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how would each son act if the old lady took a bullet for them

I think they’d all be appreciative of course, but I think there’s also a level of anger that would come with it. They feel like it’s their job to protect her because it’s their life that puts her in danger to begin with, so I think the fact that she got hurt not only technically because of them, but to protect them would make them angry. Not necessarily angry at her but at the situation, which will sometimes translate over to being angry at that person.

Jax, Juice, Opie and Chibs I feel would be the most calm and understanding that she wanted to protect them and be more focused on just staying by her side, worry being their most prominent emotion.

Hap and Koz I feel would react with anger first, just because they feel like they have no control and weren’t able to save or protect her. I think they’d have a lot of guilt and it might manifest as towards her in the beginning. They’d overcome it in Time though and be there to take care of her and stay by her side. Tig I believe would be somewhere in the middle.

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Can you do a fic based off the song the way by Ariana grande ft mac miller?(not that previously anon)

To say that I had never been in a relationship before was a lie, but what Opie and I have is different. The way he makes me feel is… It’s life changing and i know that nothing will eve r take away the feelings I had for him.
I smiled as I walked across the parking lot of TM, I heard the guys laughing and knew that not much work was getting done. “Shut up Tig, what would you know about love?” I heard Opie grumble and I paused to lean against the wall, listening. “I know that this early on you just love her pu-” Tig shut up as Opie whipped around to glare at him. “After Donna died, I… i stopped being happy, I haven’t felt this way about anyone before. I sing in the shower and do little shit like pick flowers for her. I loved Donna but what I feel for y/n is different. Talk shit about her again and I’ll crush you.” Tig nodded and held up his hands in surrender, turning around and catching my eye. He paled and I just shook my head frantically, backing out of the garage to compose myself.
Opie was sweet, kind, and gentle with me, but I knew that he wasn’t always a nice guy. He wasn’t afraid to get dirty for the club and that was also what I love about him. When I needed him to he was rough, dangerous as he rode his bike like demons were after him, and if anyone ever mad’s me feel afraid he would make them regret it. He had me, and clearly i had him. I took a deep breath, smiled and walked into the garage toward’s him.
“Hey babe” I called out to him, he turned and grinned at me. “Hey beautiful, what brings you here?” I wrapped my arms around him and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “I love the way you make me feel, I love you.”

@wiild-nirvanaaa sorry it took me a while! I hope its what you wanted!


Picture preference: The Son’s homes (with their Old Ladies) 🏡 💑


Chibs - Something cozy and decorative 

Juice - Modern, riddled with technology so you two can have video game championships on the regular 

Jax - Light and open, with lots of books (I’ve always had this thing that Jax secretly reads a lot and kind of submerges himself in the work to take his mind off of things. That’s just me though.) 

Opie - Something in nature with a cabin feel, away from everything else so it’s almost like getting away to the club cabin but not having to go anywhere. 

Happy - I don’t see him caring too much but just wanting something that had your touch and taste, to have a home with you. 

Kozik - I actually don’t have a reason for why I picked this one, I just immediately thought of him when I saw this picture 

Tig - Simple and warm 

 I did the inside of the homes rather than the outside because I think the outside usually just has a certain aesthetic while the inside is where you can see the character of what makes it a home for people.


“Why don’t you just tell him tonight at the party?” “And ruin our friendship? No thanks.” “Well how do you expect to get with him?” “I don’t. He’s a good guy, I’d rather just be friends.” Juice tilted his head and gave you a side eye. “Right.” “I’m serious Juice, don’t say anything.” “I won’t. I just think you should. Maybe he wants you too. You’ll never know if you don’t try.” “Thanks for the life lessons Juice.” He laughed and shook his head, getting up from his stool. He stuck his middle finger up at you and kissed your cheek. “I gotta get back to work.”


You took a sip from your beer and continued to watch everyone moving round. Normally you had a good time at SAMCRO parties but today you just weren’t feeling it. You swirled the contents of your beer and were walking Chucky hand out drinks when Tig landed on the couch next to you, a brunette croweater in his lap. You raised your bottle to him which he returned and decided to go outside for some fresh air. The cool night air hit you and you crossed your arms over your chest. You walked to the picnic table and had a seat, watching the glittering starts in the black sky. The music could still be heard from where you sat and you smiled to yourself as you heard someone yell “Shots!” followed by cheering.

“It’s pretty chilly out here. You might get sick.” You turned to see Opie, in the process of shrugging out of his leather jacket and cut. Once he had them off, he began to walk closer to you and went to put his jacket over your shoulders. “Oh no Ope, I’m good.” He ignored you and gently let the heavy leather on you before putting his cut back on. “You bored?” “No, I’m just hanging out. Getting some fresh air.” you laughed and looked down at the look Opie gave you. “Yeah ok, I’m a little bored.” “Why don’t we go back inside? It’s warmer in there. We can go to my dorm.” He seemed to second guess what he said and cleared his throat.

“I mean to talk, ya know. Just catch up. We don’t have to if you don’t want to, we could just stay out here.” You giggled a little and nodded. “No that’s ok. We can go.” He smiled lightly and nodded too, standing and holding out his hand. You took hold on it and expected him to let go after he helped you up but he held on and began to walk with you, hand in hand. You couldn’t help the butterflies that began to swarm in your tummy at the warmth of his large hand grasping onto yours. He lead you through the clubhouse and towards the back where the dorms were. Juice had caught you guys walking and had winked at you, sending a thumbs up your way.


“Want me to get you another beer?” “ No Ope. I think I might’ve had enough actually.” He let out hiccup followed by a chuckle. “ Yeah me too.” He looked up at you and his smile slowly began to fade. You felt a little self conscious and lowered your head, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear. “What’s wrong?” He seemed to snap out of it at the sound of your voice and cleared his throat. “Nothing. I just uh, nothing.” You nodded but said nothing and suddenly Opie stood up.

“Actually it’s not nothing. I like you. A lot. I have for a while, I just don’t really feel like I’m your type, which is why this is stupid that I’m telling you this because I don’t want to make you uncomfortable but that’s why I brought you to my room because I-” you silenced Opie’s breathless ramble with a finger to his lips. “You like me?” He nodded silently, your index finger still firm against his mouth. “Like…you really like me?” He nodded again and you pulled your finger away.

“ I really like you. I have since I first met you. You’re so sweet and kind and caring and beautiful. There’s just so much about you to love. I just didn’t know if you felt the same about me.” You blushed and laughed to yourself. “Actually I was in the same boat. I like you a lot. I feel like there’s so much to you and you’re such a great guy. I just didn’t want to ruin our friendship.” You both laughed at each other a little bit. “Well better late than never I guess.” He nodded and you smiled at him, your smile fading as he slowly began to walk to you. You stood still as he got closer, his chest pressing against yours when he stopped. His fingers curled around your chin and he lifted your head to look at him.

Making eye contact, you saw a little sparkle there that you hadn’t seen in a while. He slowly began to leaned forward and before you knew what was happening, you found yourself leaning forward as well, meeting him half way. Your lips connected and it was like a bomb had went off. You didn’t know if it was the alcohol or the rush of finally knowing what kissing him was like but either way, the butterflies took flight and you swore to yourself to make up for the lost time.