i just have a lot of emotions about this movie

* phone rings*
  • Marvel Studios: Marvel Studios, Becky speaking!
  • Me: Ah yes, I'm gonna need a Yondu prequel movie, with him and young Star Lord.
  • Becky: um mam I can't do tha..
  • Me: Disney owns you don't they?! They make dreams come true! I WANNA SPEAK TO YOU MANAGER!
  • Becky: ......
  • Me: .........
  • Me: (sobbing) I just have a lot of emotions about my blue space dad okay!

what she says: i love freeze your brain

what she means: If you look at Freeze Your Brain at face value, you could easily interperet it as simply about JD’s fixation on 7/11 and his issues oversharing. But it’s really more about a place that feels normal and familiar and safe in a frightening and new situation. It’s easy to overlook this, as a lot of the song is made to be comedic. Take the lines “When mom was alive/we lived halfway normal./Now it’s just me and my dad,/we’re less formal” for example. During the musical, it’s easy to focus more on Veronica freaking out than on JD’s words and their meaning. This is done intentionally, as if to show that JD hides how hurt he is about his mother’s death with other emotions, as many people do. Towards the end, it is shown that JD uses slushies to control a possible self-harm habit and self-destructive thoughts, and that’s when the gravity of the song hits you. Despite sounding light-hearted, Freeze Your Brain is about a teenager trying to hold onto the one place that makes him feel safe and happy no matter where he is. If you consider the possibility that his mother introduced him to 7/11, it’s also about trying to recapture childhood emotions, despite the fact that so many things have changed.

i;m having a crisis because on the one hand it’s so exciting to see all four of them branch out on their own and i can’t wait for all of their albums and tours and music videos and album art and songs (like!!!! four!!!!!!!!!! albums!!!!!!! four individual albums with nothing but each one of their voices!!!!!!! like!!!!!!!!!!!) and movies and photoshoots and interviews and concerts like that’s like 4x the content and that’s fantastic and i’m hyped as hell but on the other hand i havent’ seen my boyband since 2015 and i miss them being goofy together and giggling and singing and talking and i just miss seeing them interact with each other and i just miss one direction very much a lot and i’m gonna cry about it because i’m happy but i’m also very nostalgic do you know what i’m trying to say??? idk i have too many emotions i can only handle like 1 at a time and i’ve got at least 6 going on right now

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What is your favorite interview of Chris?

Seriously, I’ve seen/read/heard so many of his interviews that I can’t choose only one. So these four gotta be the ones I like the most:

Rolling Stone magazine - I’ll let you read this one so that you have your own opinion. One of the things I admire about Chris is that he give this impression of being honest during interviews. I truly appreciate it when he shares those vulnerable moments with us and even if he’s very protective of his privacy, he knows that talking about his struggles can help some people. But what I like the most is that his mother and his close friends also spoke about him so sweetly.

“I love acting – but that’s not all you’re asking me to do.”

“Chris, you fuckin’ meatball!”… This is where the meatball legend was born! This one is not only hilarious but genuine! The whole thing lasts longer, though. What I like is that he’s very flirty with the interviewer (as well as the makeup artist and hair stylist). That moment when he shared how his audition for Gone Girl - wonderful book and movie - went, made me laugh so hard! He’s just a nice guy and he had a lot of fun during this interview. His smile is contagious.

[About Captain America’s role in The Avengers.] “Thor is calling out lightning, Hulk is ripping apart jets and I’m like taking the stairs. I’m like I’ll meet you there!”

This one here. This one is very, very special to me because it broke my heart and then fixed it right away. I love how genuine he was and the fact he shared the real struggles behind all this fame and all these successful films brought me to tears. He just makes you realize that he’s regular guy who has his own battles and one of them is fighting anxiety like a lot of people here. He’s a human being and some people/fans tend to forget that only because he is famous. All the things he said just went straight to my heart!

“Maybe the thing you’re most scared of is exactly what you should do.”

Here we have the director! When I knew Chris would direct his very first movie, I went through a lot of emotions at once. I was excited and I was anxious because of this challenge. This is where we see how excited he is about what he’s done behind the camera and even if Before we Go isn’t a perfect movie, I fell in love with this because of all the work behind. We can feel his excitement here and that’s what I like about this interview.

[About his directorial debut.] “I’m not saying my movie is perfect - it’s not, but the experience was wonderful.”  

You know what? Everyone can shit on iron fist because yeah it’s kinda not amazing. But I’m okay with him. You know why? Because RIGHT NOW he’s the ONLY ONE of the defenders with a god damned safety net. No one else does as far as I know. Daredevil is at odds with his best friend foggy and Karen right now and his girlfriend elektra is ‘dead’. His law firm is kinda in shambles too and there’s that old guy who helped him fight that he’s still angry at. Jessica Jones has no one I can remember on her side? I mean she has a PI business but it’s really small and I don’t remember her having any real friends helping her with that? I mean she had Luke Cage at one point but like and he’s got his own show now so…. speaking of Luke Cage, I haven’t watched his show a lot yet but so far he doesn’t really have that much as far as I’ve seen? I mean he has that barber shop? And he’s a hero I guess but? I don’t remember if he has lots of friends tho? No one I can note specifically off the top of my head? And the Punisher… well do I even need to explain why he has no one? I mean if you know him then you’ve watched daredevil season two or that old movie and both prove my point. But fuckin Iron Fist? He has a company worth billions with his name on it, an adoptive brother who runs that company who cares about him a lot, a lawyer lady who helps him out every time he gets in deep shit, he’s actually friends with Claire when he’s himself and not just iron fist, and he’s got a badass girlfriend who helps him fight and who he accepts into his life and wants to share things with. I like him because I personally don’t have to care about the emotional stability Iron Fist (aka Danny Rand). I don’t have to care because HE HAS PEOPLE IN HIS LIFE TO CARE FOR ME.

Somthing to keep in mind if you are going to see BOA in theaters

Be respectful. Don’t shout and yell during the movie, trying to be funny. It’s one thing to do it before and after the movie but please be respectful some people have been waiting a long to see this movie and didn’t go to the theater to hear your commentary.
Laughing at things or even getting emotional at certain parts is okay.
But screaming “bassy!!!” Every time Sebastian is on the screen is very annoying.
I’ve heard a lot of people that saw the movie Monday complain about this.
Just everyone enjoy the movie and be respectful of the other people in the theaters.


Alright so let me start with what everyone has already been telling you, GO SEE WONDER WOMAN.

There now the easy part is out of the way. I am going to try and keep this short, easy to read, and as spoiler free as possible, but no promises so read at your own risk.

Lets start with the good.

  • Gal Gadot put so much heart and soul into making me fall in love with Diana that I do not think I will ever love a character in the same way again.
  • Diana was a fleshed-out character with multiple motivators including, but not limited to: Justice, Curiosity, Love.
  • Diana at the beginning as such this naivety that I really do not think she loses at all, like her character development is not based around her losing that naivete and becoming dark and broody, I’m looking at you Bruce and Clark.
  • Then there is Themyscira, the land of the beautiful women. And I do not mean just tall skinny women there were muscular hefty women and it was awe inspiring. I saw muscles jiggle and fat didn’t just stay in place.
  •  AND THE FIGHT SCENES YA’LL! I cried like no lie. They are so beautifully choreographed and watching these powerful women fight was just so moving.
  • Watching Diana fight is like a spiritual moment, honestly. I mean watching her just realize she is needed and charge into battle took my breath away.
  • Diana’s character is so endearing and absolutely childlike in her optimism and faith in her abilities. Other than one time toward the end She never doubts herself and never doubts her mission and that what she is doing is right.
  • There is even a point where Chris Pines character and the group she is with show that they doubt here and she essentially says fuck you, you are men and do not understand and I don’t have time to explain it to you, bye.
  • Speaking of Chris Pine’s character Steve Trevor is to Wonder woman as Pepper Potts is to Iron Man. Complete Role Reversal. Not that he wasn’t essential to the movie, but he was the sidekick that never got in the way of Wonder Woman saving the day.
  • That doesn’t mean he doesn’t try, but again Wonder Woman says fuck you and does it anyway.
  • The villains in this movie were very interesting and really put a spin on war that often times we forget to think about. Like Diana sees this War as black and white, it should not be happening and there is no justification for it regardless of whose side she is working with.
  • Diana is so protective of people in need in this war, because in war innocents are the first to get hurt, that she demands to help them even if the others think it detracts from their mission. She doesn’t care she is to powerful and to compassionate to do nothing even if it delays her true goal. As long as it helps others.
  • The writing that was done from Patty Jenkins felt so real, like, all the women in the movie including Steve’s secretary have different personalities and are not just walking talking boobs.
  • The men in this movie also do lot that Diana is a women detract from their respect for her. After an initial interaction, which we’ll talk about later, they never question her abilities again.
  • Just this whole movie was so refreshing to watch and seeing women being treated like they matter in a super hero movie was just so emotional for me and I hope this is the standard that DC holds it self to.

The bad:

  • Maybe this a bit nit picky, but I still have an issue with our movies being so DARK! Like there are a couple scenes that take place at night and that not what I am talking about, but like I wish they had made some of the colors in the film more vibrant and stand out against the grey scale that is usually set for World War movies. And yes there were a couple scenes where I could see nothing, but it happens.
  • There is a scene at the very beginning where Diana and Steve have an interaction about a man sleeping next to a woman. Now to Diana him not sleeping next to her is dumb because it is not like she bites and some could say that is naivete, but the movie later tells us she knows about sex, so she  is literally just like this should not be a problem, which is great. My problem is when Steve talks about Marriage and Diana is like “ What is Marriage?” like okay I get it, but also are we saying on an island full of women….none of them ever fell in love and got married. Like even after Steve explains it she doesn’t say “Oh that’s what we call a Soul bond” or something like that. And honestly that was a bit of a let down if even very minimal.
  • Her intial interaction with the squad she will run with for the movie is a little frustrating, because all the boys initially are like, “This woman can not come with us it is too dangerous and she is too fragile…blah blah blah.” Then she takes out some guy in the bar who is pointing a gun at them and they are all like “Okay we’re good no issue here.” Like it kind of felt like she had to prove her worth for her to be accepted. Again minimal in the grand scheme, but still bothersome.

That’s it. Go see the movie everyone should and like go see it again because guys like this should be the MOVIE!

ID #13788

Name: Gemma
Age: 16
Country: UK

I would love to meet an open minded individual to send letters too or talk too over tumblr-unfortunately my phone just broke so no snapchat or instagram chat will work. I’m sorry. I also only know english but im open to learning new languages if you’re willing to help me do so. I adore music, almost all but in particular The nbhd and Blackbear but i genuinely enjoy listening to other stuff and do so most the time. I also enjoy reading and watching indie movies (may i suggest lolita) and drawing when i have the time (very typical indie cliche art student). Im a scorpio if anyone’s interested im also a vegetarian and spend a lot of my time being rather emotional, drinking hotchocolate and munching on toast. I suppose im just looking for someone to send letter too and learn about without getting judged. Im very LGBTQ+ and despise homo phobics and racists. You can send anything from poems you wrote under the night sky or doodles or your vented ramblings-anything will do i wont judge.

Preferences: preferably 16+ not homophobic or sexist or rascist

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I really really want to watch a good Korean movie right now but i have no idea what movie to watch. I like your taste in dramas and movies so do you have any suggestions for me?

My taste range varies a lot and it usually depends on my mood… but I have noticed I prefer movies with mening and emotions more than simple rom-coms or such. Do you only want korean movies? I have two japanese movies to recommend which i enjoyed a lot!

First one is: If Cats Disappeared From the World. I know some people might skip this one because of the title, even I thought what’s this funny title. But it’s so much better than expected. Deep and beautiful. PLUS PLUS PLUS - check out my posts about this movie!!! :)

I recommend Flying Colors to everyone, because I just love it! Watch watch.

Now to some korean movies, watch: Elegant Lies, Train to Busan, The Throne (aka Sado)

I wrote more in detail here, so you can judge for yourself and watch and you can look at mydramalist if I added more movies and such.

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*curtsies* Hello Duke! Do you prefer Les Misérables as a movie/musical or do you prefer the book? Personally, I love both. The book has incredible detail, and I adore Hugo's writing style . However, the musical/movie holds so much emotion. It's so hard for me to choose which I like more. What about you?

*Curtsies* I don’t think you have to choose? They’re completely different mediums and kind of hard to compare. But personally I hated the (new) movie. It was just a lot of CGI crane shots and uncomfortably close close-ups and too much vibrato. I just felt like they were fishing for Oscars and didn’t do a good job telling the story; I’m pretty sure nobody in the theatre who hadn’t read the book even understood what the revolution was about by the end. That and Russell Crowe personally owes me like $15 for being the worst Javert of all time.

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Hi :) I wanted to ask your opinion on the relation between Hollywood's use of Nazi aesthetics (Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Hydra etc.) without portraying their ideologies in an appropiate way to todays attitude of cutefying Nazis and the 'alt-right'/white supremacists. I've just been thinking about that a lot lately and you always have very spot on and thought out commentary. Thank You!

I’m not sure if this is going to answer your question or not, but my brain kind of does what it does, so here we go:

The examples you’ve given here for “Nazi aesthetics” are all quite different. Indiana Jones uses actual, literal Nazis as bad guys: this is unambiguous, as the films are ostensibly set in our world despite the magical/occult underpinnings of the various historical McGuffins. Hydra is simultaneously a Nazi analogue while being Nazi-adjacent: this is also unambiguous, especially given that the comics/films are set in WWII, albeit in Marvel’s alternate version of history. Of the three, it’s Star Wars which relies on Nazi aesthetics - uniforms, empire, soldiers in lockstep, genocidal rhetoric - to evoke the spectre of Nazism and fascism in a different narrative context. That being established, I don’t think any of these examples really qualify as a failure to portray said ideologies in an “appropriate way”, as in all three instances, Nazism/fascism are clearly depicted as monstrous. Whether these are subtle, nuanced or historically detailed depictions of Nazism is a different question, but I don’t think it’s really possible to watch Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Captain America or Star Wars: The Force Awakens and come away with the idea that Nazism is a Good Idea or that Nazis are Good Guys unless you already thought that to begin with, which is a different sort of problem altogether.

When I talked recently about the cutsefying of Nazis, I was doing so in response to a specific fandom example. I don’t think there’s been a recent narrative shift towards portraying Nazism as harmless or misunderstood otherwise, but I do think that stories have had an impact on how many people are reacting to current politics.

Namely: by virtue of having been in constant use as a narrative shorthand for These Guys Are Evil pretty much since WWII, Nazism has become, not so much diluted in the public consciousness as reduced to a form of background noise. The Nazis were - and are - genuinely horrifying, but for so many of us, that horror was never personal; it was something we learned about in school or saw portrayed cartoonishly in films and on TV at least as often as it was played straight, and somewhat paradoxically, this ubiquity has negatively impacted our collective understanding of it as a real threat in the actual real world. Saying, “The Nazis are rising!” in 2017, even if it happens to be true, sounds a lot like saying, “They’re taking the Hobbits to Isengard!”, because the first example many of us think of when we hear the word Nazi isn’t personal or historical, but narrative. They’ve turned into storybook monsters, and I think that makes a lot of people worry that the threat can’t really be as bad as all that, because Nazis are gone, aren’t they? Didn’t we already slay that particular dragon?

It is, I think, a similar phenomenon to how decades of stories about corrupt democratic governments and behind-the-scenes political conspiracies have normalised the idea that this sort of thing is just what happens. You see enough movies about shady backroom political deals being carried on for The Good Of The Nation, and even though such stories are meant to horrify us, they also serve as an emotional dry run for acceptance without action: generally speaking, you don’t go out and protest the real government because of something that happened in a fictional narrative. 

Which is why, in counterpoint, stories about resistance - about revolution, about fighting back, about building new worlds and relearning the old lessons of history; which is to say, stories that are overwhelmingly filed under YA and SFF - are so very, very important. Narratives set in the real world, playing by real world rules, don’t tend to end with the world itself materially changed even when their plots are concerned with grand political conspiracies. There might be a great revelation of truth at the climax, but we don’t get to see the reconstruction or systematic upheaval that follows this pronouncement, because as soon as that happens, the genre changes from political thriller to dystopia, literary fiction to spec fic. As soon as you speculate a mechanism by which the current political defaults no longer exist, you’ve gone beyond the bounds of political thrillers and into a new realm entirely, and as such, I’m inclined to think there’s a material overlap between people who devalue SFF, comics and the like for not being “real enough” and people who lack the imagination to understand that their world can indeed be altered beyond recognition. 

The problem with Nazis in modern literature isn’t that we’re failing to portray them as bad guys; it’s that too many of us have forgotten that they aren’t just fictional villains. We’ve looked the spectre of Nazism right in the face and declined to call it what it is, because the whole point of bogeymen is that they don’t really exist. Except that, in this instance, they do, and now we’ve jumped genres yet again. If we’re not careful, global politics won’t turn back into a bad thriller or veer off into spec fic.

It’ll be a horror story. 

the ending of teen beach 2 is so incredible, and i’m getting more emotional the more i think about it.

because a lot of people talk about it from a very linear standpoint, that it doesn’t make sense to change history because if mack and brady never met, she would have left for private school already. 

but that’s just missing the whole point–that all it takes is one formatively feminist movie, one character that you feel represents and challenges you, to change your life. and now, because mack had that one movie, she’s more secure in everything she does. she found her passion for surfing sooner. she made the decision on her own not to go to private school. she made the first move in asking brady out. lela’s existence, lela’s narrative, changed her whole life, made her more confident in who she was. and she was already confident, we know that, but the first movie is about her self-doubt and her perfectionism and her desire to please her family, but because of lela, she was able to handle and overcome all of that by herself, because she knew what she wanted to do and where she wanted to be.

and it just overwhelms me because that’s how important representation is. that’s what this movie is about, letting women take ownership of their destiny and inspiring one another, and it makes them better, it makes the people they love better, everything is better.

Pray you'll catch me

POV y/No

As you may know Cameron has been back on tour with magcon for a while. And while im fine with it and understand that its his job. Sometimes it get hard when there thousands of girls all over him everyday. Things just don’t seam like they used to be. When everything was fine. Me and cam have been dating for almost two years. Tour is the hardest part of our relationship. So much so that im needy and clingy when he comes home. 

So this time when he came home we’d sent 1 of his 5 day break together, and even then we were fighting about non since. Today when he left he’d told me that when he got back we would have a movie night, just him and me. So I’d gotten the movies all of my and his favorite movie to watch together, and snack a lot of snacks. But after 10 I started to get worried, after he told me he would be home by 8. So I called. Twice. Then texted, just once. no answer to any of it. So I looked through snap chat, and saw Nate was having a party. I assumed that was where he was. So I began to watch  Narnia on my own. But feel asleep about half way through it, from being tired at work, and emotional drained. 

I never wanted to tell Cam about my feelings because I felt clingy as it was. So I never did. I woke up to a cold hard slam of the wooden door to the pent house apparent that me and cam shared when he was here. I startled me making me jump, and almost fall off the coach. I saw him, I looked in his eyes and notice he was drunk, and this time I was going to yell at him. I was But he was drunk, stronger than me, and I dint really feel like fighting with him. I was tried and not the sleepy kind. But that didn’t stop and argument that was inevitable. 

“You had people over?” he slurred quietly in disappointment. “I though we were suppose to have a movie night.” He continued not letting me get any words in between his question and comment.

“No, I didn’t, And I though so to” I spat madly. He had the never…

“then what is all of this?” He pointed to the snack I had gotten for us. The sound of his voice escalated quickly. 

“ They were for us” I said quickly with disappointment washing over my voice, it was shaky now. Trying not to argue and let all my feelings out at the same time I took my blanket and beginning to walk back to the bed room. 

“Where The fuck do you think your going?” he shouted grabbing my arm. 

“To sleep Cam, Im not in the mood for this.” I handed him the blanket in my hand. “You can sleep on the coach.” I wasn’t made that he got drunk, Im no saint, but his clothes smelled like perfume, and not mine. they were ripped. Not the cute ripped where clothes you buy from the stores. like someone had tried to pull them off of him, and she had. So I was done. And I was going my bed room. But I had one question. I turned around to see him closer that before. my face was in his chest and when the scents mixed, they were bad, a nasty order of what he’d done.  

“Was she good.” I asked him calmly. 

“What are you talking about?” he asked calmly trying to wrap is arms around my waist. I pulled away. 

“ The girl who you fucked, was she good/” I said taking a pause as I realize that all my emotions where coming out. “Was she good? Because Obviously Im not good enough.” I slam my hands against his chest. He stepped back from the force. I herd my hands hit his chest. “ was she better than me?” I asked. He, the so well versed Cameron Dallas, was at a loss for words. 

“You think Im dumb Cameron but Im not okay im not."I shout at him, as she stepps forward tring to grab me again. 

"I don’t think you are” he says trying to grab me once again. 

“Yes you do Cam, you have to, you have to think i’m dumb, and don’t see all the blog post, and everything on social media, or even I magazine. You all over girls all the time and you think I don’t see it.” I yell pulling away once again my hand raising with my voice. 

“Im not all over any girl.” He says garbing my hands to keep them from shaking with anger.

“Well their all over you and you don’t do anything to stop it.” I saying pulling my hands away not wanting to be touched at all. I turned away. Then back realizing there was more to say. 

“ Im not stupid I know you mess with other girls, I just thought you might stop. I though If I didnt say anything that you would just magically stop. You know what maybe I am dumb, to think you would just stop.” I say turning around. But I wasn’t done yet. I made it half way down the hall before turning back to see a stunned Cameron Dallas not come after me, like every other argument in the past. 

“I can tasted the dishonesty Its all love your lips."I say with my hands low as I renigg back to my softer attitude I carry with me most of the time. "I Pray I catch you whispering, about how you want to do better, or that you still love me and we can make this work. Because you haven’t told me you loved me in months, you don’t even say it back anymore " 

"but the more than that I pray you catch me listening.” “I pray you catch me listening.” I said finally letting a tear fall from my eyes and down my check.

“Pray to catch you whispering, I pray you catch me listening, I pray to catch you whispering, I pray you catch me” I muttered as I turned around and walked down the rest of the  hall and into bedroom, closing the door and locking it.

Robert used to love going out; not being alone was a benefit, and the casual flirting that always made him feel a bit better about himself, whoever he was supposed to be. Now that he has Aaron, he hates going out, instead wanting to stay in, watch crappy movies, make popcorn, cuddle under the blanket with his husband as they just enjoy each other’s company. He has found value in being himself and I can’t.

Give me a character and I will answer

Give me a character and I will answer:

@haslemere: David Haller

  • Why I like them

I connect with him on a spiritual, emotional and mental level…catching my drift. We both have problems…apart from he’s mutant and I aint.

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  • Why I don’t

When under the control of the shadow king, he can be a little shite. He can be arrogant and slightly selfish, not caring about the safety of other people and just focusing on the goal in front of him.

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  • Favorite episode (scene if movie)

Episode 7. That episode is my favourite for lots of reasons, but most of all, it showed Dan at his best.

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  • Favorite season/movie

I’m sorry, but series 1, has set the standard so high…it’s going to be difficult to top it.

  • Favorite line

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I now use this line as a way of calming myself and stopping myself from having anxiety and panic attacks. Thumbs up Dan and David!

  • Favorite outfit

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Headband included!

  • OTP

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David and Syd always. I’m starting to love them as much as I loved Mary and Matthew…but not quite.

  • Brotp

He doesnt have one yet, does he? He needs one…maybe his rational mind can help with that

  • Head Canon

That is going to be another group mutants that David will become friends with and they will help him control his power and be the best he can be. I think Melanie has bad intentions. 

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  • Unpopular opinion

I dont know, perhaps that Dan has done the wrong thing by going back into tv and assiociating himself with a name again-but I think Legion is the begining of much bigger things.

  • A wish

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  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen

Make it into a movie? Or series wise…make David somehow fall in love with someone else or mess up his relationship with Syd somehow…like she turns evil or gets pregnant somehow.

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  • 5 words to best describe them

my poor precious mutant angel

  • My nickname for them

My spirit animal

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Ron's Reactions at Malfoy Manor

While doing some research for my story, I found something I thought was very interesting. Most romione shippers and Ron supporters are well aware of the basement scene in Malfoy Manor (unless you only watched the movies, and were thereby cheated out of an excellent point of character development), but I don’t think a lot of people understand just how meaningful that was. 

First, you have to be aware that Ron Weasley is not a stupid person. He may be slower about certain emotional cues, and he isn’t at the head of his lessons, but he is NOT stupid. He is able to plan and strategize, and he sees details that others miss. 

Second, although he does have fears, he is not a comical coward. He might be reluctant, but he is always right there in the thick of things, even when it has to do with something he’s phobic about.

Knowing these things, the contrast became very clear. In the first book, when he’s trapped by the Devil’s Snare, he doesn’t fall to pieces. He can’t fully relax, but most people couldn’t in that situation. But while Hermione is dithering about finding wood, Ron is able to focus enough to remind her that she can use her wand. Afterwards, he’s able to play (and WIN) a chess match with the lives of his friends hanging in the balance. And he’s only twelve.

Fast forward to the Manor. He himself is in no immediate danger, but now, now he panics. Screaming, crying, beating the walls; he runs around looking for any way out he can. He doesn’t listen to Harry, and the only time he snaps out of it is when something happens to bring him closer to getting to Hermione. He tries to Disapparate without a wand. That might not seem like much; some would say it was stupid, since you can’t perform magic without a wand. Oh, but you can. Remember Aunt Marge? It may be nearly impossible without a wand to channel it, but it can be done. And Ron, growing up as a wizard, knows how dangerous and unpredictable wandless magic is at the best of times. For something as dangerous as Disapparating is even with wands, when you can Splinch yourself, the results could be…..well. Nothing pleasant. But he doesn’t care, because it’s the only thing he can think of to get to her.

Even when Fred dies, he’s able to function better. He makes sure to help Hermione to safety, helps Harry defend them from attack, and doesn’t break down until they get away. And even then, Hermione is able to hold him back, when no one in the basement could get him to listen to reason.

So in that basement, you aren’t just seeing his normal reaction to terror; Ron is no stranger to near death experiences, and he knows how to keep his head when everyone around him is losing theirs. But all that changes when it comes to Hermione, and if you don’t think that’s one of the most moving pieces of proof of his love for her, then you might need to go back and read those books again. 

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So none of my friends have seen Wonder Woman yet and i need someone to talk to about it so I'm going to talk to you about it lol: I'm!!! So!!! Emotional!!!!! About!!! It!!! It was so amazing omg and dont even get me started on Diana and Steve!!!!!!!!! I just wanted them to be happy!!!! They're like the fastest otp ive fallen in love with and then the movies over??!!!! ugh omg Im 100% going to go see again. sorry for the word vomit, i just have a lot of feelings about this movie hahaha

girl, I fucking feel you. like, I don’t have enough words for how spectacular it is. Wondertrev made me feel ALL THE THINGS. Gal and Chris’s chemistry was off the charts. They have completely wrecked me. “I wish we had more time.” ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!

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Top 5 Disney movies


1. Treasure Planet…Like I love this movie so much. 

Like one of the things I thought was different from other Disney movies is that instead of his dad being dead they just show him leaving. Like usually Disney kills of parents, but nope this guy just left his kid and wife.  I love how he sees John Silver as the Father that he should have had. I love father and son bonds in books and movies so this scene had me messed up when rewatching it when older

2. Big Hero 6 like I knew I was going to love this movie the moment I saw the trailer.

It’s interesting to how they talk about depression and death which I don’t see a lot in animated movies. I like how Hiro explains to Baymax that he’s not hurting physically but mentally/emotional 

And it’s adorable how Baymax learns/understands what he means and tries to help him and ahhh this movie is great. Mind you this is just one part I’m talking about too 

3. Moana…I literally saw this movie yesterday 

This movie and the songs are just GREAT! Like We Know The Way is my favorite out of all of them in the movie

Also that water looks AMAZING

4. The Hunchback of Notre Dame…I think I know every song in this movie by heart

Like I know it’s not like the book, you have to appreciate how amazing, beautiful, and dark it is  

I will literally catch myself singing Out There when doing dishes or something like… 

I would totally do a cover of this song I love this song so much

5  A Goofy Movie 


…I like this movie a lot ok…