i just have a lot of feelings about you

no offence but how often do you think about what even felt after his manic episode? i think about this a lot when i rewatch that episode and when i read his text to isak. can’t even say how words ‘sorry if I frightened you. sorry that I have hurt you. sorry for not telling you that I’m bipolar’ tear my heart apart. how guilty did he feel for hurting the boy about whom he cares the most? how unbearable was this feeling? he hated himself for who he was. he just wanted to be in the another universe where he doesn’t have a bipolar disorder and where nothing can get in the way of him being with isak. he hated himself for not being able to stay away from isak for isak’s sake. he let himself be with him and not only ruin everything but scared isak, made isak hate him /as he thought/. he just wanted to disappear and not feel anything.

Phone call with my parents just now:

Mom: So Dad’s been looking at real estate in Pittsburgh, he wants to help you buy and fix up a house! What do you think about that?

[insert discussion about Responsible Adult Things like owning real estate]

Mom: So what’s going on with you?

Me: I…just spent a large amount of money on plane tickets to visit Finland and Germany this summer. *sweats*

I just have a lot of feelings about nygmobblepot 

so, I always end up thinking of oswald’s quote from season 1: “When you know what a man loves, you know what can kill him." and how, after shooting oswald, ed is going to feel like he died that day too.

and he’s not going to know why he feels that way, he won’t understand, he’ll probably feel lost which adds to the idea of him trying to find himself and becoming the riddler, then one day it’s just going to hit him that he feels this way because he’s in love with oswald

I mean, I believe he’s been in love with oswald this whole time but he never got that moment where it really hit him (on a conscious level, perhaps on a deeper level he was somewhat aware), whereas oswald did. we saw oswald realise his feelings during the fireplace scene in 3x05 and then it was confirmed in 3x06, we haven’t had that moment with ed, but we will. I mean, this picture lends its hand to that. 

and then, because I love pain, you have ed’s quote from season 2: “for some men, love is a source of strength. but for you and I, it will always be our most crippling weakness.” but this was after he’d killed kristen and as we know any love there was obsessive and even if he genuinely did love her (which I believe he did) it was always doomed. and with isabella we the audience know that wasn’t love and even if it was, it’s different with oswald, they have a history that goes far beyond just being in love.

this just adds to this idea that ed is going to realise he’s in love with oswald and that’s why he feels so much pain. he’s going to realise that it was only his most crippling weakness because what he had with kristen and isabella wasn’t real love, but with oswald it is.

also, in terms of oswald’s mother she was only his most crippling weakness because he kept her in the dark and refused to distance himself from her to keep her safe, yes that’s partly down to love, but also partly down to arrogance and wanting more than he could have (i.e. being king of gotham and having his mother by his side). but what we’ve seen from season 3 is actually love has had some pretty positive effects on oswald,

anyway, it’s 5am and I’m not used to getting up this early so you can blame that and also @endless-nygmobblepot​ a little for this

Do you know what I want? An AU where some sort of incident leaves Will partially deaf, and without his hearing aid he struggles to differentiate between when someone is talking to him or just around him. But he’s still only figuring out how his hearing aid works; why are there so many settings and how come it doesn’t work when he puts it in a certain way? And god forbid he ever knocks it or lays on his left side. It’s frustrating and exhausting and he eventually learns to ignore the dull buzzing when he hasn’t quite fit it properly or when the battery is about to die.
But Mike doesn’t. Mike knows when Will can’t quite catch what they’re saying. He can see the frustration when he’s fitting it after a sleepover and it puts an ache in his chest every time. So he takes it upon himself to learn how these things work, he asks Joyce, Jonathan, fakes sick to talk to his doctor and picks up a ton of leaflets on his way out.
It comes as a total shock to Will when, after about an hour of drawing and listening to nothing but rushing water, Mike gently tucks his hair behind his ear and fiddles with the settings for a few seconds. He’s blushing, but he’s about to flap his hand and tell Mike that he’s okay, when out of nowhere-
“Better?” Mike’s voice is gentle, close, and clear as day.
“Better,” he squeaks back.
And after that Will never has trouble hearing again

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I feel uncomfortable exposing any of my blogs as none if them have anything to do with being mer, sorry. I know that some boys are okay with being called 'mermaid'. It's just that too many people use it as the gender neutral and i cry about this a lot because I feel like no one acknowledges my existence. But I guess thats just cryptid life, huh? I hope your boy mermaid friend has a nice day. Sorry for being upset about his post - mer anon.

You’re fine ! I’m gonna make a Merman post for you ok ?

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Hey Zoe I have serious procrastination problems. I'll have time to do something and I'll just sit around until the very last minute and I hate that I do that. I know I can do better but idk how plz hep

hey and don’t worry I feel you, usually for me there’s always something unappealing about the task at hand (for example i procrastinate editing vids a LOT because my laptop is slow and makes it so tedious) but if you tackle the most difficult element first, you’ll find getting everything done should be easier and heck you may even enjoy yourself. getting started is always the hardest part but once you make that first step the rest is pips (usually) 👍

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hey uh.. whats Darren's type? like who would he get a crush on?? im totally asking for a friend >.>;;

Darren: Oh… my type? Well, I guess it’s nice to be around someone who’s pretty confident, or at least pretends well enough. It just makes me feel more comfortable, that’s all, because a lot of the time I feel… well, you know. It also helps if they can make me laugh, and it’s important that they don’t talk down to me. I already know I’m not great at a lot of things. I suppose they’d have to be patient as well, for that same reason.

I… know it sounds like I ask for a lot. But more than anything, they just need to be a good person. The thing about good people is that they can come in all sorts of different shapes, and not everyone is good in the same way. You can be grumpy and still be good. You can be proud, but still good. S-So, what I’m saying is… I’m just attracted to people who care, however they go about doing it.

Revisiting old requests

About two years ago, as a gift to my followers, I asked if anyone had any building requests. I received a few to start, and the list grew from there, until I had to close them because I couldn’t keep up. I ended up fulfilling about half of them, and the rest have just been sitting there while I worked on other projects. 

I feel bad that I’ve gone this long without fulfilling these requests, but as it’s been so long they were requested, I don’t want to dive right in and spend a lot of time on someone no one wants anymore. XD So what I’d like to know is, if you are the original requester, do you still want the house you requested? If so, just send me an ask or a message, and I’ll add it to a new list I’m making. (I’d also love more details if you have them, especially if you have inspiration pics. But it’s ok to just say, “I still need it!”, too.) 

I apologize for leaving your request on the shelf collecting dust all this time. But maybe I can still fulfill it if you still want it. Just let me know! Here are the ones I didn’t finish:

  1. Two-bedroom industrial-style house (anonymous) - I started this one here but got stuck on the exterior :-/
  2. Three-bedroom townhouse (red with white and blue) - similar to Ritsuka’s Whalen house (anonymous)
  3. 30x40 house with dedicated space to showcase collections (raging-furball)
  4. Italian(-ish) Townhouse - for a family, not too fancy (anonymous)
  5. New York-style apartment - 20 x 30 (anonymous)
  6. Young witch cottage (anonymous)
  7. Whalen Granite Falls Cabin lot (anonymous)
  8. Bigger house, 2 or 3 floors, with 4 or more bedrooms. 40x30 or 50x50. CC is ok, Blythe Harbor style (thumbprint11)
  9. Small loft home for an artist (anonymous) - I started this one here, but I’d probably have to start over again since I’ve cleaned out some CC since then - plus I got stuck on the exterior, heh
  10. Pleasant Home from TS2 -> TS4 (jcolby87)
  11. Science Lab (anonymous) - I actually plan on re-doing this one for my Kingswood 1983 save, so maybe that will work!
  12. The Georgina for TS4 (anonymous) - This one was about half-done, so I’ll probably finish it anyway, but I’d probably re-do it with Peacy’s windows

Here’s the old list if you want to see what I completed.

Aside from the optional boss, I have beaten the Ringed City

I could go on all night about how I feel about this DLC, but I’ll put it in just a few words just to keep myself from going crazy.

This is a perfect sendoff to my favorite franchise of all time. 

I cried. I ran around the end arena for about half an hour because I was so in love with it. The only way I could be more satisfied is if Velka was there, but I got things that were a helluva lot better.

If any of you are on the fence about getting it, just do it. 

And I’m gonna warn you all, if any of you ask me what I specifically liked about the Ringed City, I will likely go on a typing rampage. I’ll save that for either a private message or a separate post because I know some of you kids don’t want spoilers~

Thank you, FromSoft. You made this sunbro as happy as can be.

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Having a bad time with depression and I just have no one to talk to about it. My best friend has abandoned me completely because it's too hard work for her to be my friend and I've never felt more alone. I've stopped eating again and I'm just sleeping my life away. I don't know what to do.

Hey I’m here for you. Feel free to message me off anon. 

I want you to know that you’re going to be okay. Start eating again, it’ll honestly make you feel better. I’ve begun to go out to eat alone a lot,, just to get myself out and to treat myself even when friends don’t want to. I’m so proud of you. Please be careful my friend and I’m here if you need it. 

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Why didn't the GoT writers just cut Stannis' storyline since they hated it so much & never planned it to be more than a shaggy dog story about one guy being an irredeemable ass? It feels like a lot of wasted time with the end they gave him, how show!Davos could basically have been a NW guy from how quickly he goes Full Loyalty to Jon, how show!Mel only exists to flash boobs & Rhllor Ex Machina Jon back to life. Sometimes I think it would've been better if show!Stannis died on the Blackwater.

You know, my first thought was “how could you remove Stannis? He’s a thematically vital character whose survival beyond the Blackwater substantially affects political conditions throughout ASoS, AFFC, and ADWD!” 

But then I thought about it again.

If you remove Stannis, you have a real problem bailing out the Night’s Watch at the end of s4, because a great deal of the point with Stannis is that he’s the only claimant for the Iron Throne willing to sail away from that immediate conflict to go try and save the realm. Past that point, he can safely be killed off, because he does nothing in s5 that substantially, positively affects anyone else’s plot, and his sailing North conveniently gets Melisandre in more or less the right place for the R’hllor ex machina. The Ironborn conveniently called off their invasion of the North, the leadup to Jon’s assassination isn’t so much about his various breaches of Night’s Watch vows, including the perception he’s too close to Stannis, as it is about Night’s Watch racism, while “the North remembers” was theoretically being saved for more important characters to invoke. Down in King’s Landing, politics continues as usual, with hardly a thought about that one guy, whatshisface, personality of a lobster? I think Littlefinger’s chat with Cersei might be the only s5 King’s Landing scene that mentions Stannis; that scene does not materially affect anything else that season or in s6.

The plot Stannis does affect (Winterfell) would actually make more sense without him, as one of only a few things sillier than sending Sansa to Bolton-controlled Winterfell is sending Sansa to Bolton-controlled Winterfell that’s about to be under siege. If a military conflict is necessary at any point in the plot (I don’t think it is), there’s well-established opposition to Bolton rule that could be called up.

So. You may be right, anon - but I’d say don’t kill Stannis at the Blackwater, kill him at the Wall. Play it as redemption equals death - Stannis getting his priorities in order and sacrificing his own bid at kingship to save the realm.

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What made your mind think that Yuuri's arc can't be fixed? I'm just curious, and I feel sorry for you because of the damn sadness again. *hugs you* You don't have to answer this, of course, I'm sure a lot of people already asked, and if you don't want to share it publicly, then it's fine. I'm still curious about it tho. I lately feel also kind of triggered towards 2nd YoI season. I can't still forget they removed Yuuri's anxiety, a trait of his (if they even know he has it). It still bothers me.

Thank you anon *hugs*

Let me start by saying that I’m typically a more positive and optimistic person than I may appear. I usually hope for the best and I’m actually very forgiving. For like a month after the finale I read through every single pro-finale meta trying to make my feelings match with most of the fandom who were happy and satisfied with it. I made an active effort but it didn’t happen.

So, I’ve made my feelings on the YOI finale very clear by now. Here’s the thing about that episode though: while I’ve rewatched all other YOI episodes countless of times, I only watched episode 12 five times. And never in a full rewatch of the series, I always stop those at 10.

I watched episode 12 twice on the day it aired; once in livestream and once with the subs. I watched it again to write these. I “watched” it a while ago with my cousin since he hadn’t yet (I was mostly on my phone though and made an effort not to pay attention). The fifth time was last week with @soobaki, and it was the first time I truly watched all the episodes in the series in a row and that…changed things. Possibly having @soobaki to immediately talk to as things were happening helped with that. 

I want Yuuri to get gold in a second season. Hell, I want Yuuri to get every single gold medal he can possibly get to make up for what they did to him. Give him Worlds, give him the Olympics. Shower him in gold medals and let him break all of Victor’s records. But it will never hold the same meaning. 

Yuuri losing gold in season one is just such a disservice to his character and a huge betrayal. I mean, I already went over how perfectly set up everything was for him to win gold and how having him not win actually validates a lot of terrible things (his self doubt, his fears, Yurio’s entire behavior, everyone who called Victor’s seriousness as a coach into question, etc) so I’ll try not to stray too much here and focus on the topic at hand: meaning. And why season 2 will never be able to replicate it.

Season 2 can go one of two ways: continue the current skating season into Worlds or time skip to the next one and redo the GPF circuit all over again. 

If Yuuri continues in the current skating season and wins gold at Worlds, it won’t be as meaningful as gold in the GPF. Yes, in real world standards Worlds is much more important, but in in-universe standards, the GPF was the crucial competition for Yuuri’s character because of what happens in the first episode. Yuuri makes it to the GPF for the first time at 23 years old and he’s so excited to prove himself and skate on the same ice as Victor and finally be his equal and then everything goes wrong. There’s a reason Victor vows to make him win gold at the next GPF, there’s a reason that’s the competition that Yuri on Ice focuses on. Because it would be Yuuri taking it back. It’s Yuuri rising up from a really deep and personal loss and becoming better, rising above it, overcoming his setbacks and proving himself to everyone. The GPF matters personally to Yuuri, so winning gold at any other event will not have the same impact as it would have for Yuuri to go from a humiliating and painful last place to the gold medalist and new world record holder. 

If Yuuri skips to the next season he can go for the GPF again, sure. But there will be no Yuri on Ice. Do I even have to say anything about Yuri on Ice? I’ll say it anyway. Yuri on Ice is a love letter. A love letter to Yuuri’s skating career and to all the different types of love he has in his life. It encompasses his feelings for skating, for Hasetsu, for his family, his friends, and for Victor. It was choreographed in a joint effort between Yuuri and Victor. It’s the first time in Yuuri’s entire skating career that he made such important creative decisions as choosing the music for his routine and choreographing; things that Yuuri had been dreaming about doing for years now but never had the courage or encouragement to before Victor came along. Yuuri talks about how much he loves this routine, how important it is to him. Yuri on Ice is the perfect representation of “love wins”. So for Yuuri to win gold without it in s2…it would be empty. 

Episode 12 sets it up so well. Yuuri skates a perfect performance that moves everyone to tears and truly serves as the ultimate culmination of his journey. He breaks Victor’s world record. How meaningful and moving it would have been, for him to get the gold that was rightfully his with a perfect performance of Yuri on Ice, at the GPF, one year after his loss. Instead his character gets exactly nothing.

So yes. I don’t feel like this was a simple delay that we can get back anymore. We can never get this specific meaning back. Yuuri was robbed and so were we. 

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Can you imagine how good it would be if instead of rebooting spiderman again they just kept Andrew Garfield and make Peter an adult (which he, yknow, should be) for once. Like. Can you even imagine. Adult human disaster Peter Parker in the mcu. Glorious

Man like I don’t want to be a downer about Homecoming (except about the fact that so far it really does look like it’s a Miles Morales movie with Peter pasted on top, down to the fact that that is not Ned Leeds that is Ganke Lee, I want to be a downer about that because it’s not cool to be lifting Miles’ characters and relationships) but my feelings are already on twitter so they might as well be here too: gosh I miss Andrew Garfield’s Peter.

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I've kinda been thinking about getting the Gray Warden Symbol and/or the Hawke (is it the family crest? Like the family crest but the rougher one you see more often?) tattooed on me. Like I know it's kinda silly, but the games/characters mean a lot to me and really helped me through a rough time and find...who I am as a person again, and I want that represented on my body. I just feel kinda ridiculous and am afraid people will make fun of me though...

Absolutely go for it, anon.

I have told this story before, but early last year I was battling a bad bout of depression and it was Dragon Age that single handedly pulled me out of it.  I played the series in order, having not played it before, and Origins alone was an absolute life saver.  I felt like I had friends, like I mattered, like I was doing something important - and it didn’t matter that it was a video game, because at least I was feeling again, something that mental illness had taken from me.

In fact, I ordered a Grey Warden pendant off of Etsy and wore it for a long time, because I wanted to have something on me that I could fidget with when things got bad, that reminded me of how I could still enjoy things and feel things, and that I was at least important in a fictional world.  (That pendant has since been replaced with a ram’s skull and feather pendant - representing Anders, of course - which serves much the same purpose.  I fidget with it when I’m feeling down, and remember that the Feathermage and what he stands for are things that make me happy.)

I wouldn’t worry too much about people making fun of you.  I find that even though Dragon Age is popular online, it doesn’t seem to be a huge thing out with “real people” - the first two games especially.  I think most people wouldn’t recognize the Grey Warden heraldry or Hawke/Amell/Kirkwall crests.  They’d probably just think they were neat symbols.  Even if people do know what it is, well, I’ve met more than one full grown adult (coworkers in fact) with Pokemon tattoos, and everyone just thinks those are neat.  If people can get away with Pokemon tattoos, you can get away with Dragon Age ones!

In short, I definitely encourage you to do what you want to do!  It is absolutely not ridiculous or silly for fictional stories and characters, even ones from video games, to help you through dark periods in your life.  They have helped me too. <3

Hospital-selfie because I’m trying to stay positive and because I can.

Thank you to @natsufatsu, @thatchronicfeeling, and @sillyriceball for all your kind words and helpful advise. I will be talking to my doctor again tomorrow about starting trials for vedolizumab but I may still request to speak to the surgical team just so I have a better understanding of what they can do and what the risks are. That way, I’ll have all the information and I think I’ll start to feel a lot better about my current health situation.

Lot’s of new people following me as of late, so I thought I would do a little introduction.

Hello there. Name is Alaina. I make gifs and graphics and am currently working on a little writing something. 

I like the Chicago Blackhawks, but also the Dallas Stars and Toronto Maple Leafs and Andrew Shaw and lots of other hockey people in general. 

I was living in Chicago, but I’ve moved back to Rockford so I can continue my education.

I stick my tongue out in photos a lot and I like to take too many selfies.

If you want to follow me on insta, snapchat or twitter, just search for ‘miscalainaeous’

I have anon off cause some people are rude and don’t know how to be nice, but if you ever want to chat feel free to send an ask or a message, I don’t bite.

Also, it never hurts to send gif or graphic requests. I get bored a lot. 

And I love Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews and will post about them far too much so if you don’t like it, there is an unfollow button. 

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مرحبا ورلوردس! كيف حالك؟ أرجو أن تكون بخير. حسنا، هناك شيء لاحظته عندما كنت أترجم محدثاتنا . وهو اسم كاتب سابق ذهب وسألت أخي الكبير إذا كان يستطيع أن يفهم ما كتب، قال لي أنهم يقولون أن الكاتب يقول: "أن ميستي لا تملك أي مشاعر رومانسية أو حب تجاه آش" هل هذا الكلام صحيح؟ :/

Hello and WordPress! how are you? I hope you are fine. Well, there was something I noticed when I translated our updates. It is the name of a former writer who went and asked my older brother if he could understand what he wrote. He told me that they say that the writer says ‘Misty does not have any romantic feelings or love towards Ashe’. Is this true? /

Hey, friend, I’m mostly fine, just exhausted from working a lot of extra hours over the past few months! In translating this ask, I admit I’m not entirely sure what writer you’re talking about. I know that a lot of the fandom has been discussing Takeshi Shudo’s place in the production of the original Pokemon anime though so I’m gonna guess that you might mean him?

Honestly, anti-Pokeshippers have been trying to debunk (as in, prove canonically false) our ship for ages and they like to use Shudo’s opinion of the series/human relationships to do it. It’s true that Shudo was against Ash/Misty being a thing or having romantic feelings for each other, at least according to old interviews and some novelizations [though it’s recently been shared by a fellow member of the Pokeshipping fandom - @taillow-suift - that at least one of Shudo’s novelizations of the anime does directly mention (and somewhat potentially support) the existence of Pokeshipping]. The one thing we need to bear in mind is that Shudo was not the end-all-be-all leader of the Pokemon anime’s production. He was not 100% in charge of the direction the original series went. This means that, while there are things (for instance, Pokeshipping) that he didn’t personally care for, he did not have the power to keep these things from coming to be, and whatever his thoughts on our ship were, there’s still tons of canonical evidence that other members of the anime production team supported the idea of Misty having romantic feelings for Ash (and, arguably, vice versa).

All this being said, I admit I’m definitely not the authority on this matter so I’m going to tag a few other people who seem to be more knowledgeable about it. Please keep an eye out in case they wish to add their opinions/facts to this post, okay?

@zdbztumble, @pokeshipping, @0negirlarmy, @pinkstar375… I tried to tag scrawlers too but their blog doesn’t show up?? Weird. :-/

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I love how open you are to Karamel fans. I fully hate them as a ship, as well as Mon as a character, but I feel so bad about the way they're treated by a lot of our side of the fandom. They're people too and no one deserves death threats, etc. It really upsets me to see that.

Thank you anon and I agree 100% It really does make me sick to see the way some people have been treating each other in this fandom. I have said several times that it is perfectly acceptable to express your feelings and opinions but to respect each other first and foremost.

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fuck boys??? i hadn't heard from my boyfriend in three days so I started uglie cryin because I missed him!! i'm a FIRE SIGN i'm a SA👏GIT👏TAR👏I👏US👏 this isn't supposed to happen? fuck love! every boy can Fuck Off!!!!!!!

i think people keep forgetting that  fire signs can and very much are emotional signs. 

Water signs get a lot of flack for being the ‘emotional signs’ but outwardly ….sometimes they are more contained in the emotions department that fire signs

Fire signs have a lot of passion and with a lot of passion comes a shopping cart full of emotions, anger, happiness, contempt, jealousy, rage, elation….. just because you’re a fire sign doesn’t mean you can’t be over emotional….look @ leos always making things bigger than they actually are, Aries being overly mad and upset over things, Sags being careless with their feelings and only really thinking about themselves

anyways i don’t trust boys so  lmao! on a side note maybe he’s busy? idk but i don’t trust guys in the first place! set your pride aside and talk to him first!


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tips on dealing with suicidal thoughts and depression? kinda not seeing the point of anything nowadays, nothing is worth it tbh cause life is just pointless whenyou think about it

life is not pointless. watch a sunset. look at the stars. go on a drive and listen to music. laugh. theres so many things you have yet to do, yet to see, and memories to be made. you have a full life ahead of you and i know its hard but what youre feeling is temporary. i think you should tell your parents how you feel because depression can be a chemical imbalance in your body, and even though im against medication, theres a lot of different types of treatments that can help you. Im always here if you need anything.