i just have a lot of bolin feels

just wanted to say something: i think it’s unbelievably cute that bolin carried the metal cables for wei and wing in “operation beifong” so they could fight if something happened - just a reminder that they didn’t know they would have to fight kuvira, they just did it cause zhu li was in danger. 

and it was for them, not for su. look:

i like to think they are really close friends. i mean, bolin has been dating opal for 3 years now, he must’ve visited zaofu a lot with her - cause i believe opal did so, given the fact she was almost killed when the red lotus attacked the temple, su would want her daughter around more often. even more after tenzin decided the air nation would traveled the world again. plus, su said that since baatar jr left zaofu their family has never been the same, so opal would’ve want to comfort her parents and brothers, being there for them. sooo for all of that, i believe opal went a lot to zaofu along with bolin - before he joined kuvira, of course. that made him get closer to wei and wing. i think the twins admired bolin for his strengh and skills, cause they’re athletes themselves. plus, bolin is a sweetheart and easy to get along with. i can see the three of them talking about pro-bending, earthbending in general, etc

when bolin gets to zaofu with kuvira and he realized opal was really mad at him, he kind of asked the twins for help, trying to convince them to back him up. they didn’t. in fact, they look way more disappointed than angry when bolin does so - plus he switch their names, which didn’t helped:

they look like the’re saying “dude, shut up. we’re friends, why are you working with the girl who wants to take our fuckin city?”

it’s personal. they are friends and i believe they do look out for each other. like bolin did, being cautious and getting the twins metal cables just in case they had to fight, cause like i’ve said, it wasn’t in their plans to do so. the plan was: get the beifongs and get out. just that

and speaking of personal stuff: the little hand thing wei did when bolin saved him. for me it was his way to forgive bolin for working with kuvira. that scene wasn’t just cute, it was a big deal

BLESS THEM!! bolin doesn’t have to marry opal to be a beifong, he’s already part of the family. i love it. wanted to see more of them. i miss it all SO MUCH


korra in every episode: 4x02 korra alone

“Dear Asami, I’m sorry I haven’t written to you sooner, but every time I’ve tried, I never know what to say. The past two years have been the hardest of my life. Even though I can get around fine now, I still can’t go into the Avatar State. I keep having visions of Zaheer and what happened that day. Katara thinks a lot of this is in my head, so I’ve been meditating a lot, but sometimes I worry I’ll never fully recover. Please don’t tell Mako and Bolin I wrote to you and not them. I don’t want to hurt their feelings, but it’s easier to tell you about this stuff. I don’t think they’d understand.”


So after I watched the series finale of LOK, I had an empty feeling. Not the empty feeling of “wow I’m going to miss this show” but a feeling of “wow… That’s it?” I feel like these particular characters got a backslap like they didn’t matter.

1. Tenzin. They always made Tenzin seem kind of weak, and they made him get beat up A LOT, even so much so that Meelo had to save him. Tenzin is Aang’s son. And yet they have no shining moment for Tenzin other than his wisdom. I was a big fan of Tenzin and was really disappointed with some of the choices the writers made with him.

2. Bolin and Opal. Okay. Just Bolin alone, I didn’t get enough closure with. Sure he performed the wedding ceremony, but I just really wanted an ending scene with him. And what happened to Opal after she got hurt? Or am I just forgetting something? She kind of just disappeared.

3. Lin and Su. They kind of just faded out too. I don’t know where to, probably somewhere in the audience during the wedding.

4. General Iroh. I can’t even. They bring back Iroh for like TWO SECONDS. He could’ve done so much more. He could’ve fought in the battle but instead he was on those ships, that the colossal destroyed. Who knows? Maybe he got blown up.

5. Kai and Jinora. I know they got a lot of shine in book 3. However it would’ve been nice to see their ending. Also as individuals, not just a ship.

6. What happened to Bumi, other than getting fit? He was just kind of there and then not there.

7. Katara should’ve made a debut, period.

8. Toph. TOPH. She could’ve taken down that machine all by herself most likely. I mean she could’ve helped in the battle, but they chose to put her back into the swamp.

9. NOT ENOUGH ZUKO. I wanted so much to see some more Zuko. Maybe even to see him visit his uncle Iroh, in the spirit world.

Well that’s that. Those are my complaints among many others. Just my opinion.

terra-7  asked:

You bring up a really interesting scenario, one where Asami -rather than Varrick- joins Kuvira's tech division between book 3 and 4. How do you image that might have played out, in light of the latter book?

Well, let’s see…

I feel like we’d open Book 4 with a much stronger Asami-Bolin relationship and not quite as strong of an Asami-Korra relationship, because she’d spend a lot of time with the former as part of Team Kuvira and probably wouldn’t have as much time to write letters to the latter.  (This would probably be a positive, overall – Asami and Bolin’s dynamic, such as it was, always did good things for both characters.)

We’d get to see a lot more of inventor!Asami, too, because she’d have to actually make stuff instead of just drafting up plans.

I don’t think we’d really need to worry about Asami figuring things out sooner than Varrick did in canon.  Placing her trust in the wrong people is kind of a pattern for her, so it wouldn’t really be any different here.  (It’d also make her eventual realization that she was on the wrong side a lot more meaningful for her character than it was for Varrick).  She’d probably be super enthusiastic about the idea of using the spirit vine energy to power entire cities (which could make her a lot more entertaining as a character, I think!) and not really consider the ways in which that power could be misused.

The first big change would come when Asami realizes how dangerous the forces she’s playing with really are and tries to back down.  Kuvira would still threaten her the way she did with Varrick, but Asami’s no coward.

When Kuvira threatens to drop her onto the train tracks, she’d call Kuvira’s bluff.  (Wouldn’t that be a scene? =O )  Because Kuvira couldn’t actually afford to lose the one person who knew how the spirit vine generators worked, she wouldn’t kill Asami.  Instead, she’d threaten Bolin.

Bolin’s Heel Realization would come shortly after (without any knowledge of Kuvira’s intent on using him as a hostage either way), and Asami and him would agree that they need to get out of there.  But, again, Asami’s got a lot more of a spine than Varrick does, so she’d decide that they couldn’t leave the mostly-completed spirit vine generator in Kuvira’s hands.

They’d end up getting captured for it, of course.  The story doesn’t work without the spirit vine generator being completed.

Asami would come up with some in-character reasons for Bolin to assist her in making the generator, and rig it into a bomb in a lot less humorous fashion than Varrick did (Baatar Jr. wouldn’t be looking at specific parts of it and wondering what they were meant to do, for one ;) ).  I kind of imagining her saying, when Baatar Jr. tried to call her bluff, that she’d already risked her life to defy Kuvira once, and she’d be perfectly willing to do it again.

The scenario with the prisoners would be really interesting, because it’d be the first time we ever saw Asami muddy and gross and exhausted.  She wouldn’t be as useless as Varrick, but I could see her making some complaints about how the last thing she wants to do is walk across half the Earth Kingdom in heels (with Bolin questioning why the heels existed in the first place ;) ).

I’d change the prisoners into political prisoners rather than just fire- and waterbenders, for my own reasons.  Instead of Asami and Bolin being entirely ignorant, they’d feel bad for their own work in helping Kuvira round up dissenters (both on the field and by arming her with mechsuits).

Asami would get everyone past the gates through the use of some sort of invention – maybe she’d have Bolin and the prisoners cause a distraction while she ran inside and built an EMP to shut down the mechsuits.  Once the mechsuits were down, Bolin’s lavabending would be enough to get them past the wall without the guards being able to stop them.

Remembrances would be… interesting, considering the difference in available characters.  I think Korra would just end up talking to Tenzin the whole time, which would probably be for the best.  Asami, meanwhile, would talk about her past with Hiroshi and how her experience in being on the wrong side made her rethink the way she’d ignored her father.

Bolin would ask Opal to let Asami tag along on Operation Beifong, because he knew she’d want to do something to make up for what she did, too (or, alternatively, she’d overhear and demand to come along).  Either way, she’d be the one spying on Kuvira’s troops and sabotaging the spirit cannon (while Bolin and the Beifongs went in to save Su and her family) and getting caught by Kuvira for her efforts.  Bolin would still get to show his courage by saving her, Opal would find it within herself to forgive both of them, and they’d all go back to Republic City with a better idea of what they needed to do.  (Asami would have overheard something about the attack being in two weeks.)

After the two of them came back, I think there’d actually be room to reintroduce Varrick.  Raiko would have hired him to help Asami come up with something post haste to deal with Kuvira’s weapon, so they’d still have to work together.  And, when the factory was destroyed, she’d decide by herself to bring in Hiroshi, too.

She’d extend an olive branch, saying that she doesn’t feel like she can deny him forgiveness when it’s already been offered to her for the harm she caused by joining Kuvira, and things would go much the same for the rest of Day of the Colossus.

Without Varrick as a major player, there’d need to be some other big event to wrap up the series; I’m thinking that a speech to Republic City would be the most appropriate.  Asami would probably have a scene with Korra after the speech where Korra offers legitimate consolation and Asami says she’s glad she was able to forgive her father before he died.  (And then, Korra takes the “forgiveness” thread and runs with it, culminating in a final scene where she visits Kuvira and offers her forgiveness, too.)

aaand here’s the second part of my Makorra hug (sort of)! Let’s imagine Bolin runs into his bro and his best buddy hugging after the battle and gets overwhelmed by emotion too. After all, he almost lost the two most important people in his life the same day (again). I mean, who wouldn’t? 

I will forever be pissed that Bolin and Korra didn’t get an opportunity to properly catch up after being apart for so long  (not even a final conversation, Bryke, seriously?). Their friendship is one of the purest relationships of the show and they sure get each other in ways nobody else does. He was the first friend she made in Republic City and the one who fought for her and made her laugh and feel at home when she was feeling lost or alone sad or rejected… I’m sorry, I just have a lot of feelings about these characters 

EDIT: Due (i think) to my confusing wording (sorry, English is not my mother tongue), people are reblogging this thinking is Mako & Korra, but this is actually supposed to be Bolin & Korra. My Makorra piece can be found here 

Scene rewrite; spoilers for The Stakeout ahead, proceed with caution.

“Zaheer?! You tricked me! Let me go!”

Asami woke to the sound of Korra’s yelling. It was a strange experience—you don’t usually wake up with the memory of passing out, but the first images she could recall were the Earth Queen’s forces closing in. Juxtaposed with Korra’s yelling, it was jarring.

“Asami! Are you okay? Where’s the rest of the Red Lotus?” It was registering now that Korra sounded absolutely frantic.

“What’s the Red Lotus?” Asami did her best to lift her head, to look Korra in the eye and tell her the truth—

it’s my fault we got captured; I tried to fight, I couldn’t hold them off, I failed, I’m so sorry Korra, I’m so sorry…

—but her gaze quickly dropped back to the floor. Korra was bound and muzzled and it hurt to look at her. In the end, all she said was, “Zaheer didn’t capture us. The Earth Queen’s forces did.”

“Where are we?”

“I don’t know.”

Korra struggled a little more with her bindings, motions of frustration more than anything. Then she looked back at Asami, the fury in her eyes dissipating. “Are you okay?” she asked again, more softly this time.

“I…” Asami’s gaze flickered nervously between Korra and the ground. “There were too many of them for me to handle.”

“You tried fighting them yourself? What about Mako and Bolin?”

“They stayed behind to hold off Zaheer’s allies,” Asami said. If she concentrated just enough, she could still taste of the fear of the chase. “I don’t know how they found us, but…”

“It must have been Zaheer.” Korra’s eyes were hardening again. “That whole time… He was just stalling so the rest of the Red Lotus could get to me. I can’t believe he tricked me!” She lurched against her restraints, giving a snarl of outrage.

Asami winced. “It’s not your fault, Korra.”

“It’s somebody’s fault!” Korra lurched again, harder this time. “You wouldn’t have gotten hurt if we had just stayed in Zaofu!”

“Korra, I don’t care that I got hurt,” Asami exclaimed sharply, and finally met Korra’s gaze.  “I didn't… I couldn’t protect you! I wanted to but I couldn’t…”

“Asami…” Korra went silent for a moment, her eyes locked on Asami’s before staring down again. “How many were there?”

“A lot… A dozen, at least.”

“I don’t think Mako and Bolin would have been been able to handle that many either, if it makes you feel any better.”

“It doesn’t. But thanks.” Asami gave a sigh, tried to ignore the pain in her ribs that the movement elicited. She looked at the other woman again, then softly murmured, “I love you, Korra. I’m sorry.”

Korra didn’t hesitate. “I love you too Asami. It’s not your fault. We’ll get out of this, you know?”

“Yeah. We will.”

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16 year old Kainora: Kai finds (not steals) a water tribe necklace. He gives it to Jinora which causes Jinora to blush. "Kai, you know thats a water tribe betrothal necklace right?"

(Okay, I had to write this one)

calling it: The perfect gift

“I really appreciate the help Bolin.” the tan air bender said as he walked with the green eyed earth/lava bender.

“No problem little bro, we will help you get the perfect gift for Jinora, a girl only turns 16 once.” Bolin said as he put his hands behind his head, while his little red panda pet, moved to his back.

Kai had two weeks until jinora’s birthday, but he really wanted to make sure he found the perfect gift. He brought Bolin with him mainly due to the fact that Korra, asami and mako were all busy, and he certainly didn’t want to let anyone in the northern air temple know about his gift searching. 

Bolin and Kai had spent hours checking out different stores, each one leaving the tan airbender more nervous than the last.

“We have been searching for hours and haven’t found a single potential gift for jinora.” Kai said with his enthusiasm crushed.

“Why don’t you just get her a book, Jinora loves books.” Bolin pointed out.

“Jinora gets books all of the time. I feel like that would be a cop out. I need something that really lets her know how I feel.” Kai says as his eyes land on the store across the street, it was a craft store. Maybe there was something he could find in there.

“Lets check that place next.” Kai said with his enthusiasm slowly returning.

The two made their way across the street and walked into the store. It was small, but it was filled with cool objects and crafts. Once inside, the two split up and looked around the store. The store was decent in size and had hundreds of objects that have been seen from all of the four nations. Kai was in awe of all of the crafts, but a certain trinket caught its eye. It was a necklace, likely from the water tribe. Kai looked closely at the necklace, clearly convinced that it was the perfect gift.

“I see you are interested in the necklace. Tell me, who is the lucky lady?” a voice from behind asked causing Kai to turn around.

The voice was that of a white haired old man who was clearly of water tribe decent, he was shorter than kai,and he gave off a certain vibe that he still had some semblance of wit. The man smiled as he looked at the young boy.

“Her name is Jinora. How much for the necklace?” Kai said eagerly.

The old man looked at kai as he stroked his chin.

“That piece is only for display. I am afraid that a necklace like that can’t simply be bought.” The old man explained softly.

“Oh..” Kai deflated.

“I can, however, help you make one.” The geezer said with a bright grin.

Kai’s eyes lit up, “Really? That would be even better.”

“Follow me into the back, it will take some time to make. I would tell your friend to go home.” The man advised.

Kai quickly found bolin and told him that he would be fine on his own. Bolin reluctantly left, allowing Kai to go with the old man and make the necklace.


The process took almost two weeks. Kai hand picked every part of the necklace carefully, carefully designed the insignia, cautiously and meticulously made every aspect to his specifications. When he had finally finished he showed his work to the old man.

“I think I am finished. How does it look Mr. Kaitomaru?” Kai asked, insistent on the man’s opinion.

The old man gazed at the necklace in awe. The boy had made a remarkable piece of jewelry. The girl he was giving it to must truly be someone he hold not just love, but deep respect and admiration for.

“My boy, your girlfriend will love it.” Mr. Kaitomaru said with a grin. “After you give it to her, let me know how everything goes, alright?”

“I will, Thank you so much for helping me without even having me pay you. but I have to go. I only have a day to get back to the northern air temple. I will see you later.” Kai said as he dashed out of the store, with the necklace packed away safely.

“Not a problem, Take care boy.” The old man called from a distance.

Kaitomaru smiled to himself. An air bender who wanted to make a water tribe betrothal necklace. Its the first time he has ever seen that. Should he have told the boy about what the necklace meant? Probably, but figuring that out would be the fun part. The storekeeper laughed to himself as he started to sweep his store.


Kai had arrived at the temple just in time for the party. The whole air temple had prepared a great celebration for Master Jinora’s 16th birthday. Korra, bolin, Asami and Mako had made time from their busy schedule’s to see the girl turn 16.

Jinora was sitting in the main temple hall, talking with her friends as the whole temple acted social and full of life.

Kai suddenly glided in, catching the attention of everyone. Jinora looked to the tan air bender as he gracefully landed on top of a table.

“Kai!” The brown haired air bending master called as she made her way towards Kai.

Kai smiled as he closed his glider, got off the table and reached into his satchel.

“Sorry I am late Jinora, but I was making sure that your gift was ready.” Kai said with a confident tone.

Jinora watched as Kai pulled out a box wrapped in a fine paper and handed it to her. The whole party turned their attention to the two as Jinora slowly opened the box.

Jinora carefully took off the paper and slowly opened the box to reveal the beautiful necklace that Kai had crafted.

The necklace was made out of a beautiful white stone, carved on one side with the air nation symbol and on the other side of the necklace on the back. “To the person that changed my life.” Jinora was absolutely shocked by the necklace. Her face grew red as she looked at the necklace. She knew that it was a betrothal necklace, a beautiful one.

“Kai… I … I” Jinora managed to say as she stayed mesmerized by piece of jewelry.

Korra, bolin, Tenzin, and granny Katara moved to get a closer look at the necklace.

“You don’t like it?” Kai asked, slightly saddened. 

“No, its not that. It is beautiful. I just… I don’t think… well maybe…” Jinora mumbled as her face was as red as a fire.

“Don’t tell me.. thats…” Tenzin said as he looked at the necklace in disbelief.

Korra and Bolin starred at the jewel in shock. 

“Little bro.. I wish you gave me the heads up before you did this.” Bolin said with shock.

“Or at least ran this by me first.” Tenzin said clearly infuriated. “I would like to say that just because Jinora is of marrying age! Does not mean you can propose!” Tenzin yelled in shock.

Kai was completely taken aback by the statement.

“What the hell are you talking about!? I was just giving her a gift I had spent two weeks making! Where did this marriage talk come from?” Kai said with clear confusion.

Jinora quickly calmed down at Kai’s statement.

“Kai, you know thats a water tribe betrothal necklace right?” Jinora stated softly.

Kai processed the information and blushed from embarrassment.

“Why didn’t that old geezer tell me that!?” Kai blurted out clearly embarrassed. The people watching seemed to feel the awkward tension and decided to look away. Tenzin sighed in relief and walk away. Bolin, korra, and Katara slowly moved away but watched the two as they talked.

“I am sorry Jinora. I really didn’t know, I just thought it was a great idea for a gift, so… I made one for you.” Kai said shyly.

“Dont apologize, it was an honest mistake. The necklace is still beautiful, and I could see you put a lot of work into it.” Jinora said as she held it.

“You can still have the necklace. I don’t really believe anyone will think you are getting married. Plus, It was made just for you.” Kai whispered softly as he looked at the floor.

Jinora placed her hand on Kai’s cheek. She got on her tippy toes and planted a soft kiss on his lips.

“I happily accept it. Thank you Kai.” Jinora said as her smile lit up Kai’s view.

The tan air bender couldn’t help but smile. Maybe someday, he will make a betrothal necklace for her, on purpose.

(Please tell me what you guys think of this one. I would love to hear your opinion)

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Even if Mako doesn't come off as a Gary Stu, it's still hard to dismiss him being a creator's pet. I mean for one thing, they spend half their commentary track to defend him. Yet they don't seem bothered with fans wanting Asami (who at the time did nothing wrong in the slightest) dead, nor do they seem to care when viewers call the lead female character a b***h (which is more of an attack on her gender more than her actions).

I think it’s important to remember that Bryke do not have the same sort of knowledge of the fandom that we do.  We might remember the ridiculous hatred of Asami when she first showed up and looked like a femme fatale, but they probably never saw that.  We might remember the Korra hate from Book 1, but I never really got the impression that Bryke actually saw any of that.

What they did see – what they couldn’t have ignored – was that Mako was the one character in the show whose voice actor was threatened over his character’s behavior.  No one said anything bad about Janet Varney or Seychelle Gabriel, but there was a lot of nastiness surrounding David Faustino that Bryke must have been aware of.

And so, yeah, they spent most of their time in the Book 1 commentaries defending Mako.  They defended Korra too, when they felt it necessary – her treatment of Bolin in The Spirit of Competition, for instance – but they just didn’t seem to think they needed to say as much there.  And I’m not sure that was an oversight on their part, because Janet Varney never really spoke in Korra’s defense either – I get the feeling that the staff believed Korra to be well-liked.

Once Book 2 rolled around and the Korra hate became more obvious, though, they did start defending Korra the same way they did with Mako.  I expect we’ll get a lot more of that on the Book 2 commentaries, too.

So, no, I don’t think the defense of Mako on the commentaries is a sign that he’s a creator’s pet.  I think it’s a sign that the Mako hatred was far more visible than anything else, and he was the only character who they recognized as under attack because of it.

A small theory (if you want to call it that)

At a recent panel, Janet Varney was asked about how it was to work with Zelda Williams, who voices Kuvira. 

Janet: “Oh, she’s great! Well, for one thing, I can’t believe that voice comes out of this little girl. She’s a beautiful small girl. Talk about great casting. Her voice is fantastic! So that’s the craziest thing about it. She’d probably be in the booth behind me and we would be recording. So I hear her really close in my headphones and I would hear her say something and sometimes I would have to be just like- you know, she’d be like, ‘You’re not going anywhere,' and I’d be like, 'That’s you! Do you know that’s you?’”

Source: X

I might be stretching a little, but I think Janet could have perhaps given us a line. It’s possible that she was just giving an example, but what if Kuvira actually says, “You’re not going anywhere”? I have to say, it’s make a lot of sense. 

I feel like it’s fair to assume that the plot next episode will be about Bolin trying to escape before he’s sent to the re-education camp (this could be up in the air but it’s likely), Suyin and her sons getting caught in their raid, and Korra and Kuvira facing off. 

So, I also feel safe in assuming that between those three conflicts, all 22 minutes will be used. 

By analyzing the scenes from the trailer, we have a pretty good idea of how the fights occurs. Here’s the order that it looks like it could go down, in my opinion. After capturing Su, Kuvira deems that since no agreement could be made, that Zaofu is hers to conquer. Korra hears what has happened and disagrees (with Opal and Jinora behind her as a force of air). Now you can read the screenshots. 

Then Korra gets backed up into the military line, where Kuvira probably says some really nasty things to her (notice the hair of Korra and Kuvira is a lot more untidy than in the beginning?) 

 More fighting ensues. Then we know this is near the very end of the fight: 

Korra is pretty much surrounded by the military and has multiple scratches on her arms and face. After being surrounded, it would make sense for Kuvira to deem that she’s not going to let Korra go anywhere. She took Su and Bolin as her prisoners, why wouldn’t she try to take Korra? This could be where the line, “you’re not going anywhere” comes into play. 

That line would be said at the end of the episode, and could possibly be when Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, Opal, Kai (if he’s there) decide to get Korra the heck out of dodge in order to get back to Republic City. That would get us to the place they need to be in, in order for Korra to change back into her water tribe clothes in episode 7. They need reinforcements to defeat Kuvira’s army and help rescue Su and Bolin. And that’s when they’ll possibly learn about the spirit vines. This will be when the Avatar becomes priority target #1.

How I’d Have Done LOK: Book One - Air

So, I’ve been working on this for a while. Basically, to sort of vent my frustrations with how LOK as a whole went and get some closure there, I’m gonna be doing a little series that outlines the ways in which I’d have done various aspects of the series differently (I hesitate to say “better,” but, y’know). Some changes will be small, some will be bigger, but they’re all things that I think would have made for a more satisfying overall storyline, at least for me.

So, let’s start with Book One!

There won’t be too much I’d change in Book 1, because its story was very tight and well-paced and structured already, but there are a few quibbles here and there I have with it, so let’s get into those under the cut.

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So I just saw the LoK book 3 finale, and my god it was amazing! I just can’t express how amazing it was! No words. I just have a lot of feels for it right now so I made this quick spit paint. Can’t wait for book 4! <3

1 hour on Photoshop cs6

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Do you think Borra would be better than Makorra?


Granted even if they went down that route now (which I doubt they would because Makorra is “soulmates” *rolls eyes*), a part of it would leave a bad taste in my mouth, mostly because of Bolin’s treatment from episode 5 and on in book 1, and how much they DERAILED his character in book 2.

I told myself I wasn’t going to ship anything when I first heard news of Korra.

I tried my hardest.  I really did.

But I could still feel the temptation to ship Borra, from the moment Korra and Bolin met.  It felt somewhat reminiscent of Katara and Aang (like Katara and Bolin both feeling there is something special about Aang and Korra, before knowing they are the avatar, meanwhile both characters brothers were less than impressed originally too.  Or how they just seemed to get along great from the get go, or how both Katara was like “he’s not my boyfriend” from the getgo to Sokka, and Korra was like “We’re not together” to Toza.)

But I still resisted myself from shipping anything.

Then episode 4 came along, and not 1, but 2!!! 2 ships came in and slapped me in the face and I immediately shipped both.

Masami and Borra.

I thought Masami was going to be really cute and felt it would of been a really sweet but touching relationship that would really make Mako grow and loosen up, while getting to see some development from Asami too.  Idk, I honestly was so naive and felt Bryke was REALLY going to do something special with those 2, thanks to that moment of Asami saying to Mako, a fire-bender, that she felt safe with him.  Her mother was killed by a fire-bender, and she didn’t hate benders, nor did she hate fire-benders, but fell in love with one and even felt safe with one.  I saw that as a very big deal!  Plus I felt they might be able to bring some influence on the whole non-bender vs bender thing going on in Republic City (Tenzin and Pema too).  But alas, any potential awesome plot point from that never happened.  (we could of had it all)

But anyways, episode 4 finally convinced me to jump on the Borra train for real.  That whole moment with the cupcake just won me over.  Episode 5 (despite it’s MANY STUPID THINGS) made it even worse on shipping Borra.

Borra and Masami just shown to be how healthy they were, and both had chemistry.

One thing I really loved about Borra was how Korra and Bolin got along so great. 

One of the most important things you hear in relationship advice, is that when you are dating someone, you should look for someone who can be not just a romantic partner, but also be your best friend.

Korra and Bolin were just that, two kids who got along SO GREAT like they could be two best friends, while doing stuff like dating.  It showed they could have a really fun, funny, wonderful and healthy relationship.

They share similar sense of humor, they’re very comfortable with each other, they have a lot of fun together.

Plus Bolin liked Korra.  As I stated above, Borra is similar to Kataang in this aspect.  Bolin grew to like the person Korra, and felt there was something special about her, BEFORE he realized she was the Avatar.  When she basically told him to not be so forward and assuming, he immediately backed off (after all they only just met). Then he became a friend to her.

Sure he still pursued her after that fact later, but it was obvious why.  At that point they were forming a friendship, and he was obviously developing feelings for her.  And he was never disrespectful or weird about anything when he continued to pursue her.  He pursued her in a far more respectful way, to where she would feel comfortable. 

Bolin makes her feel comfortable.  He doesn’t try to do anything to make her feel uncomfortable or bad about herself.  He admires her and showers her with gifts and praises, mind you this is a boy who is poor, so he obviously went out of his way to work hard to save up a little bit of money just to buy her a cupcake, a rose, then later a bouquet.  And when Bolin praises her, he means it.  It never feels empty or hollow.  He never does anything in Book 1 that would suggest contrary to his words. (see his brother) Bolin’s words and actions match up.

The reason why I can feel Borra would be infinitely better is not just because how badly written Makorra is, but because Borra has elements that shows and suggests would make a very good and healthy couple.

Bolin likes her and treats her with respect immediately, before even knowing she was the Avatar.  And even after finding out she was the Avatar, how he treated Korra had not changed.  He still treated her like a friend, respectful, and showed that he saw her as Korra, not the Avatar.  The person Bolin crushed on, was Korra, because he met Korra.  He didn’t meet the Avatar, he met a girl.

Contrast, Mako didn’t even show her any respect until after it was revealed she was the Avatar.  Even then, it seems all Korra cared about was impressing him.  But it seems that’s all that matters, meeting Mako’s approval and expectations, rather than just being herself.

She didn’t have to live up to any expectations with Bolin, she didn’t have to do anything to impress him.  She already won him over just by being herself.

When Bolin compliments her, you know he means it.  All of his actions towards Korra, and his attitude towards Korra shows it.  He genuinely likes her, he admires her, he gives her gifts, he thanks her for saving him, he trusts her, is always very friendly and inviting to her, he respects her, makes her comfortable, makes her laugh.  That is why when Bolin sings her a praise, you know he means it, his actions match up with his words.

When it comes to how they written Mako and Makorra on the other hand, not only is it inconsistent, but it’s all tell don’t show, rather than show don’t tell.  Mako’s words don’t match up with his actions.  He acts like she’s not important, but only then gives her respect when he realizes who she is.  Even after realizing who she is, apparently Korra STILL needs to impress him and meet his expectations?  He seems to find Bolin’s crush on Korra cute (“Bet the lovebird is making a house-call”(complete with a *go get her you dog* smile)then later he’s all jealous and possessive and tells Bolin not to date her?  He accuses Korra of being a petty jealous thing concerning Masami and is only accusing Hiroshi of a crime because she wants Mako to herself, even threatening that he will end their friendship over her petty immaturity.  He clearly thought THAT LOWLY of her in that episode.  But then later we hear him refer to her as the most loyal thing amongst other compliments?  Really?

I can’t believe Mako not just because his character is so inconsistent because the writer’s obviously don’t know what they want him to be (his personality changes as the plot demands it), but also because his words don’t meet up with his actions. 

Bolin’s does.  Bolin’s words meet up with his actions, Bolin shown that he liked Korra beforehand even before finding out who she was, and STILL treated her like the person that she is-that he’d come to like-Korra, rather than as the Avatar. 

Bolin has shown that he respects Korra, adores Korra, and all that jazz.  He has shown to be someone that she can get along with just fine (no stupid bickering in an attempt to force UST where it doesn’t exist), shown that he trusts her, shown that he can brighten her mood when she’s feeling down, has shown that they have natural fun and chemistry together, and share a similar sense of humor.  (the ability to make someone laugh is highly important in any relationship I’ll have you know).

So yes, in that sense, Borra would of been better than Makorra had they gone down that route.  Had they just stuck with Masami and Borra, we’d see wonderful character development.  And we’d continue to see these relationships grow into something beautiful constantly.

But no instead they decided to go Twilight/Soap Opera on us, and actually claim that it is realistic, what?