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you've been together for 4 years?? tell me ur secrets omg

!! awh man yeah we feel like old grandparents LOl but tbh i dont have any secrets! my bf & i got tgt cause we were friends first (tbh he liked me since gr8 but we didn’t really start talking until gr10) & we just happened to have a lot in common (interest/humor/goals wise) but mind you, we were like gr10 LOL things are a lot different now but we managed to grow tgt as a couple + we see a lot of things eye to eye ! i guess as long as you guys have the same goals + are both committed to being tgt, things can last :+) ! for the more technical side if that’s ur jam, u can take a love language quiz (my bf & i express our love for each other by spending quality time tgt as opposed to wanting gifts cause some ppl have diff wants/needs!!) but yeah im rambling a lot but have fun!! you dont have to settle down just yet- dating can be fun to explore what you like (i had my fair share of ‘dating’) gl, stay safe + use protection !! if u need any more advice, just hmu !! :+)

bojack horseman is like the better version of rick and morty

like they both have similar tones in terms of comedy with underlying cynicism and postmodern themes but bojack is actually a lot deeper and has a lot more to say about personal relationships and opening up and wanting to be understood than “nothing matters and everyone’s stupid lol”

and just preemptively because i feel like expressing any sentiment that any piece of contemporary media deals with deep themes in a mature and satisfying way will inevitably lead to that kind of response: yes. yes it is actually that deep. bojack horseman is that deep. i get that you out there, whoever you are that’d get indignant at someone suggesting that a contemporary piece of media is actually trying to say something instead of being an endlessly consumable pile of gratification for you to shovel through your eyes into your malfunctioning brain is startling for you, but maybe if you paid attention for once you might not miss everything suggesting that maybe there’s a thesis somewhere

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I hope you're doing well <3

Ahhhh sweet anon, I’m doing okay! You’re so nice to think of me I hope you’re doing well too 💖

(On that note: I’m sorry for the inactivity… I’ve been feeling a lot of anxiety lately, and this blog is partly the cause. I don’t really know what I’m doing with it anymore. And it’s just kind of feeling like A LOT if that makes sense. I feel like when I have new stuff to gif it might be different but alas, no season 4 yet. But anyway, I’m working on it, I’m working on feeling better. I dyed my hair pink the other day so I definitely think I’m going through my quarter life crisis lol)

I don’t think my little heart can take much more lol. I don’t actually feel suicidal but lately all I can think is that I regret not just doing it when I started getting the urge bcus I feel better now but I don’t feel like where I am now or anything that happened from there to here was really anything I would’ve missed.

Sorry 2 b depressing but we have work men in the house and I have a lot of things I don’t want to do and. Ugh is Any Of It Worth It.

I was talkin to anna about this yesterday but I feel sooooo much more extroverted now than I was as a teenager and young 20-something. Like, I wanna do things and go out and be around people and shit! Where was this like like 5-10 years ago? I wanna go out late and come home later lol. I can actually enjoy bars and clubs and shit given the right atmosphere. I voluntarily went into a fuckin mosh pit one whole time and kinda loved it? idk I just wanna have fun and junk and I feel like I held myself back a lot from just enjoying things when I was younger.


I’ve actually had this rolling around in my head for weeks and it was funny when I first thought of it. Sometimes I am self-conscious of my dumb ideas.  


some self indulgent yooran for my deprived self



and of course itd be a fridge LOL

How To Come Out in A Conservative Society

An History Lesson on Ellen DeGeneres and Theories about BTS

First, let me start off by saying that I know this is going to piss off some people. Your precious boys can’t have a bad rumor spread about them, can they? 

Well, fun fact: These rumors about idols have gone on for years, and they still have jobs. The rumors aren’t the problem, because when it comes to LGBT rumors, unlike straight rumors or controversies, Korea readily just accepts them as not possible and so someone can be rumored gay and nothing come from it, unless it was ever confirmed, so again, the rumor isn’t the problem. The lack of acceptance if said rumors are confirmed is the problem, because idols can only work if a company feels they will be able to make money. It is simple economics. If fans are not willing to accept and openly express acceptance, how can we expect a society to? How can we expect companies to feel that their artists have a market? Now I understand Korea has a thing about censorship despite fan reaction. This is a part of the problem, and it is a complicated political setting in which I do not understand and therefore cannot determine the ultimate solution. 

All I can say is this:

Guys, America was not always as accepting as it is now. America did used to be like Korea, and none of the laws for the LGBT were in place. What changed? The people. If you, as fans, are so set on protecting idols that you inherently promote the idea that being LGBT is an issue, even if you don’t mean it that way, you are being problematic to the cause. Discussing it openly allows idols and even companies to see the acceptance among fans, and fans educating other fans about it allows the societies to see the change in the people. You have the power but when you so adamantly push to censor the discussion, you give the power to those who wish to not acknowledge the LGBT. Talking is good, and could really help an LGBT idol feel better about themselves if they are LGBT.


So, BTS wants to visit Ellen. This is very interesting to me, as I have always felt a slight connection of their stories. I have a theory, but you have to actually hear me out to try and understand that this is something legitimate and not just some delusion of grandeur. 

First, how many of you actually know the history behind Ellen?

Well, I am going to assume that a lot of you are younger than me. BTS is younger than me lol. So, in the 90s, Ellen DeGeneres was an American television sweetheart. People loved her. American families watched her all the time. She was really popular. She had her show Ellen, which if you didn’t know, was not the talk show she has now. It was an actual sitcom where she played a character named Ellen. She boldly made the choice ON THE SHOW to have the character come out as a lesbian, and the next day on a talk show, she came out herself.

It was a bold move in the 90′s when LGBT rights were in the shitter. Still, if you look back, she actually was quite clever and strategic. She played the every woman and that’s why families loved her, but you will see hints of her sexuality. She used her medium and talent to subconsciously familiarize her audience with the idea of her being LGBT. It took a lot of work, and trust me, her coming out was not ENTIRELY smooth, but it went quite well. She was one of the few at the time to come out and have her career thrive after. 

She after that managed to have the highest viewed day time talk show that still runs today, a role in one of the most beloved children’s films, Finding Nemo. In fact, a open lesbian having a role like Dory in a children’s film at all was a huge deal. She managed to do all of this and land a deal with JC Penney and Covergirl, and her net worth is 350 million. She even for over a decade remained with her wife Portia, all while her career grew. Sure, along the way there were idiots who condemned her, but most of America loved Ellen.

All from a woman who wore short hair, gender non-conforming fashion, and openly lived as a lesbian in the 90′s. She may not be too shocking to you guys, but she did “look like a lesbian” in what people would have defined (don’t take this as my belief).


Just being someone everyone can connect to! She was happy and funny and wanted the world to laugh! She showed that LGBT people are just like everyone else. They wanted their rights, and that was all. This is a discussion for an entirely different subject, but I as an LGBT can tell you that while I think people should be accepted and able allowed to behave in the manner they see fit as long as it harms no one, there is value in LGBT who are not defined by the stereotypical “LGBT” behavior and are simply just day by day people who live just like you. Ellen did not over-exaggerate her sexuality’s stereotypical behavior. There is nothing wrong with being flamboyant, but sometimes sadly, the first step to acceptance is to be able to empathize and she was the one to be able to connect to easier, and with time, starting with people like her being accepted, times changed, and now we are seeing acceptances for all forms. It isn’t perfect, and it probably never will be, but it is there. She pushed boundaries, but she did so strategically and it worked for her.


Well, if you are familiar with their music, behavior, ethical principles, and the HYYH, then you might see where I am going with this.

Firstly, I would be here for hours if I mentioned all the various moments were they referenced something LGBT or did something related to. There is the Japanese Jungkook fanboy, Glam’s Party XXO, Namjoon’s words about the issue, Yoongi and his fuckery, Troye Sivan ultimate stanning, ‘I Know’ etc, but let me continue with my point.

I feel that BTS are familiarizing their fans with the idea of LGBT within idols. Idols have always had fanservice, and idols have always had ones who professed acceptance. There have even been idols that have hinted towards ideas of LGBT in their art (like Monsta X’s All In) but if ARMYS are correct about the HYYH, there may actually be the first LGBT narrative involving idols (KWill’s Please Don’t featured an LGBT plotline but I am talking about the idol themselves being involved). 

There have been hints that Yoongi and Jungkook within the narrative have a romantic plot. The HYYH Notes give this idea some light. Granted, we could be incorrect, but it does seem to be the case with the narrative text. We will have to see in the future where they take it.The Love Yourself highlights also hint at this. Then, Namjoon’s insistence on Love Yourself: Her being gender neutral. I think this is for a specific purpose as well.

Then there was the photoshoot with Jimin and Jungkook on the same rainbow unicorn float that was used at Korean Pride that same summer. I do not find this coincidental at all. There is a message, and I find that they are trying to send it in a palatable way for fans, which sadly shouldn’t have to happen, but it is the society we live in. There is the fact that they covered a song without changing pronouns, which would be ignored had it not been for the recent Namjoon comments and the fact that the BigHit survey featured more than the two genders. I think they recognize all of this. I think that this is all to familiarize fans with directly associating idol with LGBT. 

They are pushing boundaries, but doing so strategically.

Now, this next part might split some people, because it involves two members together, and I know people get pissy but hear me out. Please note that while you may think I am wrong, if you believe there are other LGBT members, the former discussion still applies.

I think the recent events involving Jungkook and Jimin are not fanservice. They are real events that are used by the two for fans. Let me explain: If they are together, they are spending time together, publicly interacting, and expressing themselves more. They are doing this because they love each other, but this is shown for fans for the purpose I believe of getting fans used to the idea, so that if they did eventually come out, it would not be such a shock. Much like Ellen did. I could be entirely wrong, but I think every moment is genuine and they are just showing it to people they care about to show their love. It can be a gift to fans, but that does not make it fanservice. 

As, I said, take the last two paragraphs away, and my point is still relevant, but I do believe they are utilizing this as a chance for members to come out who would not feel comfortable doing so before. I find at this point in time, the most likely is Jimin and Jungkook.

For sure, Jungkook. I always believed him to be some form of LGBT.

NOW, what does any of this mean? What does the future hold?


You got me.

If I am correct, and I believe I am, this means that BigHit and BTS will eventually tackle the idea of LGBT head on. I think an issue is with the Korea Unicef program, as it is 2 years long, and Yoongi decided not to get a tattoo to be able to do it, so what makes us think being LGBT wouldn’t be an issue, BUT who knows? They may utilize the fact that they are the current most successful Korean idol artist on a national and worldwide scale to see what can happen. Not changing the language they sing in reaches to their intent for change and being a voice for Korean youth, and utilizing the international fame allows them to bridge the youth they are reaching to with the liberalism of Western media.

The thing is in order to not kill their careers, they have to be big enough to survive it. That is why the first part of my essay is so important. Fans are the key. Our support and votes, and yes, our money, is the key to them being big enough that they are untouchable. That might not ever truly happen but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. If we can have an idol who is LGBT that is as big as them, that can invoke change…

JUST LIKE ELLEN. It takes time. Things didn’t change immediately after her, but damn if life didn’t get more and more progressive. I also credit so many others for that, but this is about them.

Please, take into consideration that I put a lot of thought into this before you brush me off, BUT ultimately this is my opinion. Good Day.

in the jacksepticeye community, we don’t say “i love you” we collectively scream in unison at zalgo text and i think that’s beautiful.

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God I love your head canons and fics on spideychelle so much can you give me recs for some as good as yours?

hello! i’m so happy you like the things i write :))) as for fic recs, oh bOY, do i have some for you!


so, basically any of spideyxchelle’s headcanons are good content. some of my personal favorites:

also read anything by my friend maggie. she’s got adorable and also slightly angsty headcanons and she also wrote a FIC that is adorable and i love it and i’m trying to convince her to write a second part.

there’s a ton of other headcanons and i reblog them a lot under my spideychelle tag if you wanna keep looking!


so i bookmark stuff that i like on ao3, which you can search through here if you’d like. but some of my personal favorites:

that’s a LOT of stuff, but i figured you’d be happier having more fic than less! the spideychelle fandom is also just…super talented so i couldn’t contain myself. and the thing is there are so many other good fics/headcanons that i didn’t even include here! i regularly check the spideychelle tag on tumblr and the michelle jones/peter parker tag on ao3 haha.

but i hope you enjoy reading and have a good day :)

Ok But for real Taako dropping his disguise spell actually kills me cause you know YOU FUCKING KNOW he was 100% sincere about that shit.  You can hear it in his voice, and it actually breaks my heart a little at how he like, actually sounds a little, unsure? like he genuinely thinks Kravitz might feel differently about him now, because of this.

One of my favourite things about Taako is how he’s got this insecure side that we only rarely see?  He’s so good at keeping it hidden, pretending like he’s this endless well of confidence, but then you get these little things, here and there. I’m worried nobody else will have me and him immediately glamouring his changed appearance in Wonderland, and so this is what I look like now, and I just wanted you to know in case that changes anything, for you.

And like, the way he INSTANTLY jumps back into troll mode once he’s got that reassurance.  Like he has to pretend he didn’t just have this very real, sincere moment., has to pretend like it’s just a prank. cause playing it off like a joke is easier than admitting to being vulnerable.  haha that was a actually a test your face is a skull half the time.  

I just.  I have so many feelings about this scene.  I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT TAAKO I LOVE HIM SO MUCH UGH UGHHH

Regarding the Klance bedroom scene: I can totally see both sides. Because you can definitely see really clearly that Lance is not comforted in the slightest by “things will work themselves out”. Which is understandable, that’s a pretty shitty line tbh. 

But we have to remember, this is Keith, a guy not exactly known for comfort or tact. Like, and this is 100% NOT a slight towards Lance, insecurities are a mind killer, but let’s be real, Keith is normally the blunt, facts of the matter guy, if he really thought the team would be strong without Lance he probably would have straight up agreed with him. And not even to be mean! Just because it’s what he thought! But he didn’t, he immediately was like “what are you talking about?” and I think that says a lot.

But even beyond that, I think the “Leave the math to Pidge” line is actually really important as far as redeeming Keith’s attempt at comfort, in my eyes at least.  I think he realized that what he said was Not Helpful, and that’s why he stopped Lance before he could leave. And Lance is normally a humorous guy, so I could see poor socially-inept Keith being like ‘shit shit how do I comfort this guy who I care about but that I would never have expected to come to me for comfort, what makes Lance feel better, jokes? Lance likes jokes right? Yeah solid it’s foolproof’. And then he smiles at him! Keith! The guy who does not do that often! And he’s all soft and open! And I think that even if it didn’t necessarily ease all his insecurities (which I don’t think could be done in a single conversation regardless of how well executed it was) Lance could still see the intention there, and that’s why he smiled back. 

So like, I agree it wasn’t the most effective comfort, absolutely. But I do think it was sweet, and pretty realistic for two boys who are only just starting to really become closer.


When your crush finds out about your embarrassing niche blog 

Based on this but like, with sansby lmao idek

the video title is ‘Glitter bomb! FTA’ because Sans and Frisk have a youtube channel called “For The Aesthetic” where Sans eats garbage by request. And then Frisk gets an ambulance.



endless list of favorite things: [3/?] favorite relationships

Daisy Johnson & Lincoln Campbell, Agents of SHIELD (2013—?)