i just hate that it's so small

Please stop hating on ships!! I see so much ship hate as of recently in Steven Universe and it’s really bumming me out. As a proud shipper of every one of these ships, it’s so annoying to browse any tag because of all the hate.

Liking skinny jasper isn’t fatphobic or butchfobic, but labeling ships such as pearlrose or jaspearl as abusive is, because we haven’t even seen enough to judge and its based solely on judging the small/big dynamic. Just don’t talk about the ships you don’t like and no one gets hurt !!!

These are certainly not all the good ships in steven universe, just some!!


A/N: i’m sorry I suck at titles
Credit to @danslittlewhore for the prompt, you’re very lovely Genre: some good ol’ fluff. Dan is stressed (but he’s ok really don’t worry) *reader pov*

Dan liked to be left alone while he was editing. Although I knew this, I still felt a small pang of resentment every evening, when I lounged alone on our bed in the warm light of the setting sun, watching its glow slowly fade across the far wall. After a few moments, the streetlamp directly outside the window would wink on, a dull yellow glimmer, and I would lean over and switch on the bedside light to continue the chapter I was reading.

It wasn’t that I minded that he had to work. I just missed him. And I hated sharing him with so many people. Sometimes it seemed that so many people wanted a piece of him that there wasn’t enough left for me.

On this particular evening, I was trying to read  (Y/F/B) for the millionth time, but my eyes kept sliding off the pages. I was tired, and I couldn’t focus, but I didn’t want to fall asleep before dan was finished. He had never said that he minded, but his eyes always lit up when he saw that I had waited for him, and I lived for moments like that. Genuine smiles. He didn’t smile that much recently. It wasn’t that he wasn’t happy exactly, he was just so busy, and it didn’t seem like he had much time to think about whether he was happy or not.

I rolled over onto my side to reach for my phone, the bed creaking, and checked the time. It was nearly one am. This wasn’t unusual; Dan was often awake at all hours working on videos. He claimed that all the magic happened at night, and the best videos he’d ever made were edited in the early hours of the morning when everybody else was asleep. He always said it jokingly, but a small part of him believed it, and it wasn’t uncommon for me to lie awake in the dark until well past midnight, waiting for his tired footsteps on the stairs to announce his approach. However, I knew he had an important meeting early the next day, and assuming that he was too absorbed in editing to notice the time, I rolled off the bed and slid my feet into his ugg slippers (A/N anyone remember that liveshow..?) deciding to go in search of him.

All the lights in the apartment were on, in spite of the time, and the sound of faint voices drifted through the crack in phils door, which stood slightly ajar. I checked the lounge, then the kitchen, flicking off light switches as I went, and then climbed the stairs to the gaming room. I knocked softly on the door. “Dan?”
There was no response, so I nudged it open with my foot and shuffled in. His laptop screen glowed starkly against the blackness of the room, illuminating his face with a harsh bright light which picked out the stubble on his jaw and the deep purple shadows which underscored his eyes like bruises. It hurt my heart to see him so exhausted, but I had to wake him. I shook his shoulder gently. “Dan? Dan, wake up!”
“Hmm?” He cracked one eye half open, then closed it again with a groan. “Ugh, I never finished this video. Give me a few m-”
“No Dan, you need to sleep. Remember your meeting tomorrow!”
He dragged the backs of his hands across his eyes, nails bitten to the quick. “But I promised another video in the evening, and if I don’t finish it now it won’t be ready in time.”
“They’ll understand. And if they don’t, they should do. It’s okay, Dan. You can go to bed now. You’ve worked really hard.”
“Alright.” He sounded so relieved, like he’d been hoping somebody would say that to him. He smiled at me, exhaustion in his face but something like happiness in his eyes, and allowed me to pull him out of his chair.
“I’m not carrying you,” I laughed, when he flopped sleepily against my shoulder, and he yawned hugely, following me down the steps to our room. I drew the curtains and then joined him as he collapsed onto the bed, his hair a tousled curly mess and his clothes rumpled adorably.
“Dan, baby, you’re so tired,” I murmured, as he snuggled closer to me, his arms slipping clumsily around me. He was shivering noticeably with exhaustion.
“I’m fine.” He yawned again. “But maybe staying up so late wasn’t the best idea.”
I shifted to face him, and he whined in protest, burrowing further into the covers. “I never see you anymore!”
He kissed my forehead gently, struggling to keep his eyes open. “I’m sorry. I really am trying my best.”
Of course I knew that, and it made my chest ache to think of how much he pushed himself. But it wasn’t my place to tell him what to do, so all I said was,“I love you,” winding my fingers into the curls of his hair, and he squeezed me tightly.
“I love you too.”
My eyelids fluttered shut, but then I felt his lips pressing against mine, feather light. I kissed him back, tasting honey and warmth and dan, my fingers tracing the lines of his back and feeling the exhaustion in his bones.

yuuri: *lounging on a sofa reading a book* *feels something dropped on his lap*

yuuri: *sees a dead mouse* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT THE HELL!!!!! *sees little yurio running away into the other room*

yuuri: *sweatdrops*

*incidents continues as yuuri keeps getting dead small animals from little yurio*

yuuri: *tears up* “victor…d-does yurio hate me? 

victor: WHAT???? NO NO!!! BABY NO! yurio doesn’t hate you! he loves you so much! why would you say that love?

yuuri: cause i keep getting dead animals from him…. that just means he hates me……

victor: *sighs* baby.. maybe its just the way he shows how he loves you. Wait a second!!!! *victor googles something*

victor: *shows yuuri an article about how cats brings gifts for their owner in the form of a dead animal/insect cause they are worried that they aren’t eating to well*

victor: see he doesn’t hate you, he worries and cares about you

yuuri:*tearing up from joy*

yurio: *walks in their living room giving yuuri another dead insect then jumps on yuuri’s lap and snuggling to his stomach*

yuuri: oh yurio! i  love you so much!!! *hugs yurio tightly*

victor: *watches his son and husband with a happy smile*

i’m so done with hating myself..you know?? i just want to love my smile and my freckles and my round face and my chubby cheeks and my roll-y stomach and my small eyes and my body and everything about it because its about time !! time to do things that make me feel good and not feel ashamed or embarrassed for being myself because i am good just the way i am and i cannot let myself forget that

“When I’m with you, I am healing …” [X]

I wanted to go to bed like hours ago, but then I had this idea and had to draw it. I’m tired and forgot Shiro’s other hand xD well, it’s on her back or something. 

I hope you enjoy! I just love these two QuQ

holy fuck knuckles

i just finished reading dirty laundry for the first time (finally) and omg its so damn good. how can people hate on such a masterpiece! i went into reading it because i shipped klance a small bit (other ships over shadowing it) but holy lord its amazing klance is amazing the world has given me new life dirty laundry freakin’ added 5 years to my life span 

sorry for the rant but i highly recommend dirty laundry!!!!

please feel free to ignore lmfao

you know im so sorry that you guys have to see this on your dashboards so honestly if youre avoiding discourse just ignore this entire post. its brief(?) and not going to get into any specifics but its just a small thing i wanted to say.

i like to think of my blog as relatively positive even if i dont promote it as such. i generally avoid posting anything discourse related (jokes on me im posting about it now) because i know im tired of it and im sure most of you guys are tired of it too.

but recently a lot of the people i love, whether it be artists i admire or friends or just random people i see on my dash, theyve been getting a lot of negativity from people who think their advice is well placed. i’m not trying to call out these people because trust me i have done this many more times than i can count. its really gotten to the point where there is something to fault in almost anything.

just, if youre going to put an opinion out there, please be respectful. please always keep in mind that there is someone behind that screen,  and you dont want to be responsible for the actions they may take when you push something too far.

If youre a follower, just know that i dont mind what sort of things you are for or against. as long as you are respectful and kind about it, i love you even if i cant always show my appreciation (sorry about that orz)

Stay safe and happy blogging!

—  It’s just so not fair.

My ears hear what others cannot hear; small faraway things people cannot normally see are visible to me. These senses are the fruits of a lifetime of longing, longing to be rescued, to be completed. Just as the skirt needs the wind to billow, I’m not formed by things that are of myself alone. I wear my father’s belt tied around my mother’s blouse, and shoes which are from my uncle. This is me. Just as a flower does not choose its color, we are not responsible for what we have come to be. Only once you realize this do you become free, and to become adult is to become free.

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Honestly i would have handled the situation the same, im not one for confrontation, iv had like four situations just this saturday where my brother and his friends were saying some pretty mean things about a same sex couple living on our old block, one of his friends said he punched one of them, then they all started laughing, i just had to walk away, completely and utterly just shocked, iv known these guys for so long , and well, i just dont know how to feel, its so weird, and sad /:

It’s so uncomfortable, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten braver and less afraid to be like, that’s not funny, or, that’s hurtful
But situations where I suddenly feel small and stupid and “sensitive” because hate speech makes me uncomfortable??? So all the sudden I don’t know how to stand up for myself (or others)? Makes me feel like scum


hi!!! im here to taint the tag w/ my doodle(??) dum p…,,

click for captions

also i HATE how when someone ships graylu or some other minor ship the major shippers expect us to have some super-duper wow-so-deep reason for shipping it

and believe me. some just enjoy proving others wrong coz they support the oh-so-major pairing. and oh-so-many facts to support its existence and our minor ship doesnt have the same number of oh-so-many-facts and wowowow.

like srsly. why. i have reasons. i state them. but still i hate the expectations.

“dont reblog my shit if u like killing stalking”
me: okay- sorry
“just avoid me”

it wasnt even like i reblogged every fucking thing of theirs its just?? ONE SMALL TEXT POST THAT DOESNT EVEN BELONG TO THEM JESUS CHRIST I HATE PEOPLE

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if you cant explain why you hate limbo in full details then there shouldn't be a reason to hate him and dont say "because his design is bad" thats said almost all the time and its not a real answer

I just fucking explained why i disliked him in my previous ask you ignorant cunt.

Though let me restate it:
His abilities are redundant since 1 and 4 are ideally the same fucking thing
,He needs so much staging for a small result if you’re not building him on Cataclysm and his 1 only selects one fucking enemy at a time so it’s unnecessarily tedious 
,His abilities are a nuisance to other players since you’re unable to do much unless limbo decides to give you an enemy to fight or puts up cataclysm. 

oh yeah and his design is bad :o) now listen here you slimy fuck, maybe you should go read my previous ask to get a better understanding on how i feel towards Limbo instead of assuming shit.

ok you know what. fuck it. fuck the hate. fuck all the bullshit thats going on.

im tired of hearing notting but horrible things. if your reading this listen. i want you to do something. 

reblog this nd put something good tht has happened this year. 

be it something that happend in the news. if its big. or small. or something that just happened to you. so fare please reblog this with something good that has happened this year ethier to you or someone or anything

@cattacodinosaur said: My notebook is way too small. Your writing is so tidy compared to mine!

LOL!!! Are you kidding me? Mine is awful! Yours looked fine!

@missingparentheses said: I hate writing by hand but I can certainly understand its appeal! I just have terrible handwriting and my hand cramps up.

I much prefer typing usually too but the medium change just got me over a writer’s block :D so need to do it more often. 

@razle-dazle said: Take me with you!!!! Sims!

Get your butt to New Zealand woman!