i just happen to agree a lot with this


Edogawa Ranpo you little shit.

But I’m sure we all agree Atsushi is just a sweet cinnamon roll.

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This is the last comic I’ll be making since I’m going on hiatus. I’m severely unsatisfied with my grades and I’m going to try to improve them. I’ll probably come back for a short time in late October. I’ll still post some of my art during the hiatus but not that much fandom stuff.


Okay, so I’m glad 2016 is over, but I have just one all encompassing New Years Resolution for everyone:

Don’t be passive this year. Don’t sit by and watch atrocities happen, content in being able to morally object things but then only hoping for and expecting someone else to make it better. We can all agree the world has faced many tragedies this past year, that a lot of bad things have happened, and maybe you did your part, maybe it was out of your control, but the fact of the matter is we can always do something to help the world and ourselves a little everyday. We can apply for that scholarship, email that job representative. We can step in when things are going bad instead of only filming it.  We can volunteer for causes close to ourselves. We can call our  local government representatives so that our discontent is actually heard and has a snowball chance of being taken seriously. 

2017 is going to suck as bad as 2016 if we let it. With the people currently coming into power, it’s not the time to sit by and simply be upset. It’s the time to do something. 

We are not going to let this year go bad without a fight. 

okay but picture this

alex pounding down lenas door at 11pm on a saturday with a very drunk kara leaning against her

alex apologizing over and over again while asking lena to watch kara for a few hours because DEO duty calls and kara is DRUNK and god knows what will happen if she is left alone

lena agreeing to watch her and kara just dealing out compliment after compliment after alex leaves until she eventually passes out on lenas couch

and lena, standing there, beet red and just so confused because “how did this even happen.”

So ever since the revival happened I’ve seen the words “pining” and “like Luke” a lot when people start talking about Jess and I thought I’d add my two cents on the debate. While I do agree that a) Jess deserved a much better and more in depth storyline and b) the Jess-Luke parallels are intentional and point to a future with Rory (and I completely understand anyone who is disappointed by his scenes), I absolutely do not agree that Jess is now portrayed as a pining lost man who doesn’t know how to let go and keeps watching the woman he loves from the sidelines. If this was the case, he’d act so in his scenes with Rory. He’d throw her ~meaningful looks~ and he’d make comments hinting at their romance and how much he loved her and/or was hurt by her. I’m not saying that the Rory/Jess stuff would have to be full of “unrequited love” kind of angst but a line or two would be thrown in there. Instead, Jess acts completely normal around her, answers things about his personal life  (vaguely but with no hint he’s waiting around for her) and he shows no signs of inner struggle or lingering feelings to her (and to Luke when asked about it).

What I got from the revival is that Jess is fine with his life, moving on, growing as a person, casually dating and doing a job he loves. When he looks back and sees Rory through the window he allows himself a moment to acknowledge that yep this is still not over before taking a deep breath and going back to the life he’s built. Honestly, he seemed really settled and calm during this whole thing for me to buy that he’s unhappy because he can’t have Rory. But that’s just what I think.

2ps As Stuff I’ve Texted My Best Friend (Mod Lafayette Edition)

2p America: It’s 1 am right now and here I am, wishing Sam Adams was here railing my ass into oblivion.

2p China: In all ways, except physical, I am Pepe the frog.

2p England: Fondle my rolling pin.

2p France: I’m watching a guy making out with his iPhone in my work’s parking lot. This is happening right now.

2p Russia: Maybe the real Ted Cruz was really just the friends we made along the way.

2p Canada: I just spelt member wrong and my phone autocorrected it to meme bee.

2p Italy: Ok but can we all agree that succing cocaine off a babadook’s tiddies would undeniably be the best way to die?

2p Germany: I don’t care what race, gender, sexuality or otherwise you identify as. If you sing Since U been gone with me you and I are homies.

2p Japan: Have u ever thought of the possibility that people wax people professionally must be like the kinkiest people ever? All that groaning, hot wax, smooth sensitive skin. The fact ur client is face down and under ur control. Food for thought.

2p Romano: (Talking about how I was Kesha for halloween one year) I firmly belive Kesha is just several midgets in a trench coat with the tiddies cut out.

2p Austria: I live for fuckery.

2p Prussia: One of the janitors at my school just roasted me because I failed a bottle flip.

So I feel like if I’m gonna describe what it’s like for me to be nonverbal I think you also need the context of how I am when I am verbal too. Words don’t always come out right or in the right order. A lot of the time I will forget to say words that are extremely important for context, or I forget words all together but know the meaning of what I want to say. Speaking out loud for the most part is very draining for me, unless it’s about a special interest.

I tend to go nonverbal in the evenings as that’s when I’m lowest on spoons, but it also happens for many other reasons or randomly. Sometimes I can make noises to agree or disagree. Sometimes it hurts to make any noise, or even thinking about trying to speak or make a noise hurts. Sometimes I want to speak and am just physically incapable of speaking.

When I’m nonverbal I find signing to be the easiest way to communicate. But I also type a lot cause it can be faster (for now at least)

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Here's the thing about scene's like the waitress scene. Without context, it looks like Dean is irritated that he was rejected, and jealous because he wanted her. And i'd be inclined to agree except I understand *context.* And in the context of everything else we've been getting this season, the above scenario just doesn't make sense. It's horribly out of place in a lot of ways. Unfortunately to a lot of people it's just going to confirm that Dean's a macho "bro."


This is the most exhausting thing in fandom, the ongoing assumption that what we see in promo clips actually turns out to be exactly what it looks like on the surface.

Because that has never actually happened.


When you apply proper context, and assume the writers haven’t all been hit with an obliviate curse, they’re writing a very consistent story.

Plus, Dean is TRYING to play up the macho bro thing… in front of Wally the hunter whom we recently met and learned first hand IS a macho bro hunter dude type.

Who sneered at Mick for having “soft hands.”

So… of course Dean’s going to play that up. Notice how he keeps looking to WALLY for support while he’s playing out his “teachable moment?” He’s not looking to Sam, or Mary.

Because Wally is the odd man out at the Winchester Family Table here. He’s the Missing Winchester stand-in character. Who’s missing from the family table? Which Winchester would normally sit next to Mary at a family dinner? If he wasn’t dead? Right.

This is Performing Dean, performing for Wally (the stand in for John for all intents and purposes here).

Tumblr is weird because one slip up can literally take you from beloved saint to being labeled as an irredeemable piece of trash. Like Joss Whedon. I’m not crazy about him, and some things in Age of Ultron did bother me, but damn. Suddenly everything he’s ever said or done is terrible. Like people used to love Buffy, Firefly and the first Avengers movie, and now suddenly everyone’s bending over backwards to find ways of accusing him of being a terrible, racist, sexist person. And it’s happened to a lot of people. You know you don’t have to agree with every damn thing a person says or does to like or respect them. People make mistakes sometimes. And it’s just weird because it’s such a hivemind, like one minute something is beloved by everyone, but then someone decides it’s bad and soon everyone is just condemning it as the worst thing in existence. 

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i'm just going to rant. i am tired of a double standard in the phandom. that A LOT of phans act a certain way when it's phil and a different way when it's dan. like the jabs in the quick draw video. a lot of people felt sorry for phil because dan made fun of his ability to draw. the problem is THIS WOULDN'T HAPPEN IF THE TABLES WERE TURNED! if phil said the EXACT SAME THINGS to dan everyone that does this would be like " yaaas, phil putting dan in his place finally!" treat them equally instead!

im not sure if something i posted made you write this but if it did then im sorry because i 100% agree??

im just going to write out a list because that way its easier for me to sort out my own thoughts

1. people seem to forget that both dan and phil are functioning adults with a long history of friendship

2. obviously if phil felt offended by something dan does then he would have said so off camera and the video would have been different

3. people always seem to think that phil is overlooked & dan is the more popular one (which is technically true) and as such, they get “mad” at dan for the weirdest things

4. people think phil is a cute little cinnamon roll who needs to be protected <– like honestly i hate that mindset so much?? he is a grown man???? yes he is a NICE MAN but still an adult please stop acting like he is a child/victim of some sort until it does actually happen, which i hope it wont

5. people forget that they do have a ~PERSONA~ on camera and they are a double act. their videos are fairly genuine imo but there is still a danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil, not Dan and Phil.

6. poking fun at your friends/partners is a totally normal thing. this is what i do with almost any friend i have and they do it back to me and nobody cries. if someone goes too far they say so and it never happens again and the world lives on

LONG STORY SHORT: im 100% sure phil doesn’t mind dan’s teasing and if anything i am happy to see it because its probably closer to how they interact in real life and there is nothing wrong with that. i love BOTH dan and phil but im not delusional so i dont feel inclined to feel sorry for either of them when they’re both CLEARLY HAVING FUN.

To Jonhlockers

So Sherlock is over (already ) and obviously, Jonhlock didn’t happen. Now, I know a lot of people wanted it to happen, that people were sure it was going to happen. But it didn’t and it never was going to. Before you go screaming querrbait at Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, ask yourself this : is it possible that you baited yourselves? That you saw something that just wasn’t there in the first place?

I know that there needs to be more LGQTB represenstation. I completely agree with that. But Motfiss have been denying Jonhlock from the very beginning. You chose not to believe them, you chose to deny the evidence (like Watson repeatedly denying he’s gay and Sherlock saying that romantic relationships do not interest him). I’m sorry to say this, but you brought this upon yourselves. Johnlock was never going to be cannon (not in this version anyway). You simply have to accept that.

That being said, there’s nothing to stop you from creating your own version of Sherlock. One in which Johnlock is cannon. That’s the beauty of fictional characters, you can do whatever you want with them.

p.s. The Final Problem was probably the best episode of any tv show I have ever seen. Sian Brooke is an amazing actress.

honestly? i still like leafy a lot, but his content has been getting worst recently. he should really stop with the repetitive themes (like jacob sartorius ) and maybe do something new ?? like , i lov his facecam videos and videos where hes just . real with us . also his story videos(like the lsd one) are rly funny too . and the fandom is dying because of this . his content started getting better, then it just kinda stopped ?? what happened tbh

A quick sketch bc a lot of people in the yuri on ice tag seem to want to see Victor cry and while I agree, I don’t want that to happen because of something tragic and heartbreaking but because he’s watching Yuuri convey their whole love story with his FS program and Victor realizes he just loves that man so much

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After watching the last bts run episode Im convinced if Yoonmin have some type of romantic relationship then Yoongi was the one to make the first move for sure because Jimin is just so shy. I remember around 2013/2014 it was obvious Yoongi had a crush on Jimin IMO the way he looked at him all the time, he made it obvious but Jimin was clueless. Just watching their interactions I can see yoongi is always calm and in control and I think this happens because he has more dating experience

i agree!! when it comes to jimin, yoongi’s a lot better at controlling himself than he used to be (though he still has his moments) and it seems like it could be bc of the fact that there’s none of that tension/uncertainty between them now. and jimin didn’t used to get so flustered around him as he does nowadays but, well,,,

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you can disagree with me but I've been rewatching yoi, & I feel like Viktor's introduction to Yuuri in the onsen was kind of cringy. Don't get me wrong I liked it (because Viktor), but it was definitely cringy in the fact that Viktor is using his public persona in order to seduce Yuuri. Which is what basically happens until the beach scene where Viktor understands that he can just be himself, & doesn't have to use this public persona to get to Yuuri. I think it was meant to be like that (1/2)

Yeah I agree that it was probably meant to be like that when Viktor arrived. I want to and would go into detail but it would mean probably talking about Viktor a lot more? ((I’m also tired and I need to shower and go to bed I have school tomorrow smh)).

It’s possible that Viktor may have used his “public persona” in your words because he was still uncertain whether or not Yuuri wanted him or the Viktor everyone else sees. 

Everyone wants Viktor. This probably wasn’t the first request to have Viktor be a coach tbh. There were only a few outstanding things about Yuuri that made him worth while, so Viktor still had to protect himself a little? And if being a spot cocky was the way to do so then so be it. (Even though he cried after his first night in Hastetsu).

As for Viktor using his public persona to seduce Yuuri well that’s true up to the beach scene, (ep 4?) like you said. 

He probably realised then when Yuuri was unsure of what he wanted Viktor to be to him, that his methods of seducing him with his public persona weren’t going to work, Yuuri was better than that;
and if he wanted to get closer to Yuuri, then he was going to have to let Yuuri closer to him. 

This is probably obvious and stuff but I think you’re right; It takes more than one person to make a relationship and Yuuri wasn’t the only one new to love? Both Viktor and Yuuri had walls they had to break down and in the beach scene they did both open up more to one another. 

✿ have a lovely day ✿



So if you agree with me or not, just read it. I need to share this with someone.

So. Let’s start.

It was 2010 when I first saw them. Harry and Louis. It was X Factor. And all my troubles started here. From that moment. All these diaries with them, all they tweets and other social stuff. And the most important, it was how they interacted with each other. All 5 guys were very close. But not these two. They were much close. Like more than just a friends.

So I started to noticed a lot of things. Like fonds, touches, how they talk about each other. And I wasn’t blind. I wasn’t I swear. But only blind and deaf can not to see that. Can not to see their love. And now, after all these amazing on the one hand and awful one the other hand 7 years I have my own full picture of what can happened with them.

Well. I think there are three ways how they met. First is like many people said that somewhere was a competition and there were Harry’s band White Eskimo and Louis’s band The Rough. And they met there. Second like they met at The Script concert. And third. They met each other on The X Factor. And they story began.

I think that they really can met on that competition cuz u know. People who don’t know each other, they wouldn’t jump on other if they only see you for the first time. But when judges told them that they decided to make a band. And Louis jumped in Harry’s hands.

Well. And then. All they story began. All videos, masterposts and etc. you saw. All of these. Just friends never do that. Never. Even very close friends.

Well I think that they fell in love with each other on this project. Harry was so young. Louis was so full of energy. And they fell so comfortable with each other. So free. Maybe they didn’t understand in the beginning that they love each other more than just a friends. All started great. They were young, free and don’t care about anything at all. But one day something happened. Idk what. It can be anything. Like Louis was so damn afraid like what people can say about the fact that he loves Harry. That they are together. Maybe he was so damn afraid of his feeling to Harry. And he started hide them. Started date women. Started hide himself. And maybe Harry was so angry for that. Like he want to be free and tell truth for other world but Louis didn’t want to. Louis was so afraid of himself that he can pushed Harry away just because he still didn’t get out of the closet for himself. Maybe he thought that all these with Harry was just fun. Nothing more but then he started to fell in love with him.

We can built a lot of theory about what happened. We probably never knew what really happened between them two. But. Something went wrong. After than we can saw that stopped talk with each other, sit near each other, touch each other and even looking at each other. The end began.

Maybe they broke up cuz one of them broke his heart. It the other cant handle that. And the band can’t fixed that. Nothing can’t.

But after so long time, after almost 5 years they started talk with each other, sit next to each other. And fan decided that maybe everything gonna be okay? We need time. We must wait.

So. Just imagine that they broke up after fight. After something that they can’t fixed. And maybe it was like they finally can’t interact more politely and softer with each other.

Maybe after they fight they finally fixed all that shit.

But we still haven’t seen them together. Yeah. Louis tweeted Harry first time for 4 years.

And people who really think that Louis date with Eleanor or Briana or Daniel. Well I think you are blind. Like did you see his face?! Did you see what happened with Eleanor after they broke up? And with Daniel?

And what about Brianna. I think that the baby is real. It will be stupid to decline that. Baby is innocent. Maybe Louis go to that club after their fight with Harry. Or after he tortured himself with thoughts about Harry and how he loves him and want to be with him but can’t tell himself true that he likes man. That he likes Harry. That he need to open the closet door just for himself. And he was so drunk. And maybe he was so angry and went to this club and just want to fuck someone just to prove for himself that he is not gay. That he doesn’t love Harry. That he doesn’t want Harry so much. And the baby. That’s wha tee got. Drunk mistake.

I think that Harry always shows his love and his feelings more then Louis. Maybe Harry wanted something more than they had but Louis was so afraid of that and he pushed Harry away from him. Started be cold and Harry can thought that Louis doesnt love him anymore. And like damn, its so hard. They relationships so hard to understand. But i know that between them two there was smth more than just a friendship, more than just two boys who hang out with eaxh other and get well. Its can be smth big, like love for the whole life until they will die, but smth went wrong, Someone made a mistake that ruined evetything between them two. And now we have what we have. Broken hearts and broken lifes. 

I hope that one day we will know the truth, and maybe they can be a two halfs of one part, like a puzzle, like key and lock, like Harry and Louis.

So. Now the only one thing that we could do is waiting. Waiting for the truth or for the actions.

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When the Lapidot Fusion finally happens, I want either Lauren Zuke or Rebecca Sugar to storyboard it. Personally as long as it happens I'm happy with whoever handles it, but Lauren and Rebecca are my favorites as far as the art goes :)

I totally agree~

I love their artwork so much - I think they’re my favourite artists on the show, actually. 

And with something as important as Peridot’s first fusion (and Lapis’ first “proper” fusion), I wouldn’t be surprised if Rebecca herself was involved with it; she does seem to board some of the most significant scenes, after all.  I could imagine Lauren being involved too, just because they’ve boarded a lot of the Lapidot scenes up to now (with that lovely art style, too).

No but listen. I’ve seen/heard a lot of people say that Oliver was the one who got himself into this whole situation just by agreeing to work for Annalise and that they didn’t know what Oliver expected upon quitting his original job to continue hacking for the K5. I’ve seen people get upset at Oliver for the irony in this whole situation, that he chose to continue hacking and yet he’s constantly worrying about what’s going to happen or wanting to get out of this or whatever the fuck.

And then in last night’s episode, Oliver literally told everyone in the room that he had some form of responsibility in all of this and that no one forced him to get involved in the first place. He owned up to the consequences of his own actions. He flat-out told Connor that he was doing this for himself. Not for Connor (despite the fact that he was the one who asked Oliver to do all this hacking for him, Annalise, and the other K4 members in the first place prior to Oliver quitting his job in S2). Not for Bonnie. Not for Michaela. Not for Asher. For himself. Oliver Hampton is taking full responsibility for the series of events his actions led to.

Do y’all…even realize…how blessed we are to have this man??

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tbh I agree w/ you and that anon abt smth major happening... idk there's just been A Lot of ym lately?? and not just ym but Blatant ym, y'know? I'm waking up every morning and another ym thing has happened, like when??? Has that happened in how long or ever lmao but yeah.... What is going on with those two: the eternal question

right?? we’re so blessed to see ym being all comfortable and cute and cozy and playful on camera and sns, but at the same time it’s like 👀 what’s up with these two,,, but i won’t complain lmao i love boyfriends

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A lot of people keep talking about how the Anti hype is or isn't building up to Scare Pewds, and whilst I agree that it'd be confusing to Felix's fans and hard to pull off I could still see it happening if the episode Jacks supposed to be in has him on a computer screen at some point and then Anti glitches and the feed cuts out??? Idk fam I mean it still seems ever so slightly possible (either that or I'm just WAY too hopeful lmao)

i mean while i wouldn’t necessarily say it’s impossible, personally i can’t really see that happening. jack is definitely not the type to impose (hell he’s mentioned staying a bit to himself on panels he’s joined bc he didn’t want to over-assert himself), and to add his own community-made entity into a YT Red series that isn’t his own just doesn’t seem all that likely. plus like felix might not get it, and like you said it could be confusing for the bros… while it’d be fun to see anti outside of his usual settings i don’t see it happening that way imo

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I've never seen Jane the virgin, I only saw stuff from tumblr and I was honestly surprised that after s1 Jane and Michael were together considering during s1 my dash was full of Jane and Rafael sets, what the hell happened?

let me preface this by saying no disrespect to jane and michael. they have some really nice moments together and in season 1, i didn’t mind them one bit. i just liked jane and rafael a lot more and eventually that feeling overtook any little feeling(s) i may have had for jane and michael

what happened was it seemed like the show was gonna stick with jafael. like honestly i feel like anyone who watched s1 and parts of s2 would agree that it felt like rafael was going to be jane’s (eventual) endgame. the fact is the writers and a fair amount of the viewers always loved michael and michael only, so michael consistently got actual storylines, positive screentime / moments with jane’s family, and consequently, never had to answer to anyone about anything he ever did, right or wrong. tbh he was really hero-worshipped

the writers literally came out and said that michael’s character was supposed to die. as in he was meant to die from the start at SOME eventual point, but he stayed around for even longer because the writers love michael / love brett (the actor who plays him)

so that’s what happened. an entire character/ship (michael/villadero) got prioritized over jane/rafael’s dynamic, even tho their dynamic is imo equally important. whether or not jane and rafael end up together, they’re both still mateo’s parents, and the fact that rafael felt left out of his own family + never really got storylines of his own outside of his (unrequited, toward the end) feelings for jane is just really gross and unfair to his character

i guess i’m just sad because like am i salty jafael shipper? yeah i am. but also rafael never really had a chance and never got to be his own character, even tho i think he could have had some awesome storylines/development if the writers had let him have it. i’m hoping that him and jane will be good friends and support each other from now on, but even that seems offensive to michael stans bc how dare jane have a positive relationship with any male other than michael

i’m just full of salt and i’m sorry i’ve been clogging ppl’s dashes with this shit. i’m just annoyed at the jtv fandom and all the michael hero-worshippers. there aren’t many ppl who like him and acknowledge his flaws and that irritates me