i just have a lot of feelings about him okay

If the YOI characters had Tumblr blogs

- Yuuri ran a fan blog for Viktor anonymously, but it turned into a personal blog when Viktor started coaching him.
- Viktor’s blog was very much a detailed account of his career as a skater. When he stated coaching Yuuri he wasn’t as active, but when he posted it was usually something about Yuuri’s training or pictures of Yuuri and/or Makkachin.
- Yuri’s blog is literally just shitposts and animals. The others expected to be angst but he’s just shitposter. They never let him live it down when they find that out.
- Phichit’s blog is a lot like his instagram except with more really bad memes.
- Look I’m not saying Chris would have a porn blog… Okay that’s exactly Wat I’m saying.
- Georgi has an aesthetic blog that specialises in making you feel heartbroken about an ex you never had. (Not so) vague posts about Anya.
- Leo’s blog would be full of music and inspirational quotes. He would give out lots of advice too on self care and staying happy.
- Guang-Hong’s blog is a kinda aesthetic blog but mostly animals and videos he finds funny. He also posts every single one of Leo’s performances.
- Mila is all about girl power and feminism. Lots of pretty pictures of girls of all shapes and sizes and advice on how to love yourself.
- Do I even need to say that JJ’s blog would be like 1,000,000 selfies?
- Michele and Sala ran one together for a while that talked about their skating career and travels. Sala took it over after a while.
- Try telling yourself that Emil’s blog wouldn’t be pure memes. Because it would be. That boy is a meme.
- Seung Gil Lee probably wouldn’t run a blog, but if he did you bet your ass it would be a tasteful art blog with lots of tastefully naked men.

If anyone wants to add to this or expand then be my guest!!!

Headcanon that Yurio tries to cook pirozhki bc he wants to give them to his grandpa but fails numerous time and it’s getting pretty stressed about it when Otabek calls him to hang out, Yurio accepts bc at least he’ll be away from the kitchen and all the failures. While they’re hanging out Otabek notices Yurio is more angry than usual and asks him what’s going on, Yurio says it’s none of his business so Otabek it’s just like “…okay” and decides to just leave it like that. He knows that Yurio will tell him when he’s ready. So after a couple hours Yurio opens up and tells Otabek about the kitchen situation. Otabek just goes “uhm, i see” but that’s all of it. Until the next morning, when he randomly appears in front of Yurio’s door with bags of ingredients and when Yurio’s about to close the door in his face, he asks why did he even bother to come so Otabek says “it looked like it was pretty important for you, besides, i seem to have more patience for this stuff than you” and Yurio’s scolding himself in his mind and using all his self control not to kick him right in the face, but he leaves Otabek in and they start reading a bunch of recipes online while Yurio’s trying to remember the way his grandpa did them. It took them a couple tries and many frustrated rants from Yurio but after a whole day in the kitchen they made a pretty good imitation of Yurio’s Grandpa’s Pirozhki. “These are really good, Yuri” “I know, right? But they’re not as good as my grandpa’s!! Just wait until you try them!” “Are you inviting me to Moscow?” “Uh—”

just imagine Harry getting to know the whole queer culture at Hogwarts through Ginny.

“so I was dating Parvati for a while,” Ginny says, “after Lavender broke up with her. But obviously that didn’t work out because Lavender and Parv will always end up together.”

Harry’s eyes widen. “WAIT,” he blurts out, “they’re dating?????”

Ginny stares at him. “Obviously. They’ve been dating for three years.”

Harry is stunned. Ginny cannot believe that Harry doesn’t know this. 

“Are you sure it’s okay that you’re telling me this?” Harry asks cautiously.

Ginny rolls her eyes. “Harry. Literally the whole school knows about it. It’s not a secret.”

“Then of course it didn’t work out with Dean, for obvious reasons,” Ginny continues.

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About Even's feelings for Isak.

Okay so, I have seen A LOT of people bashing Even lately. Those people kept saying that he just played with Isak or that he just used him and never had any real feelings for him. So I decided to make a post about why those people are absolutely WRONG. Enjoy !!

  • Even constantly getting jealous whenever Isak is with Emma. (for example: when Isak & Emma make out at the party in Episode 3 and Even immediately sits down next to them & stops their make out session) 
  •  The fact that Even is deadass looking at Isak like he is the most important person on the planet. And honestly, those looks cannot lie.
  • Even staying at Isak’s and them just cuddling and talking and making out and just being soft™. I don’t think Even would do all of that if he was just “playing around”.
  • Even ignoring Sonja’s calls when he’s at Isak’s. Don’t think he’d do that either if it wasn’t serious with him.
  • Even saying “Can’t I just stay in here with you FOREVER?” I mean, he fucking said forever. FOREVER. Not for a day or until next Wednesday. No. He said forever. He felt safe and good when he was just lying around with Isak. I personally think that sentence means a lot.
  • Even talking about dating and about meeting eachother’s parents, etc. That’s stuff you only talk about when you are serious about being with someone. 
  • Even complimenting Isak and just being affectionate with him (even at school I mean ??? They both didn’t care about anything else but eachother)

I don’t know about you, but it couldn’t be more obvious that Even actually does have REAL and SERIOUS feelings for Isak. I don’t get how people can say otherwise.

it seems that some people can’t make sense of the moment in which jaha drinks by jaspers side (it’s an unsual duo, for sure), but given the first scene they have shared together in the beginning it actually makes absolute sense? because if you look at things from the point in which jasper quotes Dr. Seuss and then leaves - smiling - you get a sense of how his mindset is affecting jaha. that’s how he ends up in the bar. he starts to embrace the “way” jasper has found for himself, so he sticks close to the one person who has given him that chance.

the thing is that the scene with jasper and jaha (both outside and inside of arkadia) didn’t surprise me at all, because this is nothing new.

remember when jaha had to tell the ark citizens in 1x12 how they have only 51 hours left on the ark before they would all die? how he told one of the women who asked him “what do we do now?” to “look inside, find your peace” because he had been so sure that this is their end and wanted them to embrace peace before they would all be gone? how he basically wanted to release all available resources because again, they would all die anyway? I love that entire scene, because when jaha dismisses the people, kane stays in the room and tells him that he still wants to find a solution to which jaha simply responds:

which then leads us to this scene

i always thought that “the baton” is a nice little detail in this moment, because you know that when jaha drinks, he has given up. it shows you how completely resigned he his to his own fate now. he makes the active choice to stop trying and decides to be with wells and drink for the last remaining hours in order to find a sense of peace and embrace that before he dies and can rest for good.

so, as heavy as it sounds, there is absolutely something liberating about the entire scene when you look at things from jaha’s perspective, because now he can just lay back and “be”, after trying so hard to do good by his people.

but here is my deal with the entire scene overall: the bottle creates a very great contrast to the home movie that he watches. the fascinating thing about all this is that “the baton” distracts you from the big twist that will happen in this moment, which is that he will find something in the home movie that will change the entire game. i think of the bottle as a metaphor in which jaha has bottled up all the faith and hope he once had, but lost after he found out about his son’s death and now wants to drink away, unlike kane who still wants to re-run simulations because he still believes there is a chance. the home movie of clarke and wells in contrast though (two characters who are heavily tied to the theme of hope) is what catapults jaha to find the bits and pieces of hope he thought he had lost.

its the home movie of wells “alive” that creates a clear cut from the bottle, because it gives jaha something to hold onto that could save the people on the ark. in many ways, and i’m kind of drifting here, its a very intense moment in which the writers show us that jaha has always, deep down, believed in the legacy of the 100, because its these kids (his son); these kids who have shown resilience like no one else that stop his act of emotional disclosure and make him stand up again. now the ball is in his court, with regards to him too, and he needs to decide what to do with the information he literally just got slapped with.

in the end he gives everyone a huge piece of hope back.

and we see something similar happen in 4x06

this time it’s monty who shakes him out of it. and i know, some people think that monty mentioning wells came out of nowhere, but i honestly love every bit of this moment because it’s monty who reminds jaha of the palpable force that his son is to him (grace note: monty was there when murphy got blamed for wells’s death and he says “your son would be ashamed” while jaha drinks - he almost chokes). wells, the one person in jaha’s life who has always repesented the quicksilver of hope that he was able to find in the masses of a chaotic audience. every bit of this interaction is so incisive, nuanced and coherent - it makes things fit together into a meaningful and rich whole in jaha’s arc imo.

so, while jasper on some fundamental level represents what “the baton” represented for jaha back in season 1 - embracing life until the end comes - it’s monty who functions as something similar to the home video - finding another way. that’s one of the many things you can take out of this scene: the clear contradicting mindsets in how to deal with doomsday. on another note, i literally heard wells say “our people still need you” in this scene, because if there is one person who actually understands the nature of his people it is jaha. that’s why monty came to him in the first place, because (as he has experienced in 4x04) jaha understands something about humanity that some others don’t.

that is essentially why his last scene is immense too, because he doesn’t only help ilian from dying, but also stops his people from becoming murderers. (the fact that he repeats the line “from the ashes we will rise” says a lot too since it seems to be a line that very abstractly tied to the theme of hope as well).

so all in all, i think the connection made between jasper and jaha here creates something that we are all too familiar with and therefore can easily connect.

Can we just stop for a minute and think in Dirk’s reaction when he sees for the first time Todd having a attack of pararibulitis?

He’ll probably stand in shock not knowing what’s going on because - obviously - Todd didn’t tell him about his condition after he came back. He was going to start trying to calm Todd by talking to him softly, but when he notices that nothing was working, Dirk would call Amanda with his hands shaking as he took Todd in his arms, stroking Todd’s back as Todd held his arms tightly as if his life depended on it.

By the time Amanda shows up at Todd’s apartment, she finds them on the living room floor, Todd clinging to Dirk while Dirk talks to Todd desperately as he cries.

okay but let me wonder about Baze Malbus

because I want to know HISTORY. I want to know his past, his experiences, and most of all I want to know what his breaking point was.

What was the moment when he became a skeptic, when this guy who Chirrut claims was the most devoted of them all decided the the Force wasn’t on his side anymore?

He was a temple guardian just like Chirrut, but by the time we meet him, he’s downright cynical. And like, he’s still a nice guy (to people who deserve it) (namely to people that Chirrut trusts) but he’s jaded and has decided to take his fate into his own hands.

And I want to know what exactly it was that made him go from devoted to skeptic, what caused such a drastic change.

I mean, it’s not exactly hard to guess, it might have even just been a steady stream of events. He was a guardian of the temple, dedicated to keeping it safe, but then the Empire had different plans. Suddenly his home world is under occupation, there are Stormtroopers around every corner, and there’s barely a temple to guard.

Maybe he followed the Force, and then realized that sometimes the Force will let even the most devoted fall by the wayside. Sometimes the Force fails to provide the protection that everyone insists comes with belief.

So Baze takes up his own protection, this massive heavy repeater cannon, because if the Force isn’t going to do anything about it, then he’ll find a way to protect what matters himself.

Because I’m sure it’s not just his circumstances that jaded him.

It’s watching Chirrut, this man who believes and loves so fiercely (this man who Baze loves so fiercely), get dumped into the gutter. Chirrut who continues to put every ounce of his faith in the Force, who’s half a step away from being a Jedi himself, being made to live off scraps.

If the Force is with anyone, it would be Chirrut, and look how much it helped him when the Imperial occupation started.

“I protected you,” because if he keeps striding into danger like that, trusting only in this Force that has yet to really help them so far, one day Baze won’t be there to protect him.
“No Jedi here – only dreamers,” because if there were Jedi these days, there’s no doubt Chirrut would be one of them, and Jedi do not live on the streets in the shadow of a temple that once celebrated them.

and then they’re being slaughtered on a beach, and somehow Chirrut strides through blaster-fire aimed directly at him, somehow gets to the switch, somehow this tiny squad of rebels keeps pulling off the impossible and getting the next chance even as so many of them fall
but this time Chirrut doesn’t come back.

And for the first time in who knows how long, Baze prays.

He looks for the Force, strides back into his faith with guns blazing, because maybe they aren’t protected from every set of circumstances, but under different ones they wouldn’t be here, Chirrut wouldn’t have flipped that switch, and the cause might have died right there.
He looks for the Force, and he’s able to look back and smile before the grenade goes off because he’ll see Chirrut again.
And maybe when he does, he’ll grudgingly admit that a bit of blind faith can go a long way.

My 1st Organic Chemistry Professor

Because, like my classical mythology prof, she’s great.

“Salt and water are like me and Justin Timberlake. If I get close enough to Justin, you’re not getting me off of him alone, like two ions. But if Justin has about 12 bodyguards that surround me, whether I like it or not, I won’t be with Justin.”

“Atoms just have a lot of feelings, okay?”

“Alright, so the hybrid looks kind of like a fat balloon.”

“So you’re gonna be drawing things again that don’t exist today, and I know, you’re probably thinking, ‘Stop doing that!’”

“Heaven forbid a man do something and not name it after himself.”

“It’s like me and Justin Timberlake, we’re super attracted to each other. Don’t doubt that, it’s true.”

“This is the only time I’m going to say that in order to solve the problem, you need to first drop some acid. Otherwise, doing acid isn’t a solution, it’s a problem.”

Rapper Tablo opens up about his close relationship with his adorable daughter Haru.

In the November edition of Esquire magazine, Tablo shares about the difficult times he was able to endure thanks to his wife Kang Hye Jung and Haru. He reveals, “I haven’t lost sight of how much Haru has grown. When we’re together, she feels like a friend. Sometimes I even forget that she is my daughter. I think she forgets it too.”

He continues, “There are a lot of times when she just feels like a young, close friend. Honestly. This has been one of those things they say to be thankful for even in difficult times.

He shares about how caring Haru is towards him, even late at night. “There have been times when I’ll be sleeping at night and Haru will come to wake me up,” Tablo reveals. “If I ask what’s wrong, she’ll just ask if I’m okay. And then she’ll go back to sleep. There have been several times like that.


Okay but how much more feelsy would that scene of “Your friend desperately wants to see you” had been if it was Lance instead of Shiro. I mean, it was good with Shiro there and we learned a lot about their relationship and how Keith fears losing him (I see them as brothers), all that good stuff.



If Lance was there, too.

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I think one of the things I love most about “Smarkle” is that no one really saw it coming. Before Isadora was introduced I’m sure a lot of us were kind of just like “okay, let’s see which friend he ends up with.” Most of which were leaning towards Riley because they seemed to interact more.

But then PLOT TWIST they introduce a brand new character, one who actually reciprocates romantic feelings for him, one who matches (and in my bias opinion exceeds) his intelligence, one who challenges him in the best way.

 They bonded over more than just their love of knowledge, and it wasn’t superficial or surface level. It’s like they were made for each other.

I just don’t get why people don’t like them together.

But imagine Cullen Rutherford finding out he’s going to be a father. 

Cullen, who, if you had asked him a year ago, would have said he didn’t want children. Not because he doesn’t–Maker, does he–but because he can’t imagine any woman would want his children. Doesn’t think he deserves that happiness. 

Cullen, who would be so afraid of hurting them or breaking them, because that’s what he’s been trained to do his entire life–to bash, and crush,and kill. 

Cullen, who thinks himself too broken and filled with horrors to be around something so innocent. How could he comfort his child when they have nightmares, when he still wakes screaming? 

But then the woman he loves tells him, cheeks flushed and eyes bright, that she’s with child, his child. And she’s so happy and excited that he feels himself become excited, and finds himself smiling at the prospect of teaching them–boy or girl–how to fight with sword and shield. 

And a few months after that, when his love suddenly takes his hand during a war council meeting and puts it over her belly, so he can feel their baby kicking. He almost starts crying right then at the feeling. How could he have ever been afraid of hurting them? He realizes he would give his life for his child and their mother, who, he thinks, has never been so beautiful as now, when she’s full and ripe with life. 

And then a few more months after that, she’s screaming and cursing like a sailor while old women try to keep him from their chambers. But who would dare stop the Commander of the Inquisition? He takes the steps three at a time and suddenly he’s there–holding her hand and kissing her brow. She’s still swearing, but the fear has gone out of her eyes.

Imagine Cullen holding his child for the first time while his love sleeps. Holding them and talking to them–not nonsense, but introducing himself and promising to keep them safe, no matter what. 

I’m your father, Cullen. I’ll always be here to take care of you, my little one. 

okay, but just imagine victor and yuuri practising for that duet together. imagine yuuri falling when trying a quad, and victor rushing over to help and yuuri just pulls him down until they’re giggling on the ice. imagine victor getting lost in holding yuuri and forgetting the next step just to hold him against his chest for a little longer. imagine them teasing each other when they make a mistake or just sneaking kisses and tickles and hugs in as they practice. and then imagine them getting totally in the zone when they need to be and perfecting it, and ending up panting and staring at one another in their finishing pose and just silently taking in how much they love each other. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about Tom not having emotional support at home. So when he’s sad he goes to Marco and just breaks down. And even with Marco there he feels so alone. But then Marco gives him hugs and kisses and tells him it’s okay. And Star hears her friend crying so she comes in with cereal and sets up a picnic on the floor of Marco’s room. And she called Janna and said Tom was sad, and that’s all she needed to hear before she ran over with video games and the four of them played together for the rest of the day.

Okay but think about it

I’m sure Jughead already thinks he’s not good enough for Betty so he doesn’t want her to think any less of him because of his family.

He’s homeless because his dad fell off the wagon, his dad is a Serpent and he’s afraid that if Betty knows these things she might not want to be with him. He’s worried that has going to lose the one good thing he has in his life at the moment. Basically he doesn’t think he deserves her.

But he really, really does.

okay but hear me out

 Crowley telling Aziraphale he loves him 

but without really thinking about it, and then freezing on the spot and trying his damnedest not to start blushing furiously when Aziraphale responds

maybe he gets a nosebleed or something because it’s so undemonic, idk

but then gradually he gets more comfortable with it and gets less awkward about saying it, and he doesn’t say it all the time, but just in the little moments when it matters most

Crowley just learning how to be affectionate and finding that he enjoys it??and that it’s super undemonic and all but he kinda doesn’t wanna stop??


Crowley telling and showing Aziraphale that he loves him okay

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no but okay imagine that in college, mike’s height is around 6′1″ and will’s is around 5′7″

mike playfully making fun of will’s height all the time with stuff like

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Okay but like while I like seeing everyone concerned for Minkowski and Dominic, what about the fact that Eiffel has to come to terms with the fact that his daughter thinks he’s dead? To her, he got her into an accident and disappeared to go into space and died. There’s no redemption, no apologies, no things get better. He’s dead to her. And Minkowski tells Eiffel in a very blunt and angry tone (which I don’t blame her for, as she must be panicked and everything) that he’s dead to everyone that he knew back home and Eiffel has to deal with that bombshell that was just dropped into his lap with no warning.

Okay, so I feel like as much as Shiro would totally hate the “you’re six, Shiro” stuff and argue about it (but maybe go along with it depending on who is doing the teasing or the context) but I suddenly thought of maybe that could come in handy? Like a Druid curses him so that he’ll die by his twenty-sixth birthday, and he accepts it without blinking an eye. And after, everyone’s freaking out because, “Shiro, you don’t have a lot of time” and Shiro’s just like “Nah, it’s cool, I’ll probably be dead before my twenty-sixth birthday anyway” and everyone’s like “Shiro, now is not the time for your nihilistic sense of humor” and that’s when the whole team finds out he’s a leap year baby. So if he were to actually make it to his thirtieth birthday, his body would be over 100 years old. Of course, this horrifies the Alteans on a number of levels, one being the Leap Year thing and the other being how short human life spans are. But since the Druid’s curse was very specific, Shiro lives well past his thirties and is really pleased with himself. This particular Druid then spends many years confused and trying to figure out what went wrong with their spell.