i just had to take a picture of it

Here’s a lil wip of a new drawing I’m working on rn. I’m using @edenmo122’s amazing edit as a lil reference.

Well, I had to take this picture with my phone bc unfortunately my internet just died yesterday. Isn’t that great? Well, the only thing I can do now is wait. I’ve to work on a school project, but I rlly need internet for that. I hate my life rn. Anyway, enjoy my lil desus wip! ❤


Also, my Lucywen wings came a little while ago!

I haven’t really had much time to play with them yet, but I just put them on Trysta (formerly Canina) and they look wonderful!

The wings have magnets installed in them, but since Trysta doesn’t have any they’re being held on by the wing connector, which is in this opaque purple resin that is reallyyyyy prettyyyyyy. I might paint it gold, to match her outfit, but for now it a really matches okay.

I’m going to take her outside and get some better pictures of course, but here’s a couple just to show the wingspan/how cute my girl looks~~

Wings are from Fairyland Fairyline Lucywen centaur. Doll is an Impldoll Adela on a Leekeworld Art body.

“I stole a camera from wardrobe one day. I was going to do this little series of every time Andy comes in my room, I was going to take a picture of him. I pretty much just had 50 photos of Andy. He and I always share a double trailer, so he’s right next door to me. We’ll bang on the walls, and then he’ll come over. He’s always in my trailer, like, all day.”

yesterday while doing my animal shelter gig i looked inside “kitty city” [a big room with obstacles where they put the fat cats for exercise] and I saw a cat with the fattest ass I’ve ever seen in my entire life. He had a tiny little head and upper body leading to this voluptuous cat ass and saggy almost-touching-the-ground belly parts, this cat looked like a bowling pin. i tried to take pictures but none of them could do it justice. So of course I immediately got in there and started swatting and petting that saggy thing because who doesn’t like a squishy cat belly and the cat didn’t give a shit and I was squishing it so much one of the cat ladies actually came in and gave me an unasked for lesson  on how to pet a cat, like i havent had cats my whole life and just wanted to squish the words saggiest cat belly even if he killed me for it, lady

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what was leaked?

Apparently someone went on tour at Studio Mir (correct me if I’m wrong??? Bc I honestly don’t know how they got the pics) and was told not to post anything on social media. (I would think they told them not to take pictures either but MEH IDK)

From what I’ve seen it’s some shots of Keith and one of Lotor. You won’t see me reblogging them bc I literally just went to a blog who still had them to message them to take them down,,, but they’re being stubborn :|…..

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I just want to say that it was so cute of Simon to stop and take a picture with this kid even tho he jumped into the pitch...he's such a sweetheart sometimes 😍💕 have a great dayyy ((or I hope you had a great day idk what time it is there))💕

a friend of mine who was at the match told me that the kid was one of the vip winners so he wasn’t really invading the pitch 😊 thank you, you too! 💕

BINJ Comic #10

I’ve made TEN of these things already? Jeez. o.o


In case this surprises anyone, full disclosure: I am a huge nerd.

So nerdy, in fact, that I actually planned a Pokemon Halloween lesson for my kids, all dressed up as Team Rocket.

Don’t believe me?

…Er, this is a picture with a bunch of random Japanese guys, but I wore this outfit when I gave my Halloween lessons, too! I just can’t show you guys pictures from there–it’s a big no-no to take pictures of someone else’s kids here and post it on the internet. ^^;

In any case, for the lesson, I had a few flashcards printed out for the first generation of Pokemon, with their English names. The kids, separated into three teams (Team Charmander, Team Squirtle, and Team Bulbasaur) were awarded points for how well they remembered the English names of the Pokemon. For every wrong answer, I awarded Team Rocket (me) points. And I cheated. A lot.

In the end, though, I always made sure one of the teams won (with an end game that involved catching Mew) so all was well. XP

I really wished someone had video taped it. I would’ve loved to relive those lessons. They were glorious~

Unfortunately, now I have to TOP those lessons this year…and I have noooo idea how I’m gonna do that.

There is such a thing as doing too much, it seems. ^^; Too bad my “Be Extra” button is directly linked to the cooling of the temperature outside. Oh well.

B͔̩̲̹͉̙̹̜͍u̪̠̲̺̪̖̳͖̱͙͇̮̻͙͙̼͙ͅt̜̦̜͖̮̘̯͚̯̤̙̥͈̗̻͎̭̙.̩̙̻͉̲̝̗̲̱͇.̭͉͚͎̮.̗̻̬̙̫̺̠̫̹͔͓̹͖̰̠ͅ ͔̣͍̯̰͕̣̻͔̮̮͍W͚̬̮͔͉̤̞̬̬̗̪̭̬h̥̤̟̗̫̺̞͎͉͉y͍̣͕̟̭̫̩͖̫͔̥̬̪̲͙͖͓ͅ ͉͍̗̞̟̦͕̜̦̫͓̣̖̘d̹͕̻̞o͉̩̘̝ ̼̳̟̗̥w̪̳̝͓̗̬e̝͉̞̙̞ ̫̜̖͔̪̤̯̭̥͚̺͈̙̖n̙̺̠̫̘̪͍̫̭̗̖̯̮ͅͅe̻̗̦̘̦̜̼̯̰̖ͅe͎̰̜͎̲͓̭͉̯͔͙̬̪d̤̖̞̣̭͖͇͈̪̭̥͉̘̯̲̦͕ͅ ̝̳̻͇̦͕̤̦̪̫̥̖̹͔̳̱͔̫͉ṭ̞̼͕̰̞̗̞̣̖̹̱̬̭o̙̺͉̥͈ ̫͔̳̗̩͚c̹̺͔̻̗̘̝̳̣̲̲͈͍̺̣̫̪̖̻h͙͉͎̣̹̻̰̭͍o̤̯̗̣̞̣̮̣͕̯̭o̥̙͕̤͎̝̲̣̠̘͓̬͈s͕̯̰̝͎̲̝̼̦̜͍e̗̜͇͈̭̖̲͍̱̳ͅ ̝̯̫͍͉̞̞̺̬̗̪͓̭̹̮͎i̱͕̙̖͈̟͕͕͓̳̻̣̯̙n̳̘̜͎̝̰͕ ̥̣̫̦̳̖͈̱͖͍̦͈͕̭̰͍̥ͅͅl̤͇̠͎̣̮̳̠̥̮͎̺͇̮͙̺͍i̠̪͇̻̖̖͈̹͙̝̙̲̖̞̻̜͔̩̘f͎̼̙̬e̲̫̹͓?̮̞̬̝͈̦̘̲

simon as a photographer tho

  • it just so happens that a pitch is getting married
  • could be baz’s cousin or whatnot
  • and simon was hired as one of the photographers
  • so he’s just doing his thing right 
  • then the ceremony starts and the groomsmen and bridesmaids start walking down the aisle
  • and this guy all elegance grace and charm 
  • just started walking with a 3 year old kid who’s a ring bearer
  • and it was just so adorable 
  • that simon forgot who he’s actually supposed to be taking pictures of
  • then the reception came
  • simon thought he was being subtle enough
  • oh look he’s with the baby let’s take a picture of him or he’s with the groom that’s a nice shot 
  • when he was about to take another photo of him
  • he didn’t even notice that the figure he’s taking a shot of is slowly walking towards him
  • “what are you planning to do with those”
  • and simon’s just so awestruck that he just stood there
  • until he realized the guy is actually talking to him
  • and the question didn’t even make sense
  • “uh for the newly wed?”
  • and the guy looks so smug 
  • even took simon’s camera out of his hands and started going through the pictures
  • “delete this one I don’t like how I look in it”
  • at this point simon’s just bright red
  • and he’s like fuck it we went all this way
  • “You’re beautiful”
  • he didn’t even wait for the guy’s response and went on
  • “see how the light just hits you right? and the way you just stand out in the picture? you’re beautiful and I think i did a pretty good job at capturing it”
  • and the boy is silent the entire time and simon’s just deflating at this point
  • until he heard him whisper
  • “I’m gone for”
  • and simon’s like “sorry?”
  • “I’m baz the bride’s cousin. Shouldn’t you be having a break right now? C’mon let’s go ge drinks.”
  • “I’m Simon and yeah uh okay”
  • simon was close to passing out when baz offered his hand as they walked to the refreshment table


I’ve only just been able to tear myself away from these beautiful cards in order to make this post. They arrived this morning and ever since, I’ve just been handling them and taking endless photos. I swear, it’s impossible to take a bad picture of this deck! 

Some thoughts and first impressions bellow the cut! 

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By Way of Spontaneity (Part 12)

Summary: On a whim, Bucky declares you to be his girlfriend to his grandma and mother. They’re eager to meet you and he asks you to pretend to be with him for just one dinner with his family. But is that really all?

Word Count: 979

Warnings: None.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11

A/N: Next part is the end :D Enjoy, guys! Sorry about Tony, btw. 

Originally posted by fymarveluniverse

The drive to Tony’s place was nerve-wracking, your hands sweating a great deal, forcing you to rub your palms down your thighs various times. You raised the volume of your radio until you couldn’t hear yourself think, but still managed to imagine how seeing Tony face to face would go.

You knew he was mad. You had never seen him so mad. Tony was impulsive, he was full of wit and took everything to heart. That’s what you loved about him. He took life by the horns and went with it. And yet, you had been pulled in by Bucky’s playful demeanor, his caring persona and gentle nature. They were a stark contrast to one another, but similar in more ways than you had initially thought.

Pulling up to his house, you groaned as you saw that his car was parked on the driveway. You had hoped he wasn’t home so that way you could have an excuse and just avoid any confrontation.

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Columbine Songs
Columbine Songs

Eminem and Columbine

I am an Eminem Fan for years now and when I started to get more and more into True Crime I was surprised to find a lot of his Lyrics mentioning Columbine which I never really realised before. Of course he also mentioned other murderers or events, like Ted Bundy and the Aurora theater shooting but I wanted to start with the Columbine lyrics because there’s a lot of material. So let’s start:

The Way I Am, 2000
When a dude’s getting bullied and shoots up his school
And they blame it on Marilyn and the heroin
Where were the parents at? And look where it’s at!
Middle America, now it’s a tragedy
Now it’s so sad to see, an upper-class city
Havin’ this happening

Marshall states that he thinks that he thinks that not music is the reason for the shooting but bullying and the parents. But as we all know Marilyn Manson was partly blamed for Columbine by the media.
Em is also making fun of the fact that Columbine was the first shooting that people cared this much about although there have been a lot of shootings but now it happened at a “nice” school.

There is an alternative version of this song featuring Marilyn Manson (x)
He performed it live with Manson (x and x)
Manson also appeared in the official video (x)

Remember me, 2000
Came home and somebody musta broke in the back window
And stole two loaded machine guns and both of my trenchcoats
Sick, sick dreams of picnic scenes
Two kids, sixteen, with M-16’s and ten clips each
And them shits reach through six kids each

Em is making fun of the idea that musicians like him are a bad influence because he is not the one who gives these kids their weapons.

And as we all know, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold both wore a Trenchcoat when the attack started, that’s why „both of my Trenchcoats“ were stolen. And so he thinks that they were stolen to start another Columbine.
And when you have these „two kids“ with guns that, when you shoot them, „reach through six kids each“ you have 12 dead kids. And as we all know, during the Columbine massacre died 12 kids (and one adult).

By the way, Eminem needed two months to write his whole verse on this song while Sticky Fingaz wrote his verse in one day. 

I’m Back, 2000
I take seven [kids] from [Columbine]
Stand ‘em all in line, add an AK-47, a revolver, a 9
A MAC-11 and it oughta solve the problem of mine
And that’s a whole school of bullies shot up all at one time

This is probably the most well known Columbine reference made by Eminem.
This album came out one year after the massacre so it was still an sensitive subject. Therefore his label censored these two words (Kids and Columbine), even on the explicit version of the album.
I don’t think I have to explain what exactly this lyric means, it’s pretty clear.
In his book he states this:

“ I was getting shit about the Columbine reference on “I’m Back” and the label was telling me that I wasn’t gonna be able to say it. My whole thing was, what is the big fucking deal? That shit happens all the time. Why is that topic so touchy as opposed to, say a four-year-old kid drowning? Why isn’t that considered a huge tragedy? People die in the city all the time. People get shot, people get stabbed, raped, mugged, killed and all kinds of shit. What the fuck is the big deal with Columbine that makes it separate from any other tragedy in America?”

In 2015 a 15 year-old boy was arrested. He posted these lyrics on Instagram and added “Cause I’m just like shady and just as crazy as the world was over that whole Y2K thing”
The origiginal lyrics are “ ‘Cause (I'mmmm) Shady, they call me as crazy
As the world was over this whole Y2K thing”

When authorities searched the boy’s home they found weaponry and eventually arrested him. He denied any knowledge of the weapons and said he didn’t post this text on Instagram.

White America, 2002
White America, I could be one of your kids
White America, little Eric looks just like this

In this song it’s not only about the Lyrics but also about the music video.
With “little Eric” he mentioned Eric Harris but it was also meant as an example for a typical white kid. He is from middle america because his name is in the middle of amERICa.
The interesting part is, as I said, the video. Where you can see news of an school shooting during “I could be one of your kids”
And during “little Eric looks just like this” you can see one of those typical yearbook pictures and the house of the school shooter. The house looks a bit like the one the Harrises had.

When these lines get repeated you can see a boy full of (probably) blood stepping out of the map of america. On his shirt is written “I am Eric”.

Rap God, 2013
I’ll take seven kids from Columbine
Put ‘em all in a line, add an AK-47, a revolver and a 9

This was the first time we could hear the Columbine Line uncensored. Eminem didn’t rap all of the “I’m back” lines because he just wanted to
“See if I get away with it now that I ain’t as big as I was”
As you can hear, he got away with it.

Eminem is one of the few people who openly give their sympathy for the two shooters.
He admitted to be interested in serial killers in this statement:
“I did find myself watching a lot of documentaries on serial killers, I mean, I always had a thing for them. I’ve always been intrigued by them and I found that watching movies about killers sparked something in me.The way a serial killer’s mind works, just the psychology of them is pretty fucking crazy. I was definitely inspired by that, but most of the album’s imagery came from my own mind.”

But Marshall Mathers seems to have an very personal realationship with the whole Columbine Issue.
He himself was bullied on a daily basis during his childhood, often for his race and for always being the new kid. When he was nine years old he got beaten up so bad he was in an coma for several days. I think he is one of the people who is trying to understand what Harris and Klebold were going through.
But I think it is important to mention, that he is the living proof that even when your life is is shitty right now because of some people who have nothing in their life but to terrorize you, that you can still have a better life. And you beat them best when you keep on living.

“That Columbine shit is so fucking touchy. As much sympathy as we give the Columbine shootings, nobody ever looked at it from the fuckin’ point of view of the kids who were bullied—I mean, they took their own fucking life! And it was because they were pushed so far to the fucking edge that they were fucking so mad. I’ve been that mad.

-Marshall Mathers