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Pietro imagine: Did?… Did? The engines just stop?

It wasn’t abnormal for you and Pietro to go on training days with Natasha and Steve, Wanda was busy doing a mission with Bruce, and Pietro hesitantly let her stay, not knowing that he was doing her a favour.

You decided that the Heli-carrier was the best option, although you were having to use the old version, part of you was very nervous. Steve and Natasha had not told Fury that they had ‘borrowed’ the Heli-carrier; if only they had maybe it would have stopped them.

BANG. “What the hell was that?” Natasha asked grabbing her gun. “Is there someone on the roof?” she questioned watching as realisation hit Steve. “No, not at all, the engines just got stuck, I think it’ll be okay we will land soon anyway.” He smiled, fear apparent in his glazed eyes.  

BANG. THUD. “Did… Did, the engines just stop?” Natasha whispered her heart beat racing as Steve could only nod. “Land it now!2 she yelled watching as Steve deployed the emergency landing system.  

Pietro, one of your closet friends grabbed your hand and squeezed kissing it softly before kissing your cheek. Standing up keeping his hand intertwined with yours, Pietro walked over to the control system, looking out of the window as he realised they were going to crash into Antarctica.

“Everybody sit down, belts on” Steve demanded as you all ran and strapped yourselves in, making sure afterwards you and Pietro were still holding hands. Then it crashed, all the systems shut down, luckily the force field held just enough to take the impact before demolishing and leaving you stranded and freezing.  

“You okay?” you asked Pietro undoing your belt and pulling him up with you as he nodded groaning slightly. “Shit its cold” Natasha mumbled rubbing her arms up and down and searching for the emergency blankets. Handing you each one out, Steve wrapped it round himself before searching through all the controls hoping to find something to contact SHIELD as Natasha joined him.

“Come here” Pietro mumbled taking his blanket and yours and sitting on the window for sure, making you sit in between his legs wrapping both the blankets around you. “Don’t want you to get cold princess.” He smiled kissing you neck, this was more than friendly.

“Pietro what are you doing?” you asked quietly as he just sighed heavily. “I really like you y/n, and I needed to let you know” he smiled whilst you turned round cuddling yourself into his chest before kissing his lips softly. You both broke away giggling like schoolgirls, before hugging again, telling yourselves it was to keep warm but you both knew it wasn’t true.

“Guys, I found something” Steve spoke making you both run over quickly. “Here this should work” he said, his words coming out strained as he pulled harshly on two wires connecting them with a spark seconds later Fury’s face appeared on the small screen. “Were finding your coordinates now, help is on the way, YOU FLEW AN ARTIFACT, YOU IDIOTS” he yelled into the screen as you watched the colour drain out of his face.

“We’ll be home soon beautiful” Pietro whispered wrapping him arms around you once again to keep you warm, and in all honesty he just wanted to be close to you.