i just have a lot of obi feels


Obi-Wan Kenobi is not someone who wears his emotions on his sleeve, he is very much about subtle gestures and understated words, but he whole-heartedly means them and he was entirely devoted to Anakin and did his best to make sure Anakin knew he was available for emotional support whenever he was ready for it and I’m not crying about it noBODY TOUCH ME I’M CRYING ABOUT IT.


He says that he’s the property of Obi-Wan Kenobi, a resident of these parts, and it’s a private message for him.








(in other words, I have lots of feelings when it comes to the Skywalker family and how some people think Kylo Ren is 100% evil with no hope of coming back to the light cause that’s some real BULL HICKEY considering that this EIGHT (SO FAR) FILM SAGA is all about redemption and the struggle between succumbing to darkness and being able to come back to the light through the love and support of family and friends and like how is the EPIC FAMILY DYNASTY going to to just die out with it’s last member being a punk ass bitch sith? Nope, nu-uh, you’ve had us invested into these precious space babies since 1977 and it just ain’t happening. And on top of all that, #LEIADESERVESBETTER after never meeting her mother, her planet and foster parents getting killed, having to deal with a murderous villain father, her husband being murdered, her brother straight up leaving, and her only child going dark. You don’t want to give us back light Ben Solo then YOU SURE AS HELL better give him back to HER)

I don’t believe I’ve said this before, not once in my life, but this is a really great set of STAR WARS fics that really gave me a lot of feelings and just made me feel all fizzy and happy inside. This fandom is so talented, there’s so much that takes the potential of these characters, the things that were or could have been, and does brilliant things with them. Whether diverging from canon or exploring it further, the authors of this fandom are absolutely incredible and I want to share more of that.

Tano and Kenobi by FireflyFish, obi-wan & ahsoka & hondo & sifo-dyas & qui-gon & mace & cast, time travel, 93.7k wip
   Master Skywalker always said “The Force works in mysterious ways” and Ahsoka Tano has to admit, getting thrown backwards in time by about forty years was very mysterious.
Broken by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka & rex & appo & cast, NSFW, sith!obi-wan, dark themes, 33.5k wip
   The Twins are unstoppable enforcers of the Emperor’s will, the sun and moon that hang in the black void of his rule. It is said they are not the same age and that under their hoods they do not look alike, but they fight as one entity, silent and terrible as an eclipse in a spring sky.
Equinox by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, sith!obi-wan, 22.2k wip
   During the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan and Anakin crash on a remote planet and take shelter in the ruins of a grand estate only to find they are not alone.
The Nature of Fire by Phosphorescent, anakin/padme & cast, 3.3k wip
   “One Jedi, then,” Padmé offered to the others. At least let me speak the truth to my love. At least. Please, she pleaded with them silently. “There is one Jedi—one whom I truly know all of us can trust absolutely …” Her voice trailed off into appalled silence when she realized that she wasn’t talking about Anakin.
Trial and Error by aradian_nights, vader & luke & bail, 10k
   Prince Luke Organa accompanies his father to the senate and finds himself unexpectedly drawing some negative attention.
Layers of Dust by aradian_nights, obi-wan & leia & owen & cast, 10.3k
   Leia Skywalker gets herself into trouble. Again. At least Old Ben Kenobi was around this time.
For Love of a Queen by aradian_nights, luke & bail & vader & pooja & ryoo & cast, 35k
   Luke Organa’s simple diplomatic visit to Naboo is quickly soured when he is forced to confront Darth Vader… again.
Deep Doubt by aradian_nights, obi-wan & leia & owen & beru & cast, 19.1k
   Leia Skywalker’s general disdain for the rules leads her to visiting Ben Kenobi more often than not. In her mind, becoming his apprentice is less of an if and more of a when. And she is growing impatient.
Bad Actors With Bad Habits (Some Sad Singers, They Just Play Tragic) by citizenjess (givehimonemore), obi-wan/anakin, dark themes, read the warnings!, 5.9k
   Tired of his Padawan’s poor behavior, Obi-Wan sets out to teach him an unorthodox lesson.
Attachments by Shadow Padawan, obi-wan/anakin & cast, fluff, 1.1k
   It had been attachment that had almost turned Anakin to the Dark Side. But it had been attachment that had forced Obi-Wan to go against the Council…
It’s Not a Rule if You Don’t Try and Break It by avarand, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka/barriss & mace/depa & cast, NSFW, a/b/o, 15k
   The Jedi Temple takes matching its Alpha Sentinels and Omega Guides very seriously. All Omega Guides must register with the Republic and the Temple. Anakin refuses, but gets caught anyway. But if he meets enough candidates and still says no, they gotta let him go. Problem is, there’s this posh Alpha Jedi with auburn hair.
Staggering Is For Those With Nothing To Live Up To by shiningjedi, mace & ponds & cast, 3.3k wip
   Ponds has fought side-by-side with his general for over two years, so if Windu thinks that he can’t tell when something’s off, then, with all due respect, he’s made a serious error of judgement.
Three People Who Knew But Never Told by LurkingCrow, luke & mon & pooja & kix & cast, 5.2k
   A brief look at a few characters who might have guessed the secret of Luke’s parentage, but canonically either never did or never said so.
It’s the Greatest Thing You’d Ever Imagine by WinterSky101, obi-wan/anakin/padme & bail, empress!padme, 2.1k
   Padmé is crowned Empress of the Galaxy.
Hello Again verse part 1 / part 2 by delicatefury, obi-wan & anakin & cast, 2.3k wip
   When Anakin Skywalker is born, Obi-Wan Kenobi is flooded with dreams-memories-visions of a life already lived.

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Star Wars Fanfic Recs: Part 2 (one-shots and collections)

Onto the second “arbitrary list of really awesome Star Wars fics” (Part 1 here)  - these are mainly one-shots, or short fics with a common theme. The great thing about one-shots is that they’re a really quick read, so it’s like being punched in the heart multiple times in a row?! This is quite a long list, so please please read under the cut for all of them!

→ Inversion and Aggressive Negotiations by Lisse | “I’m Leia Skywalker. I’m here to rescue you.” & “Five times Prince Luke Organa’s diplomatic powers failed him.”

Connected scenes of a Luke and Leia switcharound AU, this is such a wonderful portrayal of Leia as a Jedi and Luke as a diplomat - their reactions to canon events are very in-character, especially, especially with how they react to Vader. The final scene basically hit me with a million feelings.

→ Third Face of Reality by Fialleril | “Order. Stability. Change.”

 A series of three drabbles for three Jedi (guess who) and the cycle of nature they represent. Brilliantly written and it fits so well, such genius.

 Greyspace by Fialleril | “Fights were defined by words you couldn’t take back.”

A very interesting AU where Anakin turns on and defeats Sidious during his confrontation with Windu, except Sidious does end up a prisoner of the Jedi Council. What I love about this is that it also has a really realistic look at the issues that Anakin and Padme’s marriage would have, even if it were no longer a secret. This Palpatine is so perfectly… Palpatine, and the final sentence sets up such potential for this universe, that I really wish I could see how it continues.

 The Hero With No Fear by RoxieFlash | “They finally begin to remember.”

If there’s one thing better than Luke–Anakin parallels, it’s references to Matthew Stover’s ROTS novelisation, and this blends both into a really powerful one-shot.

 Perfect Odds by PlaidButterfly | “He saw the light of recognition in Luke’s eyes, and grinned a jackal’s smile, something unkind and more full of fangs than a Jedi’s should ever be.”

Most depictions of Anakin as a Force ghost portray him after he’s found peace, but this takes another angle with the “Vader” part of his spirit instead – it’s very chilling and confronting, and reminds you just how frightening Vader really was.

The next three fics by Fialleril explore facets of Anakin’s PTSD during the Clone Wars:

→ Psalm 137 | “Sometimes, there is collateral damage.”

During the storming of the Jedi Temple, Anakin has a flashback to the war. I know a lot of people think the scene where he murders the younglings to be jarring and inexplicable, but this fic does an incredible job at connecting the dots and making his thought process tragically, and disturbingly, believable. It’s a very dark and very powerful piece.

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- Aren’t you a little short for a trooper?

One of the reasons I haven’t read as much fic lately as I would like is because some of the STAR WARS novels have been absolutely killing it with how enjoyable and satisfying they are! While my fic recs are always and forever recs(rather than reviews), I wanted to do some book reviews. They can function much like recs, though, and I would love to encourage more people to read them along with me, they have some incredible moments, whether adorable or heartbreaking or hilarious or just plain awesome.

If you need a fix of something to read or just want a place to start, maybe this can help start you on the path!

Ahsoka by E.K. Johnston, ahsoka & ocs, 400 pages
Wild Space by Karen Miller, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka & bail & cast, 354 pages
Thrawn by Timothy Zahn, thrawn & governor pryce & ocs & yularen & cast, 448 pages
Leia, Princess of Alderaan by Claudia Gray, leia & bail/breha & cast, 416 pages
Phasma by Delilah S. Dawson, phasma & brendol hux & cast, 400 pages
Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel by James Luceno, galen/lyra & jyn & krennic & tarkin, 352 pages
Bloodline by Claudia Grey, leia & ocs, 352 pages
Moving Target: A Princess Leia Adventure by Cecil Castellucci and Jason Fry, leia & ocs, 240 pages
The Weapon of a Jedi: A Luke Skywalker Adventure by Jason Fry, luke & ocs, 192 pages
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story by Alexander Freed, jyn & cassian & bodhi & baze & chirrut & k2so & galen & krennic & cast, 336 pages
Lone Wolf by Abel G. Peña, obi-wan & luke, 76 pages
The Hive by Steven Barnes, obi-wan & ocs, [short story]
Guardian of the Whills by Greg Rucka, chirrut & baze & ocs, 240 pages
Secrets of the Jedi by Jude Watson, obi-wan/siri & anakin/padme & qui-gon & adi gallia & cast, 208 pages
The Force Awakens: Rey’s Story by Elizabeth Schaefer, rey & cast, 128 pages

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Star Wars modern detective AU

I’ve been really terrible with drawing SW recently because I’ve had True Detective on the brain… Solution? Anakin and Obi-Wan as crime-solving, dysfunctional partners in a detective AU!

I mean, they could even keep their nicknames as “The Negotiator” and “The Hero With No Fear” here ;D And they’d have the good cop/bad cop thing going on during interrogations - although Obi-Wan constantly has to curb Anakin’s unconventionally violent tendencies… (“Hey man, I can’t control him. You should probably tell us the thing.”) 

anonymous asked:

Anakin and human Obi-wan falling into another universe and meeting servalo Obi-wan! Everyone would find human Obi-wan so fascinating and possibly weirdly/uncomfortably attractive as a human vs. an adorable cat. Anakin from canon verse figuring out how much Obi-wan cares about him by watching cat!obi's behavior.

“This is oddly fascinating I’ll have you all know.” Obi-Wan offered warmly, observing the council that was so familiar to him with his hand rubbing his beard slowly in thought.

“Yes, very fascinating I’ll have to agree.” Feline Obi-Wan agreed with a smile, tail flickering slowly as he sat in Anakin’s lap, his former padawan sitting in Obi-Wan’s council chair for a visual comparison to their guest. “I never thought of a human version of myself but I must say, I do make a fetching human.”

Human Obi-Wan chuckled deeply at that and nodded. “Servalo is not a known species in my galaxy but yes, that is interesting that I make a cute feline.” He smirked.

“Human you is also weirdly attractive.” Anakin offered brightly, petting his master’s ears and Obi-Wan chortled before standing up in his former padawan’s lap, shifting around and leaning up the mans chest to headbutt him affectionately.

Human Obi-Wan flustered a bit at the obvious action of affection as his own former padawan stared at the scene.

Then he threw the human master a long look, frowning slightly in thought and looking back at the Servalo who was settling back on his Anakin’s knees.

“We should be able to send you home perhaps in a week, the holocron seems to be…well recharging for a lack of a better word.” Depa smiled warmly, trying not to marvel at this warm copper haired human.

Sending the woman a warm smile in return, Obi-Wan nodded while patting Anakin on the shoulder. “That only leaves the question of lodgings.”

“Well, you can have my bed I would imagine.” Servalo Obi-Wan offered with a wry grin. “I can sleep in my basket.”

“…You have a basket?” Anakin questioned, one of the few things the body double had said, eyes wide and gleeful before he turned on the human Obi-Wan. “I should get you a basket.”

Rubbing his beard, Obi-Wan raised his brows at his former padawan. “I am certain you could but I will inform you now that I will not be in it. Thank you master Kenobi for the offer but I do prefer to lodge with Anakin if possible?”

Purring a bit, the Servalo nodded and looked to Mace.

“The quarters right next to yours is open. They can have that, I’ll log it in with the droids and it will be ready by the time we’re ready.” Mace shrugged before reaching out and scratching behind Obi-Wan’s ears.

The feline gave a deeper purr, leaning into the touch before he settled down on Anakin’s thigh and resting his chin on his paws. “Not to worry then, we will get you both back home.” He meowed happily at them.


If it wasn’t for the familiar Force signature, Anakin might have thrown the warmth on his chest at the wall.

As it was, he only opened his eyes to meet the shiny ones of the Servalo on his chest. “…Hi?”

“Hello Anakin.” The feline purred a bit and the blond could feel the smile. “I wanted to speak to you but your Obi-Wan is a lot like me and wouldn’t have let me do it alone. So I had to wait until he was asleep.” He chuckled.

“Okay so…um… what?” Anakin blinked, wondering if he should be offended or feel warm that Obi-Wan worried for him.

“Because I know. Because I can smell Amidala on you just like I can on my own padawan. And I’m telling you now that speaking to your master would be better because Obi-Wan adores you just as I adore my own padawan.” Obi-Wan sighed. “Human Jedi are so strange, so emotionally constipated…” He mused, ears flickering in the dark.

Anakin’s thought process however came to a screaming halt. “…What?” He rasped out.

Obi-Wan’s tail tapped against his stomach and chest. “Oh Anakin. You aren’t stupid but perhaps you’ve convinced yourself. Of course Obi-Wan knows. He may not have my nose for smelling her on you, but he has my power of observation you silly padawan. Now, when you get home, speak to him, have an honest conversation. He understands better then you think, after all, everyone falls in love and has to decide what path they go Anakin.” The weight on his chest lightened and the eyes disappeared.

The door opened a small crack and Anakin could see the slender feline body slip out on all fours and then listened to soft padded steps disappear.

He continued staring into the dark, eyes wide.

anonymous asked:

One of the most interesting things to me about Slick's story is Cody's reaction when they bring him to the Jedi. He and Rex seemed to be on the same page up until then. That was so deliberate, but I can't pin down exactly what it means. It could have been so many things.

There is a lot to be said in Cody’s body language as well.

I don’t know if Cody was just standing off to the side because Rex was handling it, but it also feels like he was affected by what Slick was saying when explaining himself.

And then only comes back into the fold to tell Slick a final word,

If you loved your brothers, you wouldn’t have put them at risk.

One of the things about this exchange that I find interesting is that when Slick makes the accusation that the clones are all slaves to the Republic, no one (not even Anakin or Obi Wan) jump at him and tell him he’s wrong.

No one says, “That’s out of line” or something of that nature. They just…all silently regard that comment and say nothing. It’s only when he is talking about his actions and how it was him fighting for his brothers that Rex and Cody respond.

Why ObiYuki > ZenYuki

First of all,this is just my opinion and this rambling will contain spoilers! So now that I have cleared this, let’s get to it cuz this is gonna be LONG

I don’t hate ZenYuki. It’s a decent pairing, they have cute moments and stuff and at first it was my main ship in AnS. But then came ObiYuki and at first I didn’t think any of it. But then chapters came out and as the manga goes forward I feel like there isn’t any contest between obiyuki and zenyuki for me.

I finished rereading the whole manga about a week ago. And my first point about zenyuki is going to be it’s start. That damn kiss. I hate it.

Zen kissed Shirayuki without permission, without confession without anything. Hell, Zen even says he did it without her consent! And if Shirayuki was so in love with Zen and stuff imo, she wouldn’t have reacted the way she did. She was startled, embarrassed, confused etc. And she seeks protection from Obi! 

On that day, she could have rode back with Kiki, Mitsuhide or even Zen if she asked. No, she chose Obi. He was neutral, she felt the safest with him out of all people. Which is huge! And then the almost hand touch. In this chapter so far Shirayuki is stressed cuz of the kiss, then we see she rode with Obi back, he tries to get info out of her what happened, Zen is on prince business and then Obi almost holds Shirayuki’s hand. After the kiss between the male characters Obi a side character gets a moment like this. And then Zen appears, Shirayuki hides behind Obi! She seeks comfort and protection from him. And he understands and helps her. After ZenYuki did that bad kiss we have moments like these with ObiYuki. So yeah, ObiYuki > ZenYuki for me

Little later we have the Tanbarun arc. Which is for me mainly ObiYuki. For me Zen being a prince is bad for ZenYuki. Say what you want but many times Shirayuki has faced prejudice for her connection with Zen, she has to deal with Izana’s mind games which make her uncomfortable, she has to “behave properly” like dance classes and stuff. It’s stress, getting into royal enviroment as just a normal person and living with these things. 

So Shirayuki is sent to Tanbarun and even if Zen wants to go with her he can’t. Obi senses the distress and has his own feelings growing too, so he and Zen have a duel. 

Obi has nothing holding him back. No royal title, nothing. This line does it for me and I don’t think it only stands for the coming arc. Obi will always protect Shirayuki in Zen’s place. If something were to come up like a royal arranged marriage or they were to break up Zen can always count on Obi being by Shirayuki’s side. This is a lifelong promise from Obi.

Then in chapter 20 we have Shirayuki thanking Obi for coming with her to Tanbarun, Mitsuhide picking up that maybe Obi has developed new feelings, Obi complimenting Shirayuki in her dress, her wearing the hair ornament that she got as a present, adjointing rooms scene. You know, lots of stuff for a non canon pairing in just one chapter.

And this arc is just full of important moments like the library scene, the balcony scene. Obi and Shirayuki are together in Tanbarun and the author is just throwing romantic moments at us. If I didn’t know about Zen then ObiYuki sure would look like the main couple. And there wasn’t a confession or a kiss.

Then Shirayuki gets kidnapped and Obi is nuts. He shows a dark side of him. He is really angry, dangerous and has a dark aura around him almost all of the remaining arc. Even when Zen and the others show up and he puts his mask back up you can still see he is tense. He is really affected by the kidnapping and not just cuz this was his duty. He made a promise and on the first chance where he is guarding Shirayuki this mess happens.

And at the end of the arc, we have Shirayuki and Obi talk after she is saved. Obi feels like a failure, he is sad, he won’t listen to her apologies. But Shirayuki still trusts Obi. She wants to go to Tanbarun, her special homeland, with him and this means so much to Obi. It throws him off that someone puts so much faith into him and shows so much kindness towards him after experiencing being kidnapped.

Obi never really got attached to people. In one of the coming chapters Torou who known him in the past mentions this too. Obi was always moving, never staying in one place long. I think that’s why he doesn’t really use names. If he did, it would make things more personal.

But here he is so overwhelmed with affection that he almost says her name. This moment means a lot, I think this is the hight of the whole arc. Throwing Shirayuki and Obi together, showing how they click in their time, how other characters pick up on it, how Obi starts to realize things after the balcony, how he fails and yet how Shirayuki still accepts him and doesn’t push him away. For me this arc was the birth of ObiYuki.

And of course there isn’t a better way to end this beautiful arc with a not so pretty ZenYuki kiss. After witnessing obiyuki sweetness, Zen kisses a sleeping, unconscious girl. Shirayuki may be strong but the events got to her. And here we have Zen, whose first kiss was without consent, again kissing a sleeping Shirayuki. Just no. If he kissed her on the forehead or something it would have worked but for me this way it just deals damage to the pairing.

After the Tanbarun arc comes the Lyrias arc. We get new characters, a new main place in the manga. Jumping a bit forward, a sickness breaks out. And when Obi and Zen appear, who gets to stay and help Shirayuki? No, not the main love interest, the prince charming. It’s Obi who also flirst with Shirayuki in front of Zen and Izana. Real smooth.

After Zen leaving because of his duty and Obi staying with Shirayuki this arc like the last one shows obiyuki together, how they solve the case. Zen is out of the picture, Obi is in the middle of it. The manga isn’t even trying to hide obiyuki. They spend time together, go through this hardship together, work together and understand each other more.

Here Shirayuki saw through Obi’s act. She is touched by his kindness. The way they look at each other is just precious. From Obi okay, but from Shirayuki who is already head over heels in love with Zen I think it means a lot.

After the Lyrias arc we get smaller moments but still important ones. The one in chapter 47 where Obi lightly touches Shirayuki’s hand to support her, Obi finding her after she fell asleep with a fever, waking Obi up, cooking together. Just small moments so we don’t forget that Shirayuki is together with Zen and she doesn’t have a growing other relationship…

Chapter 57-58 are killers. Till these chapters nothing was confirmed. We could, hardly but still, pass these things off as platonic things. Close friendship. But then Shirayuki is sent to Lyrias for 2 years and everyone is shaken a bit. Everyone gets a hug, we get an obiyuki hug and foreshadowing.

This is more important than the hug! Why? Cuz Shirayuki says smiling that she thinks Obi will follow her, that he will be there with her. Not Zen, but Obi who she has spent more time with. Obi is always there with her, watching her. Shirayuki feels that if she goes somewhere Obi will be beside her. This is really beautiful and Obi is surprised too. And luckily, they will meet up in Lyrias a few chapters later.

But not before this.

This is the point where I went to heaven. His smile, his confession are just so beautiful. He admits it to Zen that he likes the girl that his master loves. And that he didn’t want to go be with her for 2 years without Zen knowing his feelings. That’s what I call being fair and honest. Obi respects Zen and his relationship with Shirayuki, he doesn’t want bad feelings between him and Zen. Obi is just too good for this world.

The moment Shirayuki sees Obi her face lits up and she blushes. What she said came true and she feels happy to have Obi by her side.

And chapter 62 is just gold. They talk and Obi asks if it’s okay for him to stay with her. And he is nervous too you can see it. But Shirayuki just says of course and her expression surprises Obi. No wonder.

Try to convince me that this is just meant for a friend. If you say that Shirayuki doesn’t love Obi like she does Zen I can accept that. At this point. But her feelings are growing, her relatopnship developes with Obi. And nobody can deny that.

After chapter 62 it’s mostly adventure time. For me the next big moment is the silent goodbye that they have in chapter 80.

No words are said or needed. They have built a connection. Obi looks back at her and Shirayuki looks strong. She isn’t teary eyed or anything. She is worried sure but her eyes say she expects him to return to her. She from past experiences knows and feels that Obi will come back to her side.

Their reunion will come in chapter 88 which sadly I couldn’t find yet, just the spoilers. But in the spoilers Shirayuki has a warm smile and says welcome back and she meets him first before Zen.

The conclusion.

In my opinion ObiYuki has more development than ZenYuki. Obi and Shirayuki started as strangers then became friends and are growing stronger together while supporting each other. For me zenyuki is still the same charming princes common girl crush on each other. Many times Obi stands by Shirayuki’s side cuz Zen can’t because of his social status. And thinking about it, does Shirayuki want a royal life? If she marries Zen she will be expected a different behaviour, she will have to adjust to a whole different lifestyle. What she has now, working in Lyrias suits her much more than dancing and balls and such. We have seen she can’t dance, doesn’t know sometimes how to properly behave with other nobles and such. I think a royal lifestyle would burden her more than would help her.

I think Shirayuki’s first love is Zen, but that doesn’t mean she can’t fall deeper for someone else. Being liked by a prince as your first time experiencing love is unique and thrilling. But I think what she has is a crush. Despite wanting to be by Zen’s side she spends more time with Obi. I think she is more free with Obi. You see their development in the manga while I can’t really name a big change for Zenyuki. He loves her, she blushes they kiss that’s all. That’s first love. But not the one. Obiyuki feels more developed, natural, comfortable, relatable. The manga puts them together a lot maybe that’s why. But why if they are not the main couple? For bait or for something more? No matter the ending, ObiYuki will be always special for me, more than ZenYuki. Obi and Shirayuki built an amazing relationship no matter the outcame and I will always smile when I see these two dorks together.

lurkingcrow  asked:

So I've been thinking about Jedi booze again (I maintain my opinions on their homebrew), and it struck me that for all our references to space martinis there is a distinct lack of tongue in cheek, innuendo laden cocktails in the GFFA. I mean what else does a Jedi drink while on a beach holiday but some multicoloured concoction named "Lightsaber to the Heart", "Pantoran Paradise Punch", "Hit me Harder General Kenobi" or "the Skywalker Special"? (I think that last one involves pop rocks BTW) 😁

Hahahaha oh Anakin WOULD totally love Pop Rocks and insist that they be in his signature drink. Too funny. 

I feel Obi-Wan has a LOT of drinks named after or inspired by him due to the galaxy’s being collectively into him, and the 212th is ALWAYS ORDERING THEM when they have a night out and he just is like “why, guys.” as they order another round of Amazing Ginger Wolfmen. 

mariesbookblog  asked:

werewolves au in the howard is alive au of that au: what if tony finds out bucky killed his parents

What if the next time you guys bitch at me for angst you remember that SOMETIMES YOU LITERALLY ASK FOR IT.

Tony gets a video in his email. It’s the worst thing he’s ever seen, watching his father being shot, his hands slipping from the wheel, the car crashing, his mother screaming. Maria tearing out of the car, still screaming, hunkering down on the ground, tearing at her clothes until she’s naked, until she’s covered in fur. Her eyes are wild with terror, the white showing around them, and she gallops off into the night, never to be seen or heard from again–and no wonder, with this her last memory of her husband, laughing in the car and then suddenly he’s dead, and she’s got his blood on her face. Bucky walking up to the car, leaning in to make sure Howard’s dead, giving him another shot for good measure.

Tony cries and cries. He can’t believe everyone was keeping this from him. He deserved to know this. He deserved to have this information. Bucky can only stand there with his head bowed in shame, fighting the urge to turn wolf and flee. He deserves this, he reminds himself. He caused this. He deserves this.

“Did you know?” he asks Steve angrily, and Steve hesitates. “I…” “Don’t you dare lie to me, Steve,” Tony hisses. Steve takes a deep breath and lets it back out in a sigh. “I knew.” Tony lets out perhaps the angriest scream any of them have ever heard. “I can’t believe you! How could you keep this from me?!” “Howard told us not to tell!” Bucky exclaims.

Tony whips around, staring up at his father with betrayal. “Dad?” Howard tilts his head thoughtfully. “…Yes,” he said after a minute. “I told Bucky to never tell you.” Tony has never felt so betrayed in his life. “How could you,” he whispers, because he deserved to know. “Tony,” Howard begins. “HOW COULD YOU,” Tony repeats with more heat, and then he’s gone, sprinting out the door on four feet. Steve takes a step after him, but Howard stops him with a soft but firm, “Leave him be.” He walks over to the door and slowly pushes it closed. “Some born wolves deal with trauma by running from it.” He thinks about Maria, and how she never returned, still running to this day. Tony will be back, though. Tony has always felt he had a responsibility to come back to his human parent, even when he was mad.

Steve sees Howard sitting on the front steps late at night three days later. He’s been waiting for Tony ever since it had hit that twenty-four hour mark of Tony being gone. It was too cold for a human to be sitting out late at night.

Howard doesn’t look up from staring off into the direction Tony had gone as Steve wraps a blanket around him. “We got into a fight.” Steve pauses, then returns to tucking the blanket more firmly around him. “Sometimes kids fight with their parents.” “I said something snotty,” Howard continues, as if he hadn’t heard him. “Something–unkind. And Tony snapped back at me. We didn’t talk for a week. Well–” He stops, tilts his head. “I guess it was longer than a week. I didn’t–I didn’t get to tell Tony I was sorry.” Steve clenches his hands into fists, because he couldn’t possibly mean– “And I told him I loved him before I left, but it felt more like a weapon then,” Howard adds, then turns to look up at him. “I died, and those were the last memories Tony was left with.” Steve doesn’t know what to say. So he just sits down and presses their shoulders together.

(Tony eventually comes home, tail between his legs. He crawls into Howard’s lap and sobs. “Why wouldn’t anyone tell me?” he cries, as Howard shoulders off the blanket to wrap around him. “It wasn’t just your life that ended. Part of mine ended, too.” Howard pulls Tony up so he can hide his teary face in his shoulder. “I just wanted to protect you, Tony. Since I haven’t been able to for so long.” Tony wails and pulls the blanket over his head.)

((“I’m sorry,” Howard adds when Tony has calmed down. “For what I said to you before I died.” Tony sniffles and hunkers down in the blanket again, tearfully replying, “I didn’t say I loved you when you left. Do you know what that feels like, going through your life knowing that you didn’t tell your dad you loved him because you were petty? You said it meanly but you said it. And I spent years thinking you died thinking I hated you.” Howard doesn’t tell him that he died without thinking much at all. First it was pain, and then it was just–gone. “I didn’t think you hated me,” he says instead. “I was just sorry we didn’t have a chance to clear things up. I wish–” He bites his bottom lip. There are a lot of things he wishes, but this is the most important one. “I wish I’d called you. Cleared things up. I was going to. And then things kept coming up with the company. I guess Obadiah did that on purpose.” Tony clings to him, feeling cold down to his bones. Had Obie really planned that far ahead? Sometimes he was still terrified by what that man did.))

(((Bucky wants to know why Howard continues to be nice to him. Tony is giving him the cold shoulder. Why is Howard talking to him like nothing has happened? Is it to make him feel guiltier? It’s working. And he deserves it but it still makes him angry.

“Barnes,” Howard says coldly when Bucky confronts him. “You were tortured. You were scared. Your eyes looked exactly like Maria’s did when she finally trusted me enough to stumble into camp. Why would I blame you for something you had to do in order to survive seventy years of torture?” The tears that drip down Bucky’s cheeks are only partially from anger. The rest is, somehow, relief that Howard has explained it in a way that sounds sincere.)))

Regarding Shirayuki’s gift to Obi (the glowing necklace)

okay allow me to rant about how Obi moved from this:

(Not minding being injured just thinking that having his wounds treated would be nice) to:

(not wanting to be injured in the first place)

As we all know, Obi is not used to taking care of himself for himself but maybe for others, because if he’s injured then he’d make his employees worry and he won’t be able to do his job. And he says that it’s in the same condition as it was when he borrowed it and he says it with a face like a little kid’s face waiting for validation, waiting to be praised for doing something properly. he wants to prove that he can be trusted, that he can take care of the shining stone like he will take care of her, that she is to trust herself to him.

Let’s just say that Obi hadn’t considered this necklace as a gift, but as an equipment to assist him in doing his job. So when Shirayuki says that she wants him to keep it he is happy but I think what did it for him and made him just speak of his feelings freely without a warning was the emotional value of the if it (aside from it being something that Shirayuki worked hard to make) 

Obi doesn’t believe he’s worthy, to have Shirayuki present him something that he said he wanted and loved even though it means a lot to her means that she values how he feels, she cares about him and even gave him something dear to her. It’s about finally having someone care about him without expecting anything in return but his own safety and happiness (not a job being accomplished or anything)

Obi clearly says that he did not care whether he managed to go back or not before because he didn’t even have a place (or a person) to return to.

Now, Shirayuki knows that Obi had been through a lot of shit during his life, so for someone like him to say that he’s doing his best to not get hurt and be safe because of her, is because he soo badly wants to be with her! makes her want to cry, she had seen how he changed, how he came to love and trust her.

And that’s why Shirayuki says “welcome home” again, it’s because she wants him to know that she accepts that he sees her as his home, that he feels that he belongs to her. she didn’t want him to think that she said welcome home as in ‘home to Lyrias’ (since they have been there for about 2 years) but as in her she knows he wants to be with her and this is her way of saying it, since Shirayuki is terrible at expressing her feelings using words she says the least amount possible and gives him a necklace.

she-couldnt-be-saved  asked:

Could you do more kitty! Obi? Maybe him giving anakin a bath? Or him sensing that padme is pregnant and being protective of her stomach?

Relaxing, Anakin smiled as Obi-Wan started to groom his hair, the others rogue tongue licking it back. “Obi-Wan, I’m going to need a shower now.” He lightly complained, not really upset as much as amused by the tabby.

Obi-Wan just gave a loud purr and nosed his cold nose against the others cheek from his position happily on Anakin’s shoulder. “I still don’t get how you’re so comfortable there, how you managed to hold on properly.”

His only response was another purr as the elevator came to a halt and Anakin stepped out into the apartment he lived in with Padme.

“Padme? You here?” He looked about, beaming when he saw his angel come from the bedroom.

“Anakin? Oh you’re he-what’s this? A kitty?”

“Obi-Wan actually, there was an accident.” Anakin laughed as the feline on his shoulder stood and stretched on his shoulders, paws digging a bit into his shoulders before he bounced of Anakin’s shoulders and landed neatly on the floor, sniffing around the room. “Its still Obi-Wan but with cat insticts. He likes what and who Obi-Wan likes.” He explained.

“So its…oh.” Padme made a low amused noise as Obi-Wan rubbed his furry little body against a couch leg. “He’s scenting the room.”


“Its something felines do. They mark their territory with their scents. It looks like Obi-Wan thinks this is his place now.” She laughed softly and knelt down, holding her hand out to the tabby. “Here Obi-Wan.”

“Um be car-oh huh.” Obi-Wan instantly sauntered up to Padme’s hands and nuzzled against them, purring like an engine. “Huh, he likes you.”

“He tends to like me as a human too.” She scratched his ears carefully, smiling at how soft Obi-Wan’s fur was.

“Yeah but he likes Mace Windu too, he still scratched him for picking him up.”

Padme blinked then shrugged and continued scratching the felines ears for a little while, allowing Obi-Wan into her lap to curl up for more.

The tabby purred ever louder, much to Padme’s obvious delight before she wrapped an arm around him and stood up with the turned Jedi in her arm, beaming at Anakin. “I used to have cats as a child, they were wonderful company. If you felt sad they’d come to you and just lay on you, if you needed privacy they’d leave you alone.”

“Huh. I wouldn’t really know, there weren’t a lot of cats on Tatooine. I mean a few wild desert cats but…mostly reptiles and such.” Anakin shrugged and walked over to her, giving Obi-Wan a little chin scratch. “He feels really happy like this though.”

“I guess he’s been rather stressed with the war. Being like this…well he’s not thinking about war.”

Anakin pondered that as Padme took Obi-Wan to the kitchen to find him some treats that were okay to feed to a feline.

“Anakin, does he drink tea like this?”

“Yes but I’m not sure he should drink it as a cat. He did lap up Ahsoka’s tea though when we weren’t looking.”

Obi-Wan purred loudly at them from her arms, wiggling a bit before wiggling harder to be put down. The two watched him sniff around the kitchen and then stared when Obi-Wan crouched down and did a butt wiggle, making a low noise that Anakin would almost say was a crackling noise.

“Is he…”


The cat bounced across the room, pouncing on something with a happy purr.

And promptly ate what he caught. Anakin felt his eyes bug out a bit. “Did he just eat a spider?”

“Cats…um…cats like to hunt insects…so um…yes.”  Padme covered her mouth.

Anakin felt his grin grow. “I am so looking forward to telling him he ate bugs as a cat.”

tygermama  asked:

If you're still taking prompts, how about clones liking a bit of extra chub on their partners?

Here you go. :) I hope you like it! (I don’t write much fluff!)


Obi-Wan had always had a knack for languages, and constantly being around his clones out in the field he had developed enough of an ear for the unique offshoot of Mando’a they all spoke he could pass himself off as one of them on a comm if the situation called for it.

This was a proven fact rather than conjecture, as Anakin had discovered to the loss of fifty credits when Rex had assumed Cody was on the line during a five-minute conversation about ‘Cody’s’ sudden desire to order an entire shipping crate of sapir tea.

So when Obi-Wan, Cody, and a dozen of the Ghost Company brothers were holed up in a trench as part of yet another slow-motion siege on yet another Outer Rim world, Obi-Wan’s ears perked up one morning when the group’s idle conversation suddenly became unintelligible. “<Pardon? I don’t understand.>” They had been talking about ideas for nose art for the new gunships that had come in the week before, he knew, but that was all.

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  • no, but anakin would be the kind of father that would always get up in the middle of the night, even if he wasn’t needed, just so he could cuddle his children and be with them, making them feel loved;
  • he would go against the council and the whole order once they decided the twins needed to be at the temple – i want to see any of them lay one finger of those kids before anakin is cutting off limbs;
  • he would be apart of the most ridiculous princess parties and fake jedi vs sith battles with his children, making their home a playground, just because they deserved to grow up happy and unafraid;
  • he would tell the twins bedtime stories of his and obi-wan and ahsoka’s adventures and give them a little twist so neither luke or leia would wake up with nightmares during the night (padmé might murder him if that happens);
  • he wouldn’t be late for dinner, or miss a birthday;
  • he would put the twins up to no good whenever obi-wan came around the house - his master needs to laugh more;

just…anakin being a father….

tygermama  asked:

okay but if all Obi Wan needs to be victorious in all situations is higher ground, why doesn't he just carry a step stool everywhere?

LOL OK but you KNOW Anakin’s Force Ghost brings this up a LOT. Like, I feel like Anakin is a TRUE BELIEVER in this concept now and tried to incorporate it into any words of wisdom he and Obi-Wan ever gave to Luke. Maybe Luke’s been hanging out waaaaaay up on that high cliff on Planet Ireland all this time because he thinks having the High Ground is SUPER IMPORTANT now. 

Obi-Wan: [demonstrating saber technique] Now, in order to prevail in this scenario, you’d – 
Anakin: High ground. 
Obi-Wan: [annoyed sigh] There’s more to it than that Anakin – 
Anakin: Oh really? Because if I recall, you seemed pretty sure that the high ground seals the deal. [to Luke] And I learned the hard way, you feel me, son? Not. Pleasant. So: high ground. Obtain it. And win. 
Obi-Wan: Frankly Anakin I don’t really think you can say that anyone “won” that one, and at any rate –
Luke: [writing] High…ground. So just, like, finding an elevated spot to stand on? 
Anakin: Well, I kind of think you should just start carrying around one of these. [hands him a step stool, clearly thinking he’s a genius] I mean, why have to LOOK for the high ground when you can just…have it on hand at all times? Eh? Your old man’s pretty smart sometimes, amirite? 
Obi-Wan: [head in hands] Again: there is more to it than just that, OK? It’s about not being overconfident, and having clarity of mind, I mean technically MAUL had the high ground the first time I fought him but – 
Luke: [no longer listening to Obi-Wan, standing on the step stool] Wow. Instant high ground. You’re the best, dad. 
Obi-Wan: [disappears]

Another one of those ficlets that do not have an ask for it. Aka, no one has asked about this, but it’s 100% necessary for the fic so ofc I’m writing it. After all, I’m not doing prompts, I’m just writing my story in a rather quirky way. :’)

Warning: Palpatine doing his “imagine killing Obi-Wan” thing again.

“Ah, Anakin, my boy. Welcome!” Palpatine comes toward Anakin with open arms. It’s good to see him, he looks in better spirits than last time they met. Perhaps the investigation finished and found him cleared of wrongdoing?

“Cha—Mister Palpatine, it’s good to see you,” Anakin says with a smile. He, Rex, and Ahsoka are heading out again soon, so he really wants to see as many of his friends as possible during this down-time.

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