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I got asked and now it's your turn, what's your favorite thing about me! pretend i'm anon or something. pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

Ok anon…

I love her fucking sense of humor and I love how she makes me feel. I’ve never understood someone on this kind of level and I’ve n e v e r had someone just get me to the extent that she does. No one sees through my bullshit quite like her lmao and her presence calms me in the most real way. it’s difficult to explain but she always feels like home.

Commission update

Hello ! I just wanted to update in case some of the commissioner were worried. I’m still working on them, I had to take a break cause I had a surgery but I’m back at it. 

The meds I’m taking are making me dizzy but it’ ok haha. The queue is of 34 commissions now!! Which is better than 47, like 2 weeks ago lol

I apologize for the wait and will do my best. 

Thank you for supporting me!!! ;v;

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Ok but now we need a fic with Aaron's reaction the first time Ellen calls him Papa. And if you get inspired something with Chas and Ellen cause well cause I miss Chas!

Ellen’s first word had been yogurt. Rebecca had filmed the grand occasion, and Aaron kept the video on his phone for when he needed a laugh, because Ellen yelling out the word yogurt over and over again, with a ridiculous smile on her face, is one of the best things he’d ever seen in his life.

She’d picked up a lot of random words since then. Dog, bob and spoon had all come before mummy and daddy, which Aaron kind of appreciated. Ellen was the most stubborn child he’d ever known, and the more Robert tried to get her to say daddy, the more she’d yell spoon, or dog at him.

Ellen had given in eventually, and her new favourite word was dada.

It was cute, not just for the dopey smile it always put on Robert’s face.

“Spoon!” Ellen waved her yogurt covered spoon at Aaron, a delighted smile on her face as she sat in her highchair, eating her lunch. It was a quiet Saturday morning, Robert having agreed to drive Liv to her new friend’s house in his ‘stupid flash car’ (Liv’s words, not his) leaving Aaron to sort Ellen and her breakfast (well, it was more like lunch now, considering she’d gotten them up at six am, and it was just ticking over to eleven, now.)

“Yeah, and the spoon goes in the yogurt, beans,” Aaron nudged, directing her clenched fist back toward the bowl, yogurt all over the tray, all over her clothes.

He’d forgotten how messy toddlers were, now Leo was the very grown up age of eight.

Ellen waved her spoon at him, grinning toothily at him. She was the image of Robert, right down to the colour of his eyes, her blonde hair sort of expected, considering her mum and dad both had blond hair.

But she was Robert. Ellen had looked a lot like Chrissie, actually, when she was first born, her hair the darker side of blonde, but she’d started to change as she hit two, ever a Sugden 0 though when she smiled, Aaron had discovered recently, she looked exactly like Rebecca, the woman they’d managed to reach a truce with, Ellen and her best interests the priority for the three of them.

Aaron twisted in his chair slightly, reaching for the cup of tea he’d put out of Ellen’s reach, the toddler having reached the age where she was liable to grab for anything, consequences be-damned.


Aaron couldn’t help the way his eyes widened as Ellen spoke, the nickname Robert had been trying to coax out of her for weeks falling easily from the little girls lips. “Dada will be back soon,” he reassured, because surely - surely - he’d misheard.

Ellen shook her head, spoon clattering into the half eaten bowl of yogurt with a splash. “Papa!” she said, more determined this time, tiny hands reaching out for Aaron.

Aaron felt like his heart was going to explode.

“Papa!” Ellen practically yelled, looking frustrated now because Aaron wasn’t moving, wasn’t saying anything.

“Yeah,” Aaron said, scooping Ellen out of her highchair, holding her close to his chest, breathing in the familiar powdery scent that always lingered around her, and the familiar scent of too much Johnson’s baby shampoo (Robert’s bad habit), Ellen smearing a yogurt covered hand against his cheek. “I am, I’m your papa.”

Ellen beamed at him. “Papa, play!”

If Aaron cried a little, when he put Ellen down on her mat in the living room, settling in to play with all the brightly coloured toys that had come to find a home in front of their fireplace, well -

no one except Ellen had to know.

Young God: Daveed Diggs x Reader (Part Three)

Summary: “They say it’s like having sex with a young god.” The Warriors run Brooklyn and for years you had managed to stay out of their way. It was only a matter of time before you got caught up in their mythological stories.

Please read the Preface and Part One before reading this chapter or else it won’t make any sense !!!

Warnings: Swearing, drinking

Word Count: 2724

A/N: I’m just going to drop this in the middle of the night and go. There’s one more part left!

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Preface // Part One // Part Two // Part Three 

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Hey little bendy! I was making a batim highschool au and I had the idea to add my favorite batin blogs in the au and you just so happen to be one of them, so I wanted to make you the nerd bf/gf of jock daddy, is that ok with you?

// I’m sO HERE FOR HIGHSCHOOL AU. Omg I must see when you’re done. (P.S. Daddy is also down for this). I will draw ar t of it…

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I get kind of sad when I see photos of happy couples in love because I wish I had that. I was at pride with some friends and two of them are just so in love, and I hate that I feel jealous, but I do. I'm so embarrassed with myself for feeling envious or negative about others' joy; how can I stop feeling that jealousy and just be comfortable with the way things are right now?

I’d say first, it’s ok the be jealous. I know that’s not really what we’re supposed to say, but I think it’s natural to see something and wish you had that. What I think should be the focus is making sure that when you see someone enjoying life, you take time to celebrate them. Resist the urge to make everything about you. If other people are happy, celebrate that. Genuinely give them compliments. Wish good things for them.
Also, even though I think being jealous is sometimes a natural response, I’d say be careful envying people. You have no idea what is going on in their life. So if you want a relationship, that’s ok. It’s ok to want to have life experiences other people have. But resist the urge of idolizing people and their lives. Because you’ll be surprised how many people wish and hope for a relationship, and because they have unrealistic expectations about being in a relationship, it ends up falling apart

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yo if were doing,,, sexual confessions rn,,,, goD theres just something abt jaehyun that makes me want to suck hiS DICK SO HARD OK fck oh my god i dont fucking know what to do the guy is SO boyfriend material but i just WANNA DEEPTHROAT HIM SOMETIMES FJDHJFND

Imma reblog the post I read earlier that literally had me thirstin for his dick, so refresh the page

A little survey...

OK, so for awhile now, the BIGGER i’m getting, the beastlier I’m becoming I just want to get a piercing, a particular one at that! I’ve never had any body mod stuff done, but those hoop nose piercings you know? The septum piercing? I’ve wanted that MORE and MORE! 

I’ve had coworkers/friends say “Oh god don’t get that, you’ll look even more like an animal/bull than you do!” (really though that doesn’t dissuade me..if anything commenting it’s gonna make me look like a wild fucking beast is just getting me MORE into the idea!)

I’m just hesitating because I really really hate like..runny noses and nose stuff like that, and those same people are swearing it’ll like triple my sinus infection rate etc..I dunno. So this isn’t a binding survey by any means, but what do you guys say? 

Big thick gauge metal bull hope piercing, Yay or Nay?

Ok so fun fact about me: I used to make hockey edits on vine. I just rediscovered a folder on my computer of them all and was dying! I kinda want to make a video with them all and post it because some of them are honestly 🔥🔥🔥 but I was mostly just wanting to know if any of you were on vine and watched hockey edits. My username was Puck Me and I actually had a lot of followers which was surprising and I wanted to know if any of you ever followed me because that would be dope.

love is not love

i am loved for what I can give
for the money I share
i can’t help but give
but Ifeel like without what I give
the love would dry up and vanish

sometimes its hard to be the only
friend with a full time job - i barely
make enough for me and my husband
but i hear the call give give give
there are people suffering
and so i do because i want to help
because i want them to be okay
and sometimes because it seems like that’s
the best way to get them to love me back
i am their only hope, the only option
or so they say to me with hand outstretched

their love would dry up and vanish
without what I give, or so I feel
I can’t help but give
the money I share
For what I can give, I am loved

that post is definitely true and i’ve seen that but on the other hand it reminds me of something i’ve seen recently, where people on here are always like “don’t make fun of ‘cringey’ things! let people enjoy what they want!”

and then i see something like that smash bros post going around where it’s like “ugh they’re just abusing glitches, lol this guy had to play with a broken controller! what a weirdo!” like it’s 2005 again? and as someone who really used to enjoy watching competitive smash bros, that was really alienating to me

it feels like ok, isn’t something like that completely benign too? so apparently it’s fine to make ‘cringe’ posts and make fun of people for having different interests as long as they’re not your interests or things that you liked when you were a teen? that feels very convenient



at the beginning of the dream he totally hated the cat for looking like him, but by the end of the dream he was in love with that cat and it became his sidekick goodbye

It’s actually so refreshing to see two guys in the public eye with a huge audience not be afraid to dress up and not say anything about being “too girly” while doing so.

This is not to imply what they were doing in the ‘pastel edits irl’ video was specifically ‘feminine’ or ‘traditionally female’ - I just mean it’s nice (and important) to see them be open to wearing clothes/colours people would typically associate with “girls” and instead just forget about that and enjoy themselves - whilst also being open about how it feels…even if some of their comments were exaggerated for entertainment - it’s still just nice and reassuring!

Generally (outside of the video too), Dan & Phil are very open-minded about a lot of things to do with gender, gender roles, gender presentation and expression etc - and speak about it often in recent years.

I know the video may not really be that…. ~deep~ to many but this is something that’s been on my mind for a while when it comes to D&P and I just wanted to talk about it more after that video posted tonight.

Overall, I’m very grateful to have D&P to look up too. I don’t think they realise what even their ‘silly’ dress up videos can do for viewers like me - who are questioning their assigned gender and the struggles that brings internally and from society - and even those who just have difficulties with embracing the gender expression/presentation they find most comfortable.


A subtle reminder that Rob is the father in real life [for added effect]