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Day 18! This took longer than I thought, but it’s all good! Here we have The Sides™ all dressed up for Halloween! And yes! I seriously believe Patton would dress up JUST to say a dad joke!! (Thanks for the idea, Sammy) I had multiple ideas for Virgil, but at the last minute I decided to go with his own version of Jim’s Halloween costume from The Office, 3 Hole Punch Jim! Since Roman is a diva I figured he’d go all out for his costume and go as Winifred Sanderson Sister (and yes he’s upset none of the other sides wanted to dress up as the other sisters) and lastly we have Logan, I had multiple ideas for him too, but in the end I decided he’d go as a jar of Crofter’s! The costume isn’t sponsored, he’s just a fan. The only jelly he’ll put in his belly. Crofter’s.

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The love for this is just 🤗❤


Warnings: NONE


Y/N looked down at the note.

There wasn’t much written on it just one sentence.

I thought it was cute how she said she was wearing her daddy’s shirt but the confusing part was that it wasn’t my shirt Y/N

I looked down at Brielle’s shirt, even though I already knew what or who’s shirt it was.

Why did he have to be so sarcastic with this though?

Just say be straight forward.

But that meant Dean had a conversation with my daughter.

“Bri, baby…” I said looking at her. “Did you or Unlce Seth read this?”

She looked up at me with innocent eyes. “No, mommy. Dean said not to read it and to give it to you.”

I nodded.

Okay so Seth didn’t know about this note, so that’s that.

But why didn’t he tell me, Dean talked to her?

Why does every time I figure one thing out something else pops up? I whined to myself.

“Hey Seth…” I blurted out causing both him and Roman to look at me. “Can you… um, can we talk for a second?”

Seth nodded. “Talk.”

I bit my lip.

Why couldn’t he get the hint?

“In the hall…” I said trying to avoid eye contact with Roman.

I’m pretty sure he’s curious now.

Not about me wanting to have a talk with Seth, that’s nothing new.

But the fact that I couldn’t do it in front of him, like usual.

“Alright..?” Seth mumbled as more of an answer.


The second the door closed, I shoved the piece of paper at Seth’s chest. “Dean told Bri to give this to me. He knows she thinks of Roman as her dad.”

“I saw him talking to her but I didn’t see him hand her this Y/N.”

So he did know.

“About that…” I said crossing my arms. “Why didn’t you tell me, Dean talked to her?”

“Y/N/N… It was just for a minute, and I swear I didn’t know he even came into catering. I got up to get Bri some water and looked over and Dean was sitting across from Bri.”

I nodded. “Again… why didn’t you tell me?”

“I just thought it was harmless. She didn’t say he said much, so I just treated it as a don’t ask, don’t tell situation.”

I groaned hitting his arm. “There’s never a don’t ask, don’t tell situation when it comes to my child.”

Seth sighed, probaly knowing I was right.

“Yeah I was stupid. I admit that. But you know if I felt something wasn’t right, I wouldn’t hide it. I love Brielle just as much as you and Roman.” Seth finished and I knew he meant it.

Not that I didn’t know before.

Like I said I was just worried.

Like always.

But who wouldn’t be if they knew the birth father of their child could be lurking around the corner?

Then finding out he gave her a note, to give to me.

Brielle could’ve opened it, and it’s not like she wouldn’t know what it said, she is in second grade.

She may not understand but it’ll be enough to confuse her.

But unfortunately that’s my ex for you.

All ways living for the moment, doing what feels right that second not concerned about what’s the cone from his actions later.

Or how it could affect someone.

“I’m sorry. I just got so worried when I saw that note, and you know how my mind starts working. Especially when I found out Dean–”


“Did someone say my name?” Dean asked standing there behind Y/N and Seth with a smirk.


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My D&D game (first session happens on Friday! two days away!) had four players when I woke up this morning, and now suddenly it’s seven? I had to put my foot down and say we’re sticking to four for at least a few sessions because holy crap, man, give me a sec to breathe here, but mainly because we have two people who have never played the game before and both of them were extremely quiet and withdrawn and overwhelmed even during character creation, so throwing a bunch of extra D&D veterans into the mix is not gonna be conducive to getting them to give it a shot.

okay… here goes….

I’m so overwhelmed with emotions and Idk if I’m gonna be able to say everything I wanna say but I’ll try.
This episode was everything, and I don’t mean just the proposal. It was truly a perfect episode. I had convinced myself it was too early for the proposal so I was really surprised, I probably started shaking and honestly I still am.
It was perfection !!!!! The way Jake was so determined throughout all the episode but then he was so nervous when Amy was opening the box and then he was relaxed again because he just loves her so much !!!! His speech was incredible and of course the scene had to include “title of your sex tape” and I cried for that too ! The way both of their voices broke and how many times he called her Ames !!!!! The kiss was beautiful and the way she held him closer and the way she told him she loves him so much.. and how they looked at each other after !!!!! last but not least the flashback of the moment Jake decided to marry Amy literally saved my life I’m SO GLAD they showed that. I honestly could go on for days and this is already so long no one will read it but I just needed to let it all out I’m so happy and this show truly is a blessing I’ll probably never stop crying so yeah that’s it

Love you for yourself alone

…and not your yellow hair

Enjoltaire fluff, modern AU, trans Enjolras | 1k

Happy Birthday James! Your prompt reminded me that I still had ideas about the Enjolras and Grantaire in my Faerie AU. No background knowledge needed though, as these two are both human.

Enjolras’ apartment is a nice place to be. Grantaire has always thought so, but nowadays that is extra true. There’s still a little nervousness in his chest though. Luckily he’s not the only one, at least judging from the rather sudden way Enjolras says:

“Do you want something to drink? Or…something?”

“Nah, I’m good,” Grantaire grins.

“Okay,” Enjolras smiles. He grabs the coat he just shrugged off to put it away. “Why do you never wear a coat?” he asks, shaking his head as he ducks into the little hallway.

“Sarcasm keeps me warm,” Grantaire quips. He strolls over to Enjolras’ photo wall. It’s the defining feature of the living room. The pinboard basically covers the whole wall. It looks even more crowded than it did last time. Grantaire glances past the glossy pictures and his eye falls on a photo that is unmistakeably Combeferre and Enjolras…only with braces and backpacks. Grantaire lets out a surprised sound, he has seen a few pictures of Enjolras as a kid, but not many. He always figured Enjolras didn’t want to share them.

“Dad came by with a box of old photos,” Enjolras explains, appearing in the doorway.

Grantaire looks back at him over his shoulder.

The nerves in Enjolras’ eyes are much more obvious now.

“Cute braces,” he smirks. Whatever Enjolras is worried about, Grantaire hopes a little teasing will do away with it.

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Get Along, Okay?

I’ve noticed that a lot of the Perceivers have various ways of saying, “Let’s all just get along” when the conversation is getting too intense.

For instance, I say, “Anyone read any good books lately?”

I had a friend in college who would always start talking about puppies. And another who would go off about old movies. And one who would start a totally different, much sillier argument.

Conflict is annoying sometimes, and particularly frustrating to some of us more than others, but it’s actually kind of funny to see how we Perceivers handle it in different and usually obvious ways.

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spiderman when peter decides to catch a bug right when tony is angsting over the whole civil war thing and so peter is also angsting but as well as angsting about civil war he is also angsting about not wanting to cause distraction and he also feels bad yes I like angst okay

I like angst too!!  I had a little bit of a hard time divining exactly what moment in time you were looking for, but I just picked something and ran with it.  Hopefully this works for you.

My first Spiderman thing ever and I’m PSYCHED!!  And it’s 2500 words exactly.


When Mr. Stark tells him to stay down, Peter’s first instinct is to protest.  “I’m good,” he says, trying to stand up without jostling his very painful ribs.

“No, you’re done,” Tony says.  He drops a metal-gloved hand on Peter’s shoulder.

Peter tries to insist, though he’s gasping for breath.  Tony threatens to tell May, and the argument’s over. “Ok, yeah, I’m done,” Peter concedes.   Then Tony’s gone and Peter’s still murmuring, “I’m done…”

Peter isn’t sure how long he lies there on his little square of runway pavement.  The battle rages on for a while, but then there’s a huge jet takeoff noise, and things drift into quiet after that.  Peter’s ears are still ringing, though, and there’s a frizz of shimmering stars around the edges of his vision.  He can barely take a deep breath around the sharp sensation of what feels like a boulder wedged into the side of his chest. But possibly worst is the slight aura of not-quite-rightness that’s been hanging around since last night ratcheting up toward full-blown body aches.  Which, of course, makes every sensation more acutely uncomfortable.  Great luck he’s got going here…

He does have great luck, Peter reminds himself.  He’s met Tony Stark.  He has a new suit.  He’s traveled outside New York for the first time in his life.  Well, except for that one time he went to Jersey, but that’s beside the point.  The most famous team of superheroes in the world has recognized him as something. Or, well, half it has.  But the pros are starting to feel a little negligible under the growing pile of cons.  God, his head hurts.  Wait, when did that start up?

It’s Happy that comes and pulls Peter off the tarmac.  “How bad are you hurt?” he asks by way of a greeting.

“Oh.  Not bad,” Peter says.

“My intel says you were injured.”  Happy looks odd in his buttoned suit jacket, bending over with his tie hanging straight down.

“Intel?  What—?”

“You’re under video surveillance.”  Happy’s face is all seriousness.


“No.  I just talked to Stark.  How bad are you hurt?”

“I’m ok.”  Peter gets to a sitting position with a grimace he hopes is hidden by his mask.  “My side hurts a little.”  He pushes to his knees, then to his feet.  Actually, make that a lot.

“Do you need to go to the hospital?” Happy asks.

“No,” Peter replies.  His head choses that moment to throb awfully, and a twist of pain comes through in his voice.

“Ok, good.  I hate parking garages,” Happy says, tucking his tie back in.  “Come on, I’m taking you back to the hotel.”

They walk slowly down the runway, which is deserted except for a slew of battered planes and trucks, some of which look to be smoldering.

When they reach the glossy black car, Peter asks, “Where’s Mr. Stark?”

“In the ambulance,” Happy replies with no emotion.

“What?!” Peter shouts, every inch of his body protesting the volume of his voice.  “I didn’t know he was hurt.  We should go to the hospital, then, and like, go see him.”

“No.  War Machine.”


“War Machine got hurt.  Stark’s fine,” Happy explains, his lack of patience evident as he aggressively turns the key in the ignition.  He turns his head to look at Peter in the backseat.  “You sure you didn’t get a head injury or something?”

“Mm?”  Peter lifts his still-masked head from where he’d been leaning against the window.

“You’re kind of slow today.  Slower than usual.”

“’M not slow…” Peter mumbles.  He’s suddenly too hot, and his body feels constricted.  He pulls off his mask, then returns his head to the tinted window, sweat-damp hair smearing the glass.  The pressure on the bottom half of his face hasn’t let up, and hopes it’s not a sign he’s about to puke all over the backseat of Mr. Stark’s car.

The ride back to the hotel isn’t long, but Peter’s still thankful when it’s over.  Happy lets him out in front of the high-class sliding doors, and Peter shuffles through them.  He’s almost embarrassed as he crosses the gold and marble lobby, but the emotion ranks just shy of the top spot on his non-existent mental state scoreboard.  He mostly just feels sick.  And he wonders where the hell he stashed his key card.

The slip of plastic is stowed in his suit’s one interior pocket, and Peter has to practically disrobe from the waist up in order to reach it.  Once in the spacious room, the only thing Peter wants to do is flop onto the bed.  So he does, but he ditches his suit first in favor of sweat pants.  He’s too hot to bother with a shirt, plus it kind of hurts to put his arms over his head.

As soon as he lies down, though, Peter’s cold.  He pulls the fluffy white duvet around his shoulders like a cape and partially cocoons in it, though is bare feet are still splayed out in the open.  Yep.  He’s sick.  Peter muses over how stupid it was for him to come.  He’d had a nagging feeling this might happen, despite all the Airborne he’d drank.  But, who’s he kidding.  This is the best day of his life.

There’s a knock on the door, then no pause before it swings open.  Peter snaps open eyes he didn’t realize were closed.  “What’s going on?” he wheezes.

“I’m supposed to be your nurse now,” Happy says through gritted teeth.  “And keep an eye on you until Stark gets back.”  He looks less than thrilled with the new roles.

“Yeah, sure,” Peter says.  “I’m ok.”

Happy drops the first aid kit he’s holding onto the bed and uzips it.  “You said your side hurts?”

“Yeah, ‘s no big deal,” Peter insists.

“Do you have broken ribs?”

“No.  Just bruised or something.”  Though to be fair, Peter’s never a broken a bone and doesn’t have any idea where the difference in pain lies.

Happy pulls out a cold pack and kneads it to activate the cooling reaction of the chemicals inside.  “Here.” He tosses it to Peter, who doesn’t even reach up and attempt to catch.

Peter grabs it up and tentatively positions it against the tender pink-tinged skin he knows will probably break into a mottled mess of black and blue by tomorrow.  The pack is painfully cold, and he winces at the feel of it.  A rush of shivers flows over his body and up to his head, redoubling the ache.

“Do you have ibuprofen or something?” Peter asks.

“I thought you said it was no big deal,” Happy replies.

“Uh, well, it’s mostly my head, actually…”  And his fever.  And yeah, maybe a little bit his ribs too.

“You do have a head injury?”

“No!” Peter insists.  “Like, an adrenaline crash headache thing?”

“Ok, here.”  Happy produces pills and a bottle of water.

“Can I have three?”

“You’re a minor.  You get two.”

“Ok, fine.”  Peter swallows the orange coated tablets and exhales as he wills them to flow straight down to his stomach and start making a dent in his overall discomfort.

“I’m supposed to check on you every hour.  So, please stay put and don’t screw with anything.”  Happy closes the first aid kit with attitude and heads for the door.

“Yeah,” Peter sighs absently.  The longer he lies there, the more he’s convinced he’ll be staying horizontal.

The next thing Peter knows, the door’s opening again.  “Are you sleeping?” Happy asks in an inappropriately loud whisper.

“Yes,” Peter groans back.  Well, he’s not anymore.  But it only takes him a moment to drift of again.

When he wakes next, it’s to the sound of something heavy bouncing off the wall.  “Huh?” he breathes. No one’s in the room with him, so of course no one replies.

Peter takes a deep breath, which hurts, and scrubs his hand over his forehead, which also hurts.  The ice pack tucked against his side is burning his overheated skin with its icy bite.  And his stomach hurts now. Fan-flipping-tastic.

The thing hits the wall again, and when raised voices start to sound alongside the thumping, he realizes it’s coming from the room next door.  Peter’s not sure exactly what’s going on, but snatches of “Rhodey…” and “Paralyzed…” and “Captain fucking America…” generally let him know that it’s not good.

In his fevered state, it seems like a good idea to get up and see what’s going on, so that’s what Peter does.  He unwraps from his partial duvet burrito and pads barefoot out of his room and toward Mr. Stark’s.

The door isn’t completely closed, so Peter lets himself in, not paying mind to the fact that he’s partially dressed and entirely uninvited.  “What’s going on?” he asks hoarsely, squinting around.  His headache hasn’t improved with the transition to being upright, and the glare of the overhead lighting isn’t helping.

“Hey, no, this doesn’t concern you,” Tony says, waving Peter away from across the room.  Then he goes back to throwing his fist into the wall.  Maybe Peter imagines it, but it seems like a trickle of dust is falling from the ceiling.  “Happy, can you put him back?”

“I thought I wasn’t supposed to move from watching surveillance footage of Colonel Rhodes in the hospital?” Happy asks unsurely.  He’s seated in a hard chair at a rich mahogany desk, watching pixelated footage of a man apparently sleeping in a hospital bed with machines hooked up to his arms and face.

“Yeah, go put him back, then keep watching,” Tony says.  He lets loose on the wall one more time, then shakes his hand and says, “Where’s the fucking scotch?  I can’t deal with this, all this shit happening…”

“What shit’s happening?” Peter asks.  “I mean, didn’t it end?  With the fight?”

“I’m allowed to say bad words.  You are not,” Tony says, pointing at Peter and blowing some dust off his knuckles.

“Sorry,” Peter apologizes.  He reaches out for the wall, then realizes he’s too far away, so he stumble-steps and tries to casually lean his shoulder against it without betraying that everything in his body’s starting to go to shit.  Which he’s not saying out loud.

“Yeah, well,” Tony says.  “Small potatoes now.  Since Captain goddamn America’s a war criminal, his psycho-killer BFF is on the loose, and my very respectable Air Force colonel BFF is on life support in a hospital that doesn’t even take our insurance!”

“Aw, geez,” Peter says.  “I…I’m really sorry, Mr. Stark.”  It’s news to Peter, and he’s starting to hazily realize how much he’s been kept in the dark.  Captain America… really.  The guy he watches videos of in school. And Stark has such a low opinion of him now.  Peter’s really going to have to re-think his childhood heroes.

Only not right now.  His body’s covered in goosebumps because he’s so cold, and his head’s obviously about to fall off because it hurts so much.  And—no, actually it’s boiling in here.  Something’s seriously wrong with the thermostat.  Or at least his body’s internal one.  Sweat prickles on Peter’s upper lip and a surge of sudden and unexpected nausea licks through his chest on the way to his throat.

“You, you were a big help,” Tony says, pointing at Peter again.  “I just can’t believe that fucking Boy Scout isn’t backing down.  He’s hurting more people than he’s helping.”  He tears his fingers angrily through his hair.  “And for once I’m on the right side of things, trying to keep people from dying.  Like freakingRhodey.  And what thanks do I get?  Oh, just some combat against people I thought were my friends.”

“Yeah, that’s…” Peter says, fishing for something to say while also swallowing hard to keep his stomach in place.  “I’m really sorry.”

“Not your goddamn fault,” Tony whispers to the floor.  He raises his head and takes in Peter’s look. “You’re way too pale.  Happy, I think the kid needs a scotch too.  Or, what am I saying, maybe like a cherry coke or something.”

“Actually,” Peter says, his voice breaking a little, “I don’t…”  The floor’s falling out from under him.  There’s too much spit in his mouth, and it all tastes sour.  “I don’t feel that good.”

“Yeah, of course you don’t,” Tony dismisses, missing Peter’s message.  “Do they still make that, what’s it called, French vanilla Dr. Pepper?”

Bile explodes into Peter’s throat, and he claps a hand over his mouth.  “I’m gonna be sick,” he mutters, taking off for the bathroom.

“The hell?”  Tony leaps out of Peter’s way.  Peter slams his knees into the cold tile floor and heaves hard, reverberations lancing up his ribs in a painful web of neural flares.

“Hey, chill out, ok?”  Tony’s hand tentatively pats Peter’s shoulder.  Bile and stomach acid hit the toilet water.  Peter doesn’t have a lot to expel.

“Happy?” Tony calls, away from Peter’s ear.  “Why didn’t you tell me I had a sick kid on my hands?”

“He’s not sick,” Happy’s voice replies.

“He’s puking and he has a fever,” Tony responds.  “He’s sick.”

“Well, he wasn’t feeling good, but he just got beat up.  What was I supposed to think?”

“I’m ok,” Peter murmurs, spitting out ropes of snot and breathing through the urge to gag again.  “Don’t…don’t worry about me.”

“Too late,” Tony says.  “D’you think you can go lay down or something?”

Peter retches and brings up a splash of something that really shouldn’t have chunks in it.  He squeezes his eyes shut so he doesn’t have to see whatever he ate last Tuesday make an unwelcome reappearance.

“Ok, never mind,” Tony says.  “Ginger ale, maybe?  Or a fever reducer?  Assuming you’re stomach’s going to calm down.”

“Already…took ibuprofen,” Peter pants, his words echoing wetly back at him.

“Jesus fucking Christ, Happy,” Tony shouts, his footsteps pounding out of the bathroom.  “You gave him meds on an empty stomach?  It’s always like this with kids.  You have to give them like, half a banana or a Scooby snack or something or they’re gonna ralph everywhere for sure.  You were there that time Barton’s family came around, right?”

“’m not a kid…” Peter mumbles.  He rides out the next spasming retch and listens to the padding of Tony’s sneakers approach again.

“I’m sorry you’re sick,” Tony says, leaning back against the door frame.  “I’m gonna fix this.”

“Hey, don’t worry about me, Mr. Stark,” Peter says, surfacing from the toilet and rubbing the back of his hand across his sweaty lip.  “I don’t want to distract you—”  Peter pauses to hiccup.  “Or anything.  Just. I’ll be ok.”

“Sure you will.”  Tony checks his watch.  “I’ve got 22 hours to get you back to normal, or May will never let me take you anywhere ever again.”  Then he calls out to Happy, “Do you think we can order saltines from room service?”

Peter smiles.  Laughs.  Then hacks until he gags again.

Little fucking 11 year old bitch who shoved my kid around last Friday showed up when Kiddo was playing outside and made fun of them for wearing a my little pony dress before telling Kiddo to kill themselves

So Husband went outside and told her exactly why she shouldn’t say that to anyone ever (she admitted to saying it and said it was “just a joke” but Husband explained why it was never okay to say that to anyone)

Kiddo is okay btw. They told us immediately and had a lot of cuddles from us but is also staying inside now. They aren’t too upset just shocked she would go that far.

But I tell you I am glad Husband was here to deal with it because I am STILL LIVID

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Luke is having a nightmare. Vader comes to wake him. Luke: "It was only a nightmare, don't worry." Vader: "It happens to me too. Are you sure you are okay?" Luke: "Yes yes." Vader starts to go. Luke:"Father." Vader turns back. "Yes." Luke in a small voice. "Would you stay with me?" Vader is started, but, "Of course." Vader sits in the bed next to Luke. Luke curls up under is arm and sighs. Vader whispers: "Always." It just popped into my mind, I had to say this to someone.

Ahhhh just break my heart with adorableness, why don’t you? I’m here for this.

So it turns out my library has an online selection of movies (good god, Gloria, fetch my smelling salts!). And I found this one on basic ASL clearly made in, like, the ‘80s, complete with cheesy music, and like people coughing in the background and shit. A lot of it’s still applicable, but I kinda laughed over the part where they were like marveling over phones that can send text instead of just sound.

So I watch it and want to return it before the auto-return in a week. Y’know, in case someone else has a mighty need to learn basic ASL. Turns out that unlike with, say, Kindle, I had to separately download the Overdrive app to return a title early. Okay. But that app doesn’t work on my computer. O…kay? So I have to download it to my phone, and then sign in to my library account there. I do that. I go to the bookshelf. Only the damned titles aren’t on my phone. I tell it to sync. “No titles.” It’s lying to me. Sync. “Nothing.” Sync, sync, sync. So I scroll through the help section. Turns out I have to find my library on the phone using the app, go to the loans for the titles I’ve already checked out, DOWNLOAD (not sync??) the title to my phone… and finally say “FUCKING RETURN.” So I guess this was my comeuppance for laughing at the way the lady in the video was marveling over technology–it took me 10 freaking minutes to figure out how to return a video online.

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i keep imagining sm crew revising thirsty's lyrics until one of them sweating nervously says "guys...... that's too much...... too gay..." so another snaps his fingers like in a kid's movie and gets up "okay, i have the perfect solution!!!! let's just try to fit the word 'girl' whenever we can so it will be straight™"

DSJSJKDJH YEAH I KNOW like taemin barely even has time to say ‘girl’ in that part lmao they literally had to shove it in between lyrics, what sort of straight agenda is this

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I need some angry resolutionin ffxv. Like, say that the whole plot was to revive the goddess Eos. I need her rampaging on how freaking horrible the six were. I need someone being like "How did you think /any/ of this was okay???" All we get is people accepting fate on ffxv, give me someone at least yelling about the unfairness. Telling off the six or Regis angry crying in his office.

I need this too and it just seems weird that we don’t get that. Other final fantasies have had themes encouraging pushing back against tired old traditions in favor of claiming one’s own path. Like… Yuna and company KILLED the only means of obtaining the final summon and therefore ensuring there would be no more calms. But… They were like “watch us kill Sin for real anyway”

Give me Noctis cursing the astrals. Give me Luna questioning everything and having a fucking mind of her own. Let them have a moment with Ardyn and let them find their own way while giving Bahamut one of these 🖕


Alright I just gotta say, while I’m a heavy supporter of Supercorp and I’m all for this Lena being Karas boss and working together and having more cute, clearly gay moments and becoming closer, and while I’m not on board the Lena and James ship (that’s not to say they’d actually be bad for each other, if they stop sidelining James so much then the idea might be better, I just don’t ship it because lack of chemistry and zero build up or anything) but I am not here for my girls excluding James from things at catco, he ran that business for a year, while I understand Lena wanted to know the ins and outs and stuff but wouldn’t it have made sense to include James as much as possible considering he ran the place for a year? Instead of fobbing him off when he tries to help, like Lena I love you girl but that was wrong, James acting salty at the beginning was momentarily irritable but ffs this is James Olsen, so for all the all a sudden James haters out there, shut up, literally nobody is getting in the way of our ship except the writers.

You certain bunch of Supercorp shippers need to chill and stop making the rest of us look bad honestly, just stop, you shout about “James deserves better” and “give James more plot” and then as soon as it looks like he has a potential interest in Lena you’re all suddenly anti James, why? James is still James, it’s the writers forcing this on us, be mad at them, geez.


Willow Creek Basketball Park was the location he texted her. When she arrived, he was already shooting around on the court.

Erin: Maybe you should stick to your day job.

Travis: Think you can beat me?

Erin: I know I can.

He tossed her the ball. She dribbled it around a bit and took her first shot. Needless to say, Travis was the winner.

Erin: *throws the ball across the court* Cheater.

Travis: *laughs* Yea, okay. 

He reaches for her hand.

Travis: Come here, let me make being a loser a little easier.

Erin: And how do you plan to do that?

He leans over and places a kiss on her lips. 

Travis: Better?

Erin: *blushes and changes the subject* So was this the fun thing you had planned?

Travis: Yep. Did you have fun?

Erin: Sure…

Travis: Just kidding, I made dinner reservations for us tonight.

Erin: You’re an asshole.

On the way out of the park, they were intercepted by a gang of mess making toddlers.

Erin: This is literally the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.

Travis: Let’s get the hell outta here.

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Who's your least favorite character in Haikyuu?? And don't feel bad about saying it, just spill the teA

Okay, okay, I’ll be honest here. The character that I like the least, if I had to pick one, would probably be Tsukishima. Please don’t hate me. It’s just hard for me to sympathize with the “asshole” characters!

I don’t hate him as much as I used to, since I’ve started seeing him in the way the fandom depicts him. Like awkward, shuts people out to avoid getting hurt, etc. Because then I feel for him and want to help him - otherwise, eh.

I don’t hate hate him, I just don’t like him as much as the others. Unless he’s with Yamaguchi. Yama is like his pillar and keeps him balanced, which is why that pairing is such a staple for me - they really fit together ✿

“I love Rouge she’s my fave”

“But her design is just awful, sexualization much?”


What’s been going on in this house isn’t just some affair. No. No, it isn’t.

Oh, the things I can’t say to you because I’m your superior…
—  Ravenclaw, barely holding back from reaming a coworker.

(Before you say anything, i know my phone is awful at taking pictures in the dark okay? :D)

But OH MY GOD! I just got back home from the “Ready Player 3” show in Amsterdam and it was fucking amazing! Had so much fun!

You guys were awesome and I wished it never ended! Thank you for making my day!