really happy that I got recognition as one of the official membersㅎ.. The ring’s design is very pretty and every time I see this ring, I will always be optimistic to all the things that will happen from now onwards. If I become indolence or lazy, I think this ring can put myself together again. I will always remember today ㅎㅎ.. From now onwards, I will work harder for PLEDIS, team, and us; I will become more cool, more charming, and become an artist who makes our team shines; not only the team but also our company shinesㅎㅎ Thank you so much, I feel happy today. Because it’s a day when a team named 'Seventeen’ formed..!!

Jun / Today, something special happened~ We, Seventeen had an appointment ceremony. We’ve become a one team for real ㅎㅎㅎ I received a very pretty ring, but I have a huge fingers so, it won’t fit on (my finger) ㅠㅠ But I still feel happy~~~Seventeen~~hwaiting~~

(*That’s because Jun’s ring were switched with Jihoon’s ring. After the ceremony ended, the ring went to the right owner^^)

Junghan / Today, there was a hidden agenda that Seventeen didn’t know. Out of the blue, it was announced that there will be an evaluation test, so we organized the song for full-team, and song for vocal team, etc. But then, all the company staff gathered, turned off the lights… and DoogiPD talked.. Members’ appointment ceremony…we didn’t know about that, so we were very surprised. Seventeen’s (official) members have been decided, when each of the members wear the ring I feel somehow proud, and I feel odd; it couldn’t be expressed into words. Whenever I see this ring, I feel really happyㅎㅎ Now, every time I feel down, I should cheer up when I see the ring. Seventeen, as we wear the ring, let’s put our hearts together and hwaiting!!!ㅎㅎ

Myungho / Seventeen members had an appointment ceremony today. CEO gave each Seventeen members a ring. So cool ㅋㅋ Now that I wear this ring, I feel like we’ve become one.!^^ I feel very happy ㅎㅎ

I will work harder next time. Lastly, Seventeen let’s hit the jackpot !! Seventeen fighting.!!!~

Chan / We had an appointment ceremony todayㅎㅎ CEO, Vice-CEO and even the trainers came to the ceremonyㅎㅎ

At first, I thought it was going to be an evaluation test and we were busy preparing for it….when it’s started, it’s actually an official member appointment ceremony..^^;;;;; (Trainers were just like us ㅎㅎ) we were very surprised, but felt happy. I’m very touched because CEO personally gave each of us a ring with the members’ initials on it!!^^

At that moment, I feel really happy, it was very hard to control my emotionㅎㅎㅎ When I wear the ring, and listen to what CEO said; it reminds me of that moment when I first came to the Pledis’ practice room, and I feel the burning passion that I felt that time!!!!

“Please just keep me as a trainee”… it feels like I made that wish just yesterday…. I’m really thankful to all people who helped me to become a singer. ㅎㅎㅎ

I hope that Seventeen will be succeed in the future so we can be together for a lo~ng time!! I’ll be a singer who’ll become a history^^Thanks!!♡♡

Jisoo / We had a team appointment ceremony today. At first, trainers told us that we will have an evaluation test, so I was really nervous. But it turns out to be an appointment ceremony, and I feel relieved. We had a formal appointment ceremony, and I feel like we’ve become a one team even more. I feel like we’re getting even closer. I will always work hard to be better.

Vernon / Today is an important day. The members received an 'official member’ ring.

Now that I’m wearing this, I feel like we’ve become one for realㅎ with this as a momentum, we had a talk and we put our hearts together. I will always wear this from now onwards and ne~~~~~ver take it off.

Jihoon / Today, CEO gave a Seventeen ring (to us) ㅎㅎ Hihi since we have a team couple-ring(?), I feel like we’ve solidly united ㅎ Now, we’ve finally became an official 'Seventeen’ (members)… We are Seventeen.. Also at that time, all things happened during the process of making a team named 'Seventeen’; happy times, sad times, also all accidents that happened came across my head. Since we’ve been going through a lot during the making process, from now onwards all the 13 members; together with the name 'Seventeen’, will be standing on stage and I hope we’ll be a singer who make a lot of people movedㅎ Everyone, hwaiting ㅎ

Soonyoung / That’s right, like what the kids said, Seventeen received a ring today..

It reminds me of old memories. It feels like we’ve become one for real now

I feel happy that I can achieve what I’ve been dreaming of since I was young; together (with the members) and I think I won’t feel any regret. I had a lot of things in my mind when I received the ring.

All the hard times, and painful times I’ve experienced, have become a memory as time goes by. All the things that happened when I first came to the practice room until now; came across my head. I feel really thankful to CEO and Vice-CEO who’ve been looking after us just like our real father, and I also feel thankful to the trainers who’ve been looking after us by our side!!

Also, another family member who’ve been waiting for a long time for us. fans!!

Please trust us. We’ll take responsibility to protect our family. I love you♥

A Healthy Relationship With Food

We all have that friend, who’s thin, gorgeous, and seems to be perpetually gliding around in sport leggings and a crop top and living off burgers and cheesy snacks. It can make those of us – myself shamelessly included– who spends a lot of our day forcing ourselves to walk AWAY from the snack bar on campus, to feel like we are just wasting out time. That maybe, it’s all about genetics, and we will never look as thin or healthy as our DNA blessed squad members.

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