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K ~ Four Seasons of K: Like flowers in a storm

Thanks to the wonderful blueseraphima who I can never thank enough, I have the texts of GoRa’s currently ongoing series of short stories 4 Seasons of K, subtitled ~Seasonal short stories that might have happened~ and published monthly. This is the third story of the series, about Homura’s flower viewing experience.

Like Flowers in a Storm [*] by Azano Kouhei

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Request: Hi :) I freaking adore your Fanfictions 😍😍 It would be amazing if wrote one where Y/N is a famous actress who has to do a film with a super hot actor… Of course her boyfriend Shawn gets jealous 😉💁🏼 He visits her at set and stuff like this and gets very pissed off seeing her with him. It all ends with a passionate making out. Love you 😘💁🏼

A/N: This is a LONG ONE BEWARE (that sounds wrong I’m sorry)


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“I’ll be on set in about 10 minutes.” You say on the phone to your manager who’s waiting for you. “Yes! I’ll be there! Don’t worry, okay?” She’s extremely impatient and worried, which you understand is a good thing, as she only wants the best for you and to keep you on track. “Bye… yeah I get it. Okay bye.”

“Who was that?” Shawn asks you in his morning voice as he rolls over in bed to face you. God, he looks so good in the morning.

“Umm… my manager.” You reply slowly, with your teeth gritted as you know how Shawn will react, as he heard part of the conversation, and what he’ll say. However, he surprises you, as normally he would force you out of bed to do your job and encourage you, but today it seems he doesn’t want you to leave the underneath of the warm, comfortable duvet

“It’s alright, Y/N. You said you’ll be there in 10, therefore you have 10 minutes to stay here close to me.” Shawn runs his hand up and down your arm with a smirk on his face, and pulls you in tighter into his homely embrace. He laughs to himself and tries to get you to laugh as well, but you find this situation a lot more confusing than humorous.

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b: “…hey so, i actually wanted to talk to you about something.” 

m: “ooookay… 👀”

b: “it’s just, how would you feel about moving house? maybe to somewhere closer to your campus, but still close enough that sebastian doesn’t need to switch schools. we’ll have to talk to him about it obviously, but i just wanted to see how you felt about it first.” 

m: “i mean - yeah, it would definitely make things a bit easier, but i thought you loved this house?” 

b: “i do, it’s great. i don’t know, just baz is getting older and his room is kind of small and it feels like we’ve been tripping over each other now that all three of us have been home at the same time so often. and i guess, growing up i moved around a lot. so i’m used to the change of scenery. it’s my thing.” 

m: “well we’ll have to talk to baz, but if it’ll make you happy and he’s cool with it then yea, i’m on board.”  


I CAN’T THINK STRAIGHT, 2008, dir. Shamim Sarif

Okay so the title is pretty bad, and the acting is sometimes stilted, and not all the dialogue works AND it has my least favorite trope in queer cinema (the “out yourself immediately or i’m dumping you” trope) - BUT… there’s still a lot I love about this. And it’s not just that Lisa Ray is so so so gorgeous. (But…she is.) It’s beautifully shot. Fabulous costumes and scenery/set design. I love that this movie manages to feel very light even while showing the trouble these women have in bridging their worlds - Tala, the daughter of wealthy Palestinian Christians living in Jordan and Leyla, a British Indian from a working-class Muslim family living in London. The development of their relationship is charming and satisfying and all comes to a happy end in Sarif’s semi-autobiographical movie.

Okay but consider

A Gravity Falls art book with this as the cover:

Think about it. We have Journal 3 coming out in July filled with information and sciency stuff we never knew about Dipper and Ford (and everything else about Gravity Falls for that matter), but it’d also be cool to have something fun and artsy and Mabel-y.

It could be filled with different scenery/background/episode art/concept art with maybe some sticker designs on the side and it’d be totally cute.

After all, it’s the book that saved it all.

Idk I just really want an artbook to go with my Journal 3 aheh. ;u;

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I just wanted to say I super super appreciate that you write short chapters a lot, like, you hit all the points you want to as you often say and this economic style is real good and easy on the eyes. I love it because I'm a slow reader and also have dyslexia so reading something so comfortable and concise is amazing! while still you manage to get across so much emotion and scenery and just reading your fics feels like taking a break instead of work as reading often does for me and just thank you

Oh wow, thank you! You are the first person to actually be happy I write short chapters. I’ve gotten a lot of people amazed that I managed to get so much into a short chapter, but no one that was actually happy that I didn’t fit the same information in a longer format.

Thank you so much, it’s really nice as a writer to hear that people enjoy the format you use.

I may get a bit longer in the future (Just because I’m growing more experienced at getting words on paper, and putting in details), but my chapters will always probably be short. I enjoy writing one scene a day too much, to ever truly move to those big long chapters that take multiple days to write.

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I've been feeling really crappy for a couple of weeks now, just feeling like life isn't worth much. Not that I would kill myself, but I simply don't feel good anymore. I have a hard time at school, and I always feel tired, and I am frankly scared...

i highly suggest organizing your thoughts and writing them all down. journaling helps me a lot, kind of like venting but without anyone judging me. writing it down just helps me know what’s causing this and what i want to change about it.

napping, taking a nice warm bath, listening to music, hopping on a bus and just watching the scenery etc. i think they all help in calming you down. good luck, anon.

New York (Joe Sugg Christmas Imagine)

Christmas Imagine- Day 12

You were in New York with Joe, he was working and you’d gone with him not wanting to spend the build up to Christmas on your own. Despite it being Joe’s suggestion for you to fly out with him and the rest of the gang you felt like you’d hardly seen him and you were getting bored on your own.

When you woke up that morning you found that Joe had already gone. You rolled over in bed finding a note in Joe’s spot.

Morning love,

I know you’ve been pretty bored on this trip so I thought I’d plan something for us to do today. Meet me in central park in an hour.

Joe X

Intrigued you got up and dressed. You pulled your coat over a Christmas jumper and ventured outside. You made your way to central park looking for Joe although you weren’t entirely sure how you were going to find him. Eventually you spotted him by the fountain and walked over to be greeted by a heart warming grin.

‘This is all very mysterious Joseph’ you told him as he pulled you close.

'I feel bad that I haven’t seen you much since we’ve been here so I thought we could spend the day just us two’

'That sounds nice’

'Right come on, I’ve got a lot planned’ he grabbed your hand. 'I thought we could have a walk round here first’

'Good because I love it here, it’s so pretty’ you admired the scenery as Joe led you round the park.

'Not as pretty as you’ he remarked cheesily.

Joe continued to lead you around the park for about an hour before deciding he wanted to take you somewhere else.

'Where are we going?’ you asked feeling as though you’d been walking for hours. Just as you’d asked you turned a corner knowing exactly where Joe was headed. Times Square.

'We’re going shopping?’ you laughed.

'Not just shopping, Christmas shopping’ Joe nodded eagerly. As you’d expected the shops were packed but that didn’t stop Joe from spoiling you. You were grateful to be spending time with him after such a busy week and the Christmas lights surrounding you made it feel so special.

As you made your way back out of the last shop you clung onto Joe’s hand feeling yourself getting crushed in the hustle and bustle of the city streets.

'Are you ok?’ Joe asked pulling you into him.

'I’m fine, just a bit overwhelmed’ you admitted.

'Well I have one last surprise for you’ Joe pulled an envelope from his pocket passing it to you.

'What’s this?’

'An early Christmas present, open it’

You did as Joe said and pulled out two tickets for your favourite Broadway show.

'Joe this is tonight’ you told him excitedly.

'Yeah, I knew you wanted to go so I got us tickets’

'You’re the best boyfriend ever’ you jumped into his arms kissing him amongst the busy crowd.

'I know’ he winked cheekily. You couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas than to be in your favourite city with your favourite person.

140430 Team A - Takahashi Minami seitansai speech

Kojiharu: You’ve become 23yrs old, what kind of a year do you want it to be?

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who went out of your way to come here today, and everyone who is watching right now, I’m filled with gratitude from the bottom of my heart, thank you very much.

For this 1 year? I’m asked often in interviews or by fans and I’ve always answered simply that I want to have a year filled with laughter.

But, it’s really, how do I say it, I’ve really been worried about a lot of things these past 2,3 years. It started off with Atsuko’s graduation, and a lot of members around me have… *tears up* gone away. Each time that happens, “What should I do with myself?” “What should I be doing?” “What do I WANT to do?” I’d have a Q&A session with myself.

Being a singer is a dream of mine, but there are many things being expected of me which are not related to that. A conflict I should say.

The time when I became Soukantoku, thoughts of “I don’t want be Soukantoku” did cross my mind, and honestly, when the sokaku(shuffle) was announced, my thought was “Another one?” “We’ll have to do it all over again”. Nonetheless, being a ‘captain’ means confronting it. The circumstances is totally different from my time. For starters, it’s not a 16 person structure anymore and to cope with that fact while trying to unify the members is very difficult in my opinion. So having to do it at this kind of timing is, for me, it made me really wonder “What’s up with that?”.

But, if I am to look back at a lot of things, surely, this will become the last team that I would confront with. And, I have made a resolution to myself that I will properly bring up/develop the members in this Team A.

Of course, I do have my own dream. And I have things that I want to do for myself. But, the main thing that I can never forget is “Because there is this place”.

Whichever way you put it, I love AKB. And I really really love this theater. Yuko said it too when I watched the Shonichi of Team K’s stage. For Yuko, the thing that she’s saddest about (graduating) is, “Saying goodbye to this theater” and those words still can’t leave my mind.

I want to stand on this theater for a while longer too. I did this A5th 2 years ago, and while NyanNyan remains unchanged here & there are members who did A5th who are still around, the scenery I see now is totally different. “There was this girl at that time” “I had eye contact with this girl then” “Nobody is around”, sometimes these small feeling of loneliness assails me. But instead of looking at it that way, when I changed my viewpoint, I noticed that at the same time I have met a lot of members, all of the fans, the staffs and they have become my lifetime treasures.

That is why, just for a little bit, I wish that everyone will look over my life as Takamina, as this AKB. I want to do beyond my best this 1 year, this might not be the place to say it but, I want us to win RecoTai (Japan Record Awards), one more time. (everyone cheers & claps hands)

I don’t really say these kinds of things out loud like this, target or aims. Though I mentioned something about sousenkyo for the first time this year (that she wants to be in Top 7). But in any case, I want us to win RecoTai 1 more time. Especially because it is this kind of period for us, in anyone’s eyes, even members, I’m sure everyone can see how tough this period really is for us. Overcoming this period & winning the Record Awards again would strengthen the belief that “AKB can still go on”. What I can do for us to get closer to that is try to become everyone’s strength even for a bit.

So, my target for this year is to laugh a lot and at the end of the year, at that particular place, call out “Yatta!” (Hooray!). Thank you very much.

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How have you been Christian? What have you been up to

Ah!!!! I haven’t been answering as many questions on here lately and I do feel very bad about it. Trying 2 be better with this from now on tho!!! My paranoia and anxiety and perfectionism has even trickled it’s way into something as petty as answering questions!!! Not cool !!! But I feel like if I’m going to answer something publicly I want it to be detailed and worthwhile and I don’t want to give the same advice over and over ya know? Even just in conversations and texts and things, small talk or repetitiveness just seems like a waste of time!!! That’s why it’s hard to release any sort of music or video or project for me!!! I hold very high standards for myself and I rarely feel like I have the ability to meet them and my mind is always changing and then when I do release something, I hate it within like, 5 minutes!!! I am 99% gonna want to delete this after typing it for example. Hm I am just using this as a place to ramble pls forgive. I am alright overall ! Life is happy! Drinking several iced coffees each morning and watching lots of hip hop interviews and food network. Occasionally shooting hoops or tossing around a football when time allows. I lived on the east coast for awhile which was fun and most likely am going back to Boston for the whole summer!!! Working on 3 separate albums, 2 of which are nearly done, and a short film to accompany 1 of them! Also working on a video which hopefully will be done soon!! Lots of ideas always. It is just so difficult to figure out what to focus on or what to do that it feels like I’m doing nothing at all, which sends u into more depression usually. I want to make a magazine someday and a beautiful cooking show with lots of nice scenery breaks cut into it. I have so many weird dreams every night and I keep meeting ppl in them, that I don’t remember meeting or existing in reality, and then I wake up and get very disappointed. In my dream last night I lived in this incredibly cool house near San Diego and now I feel like I want to move there, despite how much I dislike California!!! I want to move somewhere new everyday! The south seems interesting. I want to go to Romania as well. I also have alot of dreams where I hang out with my biggest heroes, usually rappers, and I am always trying to get them 2 like me and accept me for who I am. It’s a tough task. Nvr give up on your dreams. The air is so pure where I am might have to go outside and take a few breaths rly quick. Hm. I am so scared of ppl giving up on me because I feel like there is still ssssoooo much I want to do and I have alot of progressive ideas and haven’t nearly reached the peak of them. But sometimes u fail and that is just part of life. Life is happy! In some way! Anyways as usual thanks for asking and feel free to send me any messages telling me about ur day or life or whatever. Enough about me. Type 1 mill words in my inbox, I am interested to read, regardless of whether I can reply or not. U’ve got a safe place. Cheers

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How do you feel about the new Insurgent trailer? I'm really excited but I think that they are going way to far away from the book and I'm mad but I love it so much

Alright, so I’ve gotten a lot of asks with a similar question, so I’m just gonna put my reply/review here. (Hi btw!)


First of all - WOW. I can’t really put it into words, because I have mixed feelings about this. Don’t get me wrong, I love it because I’m VERY biased towards the book. However, I had to watch it a few times from a neutral perspective, where I was paying close attention the details in every second of that trailer. And the only sentence I could process in my mind during those two and a-half-minutes trailer was, “what is that???”

Is that supposed to be the disk that caused the whole Insurgent plot? It’s clearly not what I expected. In my mind, it was a bit… smaller. Just a tad bit. I suppose that’s where the video of Edith Prior is being stored in? I guess the icon is there to make it look cooler, so good job props-team! 

External image

The location for the factionless’ was really cool! Caleb was right, it is insane. I was a bit shocked when I saw that it’s located underground. Or is it? Either way, it gives me that sort of vibe! Speaking of factionless - Evelyn. She is SMOKING HOT, like OH MY LORD. In my head, she was supposed to be a bit older, along with a darker voice. Honestly, if I have not read the books before, I would believe that Tobias and Evelyn are at the same age, not having the parent-child relationship. Naomi is 46! FOURTY-FREAKIN-SIX! It’s crazy how young and beautiful she looks like. Now we all know where Tobias got his genes from. 

External image

Not gonna lie, it was REALLY REFRESHING to watch different sceneries. Back in Divergent, we were stuck in the Abnegation and Dauntless locations, most of the part. However, since all of the factions will be included in this one, it just gives me the sort of feeling that this movie will be a WHOLE LOT different than the first one. One thing I love about this is the fact that they have managed to keep the whole.. future-dystopian-mood. Although the set of Erudite and Candor makes it seem like it’s more futuristic, rather than dystopian.

External image

Over to our main focus when we first saw the trailer - FOURTRIS. Of course it would be those two lovebirds we all hold dearly. And yes, the BIG QUESTION everyone is so curious of, why is she half naked? Why is she taking her top off, in front of someone she was so afraid to get intimate with in the first movie? Even I don’t know the answer to this. Have they decided to let them do BOW-CHICKA-WOW-WOW in the SECOND movie, when Veronica put it as an ‘open mind’ for us in the THIRD book? I’ve read and gotten a lot of theories about this, which includes:

  • 'I’ll be your family now’ part - movie version.
  • 'I’ll fight the bad dreams off’ part - movie version.
  • A similar fear landscape / simulation (???)

I put my bet on the first two sheories for this matter! And speaking of Fourtris, after watching the whole trailer over and over again, I feel like they’re going to put more focus on the part of them being partners, rather than lovers. Which is quite obvious when I think about it, because being my least favorite book from the whole trilogy (personal opinion ofc, it was REALLY heavy to read for me), angst and distrust and everything that could be an issue in a relationship, happens in this movie. I guess it’s just that one intimate scene that will make it all up! (Does that mean the movie will have a raise on the age-rate?)

PS: To think that we got to see that steamy make out scene of FourTris in 3D?! SO READY FOR THIS! 

External image

IS THIS WHAT I THINK IT IS? CHRISTINA DURING THAT HEARTBREAKING SCENE? Aka the truth serum moment?! This is what I call a spoiling teaser! I wanted her reaction to be a surprise! That scene was like a fatal blow to the TrisTina friendship! It’s going to be a dramatic moment, and I can’t wait to see it! 

External image

They’ve given us a fair amount of teasers when it comes to Candor and Erudite, but VERY few shots of Amity! Well, most of it contains Eric and his maids chasing after Tris and co. As a FourTris shipper, I know which specific scene I want to see while they’re in Amity. AND I’M SURE MOST OF YOU KNOW AND WANT TO SEE IT AS WELL. I just sincerely hope that even if their focus is the partnership of FourTris like I said earlier, that peace serum scene will be included! I need it. I CRAVE for it.

I wanted to put my opinion on the new characters, but all of them have only a few shots in this trailer. So I’m going to wait until they release other teasers, so we can get a better shot of ‘em! Especially Marlene, Lynn and Johanna.

External image

But I’d like to add a short note that Keiynan seems like the perfect Uriah for me, it’s exactly how I imagined him to be! And the connection between Tris and Uriah seems like a really good one! 

If I had to judge how the movie is going to be based on this trailer, along with all the teasers we have gotten so far, I’m saying it again guys; it’s going to be so different from the first one. It’s a huge gap between the two movies, and that extends all the way from how the sets look like, the amount of action and effort they have put in the second movie and not to mention, the thoughts and flow the directors have for each movie. They’re diverging into two different paths, where Divergent seems quite small comparing to what we’re going to witness on Insurgent. The first movie seems like an introduction, instead of having both as two movies with equal contents.

Moreover, I have no absolute clue how Robert is going to deal with Allegiant being divided in two parts. While the trilogy is categorized as action movies, Allegiant has more conversations and explanations regarding their past and their ancestors, rather than the action everyone is expecting of. What I’m worried about, is not about the part where both movies will be all talk. It’s about how the plot will be divided in. Hence, that’s a topic I will talk about another time!

External image

Nonetheless, I’m still pretty pumped up for the movie, even if it’s not what I have expected. Even if I have said all of this, I’m pretty sure when I’m in front of the screen, I wouldn’t complain at all. I fell in love with the series thanks to the first movie (it was a rather nice introduction to the books, which I finished in a short time), so there’s a big chance I will fall more in love with the trilogy after watching Insurgent! 

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Hi ate! what would you say to the person who hurt you? The person who you never had closure with. The person who left you.

To the person who left me…

The first time i met you, i really don’t have any idea that you’re going to be a part of my life. A stranger whom i never thought would make a big impact in my life. Two lost souls who met unexpectedly. I don’t know why i have this feeling of wanting to talk to you at our first meeting. You’re not even interesting but something is pulling me. And with each passing day i can feel something strange, something that i can’t explain, i don’t understand, i can’t find the right words to tell, i can’t utter any single word, weird but i always find the answer here *pointing to my heart* You filled my world with butterflies and fireworks, my universe with stars and constellations, you light up my life with full of darkness. But just like any stories, there always a tragic on the latter part, you suddenly left and the whole world crashed down. You left without any explanation, without saying anything, you left without saying goodbye. You’re like a hurricane, spiraling inward and upward who destroyed everything after you left. And i am having a hard time fixing my world again, i don’t know how or where to start. I lost my ink and i can no longer paint the canvass into a beautiful scenery. 

Thank you, for leaving. The first day, week, months after you left is really hard. There were times that i don’t want to wake up, i don’t want to face the world. I wanted to sleep just to stop feeling all these pain. But as days goes by, i got used to it, but i don’t like the fact that it still affects me. I learned a lot of things, leaving is not that bad though, it hurts yes but that’s reality. People come and go and it happened that you are one of the people who will leave. Your departure taught me how to live. I never thought I could live without you. It’s really hard, at first, everything went black, there was no happiness. You had taken it with you that day. I spent months crying, trying to forget, wasting my life, drowned myself with loneliness. I always thought that it would bring you back to me. It didn’t. I got tired of waiting. Now, not so much. I’m not sure, but is this moving on? I still miss you. You always cross my mind. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t think about you, you’re in my heart. I grew in love with you.. You shaped me into what I believed was a ‘better’ version of me. You even taught me how to love unconditionally. I’m still here waiting on the same place where you left, if by chance that you pass by here, maybe it’s the right time for the two of us. I want you to know that i never regret you. I never regret loving you.

We can’t be together now, but who knows, one day our paths will cross and that would be our turn. Our turn to love each other unconditionally without the fear of hurting other people. It will be our turn to continue our love story.