i just have a lot of feelings about you

Okay, as an outsider who was not actually at Pokémon Go fest, there is only so much I can talk about. I can understand though that it was probably a let down. However, you are talking about 22,000 people in a one mile long park all trying to use a small number of cell towers. Like, slow loading or log in times should be expected on that fact alone.

Also, Niantic does not have as many employees as you people think they have. This is not a game like Candy Crush or an app like Facebook where they’re operated by a large company with thousands of employees who can fix problems easily. We’re talking like 50 employees maybe working at Niantic, operating this huge game that is played by millions of people around the world. Like, give them a break! They can only work so fast to fix these problems, like dudes, chill. This is the also the first event they have ever done. They can only do so much testing and run throughs before they release a new update or host an event like this. They don’t know how the cell towers are gonna hold up to that sort of activity, or how they’re servers are gonna hold up. They are doing their best, they tried to work through it the best they can. They extended the radius and increased the spawn rate as a reward for y'all.

Another thing, it was not 94 or 95 degrees or whatever people are saying it was in Chicago. It was like 80. Me and my friends checked. Yes, 80 is a bit warm, and you might sweat, but as someone who lives in Oklahoma and played Pokémon Go today to get you Go Fest players those bonuses, I will have you know it was 104 today, with a heat index of 110. Y'all literally have no reason to complain about heat until you experience an Oklahoman summer. There was a reason Niantic chose Chicago, it would be COOL!!!!!! If they chose a city like Dallas, there would be people fainting or getting hospitalized from heat stroke or dehydration.

Also, they gave you a full refund on your ticket and $100 in pokecoins. That is MORE THAN ENOUGH to make up for the inconveniences some of you felt, but there were also plenty of people who did not have problems and enjoyed the event. It’s just the people who didn’t have a good time are the ones who are screaming the loudest. Also, tickets were like $20. Not their fault you people decided to spent hundreds of dollars on scalped tickets. Seriously not their fault that you decided to spend 300% more on a ticket than it was originally worth. I hope that in the future, they can prevent people from buying too many tickets, causing them to sell out in minutes, and then jack up the price to a hundred or two hundred or whatever dollars and scam these people.

Now, if y'all flew in for this event, I feel ya. I can feel your frustration and i understand it. But no matter how frustrated you are, no matter how pissed off you are, NO ONE DESERVES TO GET A WATER BOTTLE THROWN AT THEM AND I HOPE THE PERSON WHO THREW THAT WATER BOTTLE WAS TAKEN BY SECURITY AND KICKED OUT!!! Like that is just not something you do. That hostess most likely has no control over the glitches the game is experiencing. And booing the CEO??? Dude, not cool. And guess what? They also gave all of you who checked in a free Lugia. No trouble no hassle. And you’re getting the chance to battle Lugia and Arcticuno. Like, chill, you got what you wanted. We have legendaries.

Speaking of legendaries, we all know that Mystic has the most amount of players, I think they make up half of the player base? They should’ve done the percentage of team members who actually participated. Because I know that while Instinct has the least amount of members, we are incredibly loyal and have a lot of team spirit. So if the majority of Instinct was playing today while only half of mystic was playing? That would’ve changed the results. That’s how they should’ve done it, and maybe for the next event like that they’ll change it.

End of my rant I guess. I love Pokémon Go and I will defend it till the end of my life because this game has changed my life. It is so much fun and the augmented reality of it is pretty cool. And also? We’re incredibly close to the technology where we can see holograms and whatnot without headsets. There are contact lenses with technology that is operated by hand control. It’s this game or something called monster pet or something. If that kind of technology can be implemented for a game like Pokémon Go? That would be fucking amazing.

So I can understand your frustration. I truly do. If I went there and experienced those problems, I would be pissed too. But I wouldn’t complain too much because it is something I would expect. Niantic is a small company that released a game that became an overnight global sensation which they were not expecting. So, give those employees a break. Also, I want Spark back!!! Honestly, the funniest thing out of the Instinct team getting Candela instead of Spark have been all the reactions to it. I wouldn’t be surprised if people went around Go fest handing out missing person files with Spark on them.

Well, it’s that time of year again. School is just around the corner. In about a month, you’ll be starting your first official year as a college student! Let’s be real, you’re probably feeling some weird combination of terrified, excited, nauseous, and strangely independent, all of which is very confusing (as if moving, starting at a new school, and meeting 5000 new people in one day isn’t confusing enough). So, what can we do about this weird combination of feelings? 

Well, for one, I can offer you some sage wisdom (or something like that). You see, not only is this about to be my fourth (count ‘em, fourth) rodeo, but I specialize in helping incoming freshmen. I spent a year and a half as an RA, and I’ve spent the past year as an ambassador for my college of engineering, literally having the sole purpose of helping incoming and existing freshmen learn the ropes.

So, buckle up, because (and this is a long one, folks) here are Sam’s 20 pieces of advice:

  1. Make sure you have almost everything you’ll need for your dorm. Keep in mind that wherever you’re going will have stores, a fact your parents will point out multiple times, but also remind them that people will be coming from far away places, and they should get first dibs at the Wal-Mart shower caddies. (exception: if you are the one coming from a far away place)
  2. Play tetris with your stuff before the morning you move. Chances are you have a lot of junk, so don’t try to figure out how to make it all fit in the back of your hatchback the morning you head to school. Take some time in the days leading up to the move to make sure you have boxes that will actually fit in the back of your car.
  3. On the same note, don’t overpack. You need a lot less stuff than you think you do, I promise.
  4. Know that everyone is just as terrified/excited/nauseous/independent/confused as you are. You aren’t alone in this one. Which is strangely comforting.
  5. Once you get there, take note of what your RA actually looks like. I noticed this with my own residents, that even though I did their check in or filled out their paperwork, they didn’t realize I was the RA until about two weeks in. If you’re not sure who they are, or if they’re even an RA, let alone yours, just ask them. Once you figure out which one belongs to you, memorize their face so you know who to go to for help.
  6. Keep an open mind. Whether you’re meeting your new roommates for the first time or you were mildly concerned by your new neighbor across the hall, don’t make any opinions about anyone before you give them at least a week. Everyone is still figuring everything out, just like you, so don’t be too quick to judge.
  7. Let your parents/guardians/grown ups clean your room when you get there. They may not want to, but if they’re anything like my mother, they’ll only say they don’t want to and then start vacuuming and wiping down every surface they can find. Don’t try to stop them, just let it happen. They’re nesting for their little chick and it’s helping them feel better about abandoning you in a strange place.
  8. Don’t eat dinner alone in your room your first night. You don’t necessarily have to go out anywhere, you can eat Easy Mac, but see if your RA has anything planned or if there’s anything happening on campus. If not, take your Easy Mac or freezer dinner to the lounge and see who’s around.
  9. Introduce yourself to as many people as possible. It is perfectly valid to not remember their name during the first week, and this is one of the few times in your life it will be socially acceptable to ask everyone to remind you of their name 3 times in a row. But even if you can’t remember their name, you’ll recognize their face and feel more comfortable approaching them if you see them around campus.
  10. Find something that you’re passionate about and join a club or organization. I always tell my freshmen residents, as well as any incoming freshman I take on a tour to find at least two things they’re extremely passionate about. Find something within your college, like a professional society for your major, but also find something else. Whether that’s an intramural team or a hobby club (my favorites on our campus are the Lumberjack Club and the Cat Club), find what makes you happy and can give you a break from all of your classes. Now, keep i mind that you can join more than two clubs or organizations, but practice some moderation here. You don’t want to overextend yourself. You’re still trying to figure out where the nearest bathroom is from all your classes, you don’t need to try to conquer campus.
  11. Befriend an upperclassman. Preferably one in your major, but any will work just fine. What you’re looking for here is someone you feel comfortable asking weird questions to, like “SOS, I’m so lost where do I go from here,” or “Wait, which building was it where I can’t take the front stairs?” Also, they’ll usually have material from whatever classes you’re taking that they will be willing to pass on to you.
  12. Don’t put stuff off. It may not seem like a lot, but it definitely piles up. This applies to homework, joining that club, talking to that cute kid in your class, or confronting someone about that thing that upset you. Just shut up and do it.
  13. The only people you should worry about impressing are your parents and yourself. Make them proud, and make yourself proud, and you will have accomplished everything you should have set out to do during your time in college. Your GPA does not define you. It’s just a number.
  14. If the people you meet at orientation don’t become your BFFs, it’s not the end of the world. You have so much time ahead of you to meet the people that will stay in your life for years to come, so don’t stress about meeting them now.
  15. Be aware of those around you. For most of you, this will be your first time sharing a bedroom with another human, so be aware that they have lives and feelings, too. No one needs to hear you fornicating at 3 am. Also think about the other people in classes with you. Be respectful of not only your time, but the time of those around you as well. 
  16. Learn how to bake awesome cookies. Everyone will love you. Note: any baked goods will suffice.
  17. Call home every now and then. Your family wants to hear from you and make sure you’re still alive and feeding yourself properly, so check in every now and then.
  18. DO NOT go home your first two weeks of college. You’ll be homesick, and that’s normal and expected, but I promise you that it will only be worse if you give in and go home. Besides, you’ll miss out on all sorts of opportunities to meet new people and get plugged in on campus.
  19. You might fail your first exam and that is just fine. I literally got a 22% on the first exam I ever took in college, and they’ve let me stick around for 3 whole years. College is different than high school, and the grades may be lower than you’ve been used to. Just power through and keep working hard and everything will be just fine.
  20. Ask for help if you need it. I don’t care what kind of help you need, but you can’t get it unless you ask for it. Whether it’s in your personal life or class, there is a human who exists for the sole purpose of helping you through anything you’ve got going on, so call your mom, approach your RA, go to your professor’s office hours. The resources are there, you just need to know where to look for them. 

Now that you’ve read this, get off Tumblr and go introduce yourself to someone new (unless you aren’t on campus yet, in which case, keep doing what you’re doing).

Alrighty, that’s all I’ve got for now. Good luck to all of you, you’re going to rock the socks of your freshman year. Let me know how it goes!

like - ok. I’m feeling very melodramatic today, here’s my rant. I’ve been trying to stay out of it at least publicly, but also sort of low-key constantly frustrated with the backlash against supercorp fandom in particular because like, I’m a high school teacher, and I spend a lot of time with teenage girls sobbing in my classroom over shit, and I just have a lot of protective feels about teen girls I guess.

There is bad behavior in the fandom, I do not deny it. But there’s bad behavior everywhere in every fandom, and lets not pretend all bad behavior gets called out equally. Like - fandom is an embarrassment. We’re all agreed, right? There is no fandom you could join where it would be completely unembarrassing and chill? If you’re about to name one, my suggestion is, “yeah…. wait a year, let’s watch those tags together, shall we?”

There’s a reason that the backlash against supercorp fans behaving badly has been so much more vicious than when other fans are obnoxious, and it has to do with who those fans are - young queer girls. I think teenage girls get derided for being interested in things more than just about anyone else. It makes me angry to be in a fandom where I see so many queer adults being assholes to and about queer teenage girls. Like - you could be a mentor instead? I guarantee that when you were 14 you were fucking obnoxious also?

And there’s a reason that the actors feel so comfortable being shitty to those fans too. Fans of straight ships are obnoxious as hell, and I’ve never seen a musical number about it.

All that said, it’s still an embarrassing fandom to be a part of, and I’m assured by trustworthy people that my refusal to join twitter has shielded me from seeing the worst of what has been some outrageously embarrassing behavior. But none of that makes it cool for a bunch of professional adult straight people to sing  a rude homophobic song to a bunch of queer teen fans making fun of them for seeing themselves in fiction.

I am just…. I’m currently very fed up with straight people. gonna add this to the lengthy list of reasons lol.

All of which is to say, I think I will spend my evening accepting Supercorp Revenge Prompts! Send me your porn prompts, and I’ll see how many I can churn out on a single Saturday night!!

Never be the same

Hi, unfortunately this is going to be the last installation for the first imagine I ever did about Peter Parker (which I turned in to a short drabble series!). It has been really fun writing this and I absolutely adore this too. Hopefully, everyone will enjoy this last bit! I honestly had a fun time writing it. Thank you for the endless support, everyone! 


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Peter looks at May when she comes to a stop right in front of your house. She parks the car and turns to look at Peter. “Remember what we practiced earlier?” May asks her nephew and Peter swallows the nervousness in his throat before nodding his head a couple of times.

“Compliment her but not too much because we do not want to creep her out, ask how she is doing, remember to always listen to whenever she talks and,” Peter continues to list out every single thing he can remember from what he had practiced with May earlier.

You had been putting your books away when you feel a tap on your shoulder. You jump slightly, surprised by the sudden tap, before turning around. A smile appears on your face when you realize that it is Peter standing in front of you.

Peter is looking at you with a rather nervous expression on his face and he looks even more adorable today. You immediately remember the night where he had saved you and you try to keep the smile at bay. “Hi, Peter.” You greet him softly, hugging the book you had been holding on to your chest, tucking your own hair behind your ear, looking at him with a somewhat shy expression.

Peter tries to control the smile from breaking out on his face and he nods his head at your greeting. “H-Hi, Y/N. How are you?” He asks dumbly and almost immediately; Peter shakes his head before looking straight in your eyes. “I, I wanted to ask if you would want to go out. Tonight. With me, for dinner. Like a date kind of thing.” Peter stumbles over his own words and your cheeks are really starting to hurt from all the smiling you are doing. Why is Peter so adorable like this? You really want to hug him!

“Yes, of course!” You reply excitedly. Peter looks slightly taken aback by your reaction and he gives you one of the brightest smile you have ever seen coming from him. You almost feel blinded by it even. “I mean, of course.” You immediately take out a piece of paper from your book and quickly scribbled down your address as well as your phone number on it before handing it to Peter. “Unfortunately I have to go now – I am running late – for my meeting with the rest of the student body so I’ll see you later, right?” You look at him, not wanting this moment with Peter to end. Even if it’s just talking with him.

Peter nods his head, holding the paper you gave him tightly. “I’ll pick you up at 7.” He tells you and you nod your head before closing your locker behind you. “Do, do you mind if I, I walk you to your meeting, Y/N? I mean, you don’t really have to let me but I just thought, like, maybe I could walk you to your meeting and,”

“No, of course not,” You immediately cut him off and Peter grins at you, making him look at the more adorable. He falls in to steps with you as the two of you walk to the room where your meeting has been assigned. The entire walk to the room had been silent – except for the several whispers that went around when people saw Peter with you – but the silence was not unwelcomed. In fact, it was very comfortable.

After walking you to your meeting and telling you, he will be seeing you later, Peter had rushed home. The moment he had reached his floor, he threw his door open and skids to a stop right in front of May, surprising his aunt from whatever book she had been reading. “I need help, May!” he rushes up to his aunt. “I asked Y/N out on a date tonight and, and I need help!”

Which brings Peter back to the situation at hand. May gives him a reassuring smile. “And do not forget, just be yourself, Peter.” May reaches out to place her hand on Peter’s cheek, caressing her nephew’s cheek. “That is the most important thing.”

Peter nods his head. He is really beginning to feel nervous now. “Right, yeah, be myself, of course.” He mumbles to himself as he nods his head again and he takes a deep breath before opening the door.

May smiles at him once again and keeps her eyes on her nephew. “Hey, Peter!” May calls out just as Peter closes the door. He turns to look at his aunt and the smile on May’s face grows wider. “Have fun tonight, Peter. I love you!”

Peter chuckles, nodding his head. “Thanks, May and I love you too. See you later. Drive safe!” He tells his aunt before heading towards your house. Once he reaches your front door, that is when Peter begins to panic again. He is not as ready as he thinks he is – but to leave after telling you he would be picking you up at 7 would be really bad and he is not about to do that to you at all. He has been looking forward to this for the longest time!

So with feign confidence, Peter rings your doorbell. There is no response for a few seconds and just as Peter is about to raise his hand to knock on the door, said door swings open and you step out looking absolutely beautiful. Even though you are wearing casual clothes, Peter still finds you absolutely beautiful and he flushes as he stumbles backwards.

“Hi, Peter!” You close the door behind you, tucking your hair behind your ear – you seem to be doing this a whole lot whenever you are with Peter.

“You, you look really beautiful tonight, Y/N. Not that you don’t any other night – I mean, not that I am seeing I look at you every night or anything but this is not going as well as I had hoped!” Peter groans causing you to chuckle at his rambling.

You shake your head. “I know what you mean and I think you look really handsome tonight too, Peter.” You tell him and Peter smiles at you, momentarily forgetting his word vomit.

He clears his throat. “Are you okay with Thai?” He asks you – he has been there a couple of times with May and he likes the food there too. When you nod your head, Peter feels relieved. “It’s not far from here and I didn’t realize you live so close.” Peter tries to make conversation.

You giggle as the two of you begin walking to town, chattering about this and that. This is the first time you have ever actually talked more than just a few sentences with Peter and surprisingly, the two of you have a lot of things in common too. The date has only just started and you really do not want it to end!

“Thank you so much for tonight, Peter.” You tell him once Peter paid for the both of your dinner. He had insisted and even though you had initially wanted to split the bill with him, looking at his determined expression, you simply let him pay for the both of you.

Peter smiles, the flush on his cheeks does not seem to want to leave his face. Occasionally your hand would brush against his and after the third time, Peter simply reaches for your hand and holds on to it causing you to smile widely.

“It’s nothing, Y/N. I really enjoyed tonight.” Peter confesses, turning to glance at you. You are looking at him with a smile on your face and Peter could not help but grin too. He is feeling very happy, giddy even – all the nervousness he had experienced earlier had flown out of the window the moment the two of you started talking animatedly about a whole lot of things.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and you find yourself right in front of your own door, staring at Peter. Peter keeps your gaze and you can see him occasionally looking at your lips – it makes you feel happy and hopeful that Peter seems to want to kiss you too.

“I had a really great time tonight, Peter.” You bite the inside of your cheek to stop yourself from grinning too much. Peter has that effect on you. Peter flushes and nods his head.

“Yeah, I had a great time tonight too, like a lot, a lot.” Peter tells you causing you to giggle at how adorable he is. The two of you keep quiet for a while – you waiting for Peter to make the first move and Peter contemplating if he should make the first move or wait until the two of you are at your second date.

Fortunately for him, you decided to help him instead by pressing a kiss on his cheek – akin to the one you left the night he had saved you – and Peter stares at you in surprise, jaw hanging slightly before grinning boyishly at the adorable blush that covered your cheeks.

Peter leans forward to kiss you and you meet him halfway, closing your eyes the moment his lips presses against yours. You relax in to the kiss and Peter places both of his hands on your hips, pressing his head closer. He smiles triumphantly against your lips before pulling away.

“We should do this again sometime, soon, that is.” Peter steps back. You nod your head happily. “Good night, Y/N and I’ll, uh,” Peter scratches the back of his neck – he was not sure about what to do now. He wants to stay with you longer – but that’s not possible since it’s still a school night and he also needs to go on patrol soon.

You lean forward to give Peter another kiss, catching him by surprise and the look on his face had been worth it. “Text me when you get back okay? Or when you leave for your… you know, spider business.” You whisper the last words at him and Peter nods his head, grinning at you. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Peter.”

“See you tomorrow, Y/N! Good night.” Peter waits until you walk in to your house to finally leave for the subway station. He could call Aunt May to pick him up but right at that moment, he just wants to bask in the aftermath of going on that date with you. Peter realizes that he really, really likes you a lot! More than he had initially thought and he honestly cannot wait to see you tomorrow!

Max’s Parents Kinda Suck: by me, ash

  • his fucking face just waiting for a package
  • you could argue he’s literally always making that face but that’s the thing: why is he making it? shouldn’t he be excited? even if you’re a kid that’s absolutely loving camp (like nerris, for example) you’d still be excited for a package from your parents
  • he just looks like he feels bad alright + he keeps basically this expression the entire scene. he’s been expecting this bullshit

  • the fucking post card. need I say more??
  • again with the unsurprised, unimpressed expression

  • it is literally impressive how much they manage to convey “I don’t care about you” here
  • generic postage stamp to match the shitty post card
  • what kind of fucking square can’t be bothered to WRITE on a postcard?? especially one with as little writing as this?? you printed… on a postcard. good job
  • two sentences, consisting of two and three words. five words. that’s likely all the contact max is going to receive from them the entire summer, five words of the plainest shit you could think of (though I could be wrong, I’m just not holding my breath lmao)
  • no “dear max”, no “how are you” or “I hope you’re having fun”, no “we/I love you”, no “sincerely, mom and dad”. nothing. “Your Parents.” that’s it

  • again, the fucking expression. he was totally expecting this fuckery
  • who fucking sends their kid more clothes if it isn’t an emergency it’s not even a cool shirt
  • that and not to point out the obvious but its. its the same fucking hoodie. 
  • I actually wonder if he even likes the color blue and doesn’t just wear that because it’s what they got for him
  • my poor boy you deserve better. you need parents that care about you

anonymous asked:

Can you describe what it would be like for a character to dissociate? What are the symptoms/ Is it sort of like an experience where they are moving their body but they don't feel they are the ones doing it? Does a character feel emotionless during these experiences? What would it be like for them to dissociate during a traumatic event (such as when they are being raped)? How do they escape a period of dissociation? How long do these periods normally last?


A lot of these are different for everyone, but I’ll chime in for some parts. When I dissociate, it feels like nothing’s real and that I’m not a person. I’ll be physically and emotionally numb. It can be hard for me to see how what’s going on or how my memories connect to me. The best way I can describe that is that it’s like if you repeat a word over and over, it loses all meaning… except in this case, the word is everything. I’ll sometimes feel like I’m just watching whatever’s happening. A lot of the time, I shut down and it’s difficult for me to talk about how I’m doing. If it’s particularly bad, I may not be able to really hear what someone is saying, or I can’t respond at all. When the latter happens, it seems like the words I want to say are just stuck in my head and they won’t come out. 

For me, the length of time I’m dissociated depends how badly I got triggered and how I’m doing in general. Usually, the best way for me to come back is distracting myself by listening to music or a podcast, drawing, reading, etc. If I’m around people, it can help if they talk about something random that’s unrelated to what caused me to dissociate in the first place. Grounding techniques can help as well (focusing on what you can see, hear, smell, and feel or counting objects of a certain color).


I usually say it’s a bit like playing a video game. I’m controlling the character’s movements and I know what’s happening to the character, but I have no real sense that the character is me. I did dissociate during rapes and to be honest it was a relief more than anything else. It was a problem when it became my default response to stress or anxiety/fear, but while I was being raped it was just a relief. It was happening to someone who wasn’t me and that was as good as it was going to get. As for how long it lasts it really does vary. For me it usually lasts between 30 minutes and 3 hours, but as danny said grounding techniques can help me to come back. So can sugary food. If I’ve dissociated very far away I can also lose time, and struggle to respond to people.


I usually feel a bit back inside my body, like instead of me being my body, it’s a shell around me and I’m looking out like the eyes are windows. Because nothing seems real or I seem like an observer instead of a participant, nothing is interesting or can hold my attention. Before I realized I was dissociating, I would say that I had “the blahs”, being bored and the things that usually are interesting aren’t. For me it can last a few hours or all day. I usually just sit and let it pass unless I have to work and then I just do. It might all be a dream, but dream me has to get this work done so I might as well. I can lose time as well and responding is difficult. Because I’m NB I sometimes get dysphoria related to penetrative sex, so I’ve tried to purposefully dissociate to reduce dysphoria then, but I can’t force dissociation.


There’s a lot of talk about what dissociation is like generally, so I’ll just chime in describing my experiences of dissociating at the time of trauma, if that’s alright? 

It’s a bit different to dissociating in general, you have the same kind of symptoms but you’re still in a highly emotional situation. You’re aware of what’s happening and you’re still afraid, but it’s almost as if you’ve become so afraid that the fear has lost meaning, you can’t process the feeling. So it becomes numbness and you shut down. There’s really no word for it, you completely freeze.  It’s a bit different in these situations because the dissociation is a direct response to trauma that actually helps the person survive it, so there’s no grounding/escaping until it’s over and the character feels safe again. 

It’s thought that this dissociative/freeze response to trauma is one of the strongest indicators that a person will develop PTSD later on, as it basically results in a lot of unresolved tension and fear that we have tuned out through the dissociation. That’s a bit of a different topic, but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re writing a character experiencing a traumatic event and dissociating during it.

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Honestly I've been cringing a bit over the fact that I've been getting into K-pop so I have a lot of bottled up stuff that I wanna scream. For example WHY is EVERY SINGLE MEMBER in BTS so fucking BEAUTIFUL. And WHY is Min Yoongi LIKE THIS and where tf did he leave my heart. He literally just ran away with it. Okay sorry I just had to get this out of my system u can safely ignore this message.

Haha there’s nothing cringey about getting into kpop tho! 
But I feel you… it’s still hard for me too and my heart is nowhere to be found. 
They’ve been having fun playing baseball with my heart and shit

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I am Korean and every time I watch vlive, many of the translation is wrong. I feel like they are lazy and they skip out lot of details. For example you know about the sleeping on the floor part but also the last bv episode Jm never said the pilot was just cool. What he said exactly was 조정하는게 뭔가 멋있었어요 ! Exact translation is "there is something about pilot flying the helicopter was cool!" Because of this many people are having wrong ideas...

You are correct, vlive subs absolutely suck. Yeah they do leave out details and they really should get better translations. But I mean, he basically said the same thing, you get the general gist of it. It’s alright for people to joke around, no one seriously got the wrong idea from what he said. It’s just light playfulness

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Can u explain demisexuality? I have a demisexual character and im not sure how to go about him interacting with his love interest

For an explanation of demisexuality, read this

As for writing demi characters, I’ve never seen it done properly - at least in a way I can relate to (maybe other demis can). There is so much emphasis put on the character’s sexuality, and it’s really not like that? I’ve seen a lot of writers include multiple lengthy conversations about demisexuality, or the non-demi character constantly asks for permission to hold their hand, touch them, etc. It’s kind of insulting. We’re not porcelain dolls. It just takes a long time for us to feel physical attraction. You can respect a person without walking on eggshells.

Anywho, how to write it: just take your “standard” romantic relationship, and have it move very slowly in terms of physical intimacy. That’s all there is to it. I need to feel connected to a man if I’m going to potentially enjoy any type of intimacy with him. So write them getting all heart fluttery, having deep conversations, depending on one another, bonding, then add the physical attraction. That’s all there is to it.

If it helps, I can recognize a gorgeous man from the get go, but it’s in the same way I recognize a gorgeous painting - I marvel at its beauty, but it doesn’t make me feel feelings. As I get to know a man, the friendship and romantic feelings happen looooong before there are any naughty thoughts. It’s also important to know that sometimes you never develop attraction. I had a boyfriend of 3 years. I never once felt physically or sexually attracted to him in any way whatsoever. It just didn’t happened for me. 

This is just kinda a rant but there was this FT account on instagram who posted the last chapter and in the comment section they were literally getting mad at Nalu shippers saying “we’re grasping at straws” for them being canon and that if Mashima would’ve wanted them to be romantic he just would’ve done it and honestly the only thing that bothers me about their whole argument is that even in the last chapter people still don’t seem understand that Natsu and Lucy are not like other couples. hence↓ ↓ ↓  lol

Just because they have never flat out addressed their feelings head on or said “I love you” doesn’t mean they don’t acknowledge that something between them is there, ESPECIALLY in the last chapter.

I think I speak for a lot Nalu shippers that when we are saying that we are excited that it’s Canon we mean that they FINALLY acknowledge their feelings towards each other.  

Lucy truly thought Natsu was going to kiss her and DIDN’T push him away.
Natsu promised that they would be together forever from now on.

There is literally soooo much evidence through out the entire series and the last movie of them being more than friends but idk guys guess we are grasping at straws here and forcing it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯ lmfaoo 
Mashima did a great job as keeping them more than friends less than lovers through out the entire series but I truly feel like in the end it is heavily implied (and obvious) that they will end up together and it really is just the beginning for them two. 

As a lot of people have already said, they’ve never been lovey dovey or romantic but that does not take away from the development that they’ve had as a pair. Whether YOU want to view them as a couple or just simply best friends (which I respectfully disagree with) it’s YOUR opinion. But don’t go telling people to just accept that they’re “not canon” bc everyone has their own perspective. (Pretty sure that’s why Mashima left it as an open ending)
Just because they’re not a in your face “WE ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP AND IN LOVE” official pair doesn’t make it any less canon to us ;) 

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The more I think about it, the better I like the idea of 'rae's home for troubled teens'. It would just be one big family and we would all cuddle a lot (for those who like it) and sing and dance all day and we could have shows every weekend with poetry slams, self-written songs and all of that stuff. And if anyone (including you ofc) isn't feeling well, they get their favourite food and a lot of support. Oh my gosh, we need to do this.


i want to have a whole system set up for

nearby schools/college/universities

if you need to switch schools or a certain college has a perfect program but is a bit of a drive and rent would be too high/gas would be too expensive on a day to day basis, you’d have a place to stay.

in between housing

if you’ve finished school, cannot bear living in your home situation and/or are waiting for your first semester of college, you have a place to stay.

bus routes for transportation

i’d try to find a location smack dab in the center of the city with tons of good bus routes and have a list of schedules and buddy systems to send you guys out together.

breakfast, lunch and dinners

we could learn to cook affordable, healthy meals and do our own version holiday get togethers

shelter (obviously)

i’d try to find a decent spaced out house with a few large rooms. bunk beds, pull out sofa beds, futons until we get enough money to get a big house! (this will be after i graduate so it won’t such an issue)

help writing resumes, finding jobs, doing taxes

i know how uncomfortable and anxiety inducing looking for a job can be. we could have suits/work attire for interviews, mock interviews and all that good stuff.

group talks

sometimes counseling is expensive. we could have specific days of the week dedicated to certain subjects. you will be heard and listened to.


whether it be “hey, its gonna be okay” or going to a school/club event and wearing my sick “my kids are amazing shirt” you are not going to be alone.

i know of so many teens that are honestly trying so hard to just get through the day and then come home to unsupportive families. they deal with so much bullshit (stigma with mental illness, homophobia, transphobia, just to list a few) and there’s so much pressure on them that they feel like they will break.

you should never have to dread going home.

i want it to be a safe space for all.

i want you to be able to say “i can do this. i can finish school. i can go to college. i can get a job. i can keep going. i can have a future.”

i want you to do good for yourself. you deserve to be happy. you deserve to be listened to. you deserve support. you deserve to feel safe.

that’s what i want to provide.

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What is your thoughts on supergirl casts interview where they sang about debunking supercorp?

I don’t have a lot of thoughts honestly. 

I think it was a joke in very poor taste. I’m a fairly big believer that you just shouldn’t mock fans in any way. Better to just not acknowledge it at all. (If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything) Especially true when you consider that this fandom is…intense. I mean…we all saw what happened with Rahul. It’s at a point where I just feel everyone needs to go to their corners and sit down for a few minutes. 

That being said, I also am just not going to get worked up over it. I didn’t care much what the cast did before SDCC and I certainly don’t care now. I’m more of a ‘you do your thing I’ll do my thing’ kind of viewer. Also…I lived through Glee. I’ve seen things. It takes a lot to get me riled up these days. I care about what Katie’s face does, but aside from that…I’m going to do my thing regardless of how the cast feels about it or what they say. 

He made a joke. It was stupid and misguided. There are bigger things for me to care about like how the writers are going to fuck up season 3. I just feel like if I’m going to be pissed about something it’s going to be on that level. If it had been a writer that had made that joke I might feel different. Or if like…say…someone got shot minutes after glorious finger banging…I’d get pissed about that. A musical recap of the show with a dumbass joke in it by a cast member not directly involved in the content of the joke…just not something I’m going to burn my bra over. It’s Comic Con time. Everything goes to shit. That’s what happens when people do six million interviews in a row about the same thing. 


Poopue’s 2017 Commissions:


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An overall update has been long overdue and since my time has open up I might as well put this out there! These will pay off my textbooks and bills for the next few months so reblogs/ signal boosts are really appreciated!! 

A lot of people have been requesting things and I would love to do them I swear but I have to prioritize my situation right now till I’m in a more comfortable place please understand!! ;v;;))!!

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-For more info or if you have any more questions not covered here, just email me at breadnne@gmail.com or message me here!

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I have really bad relationship anxiety and I'm scared that I'm going to end up not liking my boyfriend as much as I think I do and hurting him. I'm just trying to give him a chance and get to know him but I can't help but worry. I do like him and he likes me a lot but I feel weird about it for no reason. Is there any way that I can ignore my fear about it? We started dating a week ago and I don't know why I keep overthinking.

I feel like ‘ignoring’ your fear may not be the best way to go about it. (Speaking from past experiences) However you could take some time to examine where the fear is coming from or work through it? Journaling helps a lot for me with anxiety issues and processing feelings.
I would try just spending time with your boyfriend in the moment, and then writing down all the good things that happened later.

It can be good to have something to look back on for reassurance when the anxiety attacks hit.

I tend to push people away out of fear when romantic feelings get involved due to many years coming to terms with my disability, past bullying, and emotional scars. It’s almost like I’m too afraid to believe someone’s feelings for me are actually real. I’m not sure if you have any deep seeded reasons like that, but self examination is always a good idea.

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Hey what are some of your hcs for benny? How does he feel about his tribal past vs his time in the strip? Does he have any embarrassing hobbies or habits? What's his relationship to 1) swank and 2) the courier? I just followed you recently btw and your art is so good it's like Polished and Clean, good clean lines and good colour composition, beautiful

OH BOY NOW YOU’VE DONE IT! I have a lot of Benny head canons and most of the Benny lovers that are following me will disagree because I tend to make everything cute, sweet, heartwarming and Disney but hey, I am soft like that I don’t need more sadness and heartbreak in my life!

  • Benny and Swank grew up together as part of the Boot Riders. And as I head canon them, for no particular logical reason, the Boot Riders had a part of the tribe for men and another one for the women. Hence why we don’t see Chairmen ladies. Not because they weren’t programmed in the game, or anything. Hey the White Glove society and Omertas have women I do have a lot of ground to stand on here! 
  • Benny and Swank were boyfriends up until they went to Vegas when Benny let all that luxury and fame go to his head and became distant and unbearable. 
  • Benny gets his Gecko title from having a gecko “pet” in his Boot Rider days. This is a Disney head canon sponsored by me! Her name is Assmaster or Baby and she is very big.
  • Benny and Swank absolutely got into all sorts of trouble in their youth and it was most Benny- thinks of a terrible idea that will get them some profit, Swank - thinks it wont work but goes with it, the Idea - obviously doesn’t work and both get in trouble, and in the end they somehow get out of trouble and learned a valuable lesson! Until Benny gets another “great idea” the next day and it’s all over again. 
  • Benny has a scar across his shoulder and left side of his chest from Bingo. That was the first strike when Bingo cut him before he retaliated in seconds and killed Bingo by stabbing him in the neck. 
  • Benny didn’t instantly try to fight Bingo but he tried to reason with him and the tribe at first. He didn’t know he will get them all to play dress up but he did know that House offered food and medicine and shelter they so desperately needed. And when he was met with resistance from Bingo, it was Bingo who challenged him and Benny obliged. 
  • Benny is conflicted about his tribal past life and that is very much noticeable at how angry and upset he gets when he thinks the Chairmen are slipping back to that kind of lifestyle. Because he is afraid he too will go back to the old ways. He is just unaware that is those old ways that make him who he is, that helped him get where he is. Whenever he uses all the skill he acquired in his days of travelling the Mojave, he is successful (getting Yes Man, tracking down the Courier, almost making it into Caesar’s camp) and whenever he is using his “Vegas” skills he majorly fucks up (you can use all his fancy Vegas stuff such as his cigarettes and lighter to prove to Swank that he tried to kill you, he can be killed at the Tops because he tries to pull some 50s mobster double cross like deal or because he sleeps with the person that he shot and he gets caught by Caesar because of his hair). Vegas life is a disadvantage and his old ways save his ass and make him succeed at the things he does. If only he too could see that and stopped playing pretend as House wants.
  • Benny, after being spared by the Courier probably feels a bit of regret - not care for the Courier unless they are a thing, but regret he fucked up the good thing he had, that he let his family down and he can never go back to the Chairmen. He forgot the family values that kept them together for so long, honesty, honor and most of all goodness. Which leads me to the point below–
  • Unpopular opinion but I think Benny is good. I mean obviously killing the Courier and the Singer from his tribe is evil, but I don’t think he is evil - not by  Wasteland standards. I think his heart is in the right place, he obviously hates on the Omertas and the Legion because they are rapists and slavers, he is reasonably creeped out by their cannibal next door neighbors and he is one of the rare characters openly hating on the NCR because to the tribes of the Mojave, the NCR is no better than the Legion, and as a ex-tribesman he probably knows this better than most.
  • Embarrassing hobbies or habits - I mean aside from trying to imitate 50s rat pack slang? He probably tries to sing too but that really doesn’t work out for him. Doesn’t stop him from humming when he is walking around and I believe his pals and bodyguards are getting a bit tired of it. Oh and he is terrible at flirting, he thinks he is very good and smooth at it, but he is terrible and people are laughing behind his back for it. 
  • As for the Courier, I don’t know there are a lot of very shitty Benny/Courier ships so I only like selected few (read: m!courier/Benny) otherwise I prefer couriers who don’t kill him, just let him go and finish the job that he didn’t. It feels more satisfactory to have him be alive and see the Courier do what he couldn’t. And you know, seeing how he tried to help them when he thought he will die I think it’s rather bittersweet. It will hurt obviously, but he got outplayed and made peace with it. 
  • If Benny is on good terms with the courier he does return to Vegas after few months and will need to fix his broken relationship with Swank, Tommy and the other Chairmen if he wants to be manager of the Tops. However even when they forgive him, they won’t trust him the way they used to and that is the price he will be paying for the rest of his life.
  • Benny still loves Swank and if he doesn’t get with the Courier, he will probably have a off and on relationship with Swank. A bit of Vegas in it and a lot more of the good old days.
Entire Life

Pairings: Rosé × reader

Genre: fluff and (very mild) angst

Words: 2,112

Summary: rosé has a crappy boyfriend, and you protect her from him

Originally posted by tr8asdle

Having a crush sucks, but it sucks almost 10 times more when the crush is on your best friend.

Roseanne Park. She was probably the most gorgeous girl that you’ve ever laid your eyes on, and you’ve seen a lot of pretty girls.

You couldn’t quite put your finger on it, but something about Rosé was just so charming. Maybe it was the way that her smile could light up the whole room, or maybe it’s because of her angelic voice that’s able to make anybody sigh in absolute content, or it could be because of the way that she was just so effortlessly nice to every person that she laid her eyes on. Rosé was undoubtedly, the greatest person that you’ve ever met in your entire life.

You didn’t know what exactly made the girl so enticing, but you did know that you were hopelessly in love with her… and that you were stuck in the deep dark pit called the friendzone.

You had met Rosé almost two years ago when you were only in your sophomore year of high school. Even though the time wasn’t very long ago, it feels like you’ve known her for your entire life. The both of you had shared the same art class and ended up bonding over your mutual love for music, and after that you just ended up never leaving each other’s side.

But of course, you weren’t the only that Rosé happened to meet that year.

Park Jimin, a boy that everybody in school seemed to adore. He was good-looking, cute, and basically every (straight) girls dream guy, and that was including Rosé.

Even though Rosé had a crush on Jimin, she never attempted to make a move on him. She was just too shy, and she thought that Jimin would never even give her a chance. That was until Jimin transferred into your art class, and started flirting with Rosé like his life depended on it.

When Jimin transferred into your art class and started talking to Rosé, Rosé became the happiest that you’ve ever seen her, but you couldn’t say the same for yourself. As soon as Jimin joined the class, Jimin was the only thing that Rosé seemed to talk to you about, and whenever she wasn’t talking about him, she was talking to him. She was practically obsessed with him, and it left you heartbroken.

You were even more heartbroken when Rosé and Jimin became official within months of talking. After they became official, Jimin went everywhere with Rosé, you were starting to forget what it was even like to hang out with Rosé when Jimin wasn’t around.

It didn’t help that you didn’t exactly approve of Jimin either. For some reason, every time you talked to him you got nothing but bad vibes off of him. You didn’t want to see Rosé get hurt, and you had a feeling that Jimin would do nothing but hurt Rosé. You brought this up to Rosé once, but it ended with Rosé storming off and ignoring your texts and calls for the next few weeks.

You never mentioned the bad feeling to her after that, no matter how tempting it got

Still, you stayed by her side. It’s not like she was completely ignoring you, or like she was doing it on purpose. You knew that Rosé cared about you, even if it wasn’t in the way that you wished that she did.

But that was all in the past now. You’ve realized now that you’d probably never get a chance with Rosé. You had been terribly friendzoned, and you would just have to live with it.

You were sitting outside of a restaurant, Rosé sitting across of the small table that was separating the two of you.

“So, how have you and Jimin been?” You ask, picking at your food with your fork.

“Oh, um, we’ve been good, I guess. He’s been really busy lately though, so we haven’t been talking as much.” Rosé says with a frown, tapping away on her phone.

You furrow your eyebrows, “Busy? Busy with what?”

Rosé shrugs, “A bunch of things. He’s in student council and stuff, and a few other clubs, so he’s always doing something.”

“I’m shocked. I’m even more shocked that he’s letting you go out without him.”

Rosé looks at you with a frown, “Don’t say that.”

You sigh, and put your fork down, “Don’t say what? The truth? You and I both know that Jimin is way too possessive.”

“No he’s not, Y/N,” Rosé sits up in her chair slightly, adjusting her hair that was blowing wildly from the wind, “Listen, I know that you don’t like him, but Jimin isn’t a bad guy. Sure, he gets a little jealous sometimes, but it’s not like he’s holding me hostage.”  

“Okay Rosé, whatever” You say, rolling your eyes.

Rosé, however, doesn’t seem quite done, “You know what? I’m leaving. I’m really starting to get tired of you bashing on my boyfriend every time you get the chance to. When will you grow up and realize that he makes me happy?” Rosé says, standing up and grabbing her bag.

Your eyes widen, “Where are you going?”

“Home.” Rosé says, walking away from the table that the two of you were sitting at.

You groan, watching as Rosé walked furiously away from you.

This day can’t get any worse.

You spoke too soon.

After leaving the area that the argument took place, you headed to the mall to clear your mind.

You weren’t even there to go shopping, but you just needed to think about something other than Rosé at the moment, and it seemed like the universe just wasn’t having it.

As you went around the corner of a Victoria’s Secret, you stopped in your tracks.

Not too far from you stood Jimin- with a girl that was definitely not Rosé- in front of one of the shops.

The girl that he was with looked familiar, it seemed to be Seulgi, a girl that went to the same school as you. You would’ve just walked away if it was anybody else’s boyfriend, but it was Rosé’s boyfriend, and if Jimin was cheating on Rosé, you definitely weren’t going to let it slide.

You weren’t going to jump to conclusions though. Rosé did say Jimin was in student council, he could just be meeting up with Seulgi to discuss business. You doubted that though, they seemed a little too friendly to be talking just business, and you were pretty sure Seulgi wasn’t in the student council.

You quickly hid in a corner, and pulled out your phone, ignoring the strange looks that came your way. You clicked the record button and held it up towards Jimin and Seulgi.

At first, Jimin and Seulgi seemed to be doing nothing but talking, and you almost put your phone away, until you suddenly saw Jimin leaning in to kiss Seulgi on the lips.

Well, they were certainly not having a student council meeting.

“Why are you here at 8 AM?” Rosé says, falling onto her bed sloppily.

“Rosé, please pay attention. This is important.” You sit down next to Rosé on her bread, a frown etched onto your face.

Rosé sits back up with a sigh, “Okay, what’s up?”

“It’s about Jimin.”

Rosé groans and throws her head back, “Really Y/N? Not this again.”

“Listen, I know you’re not going to listen to me because you think that I want to murder Jimin,” You pause, “Which I kind of do, but that’s not the point. Just watch this.”

You throw your phone onto Rosé’s lap, and she picks it up, pressing the play button on the video that you recorded.

“I swear if this is some kind of bull I’ll like, poison your coffee or something. I can’t believe you came here at 8 in the morni-” Rosé stops, her eyes widening in shock.

Rosé clamps her mouth shut, staring at the video playing on the screen.

“When did you take this? And… how?” Rosé asks, not tearing her eyes away from your phone.

“Yesterday. After we got into that argument.” You say quietly.

Rosé nods, then throws your phone back onto the bed and stares at the wall blankly.

“Rosé… say something.” You plead.

Instead of talking, Rosé bursts into tears. You respond quickly, throwing your arms around her and rubbing her back calmly.

“How could I have been so stupid?”

When Rosé sees the clip of Jimin kissing Seulgi, she feels nauseated, humiliated, disgusted, angry, sad, and every other terrible feeling that you could probably name.

But most of all, she just feels so stupid.

Part of Rosé wasn’t even surprised, she had suspected that Jimin was doing something behind her back, but she always pushed it to the back of her head, assuming that her boyfriend - or ex boyfriend - could do no wrong, and that was one of her stupidest mistakes so far.

But the stupidest mistake of all had to he not listening to her best friend, who has been warning her for God knows how long at this point. For the last year and a half, Rosé has done nothing but get angry at you, when all you were doing was looking out for her. Even now, while she was sobbing in your arms, you were there for her. You could’ve easily called her names, called her an idiot, told her ‘I told you so,’ but no, you sat there in silence, comforting her.

Rosé must have done something incredible in one of her past lives to deserve someone like you, because you were, undoubtedly, the greatest person that she’s ever met in her entire life.

It’s been a few months since Rosé found out about Jimin’s affair, and not shockingly, she found out that he actually had more than one affair with other girls.

To say the least, Rosé was heartbroken.

Jimin was her first love, it was expected that she’d be sad about it. If she wasn’t, you would have been concerned. Surprisingly though, Rosé got over the breakup quickly, for one reason and one reason only: you.

You helped Rosé throughout the entire thing, and Rosé had no idea how she would’ve handled it if you weren’t there, but then again, she might have never found out if Jimin was cheating if it weren’t for you.

“Rosé, why did you call me to the middle of the park at 8 AM? It’s too cold for this.” You say with a whine.

“That sounds familiar.” Rosé says with a grin, looking back at you for a second before continuing to drag you around.

“Why are we here?”

Rosé finally stops, and turns around to face you, “I need to tell you something important.”

You frown, “Um, okay. What do you need to tell me?”

Rosé grabs both of your hands, “I know that I haven’t been acting like greatest friend in the whole world, and I want to apologize for that,” Rosé starts.

“You’re going through heartbreak, it’s totally fine.” You say, giving her a small smile to reassure her.

Rosé shakes her head, “I’m not just talking about lately. Ever since Jimin came into our lives, I’ve been neglecting you a lot. I should’ve been treating you better. I just wish I would’ve realized sooner.”

“It’s fine Rosé, really. Let’s just leave all of that in the past now, okay?” You’re about to start dragging Rosé back home, before Rosé pulls you back.

“There’s one more thing,” Rosé says as she pulls you back towards her, “There’s something else that I wish I would have realized sooner.”

“What is it?”

Rosé hesitates, “You’ll never leave me, right? No matter what happens?”

You look at Rosé in bewilderment, “Of course not. Why are you asking me this?”

Rosé sighs, “I should’ve treated you a lot better, and that’s the first thing that I wish I would’ve realized sooner, but the second thing that I wish I would’ve realized sooner is that… I like you, Y/N. A lot. I want to spend the rest of my entire life with you, weather that’d be as best friends or as a couple.”

Rosé is staring at her feet now, refusing to look up at you out of embarrassment.

You were in shock, and surprisingly not as much because of Rosé’s confession, but more because you couldn’t help but think about how breathtaking Rosé seemed to look at only 8 AM in the morning.

“Rosé?” You say, tilting her head up to look at you, “I want to spend the rest of my entire life with you too.”


Chen: Well, I can’t watch Joonmyunnie a lot since I’m in front of him when we do the sexy moves, but I can still feel him~ :3 /continuously brushes tail against hyung’s crotch/

Suho: Hmm, okay guys, let’s take a break now and reconvene in 15 minutes. Jongdae, come with me, I need to talk to you about your… dance moves.

Chen: Hehe, yes hyung~

Baekhyun: Aw, again? This is the third time we’ve had a break, I just wanna finish practice so we can go out and get ice cream…

Kyungsoo: They’re just gonna have another quickie in the bathroom, aren’t they…

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I'm not saying that you're wrong or that I disagree but why do you think that Sehun is bi?

Well, I just feel Sehun doesn’t have a specific gender he acquires too. If that makes sense? I’ve seen him say things about both males and females the way you’d hear a heterosexual talk about the opposite gender. I take in the times he has spoken on women, and as of late he just said what he’s attracted to with no gender. So I’ve also found the way he treats both or comes off is sometimes as attracted to both, with the possibility of liking one a bit more. I’ve personally from what I know of Sehun as a fan, never seen him strictly attracted to women or men. I’ve also just seen him as someone that has an attraction to all, and anyone that fits what he enjoys and likes. 

I know people take into account as him as a confirmed homosexual due to Baekhyun’s words, and him saying I like men, or him being a confirmed heterosexual because of his celebrity crushes, and like girls on IG or the “playboy” rumor mess, but did anyone just think perhaps he’s just a bisexual man? I mean Bi-Sexuals exist and it’s possible to like both, and have a stronger like for one, but still, be attracted to another gender. You know?

He also could be asexual and or pansexual. With what Baek said.

I just extremely get that from him. Like if you ever just pay attention to how he speaks, Sehun is way more intelligent than what people give him credit for. Also, highly self-aware about the world around himself.

No, Sehun hasn’t told me this lol. It’s just things I’ve noticed in him over 5 years. I feel he’s just now since as of last year is more of “Oh Sehun” and not “EXO’s Oh Sehun” if that makes sense. Like I pick up more on his character as of late, and that has a lot to do with how he’s speaking more. 

People are so set on him being one or the other when for a long ass time I’ve never viewed him as a person to just subject himself to one thing. He’s really grown and matured lovely. I’m so proud of his growth as a man, and I feel most people just look past a lot of what he does as cute, and don’t see the man before them. I’ve picked up on a lot he speaks about. There was this interview he did last year, that spoke volumes to me like the EX’act Monster and Lucky one interviews.


Q:  How would you explain something that you like because it’s been a long time with it, and something that you like because it’s new?

Sehun: I think of new things as something that I get to experience and be enlightened by. As for old things, what I learn from them will become feelings and memories and that way, I can remember them. To be specific, it would be human relationships. I think relationships are the most important in life. With humans, the more you see each other, the more you become fond of the other, don’t you? The process of getting close with someone is fun. It’s the same with new things. If you meet someone new, you will obviously have things to learn from them, there will be things you get to gain and on the other hand, you will have an influence on that person. I think those kind of things are fun.

Q: When did you experience the broadening of your outlook on the world?

Sehun: I like things that are eye-openers, I like learning, I like experiencing, and I said that I enjoy coming upon new things. And so I am the type to try everything. That way, I can inform the people that I like and I can be of help. When people say they’ll do something, I can recount my experience and that will help them. I think that also includes how I see the world. So I think I will challenge all kinds of things.

Q: What is a moment that you wish to have in your life?

Sehun: Um, I hope to have a very touching moment. I’m really looking forward to that moment. What it is specifically, I am also uncertain, but I wish to have a touching moment that renders me speechless. I think it is impossible to feel touched if you don’t like that person. When you think of someone you really like, when you were once touched by that person or because they did something that touched you, that is when you are able to come up with plans to make them feel touched. Surprise is also incorporated in the sentiment of feeling touched, isn’t it. Because if there is no element of surprise, you cannot feel touched.

Q: What is the compass in your life?

Sehun: How should I explain this. If there is a road straight forward or backward, and if there is a road on my left and right as well as side roads, I will take the side roads. There are pros and cons of side roads. Side roads are fresh and they’re not complete. Also, there is something you can experience from it. As with the common straight roads ahead, because there are already many information on it, I know that there might not be things I want to try experiencing. However, as for the side roads, people who have not gone through them don’t know what they hold. And though it cannot be gauranteed, I might be able to be a bit more comfortable and be able to go faster, and it will be fun. The con is that there are many bends. Extremely many. And if you’re not careful, you might end up at the start and go the straight road ahead instead, you might not keep walking the same road too. So you need to be wise with your choice of roads. You’ll learn and experience many things, I think you need to rely on and go with people who make the the environment great. If I can only handle being wise, I will be able to safely and enjoyably cross that bend while living a dynamic life. I think being an EXO member isn’t all straight roads and within that, I want to have more dynamic experiences, do a lot more, know more things, help the people around me and learn from each other. I want to live that way.

cr: http://103oclock.tumblr.com/post/145669302873/full-trans-sehun-exact-lucky-one-interview


Q: Are you type to believe in chance, or are you the type to believe in the inevitable?

Sehun: I think there are both. In human relationships, I think you can’t estimate when chance will come. It looks for you when you’re not thinking about anything. I don’t know about the inevitable



I suggest reading his whole interviews around late 2015 to now. I just would love to hear him talk, he really has such a beautiful and intelligent perspective on life. I spoke about this on my blog last year too. He does bring up women (once), but I don’t take that as he’s just hetero. Also, his Diary for the war was short and telling to me as well.

He said things along the lines of being more honest and more of himself. Yes, that could mean anything, but still. I feel he’s perhaps bi-sexual. 

I could be looking too much into nothing, but however these are just my feelings on the matter, and as long as Sehun is happy despite who he identifies as or not, he’s an amazing soul that I wish more people would listen to. 

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Hi Sarah, this may be a weird question, but do you ever feel weird writing fanfiction about Harry? I love writing and have considered writing about Harry but then I immediately think about how human he is or even meeting him and the thought of me writing about him, whether it be fluff or smut, just becomes impossible to consider because it feels so strange to me. Did you have those thoughts and how did you work through them if you did? :) x

I used to have those thoughts a lot, but I’ve been writing fan fiction for so many years, it just doesn’t really phase me at all. He’s my biggest source of inspiration. I see him, I think about him, and all I gain is inspiration. There are endless stories I want to write just because he’d be in them.

Another thing that helps me with that is the idea that no idea is original. We’re all inspired by something. We all have to start somewhere. So, with Harry, the shell of whatever he may be is there, but I get to mold and create my own version of him within my writing. So…it’s him, but it’s not really him, if you know what I mean. He’s a figment of my imagination. You won’t find a character in a piece of writing who wasn’t inspired by a real-life person, and that’s guaranteed. At least one thing about any fictional character was inspired by a real-life person. And Harry happens to be that for me.

I hope this makes sense. I tend to ramble! x

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Hey do you have commissions open somewhere because i will legit save money to pay you to draw mike in a cheerleader outfit and it's ALL YOUR FAULT

okay so… this is gonna be a long post i guess? so i’ll just cut it bc i wanna talk about These asks him getting, some are old, but the one im replying to (on the top) is the newest one.. so i feel like they’ll keep coming if i dont say anything. and i didnt really want to say anything, but i guess i’ll have to

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