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I'm seeing a lot of people upset about tonight's SG episode. Care to share the deets 👀

I have so much to say about Supergirl and it may take a while…

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Ok, several points. It’s the Valentine’s Day episode so everyone has or finds love, right? Except J’onn only gets to send M’gann a telepathic message offscreen and James is nowhere to be found. Not even a mention or thought is spared him. How weird that the only non-white characters on the show are celebrating their love offscreen or just offscreen period.

Moving on, Maggie/Alex were very cute but they only had four scenes. Hilarious considering the episode was first promoted as a Sanvers Episode, which it was not. But yay for them being together and Maggie opening up more. I wish they treated their characters of color half as well as they do her, but that’s ok.

Winn got a cute alien romance and they even tried to do the whole “dating will be difficult for us because the world will look at us differently!” Which I’m totally here for except… It’s still a white man and a white woman, even if she’s an alien. And thinking about how this white lady (albeit one with alien features on her face) is being mistreated by the world of SG just reminded me how … DUN DUN DUN … the real-llfe non-white actors are being mistreated by Supergirl the show. Do you see my dilemma?

FINALLY! Mr. Mxyzptlk represents every lady’s worst nightmare, right? He IS the Nice Guy who just won’t leave you alone, poor Kara! Except, surprise! She already has that dude, and his name is Mon-El. Mon-El, who spends the whole episode talking over Kara and trying to fight her battles and saying things like  “Things were much easier on Daxam when I objectified women and didn’t care about anyone” without a hint of irony. Anyway, that dude and Kara make out at the end of the ep to “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” after my darling girl has vanquished the villain, and I pray for death to come quickly.

Supergirl or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The White Feminism.

Tamersona Day 7: Share the Love

Well I usually hate these kind of thing because I don’t like leaving people out but here we go. Obviously a huge shout out to @elecmon, can’t even list how wonderful she was this week!

@1ggyness@beelko, @lighdramons, @punkrockpan, for being supportive to everyone!

@icewolf741@knifeoframens, @ladykiradevimon, @mametyramon, @nekoharuko, @partiallyaquatic, @pasteltamago@tangy-sweetlove, @thenotsomagnificent@thepastyman: for having original digimon/clothing styles etc. because those are the best (if you had an unique style/digimon and I didn’t see it let me know)

also @everyone else who took part in this week it was fun!

B1A4 - Four Nights in the US 2/20/2017

I feel like seeing B1A4 for my first ever K-Pop concert was a terrible idea because it set such high expectations on what a K-Pop concert is supposed to be like. Both the fans and the boys themselves were so nice and perfect, and I’m honestly just way too spoiled now. 

Even while waiting in line, BANAs were very chill and easy to talk to. They prepared cute little sprout clips and B1A4 banners for everyone, and people were constantly sharing food and snacks. During the concert, I was in the pit but didn’t experience any shoving or aggressive behavior from the fans there. Everyone was just pleasant and easy-going. 

And ma boys…what can I even say about them? They were just amazing in general. They put on a show, they had way too much fun with water bottles, and they genuinely looked like there was no place in the world they would rather be than with their fans. I told Gongchan that I loved him during the hi-touch, and he gave me a reassuring nod and let me hold his hand for just a little bit longer. I know those dashing good looks probably make every girl (and guy) feel this way, but we totally had a moment, and you can’t convince me otherwise.

All in all, I am so proud to claim B1A4 as my ultimate bias group, even above Mamamoo and Seventeen in my holy trinity of bias groups. I have been with this group since their debut, and while these past six years are not without the usual bumps in the road, I can see that B1A4 and its fandom as a whole has grown to be dedicated, hard-working, and respectable, and I am glad to be a part of that. Here’s to another six or ten or hopefully even twenty years. 

P.S. Someone needs to take water bottles and the word “lit” away from Baro, lol.

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I know it's weird that I'm writing this to u but I feel like I need to share. The shit that Mon El pulled on the latest episode reminds me to much of a man that I used to call "dad". I watched my mother live in a intoxicating marriage for 17 years with a man who acted just like Mon El did this episode the same lines the same arguments. It's very sad that the show I associated with with love and empowerment has become a show that actually makes me remember thing I never wanted to relive.

It’s cool. Thank you for sharing this with me, i totally agree. And everyone is welcomed to my inbox for anything from just saying hi to sharing deeply personal stories. It’s always open and they’re always appreciated.

Man hell is a piece of trash. I know this. You know this. The tons of people who have had men like him in their lives know this and yet here we are being force-fed this toxic and infuriating character. 

Since the move to the CW it feels like a completely different show. Where are the messages about women not needing men to be strong? Or women not having to give anything up or lower their standards for men? Where is the predominately female cast on the show about female empowerment? Where is the screen time for the poc and why do they feel like tertiary characters instead of the series regulars they are? Why was the healthy and supportive relationship that was built up during the whole first season between James and Kara thrown away to make room for another ‘tall, dark and blandsome’ (Thank you Mr. Mxyzptlk for that very apt description) fuck boy? The fuckboy that has eaten up at least 30 minutes of each episode. The fuckboy that has been misogynistic and selfish. The fuckboy that got violently protective when Kara explicitly asked him to not get involved. The fuckboy that wanted and tried to kill a guy even after Kara told him they don’t kill (and a little reminder that James didn’t even support holding Max Lord in a cell after actively trying to kill supergirl. HOW DOES KARA DROP JAMES AND GO FOR THIS FUCKER??). The fuckboy that has proven time and time again that he is not worthy of Kara’s friendship, let alone her love. 

This show has completely 180′d and tbh the only reason i’m still watching is because of Sanvers (even though it feels more like queer baiting than one of the main characters’s actual relationships atm but don’t get me started on how badly they’re mistreated because we’d be here forever) and the cast.

sidenote: did anyone else feel like they were comparing Mon el to Mxyzptlk in order to show us that Man hell “isnt that bad”? I mean it didn’t work but it sure felt like that’s what they were trying to do.

ok so the other day i was at sears. I was in the baby section. Im standing there looking at clothes and a lady who works there comes up and is like “oh are you expecting?” And i was like “uhhhh” and because im a dumbass i was like “no i already delivered.” And she was like “How long ago?” And i was just like “two weeks.” And she said “wow! You look great! When i had my first son, i looked like a mess for six months. Is it a boy or a girl?” And i was just awkwardly like “a girl….” And she asked her name and i said Chernobyl and she was like “oh what a cute name! It sounds really familiar.” And i honestly just stood there going through all that and pretending i had a human baby two weeks ago named Chernobyl because i didnt wanna tell this poor lady i was buying baby clothes for my fucking baby opossum

when we first got married i had to psych myself up every time to say “my wife” to a new person. it was awkward because with “girlfriend” a lot of people would just assume i meant “friend,” and of course “fiancée” is gender-neutral when spoken, so we’d always had plausible deniability. but the meaning of “wife” is pretty unavoidable. still, i made myself do it on principle, and slowly but surely it became natural.

now i love saying “my wife,” to everyone all the time. i love saying it to the old woman distributing the strawberries at the farm share, asking if she knows where i can still get rhubarb because every summer i make my wife a pie. i love saying it to the gay employee helping me at crate and barrel, telling him i’m buying these glasses because my wife and i both had them growing up, and seeing his eyes light up. i love saying it to friends of friends and to new acquaintances and to potential coworkers and to the women at the laundromat. i love being aggressively out, and i love having such an easy way to be aggressively out. i love being the first woman with a wife someone has ever met, making our existence part of their reality. i love being visible for other lgbt people who might feel a little less alone knowing i’m there, which helps me push past the fear when it comes. most of all, i love not hiding. i love saying “my wife” and i love my wife.

So you messed up with animal care...

Maybe things got crazy at work and you missed a feeding day. Maybe you were sick or busy and let enclosure maintenance go for awhile. Maybe you didn’t notice something wrong as soon as you should have. Maybe you just now realized that you had bad information and had been doing something wrong for a long time.

1) Breathe. Everyone who keeps animals has made mistakes. Every single animal keeper that you look up to now has screwed up in their learning process (I don’t know if I’m anyone to look up to, but I have certainly made my share of mistakes). You are not an evil human being for messing up.

2) Fix whatever needs fixing to the best of your ability. Catch up on the things you’re behind on. Fix husbandry you were misinformed about. Take your pet to the vet if they are sick.

3) Think about why this happened and what you can do to keep it from happening again. Do you need to set reminders for yourself? Do you have too many things on your plate and need to let some of them go? Do you need to find a more reputable source for husbandry information?

4) If whatever it was that caused this is something permanent/recurring that you aren’t sure you can prevent then think about whether you are in a good position to properly care for yourself and your animals right now. If you are in a place where you need to focus on your mental or physical health, or just making ends meet, and that is taking all your energy right now, then maybe you need to find someone to help with your pets or find them a new home. Sometimes you need to take care of you first.

5) Whatever you decide, take another moment to just breathe. You are not a horrible person. Whatever happened before is done now, you are going to do what is best for your animals from now on and that’s what matters.

In honor of Harry’s big day, I wanted to share this cute Harry story with everyone. It’s kind of long, and I’m sorry if I bore you with the detail, but the detail is what makes it interesting, IMO - so I hope you read the whole thing. 

Back in 2014 , my boyfriend, Jesse, was working as a special events media coordinator for a very large and popular venue in London. This was a cool thing because he often would get to meet the talent. He’s met a bunch of different people along the way which of course included, One Direction. 

I had just met Jesse in the early part of 2014 so we weren’t dating yet when 1D was in town. I wasn’t a 1D fan either, so when he told me about it I didn’t really care. It was only after I saw Harry on SNL later that year (I think it was December) that I actually was fuming with envy that Jesse got to meet him.  

Before the 1D show, Jesse first spotted Harry from a distance. He was walking down the hallway and peeked in to one of the dressing rooms only to see a long-limbed “skinny kid” lying on the sofa, with a woman standing over him with her hand on his forehead, as if she were gauging his temperature. Jesse didn’t know who the woman was or who the kid was (he couldn’t see because his face was turned toward the back of the couch). Anyway, the woman spotted Jesse walking by and waived at him to hold up a minute because she wanted to talk to him. She walked out of the room and shut the door behind her so she could talk to Jess in the hallway. She introduced herself (yes, you probably already guessed it was Lou Teasedale) and explained that H wasn’t feeling well and wondered if there were any blankets around, but she asked that he keep the news to himself - rather than getting someone else to find the stuff and bring it to them. Jesse, of course, was happy to provide whatever was needed (because he’s like that) and he scurried off to get it (even though this really wasn’t his job, he was happy to help and he liked the “spy stuff” about keeping it quiet).. 

When he brought the juice and blanket back to the room, Harry’s eyes flew open and he smiled, Lou introduced Harry to Jesse, except when she said his name, Harry got it wrong and thought she said Jeffrey. Harry said,  “Hi Jeffrey, thanks”.  Jesse, of course, didn’t have the heart to correct him, so he just smiled and nodded and waived and told him he hoped he’d feel better before the show. Harry gave him a thumbs up and said “thanks, you too” (LOL) and Lou smiled and hugged Jesse and thanked him, then Jesse left the room.

He assumed this was the first and only interaction he’d have with Harry, but lo and behold, it wasn’t. 

About two hours later, a completely revived Harry was bouncing around in one of the media rooms where 1D was meeting some photographers and some fans for a meet and greet type of thing. He was clearly feeling much better and had a huge cup of coffee in his hand while he was smiling and laughing and talking. 

Anyway, being that he’s Harry, he spotted “Jeffrey” across the room and walked over to him, shook his hand and thanked him again. Jesse asked him how he was doing, and Harry said he was fine he’d been struggling with hay fever but he was feeling better after  his inhaler and an hour under a humidifier mask (not sure what that is, but…ok). 

Someone  else called to Jesse from across the room, and it was only then that Harry realized he had his name wrong, that he wasn’t “Jeffrey”, he was Jesse. So Harry was embarrassed and shook his hand again and RE-INTRODUCED himself to Jesse. LOL, So they chuckled about it for a little bit and Jesse said Harry was really sweet and polite and funny. They chatted about what Jesse had done before this job and they ended up talking about a motorcycle museum that Jesse used to work at and Harry was thrilled, so they chatted about that for a little bit. 

Then Harry finally went off to do his thing and Jesse never saw him again, but I always thought it was a neat story because it just reiterates what everyone always says about Harry. He’s sweet, funny, very down to earth and easy to talk to. Jesse was impressed with him (and he doesn’t impress easily), and their interaction has been something Jesse and I talk about once in a while. He likes to use it against me, because he’s an ass-hat, but our love of Harry Styles has become one of the many things Jesse and I have in common. He even knows I have a tumblr blog about him and he isn’t disturbed by it at all.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got - thanks for reading. 

Hanzo you are so funny. >_> 

Anyways, everyone’s drawing Jesse being all sweet and romantic but I’d like to counter your adorable romantic McCree’s with my own headcanon a McCree who hates all holidays – especially christmas and valentine’s day. 

“ Y’see I never had a family, and well I didn’t think I’d live love enough to share my life with anyone… Funny how things work out eh?” 

Also I’ve had this colour palette in my folder forever and I just named it “ hopelessly “ how tragic and yet sweet..? :/ 

pink!Yoongi: *stares straight into my soul*

Me: ヽ(*>∇<)ノ fUCK

Vampire hunter/Vampire AU Rhack..!

Woo! Glad I got to finish this before Halloween ended haha. I wish I could color this too but I just don’t have the time. :’( October has been an especially busy month for me.

This drawing is a small thank-you gift to all the rhack fan-artists and fanfic writers who shared amazing stories, artworks, and ideas with everyone else.

Since I’ve understood the charm of Borderlands and rhack beginning of this year (2016), going through your works after a tough day has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had (and still continues to be! :D 

Thank you for being awesome and I hope you all have a great Halloween!!

Context: Back in our first campaign, the DM introduced a comically cliche villain (who has recently been brought back) to contrast with our trainwrecks of characters. In spirit of their recent revival, I have decided to share the first introduction we had to this villain.

Villain: (appears in the party Sword-cerer’s dream) Hello, young hero. Pleasure to meet you. I find it fun to know my enemies before I crush them. (goes on saying just about every cliche villain thing in the book)

Sword-cerer: I glare at [Villain] and flip them off with both hands.

Villain: Erm… Really? I just told you I’m going to destroy you and everyone you know, and this is all you have?

Sword-cerer: I continue flipping [Villain] off, my glare getting more intense.

DM: [Villain] is uncomfortable and leaves.

Sword-cerer (who is a CN pyromaniac, btw): I go back to my dream about fluffy animals and a world made of pillows.

I Remember You (Newt Scamander x Reader)

Hello, I’m back and please be gentle with me because it’s been like weeks since I’ve actually written something. Also, I know this isn’t Marvel, but just know I’m not leaving Marvel. I’m just sharing my writing with HP and Marvel hehe. Anyways, thanks for reading this! I love Newt so much. 

word count: 1875

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It has been years since you first stepped foot in New York City, and it continuously speaks to you in a foreign language. You understood little to nothing, confused at the concepts and ideas everyone had. Not just in the Muggle, ‘No-Maj’, world but in the wizarding community as well. It was all new to you and every single day, you would learn something that made you gasp in awe and wonder how on Earth the president even presented such law. Things were just so different from London, but for now, you had to bite your tongue and just deal with it. You were transferred over to the states when the MACUSA had a shortage of aurors and the Ministry had plenty, thus having them transfer the freshest meat out of Hogwarts to New York. How you wish they could see you now, you were doing far better than they had expected you to ever do.

You were thankful to what the MACUSA did for you. Allowing you immigrate to another country with ease and quickly transferring you into the Department of Magical Law Enforcement right under Percival Grave’s wing, learning only from the best. Six years in New York brought you nothing but stress. However, the only thing you were grateful for was the somewhat inexpensive apartment you resided in with your crazy landlady, Mrs. Esposito, that enforced a strict ‘no men allowed’ rule, not that it bothered you but being accused every single day after coming home was quite tedious. Aside from that, you were very very lucky to have great neighbors, Queenie and Tina.

You had met Porpentina Goldstein when the two of you were tasked together on a case, both of you two being aurors. Working much better with her than you did with Mr. Graves, the two of you became official partners, solving small, unimportant cases. You were always satisfied, unsure what to do in your life, but you knew Tina had always wanted more, and that got her demoted to a simple wand permit officer in the same office as her sister Queenie worked in. Her release gave you much more opportunities, ones that you refused to take as a protest to your friend’s removal, though eventually she slowly coaxed you into accepting one and to not worry about her. Tina was a good friend, as was Queenie.

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So apparently dating older guys is 100% where it's at.

For those of you who read my most recent post about getting asked out by this guy in a bar 1st) thank you for encouraging me to go 2nd) thank you for reading and caring about my life. Lolz. SO, per the advice of everyone who offered it underneath my post, I went on the date. And let me just say… Wowza! Before I explain let me also just say, I’ve dealt with my FAIR share of immature little boys. Guys who can’t/won’t commit. Guys who don’t know what they want. Guys who say one thing and mean another. I’ve experienced it all. I also had my most recent break up about a month and a half ago, so it’s still fairly fresh. That’s part of why going into this I was so apprehensive..I was like I don’t care if you’re 25 or 35 a fuckboy is a fuckboy yaddidamean? I’ve been hurt more often than I would’ve liked this year and agreeing to a date meant putting myself in a position for that to happen again. But more than anything it was the age thing that got to me. What would a 35 year old want with me?! I owe on my student loans and he has OWNED a home before. I’m just graduating college this semester and he got drafted onto a baseball team out of college. Sooooo why on earth?! What kind of nonsense is this.
But I agreed to go because I didn’t want to regret not going. Cuz looking back on the night we met in that bar, as soon as we saw each other we were hooked. I couldn’t just ignore that, so I didn’t. I went on the date.
Let me start by first saying, I’ve never been on a date with a man more gentlemanly than him. He opened the car door every time, pulled out my chair at the restaurant, poured my water, gestured for me to order my food first and offered me his jacket when it got cold. This, to me, was amazing. The last relationship I was in was one of those “we’re going to do everything that a couple does but not be official or have a label” and cuddling in his bed for hours was a substitute for a date 🙄. I had forgotten how nice it is to be treated like a lady and with so much respect. I was so used to just accepting that “people don’t date anymore” and “hanging out” was kind of the same thing as a date. I lowered my standards and they’ve now been raised again.
Anyway. So I got to the restaurant where we had brunch, a cute spot in the city. We talked for a long time, laughed a lot, joked. It was good. After that we took an uber to the park where we walked around a bit and then sat on a bench in front of a water fountain and talked a lot. In hindsight he was doing a lot of the talking while I just listened intently lol. Soon into the date it dawned on me that he is extremely intelligent so I just listened and took it all in. Partly out of fear of saying something stupid and partly because I was genuinely intrigued as to what he had to say. And he tends to digress and go off on tangents lol so he ends up being long-winded. After we finished talking I looked at the time and realized we had been together for 4 hours! And the great thing was it didn’t feel like it at all. (Unlike the last REAL date I went on when I couldn’t stop looking at the clock and it only lasted ONE HOUR-story for another day). We walked into the museum that’s in the park so I could use the ladies room and I met him at the top of the stairs to call the uber to head back. As we walked down the stairs to the car, our hands found each other and he gave my hand three quick squeezes before opening the door for me to get in the car to go back the restaurant where I parked. He didn’t try to kiss me, we just hugged and said we’d see each other again soon.
All in all, I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you all so much for encouraging me to go. If you’re ever wondering about going out with someone, if the vibe is good and the connection is there, do it. I promise it’ll be worth it.

Let me know if you want me to keep you all posted on this!

idk if it’s bc it’s friday and i’ve had a really long week and everything is just really fucking funny to me rn but @lady-pei and i are dyinggg and so i need to share: 

imagine bitty’s moving back into the haus, unpacking his baking supplies while talking to jack on the phone, and lardo, chowder, ransom and holster just think he’s talking to his mom until bitty says “i’ll talk to you later, sweetheart… haha i love you, too.” 

and everyone else in the haus stops whatever they’re doing and stares at bitty 




“um… my mother?” 

“you call your mother ‘sweetheart’?” 


“wait. you know what this means?” 



“wait no i–” 



so ransom and holster immediately spam the SMH group text with “BITTY HAS A BF AND HE DIDN’T TELL US” and everyone’s like ??????? 

it’s utter CHAOS and bitty’s just trying to take it all in stride until jack responds with “haha. nice.” and then bitty’s… well, a little ticked off bc how is it fair that he’s the only one that has to deal with this 

it takes a few minutes for shitty to respond, but when he does, all hell breaks loose: WHAT?????????? DEETS, BITS.  GIVE US THE DEETSSSSSSSSS 

ransom and holster obvs just egg him on like “DEETS DEETS DEETS” 

lardo’s the more reasonable one that’s like “look, bits, you don’t have to tell us who he is” 

bitty breathes a sigh of relief 

…until lardo adds: “if you tell us how he is in bed” 

cue even more pandemonium, ransom and holster keep chanting “DEETS DEETS DEETS” 

and then 


jack fucking zimmermann texts: “come on, bittle.  how is he?” 

bitty, being the little shit he is, finally responds with: “he’s ok. nothing special” 

The Missing Seasons

I was thinking about YOI, as I do every waking moment of my life, and I noticed something I thought was odd at first. I mean, I had noticed before but had written it off for the most part and put it in the back of my mind, but: Victor has a missing 6 seasons of skating. 

 We know from flashbacks that he was a junior world champion by the age of 16 

and that he was very well known by the age of 15/16 

(you can find a fan-translated version of that magazine here)

However, he only has 5 Senior Grand Prix medals and the same number of Senior World Champions. The Grand Prix medals at least are confirmed as consecutive in the show (but I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to extend that to World Championships)

meaning that the ages of 17-~22 are completely missing. 

(So. Do I have a point or am I just pulling out the obvious? Both.) 

 Anyway, I was running through the possible reasons for this, and my first thought was writing error, but the creators care too much about the show to make such a glaring mistake. And then I remembered a line from episode 4. A line that was brought up so casually and quickly moved past for things that were more important at the time, so I had nearly forgotten about it. 

You haven’t suffered any major injuries, and you’re younger than I am.“ I thought the wording was odd when I saw it for the first time. Victor is comparing Yuuri to himself. ”You haven’t suffered any major injuries,“ implying something kind of angsty: Victor has suffered a major injury. It makes sense. It accounts for the absent years. Maybe he had to temporarily retire to take care of it, and then work his way back up. The line from episode 4 works perfectly with that narrative. Yuuri is a major Victor Nikiforov fanboy; he would know about anything that happened to Victor during his career, so he wouldn’t react strongly to the line. 

 The only question I have left is, what happened to Victor?

Brother’s Day

I just broke my own damn heart with this idea, so I have to share.

Sam looks around him as all of his classmates work on their cards for their moms for Mother’s Day. His teacher was really nice about explaining that not everyone had a mom. Some kids have a step-mom. One of his classmates had two dads, but no one liked to talk about that. He was making a card for his Grandma. There was only one other kid in his class that didn’t have any kind of mom, but he has an aunt, which is kind of like a mom. 

Mrs. Earhart stops next to his desk and kneels down so she’s closer to eye level. She’s tall, like Dad, and first-grade desks are small. “What’s wrong, Sam?”

“I don’t have a mom. Or a grandma. Or a step-mom. Or an aunt. It’s just my Dad.”

Sam doesn’t understand the look that crosses Mrs. Earhart’s face, but she covers it quickly by smiling. “Well, is there anyone else in your life that takes care of you? Someone who looks out for you and cares for you?”

Sam thinks about who pours his cereal every day, who makes sure his shoelaces are tied right, who makes sure his buttons aren’t buttoned crooked, and helps him with zippers.

Sam smiles at his teacher. “Yeah!”

Sam spends more time working on his card than anyone else, still working on it through snack time. He’s so proud of it when he’s done, he carefully folds it and tucks it into his jacket pocket so he won’t lose it.

When Sunday comes around, he’s so excited, he’s nearly buzzing from the moment he wakes up. He waits patiently for Dean to wake up and start his day, trying to be extra good, because Dean is always cranky in the mornings. Dean seems extra cranky today, but Sam is too excited to wonder why. As Dean finishes pouring Sam’s cereal, Sam takes the card out of his jacket pocket and smooths it out. He wants it to be perfect when he hands it to his brother. When Dean sits down with his own breakfast in front of him, Sam carefully slides the card across the table towards his brother.

Dean takes a long look at the card, cleaning off his fingers and picking it up so he can open it and see what’s inside. He has a sad smile, because he knows what this day is supposed to be, but his little brother just made it not so bad.

Dean gives little Sammy the biggest smile he can muster and ruffles his hair. “Thanks, Sammy. Happy Brother’s Day to you, too!”

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