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Signs as Drag Race S9 Reunion Quotes
  • Aries: "Do I look upset to you?"
  • Taurus: "Shut up, Farrah Moan."
  • Gemini: "I love your costumes, that's why I call you the Joan of Arc of drag; great ideas, badly executed."
  • Cancer: "But you didn't say jk though."
  • Leo: "You don't love me."
  • Virgo: "I thought I was a big girl until your nose walked in."
  • Libra: "You are secretly one little bitch."
  • Scorpio: "I just don't feel like you should be miss congeniality."
  • Sagittarius: "You have a lot of opinions of me tonight, Shea."
  • Capricorn: "I don't wanna say i read her, I just aggressively complimented her."
  • Aquarius: "If you were masturbating, we were not getting off girl."
  • Pisces: "I had a really good read for Valentina, but i can't remember the words."

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Gingham forever <3333. 🐣 Also these lime mule bowed flats are wicked cute. They could be a little more comfortable though as my feet did start to blister. I think they just need to be stretched out a little is all! They’re a nice pop of color with this monochromatic ruffle dress. I usually try to stay away from things with a lot of top detailing because i have broad shoulders & a large bust. It poofs out making me tent-y HOWEVER, i’m kind of into that thing lately. It feels so comfy and free! Different shapes & cuts aren’t fashion-model-body exclusive. But if you want some waist definition I threw a wide belt on this & it was just as darling as ever!~


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I know that this is probably a bit early, but I’ve already started making a wish-list for season 7. feel free to add :)

- I hope we get lots of cute Turnadette family moments, but I also hope that Shelagh remains a working mum.

-I really want to know more about Sister Winifred. What was her name before she became a religious sister? Why did she become a nun? (I did recently read an interview with Victoria Yeates in which she said that we probably will discover more about her character in the next series, so fingers crossed)

-In the same vein: more about Shelagh’s past. we know absolutely nothing apart from that her mother died when she was young. why did she become a nun? I know that it seems hardly relevant now because she no longer is a nun, but come on.

-ShelaghXTrixie interaction. or, you know, just more interaction between the Turners and the nuns and nurses in general.

-Closure on Chummy

-Angela speaking


-Shelagh singing

-a story line in which Delia gets to deliver a baby. You know, in which she really establishes herself once and for all as an individual character, rather than Patsy’s girlfriend. we’re already well on our way, though

-Interaction between Sister Monica-Joan and Shelagh

-Valerie’s secret. what is it?

-Maybe see some more of Sister Ursula? I know most people hated her, but I think she was really rather interesting.

-Cynthia. we need to know how she is doing.

-Barbara and anti-conception.

-a story-line about rape. it will be awfull but CtM can handle delicate subjects so well

I guess some of these will, of course, become reality ;)

Most of my wishes seem to have to do with Shelagh, which makes me feel a bit greedy because we had a lot of Shelagh story time this season, but I just find her so interesting

A Summary of My Reactions to “The Bright Sessions,” Episode 40
  • Oh. He’s alive. Never mind. 
  • Oh no Caleb.
  • Caleb sensed Adam’s fear.
  • Thank goodness Sam is here.
  • Adam. Caleb. 
  • THE FEELS ARE HITTING ME HARD RIGHT NOW. At this rate I want nothing more but that Adam and Caleb being okay.

Adam: This is what counts, right? Not just enjoying the good times but sticking through the bad. For better and for worse and all that?

Caleb: What, are you proposing to me?

Adam: Well I can’t exactly put a ring on a broken finger, can I? Come on, let’s go get you cleaned up.


Okay, maybe not quite yet given that they’re teenagers compared to everyone else and they still have a lot yet to go through, but still. I have a feeling they’re endgame for sure at this point.

  • Sam. Mark. Oh no. 
  • Sam can sing! :D
  • Argh. Argh for Mark and Sam.
  • Chloe will be okay physically? *heaves sigh of relief* Thank goodness. 
  • I did not realize it was that bad. 

Overall analysis of how I feel regarding characters and their relationships at the moment (throwing this under the cut because this post is getting long):

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I think it’s interesting that Sherlock doesn’t talk more about how disgusting and vile men can be. Like, he knows intimately how affected Kitty was by the abuse and torture she went though. I don’t know how many episodes there have been where he has found women locked up and being kept as sex slaves. He has encountered MANY vile men in his day to day crime solving. The worst woman he has encountered was probably Moriarty but even she has her own kind of moral code. He probably considers the worst women he has ever met to be that lady who worked for the neonicotinoid company. And he surrounds himself with women for the most part. Joan. Kitty. Fiona. Ms. Hudson. He seems to be more partial to women then men just from his behavior. Which may have to do with his horrible relationship with his father and his fond memories of his mother. He also has a tenuous relationship with mycroft as well, which I think generally stems from Sherlock having to live with him and his father when his mother died. He didn’t like having to live with two other men. And who are the good men in Sherlock’s life? Marcus and Gregson. That’s it.

You would just think that these kind of experiences would really make him have strong feelings toward men who abuse women (or anyone really). Sherlock does show this, but not to the degree I would expect from someone who has had awful encounters with men for pretty much his entire life.

I honestly don’t know what my point is, I was just thinking about this a lot.

anonymous asked:

I think a lot of people who watch both sherlock and elementary picks the one which sticks true to the original story (well at least me) which is Sherlock **especially with the Joan and John Watson thing** But just a theory.

I just want to say I’m sorry. You probably didn’t expect such a long response. But I have strong feelings about this and I can’t help myself.

(Also to avoid confusion the character Sherlock Holmes is referred to as SH, and the show is Sherlock)

First ‘sticking to the story’ is an arbitrary measure. By what are we judging this by? And why does it matter? They’re both modern adaptations, a lot of liberties were taken just to get there. Sherlock isn’t even that close to the original stories. There are some inspired stories yes, but Elementary does the same. Kitty’s plot line was pretty taken from the books (The Adventure of the Illustrious Client). Elementary and Sherlock both have references to the stories. However Elementary’s are generally an easter egg (but not always). Whereas Sherlock’s is to make the audience think they’re smart (Speckled Blonde anyone?). In fact the writers of the show themselves have said the Sherlock is taken less from the books, but from other adaptations (especially Mycroft’s character). The Elementary writers have said they taken from the books. There is a semi-famous JLM quote about how he feels SH has been misunderstood over the past few generations and how SH in the books ‘really likes people…. Not that he can necessarily communicate that very well’. Also the style and feeling of Elementary is far more in-keeping with the tone of the original stories, or at least how it would have been seen at the time.

Tying into the Joan point. Leaving out the fact that literally everyone I have seen review Elementary and compare it to Sherlock, thinks that she is a superior Watson. I think it is a great example of Elementary being a better modern adaptation of the story. The stories were written in a far more sexist, racist and transphobic time. If that’s what you want to measure how close and adaption it is, yes Sherlock is a better adaption. But is that really something you want boast about? Elementary on the other hand updated it (it’s called an adaption for a reason). It created more spaces for women, turning some of literatures most famous characters into women. That’s amazing! Not just that but it turned famous characters into WOC and transwomen. It’s more diverse than the original stories are. We want to see the world from more than just a white cis man’s perspective. Joan is the same character at heart (if not better than they’re are in the books). As well as being 1000% more compelling than Sherlock’s ever could be. John is a cheerleader to SH’s greatness. Joan is character in a her own right.

Now leaving out the adaption as factor (because imo it doesn’t matter? but you said it did to you so) Elementary is a fundamentally better show, at every single level. Sherlock has countless plot holes. It undermines it’s own storytelling. Everyone is there to illustrate how amazing Sherlock is. It started off great, not perfect, but with potential. However Stephen Moffat cares more about seaming smart than anything else. Elementary let’s it’s characters be flawed, it let’s them change and develop. SH isn’t an impenetrable force. He makes mistakes, he is human. He may be a genius with terrible social skills, but he still cares.  [the rest of the paragraph contains spoilers for the finale of Elementary]. After the season 3 finale it has shown that it doesn’t  just understand SH better than Sherlock does, but it understands people and addiction better than it does too. Sherlock treats SH as someone so above us common mortals, that addiction is an easily overcome. It has no consequences on his life. A week in a drug den in Sherlock was nothing to SH. A few hours in a drug den in Elementary was enough to send him over the edge. It was a far more realistic portray of addiction.

Yes, Sherlock takes you on 90 minute adventures, with great cinematography, witty one liners and plot-twists. It makes you feel clever. However the novelty lasts as long as the episode (and sometimes not even that), any level of critical thinking of the show, it losses any tension. SH is too great, too amazing, too un-human. In Elementary however, SH and the rest of the characters are totally human. They have relatable struggles, yet still have amazing traits we look up too. Yes, it’s not always amazing, it has it’s fair share of episodes that don’t make sense. However woven within that is phenomenal character development, hints at future big bads, clues to character’s pasts, as well as just really good one off episodes.

I care about Sherlock, for a few hours, every few years. I’ve cared about Elementary since the pilot.  

(Also my Dad is a hardcore Sherlock Holmes snob and even he prefers Elementary. If he does, any snob should)

ownthetruth-blog  asked:

Do u think Sherlock loves Joan in the romantic way?

hello! this was framed as a yes or no question (basically ‘does sherlock LIKE like joan?’), but i feel like it’s a lot more complicated than that.

for one thing,  their friendship can easily be described as romantic just as it is. they’re a matched set, clearly stuck with each other forever, even if they try to deny it again some time in the future. and for another, it speaks to a kind of binary assumption. if they have sex at some point, that means they were never platonic. if at the end of the show, joan has stayed in her bed and sherlock has stayed on the library floor, sex never had anything to do with their dynamic. i feel like life, and joanlock, don’t necessarily work that way.

does he love her? yes. obviously. more than anyone else in the world? definitely seems like it. would he sleep with her if he knew there would be no consequences? that’s a massive if, but i honestly think he would. he has acknowledged joan’s attractiveness several times. most telling was when he went on at length about how the intimacy of their dynamic has certainly led her to become sexually attracted to him (like, duh, sherly, we know whose pov you’re actually shedding light on right now.). i think he’s able to keep his urges distant, clearly separate from his feelings about joan, because  she’s the best friend and work partner a recovering addict/consulting detective could ever have and that matters far more than a roll on his bearskin rug. but i can see him wanting to go there, so to speak.

just a quick word

as far as all the shitty things that joan rivers has done: yeah, she was a racist old bag but she did a lot for women in comedy. a lot for women in general. (white women, yeah, but hear me out)

we 100% dont have to feel BAD or SORRY that she’s dead or anything, but i feel like out of courtesy we could all wait like 24 hours before resuming our collective hatred of her. maybe 12 hours idk.

hell, we could all wait at least 6 god damn hours after she literally died before talking shit.

lovely, my dear — a piper mclean fanmix
kaleidoscope eyes, sparkle at the world

01. heart of gold by birdy / 02. kaleidoscope eyes by panic! at the disco / 03. heartlines by florence + the machine / 04. joan of arc by arcade fire / 05. you caught the light by chvrches / 06. human by gabrielle aplin / 07. big parade by the lumineers / 08. paradise by coldplay / 09. brick by boring brick by paramore / 10. girlfriend by phoenix / 11. laura palmer by bastille / 12. salt skin by ellie goulding / 13. life in color by onerepublic / 14. the love club by lorde / 15. meadowlarks by fleet foxes

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Can we talk about Miles for a minute?

Miles, who hates violence, but who was willing and ready to go after Elliot Vincent until he saw Kitty needed him more.

Miles, who only became a surgeon because it was expected of him by his family, but who nonetheless deeply cares for all of his patients and everyone around him.

Miles, who couldn’t be more different to Tom, but who somehow became best friends with him, even though Tom ‘didn’t come here to make friends.’

Miles, who only reads magazines and Tarzan, but who read Tom’s entire report without falling asleep once.

Miles, who only seems to care about having a good time and getting a girl to smile at him, but who wrote a report on that guy’s injured hand saying it was probably just an accident to try and save him from being court-martialled, and who comforted Joan when she got freaked out by the soldier with ears as trophies.

Miles, who is known as a gossiper, but promised Kitty he wouldn’t gossip about what had happened and told her there was no need to thank him.

Miles, who on the face of it looks like a bit of a twat, but who is actually a really decent, good man.

inasentimental-mood  asked:

this mycroft *tragic hero* arc is bullshit. the mycroft-joan-sherlock *love triangle* or whatever you want to call it is absolutely killing me. (brothers fighting over a woman so *original*.) i'm having a tough time understanding joan and would love to hear more of your thoughts on her and the newest episode.

it has officially been almost twenty-four hours since i’ve seen it so after that stewed for a bit i guess i have a few thoughts

i was actually pretty optimistic around the middle of the episode. of course last night i was yelling myself hoarse over joan’s monologue to mycroft because hands-down that was the best scene in this episode and maybe even this half of the season. FINALLY she got to talk about herself and her emotions rather than responding to sherlock or whatever, and finally she was prioritizing herself and expressing that with little regard for whatever horrible apology mycroft was hoping she’d accept. she literally basically said the joan watson deserves better that we’ve all been hollering about for the past season. it was a great speech and lucy knocked it out of the park.

i was also liking the way sherlock was behaving in the first portion of the episode. he was very conscious of what joan had been through and was taking extra care to make sure that he did what he could to help her, like emphasizing that she could take a break from work if that’s what she needed and offering to talk like “hey i’ve been through a similar experience and i found that talking helps a bit and we can talk if you want to but if not that’s totally cool too” and i thought it was sweet. (of course he was being a butt later but i’m fairly confident that he’ll get over it i mean come on) some more hurt/comfort would’ve been nice because i’m a sap but i guess i digress

of course that cautious optimism all got thrown out of the window with my hopes and dreams and aspirations in life in the course of like five minutes from the moment joan went to find mycroft. i think you hit on a lot of the reasons why it was just really fucking annoying, ESPECIALLY since it undid everything awesome joan said earlier. like it was so annoying because

  • joan said vehemently that she didn’t want to be with someone she couldn’t trust. it makes literally no sense for her to fall for mycroft just because he like did something nice for his baby brother that one time
  • like seriously this is not a case of joan changing her mind, this is a case of writers shoehorning shit for god-knows-why and erasing everything good joan says and basically not understanding joan and not trusting her as a character who knows what she needs
  • the semi-redemption arc complete with yeah the “~~~tragic hero~~~ oh my manpain look at the sacrifices i made for sherlock” thing was complete crap like oh okay we’re all going to forgive you even though your secrets got joan kidnapped and nearly killed yes please cry some more
  • that love triangle is also complete crap. i remember reading a thing of meta about why it’s especially bad considering the conversation sherlock and joan had back in 2x01 step nine, if i find it i’ll link it
  • somehow it still ended up being about sherlock?????? i just cannot
  • zero chemistry
  • also that bullshit sequence at the end like come on when the writers aren’t portraying her as the humorless prude they’re doing the thing where she looks like she’s been “caught red-handed” oohhhh~~~scandalous~~~~~~~ like okay fuck that very much

ehh and since i’m doing lists anyway i might as well mention my other grievances

  • apart from a few mentions joan’s emotional state post-kidnapping is just swept under the rug and forgotten because they suddenly have ~~emergency important shit~~ to deal with (the same reason i’m still bitter about marcus’s recovery arc disappearing you know what i mean)
  • like now i’m quite certain we’re never going to see joan deal with her trauma and the guilt from seeing a patient die on her table
  • and speaking of marcus he was in there for approximately two minutes and he STILL HASN’T BEEN TOLD THAT JOAN WAS KIDNAPPED LIKE WHAT THE FUCK
  • THEY CUT THE MS. HUDSON SCENE i am so bitter right now because of all the things they could’ve cut they cut joan and ms. hudson i’m absolutely pissing myself with rage still
  • there is a gross feeling i have about the way they handled the portrayal of bipolar disorder
  • all the gross things that happened about making mycroft and sherlock the center of everything and just erasing everything good joan does that i basically summed up above and am too exasperated to elaborate on further

… yeah that basically sums most of it up. or at least the major points that i didn’t try to erase from my memory forever