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I just want…..someone to be so utterly enamored by me in every way?? but I don’t want to be romanticized. I want to be fully understood on every level. to be seen as fundamentally whole. I want security and respect and I want the freedom to still be me. I don’t want sacrifice tbh….I think it’s overrated… I just want to coexist. not two halves that complete each other but two wholes that compliment one another….and I don’t think that is asking for too much

We tried to make it work. We fought all odds and tried to be together. I guess we were just two halves of a broken heart that didn’t fit together. This doesn’t mean that this has to be the end, though. Maybe we’ll meet again. We’ll meet as two whole hearts living, breathing and completely free. Maybe then it wouldn’t be so hard to love with our entire beings. Maybe then it wouldn’t be so scary. Maybe then it would work out for the better. Until then, I guess I have to build myself a whole heart and just wait. Wait to fall into your arms again. Until then, goodbye, my love.
—  Dream Soluna
劇団Patch『【近藤頌利】ハイキュー!! コンサート 2017』

Shouri’s Haikyuu Concert Blog Post

Good evening!*
I might be a little over excited… lol
Forgive me ww
So for today, for today…
I went heeeere!!!!
Did anyone else go??
To this!!

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I can’t stop thinking about and AU where Lupita (Lup) is Lucretia’s twin, instead– imo there’s a lot of symbolic weight there, the bureau of balance seeking to find a middle path between two ends of the world, and lucretia trying to bridge a gap across cosmic horror and fate itself back to her sister– a reunion of halves into a third option. I just got way too attatched and had to draw something. Not sure if it came out how I wanted.

I’m so stuck on the fact that “If I Could Fly” and “Home” were written on different sides of the world, the longest they’d been physically separated, with other people cowriting and they’re so complementary. Not just thematically but you can form all sorts of call and response conversations:

I was stumbling
Looking in the dark
I’ve been going out of my mind
But you say, you feel the same
I feel it, I feel it

Know that I’m just wasting time,
and I hope that you don’t run from me.

Could we ever be enough?
Baby, we could be enough

When you’re lonely and forget who you are,
When you’re lost,
I’ll find the way, I’ll be your light

For your eyes only, I showed you my heart
It was there, I saw it in your eyes

I’m missing half of me when we’re apart
You’ll never feel like you’re alone
I can feel your heart inside of mine
I’ll make this feel like home

They didn’t write these together. When they sit down to write a song about their deepest love, their one and only, who they’re currently apart from and want to call out to… this is what happens.

I made an aroace flag, because from what I’ve seen the only aroace flags there are, are just halves of the ace + aro flags put together. Which is cool and all, but I thought it’d be nice to have a separate flag, one that better symbolizes I’m aroace, not ½ aro + ½ ace, you know?

The colors and the flag itself represent to two identities (aromantic + asexual) coming together to make one identity.

TERFs/TWERFs, SWERFs, REGs Do Not Interact.

**If this happens to end up on any archived site, please give credit to decaykid, not dissociacetion.**

So I just realized that the 8th episode has always been about sacrifice …

108: Bellamy sacrificing his innocence by doing his first direct kill. Clarke and Bellamy sacrificing their own wants in favour of the group by assuming a leadership role.

208: Clarke sacrificing Finn. The grounders wánting to sacrifice Finn. Clarke sacrificing her inner balance between saving and taking lives.

308: Kane wanting to sacrifice Pike to the grounders. Bellamy starting to turn around on his stance ‘with have to sacrifice things in order to survive’.

408: sacrificing not-Bayliss. Thinking about sacrificing Emori. Clarke ultimately choosing to sacrifice herself (and coming full circle in her arc that started in 208).

Everything that has to do with individual vs group comes to the forefront in these episodes. They are the mid season finales so they up the stakes for the second halves of each season. These matters (what do we do to survive as a group?) have always been more pertinent in the second halves of the seasons and I just LOVE how they repeat that theme over and over without it becoming boring. It’s so subtly done you really have to go look for it.

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Hi ok yes this is a weird photo and im really sorry you have to see this in your dash but bare (pfffft) with me, we can do this man

Hiya! so a while back and perhaps late last year, you would’ve seen my personal blog reblog my body diversity analysis’ which can be found here, here and here. Lately I’ve been having a bit of trouble finding new screenshots to prove that this theory still lives until a good friend of mine sent me this photo through a Discord group!

First, let’s have a quick recap because how long haven’t I done one of these? The original theory was the fact that the brothers didn’t all have the same body type, considering the different shapes of their lower halves and torsos. I mainly focused on their lowers halves because they just seemed to be popping up a bit more around the place which sorta concerns me but I did occassionally do the upper half.

Time to get into the theory! So the order seems to be going in the way they sleep, Ichimatsu, Karamatsu, Osomatsu, Todomatsu, Choromatsu, Jyushimatsu and…Kamimatsu? This time it’s a little bit more easier to see the diversity within the bodies because of the purple shadow below them :0 Ichi, Oso and Kami don’t have so much shading whilst Kara,Todo and Choro have either more length or width. The shadows are creating more of curved shape around Karamatsu’s and Choromatsu while the rest seem more flat :0  May I also mention that some thighs are actually thicker then other? This is actually canon too! I remember about early last year I remember staff or someone announced the different measurements for their thighs, Ichimatsu being the thickest while Osomatsu and Jyushimatsu being the thinnest!

The reason I adore this theory so much is because it just gives body diversity such a great statement! Although their all sextuplets, they still have their minor differences which makes me feel that it’s okay to have body imperfections to the norm!

~ Mod Kara


Criminal Minds Appreciation Week

Day 8, Free day: A tribute to the women who are more than their romantic interests (even if the writers don’t want to acknowledge it). 

                                     “I am the fucking gallery”


Wow, I took a month off and everything went crazy around here.  Hello to all my new followers!  I actually made three pies over Christmas, two cherry pies and one egg nog tart, but I was too lazy and busy to bother photographing them.  Also there are only so many cherry pies a person can look at before they become boring.  I mean, theoretically.  I have yet to reach that number, but I’m sure it exists.

Today’s midweek mini pie is brought to you by a terrible head cold, a day off work, and a gigantic box of organic nectarines that got delivered to my household last week.  I figured I should make ‘em small, since probably cooking for other people while you have the plague is a bit of a faux pas, and I wasn’t sure I could eat a whole pie myself.  Having actually tasted this, though, I reckon I could.  It’s sooo goooood.

The nectarines are sweet and juicy and perfect, and I added just a little sugar, a splash of bourbon and a drizzle of maple syrup to make the sauce for the filling, plus a couple of tablespoons of cornflour.  The pastry is a mini batch of my usual pie crust, I just halved the quantities.

Being sick is THE WORST but fresh summer stone fruit and pastry seems like a good antidote, or at least a nice distraction.  A quick and easy entry back into my fifty pies project, and not a bad start to 2017 - the year of the pie!

Blackberry Faery Milk

This is a recipe my nan always used to make* if i was sick, and i think its perfect for any faekin,  pixiekin, or other woodland-type kin with a sweet tooth.

*also my grandma doesn’t believe in measuring cups, so the measurements are inexact and might need adjusting for taste

2 tablespoons honey
1 tablespoon yogurt (plain or vanilla is best but if you wanna experiment gofor it)
½ a cup of half and half cream
¾ cup of milk (My nan used whole milk, but that makes it just a little too rich, so i use 2% or skim)
1/8 a cup of Blackberries (i’ve used other berries and they wrok just as well - blackberries make a nice lavender color, blueberries come out periwinkle, and raspberries are a gorgeous shade of pale pink - have fun with it!)

Combine everything except the yogurt and berries and either heat on a stovetop to a low boil and then IMMEDIATELY take it of the heat, or just put it in the microwave for a minute (The saucepan feels more authentic, but I’m lazy so i use the microwave-i cant detect a taste difference, honestly).

Add the yogurt and stir, then put in the microwave for 20-45 minutes. This is where you really have to WATCH. if you add the fruit before its cool, it’ll get a really sharp, almost metallic taste. if you wait to long, the color won’t take, even thought it’ll taste about the same. You want it just a little cooler than room temperature.

Last, add the berries and stir. If the berries are fresh, you might need to smash them up a little with the spoon


(Pssst. Protip: I’m actually space-kin, and if you use more blackberries (like ½ cup) it comes out this gorgeous deep space violet)

(Psst. Protip 2: You can use jam instead of fresh berries - just halve the amount of honey (or not i guess, if you really want type 2 diabetes) and make sure you use plain yogurt, not vanilla)

thatlastdanceofchances  asked:

Top 5 fanfic tropes?

  1. I mean this one should be obvious, but hurt/comfort. I mean, it’s usually more like whump/comfort and I vary on how much balance I want between the two halves (sometimes I’m just fine ending on suffering!) but honestly this is the trope where my heart belongs
  2. time loops. ugh they’re just so good, there’s so much opportunity to make characters kind of crazy and also explore the ways in which fate and free will intersect and play with the idea of inevitability and what can be changed and it’s just. a good trope, I like it, another
  3. the iconic Lise trope is weird friends which okay maybe isn’t an actual trope but I’m counting it. people forced into situations where they have to work with people they never would have worked with, people learning to grudgingly like people, people having weird and complicated relationships with each other. subset of this one is enemies to friends (to lovers) which is also a great trope.
  4. does creepy shit where weird perception is a key plot point count as a trope? because that one
  5. redemption arcs. just. redemption arcs. always.

I can’t believe I didn’t list a single sex trope on here. 

Maybe it’s because I self project on both halves of this ship, but I just like to write phichuuri headcanons that feel realistic and are something that I would want out of a relationship too. I like writing about two of my favorite characters enjoying being with each other, whether it be platonically or romantically, and I really appreciate all the support I’ve gotten for it ❤

A Virgo’s  thoughts on Pisces

Given the current astrological season, I thought I’d ramble a little on my favorite fish.

I have, like, this big empty space inside of me. It doesn’t really hurt, or anything, aside from a light ache and a noted loneliness. It’s just there. It’s been there for a long time, and no one has ever really filled it properly. People get close, but it’s never quite right. As of recently I’ve attached myself to the idea of a little Pisces finally filling that space.

Being with a Pisces, though, is, like… I become engulfed in them, in this mist that perpetuates their space. I’m consumed by it, and they might live in it every day, but I’m such a strong opposite that it’s the most foreign ground I know. I’m in heaven, but I can’t think, or see, or do anything other than be overwhelmed with heaping bounties of feeling.

I know what it does, the mist. I know why it’s there. It protects them. It keeps them from seeing everything that they realistically should be seeing and feeling as the last sign in the cycle. They have bits and pieces of every other sign, because they’re the completion, the end, and with that mix comes the same weaknesses and problems that those signs experience. They’re here to wrap things up and start us all over without anybody ever really knowing it. That’s why they’re always feel absent, always someplace else, always in a dream. That’s exactly where they are: in the space between this cycle and the next, weaving the two together.

I want nothing more than to be absorbed into their mist. It’s completing. It fills up that hole in me and then some. But I can’t. It’s quite literally impossible. I’m incompatible.

Instead, I have to be outside, to pull them out when they need it. That’s my job. I can’t dissolve into them because they need me to be real and physical and present. If ever Virgo had just one thing to do, it’s to stop Pisces from fading away.

So I always have to be there, so keenly aware and familiar with their mist that I can bring them back when they begin to drift too far. But I can’t be too close, otherwise I’ll be uprooted and swallowed whole.

Like most things, it’s about uniting two halves of a whole and creating an equilibrium. I just hope I can do it.

Also they’re freakin’ cute.

I’m doing it again. Somebody stop me