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I totally don't mean to be rude, but what is the difference between obese and overweight? They're both unhealthy and people act like fat people are meant to be worshipped. ???it's not good for you? Because you were born with a heavier body weight doesn't mean it's good for you. Fat acceptance just makes fat people think they're healthy. The healthy body weight is in the middle, between fat and thin.

I’m not answering asks like this if I can’t answer them privately.  If you really wanna have a conversation between health with me then come off of anonymous. I’m sure a lot of my followers can answer this if they want to, though, but I don’t feel like having a string of fat-phobia on my Tumblr.

Just wonder as well, but are YOU my doctor? Lol.

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you're on meds?

Yeah. I take some for my anxiety/stress and depression. ;v; It’s been a lot better after a couple increases in dosage. And if some of you have been following me for the past 5-7 months or so I’m sure some of you have had to witness my struggles… But I’m very happy that I’ve been eating again, and I’ve been feeling like myself the past couple months. Also, the classes I’m taking this semester are a lot better! My drawing and media arts classes are my favorites! :D

That Episode 8 Promo

Adam: “Look, Hannah, we have a lot of history that we can’t seem to erase. We can’t let each other go, as much as we try. I thought I could move on, but we don’t have any more time to waste.”

So many thoughts! I’m really glad that Hannah’s first reaction is just to say, “I’m so confused,” because she would be. I am confused lol. I also love this pairing intensely and want them to have their happily ever endgame. But, if this is it, then I wish there had been more development either this season or last to bring us here. As it is, it feels as if Adam is putting words into Hannah’s mouth about her own feelings. He has no evidence to support that she can’t or hasn’t let him go. He can only speak for himself. She cut him out of her life. She’s been moving forward both professionally and personally. She gave him a nice fruit basket and basically said, “Adios.” Then again, this is the show that loves to give characters empowering speeches only to immediately undermine them.

That said, I’ll still be happy to get the endgame for them, because I’ve wanted it all along. And I’m sure it will be beautiful and heart wrenching etc.

But if this is actually the episode that puts this pairing to bed, then the promo is cruel and misleading. “Only 3 episodes left. Love is complicated. Time is running out. Only one thing left to say…” If that something is “goodbye”– and that’s what I assumed it would be before I saw those spoiler pictures– then it’s gonna hurt twice as much as it would have before “Full Disclosure” aired and renewed my feels/hope. But there’s no reason to do a “balcony shot” with Adam talking to Jessa on the phone while she looks down on him like that unless it’s a romantic scene. An endgame scene. And Adam is the goddamn king of the endgame scene. Regardless, I’m always gonna love this show. I’m just gonna be super disappointed if Adam and Hannah don’t end up together. 

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once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and then send it to ten of your favourite followers!

I HAVE FINISHED MY DISSERTATION SO I WILL REPLY TO THIS NOW YAY /keels over and sleeps for ten years, missing the rest of my deadlines

1 being able to be good at a lot of different things through hard work.
this really annoyed me when i was younger because so many people wanted to try and decide what i should do with my life because OH YOU’RE REALLY GOOD AT ______ YOU SHOULD DO THIS! I’M OLDER THAN U SO I KNO BEST! now that i’m comfortable doing my own thing it’s nice to have just a lot of random (mostly creative tho lol) skills at my disposal for fun!

2 i feel like i’m very independent and have a strong initiative which i think is a good quality to have but it does cause some problems tbh lol
i get really frustrated when other people come to me with problems because they just… don’t know how to look for stuff or solve problems that are really easy to solve by just… googling it???? like???? djoiasdfkrgjsd??? it’s ok tho i keep the frustration to myself and help out anyway bc i am nice. so nice. so helpful. so nice.

3 i like that my hair usually does what i want it to. 

4 i have a nice butt. it is not a spectacular badonkadonk butt, but it is a cute lil shapely butt nonetheless. 

5 i’m a really good cook jussayin. i’m not even going to be modest about this. i actually hate going to chain restaurants because i’m usually always disappointed. *waits patiently for gordon ramsay to burst through my window and shake some sense into me*


When your crush finds out about your embarrassing niche blog 

Based on this but like, with sansby lmao idek

the video title is ‘Glitter bomb! FTA’ because Sans and Frisk have a youtube channel called “For The Aesthetic” where Sans eats garbage by request. And then Frisk gets an ambulance.


Sometimes I wonder what you would have done if I begged. What if I got down on my knees until they bled and admitted how wrong I was to love you? I would have grabbed your leg like a child and my muffled cries would have sent chills down your spine. I would tell you how it was foolish of me to think you would stay. I mean, why would you ever stay?
Maybe if I made you think that all of the bullshit you put me through was justified, maybe that’s what it would have taken to make you want to stay.
If that’s the case, I’m glad you slammed the fucking door on your way out. I’m a hell of a lot stronger than you ever gave me credit for.
—  He thought I was young and naïve

Ok but imagine Bucky watching the Lion King II and being like: “who modeled a fucking lion after me!?”

At 24, as a woman who hasnt had much sex at all, the advice I’d give to women just entering their 20’s is to have all the sex you want. Honestly, as long as you’re safe, single, and secure feel free to fuck the fine ass dude that always compliments your hair or the guy at the grocery store with the cute dimple that smiled at you, or the one with the thick thighs and nice ass at your local gym.

Even if sex aint an option for you, definitely definitely dryhump and makeout a lot lol. Just do what you feel. If you wanna get freaky, do that. Let all that sexual tension out. Iss healthy. And you wont find yourself in your 30s about to committ to one guy and wondering about all the experiences you missed out on and wanting to explore at the worst possible time.

Actually, if you’re single period, no matter how old you are, do all this lol.

I don’t think I’ve ever uploaded this. I’ve had it for ages, the art is old now, but it’s still relevant. Here’s my canon warden, Lenaios Surana. He’s an easy-going, elfroot-smoking spirit healer who can’t lie to save his life. Ferelden’s very own hippie elf doctor dude.

The Way You Look (M)

“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.” and “I don’t care that it’s 2am.” and “Are you wearing my hoodie?” | 2,353

Going away to a cabin with your friends for Christmas was just about to get a little bit more exciting, or maybe a lot. 

a/n: lol sorry honestly I just wrote this within an hour because I got some inspo and I didn’t really have time to look over it much because I’m going out for christmas eve but merry christmas everyone! i hope you like it :’)

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endless list of favorite things: [3/?] favorite relationships

Daisy Johnson & Lincoln Campbell, Agents of SHIELD (2013—?)

One more person tries to tell me the reason Hoseok got ZERO lines in Spring day is because he had a the intro and the most lines in BST and imma pop off. 

First of all, BTS always rotates which member gets to do the intro. This is not Hoseok sweeping forward and idk, stealing the intro as a second song, this is his RIGHT, FINALLY, to do the intro. It’s not his fault they also chose the album he FINALLY got to do the intro on as the album where the entire group also gets a solo song. The fact that he has 2 songs is literally irrelevant in this case, at least, it should be, because those solos shouldn’t conflict with the fact that it’s his turn for the intro.

 True, this does equal a fact that he got 2 solo songs on the solo album, but it’s not really the same? I think it’s kind of like saying that Namjoon or Yoongi’s intro counted as a 2nd song when the other albums had the cypher series? Idk, it just? it’s not really even a factor. Besides, Hoseok earned that intro spot. Namjoon has his side projects and his mixtape, Yoongi just released his bomb ass mixtape that’s been well received, Jeongguk has MCing and he relreases solo tracks, Taehyung now has his acting and he and Jin collaborated on the OST track, Jimin has several dance features this past year. Hoseok’s intro was a ncessity at this point, no one should be counting that like it’s a negative and he shouldn’t be ‘paying’ for it by losing album time.

Second of all, saying that Hoseok is getting cut out of Spring Day because of his Blood Sweat and Tears lines is literally ludicrous? Hoseok routinely gets less time on the tracks as a rapper compared to Yoongi and Namjoon, as a Hoseok bias I have no issue with this in general because Yoongi and Namjoon are more experienced, and they mix the track based on a lot of things, from flow to style to how many lines they were able to write, and even all the way down to balancing the entire album. So don’t yell at me about being a Hoseok bias who’s clearing just talking shit. It’s not about that. But Hoseok generally has less time on tracks, so the fact that he had a lot of lines on Blood Sweat and Tears isn’t really a big deal in terms of him getting too much. That’s like saying; oh, Jeongguk had a lot of lines in every single song that’s why we literally excluded him from this song? The fact that he has a lot of lines should be irrelevant. Besides, even the lines he did have in Blood Sweat and Tears were shared with Jeongguk during live stages, and let’s not even TOUCH on what they did to Jin then, and now, in Spring Day, because Jin deserves his own 109 page rant.

This is about Hoseok for now. I’ll do a Jin related rant probably.

ANYWAYS, I think my biggest problem is that there isn’t even 1 line? It makes the balance of the song feel off, wrong even. Even in Fire, Hoseok showed up for around 5 lines total, that was a very short verse but it felt balanced, and the fact that he had a shared verse with Namjoon helped too. Even Jin had lines in Fire. Fire may not be my favorite BTS song but at least the balance didn’t feel as off as if has in the past. 

I think I wish they could have pulled a fire, and at least let Hoseok have at least one line. I’m assuming that it’ll be handled like they did with Jin in BST, where the live stages might have at least 1 line or so for Hoseok just so that he’s not standing around doing nothing. Or maybe the dance will be Hoseok centric (which, i lowkey doubt it because they love to play 2seok but whatever now i’m getting salty).

In short, people like to try to justify the reasons for 2 members in particular always getting shafted like there’s a reason. I’m sure there is a reason. Balance of the entire album is one, maybe Jin’s filming got in the way, idk what got in the way of Hoseok having a single line, maybe he got lost in the bathroom idk, but, I’m AWARE that there are reasons okay. And I’m not blaming the Boys, and I don’t even blame the production staff, I understand balancing reasons, I understand lots of things, I even know for 100% fact that BTS tries realy hard to be accepting of each other, not to get jealous or mad about line distribution, and is one of the most solid groups under the ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ philosophy. 

Still doesn’t make me, a Hoseok bias, feel any better about my man not having any lines okay. So Please let me cry without telling me that I’m being stupid or that he DID have lines, remember he had lines for BST and he had an intro. TT. 

TLDR: please let hyung line biased fans, partially Hoseok (and Jin) biased fans, mourn in peace without telling them that you’re tired or that they’re unjustified ! ! ! As long as they’re not complaining directly to the boys, or about another boy getting too much, etc, then it’s not problematic it’s called venting. Venting is fine. The real issue is when people start blaming other members for their own fav members not getting enough time. But yeh, anyways, this was long. RIP.

i'm back

I’ve been locked out of my tumblr for a minute, nobody understands how much i’ve missed it. it’s not the same.. tweets are too short, instagram is an occupation now, snapchat.. is another dimension and i hate my talking voice.. (i think it’s so strange just talking to a phone anyway.. it makes me uncomfortable and i feel lame af) and writing your feelings down in your notes just isn’t enough.. i feel like i’m talking to no one.

tumblr was like a diary for me, super therapeutic.. much deeper than any other social platform.

anyway.. i say this all to say i’ll be getting my thoughts out a lot more now that i’m back on here. i have so much shit to say and i might as well just let it out where it all started for me. i feel like no one checks my tumblr anymore anyway, lol.

whatever, it’s more so me just talking to myself and who ever wants to have a listen, can.


i dont have enough energy to finish anything rn but i dont know if ill even finish this anyway

i kno it seems kinda ooc in this context cus theres a lot of pre-stuff i have in my head that lead to this specific situation 

i just have a LOT of feelings and thoughts abt the similarities between these 2 and i would write up a meta post but i dont wanna bore everyone lol

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season two thoughts???

i watched all of this as soon as it came out last night so i probs forgot a lot of details lol. here’s some stuff i liked about s2:

  • sheith fucking died good riddance
  • shiro in ep 1 just being like “guess i’ll die lol” Mood
  • episode 2
  • pidge being cute heals my wounds
  • for some reason i wasn’t expecting a rebel galra organization at all so i really liked that!
  • that monster from the 3rd episode that essentially vores things and then vored itself and died
  • the pool scene and also every klance interaction in general tbh
  • paul blart mall cop space edition! how does netflix know who i am and what i want!!!!!!
  • lance’s cow that just fucking disappeared 
  • galra keith!!! Nice!!!!!!!!!!!
    • hunk making galra keith jokes is my fave i hope we see more of that lmao
  • the scene w lance’s insecurities setting the stage for a lance arc in s3
  • i wasn’t expecting the twist w haggar at all and now i want answers lol
  • i really loved every coran scene i would die for coran

things i didn’t like about s2

  • hunk being reduced to food and fat jokes like…he’s so much more than that wtf hunk deserves better
  • building up other character’s intelligence at lance’s expense is :/// lance is a Smart Boy give him some credit wtf i hope we see lance being respected more in s3
  • lance, hunk, and allura weren’t really around but i’m hoping that this means that s3 will be focused on them like how s2 was focused on keith, shiro, and pidge
  • i wish we saw more of ppl’s (and keith’s tbh) reactions to galra keith but i’m hoping that’ll be addressed in s3 cuz i doubt keith can adjust to this info as quickly as it seemed like he did
    • i hope we learn more about keith’s parents too wtf where is keith’s mom
  •  i can’t remember anything else but there’s a good chance i’ve missed some stuff

so yeah i liked season 2 a lot!!!! it wasn’t perfect but i have a feeling that s3 is gonna be way better and probably make up for what a lot of s2 neglected

i can’t stop imagining how it feels to be aaron and robert this morning tbh because they’re supposed to be flying out to vegas for a holiday of a lifetime but instead aaron is in a cell and robert is alone

and like aarons mental state was bad enough last night so can you imagine the state he is in this morning, waking up in a cell and knowing that they won’t be going on holiday or getting married that week?? believing that robert really was going to leave last night, that his engagement ring is on the coffee table instead of on his finger?? if aaron couldn’t believe robert wanted him before, he definitely doesn’t believe it now, because robert could have anyone he wanted, so why on earth would he want someone who’s just been arrested for battering someone? why would he want someone who’s paranoid and jealous and violent? aaron probably doesn’t expect robert to be there when he’s released (if he’s released on bail, because he absolutely battered kasim and he’s in hospital now, and oh god he could be stuck in custody, and aaron knows he won’t cope)

and then robert. robert says a lot of things he doesn’t mean when he’s angry and he can’t believe he actually took his ring off (okay, he can, because he’s exhausted and he’s been trying so hard to make aaron happy and nothing has been good enough and god robert is sick of never being good enough for anyone in his life) but he’s alone, and he’s angry, and he’s worried, and he’s supposed to be on a plane to vegas with his fiancé in a matter of hours, but now aaron is in a holding cell and thinks robert has given up on them and it’s so far from true robert could CRY because he wouldn’t give up on them, he couldn’t even if he tried, robert is just exhausted and he doesn’t know how to prove himself more than he already has

I’m absolutely fine I swear