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Friends to Lovers!Kim Donghyun

member: kim donghyun // mxm

genre: fluff

writing type: bulletpoint

word count: 1.4k

a/n: lol im either gonna edit a bunch of my writings or just copy and paste so sorry if some look nice and some look crusty // this one is rewritten btw!

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  • so it all started when you had a project in your first year of middle school
  • it was kinda big for a middle school class so your teacher randomly assigned people
  • and wow what a coincidence you got the one and only kim donghyun!!
  • you had no idea who he was so you assumed he probably went to another elementary school
  • meeting him wasn’t too awkward?? he was super smiley and spoke kinda loud but somehow you found comfort in that
  • ofc since you were partners for a project, you went to meet up at the library to do research
  • but like that ended REEEAAAAL quickly bcuz yall are too loud lol
  • first of all you werent even completely focused bcuz donghyun kept making super bad jokes that were funny as a middle schooler 
  • you’d both be laughing so fuckin loud that the librarian would have to kick you out
  • well ok looks like you’re going to your house to do continue the research i guess
  • your parents were like “omg you brought a boy home is this your boyfriend” bcuz yeah boy + girl hanging out = dating according to everyone
  • you looked really disgusted and donghyun looked awkward 
  • yall basically just met so why would you even think about that!! plus you’re in middle school you don’t care about dating yet
  • “guys you havent even said hi to him but you already made him uncomfortable he’s just my partner for this project we have to do in class”
  • even tho he felt awkward, he still kept his happy, polite self and introduced himself to your parents
  • since it was probably a bad idea to go back to the library, donghyun would frequently come over to finish the project
  • your parents grew to like him more (and so did u ;) ) and him coming over would be normal now
  • even after you finished the project, you guys basically became super close and you would hang out alot outside of school
  • every year, the both of you would be praying that you’d be in the same class
  • if you werent, you’d be late to your classes bcuz you dont want to separate yet
  • until the bell rings again then you’re dashing your ass down the hall
  • now it wasnt until you got into highschool where people were more serious and fuckin drastic
  • being the major flower boy that he is, he snatched the hearts of so many girls in school 
  • this means a shit ton of chocolates on the day of valentines !!
  • for him atleast lol
  • you never complained about not being able to get chocolates because he always shared the chocolates he got with you 
  • but like you also knew that some girl would be brave enough to call him out to confess to him
  • you may have accidentally walked in on some of them mid-confession
  • slams door open
  • “donghyun where the hell are you we need to get the limited edition plush at the arcade and you know damn that’s gonna take fore- oh” 
  • oops awkward for all of you 
  • aaaaanndd since this is highschool some girls are petty as hell and will be like “i’ll do anything it takes to be with oppar11!!!1!1″
  • so you occasionally get bullied
  • frequently
  • woops they spilled juice on your notebook
  • woops they thought your textbook was trash
  • oh no where did your bag go- its outside?? and the window is open??
  • it took a while for donghyun to notice that you were getting bullied by his fangirls
  • ok in reality he only noticed because you started to distance yourself from him because of it
  • dh: y/n? where are you? i thought we were gonna go to the cafe
  • you:  oh right sorry i had to go to the library for hw
  • dh: library??? homework??? ok its super obvious thats a lie where are you
  • you: wow can i not be responsible without being suspicious im just trying to pass highschool
  • dh: :/
  • dh: i know you’ve been lying alot lately y/n whats going on
  • you: well idk if youre just blind or stupid but your dumb fangirls are getting in my way and its annoying having to deal with them
  • dh: fangirls? what have they been doing? why do you have to stop hanging out with me?
  • you: ok youre just dumb…  
  • dh: omg are you getting bullied
  • you: yes you idiot those fangirls of yours are brutal
  • dh: y/n….. im sorry.. i didn’t see that
  • you: yeah i know its been happening for months
  • dh: well i’ll treat you to food to make you feel better so hurry and get to the park
  • you: but im at home
  • dh: you live 3 minutes away from the park
  • you: im already in bed with snacks and netflix
  • dh: ok fine i’ll come over then
  • you: wait get ice cream before you come back
  • dh: yeah yeah ok 
  • you wait a good 8 minutes and hear your door slamming open, your bed bouncing from donghyun whale flopping onto it
  • “you got the ice cream?”
  • he holds up the bag and says “right here”
  • “ok good lets make a fort now”
  • “why?”
  • you stared at him blankly 
  • “perfect reason i’ll get the blankets”
  • he gets up and runs to the hallway closet, grabbing the extra blankets your family keeps
  • you get up to find as many extra pillows so that you can use it to support the fort
  • takes yall a good 25 min to do but its worth it
  • you snuggle up under the fort and start to eat your slightly melted ice cream
  • after like 3 movies, your eyes start to get heavy since you’re warm under the blankets and donghyun’s arms
  • donghyun was pretty immersed in the movie so he didnt see you slowly drift off to sleep 
  • it wasnt until he was going to make some sort of witty comment to you about what was happening in the current scene
  • your cheek was pressed against his chest and your arms balled up in front of you
  • he smiles to himself and grabs his phone next to him to snap some pics of your sleeping face
  • he figured he should just go to sleep too since you arent awake to make dumb comments about the movie anymore
  • he closes your laptop and gently holds you to place your head on the pillow and shimmies himself to lay down as well
  • boom now you’re both dead asleep and snuggly
  • ok fast forward in time 
  • its your senior year and yall r kinda burnt tf out bcuz of college applications and scholarships
  • but wow its valentines again!!!11!
  • you were prepared to see donghyun struggling to carry a ton of chocolates but instead you were greeted to him holding a bouquet of roses and a bucket of fried chicken
  • “did someone give you chicken for valentines? is that their way of not being like everyone else and giving you chocolates”
  • he lets out a nervous laugh and steps closer to you
  • “no, but its my way of not being like everyone else” 
  • he holds out the bouquet and chicken in front of you
  • you stare at him like ??? lol ok
  • “wow is this finally my own gift of appreciation this year”
  • “in some sort, yeah”
  • “awwww thanks best friendddddd” you lightly smacked his arm and took the things from his hands
  • before you could take the time to look at the roses, donghyun grabbed your wrists and looks at you dead straight in the eyes
  • your heart sped up but you tried to make a joke to make it look like you werent nervous
  • “what do you want me to share the chicken?” 
  • “y/n can i kiss you” 
  • “wait what-”
  • he just goes in and plants his lips on top of yours
  • not too roughly tho
  • it was like a soft pillow on your lips and you did not pull away or complain at all
  • you leaned forward a bit to deepen the kiss since you couldnt really grab him or anything
  • cuz yaknow
  • ya got chicken and a bouquet occupying your hands
  • donghyun got the hint and hesitantly placed his hands on your hips
  • eventually the both of you couldnt breath so you pulled away and stared at each other
  • “im sorr-”
  • “shut up you absolute dork i cant believe you kissed me first before even saying anything” you teased
  • he shoved his face into your shoulder out of embarrassment and laughed
  • but it was all a scheme
  • he used that chance to whisper right into your ear:
  • “i love you y/n”
  • now its you shoving your face into his chest from embarrassment
  • “i hate you so much kim donghyun,…” 
  • me too y/n, me too…..

gdifbkadb  asked:

can i have a headcanon request about Akaashi, Kuroo, Oikawa and Tsukishima on their instagram? like their bio, feed, captions, followers etc etc thanks!

sure thing chicken wing!

(also these are so long i did not mean for this to happen im sorry if u wanted smth shorter aaaa)


Akaashi’s bio is just “Akaashi Keiji, 2nd yr, Furkurodani.”  the link in his bio is literally just to the school’s website.  it’s so boring it hurts.

He follows some darker themed men’s fashion accounts and some volleyball ones, but he never sees any of it because his feed is always taken over by Bokuto’s excessive posting of outdated white text memes and blurry selfie spams.  Because of this, Kuroo hacked Akaashi’s phone during training camp and made Akaashi follow like four different Really Edgy™ meme accounts and Akaashi still doesn’t know.

(In relation to this, Kuroo also once changed the link in his bio to lead to yvette’s bridal but Akaashi noticed and changed it back).

Akaashi’s captions are probably like…fake deep quotes.  Like the kind of stuff you find edited over pictures of sunsets that have no credit for who says it.  Either that or he just leaves it blank cause he’s a square.

Everyone in Fukurodani is following Akaashi simply because Bokuto would not let anyone rest until he did.  Bokuto has been memeing on instagram so long that he practically went into cardiac arrest when he found out Akaashi made an account, and the next day he showed Akaashi’s account to anyone who would listen.  But, Akaashi does gain quite a few female followers all on his own, cause his account is on private and all the girls wanna stalk the pretty owl boy.

Kuroo’s bio literally just says his name, then a bunch of really dumb emojis.  The link in his bio leads to business cat and you can’t argue with me on this one.

He follows So Many Meme Accounts.  this dork is dank.  He tags Kenma to the shittier ones because he has nothing to lose and Kenma’s dry responses make him laugh.


His captions are all emojis.  He never captions anything with words.  If you went to his account you legit would not be able to figure out even what language he spoke unless you found like…his bucket challenge video from like 2 years ago.

He posts memes so he has a lot of followers.  Not a lot of people from school follow him though.

Oikawa’s bio has his basic info with some kaomoji splashed in, along with “#iwachansmells2k16.”  The link in his bio is to a video of seijou playing the interhigh prelims game against Karasuno.

Oikawa, like Akaashi, follows some men’s fashion accounts and volleyball accounts.  He also follows some more (forgive my phrasing) “mainstream” meme accounts and probably gets tricked into following shoutout accounts a lot. He also follows conspiracy theory accounts unironically.

He posts ton’s of selfies, but they’re always ones where he’s with someone else, how cute.

His captions are explaining whatever he’s doing in the picture, usually.

He has so.  many.  followers.  A lot of them are girls who like him, as one would expect, but there are also a lot of guys following him too.  Pretty much everyone at Aobajohsai is following him, and a lot of people outside of school admire his success in volleyball and follow him too.

(Ushijima tried to follow him and was instantly blocked).

Tsukishima’s instagram might as well not exist.  His bio is completely blank except for a link that leads here.  He doesn’t even have any posts.

He follows a lot of music artists and a couple of volleyball accounts.  He also-regrettably, he says–follows everyone on Karasuno, except for Narita, because he kept posting nothing but closeups of everyone on the team’s faces while they were playing volleyball.

Literally the only people who follow him are the members of Karasuno, his brother, Kuroo, Bokuto, and Akaashi.