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I'm sorry to bother u, I was trying to read through those two paragraphs u posted and my brain just couldn't grasp what they were saying lol could u maybe explain it for my simple brain lol

A matching right is a right in a contract that says that one party has the right to match any offer that the other party gets for their next contract. So, if Columbia had a matching right on any solo contracts coming out of 1D, and they chose to exercise it, they would have the right to match any offer that Harry got from any other label. That “bidding war” that the press keeps mentioning could have happened, but Columbia always had a leg up, because no matter what offer Harry got, Columbia got the chance to match. Harry couldn’t say, “Nope, I’m taking the Capitol deal,” because as long as Columbia was willing to match whatever Capitol was offering, Harry was obligated to sign with them.

A right of first negotiation is a right in a contract that says that at the end of that contract, the one party gets first dibs, basically. That the other party isn’t allowed to negotiate their next contract with anyone else for a certain period of time. I think this is a less likely explanation for Harry’s deal, but coupled with the matching right, it may explain how negotiations went down.

Another term common in contracts but not listed on that site is a right of first refusal. This is a right in a contract that says that if one party is going to undertake a particular transaction – say, go solo – the other party gets to decide first whether they want to be the one to be the other party to that deal.

It’s possible some variation of all of these were in their old contract and thus limited whatever options all of them had for signing solo deals.

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Could I request MC having a bad nightmare and texting/calling one of the RFA members late at night please? Before or after the main ending :) (btw I absolutely adore your writing <333)

I fell a little behind on posting for… personal reasons, but the rest of the bomb should go smoothly. Sorry about any confusions of delay’s.


  • It was 3am, he was still up playing LOLOL
  • He didn’t see his phone ringing until the second call, but when he did, Yoosung signed off for a moment
  • When he picked up the phone, he was surprised to hear MC sniffling
  • Yoosung’s heart shot to his throat, immediately asking if she was okay? did something happen?
  • MC explains she just… she had a really scary dream
  • She didn’t know who else to call
  • Yoosung is flattered, and he talks to her for almost an hour
  • By the time she hangs up, she’s calmed down from the nightmare, and it’s time he go to bed too
  • MC thanks him for doing this, saying he’s very reliable in that it’s reliable that he’ll still be awake at 3am
  • Yoosung’s heart soars hearing this, so he strives to become more reliable to become a man worthy of her kind words


  • Jaehee was woke up by a phone call
  • “No, Mr. Han, I will not go to the mini mart to get ice cream for you at 3am.”
  • She hangs up on Jumin after that
  • Two minutes later (or thirty, she’s not sure) she gets another call
  • “Mr. Han, Elizabeth doesn’t need ice cream either!”
  • “Jaehee?”
  • Jaehee checks her caller ID and realizes it’s MC
  • “Oh, I’m so sorry MC. Is something wrong? Are you okay?”
  • “Does Jumin call you often in the middle of the night?”
  • Jaehee groans, “More often than I would like. But why are you calling?”
  • Jaehee is too quick for MC, even if she’s sleep deprived
  • MC explains she had a bad dream, and this creepy apartment is just…. it’s not helping her get back to sleep
  • So Jaehee talks to her and they chat for a good ten minutes before Jaehee dozes off
  • MC just listens to Jaehee’s breathing until she hangs up inches from sleeps door


  • He wakes up to a phone call at 3am, cursing whoever is disturbing his beauty sleep until he sees MC’s name
  • He immediately picks up and hears the sound of her softly weeping, but barley able to get a word out
  • “Where are you?” “A-apartment-” “I’m on my way.”
  • Like, he runs to her if he can travel no other way, knocks on her door, and holds her, no questions asked
  • He offers to stay with her, asks if she wants to talk about it, and just holds her until she calms down
  • Doesn’t leave her side until morning when he has to go to work


  • The only reason they’re apart is because he’s temporarily out of town on business
  • He’s in an earlier time zone and is about to settle down for sleep when he gets her call
  • He knows it’s late where she is, and she be a little bit of a night owl, so he doesn’t think anything of picking up the phone… then he hears her crying
  • Jumin’s immediately on edge, wanting to know what happened? Is she safe? Is there anything he can do?
  • When MC tells him it was just a nightmare, albeit a really bad one, Jumin decides to lay down for the night and talk to her
  • MC tells him about her dream, and he does his best to soothe her over the phone
  • In the background, he hears Elizabeth purring, so he rightfully assumes she’s trying to soothe MC as well
  • Eventually, while they’re chatting, MC drifts off listening to the sound of his voice
  • As soon as he’s sure she’s asleep, he books a flight home for the morning (his work is all but wrapped up here, all he needs to do is a few pieces of paperwork, so it’s fine)


  • He was working
  • Or trying to work
  • MC was super distracting whether she knew it or not
  • So Saeyoung kept looking at MC approximately every 3 seconds, but she’d been sound asleep for the last few hours
  • Then she rolled over so he couldn’t see her face anymore
  • Saeyoung managed to work continuously for a good twenty minutes before he got a text
  • “Hey, 707, are you okay right now? Are you safe? Am I safe?”
  • He texts back, “Of course, MC! God 707 will protect you with his dying breath!”
  • Saeyoung waited for a response for five minutes as he watched MC stare at her phone, type something, then delete and retype it
  • Eventually, she sent, “but what about you? Aren’t you safe?”
  • “Safe as I can be. I’m a dangerous person, MC. I have a lot of enemies. You should always keep your guard up around me.”
  • When he looked up from his phone, he saw MC crying, looking absolutely terrified
  • Saeyoung suddenly calls her
  • “Are you okay? What happened?!”
  • MC explains the dream she had of someone she knew to be Saeyoung being tortured and killed by the hacker, and because it felt so real, she was really scared
  • Saeyoung ends managing to use his 707 persona to help lighten the mood, calm her down, and get her to go to sleep

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(Because it's something I kinda struggle with myself sometimes) Guzma finding out that the Champion struggles with Self-Worth/has an Inferiority Complex and doesn't think they deserve being the Champion? They even don't understand how they beat him so many times?

Guzma fell to his knees in disbelief.  How many times has it been? Hundreds? Thousands?  Over and over he was knocked down and defeated by some kid.  

“How?” He asked himself.  

“What is wrong with you?” He flinched at those words, but suddenly realized that for the first time, it wasn’t directed toward him.  

“That was such a fucking risky move!  Why did I do that?!”

The Champion stood there, their fists clenching their hair tightly, clearly frustrated.  Guzma slowly got up, confused and yet worried for the Champion.  

“Hey.  Ya won.  Why the fuck are you so frustrated?” 

The Champion kept silent, slowly crouching into a fetal-like position.  

“You fucking beat me every time, kid!!” Guzma stormed closer to the Champion, towering over them.  The only response he got was muffled whimpers and sniffles.  He saw the Champion start to shake.  He realized that they were crying.

“I-I’m sorry…” The Champion stood up slowly and wiped their tears away, but they only kept flowing down their rosy cheeks.  

“You’re right… I don’t have the right to be frustrated.  I’m sorry.” Their head hung heavily.  

Guzma sighed and carefully placed a hand on the Champion’s shoulder, “Look… I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to be so harsh on ya.  You just… surprised me.”  

“Lately…” They wiped their tears, “I’ve been so careless, so sloppy.  My Pokemon work so hard for me, and everyone puts their trust on me and I just let them down.  I make so many careless mistakes that I could get my Pokemon hurt… or someone else’s.”

They paused for a minute, still sniffling and gasping.  Guzma scratched his head, he was in a bind.  He was so surprised to hear those words coming from the Champion’s mouth.  He remembered battle after battle how they would keep smiling, saying kind words to the former gang leader every time.

“Please don’t be so harsh on yourself.”

“You’re really strong, Mr. Guzma.  Please don’t give up.”

“There’s nothing wrong with you, Guzma.”

It pissed him off a little to see the kid hurt like this.  It pissed him off that he didn’t realize that this kid felt the same kind of tension that he did.  It pissed him off even more to see that they did feel like that.  

“I feel so worthless.  I don’t deserve this title.  I don’t even get how I can beat you every time we meet.”  Their soft voice snapped Guzma from his thoughts.

Guzma sat down and beckoned the Champion to sit next to them.  

“Look kid,  there’s nothing with you.  You’re an amazing and strong trainer and ya take care of ya Pokemon.  Anyone can tell that your Pokemon are happy to be with ya and they care for ya.  I think you do deserve the title, but ya know it comes with a lot of responsibility.  It’s a tough world out there, but you’re doing just fine.”

The Champion thought for a minute about his words.  The raced around over and over.  They were seeing a side of Guzma they had never seen before, and wasn’t sure if anyone else had either.

“Guzma… why are you so harsh on yourself?” The Champion had finally stopped crying and was now looking up at the man.

“Ya boy’s been through a lot, more than you’d ever know, and I hope you never go through the same thing.  But battling ya, seeing the impact ya made to Alola, and pretty much saving me from… you know who… it makes me feel a bit motivated to keep pushing myself to do better even if ya do royally piss me off sometimes.”

The Champion giggled, “I feel that… the people and my Pokemon look up to me so much that I’m scared of making the smallest mistake.  That I’d fail everyone.”

Guzma scoffed and punched the Champion’s arm playfully, “Maaan, fuck what people think.  You just keep doing you and if they have a problem then ya boy is gonna teach them a lesson!”  

“Thank you, Guzma…”  The Champion stood up holding their hand out to Guzma and once again wearing that bright smile he adored so much.  “Let’s go get some Tapu Cocoa, on me!”  

“Yeah, with the money I gotta pay ya for winning!”

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Wow why was you called Out?

Oh, well… it was the inevitable question I guess….

It was last year, I don’t remember too well what was happening or what was I talking about, but i know it had to do with Steven Universe and race or kins?. 

So, someone (sorry for being vague but I don’t wanna put them in trouble) told me that I needed to admit that Amethyst was an stereotype of the “Wacky black women friend” and… I wasn’t feeling so good and I just had a post that talked about Stereotypes so I sort of did other one saying that I saw Amethyst more as a “Party-wrecker Latinx” and that stereotypes where unidimensional characters while Amethyst was not, I sounded a little mad because I was really tired and tbh it was my fault….

So… that pal took screenshots of my post an the answer i gave them and they made a post about it saying something like “Goopy-Ame is anti-black moodboard” and other junk calling me anti-black and tbh I was scared and confused because I really didn’t got it and I wasn’t fully aware.

Since the whole thing was on public I apologized on public… three times for my incompetence and my harmful behavior and offending people, since then I ask people to please PLEASE send me a private message before taking that step when I fuck up so i can learn because I am not perfect and I’m still learning, its not an obligation but theres a huge possibility that if i said something wrong is because i am not aware of it…. 

academicgangster replied to your post: tony wearing 3 layers of black underneath the iron…

He just wants to be Warm. Will be ever be warm

you can’t,,,just fuckign,,,say this to me,,,,i am perpetually in “hey remember when tony was Freezing In A Cave and could see his breath and didn’t see the sun for Three Months” hell i am in “remember when tony recently had a supremely bad time in siberia and was left there in a disabled suit” hell i will always be in “remember how tony’s entire body is highkey giving up on itself and i’ve recently been reminded that a lot of people’s old injuries and surgery scars hurt in the cold” hell his parents were killed a week before christmas tony+cold=Bad Times listen when will my soft boy be allowed to be safe and cozy and okay

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I saw Harry got rid of his promo pictures for four on fb and now ppl are saying that won't look good for him hating One Direction or make it look like he's better then the others? I don't understand what? He hasn't used his Facebook in a while so to clear it all out for his solo debut I think that's ok? I don't think anyone really remembered he had a Facebook anyways? I just found out about it last year adfghjfd do ppl outside of the fandom care about any of this? Sorry the analyzing here is...

GOD ppl really will find anything to complain about won’t they!!! like lmao I’ve had that page liked I think since Four came out, tbh, and it was literally NEVER used at all? Those were the only couple posts on it, it wasn’t like it was regularly updated or anything lmao so why does it matter this much???? I just don’t understand people wanting to keep them all so, so, so tied to the band when like…they aren’t working as a band rn. And that’s fine???? Idk lmao like I know people just look for reasons to be bitter but it’s wild how so many say they support them all individually but really only care about the band coming back 🤔

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Sorry to be so thick Julia but what do you think are the implications of the No Court Date for Louis thing you posted? You said it explained why the wind was blowing form another direction? I hope its not delayed - just want it over, his name cleared publicly and no longer the thing the media throws in to any article about him. :(

i meant that the tone of the articles about louis and the situation had changed yesterday. one was very positive like “louis is fan friendly” etc and the other “exclusively revealed” stuff about the pap’s history that could have been reported on for a month. they know the case is not a case and are now approaching the arrest from another angle. they admitted that the prosecution was still reviewing if there was a case at all in another article so.. they’re changing tune because the court date was most likely annulled (surprise! not.). and the moral of the story is that louis’ team could have actively prevented those headlines all month long had they put any effort into getting the actual proceedings out there. but they’re ugly assholes that let him be portrayed as someone who hits women :)

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ohh im sorry um, there was this kidna,, drama? where they wrote this rlly ,, guilt trippy post tht was basically "children that have crushes on adults are just as gross and predatory as adults that have crushes on children" and im pretty sure the post u reblogged frm them was referencing the backlash they recieved? idk im sorry if u didnt know about the drama i realize now i probably sounded like an ass

alright, y'all, i really really do not want to get involved in stuff like this but as someone who is personally friends with him and has had this subject brought up in conversation (albeit, very briefly, and i admittedly am so out of touch with the going-ons on tumblr that i might not have every detail) the way i understand it is that this is all a result of probably pretty shitty wording on his part and is not much more than a misunderstanding. 

The way i understand it, the post was meant to state the point that minors who actively pursue relationships with adults they look up to or idolize is uncomfortable and not a very okay thing to do. i have so little belief that he would ever INTENTIONALLY imply that kids having a simple crush on someone over 18 is JUST AS PREDATORY as actual real life pedophiles who pursue children.

i have no idea whether or not the post i reblogged from him was in relation to this specific subject at all, but even so i still agree that anyone who sends repeated death threats and nasty asks to someone on anon and then proceeds to basically beg them to respond is probably not worth attention.

and just to cover my bases here so i am not misunderstood: i have zero opinions on the specific point that he brought up about kids having crushes on adults, i only have information as to what he meant to say with his original post.

my only view on any subject even remotely related to this is that pedophilia is gross and wrong, in any form.

sorry for another ooc post, but I’ve been seeing something lately and it really irks me. on some tumblr blogs, people repost art without credit or care for who made it. it isn’t my art, but it’s extremely upsetting to see people repost art from fandoms, sometimes art pieces that still have watermarks on them, and post them to their blog without a care in the world.

in the people’s minds it may be harmless, like they just want to repost a pic they found on another site and not go through the trouble of reblogging it somewhere or giving proper credit, but that’s literally stealing work. it makes me sick. as an artist I know it takes a long time to make art pieces, and as I get better in the future, it’ll take longer to finish pieces. reposting art pieces and not giving the op validation through that is really cruel imo

don’t be a dick and post art that isn’t yours, especially without credit ,,, I’m upset that this isn’t common knowledge

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hey so this isnt a call out really but i cant see the contents of any of the asks posted when on my dash and i think its cause they're usually posted without any response. i think you might need to add a space or a period when posting asks. i just see a blank post with tags and its getting annoying that i cant see anything

Sorry about that! I (stupidly) thought that problem had been fixed and stopped adding them. I’ll start putting dashes in the responses again, thanks for letting me know!!
- Casper from Internal Affairs

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hey! i wanted to let you know that i think your cas/stages of grief meta was absolutely amazing. cas's story never really made sense to me, it always seemed so inconsistent, like they had no idea where they were going with it, and your meta is the first i've read that made me see some central theme in it after all. so kudos for that :) just out of curiosity, you have any idea where they're going with crowley? bc his story is another one that always felt the opposite of straightforward to me.

Whats your hope for Crowleys arc on this season?

Hi! Thank you so much for all that! I am the most awful person, because not only I’m like, two months late in answering this but I’m also going to bundle it up with an anon ask. Sorry, @andallthewildthingsroared!

(I did write the overly long thing I promised you, though, so there’s that.)

I understand where you’re coming from - Crowley’s arc is sort of zigzaggy, but if you take away what was clearly bad characterization (such as that one-off threat to Sam complete with red eyes which never went anywhere), I sort of feel like we can know who Crowley is, and what he wants.


So, just as a summary - we know he was a bastard, and that he had a stable enough relationship with his mother that he remembers her (not fondly), and that she up and left soon enough that it felt like she was abandoning him (eight is a bit soon to fend for yourself, even in the seventeenth century). We know he had a son, and since Gavin’s mother is never mentioned, I want to say unremarkable entity who died in childbirth? Because if this had been his great love, and if she’d survived long enough to be remembered by Gavin, I hope to God that would have been brought up in the narrative (come on). So, either Crowley didn’t give a damn about her, and got saddled with the kid for some reason, or he cared a lot and she died pretty early on and that’s possibly the reason he started being so awful to everybody (hello, John Winchester’s parallels). We also know he was a tailor, which, in those times, and for an orphan, implies either that Rowena used magic to help him out (unlikely for a number of reasons) or that he was actually a very smart, very talented kid who had to work his ass off during his apprenticeship, as was usual for the times. In this case, we’ve got someone whose life was out of his control from a very young age, and who knows what it’s like to be at a master’s whim. 

Demon deal

Now, what doesn’t fit with this picture is the idea a kid like that would sell his soul for a longer dick, as Crowley boasted to have done (also, as amusing as it is, this would be a moot point by now, since Crowley’s in a different body). What I consider more likely is that Crowley’s current vessel - the literary agent in his late forties possibly all work and all play as that job often entails - tried to make a similar deal (and that would be a reason for Crowley to stick with the body afterwards; after all, we know he’s vain and likes to sleep around, so, vessel for vessel, why not go for a bigger dong?); as for Crowley himself, I really can’t guess what happened. Gavin remembers him as a useless drunkard, and he certainly had no riches to pass on - so much so, Gavin was forced to emigrate to the Colonies. What did Crowley gain, exactly, in exchange for his soul? An intriguing possibility is that, like Dean, he took the deal to save someone else - perhaps Gavin himself from some childhood fever - and became a drunk asshole out of blind panic the closer he got to the deadline. I like this explanation, because there was always this weird pull between Crowley and Dean, and this would go a long way towards explaining it; but, really, this is one of those things it’s useless to speculate about - either the show will tell us, or it won’t.

(Another possibility I like, but which would have come up by now, is that Rowena sold her kid’s soul to pay for her own magic - a plot bunny I explored here.)

Whatever his reasons, Crowley’s time in hell took this primal lack of control over his own life and made it a thousand times worse. We still don’t know, exactly, how demons are created, how long it takes, and who decides which eyes you’ll get, and which job you’ll do. This is, like, one of the 2000 things the show could get into instead of inventing new lore (I’m not complaining, though - S11 was magnificent, and S12 has been very good so far). What we do know is that the entire process is excruciatingly painful; that it distorts, or takes away, your human soul. If we think about other soulless creatures we’ve encountered, what Crowley is makes a lot of sense. It’s not about being evil, exactly; it’s more about a lack of caring and empathy. There are moments where Crowley actually reminds me of soulless!Sam - like when he pushed Dean into Cain’s arms just because it was convenient on the short term. 

Crowley the crossroads demon

Becoming a demon is also the worst kind of punishment, we should assume, because it completely takes away your free will.

Keep reading

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You know how sometimes you mention how much attention Zane gets from the fandom? I hadn't really noticed it until you mentioned it, but yeah, the fandom seems to love him for some reason. I'm not a popular artist, but every time Im accepting requests/ post something with Zane in it people automatically request him/ latch on to him and what I'm getting at here is why??? He's not that interesting of a character imo?? (I think he had the potential, but, ya know,,) sorry this is a lot!!

zane is the fandom fave, the character that suffers a shit ton of self insertion and the reason why people get upset when you say you dont like him, bc they self inserted so much they take it almost as a personal attack lmao

ms zane is a mess i feel like they dont really know what to do with him so they try to mash in as much fanon hcs in as possible, but then again most of ms is,,, messy and butchered

i dont find him really interesting (or atleast just doesnt spark anything in me in particular) but it’s a “to each their own” sort of thing yk, aint no point in biting kids for liking what they like, most of the beef comes from the piss poor behavior a lot of his fans seem to have lmao

I’m sorry I try not to post personal stuff on this blog since it’s been dedicated to Dylan/Eric stuff, but I trust you guys. I’m just really exhausted and stressed with work and today was just shitty. I hope you all had a great day and good things happened for you.

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i’m really really really fucking angry. my friend made such a good and wholesome post and someone just had to go and be a fucking homophobe and ruin it. what the fuck. i’m piss ass angry for her. i don’t even think she knows. the person even had the gall to call it “nasty yaoi” please fucking….go away….fucking……you’re making me literally want to cry. why do people feel the need to add shitty horrible comments to good posts….what the fuck…..

My favorite blogger of all time and why


-the most beautiful soul
-really supportive
-super strong
-has your back
-did I mention STRONG AS FUCK
-so understanding
-validates you when you need it
-will probably call you out if you deserve it
-literally the best ever
-also she is very strong
-has kept going through any rough time she has had and has done me the great favor of being my friend which i can never thank her enough for

ticonderoguish said: That anon is fucking gross and I’m so sorry you had to deal with that. Even if your blog was dedicated to that, where do people get off saying talking about autism is annoying? Hope the rest of your day is better than what that asshat’s brought.

Thank u but honestly I am fine, I am just happy to be compared to anders. but yeah like, a few years back, autism was my special interest (and I did go on about it constantly on my blog). so like…. we don’t hate you because you’re autistic, just because you talk about your autistic special interest. riiiiight.

handraste said: im gonna roast this nug-anon in a bonfire so big that there’ll be enough meat for a whole camp of mentally ill kids im gonna kick this anon so hard that it’ll become the most popular meme of the year and you’ll see 100,000 meme videos and remixes of the said kick im gonna buy a mini drone and fly it into anon’s house and hide it while i play various screamo remixes of country music, such as “She Thinks My Tractors Sexy”

oh my gosh this is the Best reply. like honestly idk how this asshole thinks they’re upsetting me when their attempts at hate just get me lots of ppl being nice and supportive and wanting to fight them.