i just had to.... with all my wonderful photoshop skills right

This post is for my mutuals and people who make my dash a wonderful place, but it’s also for anyone who’s ever reblogged, liked or even just looked at any of my posts and thought they were alright (✿◠‿◠)

Wow!! I still can’t believe there’s more than 5,000 of you who follow this blog. I’ve been on here for so long and I’ve never properly thanked everyone. I’ve been making edits for a bit now, but it wasn’t until yuri on ice that I felt more comfortable and proud of how far I had gotten with my skills. I still have a long way to go but I’m always willing to learn and I’m super happy that a lot of you seem to like my creations. So many of you have been nothing more than supportive and in all honesty so much of this support has saved me from myself. When yuri on ice was airing I was going through really though time and I coped by delving deep into photoshop and the support I got was unbelievable. Every week my thought process was just “one more week and I can feel that happiness again.” That support that I received is something that I still find absolutely incredible. Whether you’ve been putting up with me for a long time, or you followed this blog recently, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ve also made many absolutely amazing friends on here that whether you know it or not, you’ve helped me so much and words cannot describe how much I appreciate that and I hope you all know that I’ll be here for you even if we were to deactivate and move on with our lives. Ahhh sorry I got really deep and emotional there, please don’t mind me just casually professing my love to the internet ^^;

Well after that sap fest… without further ado, these are some of the people that brighten my day!!

bold - I would kill at least one man for you
italics - we haven’t talked much but I see you and ily

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anonymous asked:

hi ! i read through all your fic recs and i was hoping you might have some more ? i don't read smut myself, so i really like the ones you rec ^^

omg hi, sweetpea!! but yes, i do have some new recs in my likes that i haven’t been able to add to my recs page! also, thank you for giving me another reason to procrastinate from midterm studying, much love ♡

♣︎ blazing arrows by @daddychiminie

[ jimin x reader feat. jungkook | fluff, angst, future smut | supernatural au ]

part one. part two. part three. to be continued.

it’s a cupid au, and i really enjoy it so far. jimin is cupid and made a mistake by hitting you with an arrow, so he comes down to fix it, and i just really enjoy the playful bantering between the reader and jimin, and it’s so cute. the grocery scene is really adorable in part two, and i laughed way too hard at the magazine incident and the cart scene, oh god, i just really want a boyfriend to do that with me after reading that. AND I DIDN’T REALIZE YOU POSTED PART THREE SO BE RIGHT BACK, GOING TO READ THAT NOW.

edit: okay i have finished reading part three, and i’m on the floor from all the feels. i have never felt anything for jimin before, but gosh darn it, this is desperately making me want a hug from him. 

♣︎ the thing about love by @zephyoongist

[ taehyung x reader feat. jungkook | fluff, angst | college au ]


I’M STILL SO SALTY OVER THIS, PABLO. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THIS. but anyway, it’s still so very beautifully written and i cry, why do you do this to me and my poor, nonexistent heart?? taehyung is such a angelic and godly human being, he doesn’t deserve this.

♣︎ why people fall in love by @zephyoongist

[ jungkook x reader | fluff | friends with benefits / fake dating au ]


because anything and everything fae writes is magical and wonderful even though she does annoy me about jungcocky all the time. i remember reading this a long time ago, and i said she wasn’t going to love him back, and then you yelled at me. good times.

♣︎ love in colors by @lushguk

[ taehyung x reader | angst, fluff | soulmate / reincarnation au ]


gosh, i love mel so much, and her writing is so so breath taking. this is one of my absolute favorites because art and taehyung? my two passions lmao. i remember throwing my bunny plushie in frustration and then apologizing to it after i read the airport scene.

♣︎ the first and last of us by @lushguk

[ yoongi x reader | fluff, implied smut, angst | childhood bestfriends au ]


let me just lay here and die from the overwhelming amount of emotions i felt after reading this. mel has completely wrecked me with this, and her writing gives such a nostalgic and melancholic feeling that left me wanting to cry a waterfall. i’m pretty sure i screamed about this scenario to her too much.

♣︎ the pistol star by @kairoseok

[ jungkook x reader feat. hoseok | angst, fluff | supernatural au ]


this is a combination of astrology and beautiful beings, and i’m so in awe over this. just the way it was written and how every detail was crafted so intricately had me reading and rereading this scenario over and over again. her writing is really quite phenomenal and unique.

♣︎ 2 assholes play cards against humanity by @cosykims

[ yoongi x reader | fluff | youtuber au ]


because i love cards against humanity and because this is hilarious and cute and i love it. and also because her photoshopping skills for yoongi’s channel is incredible. and i rec her hogwarts!bts bulletpoint scenarios too!! i think i recced them before, but i gotta do it again because they’re amazing and i’m still in love with them.

♣︎ caffeine, crimson cheeks, and cashiers by @cinnaminsvga

[ taehyung x reader | fluff | college au ]


because i love fluff and happy endings, and tae is the cutest, and i can relate to this scenario on so many levels right now. “to noodle or not to noodle, that is the question” is too real. i’m questioning myself that at this very moment. where can i shop to get a cute cashier!tae to ring me up with a date??

 ♣︎ i want to kiss you (i know it’s 2 am) by @1rapmon

[ yoongi x reader | fluff | slice of life au ]


i honestly lost track of how many times i read this scenario because it’s so amazing and shows the dynamics of their relationship so wonderfully. gosh, the dialogue is so great, and i found myself smiling the entire time whilst reading this. del my soft and radiant goddess, ily to the moon and back.

♣︎ the countdown by @dreamscript

[ taehyung x reader feat. yoongi | fluff | slice of life au ]


taehyung is overdramatic, you’re amused, and yoongi is just so done with everything. oh, and throw in a dying confession. this scenario holds such a special place in my heart, and ily, rys, the other half of #rat and all hail rysism. rys writes my favoritest scenarios that have the best mix between fluff and comedy.

♣︎ in watercolor by @annyeongs

[ yoongi x reader | fluff, implied smut | photographer au ]


i love love loooove mia, the prettiest babe in the universe!! i also love love loooove her writing and how everything she types is so poetic and lovely and makes me feel happy. in this scenario, the reader is called art by yoongi, and yoongi is actual art, but mia is the true masterpiece here.

SLBP KAI REINCARNATIONS (with a Yukimura x MC pairing)

Shingen & Kansuke

  • Shingen remembers first. He’s in the military, and there’s a moment, when he’s leading his men (and women!) that he just knows. It’s as natural and comfortable as putting on a favorite piece of clothing – the transition between not remembering and carrying all of the memories is effortless.
  • (Not without some pain over things left undone and promises unkept, but, effortless)
  • First thing he does is start seeking out the others. Kai was always, ever Kai because of the people who were a part of it, and Shingen was who he was because of the people who surrounded him, he has as much a duty to them in this life as the last.
  • Kansuke is next! Medical researcher, life has always felt a bit…lacking, like he moves through a fog.
  • Fog finally, finally lifts when Shingen walks into his lab, grinning.
  • Mr Emotionless DEFINITELY CRIES bet me on this
  • Anyway, Shingen finishes his service and starts a business, because there are new ways to lead, and this offers him a better opportunity to get out and about and find everyone.

Keep reading

How I got here

A few days ago I was working on this image from Canada Cliffs in Acadia National Park, and caught myself wondering if it was really that good.  I was questioning if it was worth sharing.  I did post it, and realized after the fact that my past self, the version of me from 2013 who was standing in a field in the dark, attempting to photograph the big dipper, and wondering if i was doing anything right, would be excitedly asking how i did that.  It changed my perspective in a way i definitley needed.  

Could I do it better?  I hope so, and I will probably go back and shoot from this location again.   I already have ideas for different techniques to try here.

Has someone else already done it better?  Maybe, but it doesnt mean i cant do it too.

Would Kyle from 2013 look at it and get excited and be inspired to learn how to do it?  Hell yeah he would, because I think its comparable to photographers I admired and learned from, and am still impressed by.

So lets go on a little adventure through time, starting in December 2013 on a frozen pond in Colchester, Vermont.   I couldnt feel my feet or fingers, but holy crap those specks on the back screen are stars! So it was fine.  Toes aren’t that important.

March 2014, and I got an intervalometer and and learned how to stack images to make startrails.   It was also super cold this night at the edge of Lake Champlain in Milton, Vermont.

May 2014, and its milky way season in the northern hemisphere again, if you go out at 3am.   If i remember correctly, I slept about 3 hours before going out and shooting through sunrise, and then went straight to work (and transformed into a zombie). My co-workers were not impressed.  I thought this image was super amazing.

October 2014, and lightpainting and combining images with different exposure times come into play.  AM Foster covered Bridge in Cabot, Vermont. Yes, the same Cabot as the cheese.

March 2015, and Ive entered the realm of composites, and learn about the joys of photoshop layer masking.

June 2015, and ive upgraded my equipment from a Nikon d70s to a d7000 (which is till my primary camera) and my maximum ISO has tripled, allowing me to capture more detail in the night sky.  I had essentially reached a point in my skill level that my old equipment was starting to hold me back.

Jan 2016.  Startrails, multiple exposures, masking, blending, essentially refining my process and practing.  (and learning from the past and dressing properly for winter at night in the northeast.  I could feel all my fingers and toes that night.  Height of land in Rangely, Maine.

June 2016.  I’ve made it to Acadia!  OMG Im actually shooting from Sand Beach!  First full arch milky way panorama!  just trust me that this is HARD and took a really long time to shoot and merge because there are over 30 images there.

October 2016  Maybe one of my best pieces so far?  Again, multiple exposures, lots of images, lots of masking and blending. Almost giving up several times, starting over at least 3 times. 10 hours of work is probably a low estimate on this one.  I explained my process here, which is essentially the same work flow as how I do the majority of my images now, and a workflow that took years to practice and develop.

And finaly, 2 weeks ago, July 2017  From the southern coast of Mount Desert Island in Down East Maine

Art is hard. It takes a lot of practice and repetition, and most importantly, time and patience.  It’s not going to happen overnight, but the image you manage to create will gradually get closer to the image you’re imagining, as the the best you can do gets better. Sometimes you just have to compare yourself to your previous best to see any change.

Looking at your art and seeing flaws isnt always a negative thing, but a way to find things to practice more, so your next personal best will hopefully be better.

Never stop learning.

anonymous asked:

hey! this might seem like an odd question but can I ask how you design your outfits/armor designs? whenever i try to design something for a character it kinda comes out simple, or is similar to other designs i've made in the past and i was wondering if you had any other tips ^_^ (also, i absolutely adore you're hq!! fantasy au and i can't wait for another update X3 )

Hey there Anon! :) I’m sure your work is fantastic! Just brainstorming and trying new things (even if you think it turns out too similar or simple) is always a good thing! Tbh I’m not really experienced in concept design and I don’t find my work to look very skilled haha but here’s a couple things I do when doing these kinds of drawings. First, I think it’s good to grab as many reference photos as you feel you need. For Ushijima’s (shiratorizawa) armor outfit I was looking at a lot of ancient Greek armor. What I did was take the general shape of the armors in the pictures and elaborated on it. It is VERY helpful (at least for me) to have a “base” for your designs that you can start with so that it’s easier to add in detail and embellishments. It also helps you understand how clothes/armor fits. I struggle a lot with making armor look like it’s wearable with room for the bending of elbows and knees, so I try to take time to figure out how the armor is being worn and what pieces are separate from the others. Second, when trying to think of something new, I like to try and think in shapes. Like Ushijima’s is very round and circular but Iwa’s is very sharp and diamond shaped. It’s easier for me to make something more detailed when I have a basic shape that applies to the whole outfit: if I wanted to add designs on the fabric for Ushijima, it would probably be a lot of curved lines and circular designs. Lastly, reference, reference, reference. On clothes and armor around the world. You won’t find a better inspiration than real life designs! It’s not like you have to copy it, just observe it and maybe take aspects of what you’re seeing, such as a cloth wrapped on one side of the body, or a utility belt/strap that goes around the waist and over the shoulder. And there’s nothing wrong with not liking the design you make at first <3 just keep sketching over and over and don’t give up! And have fun experimenting with different things ~ Sorry for the long ramble hahah

Answering other ASKS here (it’s gonna be a long one… lol):

Hi there! Hmm drawing technique… I would define it as HOW you draw something. Or HOW you use your choice of medium to draw/paint. For example, if you use pencil/pen, there’s something called stippling, which is a bunch of dots to create an illusion of shading. Stippling is a technique you use to draw with the pencil/pen. Same with cross hatching. You can’t really have a drawing technique, as it is something used by a lot of people. But you can USE technique and HAVE a personal style, which is the end result of you using technique. If that makes sense? Ahhh I hope this helped at least a little ;__; That was a hard question haha I had to think about this quite a bit XD

Hi @plants-blooms! Thank you so much! Ohhh another hard Q hahah. I agree it can be hard to achieve a natural look on photoshop. I think it really comes down to your choice of brush and your understanding of light and color on hair. 

I did this super quick and messily but I think it gets across the impact of using different brushes while drawing the same thing. It’s very important to know what kind of look you are going for and brushes factor a lot into it. And then there’s color and light. I think the best way to do realistic, natural looking hair is to observe real life and understand how the environment interacts with it (careful though since there are a lot of different types of hair). The amount of light a person’s hair is exposed to affects it’s color; not painting it in the right shade when the environment is really dark or really light can throw off its realism. Also, you don’t HAVE to emulate real hair and draw every single strand. If you understand all that light/color business, you can actually draw very simply and it will still look realistic. I’d like to point you towards WLOP’s work <3 their work IS detailed but it’s also a combo of specific brushes and an amazing understanding of light. And Wlop’s painting tutorial HERE. In general make sure to practice by observing portrait photos (perhaps flickr) or just creep on people in real life hehe

Haha hi there ~ Ahh thank you so much >///< yes that is me! *cough* Butiwaswearingalotofmakeupinthatreferencephotolmao *cough*

Ahh thank you so much @ichigodaisuki! <3 The small square above the nano is a very lazy and quick attempt to draw 3DS game cards hahah. It’s Fire Emblem Awakening and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire XDD and it’s completely illegible hahaha

Hi there, Anon! <3 Ohhh this question haha. I’ve been following figure skating since, I think, Kristi Yamaguchi in the 1990s (she was so good). I’ve also loved animation since I was little. The problem is I’m VERY VERY picky about the shows that I choose to watch, so I decided to keep tabs on anime studios based on the number of shows they’ve made that I enjoyed. MAPPA has been on my list since Sakamichi no Apollon and Zankyou no Terror (both are extremely beautiful, mature shows btw if you haven’t seen them), so when I heard they were going to make an original FIGURE SKATING show… I was all in. I think I was waiting for Yuri on Ice for over a year because the trailer came out 10 months ago and the announcement was a while before that. 

Anyways YES I loved the show, however it is not in my top favorites list (weird I know haha I’m sorry). But while I had issues with the character development and the animation, this show NAILED the main three. I could draw Yuuri, Victor, and Yurio all day! I think those guys were what made me love YOI, especially the relatable personality and character progress of Yuuri. Really wish there was more on Victor though, considering how significant of a character he is.

Ohhh Anon ~ If you want to watch something you should do it! Not being an artist or a reviewer should never stop you from watching a tv show, or doing anything for that matter <3 be yourself. Anyone who doesn’t want to talk to you because they think you’re “untalented” is a jerk and not worth your time anyways! The YOI community on here has been very friendly and welcoming, so don’t be afraid! Please take care and think higher of yourself ~ Have more confidence <3

Hello there Anon! Oh my goodness thank you so much! >////< And of course that’s totally ok with me! <3 ahhhh thank you so much for your support and I’m so honored you want to try and cosplay the design! I would LOVE to see it when it’s done if that’s alright with you?? *o*

Hi there Anon! Thank you so much and thank you for the interest! <3 There is only ONE king/queen at a time, but they are chosen by both of the two clans together and that person can be from either clan. Tsukki is definitely moon clan along with Asahi, Kiyoko, and Suga. Noya, Tanaka, Daichi, Yachi and Hinata are sun. I’m struggling with Yamaguchi, Takeda, Ukai and the rest… Kageyama is actually from Seijou and was banished to Karasuno and takes over as a dictator, sort of. So he has some work to do haha. Here’s the crests but they’re subject to change considering how fast and sloppy I did them LOL:

@fuckdin Of course. To both. Hehehe. But seriously yes, I definitely plan to draw more of the fantasy AU. It’s getting to the point where I want to draw all the characters and all the outfits and all the locations. And I have no time. It’s baaaaad hahah. But in terms of Iwaoi, their relationship in this AU is a bit… angsty. Mutual. But angsty… Soon. I’ll draw more soon!


Thank you to everyone who sent in ASKS! I have a few unanswered ones because this post turned out rather long haha. I’ll get to those when I can. And I’ll pm replies to the non-answer ASKS assuming you are not anonymous :)) Take care all! Have a great week <3 and a little iwaoi heh

balanced with a bit of sweetness

A/n: based on a tumblr meet-ugly prompt. Coffee shop au adrientte.

There’s always been something to balance his blessed life. There’s always been a little something to make his near perfection imperfect.

So in the case of his good looks, it’s something entirely unexpected and uncontrolled.

It’s revealed on a particularly lovely spring day. The sun drifts lazily through the lush ivy vines that drape the cafe’s window.

It’s easy to forget the rest if the world when the strains of bossa nova float lovingly from the old record that spins merrily behind the counter.

There’s just the perfect amount of chatter to keep the atmosphere pleasantly alive and he finds it to be a blessed morning as he scrolls through his social media account, chuckling slightly at the memes he’s absolute trash for.

Now when Adrien is ensconced in the world of modern day dadaism, there’s very little he notices.

As a matter of fact, he has yet to notice the pretty little barista that stares at him with absolute awe in her blue bell eyes.

She’s a new hire by the name of Marinette. And she thinks she’s found her soul mate. He’s gorgeous, yes. But beyond that, he’s got a Naruto pin on his otherwise professional brown satchel.

And there’s the Hyrule symbol peeking just over the collar of his cream cardigan.

But she’s yet to gather the courage to speak to him. It had been Rose who’d managed to get his order. It had been Kim who’d served it to him.

The vanilla cake sits invitingly at his table. A wonderfully, delicately sweet dessert that she’d expertly made and she’s waiting with baited breath for him to try it.

But it’s been ten minutes, and in between sneaking glances and filling bakery orders, she’s a little harried.

Disappointingly, the beautiful man…Adrien as she gathered from Rose, seems to be too engrossed in his phone to actually eat yet.

“Marinette, we need more croissants, quick!” Kim chides her, juggling a silver tray laden with a teapot and colorful little tarts.

She merely nods, quickly turning to the counter top where the dough waits to be kneaded.

Unfortunately (or not), Adrien takes a piece of fluffy vanilla cake into his mouth, still scrolling through his phone.

And then, in a matter if seconds, his entire body freezes. The tendons in his arms strain against the table and his face turns red until from his mouth arises the most horrifying bray.

It’s decidedly something between a cough and a shout, and it’s repeated in earnest.

“HOLY SHIT. The potential father of my children is choking to death.” Seems to be the first thing that rolls through Marinette’s thoughts and she’s already leapt over the counter and wrapped her slim arms around his torso before anyone else can say a thing.

Now here’s the thing about Marinette Dupain-Cheng. She once took a CPR class six years ago when she was still entertaining the idea of becoming a nurse.

She’d never needed to use her decidedly rusty skills until now, but soon she’s tucking her balled up hands just under his ribs and shoving them in and then up his abdomen.

He’s awkwardly taller than her, and his awful hacking cough has turned into deep heaves as she pumps her arms and tries to dislodge what he’d been choking on.

But heavy as he is, her movements are uncoordinated. Her body arches away from his back and then jerks forward at intervals every time she pushes.

(It’s all her fault. She shouldn’t have made it so dry, she thinks.)

But after a few seconds of fruitless rescue, he says between her attempts..

“Uh…uh…excuse…me.” He bites out, and it finally dawns on Marinette that her red-faced dream boy is absolutely okay.

Her arms fall limply at her side as she lets out a shriek of embarrassment and hides her face in her hands.

He can make out the slight stream of muffled apologies, and god, he’s mortified and he’s embarrassed a sweet girl simply trying to help.

So there’s the thing that balances his good looks. It’s his absolutely terrifying, horrendous laugh that sounds like he’s choking.

The atmosphere in the cafe is compounded by the stunned silence of the other baristas and customers.

Everyone waits with baited breath, some barely holding back giggles at what had turned from a heroic rescue to a misunderstanding in less than a minute.

“I’m so so sorry.” Marinette finally manages clearly, teary eyes peeking past her fingers to look down at him.

He merely shakes his head, cheeks still flushed and a hand threading through his hair.

“It’s…ah…not your fault…thanks for trying to save me…” He answers. And he finds that despite the misunderstanding, there’s genuine gratitude in his heart.

He offers her a conciliatory smile.

“It’s good to know that your customers are looked after.” He offers her and that assuages her embarrassment long enough for her to drop her hands.

“R-really?” Her eyes are wide and disbelieving, but still, there’s a gentle curiosity in her eyes that makes his breath stop.

She’s pretty.

“Yep.” He answers quietly, and his smile turns sheepish as they both remain caught in a lattice of embarassment, curiosity and star struck humor.

He begins to chuckle again, softer this time and Marinette has the good grace to let loose a giggle that borders in hysterical.

There’s a distant guffaw that and the slight humor that roils over the rest of the cafe lets them know they’ve got witnesses.

Rose is giggling delicately behind the glass countertop, and she can hear Kim’s familiar shrieking laugh from the supply room.

Eventually, the rest of them settle down and there’s just the two of them again.

“Oh…” Marinette sighs, wiping her sweaty hands in the folds of her red apron.

Adrien gives her a sheepish smile, and with a jerky movement, grabs his phone from where it had fallen on the table and turns it towards her.

“This is what I was laughing at…Gabriel Agreste’s foray into the avante garde haute couture.” He says breathlessly, his laughter straining his composure once more and he has to bite his lips to prevent it from wreaking havoc.

And Marinette has to hide her face again when she sees what it is.

Here’s another thing about her. She’s an aspiring fashion designer. Gabriel is one of her idols…and she thought she’d been the only one surprised by his choices for this spring’s lineup.

Because really, the metallic purple suit that was draped on the model was flashy enough without the giant butterfly wings that were spread out clumsily behind the piece.

On its own, it would have been enough to make her giggle, but it was the fact that the poster had photoshopped Gabriel’s stoic face onto the model, and then proceeded to somehow make the arms flap in the gif that made her laugh. It was wonderful.

The caption being “And Gabriel’s collection takes off this spring.” wrapped the humor into a wonderful little package that threatened her composure too.

“Oh my god. It’s perfect.” She gasps through her giggles and Adrien’s smile is large.

“I know right?” He guffaws and their conversation devolves into a pleasant stream of things related to fashion and humor and anime after that.

When he mentions that Gabriel is his father off handedly, he’s surprised by her quiet acceptance and minimal questions.

In the end, she takes her break early and urges him to try the vanilla cake.

He savors the bite, and a look of wonder steals over his face as he finally takes the time to appreciate it.

“It’s perfect. Moist and balanced with sweetness.” He crows excitedly and she shakes her head.

“You’re lying.”

“Nope. This is the best vanilla cake I’ve had. Believe it.”

Marinette nearly bursts at the seams trying to contain her laughter, but she’s glad.

Because there’s something to balance her earlier embarrassment and it’s this tiny moment with him in this cafe.

Adrien thinks the same thing, and perhaps there will be future moments for the two of them.

But for now, they’ll savor this little slice of pleasantry between them.


Request: Hello, I really love your writing!! And I also really miss Matt the radar technician! So I was wondering if you can write a modern!matt where the reader and him are close friends that have feelings for each other and she sticks up for him bc he gets picked on. Idk something like that. But yeah! You always know how to make your stories amazing! Thank you!!

A/N: I’m so glad I received Matt requests bc I miss that son of a bicth……thank you, anon, for the request! Enjoy :) [gif not mine]

Word Count: 2.5K+

Warning: None

Matt was, what you called, your average ‘nerd’. His glasses were as big as his head, the silver rims and thick lenses that hugged his nose. His attire was always neat and in place–although the opposite went for his bright blond hair. Now that was a mess. It was hard to keep the curls looking nice. Brushing them weren’t an option and neither was jelling it, so he let it be.

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An Intern’s Guide To: Interning

Yesterday I turned 19. Meaning today it has officially been one year since I claimed the title of intern. That’s one year of intern knowledge, and then some, that I would like to share with you. 

Let’s begin with a bit of background. I lost my intern virginity last summer. I started applying in spring and, to my surprise, heard back from all the magazines I applied to - bar one. But their Twitter pic hasn’t changed in a year so I’m not quite sure what’s going on there. I ended up becoming an editorial intern at two magazines. Both of different genres - I figured it’d be beneficial to  get a diversity of experience. The first was a fashion magazine and I absolutely loved it. It was the first magazine I set eyes on and I even modelled my entire CV around one of its covers (more on that later.) I enjoyed it so much that I re-arranged the dates of my next internship just so I could stay longer. I woke up every morning last summer looking forward to what my day had to offer. Even though I struggled to afford travelling into London everyday, and got achey eyes from hours in front of a laptop screen, I began each day with a flurry of butterflies in my stomach because I loved writing for them so much. It felt like the right fit from day one. Despite arriving 2 hours late on day one that is.

I was given so much freedom to write exactly how I wanted to — much different to my next internship, where despite the fact it was a much younger magazine, had a more traditional approach with its interns. Everything would get sent back with highlighted notes and once it was finally published, lost all remnants of its initial vitality, but in turn gained the slick and polished voice of an edited feature.  I did learn a lot from all that editing. Things they’d usually teach you in journalism school like “numbers under ten are expressed in words.” Not only did I learn a lot but met some really wonderful people.

Despite each internship’s differences, both editors seemed happy with my work and expressed they wished I could stay longer! I now write for the first magazine, which is beyond what I could’ve imagined when I began applying last year (have a read of my elated response to first-time publication here.) I’d like to stress that I had no contacts nor family members who have a clue about this industry. If I can do it, you most definitely can too! So from me to you, here’s how to become an intern.  

Find Your Own Experience.

High-key every intern’s #goals

Before writing your CV you need relevant things to fill it with. Instead of waiting for opportunity to knock on your door, why not make your own? With the Internet at your fingertips there is no excuse. Gaining experience and building a portfolio is as simple as e-mailing your favourite blog and asking to contribute an article. Starting your own blog and making sure it’s in tip-top shape when future employers decide to Google you, and sincerely reaching out to growing online platforms asking to write for them. In the beginning I built my portfolio through Twitter search. I would search key phrases like “bloggers wanted” or “writers wanted” and volunteer my services (@UKFashionIntern is fab for this). You’d be surprised how far a well-composed e-mail can get you! Experience wise, you really don’t need anything fancy, you just need to show employers that you’re competent in the basics. So e-mail the editor of your local paper and ask to shadow someone for a week, or get down to your local radio and volunteer your time for a few days. If you’re at school or university make use of all the opportunities to write for the magazine or paper. This is all classed as experience, will build your portfolio and get you suited for an internship.

Stand Out.


I think this is most important. Especially if you’re lacking in the experience department. It’s imperative to set yourself apart from all the other candidates who have the same or more experience than you. Two ways to get your application an eyebrow raise are your e-mail subject line and the aesthetic of your CV. Editors’ inboxes are filled with hundreds of e-mails a day so use your subject line to stand out from all the other intern e-mails. Make it short, concise but interesting so they have to read it. I’m not sure where I came up with mine, but I definitely did a ton of research, looked at lots of examples and steered away from the conventional. Think of it like a headline, but always ensure it’s appropriate. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your CV. Fashion and media are industries where creativity is celebrated after all, so you can afford to push boundaries with your application (although as was suggested to me by Heat’s Senior Editor, simplicity is often better). It’ll make you memorable and give you a chance to show your personality and how badly you want that internship. Think of the dozens of black and white word documents an editor receives then *boom* in comes your creative piece of curriculum vitae. At one of my internships, the editor showed my CV to the entire office and asked how I created it. I used photoshop (good way to showcase photoshop skills) in order to create an infographic CV. Infographics are a succinct means of getting your experience across, way more visual and fun to look at, and a great way to play on human psychology (psych student coming thru). Who wants to read through dozens of identical applications when you could present the same information through image, colour and an attractive aesthetic. Chances are they won’t be glossing over your CV. It’s different to the usual application so they’ll take note. If you dont know how to use photoshop - like me pre-CV - just google everything. Google is your friend.

Be as modest or as extra as you please

For infographic inspo I did a Google and Pinterest search for creative CVs. I saved my favourites and used them for inspiration on how to design my own. As mentioned in the intro, I based the colour scheme of my CV on the cover of the first magazine I applied to. Partly because the colours were soo beautiful, and because I wanted to impress them. I literally used a colour code finder to find the exact colours. If that doesn’t show how bad you want that internship I don’t know what could! A strong subject line and a pretty CV are bound to give you a good footing in the application process.

Here’s a buzzfeed link to CV ideas you could use for any job, not just creative ones

Use your Initiative/Be a Ninja.

Once you’ve got through the prelims and finally land that internship, it’s time to be on your A-game and stay on that A-game. Bring a notebook so you can take note of instructions, feedback and stay on track. It also makes you look like an eager beaver who’s ready to work. It’s important not just to do what you’re told, but to go beyond that. Do things that your editor didnt even ask or expect you to do. Make everyone’s life as easy as possible by doing more than you have to. So if you’re asked to write an article for online, write the tags and social media posts for it too. If you’re asked to research an interviewee organise your research in an easy-to-read format and suggest interview questions - even if you weren’t asked to. You must always be one step ahead. It’s important to be quick but not to sacrifice quality. So edit, edit, edit. You better be the most helpful and competent ninja that office has ever seen.

Be Present.

Carrie started as an intern. Who wouldn’t want to be Carrie?

Don’t be scared to contribute to discussions. An intern is still a part of the team so offer your ideas and when asked - dont be a neutral party - give your opinion. Be sure to make the most of your time at a publication and get to know people. A good conversation starter is to ask them questions about themselves. Like how they came to work there or any advice they could give you. Dont be a silent voice in the background, you’ve got to be a helping hand and a smiling face. Remember, these are the people giving you references and everyone seems to know each other in fashion, so they could recommend you to someone or even offer you a job based on how lovely you were during your stay.

Be a Nice Human.

UAL produced McQueen and Phoebe Philo. Their word is golden. 

This is integral in any field. Be nice and respectful to any and everyone you meet. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met and googled when I got home only to realise how major they were. These are the people you could be working with one day or the key to your next opportunity. You need to be remembered as a pleasant and competent person because in order to advance, it really can be about who you know. So greet and say hello to everyone. Even if you’re shy and really awkward, you have to do it! Try to get as many contacts as you can and keep in touch. Whether that be e-mailing them for advice once, thanking them for your experience or offering your time to help them (I recently did this and ended up working at Topshop’s flagship for a few days - score!) This includes fellow interns. A lot of people in the industry started as interns - look at where they are now? Who’s to say that intern on the Mac next you won’t go on to work at a PR firm that might just be hiring, or recommend you when a last minute stylist assistant is needed? Just leave a good impression on everyone you meet, k?

In summary, get off your bottom and seek experience whether that be online or in your local area, get creative with your e-mail, cover letter and CV, always be one step ahead of your editor’s needs and treat everyone with upmost respect. Fashion and the media aren’t as mean as TV and film make them out to be. People tend to be very helpful. The opportunity is there you just have to be willing to go for it!

Now you’re equipped, go get that internship!

Yours truly,


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White Winter (A Gency Christmas)

A story based off of Blizzard’s Christmas comic, Reflection. A story of Genji’s reflection and Mercy’s endearing surprise.

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Trophy (BTS FanFic/Smut)

(This story will be put into several chapters since it involves all members)

Description: A fluff but smut fan fiction about a Poly-amorous relationship with every guy in Bangtan. Some like to have a daddy kink with you ;)  

Chapter 1

As a simple girl doing her job as a photographer, it would almost seem impossible to fall in love at the moment with having so much work to do. It was even hard to keep up with friendships. You didn’t exactly like making friends either since you’ve been bullied most of your life for being different. At the age of 19 you were out exploring. No parents to worry about since they were so crazy about getting you out of the house or state. Just a well paying job after moving to Seoul, South Korea. You enjoyed everything about this place, The food, culture, language, entertainment, etc. recently you were given an assignment by your manager to work within and with the entertainment business. Of course you were filled with anxiety the first day but the CEO of the company you were working with didn’t let you meet anyone the first day. He basically just explained the ground rules and mentioned the group you’d be working with, known as Bangtan Boys or BTS.

You actually loved Korean pop but these boys were the newer faces so you weren’t too familiar with them. The next day, the car ride to the building was agonizing with your nerves acting up. You prayed that they would like you and allow you to do your job without hesitation. As you pulled up to the building with a halt to your vehicle, you took a deep breath and sighed. “I hope everything goes smoothly” You winced and grabbed your camera bag, ready to go inside. Once inside you took the journey up stairs by elevator. When the doors opened you clenched your bag with strong fists. Another deep breath helped you move your feet to the doors that opened with a simple pull. It revealed an empty dance room.“Huh..” There were suppose to be 7 boys occupying this room but it was silent except for a running heater. It looked as if they had already been here which made you even more curious.

As you sat down your camera bag you called out, “Um, hello?” You slowly walked towards a door that either led to another room or a closet, either way you were going to find out. A feeling of guilt washed over you because you thought it was rude of you to snoop like this but you just hopped the floor manager gave you the right room for the boys. As you opened the door your eyebrows cringed together trying to see through the dark, but suddenly you jumped back when someone switched them on.“SURPRISE!!!” All seven of the guys stood around a table with a cake that said welcome. Most of them looking happy and joyous that you were here. “Took you long enough to find us.” Laughed a guy with blonde hair. “All of this for me? I’m just here to be your new photographer.” A guy with strawberry blondish/orangish hair came near you with a smile and guided you over to the table.“Well you’re going to be with us for a long time so were technically celebrating a new family member.” You blinked a few times but smiled just to go with the flow and be thankful. “This is so much.. But thank you. I’m Y/N.” They each introduced themselves and already their appearance shared apart of them.The first guy introduced himself as Rap Monster or Namjoon oppa. He was the tall blonde who joked with me in the beginning.

Second, was the strawberry blond/brunette, Taehyung who had this warm niceness to him.

Another tall dark haired guy smiled and told me his name is Jin, that he’s the second oldest of the group.

Next was a cutie with brown hair and beautiful eyes. He introduced himself as Jimin and that I have to call him oppa no matter what because he liked it.

Another who must have always been this quite called himself Suga but told me I can call him Yoongi oppa. His hair was mint green but so soft looking. His skin was pure, exactly like sugar itself.

I was already familiar with J-Hope who I’ve done a photo shoot for with a beauty ad… A little unusual but he was goofy in the best way.

The last one must have been the youngest. He was also pretty cute with his eyes and smaller stature. His name was Jungkook but I could call him Kookie… Cute. Apparently he’s only eighteen compared to the others who are already in their twenties.

All of them were actually so handsome, kind, and hospitable. After introductions we enjoyed the vanilla cake. Of course I didn’t eat too big of a piece so I wouldn’t seem like a piggy, but Jin practically shoved the whole cake in his mouth. Taehyung and Jungkook were smearing the icing on each other like kids but in a cute way. I just sat off alone near the mirrors until Suga sat down next to me with his fresh piece of cake.“Want it? I don’t really like vanilla.. I only liked the idea of getting you a cake.” You tried to swallow the bite you had in your mouth but he caught you with icing all over your lips and laughed. Once you swallowed and licked your lips you answered. “I don’t want to be a pig. One piece is enough for me. Thank you though. It was wonderful.” His head tilted at you.“Pig? You wouldn’t be a pig for enjoying cake we got you. Besides, girls with appetites are really attractive. Well at least to most of us it is.” You couldn’t help but to giggle at him talking with a full mouth.“I thought you didn’t want the cake.” He looked down at the cake that had a bite taken out of it and looked back up emotionless. He began to laugh as you laughed along harder. “Do you want the rest though?” He swallowed.“No but thank you.” He took a piece on his fork and held it near your mouth.“Cmonnnn.” You put your lip out to pout and he smiled putting down the fork.“Oh well. I’m glad you enjoyed the cake.”

He got up to go throw the rest of the cake away. Rap Monster came over next when he saw the coast was clear.“So today you’re doing dance shots and next week is an entire photo shoot in Chicago right? Then New York?” You smiled and nodded respectfully. “You don’t have to be afraid of me.. I’m actually nicer than I look. I promise.” He offered to take your plate to the trash as he realized you’d take a while to warm up to the group which was okay. The group already loved you but you were super shy and always a ball of nerves unless you were doing your job. You’d be spending a long time with them starting next week so you kept telling yourself in your head that you need to go with the flow. After cleaning up, the guys gathered up to stretch. Most of them barely trying but laughing about it. “Y/N? Could you turn the track on for us when we say to start?” You nodded again as Rap Monster called out to you while the guys got into their positions for their song “Danger”. Once in position, he warned the others that you would be taking pictures and to be careful around you. You actually thought that you would be told to be careful around them while dancing but instead you were just told to do the best job you could. “Begin” Rap Monster shouted. When you started the music, they went along with it. Carefully and swiftly you snapped photo after photo. Some special, some solo, some grouped, and some black and white or extra contrasted. By the time they finished you snapped at least 50-70 photos.

“You really put passion into this don’t you Y/N?” Jimin smiled while trying to get a peak at the last picture you snapped on your screen, but you playfully turned away.“Of course I do. It’s apart of who I am. I am a creative being who loves what she does."He held his hands up as if you were the biggest badass around."Nothing wrong with that."Rap Monster took a swig of his water then walked over to talk to you again."You can use our studio computer to edit if you want? Our last photographer did.” You put the camera down and looked up into his bright eyes. They instantly sucked you in.“Sure that’s fine. As long as I’m not in the way.” He smiled and held his hand up to motion you towards the editing room. Once you entered the room, he showed you the editing application on the computer. It was a bit awkward with him standing over you. You could smell what was left of his cologne and it instantly made your heart race. “Think you’ll be okay in here?” His words snapped you back to planet earth.“Um.. I think so, yes.” His warm smile made you weak so him standing around watching you edit would only distract you and mess you up. Once he left you felt like you could finally breath and be yourself through your work.

- 1 Hour Later -

“There done!” The guys looked startled at you.“The edits? That didn’t take as long as expected."Rap Monster seemed quite excited to see the photos. One of the guys grabbed their laptops where you plugged in a flash drive where you kept your edits. When you pulled them up the guys looked at their photos in amazement.” These are wonderfully done Y/N!“J-Hope couldn’t stop smiling at you and your wonderful skill. Each photo was carefully edited. No photoshops done, just modifying the little things. "I wouldn’t have been able to do such a wonderful job without the leader himself!” You looked over to see Namjoons face turn a pinkish with a smile while he played with the laces on his shoes. “How about we celebrate with some dinner? BBQ on me?” Jin was being rather generous. As you walked out of the building together, you couldn’t help but to feel a part of you changing… In your heart maybe? You felt as you were being accepted into a new family. Once you all sat down at dinner, Jungkook, the youngest of the guys taught you how to barbecue Korean meats like pork belly and ribs. While feasting you heard comments exchanged that made you smile like, “The fans are going to love their photo cards and the album print outs! Even posters!”

Your face turned pink and Taehyung seemed to notice causing everyone else to notice as well.“Why the blushing?” You giggled nervously but decided to just be honest.“I didn’t think you guys would like my work that much.. I’m just starting to know you guys and you all have been so welcoming but I can’t help to feel like I’ve burdened you all..” Caught in surprise you looked up. Cheeks now a reddish tint. The boys looking at you like a newly born kitten. Before you could freak out, Jimin spoke up.“Well, you worked really hard. Everyone has good and bad days with their work but today was excellent. You really do have a talent weather you know it or not.."You wanted to hide your face from all the generosity you had received today. Jungkook had finally spoken up and added in."We welcomed you with open arms because we know how it feels to be new to something. It can be pretty nerve racking, and that’s how you actually looked at first. We’re nice to you because you’re nice to us and this is the first time since we have a girl in the BTS family. You’re kind and you give off a warm smile. Need we say more?” After his little speech he shoved a piece of pork belly in his mouth with kimchi. As I went to grab some lettuce for my pork belly, You paused. If You were going to be honest with the guys you figured you would tell them everything.“I’m really sensitive.. I have major anxiety and some depression. I overthink things all the time so on occasion you might have to calm me down or cheer me up. I don’t think I’m pretty.. I don’t think I’m smart.. The only thing I have is my camera.”

The boys looked up at you. Some with food stuffed in their cheeks, others with their mouths wide open.“Some of us are like that too… We all have our flaws. We just work through them together. You’re rather beautiful and so far you seem quite intelligent, just try not to doubt yourself so much. And if you do? We’re here to tell you otherwise.” Suga was so compassionate when speaking those words to you. He smiled after talking then went back to eating. The rest of the guys mirrored his actions. It was the first time you’ve ever tasted Korean BBQ but the way your teeth ripped into the tenderness made your mouth happy, along with your tummy. The guys continued to add you into conversations to get to know you better. You couldn’t help but to catch flirtatious glances from Jin and Suga every once in a while but it didn’t bother you much, it only confused you. After dinner you thanked Jin who smiled gracefully then left. Taehyung came up to you with his head down, eyes facing the ground. “What’s wrong Tae Oppa?” He smiled at the nickname but then got serious.“I was wondering if you could give me a ride home.. I’m the only one in BTS who doesn’t have a ride or a car.”

Kindly, you nodded and got into the driver side. Taking him home wasn’t as awkward as you thought it would be. He mostly did the talking which made you feel better, and he’s pause every once and a while to give you directions. “You know.. Everything Jimin and Suga said tonight, they were right. You are truly a nice, beautiful girl who is always welcome in the Bangtan family.” You smiled but tried to focus on the road.“Tae oppa.. I still feel as if I burdened BTS. I’m still new and you guys are just getting over all the new stuff. I don’t want to drag you guys back.” He rapidly shook his head in the cutest way.“Nope. You’re not any of those things. You’re only what Jimin and Jungkook described.” You finally pulled up to a nice looking condo house.“Wanna come in for a few?” He smiled like a dork but it made you giggle.“Only if I’m not bothering the guys..” Now he excitedly waved for you to come in.“Don’t worry!” He was already in the door. You sighed and walked up to the door. You really prayed you weren’t intruding because you would hate to ruin your “nice” reputation. The lights were off… Suddenly when you flipped them on your eyes immediately saw the “Welcome Home” sign in both Korean and English.

The guys stood under it smiling from ear to ear. “W-what’s this… Again?!” Rap Monster came over to you and held on to your arm so you wouldn’t pass out, then he laughed with the guys. “Maybe one too many surprises today huh?” Speechless, you nodded causing their smile to never fade. “You’ll be staying in a separate room from all of us cause us guys bunk with each other. You’ll get your own bathroom too. Just make sure your rooms stay clean.” Suga appeared behind Namjoon with all of your bags and belongings from the car.“I really can’t… Th-this is way too much. You guys! I’m just the photographer.. I don’t think your last photographer even stayed with you guys!” Suga spoke up. “No he didn’t but your a girl and staying on your own is bad. We even found out that you have no where to stay. If you’re going to be here for a while I don’t think you want to stay in a hotel for that long. Just be thankful.” He pinched at your cheek like a big brother would.“I guess this is okay.. I just feel too spoiled and I feel like I’m invading you guys. No matter how many times I say it.. It’s the truth.” Namjoon put his knuckle on your head also like a big brother would.“Listen to Suga-Shi he’s right… You’ll have to get use to us spoiling you and picking on you. You’re ours now.”

He winked at you and picked up your one bag. Each guy helped you out. Your room was nicely put together. Dark blue walls with tan curtains and lampshades. Wooden dresser and night stands. A full size bed. Everything else was an empty canvas for you to decorate. The bathroom was a normal bathroom but clean and also vacant for you to change around. “Well? Do you like it?” You were still looking around a little so Namjoons question caught you off guard.“Of course I do. I can’t wait to make it like home.” The others had gone off to shower or to bed but namjoon was still with you. He helped you un pack a little and watched you decorate. You became tired and promised yourself you’d finish tomorrow night after work. “It’s been a long day. Get some rest okay?” Before he could leave you stopped him.“Namjoon oppa!…. T-thank you..” You stumbled on your words embarrassingly as your face became pink for what felt like the hundredth time today. He must have thought it was cute because he walked over to you, moved your hair away from your forehead and kissed it, leaving you speechless. “Anything for you.. You’re always welcome.” He smiled and left the room closing the door behind him. You say on the bed blankly staring at the floor. Alone time is when you would think of everything that has happened today. When you got in and out of the shower and into bed, all you could think about is what those boys meant by you being “theirs” now.. Your eyes closed on your from exhaustion. The thought ran on through your mind while you slept.

~ To Be Continued ~

Realities of professional photography.

As I’ve been doing this for 10 years now, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on what it means to be a “professional photographer” today. I have done my best to distil some of those thoughts (for what they are worth) below.

1. Freelancing is hard. It doesn’t matter how many blogs you read or how many systems you have in place, the bottom line is “winning new clients who pay a fair fee is difficult.” How do you go about winning those new clients in the first place? Is the best route to assist first? How many clients do you need to have to survive? These are only a sample of the concerns that you will be rubbing against on a daily basis if you are committed to commercial photography full time. You just have to get used to the constant evaluation and re-evaluation process that you will be putting yourself through as you try and stay on top of whether you are going about running your business as well as you can. And you do need to do it — this is a fast-paced market so standing still is not an option.

2. Personal work drives (some) commercial success. If you take a look around the vastness of the internet and have a modicum of interest in what your peers are doing, the good ones or shall I say, the successful ones, usually have a good body of personal work (not always but usually).

3. What is commercial photography anyhow ? Ah, the question that many great philosophers have pondered over for centuries is a tricky one. Google tells me: “in a nutshell, commercial photography means taking photos forcommercial use. And by commercial we mean for business, for sales, for money. Commercial photography is often associated with advertisements, sales pitches, brochures, product placements as well as merchandising.” So if you’re getting paid for it, it’s commercial.

4. What you don’t show is sometimes more important than what you do show. You’ll get lots of jobs (hopefully) — from photographing untrained cats and people throwing cakes at themselves all the way through to some decent advertising work. The thing is though, it doesn’t matter how happy the cake picture makes you, if it doesn’t fit into your portfolio then it doesn’t fit. Getting a clean, cohesive set of pictures together is a difficult but important thing to do. And “no” you can’t have pictures of weddings, cars, parrots, portraits of grandma, water droplet shots and slow exposure of your dog running around the garden all mixed together and call it a “Clean Portfolio”.

5. Social Media is a full time job. So you are really good at putting 3 photos a year on instragram and you’ve mastered MSN messenger. However, social media takes a lot of hard work. You have to be responsive and get excited when you get 11 likes on a post. I’m not sure how much any of it matters in the grand scheme of things but if you do have a nasty argument with the wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/pet of your choice then getting a few extra likes is a sure fire way to make you feel better about yourself.

6. Admin, Admin, Admin. I’m sure you’ve read or heard some wise photo owl tell you that only 20% of your time will you be taking pictures, the other 80% is spent on admin. Well, let me dispel that rumour for you right here, right now. I’d say (and I appreciate this will this vary from person to person) it’s more like:

18% — Sorting images

10% — Social Media (chasing the “like” train).

20% — Sales

20% — Heavy procrastination

10% — Project ideas that will never happen

10% — Chasing people for money

10% — Tidy desk, tidy mind!

1% — Taking pictures

1% — Editing pictures

That being said, never underestimate the power of good admin. It is all too easy to turn the post-job warm and fuzzy client glow to dissatisfied rage with bad admin. If you are asked for some kind of follow up — deliver it. On time.

7. Working for free is sometimes ok. We’ve all had a call from a friend of a friend who just wants 3 pictures of himself in front of something unimportant. It turns out he has a staff of 20,and he wants portraits of each of them, a group portrait and for me to be to be as “creative” as possible. Sometimes working for free is a business decision and a lot of internet clever people will tell you it’s a bad idea. I don’t believe it’s as simple as that. IF (and that’s a big IF) you do work for free, there has to be some benefit for you. I mean, either through exposure or due to new connections. I’ve done lots of things for free and sometimes wished I hadn’t but now we’re a lot better at weeding out the good people from the ones wanting a permanently free ride. To summarise: there is no right or wrong answer to whether you should work for free but, if you do, make sure it works for you too.

8. Surround yourself with the most talented people you can find. Going it alone is really macho and can be wonderful for the ego but working as part of team (at times) can be better for the soul. As you grow, you’ll realise you need all sorts of people you didn’t even know existed when you started your career. Pick the ones who are really good at what they do and learn from them.

9. Learn as many skills along the way as you can. I’m one of those people who learns by doing, it is just the way I am. If I could speak to my school-age self now, I’d say “pick up a camera son” — avoid the 10+ years in IT. But, speaking frankly, when I was in school I never really got the learning thing. I found it incredibly hard to focus for too long. Photography is one of the areas that suits my brain perfectly in that it allows me to go off and investigate lots of random stuff. Since we started 10 years ago, we have had to master all sorts of ancillary things including video, editing, after effects, processing and photoshop. Be as curious as a 4 year old child.

10. Be nice. Ah the easy one — I used to have a primary school teacher called Mr Davies. He told me never to use the word “nice” as it doesn’t mean anything. I am afraid I have to take issue with him as I think “nice” means a lot. People like people, they like working with people who are either like them or ones that can get on with them, take the time to understand them and can have a laugh with them. There is no great science to this. It’s simply about making connections and then putting in some effort to keep them up. A little empathy goes a long way.

11. Chose your competitions wisely. There are lots of them who either want to take your money or steal your pictures. Choose wisely.

12. Insurance is your friend. I lose stuff, you lose stuff, we all lose stuff occasionally and everything in photography is expensive. Don’t be silly and not get any. End of.

13. Networking — old school style. If you want to get your business to grow then the simple truth is you have to go out and meet people, talk to people on the phone and engage in all sorts of weird human interaction that you thought only happened in the 80’s. Yes, email is wonderful but nothing beats a warm smile and a packet of salt & vinegar crisps… Get out there and meet as many people as possible.

14. Jack of all trades, master of none. Photography is huge, I mean like so big it’s hard to comprehend. All those people, taking all those pictures of all those different people and things. Focus on one area that you love and work as hard as you can to know it inside out. Make sure your portfolio is focused and don’t dilute your work by putting out images that aren’t relevant to what you do. I know I have made this point already but it is so fundamental I think it bears repetition.

15. Uncertainty is all part of the process. Sometimes, things aren’t going to go the way you expected them to go. You’ll go through some pretty long periods of doing nothing when you start out. Being able to handle that “quiet” time is really important and that’s when you have to dig deep, stay positive and get resourceful.

16. Word of mouth is important. Having other people tell other people about the really great job you did for them can be a really important part of your business. People do get lazy though so gently nudging them occasionally is OK too. However, remember that this phenomenon works both ways so if you do a poor job, you can be sure that it’ll get out there twice as fast than if you had done a stellar one. And, finally, remember to return the favour. If someone does a great job for you, tell people. That good turn will come back to you.

Oh and enjoy it. Everyone always ends these things with an exhortation to enjoy it. So here you go.

—— First of all… THANK YOU.

Today marks my second anniversary. It’s been exactly two years since I made the very first post on this blog, and I attempted some sort of interaction with other roleplayers. Forgive me if I get carried away in what I’m about to type, I’m being a little emotional right now and I feel like pouring out my feelings. I might have not been here for quite as long as some of you but I do remember the time when it wasn’t all about your excellent photoshop skills or how you format your replies, it was definitely more about the portrayal of your muse, polishing your writing skills, and simply fun. Good times, good times… I paid so little attention to what my theme was supposed to look like, I couldn’t care less about gifs and icons that I used to include in my posts. I also remember feeling so intimidated by literally everyone I came across - well, nothing has changed in this case, except for the fact that I’ve got quite a few valuable friends now. 

For the past two years, I have devoted myself to portray my general muse as accurately as I could, and I’m still determined and full of passion to continue improving his character along with my writing, since English isn’t even my first language. In addition to that, I haven’t changed my FC all this time, ever since I established this blog, not even once, however there were some critical points when I couldn’t bring myself to write anything for weeks. I feel so deeply attached to Kiki that I don’t think I will give up on him any time soon. But the main and most significant thing that makes my stay here so enjoyable and worth my while is… you.

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Sherlock: The Six Whatever

To be honest, I was planning to write a very different meta today, because I really do love the show - a lot. And then last night I was so angry, I thought I wouldn’t write a meta at all. I went to bed literally seething with rage and righteous outrage. And now I’m awake again and I’ve got a couple anons in my inbox asking me what was wrong with that episode - an episode which, judging from the first page of my dash, some of you actually loved. So, well - I don’t want to ruin your morning: severe wank under the cut, proceed at your own risk.

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anonymous asked:

I'm having a super shitty day, could you possibly rec some of the happiest floating-on-a-cloud-of-fluff sterek fics you can find? 😁

I know this is probably too late to make your super shitty day better, but I have a lot of fics for you, like A LOT. Do you know why? I’m a little too obsessed with this adorable as fuck motherfuckers. Like, really. They are too fucking cute and it hurts my soul a little bit.

Fixer Upper by JaidMcDanno


General Audiences

The Pack is sick of waiting for their parents to realise that they’re parents, and so do some meddling. They may or may not resort to singing the ultimate love song to them. Madness ensues.

A Tabloid Affair by whyisthiscakeonfire


General Audiences

Stiles Stilinski has just been voted runner-up in some magazine’s Bachelor of the Year competition.

Just Please, Don’t Give Me a ‘Pal’ by livingoffcourage


Teen and Up

Derek doesn’t understand why Stiles gave everyone in the pack “Friend” cans, but gives Derek one that says “Pal”.


The one where the Coca-Cola cans hone in on Derek’s insecurities and stabs at them with a plastic fork.

The One Where Stiles Vets Derek’s Girlfriends by uraneia


Teen and Up

Across the loft, Cora claps her hands. “Okay, new rule. Any time Derek wants a date, one of us has to vet her first.”

Scott, who’s actually upside down on Derek’s couch, in apparent celebration of their defeat of the alpha pack—which somehow ended with Kali trying to give Derek her number, and he still doesn’t know how that happened, because he’s the worst alpha ever—says, “You know who’s got really good people instincts?”


This is some fluffy silliness I wrote in reaction to “The Girl Who Knew Too Much.” Anyone looking for a serious story should probably look elsewhere. However, if you want to know the kind of flaws Stiles discovers in Derek’s possible dates, this is the place for you.

That is Distracting by alisvolatpropiis


Not Rated (But I’m gonna give it a General Audiences)

Inspired by this delightful moment from SDCC.

(I made it a puppy instead of a baby because reasons)

i am toasting to the way you put that smile upon my face by decideophobia


Teen and Up

“Dude,” he says slowly, meeting Derek’s glance again, face disbelieving. “Is—is it your birthday?”

“No,” Derek sneers. “I’m just treating myself to a cupcake.”

Derek Hale—Even in the Wind His Hair Is Perfect by literaryoblivion


Teen and Up

It’s not the greatest job in the world, but someone’s gotta do it. And Stiles makes the most of it, okay?

Writing captions for the live broadcasts as well as helping run and write the copy for the online news stories can get rather tedious and boring, but Stiles tries his best to keep himself entertained. Slipping in a movie or comic book reference inside a human interest story just to see if someone comments about it, putting up a funny headline to see if someone catches it and puts it up on reddit, you know harmless things that to the casual viewer and reader will go unnoticed but to those that actually pay attention, they might get a kick out of it.

Recently though, he maybe has been… abusing his power.

Derek Hates Disney (But He Really Doesn’t) by adult_disneyprincess


General Audiences

Derek thinks it is a nightmare that wakes him from his sleep like almost every night, but once he wakes up long enough to remember where he is he realizes that it wasn’t a night mare that woke him up.

It was singing.

Derek rubs his bleary eyes when he looks at him clock. It is three o’clock in the morning, and Derek just stares in disbelief at his clock until the song that his new neighbor was singing finally clicked in Derek’s head. It was “You Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story. Derek stares that opposite wall where the music is coming from before he throws back his covers, and stomps towards the man’s door.

as close to you as i can get by chaosy



(925): we hooked up on one of my students’ desks last night… i can’t decide if i’m ashamed or massively proud of myself

(707): dude you teach first grade wtf

perfectly imperfect by pr1nc3ssp34ch


General Audiences

“What the hell is this?” He tries to make it come out as a growl, but his voice just sounds a little bit hoarse, and he can feel his eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

Stiles takes one look at him and promptly bursts into laughter. “Oh my god, dude, you look like a kicked puppy, it’s a list. Calm down.”

Derek frowns harder at him, trying to convey his feelings through the weight of his gaze alone. “And the first rule on it is giving me hugs?”

This explains so much.

Build-a-Stiles? by har1ey_quinn


Not Rated (I’m gonna give it a General Audiences)

He has a kid, he can’t be thinking that a Build-a-Bear employee of all people, is cute.

Wingwoman by Badwolf36


General Audiences

Laura begs Derek to visit the animal shelter and make a new friend. Derek goes, and somehow ends up with both a kitten and a date.

If You’re Wondering by Meeya8587


Teen and Up

If he didn’t know any better, he’d swear that he’s got a spell or jinx on him that warns the packs back home whenever his V-card’s in danger of being punched. Every. time. Stiles has been this close to getting it on with someone (and once, someones), someone calls him with an ‘emergency’.

Inside This Place Is Warm by wolfcloaks

3,154  I  5/?

Teen and Up

This was requested over on my Tumblr, the anon wanted: “Stiles is the librarian at the local university and Derek is super into him but he thinks Isaac and Stiles are dating. Que boys being idiots.”

And Take My Whole World Too by happilyeveramber



In the beginning, Stiles would throw it around hesitantly- “If you love me, go get me a cheeseburger.” “I will love you forever if you do this.” “Why don’t you love me like that?”- as a joke, but when he realized that Derek was definitely not joking, he used it every chance he got.

Derek Hale: Original Failwolf by seraphina_snape


Teen and Up

Stilinski and McCall were fully dressed now. Stilinski was waiting while McCall put on his shoes. Further into the room, Weird Creep was hiding behind a row of lockers. Only half his body was still visible. Clearly the guy operated on the old ‘if I can’t see it, it can’t see me’ school of stealth.

Coach Finstock looked back to the boys. McCall was still busy tying his shoes. Either he hadn’t noticed or he was avoiding the coach - either was a distinct possibility. Stilinski had a ‘lord give me strength’ expression on and was shaking his head.

“Seriously?” Coach Finstock asked.

“Yeah,” Stilinksi said. “Just… don’t mention it. It’s nothing weird, I swear.”


AKA 5 Times Derek Hale Tries (And Utterly Fails) To Be Stealthy and 1 Time He Totally Knows He Failed

The Singing Curse by IdontlikeIobsess


Teen and Up

Derek is hit by “The Singing Curse”. Stiles tries to help him out.

Say uncle by MsCee


Teen and Up

Derek Hale does not babysit. He just doesn’t. That is, until he finds out that his cute new neighbor wants them to bond as single fathers while their daughters play. Not that Ellie is his daughter, but Stiles doesn’t need to know that, right?


Or, wherein Derek does not bother correcting an assumption and probably even encourages it in the name of lurve, but it all works out because Stiles is not exactly being the poster boy of honesty either.

Seriously, it’s like you’re photoshopped. by nevermetawolf


Teen and Up

“Oh my god,” Stiles squeaks out again. “You’re unbelievable.”

Hot Bar Guy bobs his head agreeably. “I’ve been told that before, though usually people are more out of breath and less clothed when they say it.”

Or, the Crazy, Stupid, Love AU nobody asked for.

Stacking Up by bravelittlesoldier



Stiles is working in the basement of the Library of Congress and is feeling his social skills quickly deteriorate. Then along comes a new librarian working at Circulation who is most definitely a male model. Maybe its time to start re-socializing.

Babcia Knows Best by thepsychicclam


Teen and Up

Stiles takes his grandmother to bingo every Thursday. Now there’s a new guy calling out the numbers, and his grandmother has decided to set them up.

This Is Lovecanthropy by ifwallscouldspeak


Teen and Up

In which Valentine’s Day is closely approaching, and Derek is a disgruntled grad student who works at a library. He’s hit a roadblock on his thesis, he’s harboring a (not so secret) crush on Stiles, and he keeps receiving werewolf-themed gifts from a secret admirer.

Basically, Derek is totally oblivious and angsty, Stiles does a lot of planning off-screen, and Erica and Scott are awesome friends who are awesome.

How To Turn A Bad Boy Into A Fanboy by charlesdk


Teen and Up

Stiles owns a comic books store and Laura’s son is a huge fan of Spiderman. It was only a matter of time before Derek stepped foot in there.

Trees are always a relief after dealing with people (except when they aren’t) by ravelqueen



Derek Hale decides to become a hermit before he reaches 25. Too bad he picked Beacon Hills as his retirement home.

(Or the one where Stiles is a wood nymph/pixie/human hybrid who falls in love with his new grumpy werewolf neighbour)

How I Met My Werebunny by Moku


Teen and Up

“This is going to end in tears,” Scott told Derek while he watched the man easily lifting Stiles’ desk up with one hand and driving nails into the ceiling with the thumb of the other. “Probably mine.”


When a Stiles and a Failwolf love each other very much, they’ll engage in a prank war. Basically, it’s a mating ritual for dorks in love.

Sweet Tooth by Spikedluv



Derek Hale had returned to Beacon Hills and the ice cream place was reopening. “Best. Day. Ever,” Stiles told Scott.

Okay, here you go! Hope y’all enjoy the adorable motherfuckers in love. They just ruin my poor little shipper heart.

Love and internet hugs,

Fluffy Wolf

tsujitoons  asked:

I am super Interested in trying out Digital Painting ,mind if I ask you where can one start on an entry level using Oil Paints and Air Brushing . digitally ? ^_^

Okay so the short and boring answer would be: paint from life / photographs. Study real life. Do it intently, with focus, and that’ll teach you all you need to know.

Maybe that’s not what you wanted to hear though, so I’ll try my best to shed some insight into how that journey began on my end. But it’s a very general question, so yeah caution, WALL OF TEXT:

I’m not a very experienced traditional painter, so take this with a grain of salt. But as far as I am concerned, the over-all approach to painting is the same, regardless of whether you do it traditionally, or digitally. 

I remember struggling to paint on a computer, despite my (then not very extensive) experience with the medium. I used to blame it on not having a graphics tablet, but even once I got my first Wacom, I had no idea where to start. I was used to doing selection-based coloring and I was still stuck in polygonal lasso land. 

Then one day our highschool art teacher forced us to paint a random still life, using watercolors. And it just sort of clicked, that I could do the same thing digitally. Sure, I didn’t have digital watercolors, but I had a brush, and I had every color the human eye can perceive, at my disposal. 

And at it’s most basic, painting (traditional or digital) is just picking a brush, picking a color, and making a stroke. 

That might sound offensively obvious, so forgive me if you have come to that realization already. 

You might be wondering why your digital paintings don’t look like your traditional ones, even if you’re following the same rules. Right off the bat, traditional paints blend and create colors on their own and in a way that digital ones do not (yet), and I understand that can be frustrating when all you’re trying to do is replicate that specific look.

Personally, I have found there are two key ingredients that make up this “traditional look”. Primarily the colors themselves, secondarily the brushes (by extension: the texture).

The colors:

I can’t speak for other artists and how they achieve a more traditional-seeming variation in colors, but as for me, I do it manually. That means if I feel that a certain area is too clean, too “perfect”, as computers tend to do, I just go in there and manually add some slight variations of that same color. I usually do this around the edges, where different colors meet.

Shout out to the color gray. 

It’s very easy to achieve highly saturated colors on the computer. So saturated in fact, that they don’t exist in any other spectrum and you can’t print them. I like adding some gray inbetween here and there, it can have some surprising effects (less surprising if you know your color theory).

The brushes:

There are a whole host of brushes on the internet that attempt to mimic the effects of traditional ones. Photoshop itself made another jump forward in that direction with version CS 5, in which you now have 3D brushes, with variable bristle-length, -count, -thickness, etc.

I made some brushes myself (PS CS 5 and above only, sorry), which you can grab here:


However I can’t caution enough just how purley cosmetic this part is. Some people like to think all they need is a certain brush and they’re already half-way there. But the brush, of course, is just another tool. It’s not going to improve your skills in any way.

It’s great fun to experiment with brushes/textures and see where they take you, but it’s also pretty easy to get lost in that world. 

Side note: try googling textures, and for different ways on how to apply them. The web is full of this stuff and there are some neat tricks to be learned. (Personally, these days I tend to manually paint most of my textures, since it looks less digital that way, but that’s all about personal preference)


All that being said, I feel it’s important not to neglect the fact that we are talking about two different mediums here. More importantly, these mediums are not at odds with each other. It’s never been digital vs. traditional, but rather digital WITH traditonal. 

Especially if you are trying to replicate the traditional look in a digital medium, it makes sense to combine the two somehow. 

As an example, the texture I have imbedded in most of my brushes is one that I made traditionally, on paper, with oil colors (which was stupid cause I consistently forget how long those things take to dry, but the point still stands). 

Similarly, one could go ahead and paint everything on just one layer, since usually that’s all you have in the traditonal medium. In my experience that works towards achieving a more painterly effect. That would however, at least partially, take away some of the advantages that you have in the digital realm. And what I said about the two mediums being different, goes both ways. Aka there’s no real reason to limit yourself digitally, unless it is what you want. 

Ultimately, it’s all about what you want. You decide which direction you take your art in. You set yourself goals, you decide what risks to take and yes, you make the mistakes. This is your journey, everyone’s got their own. 

You figure out the reason why you want to emulate the traditional medium in the first place (and, as an example, “because it looks pretty” is absolutely a valid reason). Then just keep trucking. 

Hope that helped somewhat!

Sorry for the novel, I’m terrible at being concise. If you’re still looking for a way to jump in, I would suggest finding some line-art online that you like, and coloring it / painting over it. That way you can jump directly to the colors and textures, and not have to worry about sketching out a decent motif first. But really, whatever works for you!

Also, thanks Kris. <3

Laser Tag War

By: SassyShoulderAngel319

Fandom/Character(s): Avengers - Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver, feat. the rest of the team

Rating: PG

Original Idea: This post - but I changed it to laser tag.

Notes: Hehehehehehehehehehe! This one is so much longer than usual (2,990 words!). But it had to be done!


“Tony. This has ‘bad idea’ spelled all over it,” I remarked. “A laser tag war? You know Barnes and Barton are going to destroy all of us! They’re the best marksman and the best sniper in the world! We don’t stand a chance!” When the billionaire just kept giving me a really dumb grin, I realized something. “You’ve put them on different teams. They’re going to just be trying to snipe each other.” The grin grew wider. “My uncle is going to kill you later,” I continued.

“That’s only if he can catch me, Miss Barton,” Tony commented.

At that moment, I heard a very loud bang from the floor above us and some alarm or other going off.

“This was a horrible idea!” Steve shouted.

“This was your idea, you idiot!” Bucky snapped.

I snorted and Tony rolled his eyes. “I’ll go see what happened,” he muttered, leaving the room. Almost a full minute after he was shouting my name. “Get up here!”

I sighed and did as I was told, jogging to the floor above.

Bucky was lying on top of Steve and Clint lounging on top—their limbs were hopelessly tangled with a Twister mat underneath them and Natasha was laughing her head off. The alarm ringing was where one of them knocked over a lamp and ignited the curtains or something. It looked like Natasha had put the fire out. I raised my eyebrows at the entire situation. Only these two. Honestly. They were trying to disentangle themselves and it was only making it worse. The mat was getting twisted—pun intended—around them, tying them together.

“Help!” Bucky moaned, sounding like some poor little puppy. I glanced at Tony and Natasha. They were shaking their heads, trying to convince me not to help. But the super soldiers looked to helpless and defeated it was almost hilarious.

I waved my hand and the mat vanished—before reappearing, perfectly folded, in the Twister box. The men finally got away from each other, looking relieved. I rubbed my hands together. “Wanna explain what this is all about?” I asked facetiously, giving them a very skeptical look. Steve and Clint averted their eyes—but Bucky was looking me right in the face.

“Steve was wondering what the colorful game box in the cupboard was. Natasha insisted that this game is vitally important to modern culture and suggested we play. Barton assured us she was telling the truth. Steve thought it sounded like a great idea. We just got stuck,” he remarked. The innocence in his tone was almost pitiful. He needed to stop letting Natasha and Clint “catch him up” on the twenty-first century.

I face-palmed and shook my head. “Never trust Strike Team Delta” was an adage for SHIELD recruits. Natasha and Clint played off each other seamlessly. If one picked up on the other lying to someone, they’d join right in without a single flaw.

“Tony, whose team am I on?” I asked, glancing up. My eyes flicked between Clint and Bucky.

The billionaire nodded to Bucky. I tugged the assassin to his feet. “Come on, Barnes. We’re gonna go get you outfitted.”

“For what?”

“You’ll see.”

As I shoved the laser tag vest over the Winter Soldier’s head, I was informed by FRIDAY in my earpiece that there were three teams—and Natasha, Clint, and Bucky were all separated. I smirked as I Velcro-ed his vest into place and handed him the gun attached to it. I slipped my own on much faster and more efficiently as the rest of our team came in.

We (Team One) consisted of: myself, Bucky, Steve, Sam, and Pietro Maximoff.

Team Two consisted of: Clint, Wanda Maximoff, the Vision, Thor, and Jane Foster.

Team Three consisted of: Tony, Bruce, Natasha, Rhodey, and newcomer Scott Lang.

No powers allowed—no enhancements, no crawling through the vents, and no suits.

FRIDAY had been turned off.

This was either going to be the most amazing night ever, or I was going to punch someone in the face. Fifteen people playing laser tag in the New Avengers Facility was a bad idea.

I loved it.

Pepper, Dr. Cho (who was staying for a few days), and Agent Hill had taken the night off, deciding to leave the games to those of us insane enough to go along with it.

I took Bucky’s wrist and tugged him towards the door as the lights shut off throughout the whole facility and black-lights turned on from their hidden locations near the floor. Pietro cursed in Sokovian—causing Bucky to snort since he probably knew what the speedster said.

“I’m wearing a white shirt,” Pietro hissed as the door keeping us in the prep room eased open automatically.

I shrugged nonchalantly. My own black outfit made me invisible in the darkness. “Take it off then. Your skin won’t reflect as much as the shirt,” I replied, grinning. My teeth glowed eerily in the black-light—I could see it in the reflection on the glass of the door. All the men in the room (meaning everyone not me) scoffed at me. I could see them roll their eyes.

“You just wanna see him shirtless,” Sam teased.

“He wouldn’t be shirtless,” I retorted. “He’s got the vest on too.”

“Uh-huh. Sure,” Steve remarked sarcastically.

I ignored them and dragged Bucky out into the corridor. He was wearing a long-sleeve black shirt and a fingertip-less glove on his left hand—his metal fingers glistened spookily in the purple light coming off the floor. “Watch out for Hawkeye and Black Widow,” I hissed to Bucky.

“Already been doing that,” he replied, just as quietly.

The rest of our team seemed to remember we’d started and trailed out of the room after us.

“Should we spread out or stick together?” Sam whispered.

“Spread out. If we stick together and get ambushed, the other teams are gonna rack up so many points we’re gonna get annihilated,” I answered.

“Agreed,” Steve murmured. He, Sam, and Pietro all left—even though powers weren’t allowed Pietro blasted away so fast I knew it was a great idea to have him on our team. He’d be pretty good at this. They left me and Bucky alone in the middle of the deserted corridor.

With his arm that wasn’t holding the gun—his normal one—he grabbed my vest, pulled me closer, and kissed my forehead. “Good luck. I’ll see you when this is over,” he murmured into my hair.

I grinned. “Good luck to you too. And don’t forget to put your earpiece in.”

Each team was on its own earpiece frequency and since FRIDAY was turned off, Tony wasn’t allowed to hack in to the other teams’ to eavesdrop.

“Already done. You’re loud and clear.” Grabbing me by the collar of my vest, he gave me a strong kiss on the lips, like he would never see me again and his life depended on it, furrowing his brows and sighing when he let go. I couldn’t bring myself to open my eyes for a moment. When I did he was grinning cheekily at me. He winked and melted into the shadows.

I could see why he was an assassin.

I mean, he was gone. Like someone photoshopped him out of reality.

It was impressive really.

Hefting my laser tag gun, I shifted into hunting mode. Bucky had taught me how to do it. The prowl with the murderous expression. The taut senses listening, seeing, taking in everything. The constant vigilance. It was a delicate state to be in. But it was great for laser tag.

I sensed someone behind me and ducked behind a pillar right as I heard a pew, pew, pew! I put my head past the pillar, making sure the sensors on my vest were hidden from sight, gazing through the darkness to identify my would-be attacker. I had fabulous night vision—superpowers not necessary—and I could make out the form barely lit by the lights on the vest. Feminine. The movements of the unwieldy weapon in the unpracticed hands and the straight, shorter brown hair illuminated in pale green made it obvious who had tried to sneak up on me.


I dodged from the pillar I was behind to another, using my sniping skills that Bucky had taught me to shoot her vest’s sensors. I heard her swear and then heard a noise as she bumped into something. I took that opportunity to hit her again, going back to the column. “Who am I even trying to shoot?” she asked, sounding confused.

I grinned but said nothing and made my way away from her. I wasn’t quite as clandestine as Bucky, Natasha, and Clint, but I was getting there. Bucky hadn’t nicknamed me Shadow for nothing.

After only moments I was far away from her and she didn’t even know I’d left.

Then I was the one doing the creeping-up-behind.

Thor was ahead of me, trying to figure out how to use his gun. I shot him once—given the automatic shield would go up and I couldn’t get any more points for at least two seconds—and dropped behind a long table that was there for decoration.

“Who goes?” he demanded. I put my gun in my lap and covered the lights on my vest with my arms as I guessed he was checking his surroundings. As I heard his heavy boots start to recede, I jumped up, shot him again, and dropped like a leaf. “Who’s there?! I know I am not alone! Show yourself! Do not be a coward!” I shrugged to myself, still pressed against the side of the table. Being sneaky wasn’t the same as being a coward. I could stay right where I was and not feel like my womanhood had been impugned upon.

After a moment, I heard Thor coming closer. So I bolted down the hallway and around a corner before he could figure out how to shoot me back.

I wandered the outskirts of the indoor building for the better part of an hour. Occasionally I’d catch a brief glimpse through the black-lit darkness of Pietro’s white shirt (apparently he hadn’t taken my advice to remove it), Steve’s defensive stalk, Sam attempting to be a spy, or Bucky’s metal hand glimmering. They all had pale blue lights under their chins from our team vests. Whenever I saw Bucky I’d whisper, “On B’s left,” into the earpiece. He’d turn around, grin, and go back to prowling.

Then, through my earpiece, I heard Sam swear and mutter, “Hawkeye alert!”

Despite the fact that no one said anything else and Sam didn’t say where he was, I sensed the atmosphere of my team instantly tense up. But I grinned, guessing that Bucky was smirking, accepting a challenge. I was still creeping around out of sight, but I knew that the Winter Soldier would be headed for the atrium.

The big heavy fight always managed to be in the atrium—whether it was Nerf guns or paper airplane wars (don’t ask—that was a weird day) it didn’t matter. Everyone concentrated there. Probably because it was huge, open, and had a mezzanine. That’s a type of balcony for those who don’t know.

Bucky and I knew that was where Clint would be the moment Sam sounded the alarm.

It had taken an hour for the big, all-out war to get started. So that was a record.

I had two options. Stick to the outside edges of the building and be safe from the other teams, or go into the firefight and rack up some points.

I was more of a spy than a soldier. I liked to operate on the periphery. Hide in the shadows. Be clandestine. Wading into an all-out laser tag war wasn’t my idea of a great idea. Stealth shots I could do. Melee I couldn’t.

But my mind was whispering something about Bucky and Steve and Sam—the soldiers.

They’ll need help. And you know how reckless Pietro is, my internal monologue reminded me.

I sighed and started up my hunting creep towards the atrium, still on-guard in case Tony or Natasha decided to leap from the rafters—that happened once in the famous Water Balloon War of 2015—and attack. I quickened my pace and made it to the atrium just in time to see Bucky duck under the reception desk. I wasn’t sure why we had a reception desk since we never really had visitors and when we did they just blasted through the doors, but maybe it was there for cover in all of the wars we managed to get into.

I had a bad feeling that one day we would get into a real war with each other.

And that wouldn’t be pretty.

For a moment I had a very horrifying image of Bucky’s metal arm ripping Tony’s suit open and wrenching him out.

I got my head back in the war just in time to dodge a shot from Wanda and Vision.

I sniped them both and then tuck-and-rolled, coming up next to Bucky. He was shooting at Clint—who was up on the mezzanine trying to take out both the Winter Soldier and the Black Widow.

I took a couple shots at Bruce and Thor before taking cover. “Any ideas?” I asked. “We’re pretty cornered right here. This isn’t an ideal spot to be.” Bucky rolled his eyes in a well-done-captain-obvious way and glanced around. He knew I was right. We were about to become the best way to rack up points in the history of every single scrimmage we’d ever done as a team.

“You head for the hallway. It’s okay if you take a couple hits. Try and get Hawkeye as you’re going. Once you reach the hall I’ll follow you. We’ll see if we can make our way up to the mezzanine the back way while Clint is distracted by Natasha.”

That was actually a really great plan.

I grinned and gave him a kiss. “See you in the corridor.”

“Can you two not kiss now? I can hear it!” Steve snapped over the earpieces.

“Grow up, old man,” I retorted. I got a better grip on my gun, aimed in Hawkeye’s general direction, and took off over the open atrium. I fired off a few shots—somehow managing to nail both Clint and Natasha at least once—and slipped into the hallway. Despite the soft lights on my vest, my black outfit made me nearly invisible. Hardly anyone had even noticed. I snickered as I made it to safety. “Y’all need to get on my level!” I hissed into the earpiece sarcastically.

In my mind’s eye I could see Steve rolling his eyes at me.

After a moment, Bucky joined me. “Let’s go,” he said. Without delay we took off through the back corridors until I found the stairs.

Trying the door, I hissed angrily. “It’s locked!”

Bucky shrugged, edged past me, and ripped the lock off with his left arm. When my mouth dropped open to tell him off, he shrugged. “I didn’t use any powers. It doesn’t count,” he interrupted before I could even speak. “Shall we?” He took my hand and started to drag me up the stairs. I followed, not bothering to mention that even though his arm didn’t count as “powers” it did count as an enhancement—and those weren’t allowed either. Tony would probably dock us a few points when the war was over. So we’d have to make up for it on the mezzanine. “Hunting mode,” he whispered as we neared the door to the second floor.

“Way ahead of you,” I retorted, already stepping silently.

“Doubt that,” he joked, climbing up the narrow walls like Spider-Man and opening a ceiling panel.

“What are you—?” I started to demand.

“Rafters. I’ll take them from the rafters, you take them from the ground. It’ll be great.”

“Bucky!” I hissed.

Too late. He was already gone.

A few bad words in other languages ran through my head while I eased open the door to the second floor mezzanine. Natasha and Clint were constantly popping up from behind big objects like prairie dogs—or a game of Whack-A-Mole. They’d take a shot at each other—or occasionally someone who got too close—and then duck back down again.

Then Clint swore. “Winter Soldier alert!” I heard him say. I had crouched to just below a decorative table so he wouldn’t see the soft lights from my vest. They weren’t looking for me. A grin lit up my face as I shot both of the master assassins on the shoulder sensors of their vests (both Hawkeye and Bucky would be very proud of me for my decent aim) and dropped back to the ground to give their “shields” a moment to drop again before I could shoot them.

Then Bucky took over and I started sniping people on the ground floor, racking up as many points as I could so that the penalty for using powers was already compensated for and we could—hopefully—still win.

I got everyone not on my team at least once as they sprinted across the open floor—except the Vision because he was just floating idly and looked so lost. I got him five or six times.

Suddenly the lights turned back on, shutting the black lights off.

Blue team wins!” the speakers on the chest pieces of our vests announced.

Me, Bucky, Steve, Sam, and Pietro all cheered. Bucky dropped from the rafters and gave me a celebratory kiss.

“We did it!” I said.

Can you two not be kissing now?” Steve asked through my earpiece. “I can still hear it.”

The frequencies had opened up so we could all hear each other and I was joined by Natasha, Clint, Bucky, and Tony in a chorus of, “Grow up, old man!”

anonymous asked:

What do you have to say about that B£thyl manip using the Caryl hug?

Hi there my anonymous friend,

As always thank you for your message and for trusting me with your question.
In the grand scheme of things and especially on our beautiful CARYL ship, my personal opinion or thoughts when it comes to these things isn’t all that important but I think that when it comes to the “drama” surrounding this particular issue, most Carylers are on the same page as me.
I can’t speak for everyone of course but the reactions I have heard about were pretty unanimous and I believe the creator of the manipulation might be in for a surprise once more voices are heard.

While I am rather “talent-less” when it comes to artist creativity, I absolutely love fan-art of all sorts and that includes manipulations as well.

There are several amazing artists in our community (justyouanmee and Ooohshiny) that create these “lost scenes” and their work never fails to inspire and stir everyone’s CARYL feels (whoever a boost is needed). It is my understanding that these pieces require a lot of work and their creators spend a lot of time and effort perfecting the final product.

All Art regardless of whether you like it or not should never be mocked, belittled or slammed negatively just because one is simply not able to appreciate its beauty or its message.

For me, personally, that rule applies to fan creations even more, because I recognize that behind each piece are people who are not just proud of their work but are also brave enough to share it with virtual strangers. All the time fully knowing that they could be ripped to shreds by negativity and for absolutely no other pay aside from their own desire to make others happy.

For that very reason if something doesn’t appeal to me I simply scroll away from it.

That being said, this particular manipulation in my opinion does not represent a piece of fan art nor does it celebrate their “ship” in any kind of positive way AND in fact I feel that it’s very existence only serves to devalue and downgrade their “pairing” more.
In a way it even elevates and validates CARYL, which obviously wasn’t the “artists” intent.

The reason I don’t consider the manip to be an art piece is because to me it looks like very little work went into it and aside from some basic cutting-pasting and light-colour alteration, whoever made it didn’t exactly express themselves creatively in any sort of way.
Taking Carol’s head and replacing it with Beth’s, isn’t exactly inspirational or meaningful AND to me it says absolutely nothing about Daryl and Beth at all.
On the contrary like I said the very fact tag it had to be made, paints the B*thyl ship as petty, envious and even more dubious than it was before this.

I can’t see any serious B*thyl shippers approving or even wanting this on their blog because the “heads” might be different in their “faux” piece BUT the emotion behind it belongs and shines brightest between Carol and Daryl because ultimately the MOMENT portrayed was shared between them and them alone.

No matter whose head you put on those bodies, the emotional significance and the beauty of what actually transpired can’t be duplicated, replaced or manipulated, no matter how fancy your photoshop skills might be.

The reunion was between Carol and Daryl and I can’t see how a B*thyler can look at that scene with Beth’s head on Carol’s body and feel anything but bitterness and a sense of disappointment for it not being a REAL THING for them.
For that reason I can’t understand why someone even thought it was a good idea in the first place.

The reunion scene was originally declared as “familial and platonic” by B*thylers in order to validate their perception of Carol and Daryl’s relationship being something akin to a sister/brother, mother/son or BFF dynamic BUT this manipulation seems to suggest and validate romantic elements within it because their own “assumption” and expectation of the B*thyl reunion had always been one of romantic love.

So the theory being is that the mechanics of the CARYL reunion could have been ones showing two people “in love” BUT not if Carol was involved.
Basically - if Carol had been Beth and that scene was the B*thyl “romantic” reunion they had wanted then the scene was indeed one between “lovers”!

Thereby the manip shows that their previous certainty of the reunion being platonic was either not genuine or their resolve to deny it has started wavering.
Regardless of the motive for creation - the picture might have Beth’s head in it but the scene inadvertently validates a romantic CARYL possibility.

With that said even though it is “flattering” to CARYL in one way, I still feel that the “artist” who made it meant it more as an insult towards Carylers than a way to boost any kind of positive B*thyl morale on their ship.
I believe it was meant to create “drama” and “outrage” BUT not in a way to give B*thylers any kind of “feels” or hope for their “pairing”.
I can’t help but feel like the manipulation was created more out of spite and desire to mock and devalue a moment Carylers treasure the most - the message being “the scene would have been better if it was Beth and not Carol in Daryl’s arms”.

However what we have here is a validation that we have something they not just don’t have but also want to have for themselves.

We have the original and since they can’t have the real thing, they have to go for a cheaply made “knock-off” to satisfy their envy and bitterness.

Bottom line is - “Imitation is the best kind of flattery” so I suggest that instead of getting mad we just say “Thank You” and revel in the fact that CARYL is just that amazingly powerful that they simply couldn’t help themselves…

Daryl broke down in joyous tears, sprinted without needing to, gathered Carol in his arms and has been practically glued to her side ever since!
That’s some beautiful stuff right there - No wonder they want it for themselves!

CARYL On My Lovelies - The Best Is Yet To Come!



anonymous asked:

Hi P-m. You are so kind and patient when you answer to question (*hugs*) but I wondered if there are some questions that annoy you or make facepalm. Not hate mail but just annoying asks. Thank you 💗

Hi anon!

Interesting question ^^

I’m trying to help people as much as I can and to answer as politely and as fast as possible (I still have 30 questions in my ask box_sorry about that) because that’s how I see interactions on social networks but honestly yes, there ARE some questions I’m fed up to see in my inbox. Here a list, sorry about the long post:

1) The “Google” question. Basically, you could have asked Google instead of asking me. When people ask me for instance the link to a fic with a very very recognizable name. I understand if someone contacts me to help them find the link to a story called “Blue” because if you don’t have the name of the author, it’s pretty impossible to find, but when it’s something like “Bro, you catch STDs, I catch Pokemons, you’re my soulmate” (no it doesn’t exist, no need to go to A03), you would have spent less time looking on Google than contacting me. Same with super basic stuff like “How do you do this in Photoshop?”. If it’s a very very precise question, ok, no problem. But when it’s something like “How to use the line tool?” Nope, sorry, learn to use the internet. :/

2) The “You are hiding some magical trick from us” question. Some people don’t want to hear that when it comes to art, you have to practice. Not hours but months, if not years. I don’t have magic brushes. I don’t have a magic recipe neither, some kind of “secret technique” that I would hold from my followers. So sometimes, I have rather upset reactions from people who are disappointed when I tell them that 90% of the brushes I use in my art come from the PS default brush set. What I manage to achieve in my drawings comes from my skills, not from my brushes, and I’m not responsible is they don’t manage to obtain the same result with the same software and the same brushes. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against technical questions and people asking me what brush or what program I use. I have problems when people insist and become aggressive because they think I don’t want to share some kind of “magic trick” or whatever.

3) The “You should have done the art I wanted to and I think that my opinion matters” question. Ex: This art of Sam Dean and Cas dressed as Harry Potter characters. I drew them all as Gryffindor. I I received messages telling me that “No, you don’t understand, Cas is definitely a Hufflepuff!” or that “Dean is Ravenclaw all the way!!”. Like…Do I look like I fucking care? It’s not even “WHY did you drew them that way? I’m interested!”, it’s “you are wrong to have drawn the characters like this and here is what I think the right way to draw them is.” I don’t care when people go into this kind of rant into reblogs. It’s the rule of a social network like Tumblr. Like it or not, it’s their blog, free speech, go ahead, have fun. Write me a 3000 word meta on why Cas is a Hufflepuff if it floats your boat. What I hate is when some entitled idiot feel the need to contact me in my inbox to tell me about their own head canon and explain me why I’m wrong.

4) The “I’m trying to push my head canon on you” question. OMG, this one happened I don’t know how many times with The Life of Bucky Barnes. Ex: I had this girl who contacted me every week to tell me that S&B should get married, have a kid and a dog, a service dog more precisely. I told her that sorry, I wasn’t into “kid/curtain” stories. Long story short, I’m a “horrible ableist" because I’m not interested to give Bucky a service dog and that I don’t know “how PTSD works”. Translation: “you don’t draw the story I want so I’m finding a way to guilt trip you by throwing words like “ableist” in order to reach my goal”. Blocked. Go commission an artist and let me work. The boys are gonna get married at some point (it gives me headaches just to think of how I’m gonna draw the proposal, the wedding and stuff T__T) but don’t hold your breath for the kid. In fact, expect some drama because I’m gonna go through the events of Civil War at the end of the year (but the boys will have a cute Xmas ♥). Blood, dark humor (VERY) and canon rewriting (mostly to make it fit what I already draw at The LOBB like Pietro being still alive or the fact that Bucky surrendered somewhere in the timeline) are coming up.

5) The “Captain America is not gay” message (99% on Instagram). I think that some people don’t understand the concept of fan art and that everything is allowed. If tomorrow I want to draw a story where Cap stops being Cap and becomes a bus driver in Hong Kong, it’s my problem. Out of character? I don’t care. Bus driver in HK, I’m telling you! Anyway, usually the “Cap is not gay!!” comments come from 16-30 fan boys who think that I don’t know about canon or who wonder “why you fan girls have to make everything gay?!!!”. Second category: religious girls who post two “boys” emoji and “no” next to them or just “Ewwww”. It doesn’t come from one religion in particular: Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, etc..Just take your pick! Ah. I’d like to thank the Buddhists for leaving me alone so far! Anyway: comments deleted and blocked, of course.

6) The “I know that you don’t take requests but…” question. Yeah. BUT. But would you draw me? But would you draw Merthur for me? BUT would you draw Sam and Dean at the Grand Canyon wearing these precise outfits like in my friend’s fic? Ok, not everybody takes the time to read my FAQ but if you know that I don’t take requests (I hardly have time for my own projects and answering to messages, let alone take people requests T__T) so WHY are you asking me? I know, I know, “it doesn’t hurt to try” but in this case I find it pretty rude and no, I don’t put this question in the same category as “Do you plan to draw in the future…”. This one is much more curiosity, I think.

7) The “I can’t draw a straight line” question. (ok, I’m joking here) Dude! Me neither!! ^o^ I CAN’T draw a straight line! A beautiful straight line! That’s why I use a ruler or the line tool in PS. I mean, seriously, drawing a beautiful straight line or a perfect circle is fucking difficult! Ok, of course, this kind of messages doesn’t drive me mad at all, it’s just that the expression amuses me because I don’t think that the people who contact me realize the difficulty of drawing beautiful geometric shapes. And don’t get me started on writing! When I write on white paper my writing seems to fall down to the bottom of the page like “somebody catch meeeeee”. Also, have you seen this gif of Sarah M. Gellar drawing a circle? It’s pure AWESOMENESS! 

Anyway, these were the 6 questions that annoy me (the 7th one doesn’t count of course). I hope I answered yours and sorry about the late reply! ^^

anonymous asked:

PLEASE WRITE the tattoo/florist corydia plz

YOU’RE WISH IS MY COMMAND! :D (i’m so glad someone asked because i immediately wanted to do it after i put it in those tags and this just gave me the push i needed) (also this is the quickest i have ever filled a prompt, lucky you, haha)

Cora scowled at the big “Grand Opening” sign across the street, a reminder that the pizza shop she used to eat at and loved (mostly due to proximity but still) was gone. And in its place was a fucking flower shop.

For the life of her she couldn’t figure out why anyone would want to spend their money on something that was just going to die in a week anyways. Or on something they could pull out of the ground themselves. It was ridiculous. Which she was in the process of telling her brother. Again.

“Alright, alright, can it,” Derek said, tossing the book of flash he was flipping though next to him. “Don’t you have a two o’clock coming in?”

Cora shot another spiteful glare at the floral shop and turned to face him. “Yeah. They want one of those stupid live, laugh, love tattoos.”

Derek cringed. “Well, try not to murder them in the chair.”

“I make no promises.”

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