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Okay, I just gotta say that your OC's always put a smile on my face when I see them, and that last one had me gigglin like an idiot. Goodness, they're so awesome >u<

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I actually have a really hard time drawing them being happy and shit bc I’m so used to just making everything suffer jgrifjda

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Your 'honk' monster hybrid art piece is so cool and grotesquely beautiful and weirdly inspiring. Thanks for making it and sharing it, it's the first time in a long time I've felt like a piece of art has spoken to me (haha). At first I laughed, and then I just stared at it for a long time and felt so inspired to improve my own art, and I had to show it to my friend because it's so ... I don't know what to say, haha, it's really cool. Followed you bc your blog is also quality!

Thank you! I’m really stunned that people seem to like it so much! I drew it absently while watching a movie just to fill out an empty page in a sketchbook full of other monsters that I put thought and effort into. Somehow this is the most memorable one.

new things & stuff

hey so first off,  i had a lot of fun doing the pixel challenges lately, i made some stuff i really liked & it kind of gave me time to think about new things & ideas

for a while now I’ve been feeling like i want to make some changes, and now i feel like it’s about the right time for me. i’m not exactly sure what i’ll be changing yet, but probably just experimenting a little with my art, a change in how my blog looks and maybe even …a URL change *dramatic piano keys*.. Put an end the ‘can you make *Insert random fandom thing* transparent for me xxxx thanks’ kind of asks haha, so yeah heads up on that

but i basically just want to refresh this blog & make some cool stuff & enjoy it more you know  ~

good times (ahead)   👌🗿🍷 

So back in August a few months ago I woke up and, thinking I had appendicitis, went to the hospital. It turned out it was a kidney stone. But after looking at the x-ray the doctors caught sight of a baseball sized tumor on that same kidney. I went to another doctor’s appointment yesterday and am scheduling a procedure (I’m shooting for November) to attempt to remove the tumor.

In the meantime, I will be missing a week or possibly more of work due to the recovery time of this procedure. That is going to make rent and bills very hard in November on top of schoolwork. So I’m trying to work a lot now and save up for this, but if anyone would feel up to donating at all to help keep my head above water I’d greatly appreciate that. I would be happy to either make a bonus comic as a thank you, or do a few streams where I’ll draw whatever if it you guys request. 

My paypal is flame_valley16@sbcglobal.net, and my SaM email is orangeplum16@yahoo.com if you have any preference or concerns on the art I’ll draw you guys as a thank you. Just leave your username and your paypal information in your email so I know who’s who. I’ll post whatever you guys decide for the people on my patreon as well.

During the couple weeks around my procedure this blog will probably be inactive so I’m giving a heads up warning now. So I apologize if updates will start becoming slow from now through December.

Thank you.




I’ve been on here for about a month, and I cant thank you guys enough! This blog has literally made my summer, I’ve had so much fun and its really helped me expand my art! That’s the part I want everyone to hear, if you guys want to hear my talk for like a paragraph I’ll put it under.

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How are you at drawing humans? I'm at work, so I can't search through your blog like I'd like to... I'm very interested in the possibility of commissions! But... are you sure you're charging enough? Your art is beautiful, so I had to stop and double check when I saw the price

I can draw humons no problem ^^ (unless you saw my personification on my Meet the artist meme and you’re like: heeell no they can’t draw humans for shit) i just put skeletons all over the commission sheet because i love them so much rn XD And yes, i’m charging enough, don’t worry :3

Day # 1 | Alphyne

Platonic / Romantic

For Undertale shipping pride month, proposed by @katemarie999 . I’m going to try to do one paring at a time and will indicate wether I see it platonically or romantically.

I haven’t seen any platonic Undyne and Alphys, so that’s what i wanted to indicate here. :)

(I did this the day of I just wasn’t able to put it up because I had class ^^; gonna post on my main and personal art blog)

Undertale © Toby Fox

I was rereading The Lynburn Legacy last week and I kept noticing all of Kami’s descriptions of her clothes… All of these are (at least partly) described in the books. ft. Jared’s jacket. separate images on my art blogsociety6 

(also partly inspired by walkingnorth‘s fashionable fictional character thing :))

What I did yesterday...

Yesterday was a pretty good day, considering how bad Saturday was (meltdown bad day).
We were going to go to the park, but Trev got a call saying that the firm’s clients wanted something sooner so he had to work most of the day instead of hanging out. So instead, I just spent the day cleaning up my study/art room. It has been a total mess since we put shelves up on the walls ‘cos I’m trying to rearrange and reorganize everything (and unpack some boxes that were still sitting around), but after yesterdays work it’s looking a whole lot better. There’s still a lot to do, but I’m pretty happy with it. It’s going to be a really busy crowded room unfortunately, but I’m doing the best I can with the small amount of space I have to work with. I put up a small grid chalkboard that I bought at Daiso and I think it looks really cute. That’s the part I like the best right now.

The rest of the day went like this… Trev took Cash to play at the park while I cooked dinner. “Cooked” is a word used lightly since all I did was pan fry some Trader Joe frozen vaggie gyoza (MY FAVORITE!!) and baked some veggie tempura, also Trader Joe (MY SECOND FAVORITE!!). So we had a really good yummy meal and watched Community. Afterwards, Trev wanted to get some more work done so he did that while I played Skyrim.

In Skyrim, I was proposed to (I use that word lightly, he said “do you like me? Wanna get married?” and I said sure) and got married to a random Nord man who turned out to be homeless and racist. I tried to find his house because he said “wanna live at my house?” but it turned out he kind of “lived” at the local bar. I sorta knew all this going in, but I was bored and wanted to see what would happen if I got married. After realizing that I wouldn’t be able to adopt the little flower selling orphan girl at the edge of town, I decided it would be best if I just killed my new husband.

The first attempt ended badly (I got arrested), and after a fresh load and a new plan, I drank some vials of invisibility and successfully killed him. I don’t really know why it worked because I was sure it wouldn’t and I’d be damned to spend eternity with Angrenor Once-Honored, but I got out of there without the guards catching me, and when I came back his body was there (I took my wedding ring back) but the guards didn’t act like I’d done anything wrong. Cool! :) I don’t know if it’ll really work though. I still have the marriage amulet and I have our two wedding bands, but I don’t know if it’ll let me get remarried… So, we’ll see. Lol.

Skyrim is pretty fun. My next goal will be to buy a house. It’s almost like Harvest Moon! Only you can kill your spouse and adopt orphans (oh, and kill evil orphanage masters, yes I did that).

Hope you blacklisted your shit because this is not my fault that I didn’t put a filter up saying “somewhat spoilers for su”

Okay this is basically this otp challenge keeby sent me, and I just- had to-
I’m also going to do this with a few of my other ships but they will be posted on my art blog later

And a shipping trash bonus under the cut because I am complete tra sh

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Your art is improving so much and getting so cute!! I may or may not be crying put of pure happiness for youuu uwu

omg thank u fren ;u; i had a bit of a breakdown yesterday hence the new blog but i think it was what i needed to get my inspiration back. idk i feel like there’s less pressure?? it just feels nice. :p

2k Followers - Martial Arts / Birthday Promo

So I just hit 2,000 followers and it’s blown my mind! I’ve only been here for a year and didn’t expect my blog to grow so quickly! I love making tutorial videos and gifs, I’m going to stick around for sure!

It’s my birthday on May 10th too, I’m really grateful for all the support I’ve had so far and want to do a little to help promote anyone else out here! So on my birthday I’ll be putting out a post promoting anyone that shares this post by then! Add your favourite move in the post or your tags for me to read, I’ll check them all!

What I’ll Do For You

  • Share at least 10 posts from your blog - Especially any original content
  • List your blog on a May 10th Master Post
  • Give martial arts blogs a video Shout-out
  • Follow you if I like your content

How To Enter

  • Be a martial artist or a martial arts fan
  • Re-blog this post and add your favourite move to the post and/or tags

Closing Date: May 10th - 23:00 BST - CLOSED

Hope you like it ^^

Asriel from “The Plan” belongs to @rustnut

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I really want to learn how to draw but I'm afraid of how bad my art will look. I don't want people making fun of my work behind my or anything. Do you have any suggestions for beginners?

My suggestion? Ignore them. It seems super hard, and I know that it may be you know- stupid - for me to say such things but you just have to be confident in your work. We all were in places were we had terrible art or something we weren’t proud of, hell it still happens! We just need to keep on trying and trucking forward!

And if it does end up on a blog like mine or is on my blog please DON’T BE AFRAID OF ASKING FOR IT TO BE BROUGHT DOWN. It doesn’t matter how many notes it has, it will be put down and if a bad art blog refuses: ask me and I will aid you in asking for the taking down of the artwork

Now on how to get better?

Look at objects around you and practice drawing it. Take note of all the little details in life and admire them. Look at the human body, animals, ANYTHING you want to get better at and draw it. Draw it again, don’t be adraid to keep trying because I know that you will get better. Practice and inspiration are strong keys to making a great artist.

Just know that life around you can provide an amazing amount of tutorials as well as places on tumblr! So look around the web, take art classes, or admit work for museums.

Bottom line: Just keep working and don’t care what people say. I believe you can make amazing things.


To the anon-san who has been chewing me out saying aoinga had said she doesnt want her art reposted by anyone and how I steal art,me, er-chan and planetmilkthings managed to contact her .I asked her on both my accounts one in english and one in japanese on my official unisonraidd one and ironically she has yet replied to the English one which was a surprise.BUT as you see the artist has no problem with her art being reposted.Just wanted to put this here for anon to see :3 and all the other gruvia blogs who repost from her to know its alright^^


Argh I love you all to death!! <333 I’m really thankful for having you all here just like and reblogging my art because It’s honestly really flattering!! <3 thank you so so much for everything! if you were here on my blog like months ago(?) when I still had a few followers, tHANK YOU ^///^ Thank you so much for staying up until today!!! I’m really glad you stayed <3 As for the new ones, Welcome to my blog!! ^^ thank you for following me <3 it may just look like pressing a blue button but for me its like seeing you guys accept me for what I do <333

omf I’m putting way too many hearts on everything xD 



my blog got deleted

hi! it’s vicky, and I used to own ushiwakatoshis before it got deleted.

well, it didn’t get deleted; I accidentally deleted it while trying to switch urls (I know, how stupid can this girl be? Very stupid indeed. 

and wow it feels as if I have lost my right hand arm. As you can imagine, I’ve put hard work into that blog, uploading fan art that takes me days to create, creating a pretty damn big and organised tagging system, making a friends page, and most importantly forming such great friendships with so many lovely and beautiful people. 

anyways, I’ve restarted but not yet renovated my blog! I know that it will take me a while to get into the swing of things again, and I just had to do this at such an inconvenient time (peak of exam period, rip) too. 

Special mention to Rebecca, for offering to help me out- she’s so kindly offered to help me renovate my blog so it goes back to it’s normal state. i love you

I’m seeking help from the mutuals and followers that I remember, but I know that I won’t remember all of you lovely people so, 

please please please reblog this post to signal boost this, to help me out. 

The worst thing that could happen is that people would think that I simply left them, which is CLEARLY NOT THE CASE. 

so yes, RIP (literally) ushiwakatoshis and vicky.