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“Reminding Him” So I had just finished in the studio taking pics for photographers.I had nothing better to do and I was the last person in the studio to lockup when I finished getting dressed.I had just put on my outfit when suddenly it hit me.I couldn’t get my ex Jay out my head.We had broke up a week ago.Gosh I missed him so much.So I got a idea.I don’t know how it came to me but it did.I looked in the mirror and I decided"Why not remind him what he’s missing?“Ha and that’s what I did.

I sent him a text to start the show off.I was determined to either A-Get him over here,or B-Tease him and just have some fun.I was definitely feeling "A” so I said my dress off and took a pic of me in my underwear.And since no one else was here of course I was gonna go in for my chance.

Although he wasn’t replying the messages said read so I knew he saw what I had in store for him.Gosh I missed his arms around me,and the hot sex oh don’t get me started!I knew what I had to do.

I waited five mins and then that message went on read.Hmmm I wondered if he was gonna come over.To my surprise he must have loved what he was seeing because I heard a car arrive out in the driveway.Haha and guess who showed up….his sexy ass.Hmmm I wonder what fun we’ll have tonight..

To Be Continued….

Man Up

by reddit user Pippinacious

When the bookstore at the mall put up its help wanted posters, I jumped at the chance to put in my application. Between being an avid reader who had practically lived amongst the store’s shelves in high school and a broke community college student taking a semester off to save money, it seemed still customer service.

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Vampire Chronicles Aesthetics ❧ The Vampire Lestat

Understanding Dean

I wanted to talk more about all the Dean and Cas moments in 13x06. I was so busy flailing like a lunatic last night, and while I mentioned it briefly in my watch notes, I do think these moments of intimacy between them are telling of a bigger picture and worth examining more closely.

Look at just how much insight Cas has into how Dean works…

When Jack mentions Dodge City, Dean gets that dopey, bashful look on his face whenever he wants something badly. And it’s Cas that gives him a pointed and knowing look in return. 

It’s intentional, and our gaze is deliberately draw first to Dean, and then Cas’s reaction. Not Sam’s, who by all accounts in canon, has precisely the same amount of exposure to Dean and cowboys in 6x18. All flailing about the unwritten implications aside (okay not completely aside, because just think for a minute about how Cas has come to know this as intimately as he does), Cas knows inherently that this is something that gets Dean excited. And later, when Jack looks on in incredulity at Dean’s unabashed fanboying over the motel room and the old cowboys…

Jack: He really likes cowboys.
Cas: Yes, yes he does. 

I have trouble reading Cas’s line here as anything other than long-suffering. In my eyes, he’s framed as a long-suffering spouse who’s put up with this reluctantly, but lovingly, for what feels like forever. But whether you read their exchange as something more intimate, or just as a long-suffering friend, it’s still long-suffering. As in, Cas has had to bear witness to Dean’s cowboy obsession time and time and time again. We only know of one other instance in canon where Dean has had this particular kink on display: 6x18′s Frontierland. I’ll grant you Cas is a drama queen, but Frontierland on its own is just not enough to warrant this level of exasperation in Cas, because it was Sam who went back in time with Dean then and bore the brunt of Dean’s enthusiasm for the Wild West. 

Next, Cas knows that Dean is an angry sleeper. And okay, I’m not setting the flailing aside on this one, because JUST HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT, CAS? HMMM? We know canonically that Cas has a history of watching Dean sleep. We now know that he has a history of waking him up as well, and Cas knows how to do that in a way that is gentle and soft enough not to wake the sleeping bear as well. I would very much like to see precisely how Cas wakes Dean up.

And the coffee? That whole scene was so delightfully domestic. You get the sense that this is a ritual– a daily routine that they go through.  I adore the silent, wordless exchange between them and Cas just plunking himself down in resignation. Communication without words requires intimacy and familiarity with someone else, and we’re seeing that in spades here. 

When they split up to tackle the case, I love that it’s Sam who splits them the way that he does: Jack will stay with Sam, and Cas will go with Dean. It’s not necessarily the most logical choice, and it would have made arguably more sense for Cas to go with Jack.  I like to think that Sam is acknowledging that his brother and Cas need some space alone. 

Which leads me to my final point. Just as moments within an episode can’t stand alone and must be taken in context, so too should we look at the overall season arc and the choices that are made to put episodes where they are in chronology. 13x06 falls right after the episode in which Sam is trying is absolute, adorable best to cheer Dean up, but he’s doing it in all the wrong ways. I’m not saying that Sam doesn’t understand Dean, because he’s absolutely close with Dean and has to know things about him that others don’t because of their close proximity all their lives. But I feel like they’re making it glaringly obvious over the course of the past few episodes that Sam doesn’t relate to Dean in the way that Cas does, and contrary to whatever bullshit Dean might spew, Cas is not his brother

Sam’s insight into Dean (at least in the previous few episodes, and he certainly has a history of this in the past too) is well-intentioned and loving, but misguided. Frankly, I blame Dean for that because of how carefully he’s kept Sam from truly seeing him. The contrast between Cas and Sam and how they both relate to Dean is fascinating. Sam seeing the sanitized, performing Dean facade, whereas Cas sees beneath it. 

I’ve wavered in the past between “Sam knows” and “Sam is an oblivious moose.” I’m beginning to lean more in the direction of oblivious moose, not necessarily because that’s where I think Sam’s at, but because that seems to be the direction the writers are taking him in– as a stand-in for casual viewers and the lens through which we see the dynamic between Cas and Dean.

ehhhh shes probably gonna have a hard time with this for a while even after shes healed…. 

His Warmth (M)

Word Count: 3532
Member: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Fluff & Smut
Warnings: Cum-play, Biting, Lots of cute bc I’m in love with Jimin

It’s been two months since your boyfriend went on tour and you haven’t been able to see him, so when you unexpectedly wake up to him in your bed you just can’t seem to keep your hands to yourself.


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Halloween Costume?

Bucky x reader
3500 (I’m sorry)
Warnings swearing, Halloween costumes, talk of masturbation, revealing clothes/school girl outfit, SMUT 18+ only, oral sex (M receiving), dirty talk, daddy kink, unprotected sex
Summary You need a last minute Halloween costume and Natasha and Wanda convince you to try on an old outfit which catches Bucky’s attention.
AN This is written for @themanwithovtfear ‘s challenge. My prompts were Are you naked under that thing? and “You’re a real pain in the ass.”

It was a few days before Halloween and you were stuck without a costume. You had planned on going shopping for one but you just ran out of time so you were left rummaging through the clothes you had to try to make do.

Natasha and Wanda were supposed to be helping you but really, they were just pulling out random clothes and having you try stuff on.

You had narrowed it down to a black shirt and tights and you would make yourself some cat ears, or a blue dress that you could use to be either Belle from Beauty and the Beast or Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

“I’m going to the kitchen to see if there’s a white apron I can use,” you announced even though neither of them was listening to you.

When you got to the kitchen, Bucky was sitting there with a cup of tea and a book. You didn’t want to disturb him so you tried to cause as little as a distraction as possible rummaging through the drawers.

His voice was quiet and he startled you, “What are you looking for?”

“Um, just a white apron. I need it for my Halloween costume.”

“You’re looking in the wrong spot.” He got up and walked to the pantry, where he pulled out a drawer filled with different aprons.

You furrowed your brows, “Why wouldn’t the aprons be with the rest of the kitchen linens?” you muttered, putting back table cloths and dish towels.

“What colour do you need?”

“White, solid white if possible.”

Bucky returned to the table with three different white aprons.

“Thank you,” you held up each apron, putting it behind your neck and around your waist until you found the best one. You folded it up and placed it on the table, heading over to the fridge to grab some drinks for yourself and the girls.

Before you left the kitchen, you turned to Bucky, “Sorry for interrupting you.”

When you got back to your room, you put the drinks on your desk.

Natasha tossed something at you, “Put that on.”

Looking at what she threw your way, you laughed and shook your head, “Absolutely not. That’s not an option for a costume.”

“Where is that even from?” Wanda asked, looking for a top you could wear with it.

“I’m not putting it on! It’s my old high school uniform.”

Natasha sat on your bed, legs crossed, “Why do you still have it then?”

You shrugged, “Honestly? Every once in awhile I try it on to see if it still fits. Last time I tried it on, it was snug.”

“Try it on, Y/N. You don’t have to wear it as a costume, but we wanna see you in it. I’m sure you look adorable.”

“Fine,” you huffed, undoing your pants. You quickly pulled up the kilt and fastened the buttons when Natasha threw something at your head.

“What the hell?!” you looked up, glaring at her.

“Knee socks. If you’re gonna try it on, go all out, right?”

“I hate you.”

Wanda emerged from your closet with a white blouse, “Will this fit?”

“Um, probably not. The buttons don’t close over my boobs.”

Natasha howled, “God, yes! Put it on! You’ll look like Britney Spears in that music video!”

You’re a real pain in the ass,” you muttered, even though you were buttoning up the blouse as you spoke.

Pulling on the socks, you looked at yourself in the full length mirror.

“This looks ridiculous!” you shrieked, laughing. The skirt was so short, you could see your underwear underneath, the blouse didn’t button so the top part was left unbuttoned, your bra peeking through. You struck a pose, “There. Eat your heart out, Britney.”

Wanda let out a whistle, “It doesn’t look ridiculous, you look hot.”

“Yeah,” agreed Natasha, “All you need is pigtails and you’d be every guy’s wet dream.”

You gaped at them, “You two are shitting me, right? It’s obvious that the entire outfit doesn’t even fit - I’m busting out of the seams here.” When you saw that they were serious, you shook your head vehemently, hands on your hips, “No! God, no. There is no fucking way I would ever leave this room looking like this! You two are crazy.”

Natasha had pulled out her phone and snapped a picture of you.

“What the fuck, Nat? Delete that.”

“Nope. I’ll show it around, see what people think.”

“I’d really rather you didn’t.”

At that moment, there came a knock on your door.

“It’s open!” called out Wanda.

Bucky walked in, carrying the apron that you had left in the kitchen, “Y/N, you left this in the -” he stopped talking, eyes bugging out and he swallowed, hard, “wha-wha- is that your costume?”

Wanda hid her face behind her hands and giggled, Natasha smirked, “Can you tell her she looks hot?”

Your face was on fire, “Can you tell her that I look ridiculous?” You crossed your arms but all that did was push your breasts together.

“Um,” Bucky swallowed again, “um, here’s your apron,” he tossed it your way, turned on his heel, and walked out the door.

You stood there, flabbergasted at his reaction meanwhile Natasha and Wanda were in stitches.

“What was that?” you frowned.

“Are you - are you serious?” Wanda wheezed.

“What? What’d I miss?”

Natasha looked up at you, “Oh, sweetie, you can’t really be that naive.” When she saw that you were legitimately confused, she smiled at you, “I think you just blew Bucky’s mind.”

“What? No! You’re crazy!”

“Fifty bucks says he’s in his room jerking off right now.”

Your mouth dropped open, “Shut up! He is not!”

Wanda sighed, “Honey, c’mon; his tongue was practically on the floor.”

You shook your head, “No way.” You looked in the mirror again, uncertainty written all over your face, “I look silly.”

“You don’t. You. Look. Sexy.”

Natasha leaned back on the bed, “I’d suggest you go find him or that fifty’s mine.”

You sighed and walked to your closet, “Fine.”

“What are you looking for?”

“A robe? A jacket? Something to cover up with?”

They laughed, “You’re wasting time, sweetie. Just go.”

You paused for a second then dashed out of your room, praying no one would see you. You cut through the living room to get to the elevators but as luck would have it, Sam and Clint were there watching a movie.

“Y/N?!” Sam sounded incredulous, “What are you wearing?”

You froze, “Don’t ask.”

“Oh, I’m asking.”

Smirking at you, Clint let out a whistle, “Well, isn’t that something. That your Halloween costume?”

You answered without thinking, “No! It’s my old high school uniform.”

Both of them just stared at you, mouths open.

“Gah! I know, I look foolish -”

“Nuh uh, you look hot,” Clint interrupted.

“Oh, um, thanks?” you continued on your way to the elevators when you heard Sam mumble behind you.

“Jesus Christ, that skirt is short.”

You had forgotten how short the kilt was and you could just die after flashing Sam and Clint your underwear. You sighed as you got into the elevator, crossing your arms, at least it was pretty underwear.

When you got to Bucky’s room, you stood outside his door, shifting from one foot to the other. How the hell were you going to prove to Natasha that he wasn’t masturbating?! You shook your head, you didn’t think this through. Sighing heavily, you knocked hoping he wouldn’t hear you.

“Come in,” his voice sounded muffled.

Shit. You pushed open his door and walked into the room.

“Hey Bucky,” you started when he walked out of the bathroom wearing only a low-slung towel. “Are you naked under that thing?” you blurted out.

He smirked at you, “Well, I did just get out of the shower, so yeah.” He walked towards his dresser and began rummaging around for some clothes.

You closed your eyes and spit it out, “Well, um, okay, so I thought I had upset you but Natasha and Wanda said no and um, Natasha bet me fifty bucks that when you left my room you came up here to masturbate and I disagreed but now I need to ask you if you did and I feel like a complete idiot and -” you stopped talking when you felt Bucky’s hand on your arm. Your eyes flew open and he was much closer than you had expected, “Oh.”

While your eyes were closed, he had only put on track pants and they weren’t any better than the towel.

“Let me get this straight,” arms crossed across his naked chest, he leaned against his desk, “After I left your room, Natasha bet you that I came up here to masturbate and you disagreed with her so you came up here, dressed like that, to ask me?”

Your eyes widened and you could just die, “Oh my god,” you mumbled, covering your face with your hands, “when you say it like that, it’s the stupidest thing -”

“Did anyone see you come up here?”

You blinked up at him, “What?”

“In your haste to get to me, did you happen to pass by anyone on your way up here?”

You nodded, “Uh, yeah, Sam and Clint.”

You could see the tick in his jaw, “Did they say anything?”

“What does that matter?” When he didn’t answer, you crossed your arms and sighed, “Yes. They commented on the outfit. Sam really seemed to appreciate how short the skirt is and Clint told me I looked hot. What’s your point?”


“I’m sorry?”

He smirked at you, “Yes. After I saw you in that getup, I came up here, jumped in the
shower, and jerked myself off thinking about you.”

You frowned at him, “That’s not funny, Bucky. You don’t have to be an ass.”

He shook his head at you, “You don’t even realize how sexy you look, do you?”

You stared at him, unsure if he was pulling your leg or being sincere when he smiled at you, pulling his bottom lip in between his teeth, “Where’d you get the outfit from?”

“It’s my old high school uniform,” your voice was soft.

Bucky closed his eyes and groaned, “You’ve got to be kidding me,” he mumbled, “Lock the door.”


“Lock the door, Y/N.”

When you turned to walk towards the door, you heard Bucky let out a low moan and you couldn’t help but look over your shoulder to see if he was alright and you let out a gasp.

Bucky was still leaning on his desk, arms still crossed. His eyes were dark and his track pants were tented with his erection. When he spoke, his voice was gruff, “Come here, Y/N.”

Dazed, you walked over to him, stopping in front of him.

He reached out to you, gently rubbing his hand over your arm, “My god, you have no idea how fucking sexy you look right now.”

You felt your skin get hot and you bit your lip, shaking your head.

His metal hand cupped your face, the coolness of the metal giving relief to your heated cheeks. He ran his thumb over your lip, pulling it out from between your teeth. “There’s so many things I want to do to you.” He pushed off his desk crowding your space, “Tell me, what do you want?”

Your brain was running a mile a minute so you closed your eyes to collect your thoughts for a moment. When you opened them, Bucky was watching you carefully. “You,” you whispered, “I want you.”

He smiled at you, “You’ve got me, baby girl. How do you want me?”

The look in his eyes gave you a confidence that you didn’t normally have. Taking a deep breath you put your hands on his chest and gently pushed him to sit down on the chair. Running your fingers gently down his naked torso, you smiled at him, “I want you just like that.” Leaning forward, you pressed a tentative kiss to his lips.

Bucky grabbed the waist of your skirt and pulled you towards him, deepening the kiss.

You sighed, wrapping your arms around his neck, nipping on his lower lip. Breaking the kiss, you pulled back slightly but he moved his hands to your hips, keeping you close to him.

Tilting your head, he pressed kisses to your neck, sucking and biting gently and you sighed again.

“Bucky, wait,” you rest your hands on his shoulders, “hang on.”

He pulled back, looking concerned, “Shit, I’m sorry.” He immediately dropped his hands to his sides, “I’m really sorry, Y/N.”

“No, stop -” you tried interrupting but he kept talking.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that, please don’t -”

“Bucky, stop talking,” you gripped at his shoulders, trying to get him to stop talking but he wouldn’t hear you.

He shook his head, “I mean, I’m really sorry and I shouldn’t -”

“Bucky, for fuck’s sake, I wanna suck your cock.”

That shut him right up. “What?”

You smiled at him, your hand brushing lightly against the bulge in his pants and you spoke slowly, “I want to suck your cock.”

His eyes widened, “Are you - are you sure, baby?”

You nodded, biting your lip.

“You don’t have to -”

“Are you trying to talk me out of this, Bucky?” you put your hand on your hip and raised a brow, “seriously?”

“No! No, I just, you know, don’t want you to feel like you have to -”

You rolled your eyes, “Shut up. Seriously. Just, ugh, shut it.” You ran your hands up and down his torso and gave him a smile. Kneeling between his legs, you ran your hands up and down his thighs.

Bucky let out a small hiss and gently put his hands on your head.

Looking up at him, you widened your eyes ever so slightly, it had its intended effect.

“Fuck, Y/N, you look so sweet and innocent like that… You’re gonna fucking ruin me, aren’t you?”

Giggling, you nodded. You kept one hand on his thigh while the other moved to pull down his pants. Bucky lifted his hips up to help you, his thick cock springing free. You swallowed hard; you guessed he was large but you had no idea. Looking up at him, you saw him smirking down at you so you gripped the base of his cock giving the tip a featherlight lick. You could taste the pre-cum that had gathered there and his smirk disappeared as he let out a hiss, jerking his hips up just slightly.

You swirled your tongue around the tip of his cock, then ran your tongue up and down his shaft, teasing him. When you figured he had had enough, you opened your mouth and took as much of him as you could.

“Oh, fuck,” he cried out, hips jerking up as you sucked in earnest.

His hands still on your head, he held your head still as his thrust his cock in and out of your mouth.

When he hit the back of your throat, you could feel yourself gagging, so you relaxed your throat and took him in farther, making him moan. You continued sucking him up, bobbing your head up and down, and you could feel yourself getting wet. Squeezing your legs together, you let out a hum around his cock.

“Fuck, baby, I’m close. Tell me if you don’t want me to come in your mouth.”

Your response was to suck harder, using your tongue to flick against the tip of his cock. You could feel him throbbing as he came with a cry, his hot cum spilling down your throat. You continued sucking him, your hand moving up and down slowly swallowing every drop that he gave. When you were done, you pulled off him and sat back on your heels, using your thumb to wipe away the spit that had dripped down your chin.

“Jesus Christ, you are a fucking sight. Come here,” roughly he pulled you to your feet, slamming his lips against yours in a searing kiss. Bucky gripped your hip with one hand while the other skimmed up the outside of your thigh, leaving goosebumps. He gently ran his fingertips across your ass then squeezed one cheek, “I fucking love how your ass looks in these.”

You gasped when he gave your ass a slap, then moaned when he rubbed his hand over it, “Fuck, Bucky.”

“Yes, Y/N?” he brought his hand to your inner thigh, running it up but stopping just before he reached your cunt.

You tried to rock your hips, trying to get his hand where you needed it the most.

“Oh? You don’t like being teased, baby?”

A thought popped into your head and you blurted it out before you could convince yourself not to, “Need you to touch me, daddy.”

Bucky stared at you, eyes black with lust. “Oh, fuck,” he ground out, his hands going to your underwear, “So wet for daddy.” Pushing them aside, his fingers went to your entrance, spreading your arousal around, his hand still on your hip keeping you still.

“Please, daddy, stop teasing.”

Smirking up at you, he pushed a finger inside you, “Does that feel good, Y/N? Do you like when daddy fucks you with his fingers?” he pushed another finger inside you.

“Fuck, yes. Feels so good,” you moaned, your hands grabbing onto Bucky’s shoulders for support, your hips moving.

He pumped his fingers in and out of you at a brutal pace, “Touch yourself, baby. Touch that pretty little clit of yours, I want you to come all over my fingers.” He angled his fingers so they brushed against your g-spot.

You brought your hand down to your clit and began rubbing. “Fuck,” you could feel your walls clenching.

“Come for me, baby, you’re so close. I can feel you squeezing my fingers.”

His words put you over the edge, and you cried out his name as you came, “Fuck, Bucky, oh my god, yes!”

He continued to fuck you with his fingers, slowing down as you began whimpering. Without warning, he lifted you up, wrapping your legs around his waist, and carried you to his bed. He put you down and kissed you, “Get on your hands and knees baby.”

Your legs felt like jelly but you did as he asked.

He raised your skirt and rubbed your ass, “My god, isn’t this something?” Teasing you through your underwear, he leaned his body forward, whispering in your ear, “I’m gonna fuck that pretty little cunt of yours, baby. Make you scream my name again.”

You moaned at his words, pushing yourself against him.

He pulled your underwear to the side and ran his cock against your folds then pushed himself in. “Oh fuck, Y/N, you feel so good.”

You moaned at the full feeling, forgetting your words.

Bucky started pounding into you, gripping your hips so tightly you were sure there’d be bruises.

“God baby, look at how good you take my cock; like it was fucking made for you.”

You bit your lip and whimpered when he pulled you up so your back was flush against his chest.

Thrusting into you, he wrapped his flesh arm around you while his metal hand reached down to your clit, rubbing circles against it, the coolness of his fingers a stark contrast to how hot you were. “C’mon baby girl, come for me, I can feel how close you are.” He pinched your clit and you came hard, his name a prayer on your lips. Riding you through your orgasm, he came a few moments later, coating your walls with his cum.

When you both came down from your highs, he slowly pulled out of you, making you whimper. Chuckling at you, he pulled you into his arms, “Come here, Y/N.”

You let him hold you, pressing gentle kisses to your neck as you closed your eyes, resting against him.

“That was,” he cleared his throat, “that was, wow.”

You giggled, “Right? It was certainly… interesting.”

Holding you tightly in his arms, he chuckled, his chest shaking against your back, “Sure, let’s say that.”

You sighed heavily.

“What’s wrong? Regrets?”

You shook your head, “God no. I just remembered I’m out fifty bucks.”

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Prom had a rough day. I was thinking of that banter HERE 
Prom must be exhausted from being on edge all day.

He was making the rounds showing his pics when out like a light. It also made me think about in game when theyre all commenting on his pics. Do they all sit around him? Noct and Iggy sitting either side and Gladio leaning over his shoulder.

After he wouldn’t even wake him - just pick him up and put him to bed

so this was what i’ve been doing the entire past couple of days. dont look at me

animating Sans was fun ‘cause he doesn’t need lip-syncing (lol) so I could focus more on his expressions instead ( -v-)b

audio/insp from here!

Here goes the list of comics I started but i’m not sure if I should post SO I’M ASKING YOU which ones you want to see, thanks :

  1. “BNHA x Avatar” - “The scene were Zuko tries to enter the group except it’s Todoroki trying to make friends”
  2. “BNHA x Bravely Default, part 2″ “fashionabluh scene x Bakugou rescue arc disguises”
  3. “BNHA x Haikyuu” - “the barbecue hype train scene” (I considered other but I didn’t watch this anime so I’m still unsure) feat Todoroki, Midoriya, Iida, Kirishima, Kaminari, Tokoyami, Mina, Jirou and Uraraka
  4. A comic inspired from BNHA OVA 1 with Momo, Todoroki, Uraraka, Midoriya and Aizawa
  5. A doodle of Mina ° v° and Bakugou >:U *boom*
  6. “Midoriya scared by what he sees if he types his name on the internet” feat. Todoroki, Aoyama, Uraraka, All Might and Iida : hint (that’s for all the people trashing on my comics because of some ship wars I don’t wanna be part of but i was thinking best way to make reposting people understand would be the savage way, like… I don’t mind you shipping characters in my comics, just stop trashing about it if this keep going I’ll refuse ANY repost…)
  7. “Todoroki just saw Midoriya’s notes and drawing about him and…”
  8. A doodle of dabbing Dabi hitting Todoroki in the face (because of that one chapter where Dabi was the MVP against him).
  9. The worst idea of comic I ever had : “wake them up inside - parody” feat. Midoriya, Iida, Bakugou and ofc Todoroki.
  10. BNHA x Gintama : except there are so many op scenes I can’t pick just yet but I put it here as a reminder I’m still thinking of it.

Other comics (I will post but just not yet) :

  1. “No title - part 2″ -edited- “Ok but what if Midoriya and Kacchan met Iida and Todoroki when they didn’t get a hold of their quirk yet.
  2. “Bakugou and Todoroki interactions in a nutshell”
  3. The sunglasses squad gif - part 2
  4. Todoroki, Bakugou, Iida and Midoriya in an amusement park feat. the 4D machines and Hatsume Mei. –> so they got plastic guns and glasses for the 3D screen.
  5. More Todoroki personnality and costume swaps (thinking of Midoriya (when he does that pose blushing when a girl gets too close), All Might (a small comic where Todoroki asks Midoriya to teach him how to do All Might’s face just so he can see the look on Endeavor’s face feat. mad Endeavor and Midoriya calling Todoroki “savage”), Kaminari, Nejire (just the personality for this one)).
  6. An Halloween troll doodle.
  7. I’ll spam of doodles and comics of Todoroki, Bakugou and Inasa interacting WHENEVER I CAN! Like seriously, those interactions are the best.
  8. The times Todoroki proved again he was a dork feat. food, feat. others interaction (feat. the school trip arc). –> aka redraws and comic adapation of those panels
  9. BNHA x Soul Eater : the scene from 6:16 to 6:35.

And little by little, I’ll still finish the things I started and already posted… QwQ;
I entered the fandom too late there are so many things I wanna catch up with!

Anyway you can either tell the one you’d prefer to see in the first list or make a list in priority order!

His Roommate

pairing: Jungkook x Reader
genre: Smut, fluff if you squint
warning: M for my lack of self-control
word count: 3020

When your boyfriend suggested the two of you spice up your sex life, you never expected that to include time alone with his roommate.

many thanks to @neoworks for giving it a read <3

“P-please. I really can’t control myself anymore.”

Whipping your head around, you aren’t sure if it is the lust intoxicating your consciousness or if there is actually a half-naked Jungkook watching intently as your boyfriend kneads your ass. What the fuck is going on? One moment you were fooling around with Namjoon in his room, and the next his roommate was standing by the door, cheeks flushed as his chest heaves up and down. You slowly withdraw your hand from under Namjoon’s shirt, the desire to trace lazy swirls on his chest suddenly nonexistent.

“Jungkook. God, what the fuck?” You feel Namjoon’s warm hands on your bottom shift to lift you on to the mattress, leaving you needy and greedy as he turns to address the younger man. Your boyfriend scoots himself to the edge of the bed, his long legs dangling over the wooden frame as he runs a frustrated hand through his pale, pink locks. “You choose now of all time to bring this up.”

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The Game (Ethan Dolan)

part two: read the game part one here

Musical Inspiration: Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova; Too Good at Goodbyes Acoustic by Sam Smith

Originally posted by tuesdaygirl8055

I walked over to my couch putting on a movie I’d already seen a thousand times. I just got comfortable when my phone lit up with a text from Ethan.

Ethan: Sorry I haven’t messaged you Grayson and I hung out today, hope your evening is free babe.

: oh geez, for what? hopefully nothing near water this time!

Ethan: remember when I said I had some tricks up my sleeve? well you’ll see tonight princess.

: well what should I wear?

Ethan: well nothing would be preferred, but something dressy will work I guess (;

: seriously Dolan remind me why I like you again?

Ethan: you’ll see tonight beautiful pick you up at 7:00.

I smiled looking down at my phone. I had an hour to get ready. I went to my closet trying to find the perfect thing to wear. Ethan was winning this game but I wasn’t going to be the only one falling. I decided on a white pencil skirt and a black and white checkered shirt with black heels. I quickly took a picture sending it to Ethan.

: this work for tonight babe? (;

Ethan: are you trying to kill me? Damn baby I won’t be able to keep my hands to myself.

I laughed reading his text. Suddenly there was a loud knock on my door. I checked the time seeing it wasn’t 7:00 yet, Ethan must be early. I couldn’t fight the smile that appeared on my face as I opened the door. However, it wasn’t Ethan standing on the other side but Grayson.

“Grayson, what are you doing here?” I asked letting him inside my apartment.  

“Ethan is going on another date with that girl, so I thought we could have a movie and pizza night, but it looks like you already have other plans. What are you so dressed up for?” He asked setting down the pizza he brought.

“uh, it’s um.” I stuttered but I was choking on my words.

“wait, do you have a date?” Grayson asked staring at me.

I could literally feel the air getting caught in my throat.

“me, a date pfft, real funny Grayson.” I said awkwardly rubbing the back of my neck.

“then what are you all dressed up for? You look really pretty by the way.” He said taking a seat on my counter.

I glanced at the clock, 6:50. Ethan would be here in 10 minutes.

“uh we were going to have a girls night, but you know what I can just cancel.” I said running over and grabbing my phone. I quickly sent a text to Ethan.

: Grayson showed up at my place wanting to hang out, what should I do?

I quickly got a reply from Ethan.

Ethan: just ditch him, tell him you already have plans.

: I can’t just ditch him Ethan, he bought pizza and a movie already.

Ethan: well I planned out a whole date…

“I mean if you had plans, it’s fine. I’ll eat this pizza and watch a movie by myself.” Grayson said.

I felt bad. I didn’t want to disappoint Grayson or Ethan. I wish I could be in two places at once!

“awe G, I don’t want you to be alone.” I said frowning.

I quickly sent another text to Ethan.

: I don’t want to disappoint either of you, I’m so torn E.

I seriously didn’t know what to do. my phone vibrated with another text from Ethan.

Ethan: I was really looking forward to tonight. :(

I frowned looking at his text.

“It’s okay, I can tell you really want to hang out with your friends tonight, but you’re mine tomorrow so don’t make any plans!” Grayson said suddenly standing in front of me.  

“are you sure G?” I asked still feeling horrible.

“I’m sure.” He said smiling.

“tomorrow we’ll have a best friend day, I promise!” I said giving him a big hug.

Grayson wrapped his arms around me giving me a tight hug.

“good, I miss my best friend!” Grayson said laughing.

“I’ll always be here for you G, no matter what.” I said punching his shoulder lightly.

He smiled before picking up his pizza and walking to the door.

“have fun tonight, but not too much fun.” He smirked waving goodbye.

I waved goodbye before pulling my phone out and texting Ethan again.

: get your cute butt over here and take me on a date

Ethan: but what about Grayson?

: I told him I had plans and he understood. I mean if you don’t want to go on our date now..

Ethan: I’ll be over in 10

 I smiled as I quickly ran out the door pushing the elevator button. Of course with my luck the elevator wasn’t working. I took off my heels skipping down the stairs. I was out of breath when I finally made it all the way down the stairs. I walked out the door seeing Ethan standing there with a bouquet of roses this time. Ethan had on a dress shirt and dress pants, honestly he looked extremely handsome.

“wow you look so beautiful.” He said walking up to me.

“damn E, you clean up nice.” I said rubbing a hand down his arm.

“shall we?” He asked offering me his arm.

I laughed slipping my arm through his. He led me to the car opening my door like a gentlemen. He ran around getting in the drivers seat.

“so what do you have planned?” I asked.

“it’s a surprise.” He said smirking at me.

“last time you said it’s a surprise I almost drowned.” I said laughing at the memory.

“but you didn’t did you?” He said joining in on my laughter.

“no some guy saved me before he went all asshole on me because he was jealous of his twin brother.” I said smirking at him.

“that guy sounds like a douchebag never heard of that guy.” Ethan said laughing.

“how was hanging out with Grayson by the way?” I asked concerned for my friend.

“it was good, I missed him. He really adores you, you know that right? I don’t know where he would be right now if it wasn’t for you.” Ethan said looking at me.

Grayson and I met when he was going through a really rough time. He was really unhappy and he struggled to find the joy in things. He says I talked him out of it, I don’t know how but I was happy I could help him.

“He’s pretty great too.” I said smiling.

“but not as great as me right?” Ethan asked with his signature smirk.

“oh I get it. that was like a joke, except not funny.” I said smirking at E.

“I was starting to think you ran out of insults for me.” He said pulling up to a stop sign.

“you know being a bitch is a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.” I said earning a laugh from Ethan.

“we’re here.” Ethan said turning off the car.

We were at the entrance to the woods.

“are you planning on killing me? Can I at least get a head start?” I asked him seriously.

Ethan laughed before getting out of the car. He walked around opening my door for me.

“trust me, you’ll love it.” He said offering me his hand.

I took his hand intertwining our fingers. He led me down a path which was not easy to walk in heels by the way.

“Ethan where are we going?” I asked laughing as I almost tripped over a stick.

“babe that’s the fifth time you asked me, we’re almost there.” He said laughing too.

Finally I saw a clearing come into sight.

“oh my god, Ethan it’s so beautiful.” I gasped as I looked at the sight before me.

“you think so?” He asked staring at me.

I walked around looking at how much effort Ethan put in.

“Ethan, no one has ever done something this nice for me.” I admitted wrapping my arms around Ethan’s neck.

“I’m glad you like it.” Ethan said kissing my forehead.

I leaned in resting my head on his shoulder. Ethan wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug.

“I thought a lantern lit dinner and then a little star gazing, does that sound good to you?” He asked making me look up.

“it sounds perfect.” I said smiling.

Ethan led me over to the table pulling out my chair.

“How long did all this take you?” I asked once again admiring Ethan’s work.

“I wanted to impress you, is it too much?” Ethan asked nervously.

“E, it’s perfect.” I said grabbing his hand.

Ethan and I ate dinner and talked about little things. I never thought in a million years I’d be here on a date with Ethan Dolan. I also never imagined that I would be falling for him. We were finishing up eating when Ethan pulled out his phone and a little speaker.

“E, what are you doing?” I asked.

He ignored me as he plugged his phone in to the speaker and started scrolling through it. Suddenly my favorite song was blaring through the speaker.

“how did you know this was my favorite song?” I asked.

“I uh heard you singing it the other day.” Ethan said smiling at me.

I could feel my cheeks burn with embarrassment.

“Falling Slowly sort of describes us right now.” Ethan said extending his hand for me.

I smiled taking his hand. He pulled me off the chair and in to his arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck while he wrapped his around my waist. We swayed back and forth to the music wrapped up in each others arms.

“sing to me.” Ethan said smiling.

“I can’t sing Eth.” I said laughing.

“please, you have a beautiful voice.” He said leaning his forehead on mine.

“falling slowly sing your melody, I’ll sing it loud.” I sang lightly making Ethan smile.

We stopped dancing as the song stopped.

“this has been the most perfect date I’ve ever been on so thank you Ethan.” I said shyly smiling down at the ground.

Ethan grabbed my chin making me look up at him. He leaned in putting his perfect plump lips on mine. He cupped my cheek deepening the kiss. I put my hands in his hair lightly tugging at the end of it. I pulled away running out of breath.

“you make me crazy.” Ethan said breathing heavily.

“hopefully in a good way.” I said laughing a little but I was still quite out of breath myself.

“in the best of ways.” He said pecking my lips once more.

Ethan pulled out a little blanket spreading it on the ground. He spread out on the blanket before offering me his hand. I took off my heels and sat down relaxing in to him. He wrapped his arms around me and we cuddled on the blanket staring at the stars.

“wow it’s so pretty.” I said looking at the twinkling stars.

I glanced over to Ethan but he was already staring at me.

“the stars aren’t the only beautiful thing here tonight.” He said smiling at me.

“yeah, I think you’d beat them in a beauty contest.” I said smirking at him.

“I was talking about the beautiful girl beside me. It isn’t just her looks, it’s her personality too. I didn’t use to like her because she wasn’t afraid to tell me off but the more I got to know her I found out a couple things. she’s extremely loyal to the people she cares about, she puts others before herself, she has a very good sense of humor, and she has the cutest laugh, that’s the kind of stuff that makes her truly beautiful, and I was really blind to it before.” Ethan said looking at his hands.

I couldn’t help the blush that spread to my cheeks as I watched Ethan.

“that reminds me of this boy I used to hate, I thought the only thing he cared about was hooking up, but it turns out he’s got a lot of depth to him. He’s super romantic, he laughs at all my jokes, he’s actually a really good kisser, but he constantly worries what others think and he shouldn’t because he’s pretty damn near perfect.” I said making Ethan finally look up at me.

we stared at each other for what felt like hours but in reality was only a couple seconds.

“did we just have a break through?” I asked giggling a little bit.

“I think we did.” Ethan said laughing.

Ethan and I talked for a little while longer.

“we should get going, it’s getting late.” Ethan said showing me the time on his phone.

It was midnight.

“you’re right, I’m supposed to hang out with Grayson tomorrow, but don’t get all jealous now.” I said sticking my tongue out at him.

“you’re never going to let that go are you?” He said rolling his eyes.

“nope, now race you to the car!” I said before getting up and sprinting towards the car.

I could hear Ethan quickly catching up to me. I couldn’t control the laughter that spilled out of my mouth. It was always fun with Ethan, he didn’t even have to try. Ethan finally caught up to me, grabbing me and throwing me over his shoulder.

“let me down you loser!” I said smacking his butt.

“smacking my ass makes me want to hold on to you longer.” Ethan said laughing.

He got to the car, setting me down on the hood. He stood between my legs rubbing his hands up and down on my thighs. I grabbed the back of his neck pulling his lips to meet mine. Ethan immediately kissed me back slipping his tongue in my mouth. He pulled away both of us again out of breath.

“told you I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands to myself.” Ethan said smirking.

I rolled my eyes before playfully pushing him away from me. He helped me hop of the hood of the car and opened my car door. I slipped in with the biggest smile I’d ever worn. He drove home in silence, but it was perfect. Our hands were intertwined, and every so often we would glance at each other with a smile. I was kind of sad when he arrived at my apartment complex. I went to thank him for the date again but he cut me off.

“don’t thank me, you deserve it. you deserve to be happy, you deserve to live a life that lights you up, don’t ever forget that.” Ethan said.

“goodnight E.” I said leaning in and pecking his lips.

“don’t have too many dreams about me tonight.” He said laughing.

I couldn’t fight how happy I was as I got out of the car and walked in to my complex. I bit my lip thinking about Ethan’s lips on mine. He was perfect, dangerously perfect. It wasn’t just one thing it was everything about him. It was the way he clenched his jaw when he was concentrating, or the way his eyes light up when he laughs, or how he does that little cute half smile.

“ah I remember being young and in love.” A voice says from behind me.

I turn around to see an elderly lady waiting to get on the elevator I was blocking.

“I’m sorry.” I quickly apologized before entering.

“It’s okay dear, first loves are always the greatest.” She said walking in as well.

“how could you tell?” I asked her.

“that smile says it all, but beware first loves are the best but also the hardest to let go of.” She said before getting off on her floor.

Her words sunk in. It was just a game after all, a game that I was losing terribly at. I didn’t care about the game anymore, all I cared about was Ethan. I craved his kiss, his touch, his presence. I craved him because I was in love with him.

“I’m in love with him.” I said slowly.

It was weird and wonderful at the same time.

“I’m in love with him.” I said surely this time.

I just hope he’s in love with me too. I didn’t sleep much that night, my mind was too focused on the thought of Ethan Dolan. A loud knock woke me from my half-slumber. I got up and opened my door to see Grayson.

“thought we could grab some breakfast, my treat.” He said smiling.

“let me change quick.” I said smiling at him.

I quickly put on some jeans and a sweatshirt before walking back out to meet Grayson.

“I’m starving let’s go” I said earning a laugh from Grayson.

Grayson drove us to a local diner where we always ate breakfast. If they had a worlds best pancakes award it would go to that diner.

“how was your night, did you have fun?” Grayson asked taking a bite of his blueberry pancakes.

“it was great, in fact probably one of the best night’s I’ve had in a while.” I said smiling.

“Ouch!” Grayson said shoving me playfully.

“oh shut up you goof, you know I always have fun with you.” I said throwing a blueberry at him.

“geez I can’t take you anywhere.” Grayson said before popping the blueberry in his mouth.

I laughed at him throwing another one at him.

“you seem different.” Grayson said stealing a strawberry off my plate.

“what do you mean?” I asked stabbing his hand with my fork as he reached for another.

“I mean you just seem happier.” He said quickly stealing another strawberry.

“I’m not going to be happy if you keep stealing strawberries from me.” I said glaring at him.

Grayson laughed raising his hands in defense. We finished eating our breakfast, I ended up giving Grayson the rest of my strawberries. He drove me home and we sang to Kid Cudi in our loudest most obnoxious voices. Grayson was obsessed with Kid Cudi, it was kind of adorable. He pulled up to my apartment shutting off the car.

“so uh E and I are having a party tonight, and I would really like it if you came. I know you don’t like Ethan but we can ignore him and just hang out and..” Grayson started rambling.

“of course I’ll come G.” I said cutting him off.

“great, I’ll see you later tonight.” Grayson said giving me a hug.

I got out of the car walking back to my apartment. My phone lit up with a text from Ethan.

Ethan: Grayson and I are having a party tonight, you in?

: G just invited me so yeah I’m in.

Ethan: but that means we can’t hang out right, cause you don’t want Grayson to know.

: Ethan it’s not that I don’t want him to know, I’m just not ready to tell him yet. We can still hang out we just have to make it seem like we still semi-hate each other.

Ethan: I can respect that. I’ll see you tonight.

: see you tonight!

Ethan: oh and Y/N?

: yeah?

Ethan: I semi-hate you (;

: I semi-hate you too <3

I laughed before laying on my couch. I ended up falling asleep due to the lack of sleep from the night before. I woke up a couple messages on my phone from Ethan and Grayson. I opened Grayson’s message first.

Grayson: party starts at 6:00 at the warehouse, don’t worry there will be other girls there

I checked the clock, it was 5:00. I quickly sent a text back to Grayson.

: okay thanks G, see you in an hour.

I opened Ethan’s messages next.

Ethan: Grayson is annoying me.

Ethan: he’s trying his best to make this party perfect.

Ethan: I mean I’m the life of the party.

Ethan: all I have to do is show up.

Ethan: he told me to clean my room.

Ethan: the party isn’t going to be in my room.

Ethan: tell him to stop, I’m begging you.

Ethan: Y/N stop ignoring me I need attention!

Ethan: I feel like a clingy ex-girlfriend.

Ethan: I’m going to stop now.

Ethan: I still semi-hate you by the way.

Ethan: okay goodbye see you later.

Ethan: that was my last message.

Ethan: I mean this message is my last message, goodbye.

I couldn’t stop laughing as I read each text. I typed a reply feeling tears roll down my cheeks from laughing to much.

: dang E, why you so obsessed with me?

Ethan: you make it hard not to be (; I have to get ready, catch you later cutie.

I quickly picked out a pair of jeans along with a sweater and cardigan. I curled my hair and applied some light make-up before heading over to the twins warehouse. I got there a little after 6:00 because I hate showing up early for parties. I walk in seeing a lot of teenagers and hearing loud music.

“Y/N!” Grayson called over the music.

I looked around finally spotting him. I ran over giving him a hug.

“who are all these people?” I asked looking around the room.

I only spotted a few faces I knew like David Dobrik, Zane Hijazi, and Toddy Smith.

“most of them are Ethan’s friends.” Grayson shouted over the music.

speaking of Ethan, I didn’t. see him anywhere. I shrugged my shoulders following Grayson. Grayson and I hung out with David, who brought his girlfriend Liza, Zane, and Toddy.

“you guys are crazy.” I said, my side hurting from laughing too much.

“crazy in love.” David said earning a smack from Liza and making me laugh some more.

“oh my god I’m going to pee myself if I don’t go now.” I said getting up from where we were sitting.

“can I join?" Toddy asked wiggling his eyebrows.

"that’s a solid no.” Grayson said throwing a pillow at Toddy and Zane.

I smiled walking away from the boys and Liza. I heard conversation happening near the bathroom making me stop. I peered around the corner seeing Ethan with a girl.

“seriously Ethan, you ignore me for a week and now you don’t want to kiss me. I’m your girlfriend Ethan.” the girl said crossing her arms across her chest.


“I know, I’m sorry. Come here babe.” Ethan said kissing her.

I could literally hear the sound of my heart breaking. I took a deep breath trying to prevent the tears from falling. I cleared my throat making Ethan pull away from the girl. He looked at me his eyes going wide in horror.

“Y/N I..” Ethan started but I immediately cut him off.

“save it Ethan." I said pushing past him.

I fought through the teenagers finally reaching the front door. At this point tears were streaming down my face. How could I be so stupid? It wasn’t real, none of it was real.  

"Y/N wait please let me explain.” Ethan shouted catching the attention of everyone including Grayson.

I got out the door as quickly as I could but not quick enough. Ethan caught my arm stopping me.

“please let me explain.” Ethan pleaded.

“Ethan, I don’t want an explanation. It’s my fault. I was so stupid for thinking that this was anything but a game. It was just a game after all right, I was the stupid one who let myself fall in love with you. You know I knew you were going to break my heart, but a part of me really hoped you wouldn’t.” I said feeling embarrassed.

“it wasn’t just a game for me either. I mean I had a girlfriend the entire time but I swear everything I said and everything I did, it was genuine.” Ethan defended.

“well congratulations Ethan you won the game but you lost me.” I said walking away.

part three maybe?

A Sketch Commission for @acellura
Illustration to If I Ever Let You Down, Forgive Me

Setting his drink aside, an idea suddenly hit Keith. He rose to his feet so that he could stand in front of Lance. He bowed and offered Lance his hand. “To make it up to you, how about you dance with me then, my prince?”

Red took over Lance’s face, and Keith had to fight the smirk that threatened to find its way onto his lips. “Fine,” Lance said with a pout while taking Keith’s hand gingerly. “But only because I really want to dance, and because you killed my chances with any of the girls here.”

Keith helped Lance to his feet, giving him just enough time to put his drink down before they were making their way out onto the dance floor. When they found a spot, Lance wrapped his arms around Keith’s neck as Keith placed his hands on his waist. Keith had to stare up at Lance because of the slight height difference, but for some reason, it pleased him to see the faint blush on Lance’s cheeks. The two of them swayed together, and it wasn’t long before the tightness that had once resided in Keith faded along with everything else going on in the background.

Commission Info


Originally posted by fineartstyles

Pairing: Shawn x Reader

Request: It just kinda came to mind

Warnings: Angst….

A/N: Okay! So I hope you guys like this I wanted this to be fluffy! but like I don’t know when or where shit went wrong lololol enjoy???

“Congratulations Mrs. Mendes, you’re pregnant.” I couldn’t stop the tears that streamed down my face as I rushed out of the hospital thanking the doctor and ran out to my car to go home and tell Shawn the good news,

Pregnant, the word made me smile so wide through my tears, I wrapped an arm around my stomach and got in the car driving to the house,

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cartoonfangirlblog  asked:

So, do you think lotor will betray team voltron?

I’ve heard a lot of rumbling about this, which I think is, uh… really funny.

Lotor is pretty much running on empty. You have to consider that s4e4 took at a minimum more than a day- probably several- and that entire time, Lotor and the generals had no place to regroup and were floating in space before going to the rift gate on Daibazaal.

After that, Lotor dislocated his shoulders, skimmed an unstable star, and the only sleep he was getting was dozing fitfully at the cockpit of his own fighter.

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To Build A Home - Chapter 10

Previous chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Okay first of all, just excuse me while I scream because this chapter took FOREVER, and I don’t even know why, but whatever…Thank you guys so much for your patience… Also a HUGE round of applause (or even a sneaky follow) for @tinysidestrashcaptain who helped write some of the dialogue for this chapter, and the next couple. Without her, this wouldn’t have been written at all.  Another thing, this story will for sure be more than 10 chapters as I underestimated it, oops….Alright, now that that’s out of the way, let me return to screaming. 

 WARNINGS: Nausea, past child abuse mentions, mention of car accident, hospitals, very negative thinking, slight panic attack. 

Tag list: @toxicsanders @maya-tl @that-space-gay-writes @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @thisisthepumpkinqueen @not-so-innocent-bi-sander @pantasticpanini  @cleverly-logan @emo-space-trash @cefmua56 @aikogumi @the-sides-of-patton @abstractedthinking @helloisthisusernametaken @treehouseart @cinnamonrollpatton @randomslasher @redundant-statements-for-400 @2manyfandoms2count-love @ravenclaweq @amityravenclawelf @cinquefoilelove @princeyssash @storytellerofuntoldlegends @cosmic-melodies @giraffeanimal @atomicengineerdetective @yep-another-fander @analogicalisreal @celiawhatsherlastname @twinkly-lights @notallpotatoesarefrenchfries @greymane902 @kittyboof8 @poisonlyra @just-a-gay-trans-kid @thatcraxygirl15 @undertakershairline @emo-sanders-sides-loving-unicorn @migraine-marathon @xxrosethehumanxx @destielsabriellover @alyssadashrub @nyxwordsmith @virgilsspidercurtains @loverofpizzaandallthingssweet @scouttheoneandonly @carrotflowerking17 @slowtownsanders @littleoptimistme @coffee-spice @toomuchstuffnotenoughcreativity @justanotherpurplebutterfly @spillingspells @imthemayan @shadowjag @mydogsaresofuckingstupid @alzac-saber @tripleaaaqueer @docetuga @brieflyenchantingcoffee @thilb0burrit0 @protecterofalltheaus @that-one-percussion-person @stuckonswan @bubblycricket @datonerougecookeh @lizziepopanime @thisimmortalnerd @lilt886things @considerbuttongwinett @potatoes-and-depression @i-just-punched-malfoy @jade7he9em @meyonto-the-nonbinary-royalty @smileydog101 @virgil-sander-is-life-tbh @jordisama @mdazzleyt @eveserose @galaxcyboy @starving-for-stability @angelpatton @dont–talk–to–me @lilaiahkingsleigh @totalwhovian @sylveon-lover-crazyfangirl1415 @countessmissyshort @elderpriceley @peonydan @jiyudreamer @haileybubble @sandersidestrash1 @freepaperie081 @momolinia @more-punk-pebble @dragonslayer-emily @andy-the-anon @moose-squirrel05 @emma123patka @frigglishsprite413 @bookwormravenclaw @brileyluvsyoutube @dj-enderz @misc-merde @88milesperhourbitch @sanspie122 @ameliathecay @blogfamousbouquetzombie @alwaysmy-lilith @captainhadeslover @puns-and-patton @didsomeonesayprince @tree4life25 @demonickittykat @fluffyleemew @abigail-diane @dudapoconeh @novagalaxy4real @darastrix-thurirl @bri-cas @lizethemotherlycat @nonbinarynerdbot @gaythingsingayplaces @aaronsnotthere @myspace-anxiety @himrachel @lynlinked @theawesomemaple @introverts-assemble @bi-314 @my-cat-is-cuter-than-me @thepusheenqueen @v-blue-writer @naomilotus64 @itcouldbegay  @theroyalramen @roxiefox23 @wildhorsewolf @nerd-in-space @tinyten19 @lucyheartfilia123 @thesleepyraziel 

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Also on Ao3 here

Patton didn’t say a word as he drove, his eyebrows knitted together in a frown, and Virgil didn’t ask what had happened. To be truthful, he was too afraid to know the answer.

His mind was running wild with theories and questions of why Logan was in hospital, but there was one thing that his brain kept asking, one thing he couldn’t ignore or brush aside.

Would Logan survive?

Virgil wanted to believe so. Logan was strong and smart, surely someone as good as he was wouldn’t die so soon, that would just be cruel.

But then again….

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Bloodied (Nolan Holloway)

Fifth Installment of the Broken Series

Broken, Bruised, Burned, Battered

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“well hello again.” The familiar voice of Tamara Monroe rung out.

Remember how I said Nolan was going to get me killed? I think he just did.

I looked up glaring at Monroe. It was only Monroe and one other guy but, they both had their guns pointed at me. I could take them, I just needed a distraction. She put the barrel of the gun right between my eyes.

“you know I always thought of myself as a bit of a psychic, I had a feeling you were going to die, and well it looks like my prediction came true.” Monroe said moving her finger to the trigger.


The other hunter turned his attention to where Theo stood waving his arms. He  aimed his gun emptying his rounds on him. I took this time to grab the barrel of the gun that was pressed to my head before head butting Monroe in the face. She fell backwards grabbing her bleeding nose.

“I thought you were a psychic, bitch.” I growled before kicking the gun away from her.

The man, realizing what was happening, struggled to reload his weapon. I pulled out my belt clicking it in place. I swung it in one swift motion and the hunter fell to the ground.


His head separated from his body.

I killed him.

Monroe looked in horror, as did I.

“oh my gosh.” I breathed looking at what I had just done.

A arm reached out pulling me away. I looked up at Theo dragging me back to the car we came in. Liam was in the backseat passed out. The tires squealed as we pulled away from the zoo. I stared straight ahead lost in my thoughts. That man probably had a family and I took him away from his family. Nolan was right, I really was a monster now. So many thoughts were going through my head I barely heard Theo speak up from beside me.

“are you okay?” Theo asked glancing at me.

“I killed him. I killed a man.” I said looking at him.

“you get used to it.” Theo said.


“if you don't calm down you can join Liam in the back seat.” Theo growled.


“It was self defense, theirs a difference.” Theo said.

“YOU KILL PEOPLE NOT ME!” I said breathing heavily.

“I haven’t killed anyone today. Can’t say the same for you.” Theo smirked.

He thought it was funny. This most definitely was NOT funny.

“I’m going to add you to my list if you don’t shut up.” I growled finally slowing my breathing.

“are you finally calm?” Theo asked.

I shook my head yes not really believing it myself. An awkward silence filled the car.

“oh god I’m going to throw up.” I said causing Theo to pull over.

I threw open the door releasing everything I had eaten for the past few days. The images of the man's decapitated head filled my mind making me throw up again.

“what’s going on?” Liam asked finally awakening.

“Y/N killed someone.” Theo shrugged like it was no big deal.

“YOU DID WHAT?” Liam asked shooting straight up.

“seriously would you both chill out. He was going to put a bullet through your head if you didn’t take his off.” Theo said.

“I have to tell Scott.” I said looking at my hands.

Theo sighed before making a right turn to Scott’s house. I didn’t know how I was going to tell him but I needed too. I didn’t mean to kill him, I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone. Theo pulled in to Scott’s driveway giving me an annoyed look. I got out of the car taking deep breaths. I walk inside to see Scott, Malia, Lydia, Mason, Melissa, and Chris crowded around a map.

“Scott.” I started causing everyone to look at me.

I wanted to tell him but nothing would come out. He walked over putting his hands on my shoulders.

“what happened?” He asked looking concerned.

“Scott I’m so sorry, I..” I started but was interrupted by Rafe McCall bursting through the front door.

“the guns, they’re all gone.” Rafe said looking at Scott.

“yeah we know.” Scott growled.

“No I mean they were distributed. Distributed to the citizens of Beacon Hills.” He said looking at all of us.

distributed? they were supposed to be destroyed.

“guys.” Lydia said but no one was paying attention.

“GET DOWN!” she screamed.

the first bullet shattered the window making us duck for cover but it was no use they poured in one by one. I cried out before everything became one big blur.


“Y/N!” I screamed as she rolled down the hill.

Liam growled coming at me, I tried to move past him but he threw me back. I couldn’t see where she was and it killed me.

“Liam I have to get her!” I said

“THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT.” Liam growled coming closer to me.

He was in full werewolf form backing me to the wall. I flinched as he punched the wall directly beside my head. He kept punching it again and again but never directly hit me. Suddenly Liam fell limp on the ground. Another guy stood behind him glaring directly at me.

“I’d run.” He said.

The other guy grabbed Liam dragging him off. I had to find her. I jumped up quickly trying my best to walk down the steep hill but I fell and went rolling too. I hurt my ribs on the way making it hard to breath. I hit the bottom feeling pretty rough. I was a little ways away but I could see everything. Monroe had the gun pointed right between her eyes.

“you know I always thought of myself as a bit of a psychic, I had a feeling you were going to die, and well it looks like my prediction came true.” Monroe said moving her finger to the trigger.

I tried to protest but I got the wind knocked out of me on the way down.


the other hunter turned to where the guy from earlier was and started shooting at him. Y/N grabbed the barrel of the gun Monroe was holding before hitting Monroe in the face with her head. Monroe fell backwards clutching her nose.

“I thought you were a psychic, bitch.” Y/N said kicking the gun away from her.

“watch out.” I croaked but it was barely audible.

the other hunter was reloading his gun about to shoot her. Y/N removed her belt which I now know was a sword all along. She clicked it in place before swinging it. I watched in horror as the man’s head was severed by her blade. The man’s body fell limp and his head right next to the body. She jumped back in awe of what she did.

“oh my gosh.” She said dropping the sword.

The other guy came over pulling her away. Monroe got up examining the body of the hunter. She soon noticed me laying in the dirt. She came over helping me up.

“this is who she really is Nolan.” Monroe said pointing at the dead hunter.

I couldn't get the image of the hunter out of my mind. I couldn’t get the image of her doing it out of my mind either. I laid awake all night thinking of it. What bothered me most is her killing him did nothing to me. I still wanted her, I still wanted to help her, protect her, love her.

I walked in to school exhausted from everything that happened yesterday. I managed to make it through my first three classes but there was no sign of Gabe anywhere. I got up when the bell rang dragging myself to the next class. Gabe suddenly appeared blocking my way. He had a cut on his face with blood still seeping out of it.

“we have a problem.” He said grabbing my arm.

He led me to the locker room showing me the cracked mirror.

“what happened?” I asked.

“Liam and Theo, they were here asking about what happened at the McCall house.” Gabe said looking at me.

I gave him a confused look.

“what do you mean what happened at the McCall house?” I asked.

Gabe looked down guilty.

“Gabe what did you do?” I asked.

“I did it for you.” He said.

“Gabe what are you talking about?” I asked again.

“I shot up the house, but I told Monroe it was you. All of them were inside except for Theo and Liam.” He said.

I immediately thought about Y/N.

 "why did you do that?“ I growled.

"you should be grateful, you’d be dead if it weren’t for me.” Gabe said getting in my face.

I took a deep breath taking off. I could feel the tears cloud my vision. She didn’t escape Monroe just to get killed by Gabe. I quickly got in my car driving to Beacon Hills Memorial. I ran up to the front desk asking if there was anyone with the last name Yukimura there. The nurse said no sending me away. More tears fell down my cheeks as I got back in my car. I refused to believe she was gone. I drove to her house seconds away from a panic attack. I ran to her door throwing it open.

“Y/N?” I called up the steps.

no answer. I quickly ran up the steps in her room but she wasn’t there either. I fell to my knees letting the tears roll down my cheeks. Suddenly the door slammed making me whip around. Scott stood there with his arms crossed in front of him.

“I knew you’d end up here eventually.” Scott said looking at me.

“where is she?” I asked.

“I can show you, but I’m going to need you to do something for us.” Scott said negotiating.

If I said yes there was no going back to Monroe.

“okay.” I said without hesitation.

“follow me.” Scott said walking out her door.

I followed behind him keeping my eyes on the ground. He led me to a blue jeep signaling for me to get in. I nodded my head getting in the passenger seat. To say this was an awkward situation was an understatement.

“what do I have to do?” I asked.

“you’ll know what to do when the time is right.” Scott said glancing at me.

what the hell did that mean?

“how did you know I would show up?” I asked.

“because I’ve been in love before, and I know what it looks like. You’ve never hurt anyone Nolan because deep down you’ve always known she was different but you loved her anyways. Now you just know what makes her and the rest of us different..” Scott said not taking his eyes off the road.

I took a minute to take in what he was saying. It was true, I always knew she was a little different but that’s what made me fall in love with her in the first place.

“She killed someone and I didn’t even care.” I said glancing at Scott.

“yeah Theo told me. He also told me how she proceeded to panic and then threw up afterwards. She would never mean to hurt anyone Nolan, I know her and so do you.” He said pulling in the parking lot.

I looked up to see the sign for Beacon Hills Animal Clinic. I gave him a confused look.

“we couldn’t take her to a hospital.” He said getting out of the car.

I followed after him. He opened the door before stepping to the side. She was laying on metal table, Liam was there holding her hand. His head snapped up as soon as I entered the room.

“what’s he doing here?” Liam growled.

“easy Liam, he’s here because he cares.” Scott said standing in front of me.

“whatever. I keep taking her pain but it isn’t doing anything.” Liam said.

Scott walked over leaning over her. She wasn’t moving.

“Is she dead?” I choked out.

I could feel a single tear run down my cheek.

“no but she’s going to be if we can’t get her to heal.” Liam said looking to Scott.

I walked closer to her. She had three bullet holes in her chest. I felt angry. I wanted to make Gabe pay for this.

“how do we get her to heal?” I asked looking at both boys.

“I don’t know, she needs to command the fox inside of her to heal itself but she can’t exactly do that right now.” Scott said.

“taking away her pain isn’t working either.” Liam said grabbing her hand again.

“can I try something?” I asked looking at Scott and then Liam.

Scott nodded his head moving out of the way. I walked to the side of her looking down at her perfect facial features. I took a deep breath before pressing my lips to hers. I kissed her with everything I had in me. I didn’t know if it would actually work but I needed to try.

“look.” Liam said.

I pulled away looking down at her. The three holes in her chest were healed over, like they were never there. She gasped shooting up off the table.


I like cliffhangers so you can have one more. Beaten coming soon xoxoxo