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What did you think of KC in 5x11? Not many people really talk about this scene/meta it. Would you please? I need some KC feels so a detailed response. Lol.

Hmmm, well it’s kind of hard to take an unbiased look at what happened between Klaus and Caroline given what happened afterwards, but generally I think that their reunion was the only remotely interesting thing to happen in season 5 besides the introduction of Enzo. 

Personally I thought that the cat-and-mouse dialog scenes were much more interesting than the actual sex. I really love it when Klaus and Caroline really knock each other off balance, and their conversation in 5x11 was all about challenging each other. I loved how Klaus came into the situation with a plan which was to totally put Caroline on the spot (which totally worked). I think one of Caroline’s weaknesses as a person is that she only changes or evolves when she’s forced to confront something, and I love that Klaus understands that. But what makes that exchange even better is that while Klaus was really trying to throw her off in order to get the honesty he wanted, at no point did he actually expect Caroline’s response to be what it was. He expects her to brush him off and avoid the questions, but at no point does he actually expect her to admit that she has feelings for him (or have crazy hours-long outdoor sex with him, obviously). I mean, her reaction is so unexpected that 1000 year old diabolical hybrid king Klaus who went to MF just for the opportunity to chat with Caroline and prove how much she means to him just stands there like a deer in headlights for the first minute because he literally cannot believe what’s happening. 

And although I felt like the Klarosex was a giant leap in their story line where a little hop was all that was needed, it was still smokin’ hot. I wish it had been longer and more detailed, but Klarosex is now canon and that’s good enough for me. And while I think it could have been better (of course in my mind an entire episode dedicated entirely to the details of their frickle frackle would have been appropriate, so my judgment may not be the greatest) I think it’s enormously telling that it was one of the two important things to happen on the 100th episode. I mean, 100th episodes are for epic events and the only truly game-changing things to happen on TVD100 was that Katherine bodyjacked Elena and Klaus and Caroline had sex. They devoted almost a 1/3rd of the episode to Klaus and Caroline. And the true cherry on top of a sex scene that was ultimately meant to be a throwaway was that it was the only part of the episode that got serious mainstream media attention. The only part. It’s easy to ignore fangirl insanity, but it’s not so easy to ignore legitimate journalists (which is why I’m still absolutely sure that KC will be revisited at some point despite what the writers are saying).

But for me what kind of makes all of the 5x11 shenanigans worthwhile is what it’s done for Caroline as a character. I think it’s a little ridiculous that Klaus has been mentioned literally every episode (although I’m not complaining, I love all the references but I don’t understand how they mesh with the “Klaroline is 2000% over” company line all the writers and TVD/TO staff keep telling us), but I like how it’s informed Caroline’s development over the last half of season 5. I cannot tell you what a relief it is to finally have Caroline unapologetically deal with the fallout of going after what she wants. I love actually seeing her transition from the girl who is immediately ashamed of doing something her friends wouldn’t approve of to basically accepting herself for who she is and not letting the opinions of others affect her. Her first instinct after she sleeps with Klaus is to flagellate herself in front of all of her friends and loved ones to prove that she knows what she did was wrong, but she ultimately decides to just own up to the fact that she did something that she wanted to do (which didn’t hurt anybody) and was literally willing to lose friendships because she finally prioritized herself over others. That is some seriously monumental character development that most Caroline fans have been waiting to see for years, and I love that it sprang from the fact that she finally experienced acceptance from someone that didn’t have any requirements or caveats (which I think is something we can all agree Caroline deserves, whether it comes from Klaus or not).

That is to me one of the biggest reasons why I think Caroline being the unmentionable persona non grata on TO is a real shame. Even though at this point I’m not particularly interested in Caroline crossing over I think it’s unfortunate that Klaus got absolutely none of the character development that Caroline did in the aftermath of their encounter (and I think that he really needs it much more than she does right now). I think just acknowledging Caroline’s existence as well as what happened between them really opens up a lot of doors for Klaus’ development, no crossovers necessary. To me it’s very OOC for Klaus to just let go of Caroline when she finally admitted her feelings to him in a gigantic way, I can’t imagine him leaving MF after that, but they could have at least dealt with it in a way that allowed Klaus to grow. I think it’s a disservice to his character to just pretend like it didn’t happen, they could at least use it as a means of demonstrating why Klaus is looking for his redemption. It’s obvious that the magical baby is what the TO writers are trying to use as a means of getting Klaus on the redemption track, but I think his experience with Caroline would have been the perfect catalyst for Klaus believing that his redemption is possible. Klaus has people in his life on TO who want him to change, but none of them really believe that he can change. Personally I really don’t like Klaus’ redemption story arc, but I find it exceptionally hard to believe that someone like Klaus would try to change when everyone around him is constantly against him. Had they just acknowledged his story lines and past experiences with Caroline I think they would have had a lot more development to potentially explore, and I think that the audience is really losing out on a lot of Klaus’ fabulous dimensions because of it. 


Time has not erased from my mind the memory that I have of my little brother […] He was so full of love. All he ever wanted was to be loved in return.

When Elijah said that in the Director’s cut of the backdoor pilot (A quote that should have made it to the actual premier of the show, in my opinion) all I could think of was “we’re the same, Caroline”. And it kills me every time. Because Caroline, too, is just someone who is so full of love, and craves for it to be returned. That’s why I ship Klaroline. It isn’t because Caroline makes Klaus better. It’s because she brings out the side of him that already exists, but he’s forgotten about it. 

for four years i was terrified of telling my mother i wasn’t straight, until Audrey basically gave me the confidence to be completely obvious about it. so after a month of only talking about Audrey and how she was bicurious and such, my mom finally clued in and instead of putting up a fight like i was sure she would, she now goes around telling basically everyone that I have an interactive blog about Audrey Jensen, write about the character a lot and that @bext-k liked some of my posts (i think she finds it more exciting than i do). 

can we just take a moment to bless the characters and actors that actually help open people’s mind? last summer my situation would not have been the same. 

alright let's talk about these interviews/promo today

so we been getting some good gems today about klayley. I for one don’t expect them to become romantic this season BUT i think some interesting things were said about the nature of their relationship. 

First it’s confirmed that Klaus will play a big part in helping hayley with being a hybrid. We all kinda guessed that but it was really vague up until this point but its not anymore. *praise dance* There will even be scenes where he step by step guides her on how to control her senses and her smell and all that good stuff. He will mentor her and help her with her transition which makes perfect sense because he’s a hybrid, and he also understands how she’s feeling at the moment. They both are really thirsty for blood and revenge and they are grieving having to give their daughter away. Klaus has a little more control at the moment because he’s been a vampire for centuries and understands how to control his emotions a little better, but even still klaus will still have a hard time maintaing control himself as evidenced by his talk with elijah in the promo and his failing at painting. We know painting is how klaus get’s control, and he will struggle with that. Hayley’s struggle will be even worse because she will have no ounce of control initially. I think that it’s a given that they will partake in some bad behavior together because they are both going through so much and both are gonna have a hard time curbing their desire for revenge but I think klaus will be able to be probably the only person who can reign hayley in if she gets out of hand, and only if she gets out of hand. I think he will try to teach her how to master her new abilities, how to use them to her advantage to not just feed and slaughter but to take down her enemies one by one systematically. I mean we really are getting klaus and hayley hybrid sessions! 

okay now to Joseph’s interview. i’ll quote it 

interviewer: so klaus, his relationships with people are complicated to say the least, multi-faceted. I would love to hear though what’s gonna happen with Klaus and Hayley in season 2 because they are truly bonded for life, they had a baby together, they’re both hybrids, what are we gonna see happen between them?

Joseph: we’re gonna see Klaus take on more of a mentor student role with hayley, now she’s a hybrid, she’s struggling to come to terms with her sense of identity. you know who is she now’s she’s part vampire, part werewolf so klaus is gonna, in his own way help her come to terms with that and who she is. For me there is sort of a brother sister potential with those characters. I don’t see it becoming romantic interests necessarily for him and you know it would be bad for her if it did  because that’s ended badly in every case for him over the years, I feel like she’s better off, well maybe not because it ended badly with her sister as well. I don’t know what to tell you, she’s badly off either way. 

alright so joseph says that Klaus will be helping hayley figure out who she is. We know that she will be lost and that her family will reject her. We also know judging from the trailer that Elijah won’t be a fan of her behavior either. I think what Joseph said here lines up with we know already about what’s gonna happen. Hayley will most likely lean on klaus to figure out how to actually be a hybrid and to actually embrace who she is now. She didn’t want this but it’s her reality and if she’s gonna ever really be okay she’s gonna have to come to terms with being a hybrid now, she will have to embrace that part of herself and she will need someone who will help her do that. That’s gonna be klaus because he knows the struggle of being something you never wanted to be, something with conflicting natures, and the struggle of trying to control both your natures when they both make you want to just do some crazy shit. Hayley said it herself, she already had a temper and a certain dark quality to her when she was just a werewolf, now she has a thirst to go with that and it’s gonna make her want to do lots of dark shit after what happened to her, just like it’s gonna make Klaus want to do lots of dark shit. The difference between he and hayley and klaus has a better handle on controlling that than she does. Even if it’s not a lot because we know klaus crazy as shit, it’s still something because we will see him actually struggle to maintain control whereas Hayley’s struggle will be actually gaining control of herself not maintaining control.Klaus knows that she’s gonna have to curb her desires and gain some sort of control and then maintain it if they really want to get shit done for their daughter, which is why I think Klaus will be fine letting hayley get her shine on but there’s a boundary he won’t let he go past because he knows the danger, and despite him not being weary of her behavior like others would be I don’t think he actually wants to see Hayley slip that far down this rabbit hole. That’s the kinda thing a mentor does. 

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I want to talk about this scene cause is giving me lots of feels right now yall just dont understand 

Hayley looked up and saw him there and smiled 

but note Klaus did not .

and ask yourself why?
Hayley was finally getting the power she was looking for and so was he but yet he did not smile back he was not happy seeing her up there with a white dress besides Jackson even knowing the fact that finally they were getting the power 

if Klaus being Klaus would have smiled back cause finally he and Hayley were gonna get the power they were looking for 


I THINK KLAYLEY IS FINALLY coming slowly but it will