i just have a lot of feelings about this character okay

Okay wow, this chapter is a blessing. I’m super glad we get to see more and more of Tanaka and his relationship to Kanoka including their past. He is an amazing character and it seems like he finally gets the backstory/background information he deserves. 

I really loved that Atsumu talked to Kageyama, although that was expected, and I don’t know, it’s just my feelings, but it’s a little like we’re going to get a setter’s showdown and I AM SO HYPED. Damn, those intense looks… 

Also, Karasuno in their reverse jerseys.. can’t wait to see that animated! And Kageyama being savage as fuck calling Hinata a mandarin, I love him so much omg. 

And Inarizaki is so fucking extra like?! They nearly have a whole orchestra/marching band with them, and they’re all tall and pretty and confident, they have lots of TV interviews, and they are nearly treated like idols?! And they’re wearing pitch-black jerseys…. might heart can’t take this… send help…

what she says: i love freeze your brain

what she means: If you look at Freeze Your Brain at face value, you could easily interperet it as simply about JD’s fixation on 7/11 and his issues oversharing. But it’s really more about a place that feels normal and familiar and safe in a frightening and new situation. It’s easy to overlook this, as a lot of the song is made to be comedic. Take the lines “When mom was alive/we lived halfway normal./Now it’s just me and my dad,/we’re less formal” for example. During the musical, it’s easy to focus more on Veronica freaking out than on JD’s words and their meaning. This is done intentionally, as if to show that JD hides how hurt he is about his mother’s death with other emotions, as many people do. Towards the end, it is shown that JD uses slushies to control a possible self-harm habit and self-destructive thoughts, and that’s when the gravity of the song hits you. Despite sounding light-hearted, Freeze Your Brain is about a teenager trying to hold onto the one place that makes him feel safe and happy no matter where he is. If you consider the possibility that his mother introduced him to 7/11, it’s also about trying to recapture childhood emotions, despite the fact that so many things have changed.

Calling all y’all readers and movie-watchers and fans around:

I’m looking for books and movies and stories, even fanfics, where the main character is friends with the ‘monsters’. Unlikely friendships. Teaming up with the ‘bad guys’ and learning that everyone’s the same and character development.

These are my faaaaavorites because it’s always about having a deep emotional connection with your friends (which my antisocial ass likes) instead of just being friends because of proximity and mutual interests (which my antisocial ass is kinda eh about).

Stuff like Trollhunters:

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Or Dragonheart:

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Or Gargoyles:

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Or A Monster in Paris:

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Or How to Train Your Dragon:

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Or Ninja Turtles:

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Or Alien vs Predator:

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Or Transformers:

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Or Strange Magic:

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If anybody has any suggestions, I’m always a slut for genuine friendship.

Okay so let's talk about Tawog

It’s evolved so much over the years. It’s proven that a show whose main goal was comedy, that it can successfully have a plot line going on in the episode. Taking place in a small town full of various people, the writers successfully touched on almost every character, at least once, all while not completely revolving the episode around Gumball, who still remained center because of being the main character. The show took off a character and then brought said character back (Molly) in an episode that played on the fact that just like the people of Elmore even the audience forgot about her. Then brought in a new character with their own motives and goals. Simply things like their pet turtle remained to larger things such as Penny “breaking out of her shell”. The show breaks the fourth wall at times in a perfect manner. And you can’t tell me you’ve watched a single episode that didn’t make you laugh.

Y'all need appreciate this show more.

Good Things from 3w streams

  • “are we live?”
  • “[person who isn’t here]’s dead. they died.”
  • faust’s cat
  • faust complaining about said cat
  • “okay, chat, your word of the day is…”
  • chat’s flash-memes (Jay Cena, the sexy cave cult, etc.)
  • when someone says something off-the-cuff and jay just howls with laughter
  • jay’s excitement at the prospect of failure
    • “ooh! can my character have this handicap?”
    • *sigh* “fine.”
    • “can i have this other handicap too?”
    • “no, jay. why are you like this.”
  • jay and faust’s constant snarky back-and-forth
  • matt, softly but with a lot of feeling: “oh, no
  • when everyone is laughing so hard they have to take a second to calm down
  • brennan in general
If the YOI characters had Tumblr blogs

- Yuuri ran a fan blog for Viktor anonymously, but it turned into a personal blog when Viktor started coaching him.
- Viktor’s blog was very much a detailed account of his career as a skater. When he stated coaching Yuuri he wasn’t as active, but when he posted it was usually something about Yuuri’s training or pictures of Yuuri and/or Makkachin.
- Yuri’s blog is literally just shitposts and animals. The others expected to be angst but he’s just shitposter. They never let him live it down when they find that out.
- Phichit’s blog is a lot like his instagram except with more really bad memes.
- Look I’m not saying Chris would have a porn blog… Okay that’s exactly Wat I’m saying.
- Georgi has an aesthetic blog that specialises in making you feel heartbroken about an ex you never had. (Not so) vague posts about Anya.
- Leo’s blog would be full of music and inspirational quotes. He would give out lots of advice too on self care and staying happy.
- Guang-Hong’s blog is a kinda aesthetic blog but mostly animals and videos he finds funny. He also posts every single one of Leo’s performances.
- Mila is all about girl power and feminism. Lots of pretty pictures of girls of all shapes and sizes and advice on how to love yourself.
- Do I even need to say that JJ’s blog would be like 1,000,000 selfies?
- Michele and Sala ran one together for a while that talked about their skating career and travels. Sala took it over after a while.
- Try telling yourself that Emil’s blog wouldn’t be pure memes. Because it would be. That boy is a meme.
- Seung Gil Lee probably wouldn’t run a blog, but if he did you bet your ass it would be a tasteful art blog with lots of tastefully naked men.

If anyone wants to add to this or expand then be my guest!!!

okay but like, another thing to add to the list of things im realizing i really like about this anime:

i don’t consume a lot of content that deals with what it’s like to be a parent, and i feel like it’s even more rare to have something explore that sort of ‘found family’ concept, specifically with the main character fitting into the role of a parent? and being reflective about it?

it’s really interesting to see kobayashi kind of fall into the role of a mother, even if it IS for a dragon who’s definitely older than her (technically) and is, really, perfectly capable of taking care of herself. but kanna is still a child in a lot of ways, even if it’s in ways and she still needs a lot of the attention and care a human child might need from a parental figure. 

this new episode, like the entire episode… was just really sweet. i loved exploring that dynamic with kanna and kobayashi. it shows how much she cares for kobayashi’s attention and what it means to her to have it, how much of a child she still is, that even if she’d a dragon she’s still young and has certain needs. and we get to explore what it means for kobayashi to fit into the role of a guardian. she even notes specifically the difference in experiencing an event from the other side, going to a sports festival as the guardian rather than the child participating. 

and she had fun! she didn’t know if she wanted to go, but she knew that it was something she ought to do - for kanna. and she ended up having a good time supporting kanna. it was just really sweet ;w; what a good episode…


So I played the demo of UnderTale and it’s such a cute game :o 

I haven’t been in the best mood so I made this to remind all of you (and myself) that you are filled with determination

Stay Determined~


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Alright, this is my second (my apology gift, really, it’s over 5000 words of fluff) for Shay, in which I attempt to tackle one of her favorite tropes (characters A and B have to stay at a hotel and there’s only one room with one bed)

once again - thanks to @the-musical-alchemist​ for listening to me flip out about how to write this, I appreciate it always, Gio ;-;

I said it already, but I’ll say it again - Shay, you’re one of the greatest people I’ve ever met, simply because of who you are - you’re always kind, passionate, thoughtful, and are extremely talented and witty.  In short, you’re just incredibly wonderful.  Thank you so much for being you, and have the happiest birthday possible.  Hey, now you can rent a car and come visit me!!!

“Are you kidding me,” Roy grumbles, tightening his grasp on his small bag as he stomps his snow-packed boots on the porch of the building.  “Of course Grumman sends us to the most remote town, in the dead of winter, splits up our team, and gets us reservations in what has to be the absolute filthiest looking place I’ve ever seen.”

“Relax, sir,” Riza responds.  She flexes her frozen hands to try to regain feeling in her numb fingertips as she switches her bag from left to right.  “You’ve seen the rest of this town; the entire place just doesn’t have a lot of money.  I’m sure the inside is nicer.”

“Whatever you say, Captain,” he retorts.  Riza sighs at his snarky-tone, but doesn’t challenge him, knowing that the last thing that she needed was to argue with her superior officer when they were both cold, hungry, and exhausted.

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I have a lot of feelings about Logan.

So like Laura was amazing. And I went to the movie knowing it was gonna be her debut and I was not disappointed by it. 

Because it really ends up being Laura’s movie as much as Logan’s and..I’m more than okay with that.

Laura Kinney was my favorite character since her debut in X Men Evolution and I don’t think there are words that can describe what she meant personally to me. Or that anyone would get it. That she was like my favorite character but a girl. ( that was a first for me) That she didn’t understand social protocol just like me. That she spent time isolated and was angry but also yearned to learn so much. That she looked like me. Dark skin and all.

I was 13 when I first saw her promo in X-men Evolution and I flipped my shit. She was my favorite from then on.

 Having her be hispanic and showing that to her the comics mean as much as they did to me at that age was one of the best feelings the movie gave me.

( and when she screams out -in Spanish- “well you expect me to talk to you when you insult me and think I’m stupid” after she spends half the movie nonverbal…well, I felt things. I remembered things. I loved it.)

Logan calling Xavier his father and Laura calling Logan-in a moment of heightened emotion-’daddy’ broke my heart in the best possible way.

I saw the loses coming and in a way, they sort of fit. The entire message of the movie is that time forgives no one. They portrayed that really well in my opinion.

It still broke my heart. The whole movie did.

Wolverine was my first hero.More so because he was the first I related to. We were both born sick, and we both couldn’t do things. We were both very…lucky ( we could talk and had a financially okay household..if not more than that good toys and good lessons and a good home and chronic disabilities aside, nothing to really complain about. The lucky ones never do right? ) Our only friends were maids paid to keep us company and that wound up more lonely than anything. 

We both got so much better and stronger from there.

( I mean..y’know I still have Epilepsy and I didn’t get powers but…well I like to think I do okay )

Seeing time catch up to him was not something I exactly enjoyed. Seeing him reluctantly care about others..show no growth from the loner he starts out being..is also not my favorite part.

It’s like writers refuse to believe people-or rather the characters the make can grow. Logan doesn’t have to be convinced to care about people. Not after he mentored a horde of kidlets alongside Xavier and Beast and Raven if we keep continuity.

Although losing those kidlets might have reverted him. I guess that’s what I chose to believe.

Also going straight to Logan from Apocalypse we never get to see Logan actually join the X-Men…that makes the whole thing feel like it’s missing something.

Although he does change and grow in the movie. So there’s that.

Did I mention that Laura was magnificent? She was. She was the best and brightest. She was everything I wanted and more. I will never shut up about her now. I don’t think I ever could.

The new mutants are all immigrants. All of them fleeing from a place that would see them dead. Refugee children.  And they cross the border to freedom. And that..that is fantastic. They were fantastic. I already love them all. I know their names. They made the movie for me.

The depth to which they explored the weapon x project was…amazing.

The ending was bittersweet for me. I saw it coming but I still question if it had to be that way.

A lot of things felt rushed. Not enough. Could have developed much more. But I guess that’s normal with movies? Never enough time it seems.

Overall the movie did deliver.

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: Why do people always interpret Lady Macbeth as someone who sleeps around or seduces people to get what she wants when there is nothing in the text to support this? Considering how little she thinks of everyone else, why would she have any desire to? Whenever she interacts with anyone other than her husband, she simply pretends to be a polite, docile, unassuming wife because that’s what’s expected of her as a woman in her time period; that’s why she fools everyone for so long (see: the diamond gifted to her). To make her into a femme fatale who seduces everyone completely negates why this deception is so believable in the context of the play. Plus, she doesn’t even have any sort of meaningful conversation with anyone other than her husband, much less something tinged with any sort of sexual undertones. Who would she even sleep with? All of the men (before someone accuses me of possible bi-erasure, I say “men” instead of “men and/or women” because men in this context, due to the time period, have the power and status and therefore could give her what she wants) who have a higher status than her she plans to kill off with her husband. What would she even gain by weaponizing her sexuality against them? And, surely, if she were sleeping with men in power, someone would know?? And probably tell people??? Then, the court would be in the camp of, “No she can’t be queen! She’s a harlot!!!” because that’s how things were. Not to mention the fact that she’s basically the villain deuteragonist of the play (the Villain Protagonist being Macbeth), and, therefore, so we can actually stand to watch her for several hours, needs to have some sort of redeeming quality. She doesn’t ever show any sort of mercy, never enters into a humanizing friendship, doesn’t have a love for animals or children or her family,  or anything else typically used to garner sympathy in fictional works, and, on a surface level, remains pretty unsympathetic until she reveals her guilt (and likely OCD) in her “Out, damn spot!” monologue, which doesn’t even occur until ¾ of the way through the play. The only possible outlet for a redeeming quality for most of the show is her devotion to her husband, which is supported by the fact that SHE IS LITERALLY NAMED “LADY MACBETH,” suggesting that she is her husband’s mirror and defines herself completely by her relationship to him. The interpretation of her as a promiscuous individual, both in the cultural consciousness, and even in some adaptations, makes no sense.

I accidentally answered a question privately just now that I didn’t mean to. OTL

Thankfully I still have the response saved, so I’ll just put it in normal text post form. The question was from tumblr user @bells, and it went like this:

Hello! How do you think things would have been different if Ouma was one of the survivors? In particular, how do you think his relationship with Saihara would have developed? Thank you for all your hard work in writing your meta, it’s been very helpful!

Thank you for asking this! I feel like as one of the characters who’s left an undeniably huge impression on the fanbase, Ouma does provide a lot of potential for one of the most potentially interesting survivors. A lot of people were probably counting on him making it all the way to the end too, although his death in Chapter 5 does make a lot of sense thematically, and from the standpoint of the previous Chapter 5s we’ve seen in dr1 and sdr2.

From this point on I’ll just be covering lots of spoilers for everything in Chapter 5 and onward, so anyone who doesn’t want to get spoiled for endgame points of the game, don’t read past this! (And again, I’m so sorry for accidentally responding on private instead.)

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Okay, so I’ve been seeing a couple posts on how cool an Epic Mickey movie would be, and yeah that’d be TOTALLY awesome, but personally I feel a TV show based on it would work a lot better. There would be SO MUCH potential there, just think about it:

- There’d be more time to go into stuff the games never really did (Like the Blot Wars)

- We’d be able to focus on characters besides Mickey. Imagine whole episodes starring Oswald or the Gremlins.

- A flashback episode about Oswald’s life when he was a star, then when he was forgotten, first arrived in Wasteland and when his resentment towards Mickey began.

- Entire episodes that are based on some of the side quests

- What if they decide to take a cue from EM2 and have songs??? Not just the Mad Doc would sing, but other characters would too.

- Since there’d be more time to do stuff, what if they add in more characters like Franny? Or find a way to incorporate more stuff like that scrapped Alice in Wonderland area.

I don’t know where I’m going with this, I’ve just thinking about Epic Mickey a lot lately and I just want more stuff based on it.

Tips for Writing a Transgender Character

If you’re planning on writing a fanfic/story with a trans character, you might want to read this. If you’re cis and you’re planning on writing a fanfic/story with a trans character, I would quite recommend that you read this. Even if you’re not planning on writing a trans character anytime soon, you could want to read this. These are some things about trans people to keep in mind when you’re writing, brought to you by your local nonbinary emo who is very angry and very desperate for respectful trans representation.

(Okay, seriously, I really would appreciate it if you’d read this because I think it could possibly be very helpful.)

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direboss replied to your post: okay. I’m feeling a lot better today. I have…

I know this is a real touchy spot for fandom because “the writers did it so it’s canon” but…OUT OF CHARACTER. Seriously.

Yup. It was hypocritical what she did. Yes, i completely understand exactly why Emma did each and everything in that argument,I get the fear, the hurt, the walls, the heat of the moment - I think people are very in tune with how Emma thinks and feels. But as someone who likes to also think about where Killian is coming from… I mean she had literally just been hiding her own huge secret from everyone. Yet when her secret came out, she was supported and helped through it. Killian’s secret has just come out and she’s had a go at him, lectured him about them being a team, given him back his ring and basically told him “come back when you’ve figured it out.” How is he expected to lean on her and trust her when she barely ever shows him the same courtesy? And how is he meant to feel when he’s just tod her he was terrified of losing her and everything they have, only to be responded to with the handing back of the ring?

It was his own fears and walls that were keeping him from telling her, his own fears and walls and insecurities telling him that he would lose everything if he came clean… and she sort of proved them right in that moment. 


Even though they’re “on a break” or whatever the fuck people wanna call it, Killian Jones would in no way go through the trouble of actually planning to leave, not while there’s a damn lunatic running around putting a price on Emma’s head. Sorry. If this guy can still stick around back when he was still an outsider, being clearly made to feel unwanted, unwelcome and untrustworthy, and still fought beside them all to defeat Zelena and Pan etc…. there’s no fucking way he’s skipping town, even for a little while when the woman he loves and the family who’ve welcomed him are all in danger. Nope. It’s not happening. 

It just- if you take the ring out of the equation, it genuinely feels like shit they should have argued about back in s4 when they were still new in their relationship and getting to know one another. 

Not when they’ve been to hell and back literally already. This whole thing feels like plastic teen angst after everything they’ve been through before. 

Okay, so...

As the self-appointed “one-woman Lapidot Defense Squad”, I feel the need to speak about the fact that I keep seeing people friendzoning the ship (in our tag, a lot of the time) and/or saying that we’re delusional.

Firstly - what is respecting each other’s opinions?

Secondly - no.


Originally posted by geekylaugifs

Look at this.

Originally posted by giffing-amethyst

Peridot has never looked at anyone else in quite that way before.  It’s very deliberate and lingering - and even continues on after the camera angle changes.  This is no meaningless “micro-expression” which you’d have to pause in order to make out (which can make anyone look like they have a crush on someone, honestly), this is something very important indeed.  It’s very typical of how animated characters look at their crush/love interest/romantic partner, actually…

(Just two of very, very many examples)

It’s in the posture and the hand gestures as much as the facial expression.

Also - look at Lapis!  Look how deeply she blushes.  Why does she have to look away from Peridot?  Whilst the sun comes out and brightens the scene, at that?

Since then, they’ve obviously been living together, and get closer every time we see them.

From a narrative point of view, why would they stop living together in this way?  That’s right - they wouldn’t!  As I’ve said before, it’d be bad storytelling to split them up now.  All that build up to just tear it back down?  Nah.  There’s also the small matter of the “meep morp” book and the 2018 calendar - which both depict Peridot and Lapis standing outside the barn together.  So clearly, their relationship is important enough to feature in official merchandise now.  They’re also going to be in some of the upcoming comics together.  Almost as if… I dunno… we’re supposed to associate Peridot with Lapis, and Lapis with Peridot?  Notice that they’re not being depicted with any other Gems - it’s just the two of them.

They’ve also been shown to be in amazing harmony with each other in the show, such as…

Originally posted by ms-paint-peridot

…by perfectly mirroring each other’s facial expressions and by Peridot just knowing that Lapis would high-five her…

Originally posted by i-gwarth

…by having a sense of humour that only they understand (which is very typical of romantic couples)…

Originally posted by musical-gopher

Originally posted by roses-fountain

…by helping and supporting each other (this is no one-sided relationship)…

Originally posted by giffing-lazuli

Originally posted by ditto132

…by having shared interests and doing things together as a pair…

Originally posted by entediadoateamorte

…by raising a “child” together (I mean, really, Peridot’s even trying to teach him to speak, and he’s been referred to as “a new addition to [the Lapidot] family”)…

Originally posted by musical-gopher

…and just by being so genuinely happy and relaxed around each other.

There’s plenty of evidence for this ship - and even if we don’t get canon confirmation in the end, it’s obvious enough at this point for us to draw the conclusion that they will, in fact, become a couple.  Even casual viewers who I know (who aren’t a part of the fandom or anything) have been saying it’s “blatant”.  If their relationship stays as-is, and they’re still living together at the barn away from the other Gems when the show ends, then as far as I’m concerned we’ve basically sailed.

this has probably been said before by other people but i can’t get over how in rogue one, cassian keeps coming back for jyn

like she is a character who has twice been abandoned by the people she cared about, has learned that she can only depend on herself because other people are only going to leave her. 

and don’t get me wrong, i’m not underemphasising the importance of the whole squad - having bodhi, baze and chirrut with her and their support is definitely important. but there’s also cassian, who comes back for her every time, at first just because it’s the right thing to do and he’s a good guy but by the end he’s dragging himself almost back from the dead because he is not going to leave her

anonymous asked:

Hey I love your blog! I really wanna write a book with black characters but I don't want it about them being black. Like I don't want it to be about them struggling with race or drugs or gangs. I just want the characters to be black bc i feel like they're aren't enough black YA books. Any ideas on what it could be about?

Hey! This is really interesting and I don’t want to say the wrong thing as I’m mixed race- I almost have a take on both sides, but don’t want anyone to think I’m being rude! Okay, so I’ve seen a lot of posts circulating the internet about how white people shouldn’t be allowed to write from a black persons POV seeing as they haven’t experienced racism. In someways agree and other ways I really disagree. Having a strong lead character who is one of a minority can be empowering, but at the same time people can become critical. I think maybe what you want to do is have a storyline like any other, just replace the usual stereotype of having the lead character being white (or us assuming) and openly telling the reader of their nationality. It is difficult to get things like this right, there will always be people who disagree with you and yes, it hurts, but it’s your writing and you can do pretty much what you like (within reason of course!). 

I thought you might want to check out this post to tune your ideas for a plot? If not, be sure to message me so we can chat it through! I’d love to hear from you :) Good luck, lots of love from Yasmine xox

The thing about The Good Fight is that it’s a really good show. It’s well written. It’s clever. My only quarrel with it is how it’s handling Maia x Amy. 

Now, I should clarify this couple has been treated very, very respectfully when they are shown. They feel authentic. They don’t feel like props or accessories. They feel real, and they’re written well. 

My problem is the lack of screentime. 

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