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its just that so many people forget how powerful Nico is like a lot of the fandom and even a bunch of the book’s characters like he’s so powerful  he took the Ghost King title from King Midas, he phased someone out of existence, he shadow traveled across Europe and the Atlantic ocean, he led an army of the undead against Kronos, HE SURVIVED TARTARUS ALL. ON. HIS. OWN.

 he’s literally powerful as hell not to mention he’s a child of the Big Three like there’s a reason they had a pact to not have more children(not that Zeus and Poseidon kept it up) their kids are THAT powerful bit Nico’s so unappreciated like he’s only 15 but might just be more powerful than Percy like why is no one talking about this Italian powerhouse why do i never see more Nico appreciation posts hes so bamf

Victuuri Fic Rec List

I love long fics (>10,000 word count) and have a bad habit of needing to organize and list my favorites. Even though Yuri on Ice is new, the fanworks are growing fast (Amazing! Wow!) Here are some completed worksI have enjoyed. 

WIPs I am following can be found here.

UPDATED: Jun 11, 2017

For this list “au” is a completely different universe and “au - canon divergent” is an au where one or both are still competitive figure skaters.
***really really enjoyed, with a brief description as to why it is a fav.
†Just added this update

I. Completed works (Summaries under the cut - there are so many!!!)

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Under the Rabbit’s Moon

Part 2

Their story did not have a happy ending. Happy endings were endings, the finishing of things. Their story cycled into the hibernation of another ancient pattern doomed to be repeated in a later generation. Her boys died to save the world and all it had achieved was a handful of years meant for peace.

But it was peace, and hoards of people were too tired and too lost and too broken to believe it was anything less than what they had been fighting and dying for all along. The fatherless drank deep cups of sake in a shared tent and sang until they couldn’t feel the tears on their face anymore.

To them it was enough.

Not for her.

Sakura felt cursed with her inability to let go and see the resolution to their conflict as anything less than what it was. She couldn’t lie to her self, (though she tried), and believe things were okay. No, her boys were dead and that force was not yet defeated. Their last, best hope hadn’t been enough to lay the moon goddess to rest for good. The mother of all chakra still remained, but Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi were all gone.

She was alone, and that was why she dug through the ancient tree, peeling back bark and acid sap and carving out chunks of the innermost wood before reaching the nub of gelatin like coating that housed the immortal. Sakura’s body was decaying fast, burning down to bones, but she peeled it back and broke the pod open, yin seal blow wide and glowing.

‘‘You hope to kill me?’’ Kaguya’s voice was a mournful echo between Sakura’s ears. “Ah, if only you could. There must always be a cursed one. That is the price of things. Magic, chakra, power…it isn’t free. Don’t you know that silly child?’’

Sakura screamed, feeling her face burn as the seal spread out lines of iridescent purple thicker and thicker across her body. She was dying and being reborn all at once, but it wouldn’t last forever. She would run out of chakra and die soon enough and no one would be around to find her body. No one dared come close to the sacred tree, not after they saw what it had done at the last battle. Too many people remembered being a part of it, of being sucked dry by it.

“I’m taking you with me,” Sakura grunted through clenched teeth.

The woman’s voice tinkled like a bell. “Will you do it? Will you free me from this curse?”

Suddenly, it was more than just a voice between Sakura’s ears. She saw the moon goddess  standing in the darkness, her skin ash white and eyes as wide and ancient as the surface as the moon reflected across a still ocean. Sakura’s mental defenses sprang up in response, strong and faster from all those years of developing a second persona. Mental hands reached for the mental moon goddess, but froze just shy of squeezing her to death.  

“I’ll give you what you want if you can take it from me,’”Kaguya intoned, closing her pearl colored eyes and opening the slit on her brow to show a spinning third eye, patterned with the sharingan.

Sakura’s body was nearly gone, approaching the point of no return as the acid burned faster and harsher than ever. In her mind she fought against the woman, but in the real world she was paralyzed.  It wasn’t unexpected. Sasuke and Naruto had been powerless when they teamed up alongside Kakashi. What made her think she would be enough?

“But you are. They were going about it the wrong way,” Kaguya cried.

Sakura screamed, feeling the pain of her physical body  give her the last mental boost needed to finish closing her fists and squeezing the woman out of existence. Kaguya was gone in a cloud of shimmering moon dust and Sakura collapsed, knowing her body wasn’t going to last more than a minute.

’That’s fine. I’ll see them again,’ she thought, closing her eyes.

In the back of her mind she felt cold fingers run patterns through her thoughts. There was a tinkling of bells and womanish laughter. “Yes, you will.”

That had been three years ago.

Sakura makes it a game to guess the ages of the children who dare each other to pass into her hedge garden, a place she’s tended to with the intention of making it a place for healing the sick and tending to the injured. It just so happened that too many of the men and women she restored took to repaying her with cultivating the land into a zen garden surrounded by intricately trimmed hedges. It makes it easy for her to develop a genjutsu on the hedges that keep out intruders.  

Children too young to see through her illusion wander until they are tired and give up or fall asleep in the cooling shade. More than once she’s had to carry out sleeping children, proving further stories of horror and terror.

There is a boy today too young to be much older than five or six with ashen blond hair, stumbling around, trying to get through. Sakura recognizes him as one of the boys she has had to carry out. Admittedly she found him cute with wide eyes and a face full of soft baby fat too innocent and too young for the leg guards and gauntlets he already sported.

When he falls asleep under one of the hedges Sakura stops just outside the reach of the hedge’s shade and wonders if she shouldn’t just keep him to herself, protect him from the fighting she knows is happening not too far away in a land she has no interest in.

She kneels, loose pants brushing the soft grass as her knees touch down. His mouth is open and drooling onto his arm as his legs stretch out in sleep. He is content where he lies, he feels comfortable in the shade and it nearly breaks her heart. 


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I can’t decide if my cause of death is due to the fact this bamf birb uncle is the thumbnail for next episode:

or if it’s because said next episode that’s being released on Christmas Eve is entitled “Punished”. Roosterteeth, thanks for the present. But can you not?

Ok I know this is. Really dumb. But it’s late and it’s something I cut from Devils just recently so I feel like a ramble.

So one of the vampire abilities that Sylas Briarwood never got to use was The Bat Thing. Vampires can just polymorph themselves into a lil bat (I think once a day?).

And I cannot stop thinking about how hilarious that would be. Can you just imagine the first time he tried it, and Delilah being like WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS FLYING RAT IN MY VILLAIN HOUSE AND WHERE IS MY HUSBAND and Sylas unpolymorphing like DELILAH IT IS I and I bet she didn’t talk to him for like three days afterwards.

But I also can’t help thinking that if they absolutely had to go somewhere in the sun, Sylas could just bamf into bat form and hide in Delilah’s sleeve and she could feed him crackers or the blood of the innocent or something.

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Imagine Bucky was scarily competent even back in Brooklyn.

Bucky’s mama married when she was 19 years old, had all her babies before she was 25, and was a widow before her 30th birthday. Winifred Barnes was no fool girl though she looked fragile enough: thinner than she should have been most of the time, dark circles under her eyes and dark curls in her hair, a straight nose and high forehead, and three babes clinging to the back of her skirt: James, who was dark like she was, Rebecca and Kate redheaded like her George had been.

When George passed, Winifred sold their house in Queens and moved the family to a less expensive apartment in Brooklyn, in a building crawling with children and War wives. She took a job as a laundress and made friends with the nurse who lived across the hall. James started school and the girls played during the day in the living room of a older woman on the ground floor.

“It’s more than plenty,” Winifred said firmly, tucking in thin sheets under James’ chin in the evening. “We’re grateful for what we have. Don’t let anyone make you believe otherwise, because this life is a blessing James Barnes, don’t forget it.”

By the time he was ten, James Barnes had learned to lift his chin in defiance of his scuffed shoes, had honed a glare that could frighten the pants off of even older children, and knew what it was that made his mother cry.

“It ain’t right, Steve,” James - Bucky, now - said one afternoon. They were sitting knee to knee on the bottom step of the outside stairs behind their building, drawing in the dust. “She works hard. Her hands bleed. I seen ‘em.” Steve nodded sagely, knowing, and tossed his stick a few feet into the courtyard.

“Whatcha gonna do?”

“I dunno,” Bucky said, musing. “Sell papers, maybe.”

“Yeah, maybe,” Steve said.

Bucky noticed things, Winifred knew - she’d catch him watching her daub vaseline on her cracked hands, his mouth curling down and eyes narrowing every time she left for the day, basket propped on her hip, washing powder and lye in her other hand.

“Be good,” she said, fixing him a look. “Don’t be too loud if you see Steve; Sarah’s going to be sleeping still.”

“Yes ma’am,” Bucky said, nodding in his serious sort of way.

At 16, Bucky was tall like George had been, and was beginning to broaden in the shoulders. He brought home chicken on Monday and Wednesdays, and fish on Fridays, wrapped tidy in paper and tucked in his lunch pail.

“Where did you get this?” She asked, sitting at their kitchen table and trying not to show her surprise. The icebox was mostly empty, and so was the change jar under her bed.

“Picked up some work at Turner’s Grocery,” Bucky said, leaning down to kiss her cheek. “Just a few hours after school; don’t worry about it ma.”

Her son wasn’t the only one in the house who noticed things. Winifred’s bruise balm was running low, and the Turners had moved upstate six months ago.

James had always been her quiet child, very unlike his sisters, who chattered like hens from the day they were born; he smiled quick, but held his tongue unless he had something important to say - James spoke loudest in the smooth, loping way he walked, in the way he held his head, the practiced movement of him shoving his hands in his pockets, nonchalant without ever budging his jacket.

On Sundays she said an extra prayer for him, her good boy, 21 years old and still that dark kind of handsome, sharp eyes and polished wingtip shoes, palms calloused from work she never saw.

She said one for Steve too, now that Sarah had gone to her reward; Steve was loud while Bucky was quiet, furious at the world for being the world, and the pair of them…wasn’t that just God’s hand now, wasn’t it?

“I’m signing up,” Bucky declared, setting down his glass with a soft thump on the scarred wood of the bar. “Tomorrow morning, first thing.”

“Me too,” Steve said, and reached over to clink his glass against Bucky’s. “You an’ me, pal.”

“Sure thing,” Bucky said. “Sure thing.” 

I have a headcannon that lily had a total quidditch kink. It began, say 5th year when James had kinda grown into himself a bit and developed as she noticed 1) his bamfing skills, and 2) the way his body looked in the process. And when they got together and she could see the lean, muscled, glorious sweatiness that is post-match she was just gone. And took full advantage of training nights. Because as much as he loved him she NEEDED him equally as much. And a form-fitting leather-clad uniform certainly didn’t help.


I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I think I finally figured out why these movies mean so much to me. This is going to long and rambling but I’ll do my best.

1. The relationship between Lois and Clark is so real and true. Not only do they show an older woman with a younger man, it’s okay that there is an age gap. For a long time, I thought it was weird when a girl was older than a boy and they were dating. Thanks to my sister and this movie, I’ve learned it’s okay. Additionally, they are so filled with love for each other. Lois gets a helicopter to make sure Clark is okay even when she knows she may not come out all right on the other side. Clark literally professes his love (slightly cliche) before getting killed. 

2. Women seem to be the center of the universe. Bruce is totally devastated by his mother’s death. He loves her and has such a strong connection to her that the mention of her name literally stops him in her tracks. Clark is a mama’s boy. He calls her for advice and sends her an engagement ring. Lois makes Superman, well, Superman. Amanda Waller creates Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman is a BAMF.

3. El Diablo. Look, I’m only 25% Hispanic but seeing a Latino on screen like we did in Squad (I won’t post spoilers) made me so happy to be Hispanic. They made his character so multi-layered. He wasn’t just typecast as the gangster or the drug dealer. He had real life characteristics and I can’t thank DC enough for giving us such an amazing Hispanic character. (The Spanish in the movie could use some work though).

4. They showed origins. Everyone knows the origin of Batman but no one shows it. We got to see how traumatic that was for Bruce. We also finally get to see why Supes doesn’t kill anyone. That is so vital to these characters.

5. The movies are dark and gritty. I enjoy Marvel movies because they make me laugh and everything works out in the end, but DC gives me the real life. They show me what superheroes and villains are really like and it makes everything worthwhile.

6. Diversity. I’ve had people ask me how DC is diverse when so many characters are still white. DC is trying to add POC into their films. They cast so many black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. characters into (some) roles that in the comics are white people. Seeing an Asian character and a Hispanic character and strong black men and women on the big screen is so damn important. Sure, these guys are bad guys but they show that there is more to them than just their deeds and the Justice League has 3 out of 6 characters as POC… Marvel has 0 out of 6.

7. Hope. Despite the dark, gritty tones of the movie, you feel hopeful at the end of every movie. At the end of MOS, that little smile Clark gives makes us feel protected and safe. At the end of BVS, the little heart beat makes us feel so hopeful. At the end of Squad, well you feel good. Every movie ends on an upbeat note despite the darkness of their reality.

8. Katana. I want more from this character and I really wish we had been given more of her, but she is everything. She is strong, smart, talented and still allowed to show emotions. She is grieving and yet she is still focused on the moment she’s in. And to see an Asian character as strong as her that isn’t stereotypical gives me all kinds of life.

9. Journalism. I’m a journalist and seeing journalism in action in two out of three DC movies is so cool. We get such a bad rap for doing (or not doing) our jobs and when movies cast us in a good light, it makes me happy.

10. They keep making movies. Fuck what the critics keep saying about these guys. I can’t wait for their films. Wonder Woman is going to break records. I’ll tell you that now. Thank you DC for being you.

One of the things about the evolution of the Star Wars franchise, and how the choreography at least got better, is that it’s sometimes hard to tell how powerful/talented Luke is just based of of the OT.

We see much more dramatic uses of the Force in the prequels, as well as much more dramatic fight choreography, and in Rebels, we saw how early Ezra Bridger started unconsciously using the Force. But these are things that the OT just didn’t have the means to achieve, or just hadn’t conceived of yet.

I feel like people sometimes forget that this kid had like a week of training, figured out the rest on his own, and still managed to defeat Darth Vader. I feel like people sometimes put too much emphasis on the fact that Vader was weakened by his cybernetics at that point, instead of how skilled Luke had managed to become.

I hope we’ll see more BAMF Luke in future canon, whether it’s the post-empire era movies or the OT era comics.


This movie was like so GOOD!?!!

(Feel free to let me know if there’s a specific character’s card you’d like a pic of)
The Hunter Games Initial Thoughts

I’ll just preface this by saying I’m very very tired and so likely missed the bulk of what they’re is to to see in this ep, but here goes anyway.

1. Cas can feel longing, not just addressed prayers. THE DESTIEL IMPLICATIONS. Every time Dean has missed Cas, every time he even THOUGHT about praying, all of it, Cas could not only hear it but feel it. I am honestly still struggling to process this information.

2. Dean starts listing off Metatron’s crimes, and what is the first - the very first thing that he says? Stealing Cas’s grace. Once again he has that on his all time list of greatest Metatron crimes, just like he did in 9.23. It’s a pretty huge sticking point for him, and you better believe that Metatron has taken note.

3. Cas texting Dean, because he likes texting, and let’s be honest: who would Cas ever text. He got his liking for it through texting Dean, and he likes emoticons, and you just know that he’s sent Dean every single one, and Dean probably just sits there grinning at what a dork his angel of the lord really is. And dare I say it: longing, and so Cas keeps doing it because he can sense the reaction.

4. There was a nice bit of symbolism with Sam being unable to break the door down, but Cas using his grace to break through so they could both get to Dean. To me that’s just further reinforcing that in all likelihood is going to need to be a true TFW effort to finally get Dean, if not cured, then at least into a position where he can deal with it.

5. Which brings us to Metatron’s statement: the river ends at the source. Which begs the question: is the source of Dean’s version of the mark Cain, or Lucifer? And what is Metatron’s involvement in it all? How much, exactly, does he truly know? Suppose we’ll be finding out in a few weeks.

6. Sam taking about the powerful force. He wasn’t there when Dean found out how Cain found the strength to live beyond the influence of the mark. And Sam is right: part of that powerful force does have to be Dean. It didn’t matter how hard Sam & Cas fight, if Dean doesn’t find his own strength and fight internally it won’t make a difference. But that’s only part of it. We all know what the force that helped Cain was: it was love. Loving someone, and even more importantly, believing that he was worthy of that having that love returned, and accepting it. And Dean won’t be able to fight the mark himself until he can reach that stage. He’s already got someone who accepts him, who loves him unconditionally, and who only wants him to be rid of the thing controlling him, just the same way Colette loved Cain. It remains to be seen if Dean will be able to acknowledge that though. He has taken that first step though, when he told Cole the people who love him pulled him back. Now he just needs to believe it.

7. I love Rowena. I have no doubt that Crowley knows what she’s up to, but damn do I love seeing someone manipulating people the way Crowley does.

8. We now know where Crowley’s bones are. Assuming he’s telling the truth, and they really are his bones, he could be setting himself up for a world of hurt. I’m really hoping this isn’t going to be another dropped B-RL plot point.

9. I liked Claire. She couldn’t go through with killing Dean, because at heart she really is a good person. She’s had a fucked up life that isn’t going to be getting any better any time soon, but she is doing what she can with what she has.

10. Cas was just awesome, ok? Total bamf mode. His given for Dean and Claire, his friendship with Sam, it’s all just awesome.

I’m sure on rewatch there’ll be a lot more but I’ve already spent to long mentally replaying it all. It was an awesome episode, did lots for Destiel in particular, and was a lot better than I had expected.

Why Delphine Cormier is Important

So I know I freaked a bunch of people out about Delphine in this post here, so I thought I would make up for my sins by posting a few reasons about why Delphine is important to the story and we need her to stick around.

Delphine has a history with Project Leda.

We don’t know what this history is, how exactly she got involved and working directly for Leekie, but we know she had been with him for some time before she started monitoring Cosima. Which means that she is the only monitor (aside from maybe Paul but it is still not clear what exactly he knew about Beth when he started monitoring her) that knew about the clones before she started working. She was aware of Jennifer at least, and most likely Katja because of their symptoms. This makes her backstory as a monitor unique and interesting because she went into the monitoring business knowing full well that Cosima was part of an experiment.

Delphine is the highest ranking scientist on the show.

Science is an important aspect of Orphan Black. It is a sci-fi show after all. And because of that, we need characters around who are doing science and talking about science and being geek monkeys! Of course we have Cosima (obvs), but she is still only a PhD student (if she is even still studying, like what happened there?), as is Scott. Leekie and Ethan are both dead, and there is no one on the list of new cast members who seems to be filling their roles. Therefore, if we want some super awesome science stuff to happen, we are going to need some help, and Delphine is pretty much the only candidate right now.


So this is a sci-fi, action, thriller show, but romance has an important role in the story as well. I mean audiences prove time and again how willing they are to get caught up in a romance and stick with a show to see that played out (I’m convinced this is why Grey’s Anatomy is still on the air). Cophine has always been the main romantic focus of the show. Sure we had plenty of other relationships, a few with actual romantic tingling feelings, but Cophine was always at the forefront. And with the recent sad lumberpunk news, it seems that it is the only romance (other than the Hendrixes) that has any longevity on the show. The Hendrixes are fun and all, and I am loving their development into an actual relationship you root for, but Cophine is just that core relationship you root for on the show and it can’t be replaced.

Dyad and Rachel Duncan.

And of course, Delphine’s role extends beyond Cosima and science on the show. We have seen her many interactions with Rachel, and her role as interim director of Dyad. Of course Rachel had her shipped off in the finale, but we know she returns, so there is going to be some sort of confrontation there. Of course this opens the door for her demise, as I suggested in my original post, but I think it would be much more interesting storytelling to see Delphine and Rachel struggle, and to see Delphine continue her development from pawn of Dyad to actual badass stand-up-for-her-girl-and-her-clones BAMF! Like I want this so bad it hurts!

So those are just a few reasons why Delphine is important and shouldn’t be killed off! I hope this helps to quell your paranoia clone club. My apologies :D

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I really love your "Sam Fucking Winchester" posts. Out of curiosity are you ever planning to do some Dean versions . I love your blog and your super nice. have a great day XD

Hi anon! thank you :)

The reason I’m doing this Sam Fucking Winchester series is because of this scene in the gag reels: .

I just had to after that :))) 

so it was about Sam and will stay about Sam. .even tho FOR SURE Dean has many many BAMF moments :) 


maxons coat makes any character instantly look bAMF as fuck

if you dont wanna kill maxon, you can also get this coat by opening the console and typing player.additem  001fe1a6