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My best friend and I are growing apart. :( Any advice?

This happened recently with one of my friends. I just literally invited her over to sit down and talk about it and it turned out that we both kind of felt the same way and we both missed each other. We agreed to try to fix things and talk more, and now we’re a lot closer. I think you’re gonna have to talk to her about it or at least tell her how you’ve been feeling. I really hope this helps xx


Pro tip: Don’t just look at the gifs. Watch the moment in full in the show to appreciate its awkwardness.

Before this happens John and Sherlock have already declared their (platonic) love for each other in the very same episode, and they’ve just hugged in front of a clapping,tearful audience of friends and relatives. That’s peak friendship right there, narratively.

Yet, they’re both clearly unhappy with their lives and there are clearly a lot of unspoken issues between them.

Storytelling-wise there’s nothing left to resolve if their feelings are supposed to be platonic. I repeat: they’ve already agreed to die together at the pool, they’ve recently started calling each other best friends and declared their (platonic) love, Sherlock has just made a vow to be there for John for the rest of his life, Mary is supportive of their friendship and crime-solving, …

Why would they be awkward?

Why would they be miserable?

The scence depicted above is not even the worst we see of John and Sherlock. In His Last Vow John is so angry and frustrated that he dreams of Sherlock and sprains a junkie’s wrist in a drug den and Sherlock has relapsed to taking drugs.

Now I admit there are ways to explain Sherlock’s behaviour without romantic love. Regardless of how supportive Mary is, regardless of how many crimes they still solve despite John and Mary’s relationship, regardless of how John loves him and values their friendship, … it’s entirely possible that Sherlock is convinced a marriage will rob him of a great friendship. To be honest, I struggle to find this convincing, but there you go.

What I’m simply unable to explain is: Why’s John so miserable?

In two-and-a-half years of reading meta and debates on Tumblr I’ve never come across anything that makes John’s behaviour the least bit relatable if his feelings for Sherlock are supposed to be platonic.

I’m not talking about just the moment depicted above. I’m talking about series 3 as a whole. If he isn’t in love with Sherlock and deeply hurt by Sherlock’s rejection as well as his repeated manipulation … then why’s John like that?  

Of course, we tjlcers've come to the conclusion that John’s in love with Sherlock.

But let’s not forget hundreds and thousands of anti-tjlcers out there have concluded a similar thing without even noticing. Because look at how much many of them hate John Watson, particularly in series 3. They’ve made the very same observations as we have - that John’s behaviour is very strange for just a good friend - but they don’t think John’s in love with Sherlock and have, therefore, concluded that John’s not a good friend by far, he’s an ungrateful asshole.

… and that’s how the strange phenomenon of John hate indicates that our observations are correct.

Which is pretty neat if you ask me.

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I grew up on Superman and Batman comics, been a fan for my whole life, and I really liked Man of Steel and Batman v Superman. The fact that so many fans hate those films makes me question my own fandom, like why it connected with me and not them (I have been accused of not reading a comic or not understanding the characters). Any thoughts on how I could love the same books but disagree with you and others on the films?

You’re a human being with different opinions.  =)  You don’t have to agree with your fandom on everything - I don’t even agree with a lot of people on stuff. And hell, opinions change over time and people look back on something favorably that was hated at the time and vice versa. You never know what could happen and you should just like or dislike what you want regardless of what others say.  ^_^

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About liam bday. I think that can happen. We just got a whole lot of zigi from the "vacation" I think thats why zayn agreed to it so they can have time off to celebrate together:)

Here’s to hoping for a private Liam birthday with an MIA Zaynie so they can celebrate in peace.

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If Louis and Harry were to come out as a couple or individually as gay or whatever like yeah some fans might bail on them but I'm 100% positive that they would get a lot more fans. I can't even count the number of artists I've discovered just from them being LGBT. They would get a whole bunch of new fans. Money and sales on albums and stuff would probably rise, not drop. Money seems to be managements whole problem with them not being out. Like its 2016 I don't understand why this is happening.

You are absolutely right. 100% correct, and most people with common sense would agree with you. Unfortunately, the people who “run” the music industry are generally older and still have mindsets that say coming out would be a bad thing; because once upon a time it would have been.

Once upon a time a band with a largely female fan base would have lost fans and money if they came out as gay, the backlash would have been incredible. Things have changed, the world is changing and adapting; coming out now would not damage the band. Not in the ways or with the severity that their management seems to think it would. 

It’s happening because close-minded people are in charge, people that aren’t adapting and changing with the world. It sucks, but they will find a way to come out, I’m sure of that.

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I’m an Ex-Larrie and agree with the Anti/Ex-Larrie side on basically everything but one point. Something I never understood and which in my opinion is a useless reason to give the Larries to not believe in it anymore. It’s the whole opinion “Modest couldn’t have closeted them against their will because it’s illegal”. Okay yes, it is. No doubt about that. But just because something is not legal doesn’t mean it’s not happening? That’s like saying no one was ever killed because it’s illegal. The

show business is a power- and money-hungry business with lots of people who would sell their own grandmother. If I just think about what the manager of Kesha did… There are so many things that will only come out years later or never. I’m obviously not saying that Modest was/is closeting Larry because I don’t believe Larry is real. But I also don’t think they are that cute little company who were/are necessarily interested in the well-being of their clients. Not that either the one or the other

opinion can be proven right. I just always thought saying something is not happening because its illegal looks very naïve to me. Or am I missing something here? Anyway, let’s get to those number, shall we? 24, 51, 73, 91, 96

Hi, Anon!  Thank you for this question!  You raise a very fair point, and I think that Larries also raise fair points when they say “Just because something is illegal doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.”

But here’s why it’s important:  When it’s illegal, it has consequences.  

Now I know what you’re thinking. People get away with illegal things all the time. Indeed, they do.  However, when we talk about an “illegal contract”, it isn’t really the contract itself that would be illegal, but rather the clause stating that the boys are to remain closeted.  Because it is illegal to force someone to remain closeted, that section of the contract would be void of legal obligation and/or consequences upon signing.  

So let’s say that this section of the contract were real and the boys, being young and naive (and trust me, they more than likely had lawyers look through it and supervise it) signed the document.  Now let’s say that they wanted to come out and they did something to “breach” this supposed iron clad contract. Well, the argument is Modest/Simon/whoever would then attempt to take legal action against the boys for breaching said contract and therefore ruin them.  

This scenario would not hold up in any court of law.  The illegal section of the contract would not only be void, but the boys would be able to countersue for the unlawful actions taken by Modest/Simon/whoever.  News would break of this clause and it would instead be the other party facing the consequences.  

The most a contract like that one could hold is the moral clause which is basically vague language for “Don’t do anything to tarnish the brand”.  In this case, the 1D brand. Of course, the boys have done so much already that they’ve probably broken this clause over and over again.  

So sure, it’s possible that the boys could have been advised against coming out  Shoot, they were told to stop screwing so many people, but that’s all. There was nothing in a contract for them to sign saying they couldn’t, they were just told “Hey.  Tone it down with the shagging” basically.  Same thing if they were advised not to come out.  But there’s no way that anyone can be legally forced to stay in the closet.  It wouldn’t hold up in any court of law, most especially a contract that would fake an entire child.   Kesha’s case is a disgusting and disturbing example of victim blaming and not taking women seriously.   The unfortunate reality is that we’re talking contracts and illegal clauses that are void upon signing and, unfortunately, she was unable to be released from her contract.  You’re right, though, that entire case is an example of specifically men in power.  It’s just not a good comparison when it comes to arguing the legality of contract clauses.  For the most part, people look favorably at Kesha and support her while Dr. Luke’s name has been tarnished.  I’d argue that it’s naive to think that a contract like that would have no consequences for the persons who drew it up. 

I hope all of that made sense. 

Questions under the jump!  :D

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I agree with you. I think that Cowell is the principle villain in all of this, but it's easier to hate a visible face within the stunt. I don't agree with anything that happens as far as bg, but I'm glad Danielle's here. She's harmless. Pops up every now and then when needed, and fades into the background when she's not. It's far better than any alternative I can see being presented to them whilst they're still somewhat under Cowell's iron fist

I will admit that Danielle has acted in ways that seem to come from her as a person and are unnecessarily annoying, plus she is more visible, but she just doesn’t have a lot of power in the situation. The person who actually does have a lot of power is Cowell. In the grand scheme of things, even in boyband-scope scheme of things, she’s hardly the greatest evil.

“It’s far better than any alternative I can see being presented to them whilst they’re still somewhat under Cowell’s iron fist” Yes exactly. Nadine vs. Caroline Flack.

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I thought it was sweet that Luna is Celestia's Surrogate, and I'm amazed at how many people apparently insist it happened the natural way, when you've repeatedly said that it had not. Cause usually if someone has a Surrogate, ... the sire doesn't have sex with them...I looove the grumpy Luna picture its just perfect she's all 'I have agreed to do this, why do you want to feel me up?"

I think it was only that one anon that got it confused and didn’t read the entirety of the text I wrote (I mean, I do write a lot, so…). But it’s not always a good thing to assume, which they did. o3o I’m not too put-off by it though, so it’s whatever. In a positive light, though, the anon gave me an idea for some character building regarding the pregnancy, so there’s that! C:

And I’m glad you like the image! Grumpy ponies are always fun to draw. xD

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Unpopular opinion: Sam and Jess would've never worked out, even if Dean never came for him and she had lived. He was happy with her because he finally got a piece of the normal life he'd always wanted, but they would have outgrown each other quickly.

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

Honestly, I don’t know. The fact that he still has trouble talking about her ten years after what happened says a lot. Though it’s possible that it was young love and might not have lasted, Sam was serious enough at the time (for whatever reason) to be shopping for rings. I don’t think Sam’s feelings for her were just about being normal. It’s no sin to want something safe and traditional in a life that has been everything but. It doesn’t make whatever his feelings were for her any less valid.

The thing is, Jessica barely exists for us. We saw her in a couple scenes in a single episode, and that was it. Some super observant people have observed that she must have been an artist from the paints and easels and half-finished projects lying around. We know she was fond of Sam. We know Sam loved her and that losing her tore him apart. We don’t know much about who she was, though, and because she was murdered, we won’t ever know whether Sam and Jess would have lasted.

unpopular opinions

Honestly, the whole reason I try to stay neutral on a lot of debates and follow blogs that I may not necessary agree with is because

Following only the people who validate your opinions is dangerous. No matter what your ideology is. It’s an echochamber. You become susceptible to cultlike ideas because they are coming from people you agree with so hey, they must be true, right? Everyone on the planet is susceptible to groupthink, it isn’t just limited to radicalism and workplace situations. In fact, radicalism doesn’t happen overnight - it starts with lukewarm opinions that you nod along with and think “yeah, that’s probably true,” then you slowly build up to beliefs that become more militant and extreme over time.

Groupthink can happen to anyone and I’ve seen it in a lot of circles. Being completely closed off to even hearing a viewpoint that you disagree with, and restricting others from hearing it or ostricizing those who may be open to hearing it, is the trademark of a cult. So I refuse to fully commit to any ideology, I’ll decide for myself what my beliefs are.

i just saw a Bad Post about comission prices

i dont agree with charging dirt cheap for art but I don’t think the person who wrote the post understands

im an artist in college and i am struggling,most of the people who commission me do so because they know about my horrible situation, they pay me what they can and i cant afford to ask for more because i wont get any commissions otherwise. ive tried it, unfortunately im not popular enough to get a lot of exposure for my commissions. But, just because tipping isnt the “norm” doesnt mean it doesnt happen, my first commission i charged 25 dollars and they gave me 50. for me commissions are very much like being a waiter. so if you think an artist is undercharging dont guilt them or just flat out refuse to commission them, consider tipping, because i can guarantee you that they dont charge so little because they want to.

I literally use my comission money to buy food while I’m in college since my hours are hectic and I can’t keep a part time job on my schedule

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Hey man do you still feel lower dysphoria post op? I recently had phallo and don't get me wrong there's been lots of wonderful things, but my mind can't help but wander and still wish I had a cis male penis.. Does this happen to you? If so how do you cope with it?

Totally agreed. There have been lots of wonderful things that phallo has brought, but I’m not 100% satisfied. I know, for me, its because I’m not able to get hard. I’m hoping that when stage 2 is perfected or when I have a chance to purchase the elator, that, that will take care of that dysphoria. 

I honestly just remind myself where i’ve been and where I am now and that having a penis is better or more enjoyable than what I had before, so I’m grateful and thankful and that helps too. 

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I think that a lot of the problems people have with certain RF shippers, is how they dismiss Smackle completely. They act like Farkle is heartbroken because he's not with Riley or that he is just with Smackle because he can't be with Riley. Personally, I think those RF shippers are actually LM shippers who want Riley out of the way so Lucas/Maya can happen. Unfortunately, like with all things, the innocent sometimes get caught in the crossfire.

This I get. And I think it is wrong to dismiss her it’s just that anytime someone tries to defend the relationship they bring up her being POC and Autistic and that isn’t okay. I am all for defending Smackle/Smark*e but I don’t think that is the way to go about doing it.

And I definitely feel bad for how Smackle is treated and I 100% agree there are a lot of people that just ship RF for the sake of getting Riley out of the way.

I feel bad that they’re caught in the crossfire

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I feel like if Kangin is let go, its not "all sm's fault" but something SJ and SM probably both agreed on. Kangin is really damaging SJ and I wouldn't doubt him getting a second DUI probably really pissed some of the members off.

Well yeah, SM’s not gonna force a member out without SJ’s understanding. I don’t know about the other members but I know it would upset Leeteuk a lot. Leeteuk was out of the country that day when it happened. They get enough crap from people as it is and during a hiatus, it’s suppose to be safe and chill but then Kangin just…agh, I can’t even. If I was Leeteuk I would be pissed too and I think he was because he did tweet an angry faced drawing or something that day. I feel bad for him. He does so much to keep a good image of SJ but some of the members always mess up when he’s not around. 

this is kind of a big qaf rant yikes but this always bothers me basically it’s about people “”appreciating”” the brian/michael friendship and throwing out the “i want a friendship like that””, completely ignoring how unhealthy and downright abusive it is ON BOTH SIDES

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I agree with your point that things can change a lot in just one year. A year ago I would never dream we'd get the grandice interaction we've gotten the past couple months. I really think GG and CP have grown so much closer as friends and its been amazing to see. Whatever happens their friendship is what really matters to me. My plan is to ignore this girl. My interests are with WA and GG/CP and anything beyond that doesn't really matter.

Completely agree. GG and CP relationship has been very lit for awhile now. And I love their friendship the most. But hopefully now that it’s official out and we’ve talked about it people will chill a lil. Let her live. I’m just gonna continue to ignore her. And as you said focus on my faves and WA. 

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i havent never liked st*lia but tbh im glad it happened bc there was no way in hell i wouldve wanted stiles' first time/relationship be with lydia. that wouldve been just weird. im glad it turned out this way although i wish stydia wasnt pushed to the side in s4

I absolutely completely agree with this! Although I wish that a LOT of circumstances were different, it had to happen, overall.

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Have you seen "ENDLESS"? It's a lot better to me than blonde. I think it's not what we were expecting from frank at all (blonde) we were looking for a part 2 or channel orange and the fact that that didn't happen disappointed a lot of people. It has a great message. I just don't like how he delivered it too much. But endless is dope asf the whole visual

ENDLESS was a great project. And I agree with you, I had the idea of Channel orange in my head so that was my fault for expecting that, it wasn’t trash, frank will always have talent. I just don’t fuck with it heavy like everyone else. Sometimes artists you fuck with hit you with that “?” Album and your just like nahhh. It happens lmao. I hope he continues to make more music tho and doesn’t go back into hiding.

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what the fuck did you say? you weren't talking about her channel? HMM? tf. - "I'm pretty sure Jess has just let all the attention she has gotten has gotten to her and inflated her ego ugh" and you agreed. Your basically talking about her and her channel like tf

i already discussed a shit ton of times i dislike a lot of the decisions on jess’ channel, i have however quit watching them cause i just dont care anymore, ill only watch again once mcd gets s3

what we are mostly discussing is the attitude and what overall happened a few days ago

and last time i fucking checked this is my damn blog and if i wanna complain i damn well can if you dislike it do both of us a favor n leave