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If you're not a woman then you don't belong in women's sports. Your sense of entitlement to women's spaces is creepy and disgusting, and I say this as a trans person. If you gave a damn about women you wouldn't deny them their own spaces. You should feel deeply ashamed. You need to check your misogyny because you're just being a stereotypical male creep.

This message upsets me on many levels and not because your words have an impact on me.

I get messages all the time from so many young transkids and they say how much seeing me be my authentic self playing the sport I love makes them feel like they can as well.

Pretransitioned transmen have a lot of disadvantages when it comes to sport and it feels like you don’t have a place to play. Well you do! Your gender identity should not hinder you and your ability to play the sport you love at the highest level you can.

I will keep playing the sport I love, doing my best and thriving with my female teammates who I love more than anything. I have so many wonderful people in my life who bring me nothing but positivity and love.

And I hope you, anonymous, can surround yourself with similar people who can brighten your life… we all know you need it.

Much love,


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I used to be such a fan of yours, I'm very glad for all of your success, but you just seemed to have lost touch with yourself somewhere along the way. I feel that lately you permeate a lot of narcissism & negativity, & that you should do some deep introspection. I do genuinely wish you well, & hope this didn't come across as too malicious.

How about this - I never disclosed why I had to leave my relationship, but put it this way, I’m back on meds and looking for a therapist. Maybe it was somewhere in the course of that I “lost touch with myself”, I’ve tried extremely hard not to come across as negative. I do rather resent the narcissism comment given my life long self-loathing, but I’m sorry you feel that way, hopefully things will improve with me and my channel over the following months. 

You Have Me - Sherlock Holmes

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Request: Sherlock one where they’re at some fancy event for a case (or not for a case, whatever you want to do) and he’s feeling uncomfortable and locked away in his own head and the reader is just trying to get him to have a little fun for once?
+ sherlock x reader where sherlock and his s/o are having a goofy argument about which murder was the best..if that made any sense.

Please don’t plagiarize my work - I spend a lot of my time writing, copying and pasting destroys that. If you want to repost my work. please ask first - but even then I might say no.


Sherlock had yet to say a word, and it only furthered annoyed you.

Because you were an employee and close friend of Mycroft’s, you’d been invited to a get together of some sort. You’d elected to bring Sherlock, since John was away and somehow, after much`convincing, Sherlock had agreed to come along.

But it seemed him agreeing didn’t mean him talking to you whilst at the event.

Chatter filled your eyes, and as you gazed around, partners and groups chatted amongst themselves - all while you sat in silence.

“Sherlock?” You called, sighing heavily as you noticed him staring before himself, lost in his thoughts. Reaching over, you set your hand on his own which was rested on the table, snapping his attention on yourself. “Jesus Sherlock, will you even look at me?”

“I was thinking,” Sherlock explained curtly. “What do you want?”

You rolled your eyes, falling back against your chair - you shouldn’t be surprised. Sherlock didn’t do well in social situations and he was clearly uncomfortable. “Nothing.” You brushed off, shrugging as you pouted. “What were thinking about?”

Sherlock bit his lip; “just some cases.”

“Did you and John solve another?” While you were aware of the cases Sherlock and John solved, you never really participated much in the long run - only if it had to do with the government, and you were required to step in. Still, you kept up with it, curiosity getting the best of you. 

“A while back,” Sherlock nodded. “In times of discomfort, I think back to old cases to calm my mind. I was thinking about A Study in Pink is all.”

You nodded, humming to yourself. “I believe your best case yet was the… hmm, what’s it called - oh! The Blind Baker!” You smiled proudly as you remembered, crossing your arms as you glanced at Sherlock.

“Oh, please!” He exclaimed, throwing his head back. “That was simple.”

You rolled your eyes; “it was a fascinating read. One I would’ve liked to join you and John on.”

“When you aren’t too busy being a slave to my brother?”

You huffed - he never would let that go. “I am not his slave Sherlock, just an assistant.” You clarified, glaring at him. “Now, can you actually be civilized and talk to me? Or was this whole thing a mistake?”

Your eyes widened as Sherlock… pouted? “I’m just uncomfortable,” he mumbled, looking away. “I’m not use to this.”

Smiling gently, you shook your head. “It’s fine Sherlock,” you reassured. “Besides, you have me.”

let me know what you thought?
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like not every trans guy is masc you know? i like the comfort in masc humor because it lets me feel like a normal person, when i make jokes about ‘haha us mascs out here using our old spice deodorant’ it’s just meant to poke fun at these really simple but really common identifiers that are so comforting to a lot of people for similar reasons TOTALLY unrelated to gender but more related to humanity and a certain type of experience you can find among so many people. like genuinely thinking basketball shorts are cool and having like 4 pairs

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Hey. I've had something on my mind for a long time. I don't wanna be rude or anything it just bugs me. So. I have this feeling that Camila is kinda queerbaiting us. Why? Because we all know that managemant controls all the social media and interviews and recently Camila has been saying "somebody" and "person" a lot. If you think that mng wants her to act straight they would made her to talk about guys and only guys. But this way she's more reletable to everyone. Idk. This was just on my mind.

The thing is she’s been like that ever since. She’s been so gay ever since the beginning so I doubt she’s queer baiting us 🌚

I watched Granada Holmes “The Speckled Band last night and I … have a lot of feelings, about this episode, and how it relates to canon, and BBC, but I just right now want to say this one because it’s the most important

in the beginning, when the client comes to Holmes and she’s literally shaking from fear, he deduces her.  I always thought doing a bunch of deductions about someone was something he did to show off, to intimidate or annoy, or because it’s some kind of weird nervous tic that he can’t help (looking at you, BBC).  But this was different.  She’s terrified, at her wit’s end, thinks she’s going to die, and Holmes is not only distracting her for a moment, he’s making it plain to her that he has almost supernatural powers of observation and deduction.  That she is in good hands and has, in fact, come to the right place and to someone who can help her.  It’s meant to be comforting, he is trying to comfort her, this complete stranger, and it works

I knew he was soft inside, but this is like.. a whole different level of softness that has never once occurred to me.  It’s like a new facet of his character that feels so true I should always have known it.  Thank you, Granada Holmes

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Good morning/day/night, Nat! I hope I'm not bothering you, and quite frankly, I'm not sure whether or not this counts as a request, but what do you think a Hamon kiss would feel like? You don't have to write hcs or a scenario, I just want to hear your opinion on it.

i think about this a lot tbh

i think that it would be WARM, first of all! hamon gets energy from the sun so i can’t imagine it feeling anything but warm; kind of buzzing and soft against your lips and more intense the longer that you keep contact with the other person (joseph would absolutely use baby hamon kisses to tease and tickle his s/o)! i feel like it’s mentioned that too much exposure to hamon has similar effects to sunstroke? in which case if one of them were kissing you for too long you would start feeling Extremely Dizzy and Light-Headed and prickling and unable to control yourself; this would be the time that one of the hamon-users would be able to control you to do what they wanted. If they didn’t want to do that, though, when they stopped kissing you would probably feel so dizzy that you’d faint!

no offense and srry im making so many posts about this but i havent seen One Metric Unit Of Discourse since joining this fandom that wasnt just…..stupid . like waaaah people have headcanons and aus i dont like waaaaah like cry about it more it SO doesnt matter, fandoms keep doing what they want and u can either throw a fit about it and become That Guy that nobody likes or be a normal fucking person and like…unfollow ppl who post things you dont like ? its not rocket science ?  ? ? ?

theres a lot of fan content/headcanons n shit i dont like, theres a lot i outright hate, a lot i feel like is a blatant misrepresentation of canon/personalities and characterizations of characters i like, but i dont like, go and harass and bully the ppl who post it, its so easy not to harass and bully ppl, i dont get why y’all cant manage to do it. its like…unfollow someone. block a tag. add their url to your blacklist. bam. done. over. u literally never have to see their content again. its so easy. why do y’all make it so hard

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I have just finished watching a play-through of Grim Fandango, and now that I know more about Manny and what getting sprouted is, I just had a thought. Shiromori from the Mystery Skulls would probably be something of a living, breathing nightmare to him. Even though it's not canon, I like to think Shiro can control plants. So meeting a lady who can "sprout" you, except it could be a lot worse, would be terrifying.

Buddy you have no idea.

Though in all honesty, we don’t really know the full extent of Shiro’s abilities, other than what we’ve seen from the Freaking Out music video. Even so, I still get the feeling that knowing about a plant monster that can track someone’s whereabouts through a flower that represents that person would still be enough to send shivers down Manny’s spine.

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being in a relationship with zendaya is a lot of being boujee in public but also a lot of hiding away from people at her place and playing with her dog noon and all her nieces and nephews

listen whenever i think of a relationship with z i always think about the song delicate by taylor swift so i feel like yall just need to go listen to that like pls (do i have an entire wlw music video for it planned in my head???? yes. @ t swift i know you follow my main call me up lets talk)

-sappy saturday-

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I need some advice, if you don't mind; I have a coworker who is... mentally disabled, and has come to the conclusion that I both Hate her, and Bully her. I would never bully ANYONE, I know how it feels and wouldn't inflict that on anyone else , and it takes a lot to make me hate someone, and she is nowhere near that. She has reported me for bullying, which is hurting my job. She has the audacity to want to be FRIENDS after this, I'm just being polite to her now. What should I do?

Sit down with her, and have a frank discussion about this. See if you can get her to understand how she hurt you, and if she would be willing to help undo it. 

It’s entirely possible she doesn’t realize how she hurt you, and perhaps you can explain to her that you don’t dislike her at all. 

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Okay, I get The Haircut™ in a few weeks, and I am so excited but I'm also absolutely terrified. I hate having long my hair and I can't wait to get rid of it, but I've had long hair my whole life and I'm worried that I'm going to cut it and then hate it and realise I'm not really trans and I'm just stressed. What do?

Your feelings about your hair has absolutely not effect on your validity as a trans person. Your gender(s) or lack thereof are what they are regardless of what grows on your head and how you feel about it.

Even if you end up disliking having short hair, that wouldn’t have to mean that you’re not trans.

If the change scares you a lot though, you could cut it off gradually - go for a shorter cut than normal this time, but not so short that the change would be too dramatic. And then go a bit shorter still next time, and then ever shorter the time after that, and so on. That way you can gradually ease yourself into having short(er) hair.

oof okay i just got a really passive aggressive ask so i guess i’ll address it. my post about emoji anons has like six thousand notes and i have a HUGE amount of anons which is lovely i love reading them and hearing about people’s days but it’s really hard to answer all of them so please don’t feel angry or upset if i don’t answer your ask. i have a lot of them and no one is forcing you to send them!!! i wasn’t expecting the post to get notes!!! just please remember that i am a person too and i have a life and i can’t spend all my time & energy answering asks about people’s days

and seriously babes pls try to be less hard on yourself when it comes to art, i know it’s like a “normal” (it shouldn’t be) thing for artists to hate their own work but there’s a difference between healthily critiquing your own art when you know what you can do better and putting yourself down a toxic amount that will eventually effect your art

You gotta start trying to love it

Even if you’re just like “wow i like the nose in this picture!” or “wow the colors came out nice!” try to compliment your own art even if it feels forced because eventually you will start feeling good things about your art and you will have a lot more fun and feel more fulfilled when creating it

when you do nothing but hate your art it drains you! it makes you feel disappointed when you create art and let me tell you, if you keep that up you’re going to get burnt out and want to give up and it really fucking sucks, but once you start loving it you feel so much better when creating and it’s refreshing!

There is nothing wrong with loving your own art 

WOWZERS !     200 + already ? that was quick and it means a lot to me. i’m not tryna get mushy out here but the support of venìa i’ve had since june of 2017 ( deleted a few times but remained ! ) means the world to me. they originally starter as something i make off the top of my head and now i can consider them almost fully developed, which is something that truly means a lot to me. with the middle of the arc and everyone just being so kind to me it truly, truly means the most to me to be in this community ( again ) and to have the benefits of making the best of friends here. 

the last couple of months have been very hard for me and i’m glad to return with such a good reception of venìa since before i deleted. it really makes my heart ablaze seeing how many friends i’ve made and how many people support me. it’s always important to let creators know how you feel about the project and it’s been a journey and a half, and you all mean the world to me. 

this is mostly a big thank you to everyone, because i really do appreciate the reception i’ve been given and the type of support that comes from friends and followers. thank you all so so much and i love you all so dearly. 

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tbh even tho i absolutely love everything about your art my favorite thing is the way you just draw people??? they just have so much personality and charm and i feel that mostly comes from how you give them facial features that are not really considered conventionally pretty. i feel like that really brings them to life and it really makes them feel like real people and i just really admire you for doing that,,, also sorry this is so rambly but yeah you really inspire me and i adore your art!!

Thank you! That’s a thing I enjoy a lot when it comes to drawing. Drawing the same face and body over and over again is very boring to me and people come in so many different shapes and sizes so why not plaY AROUND WITH THAT. Same goes for expression and poses? Variety is so much fun

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hello yes I am just curious if you have any opinions on the individual avengers as dog/cat people? I know you've connected bucky with cats a lot in the past, but do you have thoughts about anyone else? thank you for your time!

i do see bucky as very cat-like! but the others, hmm

i see steve as the typical dog person - they’re big, they’re cuddly, and they help you feel less alone

nat’s probably a cat person as well, content to exist with the animal without being bothered all the time

sam…. i feel obliged to say bird but i think he’s more a dog person? birds are a lot of responsibility and take up a lot of time and though he’s pretty alright there’s no doubt that as a vet he has bad days, and the birds would be… too much. also he likes steve and steve is basically a puppy lmao.

i only really have those four tbh?

i feel like a lot of people on here…. get their news mostly from tumblr and that’s not good imo i mean all news is biased but i really think you should look at other shit and think about it urself instead of just going w what’s on tumblr because i feel like there’s a lot of group polarization on tumblr to the point where i don’t feel comfortable talking about somethings bc ppl see a common stance on here and defend it with their life then spread it. like the shane dawson thing and even w bigger issues… i won’t say you need to read every article about a certain topic to have an opinion on it but maybe think about it and scan some other info before picking where u stand on a topic and being super intense about it

tldr; critical thinking is important

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Hey, could you write about Sara forcing Ava to sit still while she braids her hair before they go meet (and fight) the Vikings ?

‘You have to sit still if I’m gonna be able to put these in properly.’

'I can’t sit still when you’re yanking my hair outta my skull.’

Sara yanks a certain piece of hair a little harder.

'How come I can’t just get a headband like you? This feels exceedingly unnecessary,’ Ava says, flinching in pain again as Sara pulls on a half-done braid.

'I’m afraid we are all out of headbands for you, Agent Sharpe.’

'Now now, Gideon,’ Sara replies, a playful tone to her voice as she continues her work.  'Ava’s…kind of… on our side now, remember?’

'Yeah I am so stop pulling my hair out of my head, Sara,’ Ava whines, and Sara just raises an eyebrow as Ava looks up at her, almost with a tantrum-like look on her face.

She sits still for a few more moments, until Sara tugs once on a strand of hair lower to the back of her neck.

'That’s it!’ Ava begins to stand from her position until she feels a particularly firm hand on her shoulder.

'You are gonna stop being a baby about this, I am almost done, so please just SIT still and TRY not to whine about a goddamn hair pull.  God, to think I was beginning to see you as a badass.’

'You see me as a badass?’

'Not anymore, you big whiny baby.’

'Oh well. I’m sure I’ll survive,’ Ava says, and moments later Sara taps her on the shoulder signalling she’s finally done.

Ava turns around before getting up, and Sara is entirely surprised when the Agent offers her a lopsided, sincere smile.

Sara returns with a smirk, and Ava gets up off her stool to go and pick up her fur shawl.

She catches her hairstyle in the mirror and expresses her approval.

'Not bad, Lance.  Didn’t take you for the type to be proficient in period hairstyling.’

'Eh, two years on this ship? You dabble.  Shall we go and steal a cuddly toy and save the United States of America?’

'I mean, it’s the only plan we have,’ Ava says, and Sara ignores her cynicism, walking towards the cargo bay to meet the other Legends.

Ava huffs and follows Sara, only to then smile slightly to herself as Sara’s back is turned away.

Maybe offering to help the Legends wasn’t such a terrible thing after all.