i just had to make this ok

vikings au where hel is a steve equivalent trying to kidsit the next generation.

  • Reade - on the wedding video: Yes, and we also can't wait to see how two of the most headstrong, ultra-competitive alphas are gonna function as a couple.
  • Kurt: I had a horrible childhood
  • Jane: My childhood was worse
  • Kurt: I have a sister
  • Jane: I have a brother
  • Kurt: I will make you tofu steaks
  • Jane: I will make you a medium rare steak and not burn it
  • Kurt: I will diffuse a bomb
  • Jane: I will diffuse two bombs
  • Kurt: I will be next to an explosion when it happens
  • Jane: I will get caught in the middle of an explosion
  • Kurt: I have a two year old daughter
  • Jane: I have an eighteen year old daughter
  • Everyone: ok, now that's just taking it a little too far... enough with the competitiveness.

Let’s play a game called is this guy on my mind because I genuinely like him or because he’s giving me attention

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Ok, so you know how the fandom has established that Roman occasionally goes on quests and stuff? Do you think what he fights represents fears/nightmares? I dunno, just a random thought

I think it’s an excellent thought! I know a few folks have done stories along those lines. I’ve had a few in the works that play with that idea too! It makes a lot of sense. <3 


This is Inky Demon

Her age is unknown

She is demon and she works at the devils casino (if thats ok with you), she had a very bad past with her stepfather and she ran away to the devils casino and lost against the devil so instead of giving up her soul she decided to work for the devil.

Hope you except this for future use.
((Dun hate meh but i kinda based it off of king dice but not exactly like king dice, just the clothes))

Response: NICE! The more casino workers the better! :’3 I love it! And to answer your other ask, you don’t have to @ me in the submission, only if you make the post on your own blog, then you @ me so I can see it! A submission will automatically be seen whether you @ me or not!

But anywho, thanks for the submission!

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ok so i'm fairly new to dnp so i'm still finding things i had no idea about and i just read dans birthday tweet to phil this year and "the light and warmth you bring to our lives is as everlasting as the sun" fucking makes me want to cry (in a good way). Like thats the sweetest thing??? djlfasdkfa

oohh i know right??? so sweet and full of love <33 ahsjkajdghk

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OK SO it really bothered me that Jon didn't just stay neutral when Cersei asked him to BUT now that i've had time to think about it, I think Jon is listening to Sansa here. He doesn't trust Cersei AT ALL so I think him not doing what she wants is because he thinks it's already a lost cause so instead he is making sure that he butters Danielle up to keep D and her dragons in the fight. It would be stupid to promise something knowing Cersei won't hold her end of the bargain. Jon trusts Sansa.

BINGO, Nonny! Huuuuuuuuuge fucking BINGO!

Just caught up on Ososmatsu-san. Ok so, we’ve had a Choromatsu and Ichimatsu episode and now an Osomatus and Todomatsu episode. I hope to god that means we get a Karamatsu and Jyushimatsu episode too. That would make me so happy.

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i have just spent the last 20 minutes laying in bed thinking about how louis has all the pictures of harry when he had long hair and louis would braid it all sorts of ways. french, dutch, 2 french braids, 2 dutch braids to make him looks like a real baddie, a waterfall braid the list can go on. and louis would take pictures to show harry after. i don’t think ok with not seeing these pictures.

lottie would sit in sometimes just to critique louis and give him tips

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How do you feel about people using your drawings from TheCatPit for there ocs? I’ve noticed it happen a few times on the amino and was just wondering if you were ok with that

bad ive told people to not do that, theyre stealing my character designs , make your own character and stop taking my work lol. ive had several people take my art from catpit, edit out whatever cats name i had written there, and use my drawing as their OC reference, draw them with that same design or have other people draw their oc using that design. my blog isnt a free character shop. the design i made is for that canon character and that canon character only.

i had literally the weirdest experience with this boy in my class so yesterday he kept making this weird knitted eyebrows confused expression at me and i was like um excuse me r u good and he just kept doin it until i looked away, then today i went out of the class to get water and right as i was he was coming back from getting water, and he did That Face again, and i was about to let it go then i stopped and was like “okay wtf why do u keep doing that? like is ur face ok??” and he just said that was his normal face and i was like “um no THIS is ur normal face” and made a robot face lmao and then he LAUGHED which he’s like never done, and said that he was just smirking and i was like why r u smirking and he was like idk and then i was like ok um cool and he was like cool and then he walked back.. and when i came back from getting water and closed the door he smiled/smirked at me and i NEARLY giggled but caught myself bc everyone was looking, i just smirked back and then for the rest of the class he kept glancing at me and i’m probably overthinking all of this but it was WEIRD

@836pm​: #also it was hilarious how the frames fans lost their minds at that shirt too iirc

ok shannon, i just went back to lj because i knew i had this documented there. i had forgotten this part: there was a link on ebay - someone was making LARRY MULLEN BAND shirts. and to advertise THEY WERE USING A PHOTO FROM U2.COM WITH ME IN IT.

this one:

people were shouting about it on the frames board. i don’t have screencaps (and the wayback machine for the board is broken for that exact time period, boo) but i kept these two comments because i thought the whole thing was so hysterical and baffling:

Phil Monday, 14 November 2005 19:41:53 GMT
bono loves the frames
great t-shirt, but look at the picture at the bottom, notice the girl’s t-shirt???? bono loves the frames

l f Monday, 14 November 2005 19:53:21 GMT
that’s Exit, a U2 tribute act who were invited on stage at the last LA gig. i guess they’re frames fans as well.

then claire put me in the newsletter. and now bono really does love glen. the end.



at the beginning of the dream he totally hated the cat for looking like him, but by the end of the dream he was in love with that cat and it became his sidekick goodbye

So I’m a phlebotomist.
And sometimes, I work at a site that is directly adjacent to an endocrinologist.
Which means I see and take blood from a lot of folks that are trans, or nonbinary, or gender nonconforming.

Do you have any fucking idea how easy it is, in customer-service speak, to respect someone’s gender?

I mean, I’ve had super awkward situations where I have to say things like ‘I’m sorry, that name isn’t coming up in our system. Is there another name…“
And without fail they provide their deadname and I plug it in and I say 'Ok, that came up, do you want me to fix that in our system?” And they say 'Yes’ and then I ADD IT AS A SYNOMYMOUS NAME. Same as I would for someone recently married or divorced. The end.

I have never experienced a situation in which I have felt motivated to ask someone’s pronouns.

I have had situations in which I have thought to myself 'I have no idea if this person is 'sir’ or 'ma'am’ and instead have gone 'Next patient please?’ or 'I can help who’s next’ or 'I can help you now’
while looking directly at them.

I have had situations where I’ve gone 'I’m like 90% certain that I’ve been given a record with this person’s deadname because this name does not match at all the gender presentation of the person I’m looking at’
And I say 'Ok, can you spell your last name for me? Ok, spell your first name? And your date of birth?’

and then I quietly write 'preferred name [the name they just spelled] on the top of thier record.


And if this is not hard for me, as a person working in medicine who has to make certain that the person I’m talking to is the same person on the medical record that I’m looking up, how much easier must it be for, say, a barista who doesn’t give half a fuck who you are? I’ve BEEN a barista in the past.
If a Barista is asking your pronouns, that person is an asshole.