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These top 10 you do are really great, you have such good ideas. Would you be willing to do one like "Top 10 Katsuki/Nikiforov Moments That Had Everyone Swooning" (from interviews, caught by paparazzi, public, whatever you decide) - something like the sweetest, sappiest shit the media managed to catch of them and had everyone wonder how did these two go from rivals to relationship goals. Thank you so much <3 <3 <3

Hi!! Just wanted to say I love your story too much, especially the social media bits that make it even more enjoyable and funny!!! Also, if you feel comfortable with it and haven’t done it already, I was wondering if you could do Top 10 Viktuuri Posts that made the Fangirls Die from Nosebleeds!! Sorry if you already answered it or don’t have time, I still love you and your beautiful fanfiction no matter what!!!

Top ten Viktuuri PDA moments?

Right, I’m going to group these all together because they are similar enough that I can’t come up with separate lists for them all.

Top Ten Romantic Moments:

10) Once, when they had been apart for a couple of months for euros/4c, they reunited in an airport and it was like romance movie level drama. Yuuri literally ran and threw himself at Viktor and Viktor caught him and spun him around while they were both smiling and laughing and then dipped him into a kiss and everyone around them was like ‘that’s super adorable but also can you two not be Extra for like 2 minutes around each other’

9) At one point the paparazzi caught them on a date in Detroit when Yuuri was still living there and Viktor had come to see him and they both brought each other flowers at the restaurant and tried to give them to each other at the same time and then laughed about how they had both picked the exact same way to try and surprise each other

8) Once after a competition in a cold country Viktor said something to Yuuri that made him glare at Viktor for a second and then stuff freezing cold snow down the back of Viktor’s jacket in revenge. Viktor retaliated by chucking a snowball at Yuuri and it devolved into a completely childish snow war that ended with them slipping and falling together and then laughing and kissing in the snow.

7) During an interview which was the first that either of them had really spoken about what happened to lead up to The Big Kiss, Yuuri was really nervous. So all throughout the filmed interview Viktor kept subtly reassuring him with little touches and being close except nothing is subtle about the two of them and it eventually ended up with Yuuri practically sitting in Viktor’s lap for the majority of the interview and looking more relaxed than anyone had seen him during an interview before

6) At Hasetsu, a paparazzi snuck in to watch them on the beach together and got a bunch of photos of a super competitive beach volleyball game that ended with Yuuri tackling Viktor into the sea until he begged for mercy while laughing and then them kissing in the waves in a very ‘poster for a romance film’ kind of way in photo that very quickly went viral.  

5) Once Yuuri slipped and fell on the ice in a street in St Petersburg and hurt his ankle and instead of calling for a taxi like a normal person, Viktor carried him bridal style all the way back to their apartment

4) After being apart for a while, Yuuri and Viktor planned to meet up at one of Viktor’s competitions that Yuuri wasn’t skating in but his flight was delayed and his missed the start. He showed up in the middle of Viktor’s skating and as soon as Viktor got off the ice he ran and literally jumped into Viktor’s arms to kiss him with his legs wrapped around Viktor’s waist which got a lot of approving cheers and wolf whistling from the crowd around them.  

3) At the competition after the events of chapter 14, their exhibition skates had changed to Viktor’s being the duet of Stay Close to Me and Yuuri’s being Dark Eyes in honour of Viktor. Yuuri skating to something Russian made everyone’s heart melt and the Stay Close to Me duet became considered one of the most romantic moments ever. Both exhibitions were generally considered their best non-competitive skates ever. The only other one that came close to that title was the time when a group of people started saying that Yuuri had only slept with Viktor to win gold and in retaliation in an ice show, Yuuri skated to ‘Fucked My Way Up To The Top’ out of pure spite and everyone loved it.

2) The Kiss from chapter 14

1) The engagement announcement but I won’t say when, how or who proposed ;)


My friend (marked in blue) posted her frustrations with being  called “girl” despite  being almost 30 years old, and how you wouldn’t call a man “boy”.
She expressed her anger towards being infantized…(which is so NOT a contoversial thing to say…It should literally go without saying WHY it’s not cool to talk to an adult like they are a child)….

….and two male family members just HAD to pounce in to mock her ….

One (marked in black)  being outright asshole-ish, the other (marked in red) kinda…goaded it on, like whooooaaaah LOL gonna make her so mad, LOLOL

I am just…so fucking tired of this…

So tired…

And my female friend just lost a father like 3 weeks ago, still mourning…and these male family members (who know she is mourning) treat her like shit…What the fuck? Can’t sexism and patriarchal bullshit EVER just take a break?

I am so tired of it….

But even after all this, showing this example of blatant sexism….I STILL have to reassure men that I don’t hate all of them…

So tired….


bashfully nudges these drawings from two days ago in ur direction

Dumb Dog Owners

I work as a vet tech, the amount of dumb pet owners never ceases to amaze me. I have two stories that stand out. One day an owner brings in a dog that has been vomiting, unable to eat, and diarrhea. We do the standard x-rays, and IV fluids. Looking at the x-rays, there were several skinny objects throughout the digestive tract. of course we question the owner… turns out they had been feeding this dog whole chickens, nothing else. Now making your own dog food is okay but A. dog are omnivores, B. never give a dog chicken bones as they break easily and get stuck. They thought just a chicken was healthy. 

Another dog comes in with severe breathing problems, that have been going on for several weeks. Why she didn’t bring him in earlier I will never understand. We do x-rays and find the worst case scenario. I cannot remember whether it was cancer or Blastomycosis (a deadly fungal infection) but it had progressed to encompass the entire lungs, and caused the trachea to partially collapse so it looked like swigle. This dog was only six and had to be put down the next day. If she took him in when it started we may have been able to save him.

I don’t think my career will go pear-shaped, but I do think at some point I will step back from it, and the moment I step back from it, I’m just going to write songs and every now and then go and play a gig. Maybe I’m not going to play Wembley for the rest of my life, and maybe I’m not going to have number one hit smashes for the rest of my life, but I will always be able to do those two things and make a living off them. I think if it all ended tomorrow, I had a fucking good run.
—  Ed Sheeran for Clash, March 2017. 

My four year old (nearly five) drew a portrait of me (on the left) and my SO was asking him about it. He said the marks on the top were decorations and on the bottom is my smile, and that he was trying to make it a smile like I’d “just finished having a snack.” lol! He’s got me all figured out, that kid.

The other two paintings are of crocuses. He’s just as taken by those little flowers as I am. :) We’re especially loving that one in the middle. Isn’t it great?

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Next to rupphire and connverse what's your favorite ship in the show?


They’re the reason I joined the fandom to begin with! I loved both characters and the dynamic between them so much. And I still do!

They haven’t had much interaction in Season 4, so I’m seeing a lot of shippers give up on them. Which makes no sense to me. Why give up on a ship even if it might not be canon?

Personally, I still think it could be canon. The show is just focusing on other things right now. That Shorty Squad episode I’ve been talking about is coming up soon.

I’m just really excited for the future of these two, romantic or not!

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I need more dexzimbits omg wow rarepair hell. Any chance of a fic where Dex drops the fines w zimbits and the team find out why and start fining him too bc he is sappy af

Ok we’re doing this in bullet fic form right now because I can make this so much better later. 

When Jack started talking about Valentine’s Day, Dex shied away from the conversation a bit. He was still so new to this that sometimes he had to be reminded that yes, they were in it together for the long haul. They’d agreed (mostly Bitty and Dex convinced Jack) that they should keep it simple.

“Just dinner,” Dex murmurs over the phone. He’s on a Murder run while Bitty’s working on dinner as Jack’s driving back from the airport. Dex has learned in the approximately two weeks he’s been in a relationship that, sometimes, brief encounters can be extremely meaningful.

“Hmm, dinner and one gift,” Jack counters.

“I make dinner and each person gets one gift,”

“I take us to dinner and I get you flowers?”

“I don’t even like flowers,” Dex scrunches his nose. “Sorry, you meant Bits.”

“No hun, he meant you too,” Bitty chuckles. “But you’re right, that’s not very fair to you.”

“Look, it’s fine guys,” “we can have dinner, you can exchange gifts. I’m seriously too new to this to honestly care if I get anything.”

“Will,” Jack protests. Dex likes the way his name rolls off Jack’s tongue. It makes him feel mature and upstanding, instead of young and awkward.

“Jack please don’t make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day,” “I just want to spend time with you, both of you.”


“Yeah?” Will and Jack chorus. They all laugh despite the obvious tension.

“How about I make dinner, and each person gets one thing from the other two?”

“Only if I can help,” Dex counters.

“Deal,” Bitty triumphantly huffs.

“That sounds great,” Jack agrees.

“Honey, how far away are you?”

“Twenty miles,” Jack responds.

“I’m leaving the store now,” Dex adds because half the time he can’t tell who Bitty’s talking to. It’ll probably get easier once he’s settled on nicknames and Dex knows what names are his.

“That’s great, I love you”

“Love you too,” they chime in

Dex can hear Ransom in the distance shouting fine as he hangs up. Dex trudges back to house with the corn starch, sugar, yams, and other shit Bitty requested. They’re not intentionally keeping their relationship a secret. But it’s new and there’s a lot of uncharted territory. It’s nice not to have everyone breathing down his neck.

The rest is a bullet fic for now 

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Glide (Mulligan x Reader) Part 4

Words: 1800+

Warnings: blood, pain, cussing

A/N: sorry i took so long! i just didn’t know where the story was going, since it was only supposed to be a one-shot, but here you go! enjoy!

Part: One Two Three

“No, I can’t heal myself.” You whispered, looking away from his glaring face. The man smacked his lips, shaking his head at you.

“Why are you lying!” He banged a cane he had on the concrete floor, making a hole. You jumped, moving your legs closer to your body.

What’s with this guy? And how did he find out that you had powers?

“I’m not lying! I swear, I can’t heal myself. I could heal other people, but just scratches or little cuts. Nothing else.” You said desperately, not wanting him to hit you again. He smiled, throwing the stick to the side. You were staring at Madison’s body, still slumped over in the corner. Thomas followed your gaze and smirked.

“Don’t worry, he’ll be fine. Just give him a few more minutes.”

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I'm not sure if I want to follow your comics on Tapas since you already call quits on two and when an artist does that usually means that it will happen again. (I still love your art and that one shot actually make me cry) Idk, I'll probably read it all at once if you finish it, but I just don't wanna get hooked on a story and not be able to read the end. And yes, I bet you had reasons to stop drawing the others, I understand it, is just that suck to get into something and end on a cliffhanger

I’ve only discontinued one (1) comic ? And that’s because all you little nasty internet goblins sent me death threats and told me to discontinue it. So honestly like ? Don’t read it then but i’m still not gonna post spoilers about it since we are currently working on it ??

And i know you (probably ???) meant well with this ask, but this sounds so fucking whiny and pretentious and I hate reading unnecessary stuff like this.

Like, i am fucking human being, like a living breathing person not just an Artist™, and 24Hours comic was the first project I had ever entirely scripted out and planned for so long (i started working on it in high school). And i want you to imagine being young and excited for something like that, and then be told to fucking kill yourself ????
Like it’s one thing nowadays when i receive negative feedback, but like, 17 year old me didn’t need to go through that on top of an already rough time.

No one is forcing you to read anything i post or follow me anywhere, but don’t send weird ass fucking guilt-tripping shit like this.

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Well, I'd say Ignis is just gonna have to knot Noctis in order to stop the heat, because the daemons just keep coming, and one or two are even managing to inch their way into the haven and at this rate they're not gonna make it til morning. It's probably because Noctis is of the line of Lucis and his heat is ~magic~ or something. More powerful. /enabler >D

That must be it. ;)

“Is there an upper limit on how much the runes can keep out?” Prompto, with his awe inspiring gift for saying the exact wrong thing, asked. He had a flashlight aimed outwards and his gun at the ready, just in case.

Ignis didn’t know if there was an upper limit or if the sheer number of daemons tossing themselves at the barrier the runes made, only to burn up on a flash of light, smoke, and pained screaming, would be a problem. Could the runes weaken? Did keeping so many crazed daemons out drain some source of power? Ignis honestly didn’t know and that was a failure on his part but then…how could he have predicted this?

It seemed ridiculous even for an omega’s heat to be causing such a reaction. It was driving the daemons mad, making them snarl and tear at each other, kill themselves unthinkingly in their attempts to get inside the haven. To get at Noctis. The noise had risen to a near unbearable level and if not for the fact it was blocking out Noct’s cries from the tent Ignis would have been rather annoyed by it.

As it was he was almost thankful. Prompto’s words, about Noctis wanting him, we’re only kept at bay by the sounds of what might have been dozens, a hundred, or more daemons after his prince.

There would be no sleep tonight and tomorrow, and there would be a tomorrow because he’d be damned if he let lust crazed daemons get to Noctis, there would be a discussion. How had Noctis, who found getting up before noon to be too much effort, managed to hide he was an omega? How many heats had it been? Assuming he’d presented at 16, which was standard, it was at least twelve, maybe more. Had Ignis really been absent from Noctis’ life so often, so regularly, and not realized it?


Shouldn’t he, of all people, have seen-

“Uh oh.” Prompto breathed. Ignis started to summon his daggers, fearing the worst, and then Noct’s scent hit him. He’d already been painfully aware of it, the burnt ozone and salt water scent of the prince made sweet with his heat, but now it was-

A hundred beasts howled at once, a nightmarish symphony, and Noctis swayed on his feet. Flashes of light and the smell of searing flesh filled the air as more daemons went screaming to their deaths.

Noctis cast a disinterested look towards the darkness then started walking. He looked unsteady, like he might fall at any moment, and his naked skin was dripping with sweat. His eyes were unnaturally big in his pale face, more purple than blue in the flickering firelight. Ignis knew he should stop him, cover him up at the very least, but all he could do was stare.

And then frown as Noctis wandered to Gladio. Not that he could fault Noct, Gladio was basically the picture of Alpha virility, the ideal by any standards. Ignis knew for a fact even other alphas fell sway to Gladio’s charms (that Gladio was indifferent to most people and prefered reading to ‘the sex thing’ was an endless source of amusement for Ignis.)

Ignis couldn’t hope to compete with that, not with Noctis heat addled. And he must have been to be approaching an alpha during his heat, dripping heat scent and pheromones. He was a walking ‘fuck me’ sign. …not that Ignis would ever thing such inappropriate things about his prince, even if Noctis was visibly hard and his thighs were dripping with slick.

Gladio looked…uncomfortable, drawing back a little as Noctis pressed into his personal space, inhaling deeply. The older man looked towards Ignis, hands up as if to say 'I am not touching’. Then, all at once, Noctis pulled away and turned to stare at Ignis. He blinked once then headed for him, Gladio seemingly forgotten.

Ignis swallowed, eyes darting around, rooted to the spot as hands gripped his shoulders and Noct’s nose touched his neck, dragged over his scent gland. Blistering hot breath hit his skin and the wet rasp of Noct’s tongue followed. The omega purred.

Ignis made a helpless noise.

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How was your reentry into the US since you had trouble getting back in? Just curious how the new regulations on travel are affecting citizens who are working/studying abroad. (feel free to ignore if upsetting subject)

Hey buddy! So basically it’s not a new regulation it’s just not something that is widely known.
If you are a green card holder and plan on leaving the US for more than six months regardless of the reason they suggest getting a re entry permit.
If you are out for a year or more you NEED a re entry permit.
The permit is only valid two years so if you are out longer than two years you have to abandon your green card :/
I have had a green card for nine years and NO ONE told me this before, this NEEDS to be common knowledge for green card holders.
I just assumed I had the card and that was that, I was fine. Honestly it just makes me feel less and less welcome in the US.
(I am posting this as public because I want as many people to know about this as possible and not get caught out like me)


Here are two highschool au kylux fic, “Boys on the Radio” by Coldhope and “Blue Milk” by zamwessel that I loved so much I had to put them in my kindle and do covers for them. I don’t really like reading au in general, but they were just so good that I really wish there were more of them. Both of them are wonderful and insightful character studies (but wip arrrg!). I had to write my own fic, “Against the World”, to calm my crawings! So, not surprisingly, it’s about bullying.

Here is the summary if you want to give it a go: “His association – for lack of a better word – with Hux had started when the ginger nerd found him crying in the bathroom one day, during class hours, and had just watched him making a mess of himself without saying anything.”- Or how the two most despised boys in school develop a deep friendship over their hatred of humanity and planning petty revenge against their bullies.

Against the World:  http://archiveofourown.org/works/9701480/chapters/21893666

And definitely go check out “Boys on the Radio”: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6338059/chapters/14521366

and “Blue Milk”: http://archiveofourown.org/works/5769955/chapters/13296253

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So I just got the notification for your last post and I was scrolling through tour art when my mom asked to see what I was doing on my phone, thing is she probably wouldn't like me looking at two of the founding fathers making out, so I just had a heart attack. I managed to get it to like a teapots that was totally PG but my God am I going to be more careful


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how do you think an SE rain kiss would've gone? like what qualities would make it better than DE's (other than the chemistry)?

I don’t think the circumstance would matter, the chemistry would just make it infinitely better. I had two takes on an SE rain kiss although they’re both similar, I suppose, although the writing is different:

From my ff “Wrecked”

There’s a bench outside of their dorm and I think about sitting on it but then choose to stand. I look up to their window and see that while the lights aren’t on, a lamp is, which means someone is in. I rub my hand over my face, wiping the rain from my eyes. This is ridiculous. I’m being ridiculous. The thought of whether or not Damon ever skulked outside the dorms while he and Elena were broken up enters my mind and then images of them making up in her room appear unbidden in my head; on the bed, against the wall, on her desk. It’s not like the idea hadn’t occurred to me before but they were met with stabs or irritation’ now, I have the bizarre urge to dig into my skull and rip the images out of my head. I can’t be here. I can’t be home. I can’t —


And her voice is like a punch in the chest and I have no choice but to turn around; she’s pulling me to her just by speaking. Sparks, electricity, not really our thing. We have connection, magnetism, unspoken links to each other that bring us back to this raw place of … understanding and exposure and …

I finally face her.

She’s about twelve feet away from me, her head is tilted to the side and her eyebrows are furrowed with anticipation; her eyes are pleading and searching, sad and hopeful. Her lips part like she’s about to say something but she just watches me, her entire face taut with emotion.

I shake my head and look briefly to the sky. “I just …” I close my eyes and exhale heavily. “I just can’t not love you.”

There’s a beat and then a whisper and she’s suddenly right in front of me, her lips on mine, kissing me urgently, almost desperately. I press her closer to me, crush her against me, my hands on either side of her face, the rain is hot on her skin, burning my lips, my tongue. She encloses her fingers around my wrists and squeezes hard, forbidding me to let her go. I can’t help but show her the extent of what I’m feeling, I can’t help but pour in my anger, my grief, my desire and fear and I can feel her doing the same, I can feel her lips, her body beckoning me to give myself over to her completely, I can feel her unfolding into me. I dig my fingers into her hair, curling the wet strands around my thumbs, and her hands slide up to my neck, her nails kneading my skin, they slip down to my shoulders, explore my chest. She’s wrecking me, wrecking me in the greatest way; I feel at home, I feel at sea, my heart tells me that this where I’m supposed to be, that this is where she’s supposed to be, that neither one of us should’ve left, that we can’t break this kiss, we can’t break this bond, that we’ll be lost if we do, nothing will make sense. My head … my head is calling me an idiot, after everything, after Damon, one kiss and it’s all forgotten? Can I really just do that? Could I really look at myself in the mirror everyday knowing that she undid me with one kiss?

And even though I hate myself, even though it feels like ripping out an artery, I rip away from her and take a step back. I’m panting, she’s panting, both of our lips are swollen, both of our faces are flushed, our hands are shaking. There’s pure yearning in her eyes and I know there is in mine too, I can feel her getting ready to come back into my arms but I shake my head and take another step back, she can’t kiss me again. I can’t handle it.

“Elena, I can’t.”

“Yes, you can. Stefan…”

“No, I mean it. One kiss isn’t going to make everything OK. I can’t be here.”

“But you want to be here,” she says defiantly.

“I do,” I admit. No point lying. “I can’t say I don’t want you, Elena. I do. I always have. I just… I don’t trust you. And I don’t trust myself with you. I can’t be around you.”

There’s nothing else to say really so I start to walk away. Another whisper and she’s in front of me again. “I know you need to leave,” she says, her voice thick with tears. “But I can’t give up on you, Stefan. It’s you and me, remember? Always.”

She kisses me softly on the lips, it’s enough to ignite the skin and just as suddenly as she appeared, she’s gone.

And from my ff “The First Time and The Hundredth”

Swiftly, he stood up from his chair and rushed out of his bedroom, running down the stairs, his feet loud and clunky on the steps, his mind racing. He sped into the foyer and wrenched open the front door. Elena had just made it onto the porch, out of breath and completely soaked; her hair stringy and wet, her jeans and sweater sodden. She stared at him, her eyebrows furrowed and Stefan looked at her rain-washed face, his jaw tremoring at seeing her pained expression.

“I have to leave, Stefan,” she said, yelling above the noise of the storm.  “Too many people have gotten hurt. Too much has happened.”  

“What?” said Stefan, stepping out of the doorway and onto the porch. He was drenched almost immediately; the bluster of the wind had made the rainfall haphazard and powerful. “No. This is your home, your friends are here, this house is yours —”

“I have to,” said Elena. “I can’t be here, Stefan. I …” She shook her head quickly and ran both of her hands through her wet hair. “Do you know how hard it is to be so close to you and not be able to be with you? For two weeks I stayed in bed because I knew the moment I left Bonnie’s house, the moment I just left the room, I’d rush over here to see you and …”

“So I’ll leave,” said Stefan. “If anyone has to go it should be —”

“No!” Elena’s yell was outdone by another burst of thunder and the downpour pounded on them still even harder.

“I’m not going far, just back on campus,” said Elena. “But I can’t do this. I can’t not be a part of your life but be reminded of you every day. And I can’t ask you to be with me, I can’t ask you to put me before Damon, that isn’t fair to you. Or him. So…” Elena took a steadying breath, trying not to blubber. “I know it doesn’t seem like it, Stefan, but I’m also doing this for you.”

Stefan looked up to the sky, sniffing loudly to keep himself from crying anymore, wiping the rain out of his eyes. Elena’s lips started to tremble and quickly she turned around to head back toward her car. Stefan watched her go, her figure illuminated in flashes with each appearance the lightning made, forked in the sky.

He felt it all.

Their combined desperation for him to act on his own urges and to fulfill Elena’s wishes was an unbearable knot that twisted in his chest and choked his throat. His blood screamed with the sheer anguish Elena was in having to walk away from him; that same sense of crushing loss, of her crushing loss, lay waste to his body, and a chasm burrowed in his gut so that it was as if a part of him was missing. Stefan squeezed his eyes shut. Normally, he’d react to this kind of sorrow by numbing his senses but he couldn’t because it was Elena’s grief, not his, and instead it intensified his yearning for her, deepened his reckless need to kiss her pain away, to hold her until she felt safe, to embrace her and feel her, to never let her go. And he knew she felt his need, he knew it was a constant twinge in her chest that crazed her. It was nothing short of torture to feel this kind of love, to share this kind of love and not engage in it; Stefan felt suffocated by his own discipline. It was intolerable, it was excruciating, it was … it was …


Elena stopped walking, standing a few feet away from her car, and turned around to face Stefan. For a split second they gazed at each other, their eyes forging a link between them, and then Stefan walked purposefully toward her, his feet splashing in miniature puddles, and he thrust his lips against hers, seizing either side of her face with his hands, clutching onto her as if daring her to try and walk away from him. Elena immediately slipped her hands around to the back of Stefan’s head, the wet strands of his hair tickling her fingers, and pushed herself deeper into the kiss, her mouth opening his with frenzy, with greed. She moaned quietly at the taste of his tongue, the soft sincerity of his lips, as Stefan flattened his palms against her spine, squeezing her to him, his nails digging into the material of her sweater, itching to pierce through and feel her, really feel her. Elena arched her back and stood up on tiptoe, her arms around his neck, feeling at once complete and in dire need of more, as if no amount of time with Stefan would ever make up for the time she’d gone without him. Stefan gripped her waist, her hips, relishing the simple fact that she was against him, wanting so severely to leave her breathless and anchored, stunned and grounded. All of his wants, all of her hopes, the full extent of their pain and their yearning passed between them in this kiss, wreaking havoc on their bodies, culminating into a suffocating desire to — to —

so if it was something like that then I would’ve been gaaaaaaaaaaaaaame.

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You and Zack are unbelievably cute. Sorry this isn't an ask and probably makes stuff a bit awkward but I loved the end of the new vid when you held hands. Sorry I'm just the sort of person who lives stuff like that. Also loved the Q&A and would love to see another one.

putting these two together so I don’t clog up the blog too much with non-bird stuff (also sorry I haven’t had many pictures up, my shifts keep happening exactly when the birds schedule happens so I’m never home to take pictures of them when they aren’t sleepy)

these were really sweet messages, thank you two for sending them.  I’m hitting that point now where I’m getting needless hate comments so seeing things like these really lifts my spirits and helps me keep going.  We’re really happy, I could ramble on for days about how great he is and how awesome everything has been since he got here and seeing your guys’ support on this is really heartwarming. 

Glad you all don’t mind him coming out of nowhere and we’ll certainly keep making videos.  As always if anyone’s got suggestions for what they’d like to see in the future let me know, always open to suggestions and/or constructive criticisms

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Hey so I was looking at your banana bread recipe, and I was curious if the diet soda could be replaced with something else or otherwise just left out of the recipe. I'm making some today but my house hasn't had soda in it for at least two months, and I can't really go out shopping for some right now.

Yes I think it might work, try adding a little more baking soda and apple cider vinegar

i’ve been so good for so long and haven’t felt this way in awhile really but i am so tired of convincing myself that i have some plan and that for once everything is just going to work out for me and im going to get my shit together and somehow just magically be the person i want to be and magically make friends when the reality is i can’t ever keep friends whether it’s because they stop caring or because i stop caring. and the only two friends i had that weren’t just online friends are finally sick of me too because i expect them to be there for me every time i want to kill myself and barely give anything in return so i really can’t blame them and even though i have recognized this of myself for awhile now i can’t seem to change it. and thinking about my future without friends is really just the saddest thing i can think of but i don’t know if that is ever going to happen for me and i know this sounds dramatic i just seriously don’t know if it’s actually possible for me to find people who i fit with because i never have once in my life fit into any sort of friend group and it’s the thing that has made me the most depressed my entire life and it’s the one thing that still makes me consider just ending it because i can get a boyfriend and have kids or something but i can’t find friends and idk how someone is supposed to live happily without friends

| “Welcome Home” - One-Shot |

This is my submission for @negans-dirty-girl‘s 4k writing challenge! I’ve never written anything other than my multi-chapter fic, so this was new and difficult for me, but I really enjoyed it. I hope you do as well! I know it’s supposed to be a Negan fic but I had to put a hefty amount of Simon in there too after meeting Steven Ogg this weekend and remembering how much I love Simon.

Characters: Simon & Negan x Reader

Words: 1,871

Prompts: Raincoat, Make a Wish, and/or Silhouette (could pick one, two, or all three - I decided to do all three)

Cautions: just language & a bit of violence

It was cold, it was wet, and you were pissed off.

Separating from your group had proven to have dire consequences, even though you knew it had to be done. Landon had become unpredictable and emotionally volatile, and it was only a matter of time before he put your entire group in danger. You had also noticed a change in Keira, and you weren’t sure who she tied her loyalties to anymore. As the newest member of the group, you were almost certain if anything happened and they needed a scapegoat or a sacrifice, it would be you.

So you ran.

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