i just have a lot of feels about them ok

Ok but I’ve been binge watching the Narnia movies again, after not having seen them for a long ass time, and now, being a little older and (hopefully) a little more mature than I was when I first saw them, I always feel physically sick when I see the Pevensies being children after The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe because they just aren’t anymore and I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like, to grow up as kings and queens, respected and important, and full of duty, only to go back to being 8 years old (in Lucy’s case).

They didn’t remember England, or the wardrobe, or their old lives, they were Narnians and they were pushed back, not only into a world that was bound to make them miserable, but also into bodies that couldn’t reflect what they’d been through.

Just imagine Peter, waking up in the morning, not remembering that he isn’t the Magnificent anymore, imagine him subconsciously reaching for something to trim his beard, only to remember that it isn’t there anymore, to expect old battle wounds to hurt until he realises that they can’t because he doesn’t have them.

Or Edmund, who left England a stubborn selfish little boy who only wanted his mummy back, and came back the Just, the redeemed traitor, the diplomat, the man, having to resort to being ten years old and probably not even allowed to peek at a newspaper because he’s just a child after all. He plays chess, incredibly well, he doesn’t mock his siblings anymore and all the friends he knew when he was still a boy are either irritated at his behaviour or too childish, too selfish for somebody who knows very well just what selfishness can do, who has a part of the White Witch in him, always.

Susan forgets, we all know that. She must’ve lain awake at night, remembering just what it felt like to cover pain and viciousness and gore with a smile and a blush, remembering being the Gentle, but never in war. She must’ve cried for all the lost years, for all that she learnt and that she can never forget, for all that she has accomplished, that will bring her nothing in this world that doesn’t feel like hers. So she sits down in front of a mirror, talks herself out of believing, telling herself that it wasn’t real, that it was just a dream, that this Narnia her siblings talk about is nothing but a game.
The truth is too terrifying, to devastating to face.

Lucy, little Lucy, who grew up under Mr Tumnus’ smiles and Aslan’s approving gaze, who was loved by all, who did learn how to rule, how to negotiate but who never forgot just what it means to be a queen of Narnia, this girl who matured into a woman, who had a woman’s mind and body and a queen’s grace, she who they called the Valiant, the lion’s daughter, she shrank into herself, into a child, younger than even her siblings. She remembers, clearest of them all, she is the only one who still knows Mr Tumnus’ face, still knows Aslan, but she is just a girl, a pretty little thing who will never be the queen she was, who will never be the woman she was because queenship forms a person in ways no schools can.

They must’ve been devastated when they tumbled to the floor, short and small, and there’s a war they have no control over and Lucy is small, Edmund is skinny, so skinny and Peter and Susan have lost their glow and they’ve changed, they’ve changed so much. (The first time, somebody calls them by just their names, they feel invalidated and small. And offended. They’re kings and queens, they’ve earned their titles and now they have to sit in a dim room filled with children and listen to teachers, have to allow themselves to be insignificant and nothing more than what they were when Lucy first stepped into Narnia - frightened children in the middle of a war they wish was never there in the first place)


Today (09/07/17) completes 5 years since Camren met. 5 years since the “Dang, she can sing. DANG, she’s pretty too!”, “Hey, I like your shirt”, “You’re the cuban girl!”. Who could ever know how much they would mean to each other. All of this could just be a “Laurmila” thing, but everything started to change when the touches, the hugs and holding hands started to happen. Especially the: “Who is your celebrity crush?” C: “Mine is Lauren”. L: “They call her Mila, I call her Camz”. C: “Yeah, ‘cause you’re special to me”. It didn’t seem just friendship with the pass of weeks. But, one day, Lauren told us what it was. “It’s Camren, yo”. It turned into one thing that no one could ever stop, not even Camila and Lauren. With the pass of the years, we got more and more reasons to believe that Camren was something real. And who could blame us? They started it, not us. We started to see the way that they looked at each other, how they seemed happy when they were together, the many evidences that appeared straight up to our faces. Maybe, especially Lauren, started to hate the thing that she created herself, and I don’t blame her. There was/is many people who went over the limits. But what I think it’s that they should stop for at least one day, seeing Camren as a sick thing, and start seeing how it may have changed many people lives. Especially mine. Camila and Lauren were the love that I needed in the moment that i needed the most. That’s ok too if they were just friends, ‘cause the love that they shared was something that made me feel better. I got happy everytime they hold hands, gave hugs, said/wrote beautiful things about each other. Camren made me feel alive, and never let me believe that this beautiful kind of love didn’t exist anymore. And it might have helped a lot of fans to accept their sexuality and themselves. That’s what the two of them wanted from everyone on the lgbt comunity, right? Camren, for sure, was a thing so fucking good for a lot of people, including me. They should, one day, see this way. I love Camila and Lauren so much, I’ll never want them to be hurt with anything we say about Camren. And I’ll never stop to shipp them, but I also don’t need to say anything about it for any of them if they don’t want to. But I truly believe, with all of my heart, that Camren was real. Idk if still is, but at some point, it was. We have seen them. And they seemed in love. How was that quote from Lauren’s tumblr? “We look at each other too long to be “just friends”. Camila and Lauren always gonna be a perfect couple. We know by the laughs together, how they admire and get each other. They’re like the sun and the moon. Different, and seems like a impossible love, but at the same time, perfect for each other. They complete each other. So, 5 years of Camren, and I’ll never let it go. I’m pretty happy in the Camren Island. Let’s keep the Camren Boat floating, always.
“The truth is that, maybe, we’ll never know for sure if Camren, as a couple, really existed. And if it didn’t, at least we created a pretty fucking good love story.” ❤🌹

ok but im still amazed that shiro is canonically the person that keith “desperately wants to see” and is literally his Greatest Hope and the closest thing he has to family. his one friend prekerberos. the person who shaped his world so much keith literally says shiro changed his life. And he really listens to what shiro says,  retains his advice and then repeats those words back to himself for comfort. Its also pretty heavily implied losing shiro, losing his anchor, is what prompted his “disciplinary issue” that got him kicked out of the garrison. And we know that after he left he said he felt lost, went wondering around the desert in search of some kind of purpose. But then he felt some arrival happening, something Big finally coming, something that would maybe turn his life around. And just 

so much time and care was put into building up their character development together. and theres also this almost fairytale kind of aspect of “fated” meetings–not just keith knowing something was coming back to earth, but ive also seen people point out the “blade of marmora is with you” line and how keith is the one who cuts him free. And the fact that they can both pilot black, meaning their quintessence is at least compatible to some degree. And actually, since keith has already been able to sense other lions’ quintessence–he felt blue a whole year before its own pilot–and that lions have to have the same energy as their pilot, then i dont think its a stretch to say sensing other paladins would be pretty much the same as sensing their lions. we know shiro’s quintessence is somewhat close to his, so maybe keith will be the one to find shiro. just like before 

what your favorite Radiohead album says about you

Pablo Honey: this isn’t really your genre of music, is it? you would probably rather listen to some good early Green Day, which I totally respect, Radiohead doesn’t have to be your favorite band.

The Bends: you are introspective, sure, but there is so much more to face out there than within yourself. you feel all of that so intensely. when you read about poverty and war and famine you get a feeling in your chest and you know it is your responsibility to fix this and you know when to cast off your own problems and turn to face the world. you know why you are alive.

OK Computer: much like the album, you are passionate but neurotic: the world has left you angry and disappointed, and you responded by becoming sharp and cold. you appreciate the strange time signatures. you are not afraid of the dark. you are warm on the inside, but cerebral: the fire that gives you all that intensity is in your mind, not in your heart.

Kid A: you have nightmares sometimes. they are sometimes nonsensical, but sometimes very real. it’s hard for you to name your emotions. the album is abstract, but full of feeling - you don’t need it to be concrete to get something out of it. you don’t understand when people say Kid A is frustrating and incomprehensible: what, in life, is not?

Amnesiac: you’re deeply philosophical and think a lot about your purpose in life, but you still somehow feel hollow. you’re detached. your thoughts are bizarre. that’s ok. you’re still warm at the core and Radiohead will fill the hole in your heart.

Hail to the Thief: like the album itself, you’re intense and politically charged. you don’t mind the kind of emotional passion that scares other people away because you: oh, you feel it. you’re sarcastic and sharp witted and not afraid to get your hands dirty - or afraid of the length and energy of this album.

In Rainbows: you are focused and introverted: you see the world one person at a time. this is one of the least angry Radiohead albums - you relate far more to the intimate, personal darkness that leaks through these songs. this doesn’t mean you lack emotional intensity. this album cuts you straight to the core.

The King of Limbs: you’re really into this rough electronic rusted industrial aesthetic. you only know all the lyrics because you’ve read them online so may times… because in the songs, they’re completely distorted and inaudible. you like that. you have to deserve King of Limbs.

A Moon Shaped Pool: you appreciate the majesty of an album like this. Radiohead has never just been about the lyrics. it’s about the feeling and depth contributed by the whole. you feel a hell of a lot of emotions when your bare feet touch the wet grass in the springtime. this album is alive and you can hear it breathing.

You know, I wanna say sth about that interview!
Ok so it seems like Lauren and Joaquim just killed klance, yadda yadda, they have the whole story planned already, they’re not baiting, OKAY. Okay then. There are two possibilities.

1. Klance isn’t gonna happen. They have no romance planned or they have some other end game planned. And tbh, if that’s the case, then well… whole lotsa people, including me, are gonna be disappointed. Maybe not surprised (because how many same-sex ships, no matter how many hints and how good chemistry, become canon? ye, not many), but surely disappointed, because such a good potential and LGBT rep would be wasted.
But hey, don’t worry! They’ve still something planned for them! Keith and Lance are still gonna be friends, maybe even co-leaders, and it’ll still be heartwarming to see them getting along, and getting closer! The show’s main focus isn’t romance. There are so many things to be hyped about! Fave characters, fan theories, friendships, the plot. Lots of good stuff.
And when it comes to Klance… I know for sure that I’m not gonna stop drawing content for it just because it isn’t canon. And I’m sure most artists feel the same way. And writers. So yup, we’re still doing our thing! We’re still having that fan content, no matter what! (and canon content too, you know… All those Klance Moments™ aren’t going anywhere)

2. Ok, but here’s the second possibility… maybe Klance actually DOES happen, despite what most of us are thinking rn?
The whole interview is actually really vague. They’re saying that the whole story is planned, that they’re not changing it, and that Keith and Lance have some natural progression. Weeell, I dunno how bout you, but if I were a writer of the show, I wouldn’t wanna spoil anything important… like a canon ship, for example! “Natural progression”, huh? Welp, it might as well be romantic! They said all these things about Klance (or Laith, as Lauren would prefer) being compatible, so maybe now they wanted to say something that’d make it less obvious?
Hey, the important thing? We’ve still got all the hints, all the clues, all the moments.
That one moment when Keith and Lance are kneeling next to each other, holding each others’ hands, looking into each others’ eyes, smiling, bathed in purple lightning, while Lance says “we are a good team” softly? It’s still there.
That one moment when Lance talks to Laika about how cool Keith is with this fond expression on his face? Still there, as well as the animators’ confirmation that every expression counts and tells us how character might feel about something, even if we don’t know about it yet.
Keith’s NUMEROUS fond looks at Lance, with lifted eyebrows, sparkling eyes and a smile? Still. There!
Like, we dunno what will happen in the show… we have NO IDEA, but we may theorize. And I dunno man,, but all the hints in the show, plus all the stuff said in interviews? It doesn’t seem bad. In fact, it seems pretty darn good.

Y'all, don’t panic, don’t worry, just wait and see! Klance might happen, or it might not. But it’s gonna be okay, no matter what!~


loosely based on/ inspired by this post || i imagined them having a sleepover together on the rooftop after the happenings of holiday star… just because… we need more happy content….

i wanted to add yuuya, tohri and leone as a bonus but i couldn’t draw anymore :’^)) feel free to reblog and add them if ya wanna!!

Fic Soundtracks

Hey I’ve had a few asks so I thought I’d list my current fic soundtracks here if anyone wants to follow or listen :) All of these are on Spotify.

actually there’s quite a few more but a lot aren’t release yet so… if you see any that’s why haha. I have like an entire fic about Keith’s parents. 

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As usual, any suggestions etc please send them through!! 

anonymous asked:

Hi Chekhov! I've been working many miles from home for a year now. Before that, I was away from home for school for 5 years. When I started working, it finally hit me that I actually missed the idea of home. My friends, even my family (I have some problems with them, which motivated me to not return, but I still cherish them). I just feel very isolated now. Do you ever feel homesick?

Hey! Thanks for being patient. I know I took a long time to answer this. I was thinking of how to explain it.

My gut reaction was actually to say “No, I’m sorry. I actually don’t ever get homesick.” Because… the truth is, I kind of don’t. I am one of those people that doesn’t… miss people? 

Sounds weird? Yes, maybe. I’m not sure how else to explain it. I am very much a fan of people, in general. And I have many people I love. But I don’t really experience the hallmark version of “homesickness” that I am familiar with. 

HowEVER, upon re-reading your ask, I think I might understand what you’re going through, despite being so negative at the onset. 

Let’s take it from the top.

When I was 10, my mother and I moved from our home country (Russia) to America to live there. It was my first big international flight. It was my first trip to America. I was excited, as only 10 year olds could be, because most 10 year olds lack the necessary foresight to realize what a big fucking change this was going to be. 

It was a fun thing for me.

For about a month.

And then, for the next 3 months it WASN’T fun as the real-world consequences of living 8,784 kilometers away from my grandparents, having to learn English, and going to school with kids who all thought my accent was funny (but not in a good sort of way) all crashed down on me. 

So, in a way, I was homesick.

Ok, I was just… homesick. I came home from school, curled up under my desk and cried. 

Obviously, this did not last forever. Eventually I adjusted. 

But, I think because of my crash-course in separating myself from the experience of bone-crushing isolation, my view of what was “normal” became skewed. For example, I knew (in theory) that it was normal to see your relatives fairly often. However, since we only saw ours every 4-5 years I grew accustomed to just NOT having people I liked in my life. 

(I’m going somewhere with this, I promise, stay with me.)

Anyway, that thing you said… ? About not being on great terms with family? I GET that. I get it HARD. 

When I finally left for college to live alone, it was almost entirely motivated by my desire to escape those issues. To me, being by myself was not a scary adult growing up experience. Running away and being alone was just the most logical solution to the problem. 

At that time, I moved to be about an hour away from my parents. I rarely visited. I felt no desire to. I felt alone, and that was just a relief and nothing short of it. 

In fact, I took this a step above and fled to ANOTHER country, because obviously the entertainment of not being able to speak, read or write the language of the country you’re living in is just irresistible. 

And I thought “damn, I’m a pro at this!” 

I was so used to the concept of being alone and out of my element that honestly, I never even considered it a real problem.

But the fact that I didn’t feel the strain of isolation doesn’t mean it didn’t have an effect on me.

I think I had psyched myself up for being such an untouchable person that I forgot to actually look back and check whether I was as tough as I imagined myself to be.

Because to be honest, yes.

Yes I do get homesick.

And the problem is… I don’t know where ‘home’ is anymore.

And this didn’t start when I got to Japan. I felt this way in America… and I felt this way in Russia, every time I went to visit. There was a tugging sense of not belonging… And the realization, at the same time that, even if I DID go back to the place I wanted to be, I could never feel “at home” there either. 

In fact, I think “homesickness” is not longing for a place as much as a time. 

Maybe we have fond memories of home. The feeling of loneliness is the byproduct of us remembering good things. It’s not something that’s a function of being in a different place as much as it is just a product of… growing up. Changing. Realizing that things are complicated, and wishing to go back to a time when things were LESS complicated. It’s a defense mechanism.


I think I stopped feeling homesick again when I realized that home will never be a place I can actually go back to - at least, not physically. 

It can only be something that I can go to through a photo album. Or when I’m laying in bed and, thinking, before I open my eyes “that sounds just like our summer house in Siberia…” and feeling my heart jump to my throat right before I force myself to remember I’m not there anymore. Or when I lay back in the grass and look up at the sky so I can’t see the edges and think “I don’t know where I am right now.”

(that’s my grandpa! this is an important photo for me. the feeling of this photo is not something i can feel again if I end up in front of that window. It’s a small fragment of ‘home’ lost in time, untouchable except in my memory.)

I suppose the important thing that I got from all of this (and I’m not saying you have to think about it that way!) is that home is just a place in your mind, and you can visit it whenever you want.

And as for the feelings of loneliness and homesickness? They’re VALID! They’re normal and honestly, you SHOULD feel them! It means you have good, safe memories to go back to. 

Try not to be too hard on yourself. Even if your relationship with your family is complicated, it’s ok to miss them. It’s ok to feel isolated. It’s hella stressful, and you are understandably going through a lot of stuff! 

Whatever happens from now on, you are HERE and you can make NEW memories and make a new home. And maybe sometime down the line, you’ll think back to NOW and think of that as home.

“I said I wouldn’t cry!”

this has a lot of implications…it implies that Keith knew that he was going to be talking about some emotional stuff before doing the vlog. And what is the vlog for anyway? Did Coran tell them it was a diary of sorts? Did he tell the paladins to just talk about themselves? If the latter is the case, then this video is very telling of how Keith views himself, and what aspects he believe’s defines him. Most people when told to introduce themselves, they talk about things that they think defines them. And these are usually things like interests, hobbies, views, etc. But Keith doesn’t talk about any interests or hobbies. He says he pilots the black lion and he’s a paladin of Voltron, but that’s not necessarily an interest, even though he’s extremely dedicated to the cause. Instead the most he talks about are his flaws and abandonment issues. It’s very likely that Coran told all the paladins to make at least one vlog entry for future generations. Keith was probably like “But what should I say?” and Coran was probably like “Just tell them about yourself.” and what Keith decided what was most important to tell about himself was that he pilots the black lion, he’s a paladin of Voltron. He has trouble connecting with people, he has a temper, and he thinks it’s because his mom abandoned him and that he pushes people away so that they don’t reject him. These are the things that Keith thinks defines him. And he was obviously prepared beforehand to talk about these things, promising himself that he wouldn’t cry.

Please, PLEASE take your rat to the vet if you’re worried about them. I, as well as the blog’s followers (for the most part), are not professionals and cannot give you proper veterinary advice.

EDIT: I deleted the home treatment post because I don’t feel comfortable having it up - although the submitter may have lots of experience with home care, a lot of people don’t and I’m a huge believer in “it’s better to be safe than sorry” and really advise you to take your rat/s to the vet if they are ill.
Sirius x Reader - Perfect match.

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Anon : Hey, if you’re taking requests I was wondering if you could write something angsty/fluffy with having a very bad argument with sirius and then you guys ignore each other for a few days, and since you’re also friends with James remus Peter and lily they’re all trying to help you guys out and then it all ends in a fluffy way? Just lots of feels! 😂

A/N : Ok, I hope I did it right! Let me know what you whink about it <3

It had been already a week since you spoke to Sirius. A dreadful week.

The truth was that you really missed him, although you would never bring yourself to admit it.

You were the type of people who never feared to speak their mind and that lead into having little outburst of tension from time to time. Usually, they didn’t affect you that much and the two of you could easily forget about them, but this time was different. The fight that you shared was a really bad one and it almost seemed as if every irrelevant argument that you had, was brought up and transformed into something far worse than it actually was.

The whole thing had been blown way out of proportion, and the two of you were well aware of that, although thanks to your pride neither of you was willing to admit it, or let alone leave behind.

You tried to ignore each other as much as possible, which eventually left your mutual friends feeling obligated to interfere in the matter.

That’s why now you found yourself in an empty classroom while sitting in front of your boyfriend, surrounded by the group of, as you though not less than 5 minutes ago - friends.

“Well” Lily stated, trying to get the attention of both of you “I am sorry guys, but this is ridiculous. Can’t you just talk it trough?”

“Well, I do not particularly like being ambushed, especially by people, who I trust on my life. Can we talk that trough, Prongs?” Sirius countered while crossing his arms and seating himself more comfortably.

You couldn’t help, but feel frustrated at the way he presumptuously raised his eyebrow at you, expecting some kind of response.

“Sorry mate, but she is right. You both know you have to eventually do something, don’t you?”

“I’m not going to do it first” you said sternly, the look on your face remaining indifferent.  

“Me neither”

“Honestly why do you have to act like some 5-year-olds?!” Remus piped in, the frustration in his voice easily detectable. “You are going to stay here until you sort this mess out, understood?”

Neither of you said anything, as he started to leave, making the rest of the group follow him out of the room.

“Do you think that he really closed us in here?” you asked calmly after a minute, trying not to look at him.  

“Probably. We sure are lucky to have so persuasive friends” he huffed, his gaze now fixated onto you.

“Yeah, subtle is their second name I guess” you stated, trying to sound as convincing as you could. Suddenly he stood up and started pacing back and forth the old classroom. As he did so, much to your annoyance, you couldn’t help but notice how good he looked in that leather jacket he wore, in spite of the schools uniform code. You crossed your arms, hoping that this would tame the urge of brushing your hands trough his silky black hair.

Fuck. That was hard. Why did he always had to look so handsome?

“Look Y/N, I know you are mad at me”

“Well, that one you got right” you mumbled quietly, slowly bringing yourself to look him in the eyes.

“I am always right, kitten” he smirked and winked at you, involuntarily making you chuckle “Do my ears deceive me? Have I finally managed to make you laugh?” he joked as he slowly walked in your direction, in order to sit next to you.

“Stop it, Black” you elbowed him lightly, not being able to hide the smile that lingered on your lips. Him being so close after a week apart left you feeling a bit dizzy. You really missed him. You missed your silly talks, the way he flirted with you on every occasion he got and the way he smiled at you each time your eyes met during classes that you shared, but most of all you longed to be able to touch him. Godric, you wanted to kiss that smirk off, of his face so badly.

After a moment of silence he hesitantly reached out his hand and grabbed yours. You didn’t pull back. You couldn’t even if you wanted to. His touch made you so overwhelmed, by various emotions that you weren’t even able to move.

“I miss you Y/N” he suddenly blurred out, while enter twining your fingers with his.

“I miss you too” you turned your head in order to face him. He had that look on his face. The look that you knew so well by now. It was the look he did each time he screwed something up, but you knew that this time you had your part in it too.

He cupped your cheek and you couldn’t help, but lean into his warm touch.

“I’m sorry that I have been so childish, it’s just that…”

“I know” you cut him off, his gaze now fixated on your parted lips “Maybe we are more alike, than we actually should be”

“Nah, that’s rubbish” he said, slowly getting closer “We are perfect for each other, and you happen to be fully aware of that, kitten”

“Are we?” you asked teasingly, the tension between the two of you now nearly unbearable. Without a word he kissed you softly, as if he was asking for your permission. You deepened the kiss, the feeling of blissfulness overwhelming you in every possible way. Your hands started running trough his silky hair, as he pulled you onto his lap. He straddled your waist, and nibbled at your lower lip, making you roll your eyes back and arch your back out of pleasure. Merlin, it felt so good.

“Yes” he gasped, nearly out of breath, as the two of you finally parted “We are”

“Well, if you say so, then I suppose it’s true” you chuckled at the way he instantly grinned at your response.

“That’s my girl” he took you in his arms, and spoon around, making you giggle like a child. And that’s was the moment, in which you realised that you were indeed a perfect match. 

It's #THICKSETTHURSDAY! (Feb 2nd 2017)

It’s time to make some cute art or take some cute selfies to promote body positivity!

-What Is #ThicksetThursday?-

To help promote body positivity, every Thursday we will be spreading the hashtag #ThicksetThursday on Twitter and Tumblr with Art and Selfies!

#ThicksetThursday will be to showcase positive ART and selfies of chubby body types of ALL kinds and sizes!

If you’re an artist and want to participate, all you have to do is draw your favorite characters, celebrities, friends, etc who don’t conform to the “typical” definition of beauty.

Not an artist but proud of your body? Feel free to take a selfie and tag it as well!

This is also not just locked to one gender, art and selfies of and from ALL genders are welcome and encouraged!

Q. “Can I draw an OC?”
A. OCs are allowed!

Q. “Is this just for women?”
A. ALL Genders are welcome! Men, women, trans, agender, everyone!

Q. “Who I want to draw isn’t ‘human’, is that ok?”
A. Yes! Of course!

Q. “Can I Draw _______?”
A. The answer is YES, so long as it has POSITIVE feelings and thoughts!

Q. “What is #ThickThursday all about?”
A. Body positivity and positive thoughts/energy! There’s a lot of negativity in the world, and this is a small way that we can all put out some much needed good feelings!

If you have more questions, PLEASE feel free to ask them, and I will answer!

a different perspective on OK-KO body shapes

while I think that accusations of sexism / accusations of the OK-KO artists having a “type” when they design female characters are 100% valid and understandable criticisms, I wanted to say my piece.

Growing up, I was one of those girls who “developed” kind of early but never had the height to pull it off- and for years (and even still today) I was surrounded by girls who were not only taller than me, but thinner than me, too. While most girls I knew were tall and slender, with long lean legs, I was short, stocky, and had wide hips and thick thighs and thick ankles. I was also pretty wide in the chest, and could never pull off the kinds of dainty spaghetti-strap tank tops that other girls my age could. Even today, I can’t.

I didn’t feel pretty. I didn’t see the body type that I had reflected in a lot of media. The only characters I can recall having a body shape similar to mine were maybe the shorter Crust Cousin from My Life as a Teenage Robot, Valerie Gray from Danny Phantom, and Dijonne from The Proud Family. 

When OK KO came out I was actually really happy to see women closer to my body type. Not only that, to see them presented as being PRETTY. I know that a lot of people have totally valid criticisms of the art style of this show, (and I think that accusations of sexism should be taken into account, even if I don’t totally agree with them,) but…. the show makes me feel better about my body, because I very rarely see stocky girls like Carol and Enid get as much praise and admiration. (and I like how Enid doesn’t have thin ankles, either.) 

Feel free to disagree and add your own opinions to the post; I just wanted to share my two cents about the situation. 

External image

Oh goodness not another “well it’s my body type so it’s fine” argument. The OK KO body type is nothing new, in fact it’s frequently used in a lot of children’s media, especially to portray someone who’s meant to be seen as attractive.

Hell there’s even a tvtropes page dedicated to how common this specific style is.

And while I don’t view the style as offensive on it’s own, it says a lot that a lot of female characters have the Exact. Same. Body Type. Many of them wearing tight, skimpy clothing (one of them literally has her whole ass out).

Your issues with self image and confidence doesn’t change the fact that this is repetitive character design is boring, tired and just downright sexist (and before y’all say it, yes i know the character designer is a women. Doesn’t change the fact that this show has issues with not diversifying the female body types more)

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In game a MOC is called BAD DAD which is a harmful stereotype of fathers of color, there is a black dad getting marijuana - I feel that's self explanatory. Look, the game is mediocre at best and rifled with homophobic tropes. The one trans character gets a throwaway line on binders. As for the devs, none have come forward and Game Grumps have claimed to be the devs in several places. It's not a witch hunt? It was marketed to MLM & they have the right to criticize what was made For them directly

Ok, disclaimer for all I’m about to say is that I am white, and obviously I don’t get to judge what’s racist and what isn’t. But a lot of this feels like it’s taken out of context of what actually happens in the game, the context for which I’m going to provide here.

The ‘Bad Dad’ whittles and hunts cryptids - he’s not a bad person, he’s just got this ‘cool guy’ persona which you see through over his route. The worst thing he does in the game is crash a ghost hunt. The marijuana…isn’t, it’s oregano that neither character can tell isn’t weed until later, and the point of that scene is more that the main character and the dad are trying to relive their youths and be ‘cool’ and fail completely, hence the fact that they accidentally bought oregano. And the place the game takes place has legalised weed, which is mentioned in the game, so nothing illegal takes place. And even aside from those two, most of the other dad characters are people of colour.

The actual writers are in the credits, too? Honestly, I’m not about to silence criticism - I quite like the game, but you know, if someone doesn’t that’s fine, everyone has the right to their own opinions - but this sounds like you haven’t actually played it/seen a playthrough, you’re just going off what people have said about it. Bottom line, it’s a perfectly fine game that’s not without it’s flaws, obviously, but it’s not just straight-up Bad.

Spacedogs Rec Mega Post

OK, Spacedogs is my favorite AU pairing in the world - I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT THEM, OK? SO. In celebration of @hannibalficwriters Spacedogs Fic Rec event, I’m going to just post my top Spacedogs fics of all time. There are so many, y’all (I’m sure I’m missing scads), but these are the ones you MUST READ. 


Bottle of Gin by @llewcie and @thymogenic
Who hasn’t dreamed of a world where Nigel is your personal genie? Just me? Ok then… ANYWAY, Adam finds a genie in a bottle and must decide if he will rub him the right way. This is the perfect fic and concept and just…I wait eagerly for updates.

Those Who Wander by  Arabellah and @victorineb
Do you love Fallout? Do you love Spacedogs? YOU NEED TO READ THIS FIC. Nigel is wandering the waste until he comes across an especially brilliant little android. Can the two survive the harsh climate? Updates are always a treat with this fic.  

Through the Water by @hannabellegraham
Nigel is experiencing weird mood fluctuations. Can his odd little neighbor be the key to helping him. This took me by surprise and I’m totally engrossed. Join me as I eagerly await updates! 


Midnighters by drinkbloodlikewine, whiskeyandspite
This is the OG Spacedogs as far as many people are concerned. And if you haven’t read it, you really need to. This was the first fic that ever introduced me to the pairing and it is absolutely beautiful. 

Craigslist by @llewcie
Llewcie has been low-key one of the best writers in this fandom forever. And if you don’t know that as fact, it’s because you’re not reading Llew’s stuff. This was the fic that convinced me that Nigel and Adam were the best AU pairing in the Fannibal ‘verse. Adam is looking for a helper on Craigslist, Nigel thinks Adam is looking for a hitman - sexy hilarious hijinks ensue. What makes this special is the heart and soul in it and no one should miss out on this classic fic. 

Strange Diamonds by sku7314977
One of my favorite fics, and one I re-read A LOT. The setup is basically this: Charlie Countryman tricks Adam into being the drop man when he and Gabi decide to double cross Nigel. Adam is too cute to kill, so Nigel is stuck with an adorable man and plans for revenge. It’s hilarious and heartfelt. 

Welcome to California by @desperatelyseekingcannibals
If you’re an ABO person, this is the fic for you. The characterization is beautiful, the story is sweet, and it’s got all of Tiger Prawn’s classic brilliance. Also? It’s got some kickass art to go along with it. Check it out. 

Silly Stickers by @samui-sakura88
This is one of those tooth rotting fluff stories that makes any bad day seem better. It’s a high school AU and the whole series is amazing. Samui is great at bringing out the giant teddybear in Nigel and the adorable frankness of Adam.

The Wedding Date by @slashyrogue
Adam needs a date to Beth’s wedding. Nigel volunteers. Adam doesn’t realize Nigel might like to date him in real life. Will he figure it out. One of the thousands of brilliant AUs by Slashy. This one just always makes me grin like a goof. 

Rise and Shine by @wrathofthestag
Short and sweet this is the perfect Spacedogs drabble. Just everything you could want in their relationship, in like under 500 words. Go and check it out!

Beth Finds Out by @victorineb
A continuation of her GENIUS Alana Finds Out Series, in this fic, Beth discovers that her new boyfriend Nigel and her friend Adam might be a little too friendly. It’s hilarious and heartfelt and just everything you could want in a fic.

Odd Stars by @starkaryen
Nigel interrupts Adam’s dinner by rudely bleeding out right in front of his apartment. SOME PEOPLE! Thankfully, these two are meant to be and some truly lovely getting together occurs. 

The Speed of Light by @magicaldestiny
Have you ever wondered what Nigel would be like as Han Solo? WONDER NO MORE! This genius Star Wars cross over is tender, beautifully plotted, and just everything you could want from an AU of an AU. Seriously, space nerds, check this shit out.

Rebel’s Cum by @thymogenic
OK, real talk: If you don’t want to read this fic based SOLELY on that genius fucking title, I don’t think we can be friends. Just…look at that, it’s the greatest title in AO3 History and you all know it. ANYWHO, this fic is beautiful smut from a great writer - Adam and Nigel + Star Wars role play, that’s all you need to know. 

Swimming in the Moonlight by @eveninginwithyourgirlfriend /  honorablementioned
This is an adorable meet-cute where Adam has to decide between two new neighbors: Beth and Nigel. GUESS WHICH ONE IS THE BETTER FIT. This fic features Tender!Nigel which is my all time fave, so you know, it has my heart. 

Tumblr Ficlets by @hotsauce418
This is, admittedly a bit of a cheat, HOWEVER, Hotty writes some fucking amazing Spacedogs ficlets. So I’m going to make you read all of them. Seriously, all of them. I’m not choosing. They’re all that good. 

I Have Lied My Way to the Stars by DarkmoonSigel
Nigel is recovering from the whole “bullet to the head” thing, Adam might just be the perfect person to help him. Porn and sweetness follow. 

Don’t You Forget About Me by @taeaelin
A fantastic Breakfast Club AU, that is unfortunately unfinished. Still, the story there is wonderful and a great reminder that Tae can craft a Spacedogs yarn like no other. 

Merrie by @llewcie
This is the Robin Hood AU you never knew you needed. For real. Adam invents black powder and must team up with an extremely sexy warrior to save his brother and the kingdom from his invention and those who want to misuse it. Seriously, this whole fic is a goddamn delight. 

Daybreakers by drinkbloodlikewine, whiskeyandspite
Another great fic from these two. This one is notable because it features something the fandom needs more of - bottom Nigel. Let Mads bottom, y’all, I promise it works out fine. This is a great bodyguard AU and has a cameo from a certain pop artist that may have killed Mads in a video…

Noses Full of Shit and Fists Full of Roses by  StagsInSilence
Sweet and angsty, this is a fic that is a riff on the Midnighters ‘verse. Really well done. 

anonymous asked:

Part of me kind of wishes Damian was Nightwing's sidekick instead of Bruce's when the New 52 came if they really did want to get rid of Bruce's death that badly. Batman and Robin New 52 was good, but I just prefer Damian's relationship with Dick's a lot better. It feels so superficial now. Taking away Bruce's death also made Tim's decision to be Red Robin completely stupid IMO. Imagine Damian as Flamebird though.

Ok one more ask then I really need to study for pathopharm tomorrow.

If you listen closely, you can hear me shouting from the rooftops that Dick was more of Damian’s paternal figure than Bruce ever tried or pretended to be. I love DC comics, I do, but what really annoys me about them is they have this tendency to set up really great interesting ideas and unique scenarios rich with drama and great character dynamics… and then they go 180 and go the boring, traditional route. The Dick/Dami/Bruce triangle relationship is one of my biggest peevs.

Because Dick, honest to god, saved Damian’s life and is basically single-handedly responsible for helping the boy get his life together. Basically everyone else had given up on Damian, especially after Bruce died, noooooo one wanted to deal with the Bat’s annoying assassin kid. But Dick has a big heart and a lot of patience and probably (definitely) was working out his grief and guilt over Bruce’s death by saving his kid.

You’ve heard me bitch about how Dick screwed Tim over by taking Robin from him and giving him to Damian but Dick was right and being Robin was absolutely what Damian needed. That said, he treated Tim pretty terribly and IMO there should’ve been a lot of fallout of that once close relationship but DC didn’t even acknowledge it yeah thanks. Anyway, Dick put so much time, patience, love and effort into Damian and it eventually paid off. Damian comes to love and rely on Dick as a mentor, a partner and, dare I say, a father figure. It’s littered all through Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin (I despise the man but… the Dick/Dami dynamic is really good guys). There’s this one panel I remember where they learn Bruce is coming back and Damian is scared. He’s not sure he wants his father back because he’s afraid he’s going to break up his and Dick’s partnership. Like oh my god, talk about juicy.

So Bruce is back blah blah and DC just… pretends that all that love and anxiety with Dick wasn’t there. That Damian is 10000% devoted to his father and loves him unconditionally and??? Ok I love Tomasi/Gleason B&R but come on, it just abandoned what could have been a delicious story arc of Bruce coming back from the dead only to find his blood son became Dick’s kid.

So this is getting long but me lay out what I would have done if I was in charge of DC: Bruce comes back and is shocked and pleasantly surprised to find Damian is more controllable and humane. Bruce is older and he’s been through enough shit that he’s just through with troubled kids, great, Dick did all the hard work now I can pick up where he left off. Except Damian remembers that Bruce didn’t try very hard before he died to help Dami (He did try in his own stoic Bruce way, but he wasn’t able to give Damian the love and care he needed) and he feels awkward. This man is his father, he admires his skills and all… but Dami has seen what real love feels like and he doesn’t quite have it for Bruce yet. Bruce, being the idiot he is, immediately tries to yank Damian away from Dick and place him as his new Robin. No one reacts well.  

Damian is howling and screaming that he is Grayson’s partner, that they work well together and Bruce can’t force Damian to work with him. Bruce isn’t respecting him at all, is treating him like a kid sidekick where Dick knows Damian and gave him care and respect and really let Dami be involved. Dick is fighting too, yes he’s so glad his adopted dad is back and he wants to be Nightwing again… but I have this vision of Bruce trying to take Dami and the boy is fighting and these paternal instincts just rise out of nowhere and soon Dick is shielding Damian from his father saying it’s too soon to switch and blah blah. Later Dick is lying awake trying to figure out when he stopped being Damian’s brother/mentor and started being his sorta dad. Bruce is pretty stunned, he’s now seeing the enormous changes that have happened in his absence and how close Dick and Dami have become. He watches the easy way the two interact and finds himself jealous, He wants that kind of relationship with his son.

So Dick becomes Nightwing again and Damian is still refusing to leave his partner. Bruce doesn’t like it but there’s not much he can do. Dick feels a little bad but they’re all trying to figure out how to fit Bruce back into their lives. So Nightwing and Robin patrol while Batman goes solo. Everyone knows Nightwing was Batman II and they can clearly see that the new Robin prefers Nightwing over the original Batman. You know the villains are in the background eating popcorn watching the family drama unfold. Bruce talks to Dick and tries to work out something, Dick isn’t Damian’s parent. He’s living with Bruce and him and Dami need to learn to get on better. So, with Dick mediating, Bruce and Damian start trying to build their relationship. Bruce still isn’t very good with this crap but he’s getting better and the effort is appreciated. Eventually Robin kind of goes back and forth between Nightwing and Batman, but it’s clear to everyone who he prefers more. Bruce tries not to be hurt.

So yeah, Dick is basically Damian’s dad in all but name and Bruce feels super awkward and left out and Damian is still trying to find himself. Tim and Jay are in the background also watching this unfold (Tim and Jay are lowkey bonding over their bitterness of being replaced and how now both Dick and Bruce are fighting over this brat leaving them in the dust). Yeah I can get into more detail but my fingers hurt from typing and I need to study.

  • friend: are you ok?
  • me: Samwise Gamgee was a simple gardener who was violently ripped from his comfortable life in the Shire, who braved orcs, spiders, balrogs and treacherous conditions just for the sake of his best friend. It wasn't his duty to drop everything and follow Frodo to the ends of the earth to save Arda, nor was it his responsibility to ensure the destruction of the ring. Although he doesn't seem like the bravest Hobbit, it turns out he was stronger than Frodo in some ways. He had to see his best friend fight for not only his morality but his life, all because of the ring. He was the one who stopped Frodo from putting the ring on, from ruining everything and becoming corrupt, just like its previous wearer. He volunteered himself to go to Mount Doom after he thought the journey would be done in Rivendell. He thought he could go home to his Rosie Cotton and live a peaceful life, but instead he gave it up for Frodo. Samwise Gamgee had to suffer through Gollum manipulating his friend and himself. Frodo sided with Gollum towards the end, shunning Sam and telling him to go home, to forget all about his sacrifices, and the months of fighting, climbing, walking, and falling he did, all for Frodo, the very Hobbit who abandoned him out of jealousy, anger, and mental illness caused by the ring. What was once a happy Hobbit merrily drinking and dancing at Bilbo's birthday party was now reduced to a shell of his former self, and for Samwise to see that must have been heartbreaking. All the time and effort he put into helping Frodo had been lost. But Sam never gave up. He went back for his friend and when he thought Shelob had killed him, he cursed himself for not staying. He rescued Frodo from orcs and made sure they could cross safely across Mordor to Mount Doom. When they arrived and Frodo was no longer competent due to the ring's power, he carried him. He had hope that this final act of strength and love, to bring Frodo to the door of Mount Doom, would save the world. And when Frodo chose not to throw the ring into the fire, the devastation of failure was written all over Sam's face. Everything he gave up in the Shire was lost once again in that moment of defeat. Finally, after the ring was destroyed and Gollum was killed, he saved Frodo once again, asking Frodo not to sacrifice himself, to take his hand and never let go. And when they sat on the rocks of Mount Doom, lava rising around them, death imminent, Samwise the Brave finally got his best friend back, and after everything they had been through, there was no one he would rather be with than his Frodo.

anonymous asked:

The favorite Louis characteristics post you did earlier was so good! Can you do one for Harry?

OK!  I’ve finally cleaned out my inbox and time to focus on this.  :) 

So when I first got this I was SO EXCITED.  Because it’s HARRY!!  and I love him!!  I was like “yo, this is gonna be SO EASY.”  But then as I tried to put it all down I realized…it’s actually NOT.  Because I just want to scream over and over “I Just love him???? so much??? because he’s so lovely???”  there are so many things i just…can’t put into words.  I just find that I connect with him on a visceral level, you know?  There are so many reasons I love him that are deeply personal that I just can’t explain.  He has just burrowed his way deep into my heart, but i”ll do my best to try to find the words to explain it.

I love how kind he is.  One of the first things people say about him is how kind and polite he is.  Even to people that don’t deserve it, people who have talked shit about him or used him or thought of him only as a trophy.  He is endlessly kind.  A friend of mine once told me this story of someone she knows who used to work for Syco who said he is the best person on this planet and I believe it. Do you realize how easy it would be for him to just say fuck it all and be a giant prima donna?  i’m sure he’s constantly surrounded by sycophants there to do his bidding, and yet.  He makes sure to always be polite.   

I love how Brave he is.  But brave in a different way than Louis.  He’s the kid that’s afraid, but does it anyway. From something as small as hating roller coasters yet going on one to do a bit to doing his own stunts in Dunkirk.  That takes a LOT.  Hell, just branching out into acting in general is scary when you’ve never done it before.  AND THEN having your first film be a Christopher Nolan film?  Do you know how terrifying that must have been for him? And yet he did it anyway and showed everyone what he’s made of.   

I love how smart he is.  In interviews you can always see the wheels turning in his head.  He’s very careful to choose just the right words.  He knows how to play the game.  He is my cunning Slytherin son. 

I love how weird he is.  God, he is such a strange being.  We always joke about him being an alien but sometimes I wonder if it’s actually a joke??? He’s just so STRANGE!  So I have a friend who knows Niall.  They’re not like friends or anything, but they have hung out on occasion (my friend is from a town near Mullingar in Ireland) and he’s met all the boys.  OF COURSE I had to ask him about it and he says that they’re all really cool, nice dudes, but that Harry is “really weird.”  I asked him to elaborate but of course he didn’t know how to explain it and just kept saying “I dunno…he’s just really strange.”  COOL.  THANKS, DUDE.  But I just love it??  Which brings me to my next point…

I love how unapologeticly himself he is.  Not only is he weird, but he owns it.  He’s out there layering up his hoodie with designer clothes, hair flying every which way, and he does not give a fuck.  He has grown SO MUCH over the past few years going from that kid crying because he googled “harry shit” to growing his hair long and prancing around stage with it flying in the breeze.  Which also goes hand in hand with…

I love how confident he is.  He knows who he is and he’s proud of that.  As well he should be.

I love how sentimental he is.  I love that he’s this multimillionaire who wears his favorite shoes and pieces of clothing until they fall apart.   I love that he still wears his jacket with a lipstick stain on it.  I love that he keeps his notebooks with him at all times and scratches things like “one and only” into them.  I love that he has worn certain bracelets until they fall right off of him.  Which leads me to…

I love how he wears his heart on his sleeve.  Now, yes, he has closed himself off a LOT publicly over the past few years, but if you look closely it’s still there.  Like the above mentioned sentimentality.  Or his writing- just look at the lyrics of If I Could Fly. He is not afraid to put his heart out there when it comes to music.  And speaking of music…

I love how he wants to create Good Work.  I think he’s a bit of a perfectionist. He’s said multiple times how he doesn’t like the word “Famous”.  He doesn’t want to be known as just a pop star.  He wants to make things that are good and that will last.  You can see it in his writing, you can see it in the fact that he chose a project like Dunkirk to be his first film rather than starring in a romcom. He could have SO EASILY chosen that path, but instead he chose the more difficult one and GOD I admire that so much.

I love how independent he is.  He’s not afraid to do things completely by himself.  Go off and take himself on his own lunch date?  Yup.   As someone who loves Me Dates, I really respect this in a person.  I think it also goes hand in hand with his confidence.

I love how Loyal he is.  Do you know how easy it could have been for this kid to be just like Camila Cabello?  They’ve been pushing him to go solo for years, they’ve been pushing the idea that he hates the band just as long, and yet here he is.  Most likely the last one to release any kind of solo material whatsoever.  Sitting back and keeping quiet and letting the others take the spotlight for themselves.  

I love how Good he is.  with a capital G.   this is one of those times where I have trouble putting it into words.  Because it’s different than his kindness.  There’s just this innate Goodness within him that makes me want to be a better person whenever I see him pop up.  I don’t even know how to explain it.

I love how hard he works.  He’s always trying to better himself.  Do Better.  Be better.  Never settling.  

I love how petty he is.  Now, i Know.  I KNOW it’s not a “good” quality, but there’s something about it that just warms my slytherin heart.  Because it humanizes him, you know?  It makes him a real person and not some God on a pedestal.  He can be such a petulant child sometimes and I know if I knew him in real life I would constantly be rolling my eyes at him as he drives me crazy.  But I still weirdly love it??? 

I love how much of an Old Soul he is.  His playlist from Another Man was my childhood soundtrack.  My dad was a HUGE elvis fan in particular and I see so many similarities between Harry and Elvis and their generosity in particular as well as their love for their mamas.  

I love how caring he is.  I love how when he meets fans who are crying their faces off he holds them tight and asks them if they’re ok.  Wanting to make sure they’re alright.  Wanting to make sure they feel good about themselves.

God…this kid.  THIS KID!!  I just want good things for him.  I want him to smile more this year.  MORE DIMPLES 2K17!!!!  I want him to feel loved and appreciated.  I’ve enjoyed watching him grow so much and can’t wait to see how far he can go.  What a Good and Precious Egg. GIVE HIM ALL THE GOOD THINGS!!! 

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Ok I'm sorry I know you have a lot of asks but that one story about the s/o being from 2017 and being trapped in 2077 and having mixed feels left me shattered! Let's make this happy! How about soldier let's the s/o leave gibraltar after seeing how they're mixed up from the news of not going back? And lucio, mcree, zenyatta, and hanzo get to escort them! (Sorry again, it'd just those asks really had me going •~•)

Other two are here and here


  • His chest glows warmly as you smile at him
    • You just running from store to store to cafe to store
    • Barely taking any time to look at anything
    • Just too excited to look at something for too long
  • You finally paddle back
    • face red and panting from exhaustion
    • Just so happy to be outside the base for the first time
  • You get so excited you start to meme
    • Saying that Lucio just needs a unicycle
    • People staring at you while you speak
    • Your slang fifty years old
  • You’re hesitant to go back
    • But you acquiesced as you were exhausted


  • “C’mon puddin’, you wanna go somewhere?”
    • You look at him confused 
    • Until he explains that you’re allowed to leave
    • ‘As long as I’m with you’, he says, smug look on his face while he sticks his thumbs in his belt loops
  • You dash around the town
    • His spurs jingling as he keeps up with you
  • You’re babbling excitedly as he buys you a drink
    • You exhausted and thirsty from running
    • You couldn’t help it
    • You were getting stir crazy in the base
  • What in tarnation, you exclaim
    • Pulling his hat over your head


  • He watches you glow with excitement
    • Smiling as you plod along the path
    • You’re chatting with him as the two of you make your way to the town
  • He tells you to stay close
    • But lets you have your fun
    • Ambling from store to store
    • Pointing out all the cool fashions of the future
  • He’ll make sure you are fed and watered
    • Knowing that humans need to take care of themselves
    • And it’s a hot day
    • You just sip at the water
    • reminding him that your flesh sack requires sustenance


  • He’s happy to show you the outside world
    • With permission this time
    • You were stressed the whole time last time
    • Worrying whether he would get in trouble
  • But now you’re carefree
    • Ambling alongside him as you talk to him
    • Hands swinging back and forth
  • You’re a little hesitant on getting things
    • Not exactly having money so Hanzo would have to pay
    • He will go back to buy it if you don’t get the first time
    • Handing it to you as you turn back around
    • Not even noticing that you had left
  • You see a table fall over
    • The cups and plates tumbling to the ground
    • You just say same
    • Everyone staring at you
    • confused on what the hell you meant