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(Note: Whoops I saved this in my drafts for some reason and I guess forgot about it? IDK? So this was something I meant to post when I just started the game. I’m now about 4 hours in, FYI. LOL I still don’t even have answers for what the hell this is about?)

Prazza: “They killed our people, infiltrated our floatilla, and tried to blow up one of our ships.”
Miranda: “That’s not how I’d have explained it, exactly. It was nothing personal.”
Jacob: “We can argue over who killed who later. Right now, we’ve got a job to do.”

Um, excuse me? Miranda, was it? Sorry, I had to ask because I, you know, just met you, and you even just admitted to wanting to put a control chip or whatever in my brain. Meanwhile here’s Tali, my best friend from years ago who I saved the world with, and her pals, telling me your people attacked them? 

What the fuck??? Um, no. Shepard would not just stand there with no reaction to this. In the very least, I’d expect her to look at MIranda and ask just how you would explain it, then? Is there a way to make that sound not awful as hell? Or is it supposed to be no big deal because it “wasn’t personal?” 

What is going on?

And shut the fuck up Jacob we certainly do have time to know if I’m working with people who attacked my friend!

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Looking back, now that we know for sure that he's releasing a single on april 7, do you think elvis duran talking about it was a mistake? The way they cut it from the audios and how harry had this big dramatic reveal with the video planned does make me think that they weren't supposed to talk about it. Then again i suppose it's possible they wanted build up anticipation to the announcement? I know we can't know for sure but what's your take on that?

I’m not sure, he may have spoken too soon, so it was cut. That kind of mistake I can understand if he misunderstood the “go” date was the 25th or something. 

But it seems clear now that other big DJ’s are posting about it that it’s part of a marketing plan, so I don’t think he really spoiled anything, we just had an idea of what was happening when Harry’s IG blasted us instead of being 100% confused, we were only 90% confused LOL!

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Nickname: none 
Zodiac sign: scorpio
Height: 5′4
Last Thing You Googled: rainbow pasta (dont ask)
Favourite music artist: i have so many but for now lets just say Zayn, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Carly Rae Jepsen 
Song stuck in my head: zara zara touch me from race lmaoooo
Last Movie you watched: get out 
What are you wearing right now: this bigass grey shirt and pajams 
What do you post: idek this blog is a mess but like ziam and bollywood mostly
Why did you choose your URL: lol
Do you have any other blogs: nope
What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You: yikes
Religious Or Spiritual: religious i guess? cause like how would u define spiritual
Favourite Colour: honestly i like every colour but imma just say red if i had to pick one
Average Hours Of Sleep: 6 hours
Lucky Number: idk oops
Favorite characters: piku from piku, annalise from htgawm, linda belcher from bobs burgers
How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: 1
Dream Job: a director rip

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I took a break from my plant comic… to draw another plant comic

My creative process is definitely not as smooth as it looks here, but this is more or less how I got around to starting FP!

(Also the venus flytraps are definitely a reference to Little Shop of Horrors)


based on this post … because I thoroughly enjoy @badhpideas

Laucy VS Camren

Well, this is not a theory. I got up to these pics and they hit me like a truck. I’m not a morning person, but this even overpowered what an alarm could do.

I admit I wasn’t on the best state to see these pics because I just got my heart broken. So seeing the 1st pic posted on wildflyme’s instagram was breaking my heart even more because I’m a camren shipper af.

These pics are so sensual, yes. They both look really happy. With the fragile state of me right now, even the 1st pic had me so down and sad because my ship has lost in the middle of nowhere LOL. It felt as if my heart was ripped to two.

But again, this is media. One thing that is consistent about me wherever I am on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr) is that I don’t trust media anymore. MTV is one of them. I don’t even believe in Billboard, then how can I even trust MTV? This is the link


After all, we all know, these are from a photoshoot in November 2016.

There are many possibilities out there, but I’m just gonna narrow them down to 2 possibilities here. If I list all the possibilities one by one, it might end up like a novel. It’s better to just focus on two.

1. Laucy did date just like what was mentioned in the article and Camren was NOT real or even if Camren might be dating at some point

2. Laucy did date just like what was mentioned in the article, but Camren IS real as well

You know, when you read these 2 possibilities, you will feel like, “No, I think..” or “Wait.. but..” Save it. Let’s just focus on these 2, because I know it’s a never ending debate if we talk about all possibilities.

But now, let’s see the big picture and let’s stop with “No, Camren is real” and “No, Laucy is real” debate. Let’s look at another point of view here. What if both ships are real?

For me, the 2nd possibility is what I believe. You know I don’t trust media anymore just like what I said earlier. But, what was mentioned in MTV is STILL one of the many possibilities, right? We can’t just exclude it just because we are denying that Laucy is real.

Laucy might be real at some point (or not). They mentioned they dated on and off for a few years. They have known each other since high school. The context of “a few years” might be around 2 - 3 years. That’s my definition. 4 years for a relationship for me is a long time. I can’t define it as only “a few” years. But, what if this happened before Camila and Lauren met each other? Or what if this happened before Camila and Lauren realized they fell in love with each other? For God’s sake, this might happened during the X Factor as well, and Laucy & Camren might be a complicated love triangle (okay, I’m delusional but this is one of the million possibilities out there, right?)

It was mentioned in MTV article that they did this photoshoot as part of their coming out. It was mentioned “They did really like each other” but there was no timeline mentioned about when they had the relationship. It was only mentioned “They dated for a few years”.

Those photoshoot pics might break my heart, but I’m not losing my Camren heart. No.. Why? Because of these.

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I’m sorry but they look really happy here as well? Or are you still gonna call me delusional?

Well, these gifs seem too friendly though. But these iconic moments will always be in our minds.

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Your other expressions can lie, but your eyes will never lie. These gifs are heart-warming to be honest.

Then, these indirects.

Lol, I’m sorry for being extra on this. But have you realized that the article confirmed yet killing Laucy at the same time?

I’m NOT losing hope on what I call as true love. I might be so lowkey about it on my instagram and twitter accounts cause I use those platform for another purpose. I never posts about Camren there. But here, in Tumblr, I’m quite vocal about it. I might not be as intense as the other Camren accounts, and I might be lowkey about it, but since the very beginning my fan account was made, I AM a Camren shipper.

You have your right to believe what you wanna believe, but I believe in true love and that revolves around Camren, because the way Lauren looks at Camila is love.

P.S. Guys, I don’t know why but on my phone the pictures shown are only a few. Even the indirect pics are only one which is shown. Is it like that in your phone as well? Because I posted this using my laptop. If you see it from the laptop or computer, you’ll see all the trolls lol


Based off THIS tweet I saw the other day and just kinda had the need to re-draw it lolol!! He straight up walked backwards off a cliff LOLOL

UPDATE::: I forget to post the first panel with the writing :-:


Star Wars: The Force Awakens cast reading the script for the first time


Epic Party Rap Battle

At least I could say I tried : /

Based on @promiscuous-jalapeno Rap Battle HC

Please don’t mind the BG lyrics, I just threw some random rap lines I improvised lol. This comic should’ve been done by a better artist, but no one did…So… I tried… Hi… plz don’t be disappointed ; v ;

And Zen never realised his phone was upside down all along

EDIT :I wanted to post this comic for a WEEK now, but I don’t know why I can’t upload pics with my computer anymore ! It just never loads ?? And it still doesn’t work… So I used my phone Yea I became THIS desperate. If only it was quality content.. No it’s not… But it’s something… So I decided to add a little doodle : Mista Tru$t Fund Kid.


Some reverse!au “Dragons.” Naturally, since Genji does not give a single, solitary fuck about what he did to Hanzo, even though Hanzo rocks up on the anniversary of his murder Genji’s just going about business as usual, not even registering that there’s anything significant about the day. Hanzo beats him handily in their fight, but alas, Genji wasn’t particularly generous with Hanzo’s face during their clash ten years ago (and he’s not comfortable enough with his appearance to try reveal it anyway) so Hanzo doesn’t have much of a way to convince him of his identity other than his word and his dragons (which he’s reticent to use because what if Genji gets actually hurt???) 

He tries to do the whole, “I forgive you, let’s be brothers again” thing anyway, but Genji is less than thrilled by the implication that he did something wrong ten years ago, is even less thrilled about the fact that Hanzo is still alive after he explicitly went out of his way to kill him, and is even less thrilled than that by the realization that this time around he got so easily defeated. So, he makes it clear that, if Hanzo wants revenge, now’s the time to take it–but if all he’s here for is to offer forgiveness, then he can keep it and clear out while he’s at it, because he is not welcome in Hanamura and he’s as good as dead if they cross paths again. Hanzo leaves the encounter hurt and confused and Genji leaves seriously pissed. It’s a long night for both of them.

Gemanimate WIP!!! I actually got permission from my prof to use this for one of my assignments so I’d have time to do it even with school lol. I’m already a good way into the final animation so there’s already some stuff I’ve tweaked, but I figured it’d be good to post this as is. I think I might have the longest shot in the whole thing, there’s more audio after this too but its just blackness after the pan, so we’ll see if I have time to do something with it or not! I have ideas, but i think it’s more important to just get the part that originally had animation done first :V