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Avatar: The Last Airbender AU (or even just headcanons, because the Host is Toph and no one can tell me otherwise)

(*internal screaming* My time has finally come!!)

Host as Toph makes my heart so happy that I’m actually about to shed a tear!

Bim as Aang most definitely.

Amy as Katara is also just so perfect that it hurts.

Wilford as Sokka even though Warfstache would be an excellent firebender.

BUT I refuse to have Darkiplier represent my beautiful sunflower child Zuko (Dark would be Azula and you know it).

So I’d say Mark as Zuko. I feel like post-redemption arch Zuko is a lot like Mark, and plus, Amy is Katara and ZUTARA SHOULD’VE BEEN A THING AND NO ONE CAN TELL ME OTHERWISE!!! (this is why I don’t discuss ATLA…)


Yes, I think part of this (ok a lot of this) is me projecting onto his character with my bitterness at a failed schooling system, but I don’t care, so give me tiny little Grantaire who loves school.

He’s a nerd that begged his parents for books upon books of French history and Greek/Roman mythology—which were the bedtime books his parents would read to him when he was still too young to go to school. He goes into his first day of school knowing almost as much as students twice his age. Give me petit Grantaire who can quote Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde and Victor Hugo through his missing front teeth.

Give me petit Grantaire going to school, and his hand shoots up before the teacher even finishes the question—so proud that he knows all the answers. It reaches the point where the teacher tells him to put his arm down so the other students have a chance to answer.

Petit Grantaire who isn’t the best at making friends because he’s too blunt, too sarcastic, too, well, Grantaire. Petit Grantaire who always tries but somehow can’t find anything to talk about with the other kids (turns out not a lot of other kids are interested in his intense knowledge of history, mythology, and literature).

Grantaire who’s always been top of the class, and as he grows up not much has changed.

Until grades start to really matter.

And Grantaire is smart—like, really smart—so people realize this.  And they use it to help themselves.

They see this kid desperate for a friend, so they “befriend him” before tests and homework assignments and class projects. And Grantaire doesn’t question it because he’s just so happy he finally has friends—friends who talk to him about what interests him! And yeah, what interests him is basically what is on the homework, but hey, at least they want to talk to him. And why wouldn’t he want to help his new friends.

But despite his new “friends” he still never gets texts, never gets invited to things—but what hurts even worse is when they cast him aside after they get the grade they need.

After a while he learns to hate school, to hate the people that have only ever used him for a grade, to hate the schooling system that brought this upon him (French or American, they’re both really fucked up so put him in which country you want)—he learns to hate the world.

So he becomes the cynic.

He gets by as he finishes his pre-university schooling, but he stops trusting people. He eats his lunches in the library, or the art room, or the instrument practice room, or even classrooms of old teachers who still like him. He starts having to deal with the mental illness that comes from being manipulated like this and having to try to block out that little voice that still tells him he’ll never have friends if his grades aren’t perfect. 

And then, his grades are no longer perfect and he slowly stops raising his hand in class, starts hating himself even more because of it, but always puts on a front that he doesn’t care. And he comes to terms with the fact that he will never have real friends.

Grantaire, who meets Joly and Bossuet in his first day of university and somehow immediately becomes their friends. They aren’t in any of his classes because they’re all in different majors, but this is new for Grantaire, because for once in his life his friends don’t depend on the grades he gets—for once in his life there are people who will love him no matter what grades he gets. He slowly learns to trust them, but of course he’s still the cynic his past made him into. But he’s happy now–genuinely happy. He makes jokes with them, hangs out with them, and even texts them random memes and pictures that made him think of them.

After a while, they convince him to join their political group on campus, and because they’re Grantaire’s friends (god, that feels so good—friends) he finally says yes.

And you can bet that Les Amis are working hard to change the schooling system as a part of their other focuses, and maybe Grantaire doesn’t think they can—thinks he’s too fucked up and nothing is going to save others from following in his wake—but maybe he still takes comfort in being able to talk to other people who have been just as fucked over by the system as he has. 

And maybe, just maybe, he starts to realize that he can make real friends after all.

Little Ham Man (Small!Hamilsquad x Reader) Part 15

A/N: If the format is off I’m so sorry I typed up all of this on my iPad (I’ll edit it later!)

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You laughed nervously, looking at the boys. They were all staring at Jenny, wide-eyed. Thomas was frowning, a sneer on his lips. How in the world could you tell her that she was right? I mean, did it even make any logical sense?

“I can explain, Jen,” You started, not actually knowing how you were going to explain this. Jenny nodded, waiting for you to continue.

But of course, one of the boys had to interrupt the peaceful conversation.

“You know, it’s polite to apologize at this point in a conversation,” Thomas said, looking at Jenny. You sighed, sitting on the stool.

Here it comes.

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Love Potion

Day One

8:24 AM

This is so not worth the hundred bucks I’m getting paid to do this. I hate you Gus. I fucking hate you. Now for the serious part of this ‘scientific’ journal.

My name is Brian Vance. I’m seventeen years old and a junior in high school. I’m a virgin (is this really necessary Gus) and I’ve never been on a date in my life. The closest I got to a date was to asking my eighth grade crush on a date. She said yes, but stood me up. Who’s surprised?

Gus Katsoros is the 'scientist’ who concocted the 'Love Potion’. It comes in a cologne and drinkable form, supposedly helps you secrete natural pheromones to attract the opposite sex. I am one of three guys using both the cologne and the drink. I will be using the cologne and drinking one ounce of the Love Potion before I go to school, and at night will be drinking another ounce of the Love Potion before I go to bed. I’ll be doing that, now.

Ugh! Gus. If you’re going to label something a 'Love Potion’, don’t make it taste like mud. For the final product, for the love of god, add some honey or sugar. Hell, high fructose corn syrup, whatever gets the job done! Just don’t. Make it taste like dirt. The cologne ain’t so bad though. Smells like it tastes, which it makes a much better scent than taste. Off to school.

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Hey hey hey on this day of love, what do you think Les Amis first reactions to Montparnasse were, then how they feel when he becomes Jehan's significant other??

Hey sorry to bother you but if you have a spare minute, basically, I’d always imagined Montparnasse to be quite reluctant to get to know Les Amis and then like a year later he realises he’s gained a whole family or something! I was just wondering what your head canons are about Montparnasse being introduced to Les Amis in a modern au? Like how did it happen? And what were their reactions? Thank you! ✨

I mean, the thing with Montparnasse is that he works on appearance a lot. He likes to be perceived a certain way. He wants to be that fancy, drop-dead gorgeous, aloof guy with a cool and mysterious attitude, and crafts himself pretty meticulously. Jehan got a glimpse behind the curtain and discovered much more than that under the surface, but that’s not everyone’s case.

And since Montparnasse is awfully proud, it’s not like he wants to get to know people who already dislike him, right?

  • Grantaire was the first to meet Montparnasse, way before Jehan did. Well, technically, Eponine was the first to meet Parnasse, but that’s a different story. The three of them form quite a chaotic trio and Grantaire would bump into Montparnasse in bars or nightclubs. A fine fellow for mischief. But then again, Grantaire’s standards have never been that high
  • Enjolras, Combeferre, and Courfeyrac were perhaps the least chill with Jehan dating Parnasse, because they were extremelly worried. Montparnasse’s reputation isn’t exactly spotless. They probably gave multiple “they make their own choices but still if you hurt them” speeches. They came around, eventually. Especially one day after Courfeyrac caught Jehan and Montparnasse cooing to each other and being cute, which wasn’t a word Courf would ever have associated with Montparnasse, but whatever. A weird status quo ensued.
  • Joly and Bossuet were very chill about the whole affair. Joly has no beef with anyone, and they trust Jehan to know what they’re doing. Bossuet likes giving people chances. They were very welcoming of Montparnasse whenever they’d see him, much to Parnasse’s confusion. Joly once gave him special honey for his throat in winter and that thoroughly fucked him up because Montparnasse hates being in debt to anyone. “It was a gift, chaton.” “I don’t care, what can I give him back to settle that debt?”
  • Feuilly knew Montparnasse from foster care and actually went to have a talk with him. He’s always had a fondness for Parnasse when they were kids, but it’s Jehan he’s talking about. They’re his friend. They have to make sure there’s no funny business going on. (There isn’t)
  • Bahorel was introduced to Montparnasse after his fist had come in close contact with Parnasse’s jaw. Long story short: Jehan and Montparnasse were making out in a back alley near the Musain. Bahorel thought Jehan was getting mugged and punched the guy. Turns out it was Jehan’s boyfriend. And they were just kissing

As months and even years passed, Montparnasse became a weird staple around les Amis, sort of “there by also not there” individual, catching himself laughing to Courfeyrac’s jokes in spite of himself and attending parties of people he swears aren’t his friends but sort of are, and sort of matter to him in a strange way

The Big Bang Theory: “The Locomotion Reverberation” Review


My Top Ten Thoughts on The Big Bang Theory, Season 10, Episode 15:

10. I’m not a big fan of the opener, to be honest. Why aren’t they supportive of Sheldon wanting to make the device even smaller? Wouldn’t that open the possibility for more money from the government. I thought it was a little tiring to see Leonard and Howard being so cold to Sheldon. I want friendly Howard and Leonard with Sheldon!

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9. Oh my gosh, that Leonard and Sheldon hug, though! PRECIOUS!! Any time Sheldon hugs someone, it’s magical.

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8. Okay, so Halley’s cry is still funny, I don’t care what anyone says. I lost it when Penny turned off the baby monitor and the cries were actually louder!

7. Sheldon being super excited about the Train Trip is about like me prepping for any anime convention…how can anyone not love Sheldon when he’s excited?! I get Amy getting overwhelmed, but still…happy Sheldon!

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6. Of COURSE the government wants the smaller system that Sheldon was working on! There you go, Howard and Leonard! That’s karma for you!

5. I wish Raj and Stuart wouldn’t argue! Why can’t they get along like they did that one time? Come on, writers…quit having them fight and be the adorable godfather pair they are!?

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4. “I may have just left my infant with Patrick and Spongebob.”
     HA! Sassy Bernadette is the best Bernadette.

3. That said, it was really sad seeing the three of them sobbing in a bookstore parking lot. Why should Penny feel pressured to have a kid?! Why should Amy feel pressured?! I do agree that some of the “young magic” has changed from seasons past, but I would like for them to do fun things instead of just complain about adulthood.

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2. “Hello?! I have a girlfriend; I’m already King of the Train Store.” Can we all just appreciate how even when he’s subtle and nonchalant, he can be so sweet with lines like this? Bravo, Sheldon! Damn straight, King of the Train Store!

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1. Okay, okay…I’m not panicking about that train scene…not panicking…not….panic…king….OH. MY. FANGIRLING. SELF.



I’ll probably find one as soon as I post this. Let’s just say, afterwards, I was:

The Right Time To Say It

Beca Mitchell was in love with Chloe Beale. It just wasn’t so simple for Beca to tell Chloe. They’ve been best friends for two years. Telling Chloe how she felt would change absolutely everything. Beca didn’t know if she was ready for that.

Beca couldn’t really pinpoint the moment she fell for the redhead. Maybe it was at one of the many parties they went to when she would watch Chloe dance so freely. Maybe it was during one of the many times Chloe managed to make her smile despite how upset or frustrated she was that day. Maybe she had always had feelings for the girl since the day they met. Which sounds so corny that Beca actually winced at that thought.

But whenever it happened, Beca tried to tell herself it was crazy to have feelings for her best friend. She could hide it for the rest of her life as far as she was concerned.

Except she couldn’t.

Beca was currently held up in her room working on a mix. She just couldn’t get anything right with it. She took her headphones off and sighed. The only thing she could think of was Chloe and she just couldn’t work like that. Her mind kept going to the night before. They had one of their many tv show binges. The credits were rolling at the end of the seventh episode they had watched.

Finally Beca couldn’t take it anymore.

“Chloe listen. There’s something I’ve got to get off my chest” Beca rolled over to look at the redhead and saw she was fast asleep.

“Damnit” Beca sighed. She would try again tomorrow.

Except she didn’t.

She woke up to an empty bedroom. She went down the stairs and saw that Chloe was dressed pretty nicely.

“What’s the occasion?” Beca asked smirking. There probably wasn’t a reason. Chloe always dressed nicely.

“Tom asked to have coffee with me” Chloe smiled brightly, like it was the best thing that could happen.

“Oh” Beca released a huge breath she had been holding at hearing the name Tom.

He was Chloe’s on and off again boyfriend the past two years. Beca was hoping they were finally finished when about a month ago she came home to Chloe eating out of a tub of ice cream and crying her eyes out while watching The Notebook. Tom had called it off to be with some other girl.

“Chloe you can’t seriously be thinking about getting back together with that douche” Beca said trying so hard to hold back tears.

“He apologized. I’m at least going to hear him out” and with that Chloe was out the door.

Fast forward to a year later when Chloe ended things with Tom after taking him back that one day she went to have coffee with him.

Beca didn’t think that they would actually last as long as they did. She spent many nights crying herself to sleep wishing it were her that was making Chloe moan that loudly (Chloe was never quiet in the bedroom and she was never ashamed of doing it in the house even if it was full of the Bellas)

But when she heard the news that they broke up, Beca couldn’t help but feel ecstatic. Even though Chloe was crying her eyes out because Tom cheated on her.

Beca pushed her feelings aside and comforted Chloe like best friends are supposed to do. She had to wait for the appropriate moment to tell the girl how she felt, and doing it while Chloe was sobbing over someone else just wasn’t it.

A week later the Bellas all went out dancing. Everyone agreed it would make Chloe feel better. Like usual Chloe clung onto Beca most of the night. They drank, laughed and danced. After dancing for an hour, they both sat down at the bar.

“Thank you for making me come out. This really helped a lot. You always help” Chloe smiled at Beca.

This was it. Her moment.

“Hey Chlo. I’ve actually been wanting to talk to you about something,” Beca said nervously.

“What is it Becs” Chloe asked curiously.

“Hey, hey, hey! Look what I have pitches!” Fat Amy sat down a tray of shots with Stacie, Jessica and Ashley following behind the Aussie.

Beca pinched the bridge of her nose. When will this nightmare ever end. Something always comes between her telling Chloe.

Everyone ended up getting hammered that night. There was no way Beca could tell Chloe like this no matter how much she wanted. She had to do it when they were sober.

The next morning Beca went downstairs and found no sign of Chloe anywhere. She came across Stacie who was filing her nails in the living room.

“Have you seen Chloe?” Beca asked.

“Didn’t you hear? She went home with Tom last night. They made up” Stacie answered.

Beca’s heart dropped. Not again. How could this have happened. Where was she when Chloe left? She started thinking back to the previous night. Fat Amy got even more wasted then the rest of the girls. It took Beca, Ashley and Jessica all to get the girl back to the Bella’s house and into her bed.

Fast forward another year.

It was Beca’s senior year and Chloe had finally decided to graduate. Graduation was such a bittersweet moment for Beca. She found a bond with the girls that she had never experienced before. She wondered if she would ever again.

That year Chloe was so stressed out about taking DSM down and winning Worlds. Beca never got the chance to say how she felt. The opportunity just never arose.

They won Worlds. They actually did it. Chloe threw herself into Beca’s arms and they hugged for what seemed like eternity. Beca pulled back and looked into Chloe’s eyes. They both smiled at each other.

“I knew we could do it” Beca said tucking a strand of hair behind Chloe’s ear. Oblivious to the confetti falling, the cheering of the crowd and the Bellas celebrating.

Beca leaned in.

“Chloe!” Beca pulled back hearing Tom’s voice. Chloe smiled at Beca “one moment” she told her. Beca watched the redhead squeeze past the crowd until she made it to Tom. Beca watched as Tom got down on one knee. Beca watched as Chloe yelled “Yes!” over the cheering crowd.

Beca’s heart broke into a million pieces.

And maybe that’s just the way it was. The universe just wasn’t on her side. Beca could live with being Chloe’s best friend. No matter how much it killed her. She was the maid of honor after all.

I think it says a lot about Amy and her husbands relationship that she doesn’t go to him when she needs help. If Jonah hadn’t showed up and volunteered to go with her, she thought she was going to move all those boxes by herself with zero help and her husband is nowhere to be seen. Even if they aren’t on the best of terms you would think they could still rely on each other when one of them needs help. I have a feeling Amy and her husband have been having issues for a very long time. Amy just deserves so much better. She deserves someone who will put her first and remind her she can put herself first sometimes without being a bad person.

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I have this weird obsession on people's eyes. Like, eyes are the most beautiful part of human body, or animal or whatever. So I was just wondering if you have time and will to tell me what kind of eyes do you imagine on les amis? I'm very interested to hear other opinions about them but my own :)

I don’t have precise headcanons for everyone of them, but I do have a few:

  • Enjolras has blue eyes, and though the coour doesn’t change pe say, you can feel his gaze get either warm or cold depending who he’s talking to. His eyes are very expressive. A lot of people say he’s unreadable, but it’s most likely because Enjolras doesn’t like them to begin with
  • I can fix an eye colour on Grantaire, my headcanons fluctuate often from brown, to blue, to green. He’s the unpinpointable :’)
  • Jehan’s eyes. Oh my. They have absolutely gorgeous dark brown anime eyes. They’re stunning. Their eyes. And themself
  • Courfeyrac and Combeferre both have brown eyes, because brown eyes deserve more celebration and brown eyed couples are a rarity these days, so LOTS OF BROWN EYED COUPLES
imagine the 99th precinct meeting the parks and rec dept. tho

ben trying to break the ice with holt with one of his accounting puns and holt saying ‘that’s hilarious’ completely deadpan

jake and tom driving everyone freakin insane (while gina’s crying out in the background ‘jake no you’re in debt DON’T TREAT YO SELF!’)

leslie and amy pulling out perfect new binders at the exact same time and squealing in excitement

scully and hitchcock finally having a complete office massage chain with the addition of terry/jerry

ray and ron nodding at each other, sentences short and to the point, and immediately becoming immensely fond of each other (ron telling him not to get emotional when ray tells him that with his usual straight face)

terry and chris recommending each other fat-free organic yogurt and exercise routines

april working hard not to smile like a maniac as rosa tells her about her goriest cases

jake and boyle joining in the fun office roleplay with andy and april (and playing like 50 characters each cos they can’t decide who to be)

terry and anne clucking like proud mother hens off at the side (and occasionally leaping in to stop andy/jake/leslie from stupidly killing themselves)

gina immediately bonding with april and persuading her to take selfies with her while they discuss politics (i.e. the presidential election and why it really should be decided with a hunger games)

andy getting really attached to boyle and seeing him as some kind of food god

andy and april placing bets on whether or not jake and amy will get together (and april pretending she really doesn’t care)

sorry for the long post i just have a lot of feelings about this crossover someone write it please??????

  • Amy Rose: I just feel like a lot of people think my design doesn't match up to what Sonic would want in a girlfriend.
  • Sega: -feet kicked up on his desk, drinking out of a mug, tilts hat up- Darlin', what are you talkin' about!? Your design is FLAWLESS. ... I should know, I designed it. -takes a drink-
  • Amy Rose: Ooohhh... -looks away, sad-
  • Sega: -looks over his mug he's drinking and has a fatherly look of concern cross his face.- -he lowers drink- Have you ever wondered about your height before?
  • Amy Rose: -head perks up-
  • Sega: -sighs, looks down and away, placing mug to the side- It's so that your muzzle is in line with his mouth, makes you at a 'kissable' level. So he can look down into your eyes. -puts hands together and sits more upright in his chair- And your nose? Well, we had to change that. What if he DID want to kiss you? We wouldn't want him having to 'duel your nose' to get to it, haha!
  • Amy Rose: -slightly begins to smile-
  • Sega: And why do you think we gave you an open back? Well, I won't get too far into that, but I will say that we cut off your spikes so he could hug you anytime he wanted too and wouldn't have to worry about getting spiked.
  • Amy Rose: -puts hand over mouth, giggling- R-really? You thought of all that... for him?
  • Sega: -smiles sweetly to her- Oh, hon. -picks up a newspaper, and flips it out so it holds up straight, leaning back in chair- We think of EVERYTHING.

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Athena do you have any head canons or anything about Les Amis being ace? Specifically ace Marius? Also, i love you a lot

*Abba voice* Cauuuuse it’s trueeee- I do, I do, I do, I do, I do~

  • Marius getting flustered and uncomfortable when his friends begin to talk about their sexual shenanigans. For such a long time he think’s it’s just because he’s inexperienced or just hasn’t “met the right person yet” in order to feel that way. That’s what older people tell him when he tries to explain.
  • But then he meets Cosette, and oh my word he is so in love, and so entranced by her. But he still doesn’t feel that feeling that Courfeyrac is always talking about and he’s starting to get upset with himself. He doesn’t want to mess things up because Cosette is everything to him and he doesn’t know how to explain what he’s feeling to her, he himself doesn’t understand it completely
  • One meeting, Enjolras is focusing on LGBT+ erasure and Jehan pipes up about the exclusions often faced of people on the Asexual spectrum, going on a small tagent.
  • The small rant enraptures Marius with the force of a thousand suns and he finds himself practically grabbing Jehan by the collar and dragging them over to a corner to ask a million questions
  • Jehan is patient and honestly also feeling very humbled that they can be an Ace-mentor™ for Marius. They explain that there is a difference between romantic orientation and sexual orientation, and how “You just need to meet the right person” is a BS micro-aggression and erasure. 
  • “Jehan- I… I think I might be ace?” 
    “Oh, my sweet summer child. I’m so proud of you. Have a cupcake.” 
  • When he’s finally ready to come out to the rest of his friends they’re all so happy for him. Combeferre provides Marius with additional reading to do, Enjolras is a staunch defender of him whenever Marius is having self doubts (”Maybe I am just being silly, you know?” “Marius, trust me. I will not hesitate to tell you when you’re being a fool. This is not one of those times.”) Courfeyrac makes him a bedazzled shirt with the ace of spades on it and Grantaire, Joly and Bossuet of course cannot stop making puns in celebration
  • Coming out to Cosette is a whole other hurdle. But he loves her and she loves him and like any healthy relationship they need communication to survive. Cosette doesn’t say a word whilst Marius is explaining. She patiently lets him stumble over his words for the good part of an hour. 
  • When he finally stops for breath she pulls him into the warmest and softest hug he’s ever had and thanks him for trusting her and for being so open.
  • “So- so you’re not going to break up with me?”
    “Why on earth would I do that?”
    “I just thought…”
    “Marius, I love you.”
    “You do?!”
    “Yes, and that’s the end of it. Now come back to bed. We still have 3 more episodes of Gilmore Girls to watch.”

essentially this is an au(ish) trailer if root was the main character of poi. watch on yt here.

More Necromancer Jean Prouvaire Headcanons
  • Jehan feeds a horde of birds at the park, all of which they have brought back to life at least once.
  • Sometimes they lie awake at night, thinking of all the hedgehogs and cats they’ve never met thus never saved, and that makes then a tinsy bit sad
  • Watching zombie movies makes them incredibly tense because WHAT IF THAT REALLY HAPPENED THO
  • Jehan can wake the dead but they can also communicated with the dead. They often spend their Sundays in cemeteries, taking to people whose children and grandchildren never come visit, change the flowers…
  • “Your headstone looks absolutely lovely Hortence! Are they using some new polish? Anyway, what were you saying last week? About the day you met your husband? That was really sweet, can you tell the story again?”
  • They’ve made intensive research to find Virgil’s, Dante’s and Keats’s bodies because they have SO MANY QUESTIONS
  • They realised they could bring things back to life when they had to do the frog dissection thing in class. The frog hopped right off the table after Jehan had touched it. Jehan freaked out because “THEY WANTED ME TO KILL A FROG, THE FROG WAS ALIVE!”

i’m a very happy camper today. my job is gonna help us out a lot and honestly it gives amy a little break which thats been my entire goal so i feel a little bit better about myself and my life choices now. i dont offically start until memorial day so i have like 11 days to write and stock the queue so there will be activity while i get used to the schedule. i work every other weekend, but when i go in i get time and a half for being there and on holidays its double time and a half if i work otherwise just a paid regular work day. im super pumped. and i think this is just what we needed. so thank you every one for the kind wishes and good vibes and for always keeping us in your thoughts. we love you all !! <33

R: Five things that make me happy..? I…guess that would be good to do right now…

R: Okay. Um. First thing is my art, I suppose. Sure it’s my major and my job, but it makes me happy and it’s sort of an escape? Like I have all this control over this world that is entirely mine and my creation…it’s nice. Especially when I usually feel so powerless over my life…

R: Second is… Les Amis. Sure, we may not agree on everything, but they’re family. Bahorel, Joly, Bossuet, Jehan, Combeferre…all of them. We all get each other and we all know we’d do anything for one another. They make me happy.

R: Then comes Éponine and Gavroche. Just like Les Amis, they’re family too. Maybe even closer… Ponine knows everything about me, as you guys saw, and Gav is like a little brother. They and Les Amis are the family that not many of us have. Hah…lots of talk of family right now, huh?

R: Uh, I suppose number four would be dogs. Man…dogs are great. We can all agree with that, can’t we? 

R: And five…

R: Jesus Christ, well you all know anyway, so fuck it.

R: Five would have to be Enjolras. I suppose I can’t bullshit you about him anymore. Sure, when he’s being an arse, it drives me insane and it hurts so I lash out and we…fight, but… *sigh*

R: When he looks over at me and he’s smiling at me..? God, it…it makes everything feel so warm. Like in my whole body. I…I dunno… His eyes are so blue and they shine this beautiful color I’ve never seen before when he’s happy. And his hair is always managing to catch the light, I swear he’s like an angel… a terrifying, righteous angel. I don’t think I’ve ever been so enamored in my life…

R: Ah. But I’m rambling now…

R: Thanks…uh. For having me say all those. It really does help.

So a lot of people don’t write Combeferre as a very sexual character (compared to the other Amis at least) but I like to imagine him as one of those people who really is very active, isn’t to fussed about who he sleeps with and has done a lot of things but simply doesn’t feel the need to talk about it. And then the others manage to drag him into a game of never have I ever which pretty much ends with them all just staring at him as he has to drink more than even Courfeyrac.