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  • i think we all know the drill when it comes to badboy aus
  • le backstory time
  • so for our dearest kim taehyung, his story begins with a family that was broken and doomed from the start
  • both of his parents had a rough time raising him and his little sister who he holds near and dear to his heart, especially since their mother had divorced his father and moved out as soon as she could
  • because of this, their father was very temperamental in a way this was how he was coping with everything but he also took it out on his kids which really pissed taehyung off
  • ever since he was a kid, he had a mouth on him and a will to do the right thing which meant if someone was treating another unfairly then he was going to address and try and stop this
  • this happened a lot when their father would yell at them at little things and sometimes about their mother bc she moved on but taehyung had none of it and often quarreled with their dad
  • sometimes his sister would get shit for things she did but taehyung tried taking the brunt of most of it to ensure that she would live without that crap y’know? most of it made him pretty bitter and angry especially at his parents for putting this on them, for making her suffer despite his attempts to remedy it (poor lil squish, she really didn’t suffer as she often tells him now)
  • anyway, growing up he endured through this and during high school when his high school was at its most temperamental he got into a major fist fight with his dad after he found out that his ex-wife would soon be re-marrying and it was tae’s little sister that was getting the verbal abuse until he snapped
  • he told his father off for taking his anger out on them instead of trying to better himself and he got hit but tae wouldn’t take it and began to fight back
  • as a result, he had to go to the police station and developed an even worse reputation than his temperamental one and his sister ended up living at their mom’s but she was very upset to be separated from her older brother
  • the incident itself left tae at a standstill with his dad but his mom was more than willing to take him in but again those rumors of his anger and the things he did escalated too much after he was released
  • he ended up enduring thru the whole thing but did want a better future for himself in order to help his sister out and for himself so he decided that he wanted to do well and go on to college bc he was at least good at math
  • he decided he wanted to be an engineer and so he managed to score a pretty good scholarship to get him to a decent university and he’s trying his hardest to work hard even tho since his release from jail went around there are officials that monitor him for violent behavior
  • he doesn’t care so much bc again he’s doin him
  • the way his mindset is if he’s not harming anyone that doesn’t deserve it then he really shouldn’t get in trouble over anything but it does stop him from ever getting in altercations with dumbass people thinking it’s funny to pick a fight with him
  • that’s not how he meets you tho
  • he actually meets you when you’re in trouble with this asshole dude that just wouldn’t quit bothering you to a point where he has you cornered and your attempts of telling him to get away are fruitless
  • at some point, you knee him in the groin and try running off until you accidentally run into someone and it happens to be (guess who?????) kim taehyung
  • you would’ve been afraid or at least mildly intimidated considering the rumors about him but you really just wanted to get away from that area of the campus so that creeper dude would gtfo
  • taehyung’s ready to tell you to watch where you’re going until he sees your eyes filled with panic and fear and he swears he’s about to see you cry and while he’s asking if you’re ok, that asshole you ran off is saying obscenities about you and stalking his way over to you and you’re barely registering taehyung’s words as he asks you, “did he hurt you? are you ok?”
  • you shake your head and you just let the most vulnerable words slip past your lips “please help me… he won’t leave me alone”
  • and it just flips a switch in taehyung and he’s telling you to get somewhere safe while he handles that asshole and you’re not sure what to think but soon enough taehyung’s giving you a reassuring look, being extra careful not to touch you, and then he’s going up that asshole and confronting him about his harassment of you
  • the asshole, for some reason, gets oddly defensive over you and tries to alleviate the situation by saying y’know that you were being a bitch and assaulting him and basically trying to play off what he did like it was nothing
  • but obviously from the hard stare that taehyung is giving him, it’s not working and when the asshole realizes that he gets in tae’s face like “mind your own business dude this isn’t your problem so why don’t you back off?” and tries to just intimidate tae
  • unfortunately for him that doesn’t work and tae just crosses his arms over his chest, trying not to be the first person to throw a punch or anything and for a bit it works bc the asshole starts pushing and shoving him to move out of his way bc he can still see you and although tae’s a lil miffed you didn’t leave you can’t help but think that it wouldn’t be right to abandon your savior, badboy and all
  • at this point tae has had enough of getting shoved and in an instant, tae has the asshole against the wall and simply tells him to leave you and any other girl alone bc they don’t need a greaseball like them trying to harass them and the asshole gets pissed and tries swinging and a small fight ensues until the asshole runs out and leave you and tae behind
  • you tentatively approach taehyung, asking him if he’s ok and although he is pretty annoyed that you didn’t leave, you simply tell him that you didn’t think it’d be right if you did and he’s actually a lil amazed by you bc you, someone who was scared out of their mind, would stay where their harasser is just to back up your savior and idk it just strikes him as interesting since not many people have the guts to do it
  • and you ask him if he’s ok and he tries to convince you he is and actually walks you back you your dorm bc no way in hell is he letting you walk him where you could possibly get attacked by that asshole who ran off
  • you tell him you want to make sure he’s ok when he gets back and you two actually exchange numbers like this:
  • “if it makes you feel better i’ll text you when i get back to my dorm”
  • “good, you better. wait-”
  • “what???”
  • “i don’t have your number”
  • “oh… heh… right. well, here,”
  • he texts you when he gets back with a small smile bc you’ve added a cute lil’ bear emoji and jimin, his roommate, is like ???? “what happened OH MY GOD TAE WHY ARE YOU BRUISED AND BATTERED”
  • tae explains and jimin’s soo happy to hear that his roomie is actually gushing about someone bc you see tae is v hardworking and he spends most of his time trying to achieve his goal in being an engineer and idk jimin just gets some good feelings hear tae talking about how he met you
  • you and tae begin to text one another after the incident and it’s a very cute correspondence of what you guys like i.e. music, tv shows, movies and even deeper topics at night when he’ll randomly hit you up at like 2 AM about the meaning of life and you’re usually up studying or doing something and y’all chat and reveal your hopes, desires, and even fears, which is crazy since y’all just met but he trusts you enough to tell you these things and you trust him bc after all he did save you from that asshole
  • speaking of which, that asshole reported tae to the student judicial affairs for the assault and so he got called in bc the security guards or w/e can’t really do anything until afterwards but they’re itching to get tae convicted for real
  • you didn’t know bc the asshole didn’t mention you but rumors are going around that kim taehyung is prolly going to jail and you’re like ???????? my tae *ahem* kim taehyung???
  • you try texting him but no response and you’re panicking until you get a call from a unknown number and it turns out to be jimin who’s on the SJA and he tells you abt it during one of the breaks
  • you pretty much end up busting in bc why not?? and tell them that you’re an eyewitness like dead ass serious
  • the classroom you were in when they occurred was your art professor who allowed you to stay behind and clean up. that asshole shares that class with you and when you two were left alone he struck and even the professor can vouch that you stayed behind (which they do) and it’s not long for the jury to rule it in tae’s favor
  • he’s pretty quiet at the end but when you approach him, he looks so goddamn happy bc someone actually defended him and didn’t try to drag him down like he was beginning to feel so sure that he was about to lose everything he worked for and idk it didn’t hit him to contact you bc the asshole really did try denying everything tae tried coming up with
  • so yeah that’s how taehyung truly can’t deny how grateful he is to you
  • and you’re really like “it’s nothing. it’s only right that they know the truth and you shouldn’t be punished for that”
  • just bless <3 bc after that, you and tae are even closer now
  • no one really tries harassing you now that you and tae are pretty close
  • jimin’s constantly asking when you two will be a thing
  • even tae’s sister’s nagging him bc he does tell her everything and how she wants to meet you and ahhh
  • ok so you both end up getting together very casually like during a day when you’re both so sleepy and tired from your constant workload, you both are just half-asleep on the phone with each other and tae goes “i really like you, you know that??” and you softly murmur, “i like you too, tae let’s discuss this tmrw” then the next day you both meet up, lw embarrassed but you ask him if he meant it and he says yeah and you’re like yeah when he asks and it just becomes a thing
  • “finally” jimin and tae’s sister exclaim lmao
  • insert cute study dates where sometimes you come over to his dorm when jimin’s out doing law stuff and tucking tae in when he’s all pooped from engineering stuff like you’ll drape a blanket over his shoulders and prolly lay in his bed to study until you KO and then somehow he snuggles up to you and it’s like 12 AM and you’re like “?! my RA!!! AND YOURS” but he winks like “sweetheart my RA jin doesn’t care tbh” and he just feather kisses your jaw and apparently jimin’s not in still and things just happen that night
  • it’s sweet and gentle, things that tae are not used to being associated with so when you tell him he gets a lil weird bc he can’t believe he got to meet someone as kind and as sweet as you who is so freakin loyal to him and supportive
  • and you’re there just kissing his knuckles and cuddling him really close and you tell him that you love him and you care about him and that’s why you’re doing this and you wish to make him feel loved
  • and…. it just registers his brain that you bring him happiness, he cares about you, and wow…. holy shit he’s in love with you too
  • despite all his “negative” traits, you love him and he’s so grateful to you like my dude you allow this nugget to feel the love that he lacked so much as a child and for once you’re willing to bear burdens with him by coaxing him to tell you what bothers him
  • of course there are occasions where you two quarrel but it’s ok bc you let him cool off and usually he comes running back to you with apologies and pouty lips that you pretend not to fall for but when you’re wrapping him up in your arms he knows that it’ll be ok
  • btw his sister is totes in love with you too like she was so stoked to meet you and after a day with you she’s already telling him to marry you and one time he actually looked over at you with a wink a says, “maybe one day” <3 <3 <3 <3

Alright. I have a ton of Harry/Azoff/Stevie Nicks messages. I’m consolidating them into one post, for the most part. Let’s go.

Today’s animal gif–

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You guys are pissed and it’s nice to know some people realize this is as realistic and organic as ramyeon noodles.

(Funny story: A friend once messaged me in Korea and said, “I’m eating cup ramyeon. I think the healthiest thing in front of me is the bamboo chopsticks.”)

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Creepy Dream Suite Visit #6: Lavender Town (THE REAL DEAL THIS TIME.)

Oh dear, it has been a really long time since I did one of these o-o I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. My mayor is like, “Shut up and let me sleep.” xD Here we go~!

Well then… o-o But are they talking about Ash/Red/the trainer or someone else???

After watching the vid on their YouTube channel I realized it was the trainer ._.

I always talk to the cuties living in ppl’s towns c:

Wahhhh! It’s like the rooms in the Pokemon Tower… :c *a wave of nostalgia hits*

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The Sweet Hereafter

Summary: The moments after the day they first kissed. (Set during Original Song)

Words: 2300

The Sweet Hereafter

Kurt realizes that he has probably not spoken more than a total of six sentences since earlier this afternoon. He clicks his bedroom door closed and takes out his books. Math homework. It’s not that he’s usually a chatterbox or anything, but today, this afternoon, he feels the world whirling and twirling around him in its ordinary way and he’s just watching from the outside. Stunned and quiet.

Blaine kissed him. Before Warblers practice at about 1:45 pm this Friday afternoon, Blaine kissed him.

He opens his binder and flips to the homework questions. Picks up his pencil. 

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