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GUYS, IT’S HAPPENING! THE DANON SHIP HAS LEFT PORT! Omg, I’m so invested in your relationship, and it’s not even mine. :’) The best of luck to you babe, and be sure to keep us up to date because a lot of people are shipping this!

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I agree SE wasn't rushed, the way it happened was great but I agree there were a lot of ways to drag it out. If Stefan had a different reason for coming 2 Mystic falls and wasn't expecting to fall in love with Elena & she wasn't ready for a bf bc her parents just died & play with that but the show kind of needed them be together from the get go so the audience was like ok this is our couple and then we could just enjoy the story as well as the romance but not have the romance take over the story

Yeah, this was supposed to be a supernatural show about vampires and witches and shit, the romance was a part of the story but the romance was an introduction to this other world so this whole but it could’ve been longer! or not? or it could’ve been exactly the way it was; same reason why in teen wolf allison comes to town and scott wants to be with her like legitimately right away because he needed that tension of having a life, of lacrosse and a girlfriend and school with his supernatural abilities. the show handled stelena perfectly fine in the first season.

Back in the day, Walter would, every once in a while, forget how to draw. Remember?” Louise said.

“Oh yeah,” Walter agreed. “That still happens occasionally. It’s like, ‘Oh my god, nothing I’m drawing looks any good anymore. My life is over as an artist.’ And what I realized, because I was an editor at the time, and had seen a lot of work go past me, was that when you hit this phase where suddenly your stuff, which looks just like it did yesterday, doesn’t look good to you anymore, it’s because your mind has made a leap. Your brain has gotten farther than your hand has learned to do it yet. But eventually, give it a few weeks, keep it up and you’ve made a leap in your own craft. That was a big help because it was so depressing when you realize you couldn’t draw anymore.

okay so just a heads up, because ive seen a ton of fics that mis-characterize tsukki to the point of rot, and im gonna try to not repeat things that other people have said but just bear with me:

  • tsukki is not cold, he is not unfriendly and he not not not bitchy
  • tsukki is jaded and distrustful and this is completely valid considering his backstory
  • tsukki wants to make friends, but he does not know how to make friends
  • everybody notices that tsukki was yamaguchi’s first friend, but nobody seems to realize that yamaguchi was tsukki’s first friend too
  • this basically tells us that up until yamaguchi, tsukki was alone (except for his brother, but we all know what happened with that), and when you’re alone, you don’t learn how to socialize. 
  • the fact that tsukki is willing to be 100% honest with yamaguchi about his opinions and feelings (even if they’re harsh) shows that he trusts yamaguchi. he allows yamaguchi to see him for who he really is, bitterness and all, because he knows yamaguchi (his only friend) won’t leave him for it. it doesn’t mean he’s mean, or abusive, or anything else. yamaguchi understands this. 
  • tsukki has also been shown complimenting and praising yamaguchi when he feels it’s deserved. This shows that he’s not just a grumpy berry and is perfectly capable of positive reinforcement, if he feels it’s been earned. And why does he need his praise to be earned? Because the last time he gave out his praise willy nilly (his brother), he discovered that everything he’d been told for years was a lie.  
  • tsukki will open up and will become friendly when he’s given enough reassurance that it’s okay. he does not come out of the box being all open and enthusiastic because he’s suffered extreme hurt in the past–hurt that only happened because he was open and enthusiastic. 
  • for proof see exhibit: Tanaka, Kageyama, Hinata and Kuroo
  • So please, fic writers, i beg of you, please stop writing this tiny, scared crow as a bitchy antisocial teenager. please realize that he’s a very multifaceted character that is very easy to misinterpret
  • thank you
a list of shitty things that happened in the Carmilla fandom:
  • people saying that Danny was abusive and manipulative to Laura???
  • people hating on Danny because she was “””getting in the way of hollstein”””
  • a LOT of people hating on Ellen
  • a couple tumblrs wanting to start a hate movement on Ellen????
  • some people hating and shitting on Perry just because she was ”””interrupting our precious hollstein moments””””
  • and going as far as to call Perry a bitch like oH MY GOD
  • some people not wanting to use Laf’s proper pronouns because their gender “””inst real””” to them???
  • some people calling Ellen and Steph biphobic because they said that Carmilla was a lesbian???
  • people sending a shit ton of anon/non-anon hate to the carmilla crew
  • people sending a FUCK ton of anon/non-anon hate to Ellen
  • people sending hate on people who dont agree to their particular headcanon
  • people sending hate to other people who dont agree with their opinion
  • Danny and Perry hate in general???

So I may have seen a post going around about wanting these three on a shirt (which I totally agree with and it should happen) and I thought it would be fun to design it and make it look like an actual shirt they might sell.  

It’s not my usual style of coloring, it took forever but it was a lot of fun and I am happy with how it turned out!


  • Joan Rivers:"Everyone's a f-g, a n----r, a chink..."
  • Joan Rivers:[joke about rape victims]
  • Joan Rivers:[joke about Rihanna getting beaten]
  • [joke about Joan Rivers dying]
  • Her fans:This is bullshit. She meant a LOT to me, okay? You may not agree with her style of humor, but she happened to be a personal hero of mine and I won't stand for any bullying of her fans. You're all so petty.
In my perfect #Arrow world...

A rant to make sense of that weird scene in the loft (which I vehemently deny happened because Felicity was totally kissing the air beside her shoulder and remembering when Oliver Queen had his huge hands on her and *gasp*)

Well, after the episode last night, I needed to rant. A lot of you may disagree or maybe agree or just call me plain nuts while shaking your heads. Just bear with me. 

The one thing Arrow writers have always done effortlessly is write Felicity Smoak. While yes, they do use her to prop up other marginal characters and they don’t give her storyline the proper time to be told, fact is that they introduced this character with no existence anywhere in the comic world and made her a character that was not only fearless, inspiring and amazingly well-rounded, but also someone so lovable that the audience (most of them) could relate to her. They’ve always shown her with a backbone of steel who didn’t take the almighty Oliver Queen’s shit - not when he tried to intimidate her in 1x15

and not when he lied to her and she broke up in 4x15. 

Her breaking up their engagement and still remaining behind with him alone even as everyone left, working with him day in and day out (which let’s admit would not be easy after you’ve slept with the gorgeous man for almost a year and loved for half a decade) is a direct consequence of how amazingly strong she is. Most people take time away after breaking up. Not her. She remained, not out of a sense of obligation but because she wanted to be.

(gif @olicity-i-believe-in-you​)

Now that is what I call an awe-inspiring woman. No wonder Oliver Queen loves her so much. And no, it’s not about Olicity not being together. As much as I adore them as a couple, this step back was necessary and will only evolve their relationship (which is already so good at this point they’re better than 50% married couples on earth).

Anyhow, the point of this rant, apart from my obvious love of all things Felicity (including her wardrobe because that is a fucking class act!) is the sudden decision by the writers to introduce a completely random man in the loft with her in the first episode, with no backstory whatsoever. It’s not even like Ray Palmer who had to be a love interest for Felicity to be on the show for most of the season and then go frolicking into his own supersuit. 

Nope. This guy is completely random. So why introduce him at all? That too in such an intimate setting with a woman who is so careful about who she lets in her space. And we know this because in the three seasons before Oliver and Felicity started playing house, we never ever ever saw them inside Felicity’s space- not Digg, not Roy, not Oliver, the closest people to her. Her space was always kept protected (and this is the Olicity loft for goodness’ sake). And now a random guy is in the sacred loft massaging her knots? It just doesn’t add up.

Fishy. Very, very fishy. 

And so my brain goes on a weird path and comes up with this (because let’s be honest, if this was a fic and this was the situation given, I’d write this). This is what I want to be happening.

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WARNING: This can contain triggering words, so be careful before continuing.

Since I brought a lot of doubts and questions about Mind Control methods when I mentioned Lucky One’s teaser I decided to write a theory about it. I just hope you guys have some points in mind before reading this:

  • This probably won’t be accurate, since I’m analysing a TEASER, not the whole thing;
  • I don’t know if what is shown is what actually happens with idols in Kpop music industry (I hope not);
  • This is my point of view of the situation. So, there’s a huge chance of you not agree with me and see something completely different. I understand.

That being said, let’s start from the bottom.

This clicked in my mind when I saw on Twitter that some people were speculating that Lucky One is a sequel of Love Me Right MV, basically because of this part:

Obviously, it’s not exactly the same features (the number of doors, for example), but no one can deny that both structures are similar. And what intrigues me the most is that, in both occasions, they show Kyungsoo inside a door and Kyungsoo on a litter, like he’s walking towards that door above.

So, this makes me think that those people that speculated about Lucky One being a sequel of LMR are right. But they are based in a different plan of reality.

Love Me Right universe would be the “imaginary world”. To explain that I need to talk a little about the dissociation process and what happens inside the Monarch Program. Basically, the Mornach Program gets a person/subject and induce him in a heavy amount of trauma. This can be archieved in many ways or all of them combined: physical violence/abuse, rape/sexual abuse, eletric shock methods and forced used of drugs put into the blood system.

The trauma is so huge that the mind doesn’t stand the physical pain that is being inflected on the person’s body. So, with the help of the drugs, the mind can dissociate. Dissociation is more common than people think and it happens after a traumatic experience, like a parent death. In this state, the mind create defense mechanisms to not feel the pain anymore. 

In the Monarch Program, this dissociated state can appear in many different and creative ways. Some examples of this that are shown in music videos are: shattered mirrors, monarch butterfly (a huge symbol of Mind Control), black/white dualism, chess (beause of the black/white symolism), rabbits (Alice in Wonderland leading Alice to the “hole” of dissociation), dolls, maze (the slave needs to find the way out), one eye and many others. Those elements inside the world created by the slave’s mind helps him in this process while it’s handler has open acess to his mind to create the persona he wants to, since his mind is empty and the slave is too busy escaping from the pain.

So, using this background, Love Me Right is the imaginary world. It has a dreamlike enviromemt, chemical stuff and it looks so much like Alice in Wonderland! Oh, what a coincidence, right? After all, I mentioned it above and this movie is used in Monarch Program a lot because of it’s symbolisms (click here to read more).

Why are you sleeping on a train track? Are you waiting for the rabbit come and wake you up?

Oh, hello Mr. One Eye!

Can I mention how this gives a dreamlike vibe?

Look at Mr. Handsome One Eye again!

The Mad Hat without the hat.

Xiumin on a sleepy induced/dream state (see the pink clouds around)

So, to summarize this part: EXO is in a fantasy world in Love Me Right. It would explain the american football mixed with baseball and a lot of other stuff that happened on the MV. The question is: is there anything on this video that represents the reality?

It seems the Lucky One shows us the answer. Kind of. The teaser basically shows a hospital enviroment: nurses, a corridor with a lot of metalic doors and EXO members trying to escape. But Kyungsoo was laying down at the litter, heading towards the door t the end of the corridor. Another interesting thing is the number on his neck: 12. Is it to show that he is EXO’s number 12? Or to identify him as a subject? Each one of the members has the number, tbh,

Another thing I would like to point out is the pink next to the door:

Could it be a LMR reference? Or only delusion? Who knows?


In my theory, Lucky One isn’t a Love Me Right’s sequel, but both of them are happening at the same time. But, while Love Me Right is a fantasy world, created by their minds during their dissociation state, Luck One shows what was actually happening to them. And how they were strugguling to escape.

Although we know almost nothing about the correlation between Lucky One and Monster, but looking at the recent events, maybe it’ll happen. When I first saw “Lucky One” I thought it was romantic and stuff, but at this teaser context it’s nothing of the sort. For me, it’s like a selection: they’re improving the subjects to be what they considered better. And only the Lucky Ones survive and will be able to be, in fact, the best. That could be what ordinary people consider as a Monster. Just remember Frankstein. He was formed used pieces of dead bodies with the goal of be the best man of all: the most strong, smart and handsome. But, when he was given life, he was recognized by the population as the most horrendous creature of all. A monster.

In Exact context, maybe they reached their goal with Kyungsoo. I mean, look at him and tell me that he isn’t protraiting a concept of what would be considered as a monster compared to the other members?

Alright, so in an earlier post, I mentioned how I had notes from one of my classes that is about public relations. Back then, I had my doubts about Zerrie… but I didn’t think it was fake in those senses. Anywho.. a lot of these notes do support the things that can make it indeed fake. You don’t have to agree, but I’m going by what I learned in a class.

Mind you this will not be in any order, it’ll just be based off the order of my notes.

Lets begin.

“Media doesn’t tell you what to think, they tell you what to think about.” [reason why PR is so powerful]

These tweets wanted people to think aboutwhat could happen with these two. Although they’re very vague, people automatically jumped to the conclusion that they could be a thing.

These were one of the very first HQs of Zerrie. Again, nothing was confirmed from this point. I also know there was the kissing picture from this day, but after the “date”, everyone automatically assumed it was already a thing. So these pictures, and the kiss made it easy to stage, since it wouldn’t necessarily catch anybody off guard from this point. Everyone already had on idea of the possibilities.

To Persuade

PR focuses on crafting an image.

This one is obvious. Perrie Edwards being linked to Zayn Malik would gain popularity for the band overnight, without a doubt. The fans are going to want to know who their idol is dating, as well as others outside of the One Direction Fandom. It sparks talk because she’s dating one of the most famous people in the world. And since she’s linked to Little Mix, they as well get the attention.

To adopt a POV.

[the beginning] Soon after the dreadful goodbye Zerrie did before the cameras, people took it as it was an official thing without the confirmation. The confirmations didn’t come until after their little scooter fun. Seeing as everybody assumed what they wanted them too, it then again became much easier to make everybody think that it was indeed official.

[the engagement] The engagement between them didn’t come until the day after they displayed the ever so lame engagement ring. It could be that they waited a day to make sure everyone was on the same page of making assumptions that they could be engaged. What better place for her to walk around with a diamond ring given to her by Zayn Malik than at the movie premiere that was full of press, about more than 70,000 fans & more than 1 million livestream viewers? There’s bound to be talk if there’s a ring on her left ring finger.

When this happens, everyone who doesn’t already know who she is wants to find out more about her and why it’s such a big talk so it attracts attention to her & Little Mix. By this time, Zayn doesn’t even need to tweet the link to buy their newest singles. Just her being engaged to him does the trick.

But wait! Katherine [Perrie’s best friend] took pictures the day of the engagement.

Again, that’s where they want you to assume that’s when the pictures were taken. Those pictures could have easily been taken the day after the rumors went viral.

“She hid her engagement ring the day before!!! So she’s not showing it off.”

Again… keep in mind.. Media doesn’t tell you what to think, they tell you what to think about.

Perrie could have easily walked around without the ring to avoid talk until they were of course ready to come out about their engagement. No one ever said you had to walk around with your engagement ring all the time, especially if you’re trying to hide it. Putting your hand in your pocket to “hide” it is definitely asking for attention & talk.

Often reflects larger trends and ideas percolating through society.

This is another obvious one. Zerrie is a big deal to the social media to celebrity gossip… and of course to the Mixers/Directioners fandom. To them, it’s a match-make in heaven. So the idea of their idols exchanging vows causes so much talk.

And to the media, it gives them a reason to talk about one of the biggest celebrities in the world.

PR will make you question your thoughts, and make it look as real to you with hypes, stunts …” and look what we have here… “advanced clients.”

Who may that advanced client be?

The beautiful Zayn Malik himself.

As long as Zayn Malik’s name is included, it’s going to make headlines. Which is another reason why Zayn’s name is brought up in Little Mix’s interviews, because it’ll bring more readers/viewers.

They don’t need to bring up Perrie’s in a One Direction interview. The views are already there no matter what.

One of the examples I received was John Burke promoting Buffalo Bill, who was a character to symbolize the “Wild West”. Without him, nobody back then would know who or what Buffalo Bill was. [stupid ex. I know, but again, it was in my notes]

Develop Publicity Campaigns & Formulating Messages about their clients.

This one is quite easy. Zerrie photos come in once it’s promo time. It doesn’t even have to be a picture of them, just a “source” or “tip” to the media is all that’s needed to spark up talk.

Such as: Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards to wed in 2014 

That interview alone that Tricia Malik did was enough to get people talking for days.

Unfortunately, the interview from Momma Malik herself wasn’t enough. Maybe a date to the zoo would do.

How is it that only one person saw them at the zoo? ONE. And it happened to be a zoo worker.. no fans, no nothing. I made sure to conduct my research and in fact, the zoo was open that day. If a zookeeper was able to see them, why not a normal person? Hm, fishy. Staged most definitely.

And of course, it hits media like a bitch.

Zayn Malik spends time with his fiancé Perrie Edwards at the zoo.

Bad Press is Better than No Press

Although I don’t know if this is still staged or if he actually did cheat on her, but this is an example of bad press for Zayn… but guess what.. good press for Perrie.

Oh goodness, poor girl, nobody deserves to be cheated on. Who is this Perrie Edwards anyway?

Conflict between Zerrie will draw attention to Perrie and the band.

If by crazy chance, Zerrie is real and not this PR stunt that is clearly supported, she is indeed talked about outside of the Mixer/Directioner fandom, and seen as stupid for staying with Zayn throughout all the crap he’s put her through.

This is where media falls into public relations.

Journalists rely on PR for info & news.

PR are the reason some journalists have something to write about.

This falls into where journalists “can’t write a fake article or tweak it”… if they are getting a story from PR they indeed can by the power a PR practitioner has over them. Without the PR, they have no story.

This is all you see when you google their names. There’s ONE article about Zayn being the GQ’s best dressed man, but the rest about an engagement.

This what my education has taught, so if I’m delusional for getting an education and learning what PR is all about, then maybe it’s you who needs help. All I’m doing is proving what I’ve learned in school & stating my opinion & POV just like PR makes the rest of us do ;)

Don’t come into my tag and tell me the only mainstream woman/woman happy ending I have shouldn’t have happened.


  • I ship Korrasami
  • I totally agree that it could’ve been handled better than it was
  • If you want to critically analyze the series I’m right there with you
  • But don’t come and tell me I shouldn’t have gotten this sliver of representation because it wasn’t done perfectly

I originally had a wall of text here that was getting way too long so I’m just going to bullet point the rest of the post as well.

  • Shipping Makorra doesn’t make you homophobic
  • Telling people with extremely low representation in media that you’d have been a lot happier if they hadn’t gotten their representation *is* an awful, hurtful thing to say no matter how polite you think you are being.
  • As hurtful as the “hetero lenses” remark may have been to some, let’s not pretend heteronormativity hasn’t been a huge, ugly problem in the fandom (and the series, and society as a whole).
  • Makorra and Korrasami will never be on equal standing socially. There is simply no way to reasonably attack heterosexuality by attacking Makorra given how ubiquitously, even oppressively, heterosexuality is displayed, promoted and at times enforced by mainstream culture. The reverse on the other hand, is very much possible.

And last point:While I don’t see Korrasami as pandering… even if it was, I wouldn’t care?

If that’s what it takes to get me some representation at long last as something more than a footnote in someone else’s story, yeah, I’ll take that over never getting anything at all. Yeah, it could’ve been done better, but really, where do we get off calling a wlw couple “pandering” because its execution was less than perfect, but decades upon decades of heterosexuality exploding off of every screen and billboard, that’s somehow not pandering?

Out of over 100 episodes between AtlA and LoK combined, ONE relationship was confirmed as not straight with something more than subtext and implied statements and it was in the very last episode, are we really going to pretend straight people haven’t been pandered to throughout this entire show?

EXO Reaction:

Baekhyun: “Yeah go ahead sweetie. Let’s see if you got what it takes.”

After dance: “No babe more hip like this…”

Chanyeol: *teases her but secretly wants to see her dance*

After dance: “When did this happen? How did you learn to dance like this?”

Chen: “Go ahead, let’s see what you got.”

After Dance: “We are going home, now…”

DO: “I’d rather you not but I’m not gonna tell you what to do.”

After Dance: “My girlfriend is the best! Oh my god!!”

Kai: “Just don’t show a lot of skin ok?”

During the Dance: *Jumps up and dances with her*

Kris: *hesitant but agrees to see her dance*

After Dance: *can’t stop blushing*

Lay: *gets excited to see you cutely dance*

After Dance: “Um yeah I was watching but can we not do this in front of my brothers anymore.”

Luhan:  *cheers her on*

After Dance: “That… that was… that was great.”

Sehun: *hits Tao for suggesting it* 

After Dance: “Yeah that was enjoyable. I liked it.”

Suho: *acts like he doesn’t care if you dance*

After Dance: *acts like he thinks it is ok*

Tao: “Yeah lets see that cute dance of yours.”

After Dance: “Yep that’s right! I am dating her. She is mine.”

Xiumin: *casually eats and seems to notice you start dancing*

After Dance: “What the hell just happened?”

So, I get a lot of asks about how they could possibly undo the whole “Maya became Riley” thing.

Here’s one idea to illustrate just how easy it would be:

Rilucas is ambiguous after IDF/Goodbye. I think regardless of what you ship or would prefer to happen, most of us can probably agree odds are decent they’re gonna stew in that ambiguity a while before figuring it out either way (again, regardless of which specific way you think it’ll go).

In S2, Riley was confused about her feelings for Lucas in GM Semi-Formal and she asked Maya, “You were me. How did you feel when you were me?” At the time, Riley was referring to GM Yearbook, and Maya notably AVOIDS telling Riley that she felt Riley and Lucas were sibling-like when she “was” Riley in Yearbook. Instead Maya says “just tell me what to say,” possibly because she knows/assumes that Riley doesn’t want the honest answer or possibly she’s aware of her own feelings for Lucas/bias and doesn’t want to unfairly influence Riley. Maybe a little bit of both. Either way, Maya doesn’t tell Riley what she believes about the true nature of the Rilucas thing.

So, considering the way this show loves to repeat itself, I think Riley’s going to be (once again) confused about her feelings in the wake of IDF/Goodbye. And maybe she’ll once again ask Maya “You were me. How did I feel when you were me?” except this time she’ll be referring to the undefined but much longer period of time during which Maya allegedly “turned into Riley and felt her exact same feelings for Lucas.”

And if Maya actually answers this time and talks about how she felt about Lucas when she “was Riley”…what happens if Maya’s answer doesn’t fit with what Riley’s experienced in terms of her own feelings for Lucas? How would girls reconcile that disparity? Because if Maya is honest about what she felt “as Riley,” but what Maya describes is not what Riley feels now (or maybe even never felt at all)…womp womp.

I’m not saying “omg this is definitely what’s going to happen,” I’m just demonstrating how ridiculously easy it would be to knock over the house of cards that is “Maya turned into Riley and absorbed her exact same feelings for Lucas but it was just an accident and now everything can proceed like nothing ever happened!” You could do it in one relatively brief Bay Window scene, tbh.

some cute things in the audiobook

(tabinof spoilers, obviously)

- dan’s northern accent/phil’s american accent

-phil describing baby dan as a gremlin

-(in the chat logs chapter) dan is friends with phil’s northern friends these 2 are married af

-cute giggling in the background

-”slept on nick grimshaw’s floor” why the fuck you lyin

- “and what happens (to the sony headphone award) if we ever don’t live together?” if

-”phil saw the d” “i saw the d, mindblowing stuff” context is everything

- according to dan phil has ‘soul-piercing’ eyes (i agree)

- ‘dil ja-michael howlter’

- (dan about gaming videos) “i think it says a lot about our chemistry”  (◡‿◡✿)

-”that’s when you usually do your panic face phil” much domestic


- “i just kinda wanna have a baby to see what it’d look like” phil lester everyone

- retold what happened in vegas with a straight face. guys,, no one believes you.

- “our” “we”


- top notch banter

Analyzing Wang Jung

I called this a Jung “defense post” before, but that’s not really what my intention is. I just happen to find him really interesting. I’ve spent some time thinking about him—as with every aspect of this show, way too much time—and I wanted to share some of my thoughts because I haven’t seen them commonly expressed.

In fact, by and large the SH:R fandom seems collectively put out with Jung. I somewhat expected he would annoy folks sooner or later, but I thought Ji Soo-mania would temper it a lot more than it has. Surprisingly, that is not the case. Not to say that I agree with Jung’s conclusions or that I don’t think he very often behaves like an ass, but let me play devil’s advocate as a mental exercise. I think it will result in a deeper understanding of the show at large.

One of the foremost complaints about Jung’s character is that people simply don’t understand why he’s acting the way he is. Why he hates So and is so stubbornly set against all of his goals. That it just seems like dickish obstinacy and sheer immature stupidity at this point. And I agree, it really does seem that way. But in actuality the show has given us plenty of information to piece together the “why” of Jung’s actions, but it drip fed us details about his character so gradually since the early episodes, it’s not terribly intuitive, unless you’ve spent way too much time thinking about and writing about the show.

Let me try to trace it back for you.

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so sorry, I wasn’t online when you sent these so I hope you don’t mind if I answer them in one post :

I agree, it really isn’t EXO’s fault, SM has an awful lot to answer for in the way the company promotes it’s artists. It must be very difficult for the artists themselves as you can just imagine the friction and awkwardness that stuff like this can cause when you’re working in the same company, especially as SHINee and EXO  are all friends and openly support each other. 

Yes EXO are extremely popular and that is why this is happening - but it is a kick in the teeth for SHINee and other bands who have worked for years to get there :( Yes, they are talented but personally I don’t actually feel they have enough experience to perform at tokyo dome yet, that comes from years of hard slog, sweat and tears. 

Idk how much Japanese they know as I don’t follow them and I have no idea if they actually have any Japanese songs - as far as I know they are all in Korean/Chinese so I’m not quite sure how this will actually work? As for the emotional value, all I can say is we all know just how much it meant to SHINee to perform there after having worked their backsides off for seven years. I don’t know EXO that well so although it’s obviously a big thing, it lacks the ‘this is what we’ve been aimed and slogged for all these years’  feel.  

Okay, so some are wondering if Jensen and Danneel are or were getting harassed. The answer is, yes they were. Recently, there have been a lot of tweets with nice things telling them sorry on behalf of the fandom or just saying how much they admire them, so some are under the impression that it didn’t actually happen and people are freaking out over nothing.

Well, shit did go down and I did manage to find some tweets about it. Took a while because they were buried, but they exist nonetheless.

This person just doesn’t give a shit. I think they might be planning to tweet Jensen about Destiel forever.

This person is just fucking rude. I agree that it needs to be addressed, but #AskSupernatural is over and Jensen has no say in what the writers do, so what the actual fuck?

This is addressed to Misha and not Jensen, but it stood out to me because I kind of can’t believe people are doing this. Tweeting Cockles of all things to the cast members.

This is a link to a very well-made Destiel video. It’s a beautiful video, but again, Destiel. Stop harassing Jensen about Destiel.

Stop harassing him about Destiel

This one is disgusting beyond all reason. I didn’t see the original tweet because they’ve been removed from Twitter (thank god) but whatever they said must have been terrible since Danneel actually took time out of her day to tell them off.

Here’s a link to a post with more

So, if you needed proof that it was a thing and was happening, here it is. Some of them are older (yesterday), some are more recent (few hours ago), all are not okay. So stop.

Teen Wolf 5x09

I really really feel they should make Scott say something like “Ok we can’t deal with this on our own so I called for help” and then Derek, Braeden, Isaac, Jackson, Kira and Chris should arrive and be like “yeah we are the help” because COME ON THE PACK IS SUFFERING A LOT RN and it would be amazing if Liam met Isaac and Jackson I just feel it would be such a cute meeting and they have to meet Kira and Malia because they are the original pack and it would be amazing and also Derek and Stiles, I need to see them together again being sarcastic at each other, I just feel that should happened I miss the original pack so much.