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2014 Year of the Nyongtory | Part I.

Commentary: I’ve been requested to recap Nyongtory in year 2014, and honestly; it has to be the most maddening request I had ever received, let alone the toughest to complete. However I decided I would. For the significance Nyongtory holds in my life and heart, and for the objective exploration I swore at all times. Therefore kindly be informed whatever follows is not, nor I claim it to be a confirmed timeline of what we call Year of the Nyongtory.

December 30th 2013. A picture of unknown source—to me, circulated among different social media platforms of Kwon Jiyong in route to the United States, as you can see below, sporting one of two infamous hats.

As Kwon Dami updated her own Instagram account with a picture of previous infamous hats, playing her caption with suggestive wording of how good Kwon Children/sons did following to Las Vegas. A lot of speculations implied Nyongtory stayed in the same hotel, and room.

It is to be noted that, by end of year 2013, Seungri fell off the radar of public eyes and been all over the globe to finally be exposed accidently to be in Las Vegas. Once it got out, he started showing on social network platforms, hence his updates in Bruno Mars concert. As 2013 had it’s own dark times before we saw the light.

A video posted by Lee seung ri (@seungriseyo) on Dec 30, 2013 at 6:54pm PST

By New Year’s Eve, it is revealed that Nyongtory indeed are spending these last hours together, for again it is updated through official accounts—G-Dragon actually did.

Only hours later, Jiyong rumored to have met Ms. Mizuhara Kiko as the photo below shows, only to be rebuffed and refused by shippers of Nyongtory among others as stated to not be clear. On the other hand, Ms. Mizuhara have been asked if she met Mr. G-Dragon in Vegas in a press conference gave a very sly laugh and dodged the question and no one were happy.

On said day, they return, Seungri accidently—fans/shippers insists, favorites a tweet about JiKo, said tweet supportive of their alleged relationship to un-favorite it sometime later. For rumor of them meeting still is fresh and knowing Seungri’s habits in which are obvious, he would search and comb for reactions.

Nyongtory flies back to South Korea, none of the previous rumors or perhaps happenings bothering them as both seen smiling genuinely before being caught by public eye.

Shortly they leave to Japan separately; Jiyong on earlier flight Seungri catching up with ToDae’s, for they had concerts to meet. It is to be noted too, Jiyong still sported that one hat, on flights between Tokyo, Osaka and Sapporo.

A lot of Nyongtory interactions ensued on said tour.

During said times, Winner TV broadcasted featuring BIGBANG Seonbaes, and for the first time confirmed pet name Seungri used for his Leader: Oppa. Once pointed out then, it became such a habit of Seungri.

Marking mid-January, GDYB flies to Paris for fashion week, it is revealed recently Seungri had been tagging along same trip and yet due to health issues left the party and returned back home. However shippers did discuss the likelihood of Seungri actually being there, before, for one picture of GDYB in preparation, where far in the back his jaw was recognizable—for its the perfect side, of course entertaining such possibility did not find its way into the web however confirmed by later.

Around beginning of February, Jiyong’s dramatic works begun as well. First Gloomy Sunday tweet made an appearance.

As fans went insane with worry as it seemed he is depressed.  Every one around Jiyong kept quiet, as some anticipated Jiyong would eventually delete the tweet as tweets followed only showed exhaustion from work. He did not.

Seungri however days later tweeted How are you?  

Seungri deleted this tweet; it is no longer existent but on fan sites.

Oddly that around BIGBANG started doing Fan meets, first time seen in public after being somehow low key, Jiyong was playful in the airport with Daesung, as he ran to him like a kid but then Seungri, he showed up with a grim expression and then that smile we all know.

It seems they had a lover spat of some kind, showing mostly when they returned from Fukuoka. For some unknown reason for us as shown:

The matter seems to be different at given situation as how Youngbae and Daesung stuck around the leader as Maknae shown courtesy smiles for some time before the aura of awkward reached out. Still we didn’t know the truth behind these speculations. 

However the mood witnessed a lift up once they attended valentine’s fan meet in Hong Kong, pointedly Nyongtory made up—more like Jiyong cunningly made Seungri forgive him as he fed him chocolate, mind you Jiyong said he’d feed his lover chocolate mouth to mouth—that pervert.

A video posted by 페키 (@pe88ie) on Feb 15, 2014 at 6:40am PST

By the way Jiyong liked on Instagram before Hong Kong he is spending valentines without his love.(However I can’t find a solid screencap)

Yokohama fan meet, days later, the infamous Nyongtory moment happened also known as Seungri Koala move.

And all were happy again. However the fan taken picture remain the only evidence it happened, and aren’t we glad YG personnel has no access to our computers to delete the picture? Rumor has it YG fought the spread of any fan taken videos—which I find logical for it is illogical to assume none captured it on video with all these attendees. Seungri mentioned during his MC it is not something to be done during the day!

Let’s just say a lot of hugging and tough love happened during these fan meets. Wait also, we learned how to whisper to you band mate by Kwon Jiyong.

As fan meets started, they were happy times. An incident happened; Jiyong hung out with a Singaporean Actress while Seungri ran for flight to catch up with him for a fan meet.

Of course around this time of year, Jiyong had become such a party boy, it made a lot of his fans, and Nyongtory shippers wary and distrustful.

However Nyongtory was more than okay. Did I mention Jiyong said Seungri twerks better? Yep he did. Our feels wept. Seungri said Jiyong had a hot ass. Same night or following nights, Nyongtory and Youngbae attended Rolling Stones concert, Seungri lost his voice the next day, and cutely saying his voice is dead.

Jiyong updated his Instagram account with Picture of his Happiness. Seungri liked it. Day before he tweeted Have faith. The day before that he updated Live well. In Addition to naughty freaky stuff too.

April was such an easy month or so we thought, Seungri had his Drama, Jiyong had his travels and they did YG Family concerts together, I should tell you they violated each other—their butts had a lot of fun.

But then Jiyong un-followed everyone on his Instagram account and honestly all started panicking because in their eyes it were a sign of suicidal tendencies—I was so pissed off, they made him sound like he needed professional help believe it or not. Fans were shit crazy.

Moreover, Jiyong went for a controversial tattoo at the back of his arms, and it remains mysterious to this day—at least to me, what it is really about. Yet as always it had to be linked to Ms. Mizuhara Kiko.

Supposedly in April, Jiyong and Kiko broke up. Despite their relationship being unconfirmed to begin with. But it really stirred the doubts among Nyongtory shippers. What made it painful, Seungri asking Jiyong how had he been lately?

Oddly, Seungri only had been nothing but there for Jiyong. It felt weird. He waited for him at airports, mentioned him for no apparent reason to the media and asked stupid questions, yet we didn’t understand. Perhaps it is the rough patch Jiyong spoke about recently. Some referred his situation of actually being afraid to be “outed” Pphht.

Jiyong in this month updated his Instagram account with picture of Daisies. Seungri had his twitter account background with same Daisies—not sure who did it first. But they picked Daisies significantly.

May. BIGBANG attended a wedding, Seungri off the radar. Jiyong looked pretty, as always. Jiyong continued to be Twitter Kwon DJ, and they both tended to update their Instagram around each other. Jiyong been all over the globe too; LA, Paris, London and so.

June, BaeRi made Jiyong jealous, he judged them so hard, went back and tweeted MJ’s you’re not alone. Jiyong hung out with some Pandas in Chengdu and it was cute because he paid shit load of money to cuddle with one.

Also his likes using private account are either angsty or sexual. And Nyongtory continued to have their pseudo messages on Instagram; updating around each other. Seungri wore a T-shirt with Youth has not age, oddly Jiyong had updated his Instagram with same quote earlier in April.

Right let’s not forget in June Jiyong’s tattoo Exhale and Inhale made an appearance on his updates while in Busan. Seungri stayed with Jiyong in Busan and they went to the beach together; Seungri missed his flight purposely I’ve heard, what’s more shippers has thought he kept low key but Seungri at this point didn’t bother. We spotted Seungri in pictures and recognized him by his eyebrows—all hail Nyongtorians’ stalking powers.

Of course I cannot mention Nyongtory moments and I am really trying to bring out major happenings in the year 2014, but it is necessary to say we witnessed a lot of hand holding, face cupping, chest touching, etc.

Hanna, Seungri’s sister sung That XX at ANDHere out of all songs in July. It felt exhilarating to be honest. Around that time HoonHyun interactions appeared. Hoon as in FT Island’s Jonghoon; Seungri’s best friend. Also Seungri’s been on Kong Karoon IG Instagram quite a lot too.  Guess what continued to happen? Lovestagram. Jiyong posted a clip from Beyoncé’s Mine Ft. Drake around the time Seungri spent his time with his Thai friend.

July witnessed Jiyong being to Japan, Nyongtory shippers were pissed off—I know I was. Japan meant new rumors relating to Ms. Mizuhara.


Commentary: we have arrived to the end of Part I, I have to remind you again whatever you have read on this is not, nor I claim it to be a confirmed timeline of what we call Year of the Nyongtory. However I did my best to confirm all happenings.

Here it is! 

The idea for this AMV came from two good friends of mine from college. They posted the song on my wall and demanded I make a video with it. After fighting off a few other editors I decided that this would be my Otakon 2014 video. I spent most of the final months of school discussing this AMV with Emily and Jessica, and what ships would be hilarious. It was Jessica who originally stumbled on the idea of Edward Elric and Eren Jaeger - and I ran with it. 

After I finished Anime 101 I had a lot of constructive feedback from the editing community about my technicals. Mostly about my color correction. So when I started this video I had two goals in mind : Finish in time for Otakon and improve on the things people usually harped on me about. Overall I think this video is the cleanest of all my comedies. This is the direction I want to move my editing in. 

I was really overwhelmed by the positive feedback I received at Otakon. The audience reaction was by far one of the best I have ever gotten, and many people approached me after my panels, the contest and Iron Editor to talk about how much they loved the video and how they were huge fans of my work. I was really touched by this - I love hearing that I inspired people – So Thank you! 

Download should be available on the org soon (as in tomorrow) Keep an eye on my tumblr for more images and fun things to come in the next few weeks. I am currently out of town so need to wait until I get back to my computer.


00:05 - This scene is from Oreimo. I added Haruhi and the posters. If you .look closely you can see pictures of the lead from Oreimo on the wall. 

00:07 -   Some of the characters names have been changed to hilarious alternatives. 

00:09 - Not all the netflix choices are aniome. Included are Sherlock (SherxWatson is one of my favorite secret crack pairings) Paranorman (My favorite animated movie) and they Aristocats (Another of my favs). My Little Pony is seen too, as that show is so ship crazy. The Netflix categories have also been changed to ship related names. 

00:10 - It’s not 3am

00:13 - I drew this fanart. It took me a few days and consumed a fair amount of my editing time. For a while I was convinced I wouldn’t finish on time, and that this picture would be to blame.  I also at one point realized that I was drawing soft core porn of less than legal adults. Whooops. 

00:14 It had to get cut off for compositions sake so here is the whole fan fiction. I wrote this (with some help) I wanted to make it a good sort of awful.

“Eren stared at Ed’s long silky hair. Something in him yearned to run his fingers through it, to tangle himself in the alchemist’s tresses as if they were the cords of his 3DMG. He jerked his gaze away, staring down at his uniform. 
"So…I heard they call you a dog of the military…” Eren said carefully, trying to break the silence.
Ed chuckled knowingly. “Yea, they do say that. But I think you’re more of a dog than I am.” He moved closer, brushing Eren’s ear. “And I’m gonna show you what this automail arm can do…”
Shivering, Eren let Ed’s arm trail across his own. “But what if Levi finds out?” 
Ed smirked, “That clean freak? He can join in to for all I care.” The alchemist placed his finger under Eren’s chin and made the dark haired boy look at him. “Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Titans, humonculi, or even the end of the world. So for tonight let me show you why they call me ‘FullMetal’.”
Eren gasped as Ed found him, his eyes closing from the odd sensation of automail on flesh. 
“They don’t call you titan for nothing” Ed smiled. Eren couldn’t reply, the sensations coming from his Colossal Titan were too great. He felt Edwards other hand, guiding his own to find the alchemist’s own transmutation. 
“Ah yes” Edward sighed, “Now that’s what I call equivalent exchange.”

00:16 I redrew most of haruhi’s face here so it would work with what she was doing. In the anime she just looks stern. 

00:22 - 00:23 This scene is covered with credits in the original show. I really wanted to use it though, so I had to paint over a lot of the haruhi mask. 

00:23 Titanic Jokes appear 3 times in this AMV. Can you find them all. I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP. 

00:29 Originally a lot of this was screen captures. However because of legal reasons for Otakon I had to change a lot of the website names. So I made my own search bar. 

00:30 - 00:44 TUMBLR
All the websites seen in this AMV were hand made by me in photoshop and then edited in AE. It was the only way to get the effect I wanted. I had a lot of fun studying the sites and then creating motion graphics to emulate them. 

A lot of inside jokes can be found here. I will upload the tumblr stills at one point so they can all be read, but if you are easter egg hunting all the posts have unique tags. I picked animation related material from my own tumblr favs to fill in the inbetween spaces. 

Several of the posts also have comments. Mainly by sketcherz (On of my friends this AMV is dedicated to saying her token line - all day every day) and CecilxCarlos4eva (My other friend who absolutely loves this Nightvale crack ship.) 

00:53 Here Kyon is looking at a screen labled the Canon Cannon. It shows Light Yagami and Misa. 

00:55 Screen says Engage Shipping Beam 

00:56 Bunch of little jokes here. Reddit Topics read

VIvifxAMV Makes new Comedy - No one is surprised
Ed and Eren both have Dead Moms and lack limbs Ship it. 
I got that Ice Cold Water. ANd it’s only one doller (Otakon Reference) 
Class for Anime Charactrers (Anime 101 Reference) 

00:57The Bar on the side of Imgur shows several other modified screencaps and where to find them in the AMV 

01:00 Total reference to this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoYcx2lv9Ok

01:06 Get it. It’s funny cause it sank. 

01:10 - Lots of silly crack pairings can be seen here, Try to figure out the logic behind them. 

01:16 - This is actually my favorite crack ship of all time. I just want Shinji to end up with that sexy angel. 

01:20 Looots of 4chan post silliness 

1:23 Pretty much what you find on google images if you search HaruxRin 

1:26 Some of the side images here are pretty silly and very inside jokey. Some people refer to me as VixenAMV as a joke that with Anime 101. When the AMV Dissociation (Made by the fabulous irriadin) was released everyone thought the french editor StickyGaiden made it so theres that. The rest are some pretty hilarious pictures I found when I searched crack ships. The artist for the Trunks/Poco one is the username under it. 

1:36 Probably gonna have to release the images here for all the jokes to be read. The folder on the left is my actual project folder. 

1:45 Gonna release the twitter images too. But man, that lelouch post. 

1:54 Some really funny top searches on google there…lemme tell you. Spelling error is actually on purpose. Have you read those fan fics? 

1:58 - Some silly movie posters in the background.That bg you ask? It’s from Anime 101

1:59 Really silly but I’ve used this mask in 3 AMVs at this point. If you can name them good job. I just change the books she is holding each time. 

2:03 - The geass here is hand animated by me. It;s about 12 frames and was relitively fun to do. I always thought this clip would be perfect for it - so I am glad I got to use it,. 

2:06 : Covering up CC with a Dakimura. NAILED IT. 

2:09 This idea was given to me by the hilarious drewaconcluision. I am glad I ran with it. It got a really great reaction from live audiences. 

2:12 That flyer though. Very misleading. 


So, I’ve been babysitting most of the day, and one of the girls wanted to draw with my ‘proper artist pencils’. So I drew her a quick, scruffy face just to show her how you’re supposed to hold them and be gentle with them. And then I said she could draw the hair, if she wanted, but she went another step forward and drew a body as well and

Keep reading

From the 2015.02.24 broadcast of Komatsu Ayaka’s「こまっちゃねる 」Nico Nico live stream, featuring Kera as a guest.

I just watched this more or less on a whim, just to see what Ayaka was up to nowadays, and enjoyed myself more than expected. (Although because the timeshift became invalid mid-watch, I only got through about half the episode.)

The idea seems to be that she’s supposed to be trying to learn or improve her English, and Kera - an Iranian designer, the one on the left, who has lived in Japan since she was two and as a result speaks perfect Japanese - has been called in to teach her for this episode. It emerges that Kera’s English is pretty rubbish too, which made things even funnier than normal. After struggling with some elementary-level sentences à la “This is my phone”, one of the staff members suggests that Ayaka try introducing herself in English, resulting, with some help, in this gem of a self-introduction:

(A staff member tells her to say “hi” in place of 初めまして/hajimemashite.)
Hi! I am Ayaka Komatsu. I’m from Japan!
(A commenter, in Japanese, tells her to say she’s from Iwate.)
From Iwate. I like beef.
(She wants to say “meat” specifically, and some commenters inform her of the correct word.)
…I like meat! I… my favourite. Table tennis 得意/tokui.
(She flounders; Kera doesn’t know how to translate that either, so she looks it up on her phone.)
…special ability? (T/L: technically correct, but it would be much better to simply say “I am good at table tennis”.)

I did like how she suddenly said that she liked meat for no apparent reason.

There was, by the way, at least one viewer who was interested in her because of PGSM - somebody asked her to say “Sailor Moon” in English, to which she correctly replied that it was the same as in Japanese, and later there was a stream of comments asking her what Venus was called.

I don’t really remember what happened in between, except that I was somewhat surprised to find that neither she nor Kera knew what “amuse” meant, but she was able to say that “muse” referred to a goddess, which is not quite correct but is on the right lines. Strange. Oh, and she and Kera tried to recite the numbers from one until about thirteen or so, which they succeeded in, though only barely. Ayaka was also able to name all the days of the week, though encountering some difficulty with Thursday.

The last part I managed to catch was when she started trying to name the planets as Kera read them out from the comments. She got Earth and Mars, but got side-tracked with Saturn when one of the staff suggested her naming them all in order, at which she said something like, “There’s an order?” and the other shot back, “Aren’t you a Sailor Senshi?” or something like that. I didn’t get any further than that. That in itself had been amusing enough, but to go back to what had happened earlier, I noticed that something sort of interesting had occurred. Interesting to me, anyway. ^^;

You see, when asked about Earth, she answers quickly and confidently with an upwards intonation, happy that she was able to get it right. When asked about Mars, though, she is also able to provide the answer immediately, but her voice takes on a slightly more commanding tone. It’s not exactly fierce, definitely not, but it has more of a downwards intonation than before. (It might be my imagination.) Also, she grins really widely after pronouncing it, resuming her normal expression only when asked the next question, and that’s definitely not my imagination. See below:

Apologies for such a terrible GIF, but I couldn’t download the video, and so had to make do with a couple of screencaps. Whether she was thinking “Oh hey, I was able to answer two things correctly in a row!” or “Ah, how nostalgic” or “Haha lol as if I wouldn’t know that, do you know how many times I had to say it in PGSM?” or something completely different is beyond me, but it made me happy anyway.

PGSM feels. ❤

p.s. I am not obsessed, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

SU Timeline Theories

One thing I am really curious about is the Steven Universe timeline.

( Screenshot taken from episode 13, So Many Birthdays.)

Here we see the gems in a picture depicting them in forms similar to what they currently look like in clothing from (if I had to guess) the early 1900′s. Whether this is a photograph (doubtful because color and and clothing) or a painting, Pearl confirms that it is from the time period depicted (whenever that may be). 

Yet when Greg met Rose, the gems looked significantly younger:

(Screenshot from episode 54, Story for Steven.)

This is confusing because in So Many Birthdays, Pearl says of Gems “We don’t age, but we can still get hurt and die.” Garnet later says that Gem’s bodies are just illusions and their age is not real. So why do they appear to be so young? Being a fusion of two smaller gems, Garnet’s appearance should not be so different from her current form. Amethyst and Pearl look much shorter than they are present-day, yet when Amethyst took Steven to the Kindergarten, the hole she came out of was the perfect size for her “adult” form.

(Screenshot from episode 40, On The Run.)

We know through dialogue in Rose’s Scabbard (episode 45) that Amethyst was not involved in the battle that took place 5,000 years beforehand at the strawberry fields.

(Screencap from episode 45, Rose’s Scabbard)

And from Jasper’s comment calling Amethyst an “overcooked runt” in episode 48, The Return, we can gather that Amethyst for whatever reason was in the Kindergarten for too long and that Rose, Pearl, and Garnet found her there after the start (or possibly the conclusion) of the war, and she was likely fully-formed when they found her.

(Screencap from episode 48, The Return.)

Another thing I picked up on in Story for Steven was that Greg’s manager Marty bears quite the resemblance to Sour Cream.

(Screencap from episode 54, Story for Steven)

(Screencap from episode 14, Lars and the Cool Kids)

So if we are to assume that Vidalia is Sour Cream’s mother and Marty is his father, this episode could have taken place no longer than 20 years prior to present episodes (being generous with the teens’ ages here.) Greg’s aging from Story for Steven to the video Rose made to present seems consistent with that timeline.

(Screencap from episode 35, Lion 3: Straight to Video)

Greg also says that he was not present when the gems first visited earth, but he also looked exceptionally nervous when he said that.

(Screencap from Story for Steven)

I have a few theories on this:

1. The gems took on visually younger forms compared to Rose so that it would appear to outsiders that they were her children and the townsfolk wouldn’t be suspicious.

2. For some reason the gems have been lying to Steven about how long ago the Gem war was.

3. Greg was lying about the appearance of the Gems in Story for Steven and possibly about how they met.

4. There’s some crazy time travel aspect to this all that is yet to be explained. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch after seeing episode 22, Steven and the Stevens.

5. Gems do age, just not in a manner consistent with humans. In So Many Birthdays we saw Steven’s age fluctuate, it could be in relation to how gems age.

6. The gems were so badly damaged in the war that Rose had to somehow repair, reset, or regrow them and that’s why they appeared young when Greg met them?

Does anyone else have theories on this? I’m really curious. I can’t wait to find out more.