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fake!married yousana (because I’m a sucker for that trope and needed that with Yousef and Sana)- set sometime in the relatively near future

and I got a little carried away so there’s that


S.O.S. Come ASAP” and an address added to the message.

That is what Elias has sent both Yousef and Sana. Both of them immediately left to go to the given address. Sana was about to leave the Uni when the text arrived her and Yousef was chilling at home; it was his free day after all. Neither of them is aware that they took the same train to get to Elias until they leave the train at the same station.

“Sana?”, Yousef shouts after her because she is walking a few meters in front of him. She quickly turns around and as soon as she sees Yousef her frown turns into a small smile. Yousef jogs up to her and asks if she’s also going to see Elias. She just nods and they start walking side by side. For a while they walk in silence until Sana gathers the strength to ask Yousef something that wouldn’t let her go the whole way there.

“Do you think he’s in trouble?” Yousef quickly looks at Sana and his gaze falls on the worry line between her eyebrows. As always when he sees it, he wants to reach out and straighten that worry line out. But he knows now is not the time.

To lighten the mood he shakes his head as if he was a hundred percent sure and answers: “No, he probably just got stuck in a revolving door and can’t get out.” This makes Sana laugh out loud and she rolls her eyes but keeps looking at Yousef while they walk in a pretty fast pace.

“You do know that he actually got stuck in a revolving door when we were younger, right?”, she asks him obviously very amused recalling the memory and forgetting that Elias may as well be in actual trouble now. But that’s not something either Sana or Yousef want to believe until they arrive and meet Elias.

Yousef nods and laughs when imagining a small Elias get stuck in a revolving door: “Yeah, you told me once and it’s still the funniest thing I can imagine.”

They turn around a corner and both sets of eyes fall on Elias. He’s standing outside of a house, leaning on the wall and is preoccupied with his phone. He doesn’t look stressed or in trouble at all. While Sana is relieved, she’s also wondering why the hell her brother would send her a text like that when everything is fine.

“Elias?”, she says. Yousef and her are still a few meters away but Elias hears his sister and looks up from his phone to grin at her. Sana narrows her eyes at him. She feels like she worried too much and there is nothing wrong at all. Yousef next to her just looks at his best friend and waits for him to say something.

Elias puts his phone in the pocket of his jeans and smiles at his sister and best friend. “Good, you’re here and you came together, perfect.”

“We met on the train.”, Sana says unfazed and keeps looking at her brother, obviously waiting for an explanation. “What is the emergency? We rushed here as fast as possible.”

Elias looks at the two people standing in front of him and grins guiltily. Yousef and Sana look at each other, thinking the same thing. Should we just turn around and go? Elias doesn’t know what they are thinking exactly but he can imagine. It’s the worst when the two of them team up against him.

“Nothing bad, I promise.”, Elias smiles at them broadly and hopes it influences them to listen before they decide to leave. “Well, I decided to move out, now that I’m a responsible adult with a good job.” Sana and Yousef roll their eyes at the same time and even Elias knows how funny that sounds. Sure, he is an adult and he has a good job but responsible? Most of the time he still doesn’t know what he’s doing. Being an adult is hard, man.

“Great. You’re moving out, we knew you thought about this but why am I here right now?”, Sana says. She loves her brother but she had a very very long day. Before she got the text from Elias she had planned on going home and just watching a movie and going to bed after that.

“Because you love me.”, Elias exclaims and notices that Sana tries to hide her smile but he knows her too well to not see her lips quirk up.

Finally Yousef decides to contribute something to the conversation to get an answer: “Elias, tell us what you need from us, please.”

“Alright, alright. But I need you to promise me that you won’t say No without hearing me out, okay?”

“You’re not making this easier for yourself. Just tell us.”, Yousef says and puts his hands into the pockets of his jacket. He knows Elias for many years now but sometimes he doesn’t know why he decided to befriend him at all. He’s glad he did but he wonders sometimes. “We’re already here, aren’t we?”

Yousef looks at Sana, who looks from Elias to Yousef and just nods. She seems tired. Yousef didn’t notice before because she seemed so worried but now that that is cleared up, it’s more obvious.

“Okay. The thing is: I found this flat on the Internet and it’s perfect for me. It’s small but I don’t need too much space, I’m alone anyway.”

Yousef pats Elias’ shoulder and overdramatically says: “Aww, Elias. You’re not alone, you have us.” Sana laughs quietly but Elias just rolls his eyes and says: “Dude, shut up. Let me explain.”

“Like I said before I was rudely interrupted..”, Elias glares at Yousef who just shrugs, “It seems perfect for me. But the estate agent prioritises newly-wed couples to look at the flat. So I made an appointment for you two and thought that during the tour of the flat you could drop hints that the flat wouldn’t fit you but rather me. That way I would already have introduced myself to the estate agent and made a good impression and maybe she’d consider renting to me.”

Elias explains his plan as if it was the most normal thing to do when trying to rent a new place. Sana looks at him with her eyebrows raised and the most sceptical look Elias has seen from her in a while. “You’re unbelievable, Elias. I thought something bad had happened and then it’s just this stupid plan.”

“Hey, my plan is not stupid. I’m sure it will work.”, Elias defends his plan and looks at Sana and Yousef with the most hopeful puppy-eyed look he can give them.

Yousef thinks it’s important to mention one thing: “You seem to forget that we’re not married.”, and points to Sana. His eyes are drawn back to her and he catches her watching him talk. But she doesn’t look away as if she didn’t look in the first place. Yousef knows they are over that.

Elias laughs and shrugs: “The estate agent doesn’t need to know that.”

“Why didn’t you ask Jamilla and Yasin (my name for the eldest Bakkoush sibling)? They are actually married and would play along, I’m sure.” Sana can’t help but to throw that into the conversation. Elias’ plan seems very flawed and she is a little annoyed that he send her an ominous text message that made her worry more than it was necessary.

Elias looks at is phone and then up at the two people standing in front of him who he hopes will help him. “They’re not newly-wed and they wouldn’t play along like you two can.” Elias thinks to himself that Sana and Yousef act like they are a married couple most of the time. Elias is not exactly sure what it is that is going on between them but it’s more than them being just friends. They never were just friends and Elias knows that. “You’re even dressed perfectly for this.” Confused about this, Sana and Yousef first look down at themselves and then at the other. And Elias is right. Sana is wearing a long army green blouse with black jeans and Yousef is wearing arm green pants and a black Hoodie. They both have their hoods up. After they’re done inspecting themselves and the other, their eyes meet and for a few seconds they just look at each other smilingly.

Elias’ eyes fall on the display of his phone one more time and when he looks up again, he sees the estate agent walk towards them, from where Sana and Yousef came before. Elias quickly looks at his sister and best friend and whisper-shouts: “She’s coming right now. Behind you. Please play along. Please, please, please. Love you both.”, and smiles at them before the estate agents arrives to stand next to them. She asks if one the three is Yousef Acar. Yousef sends one more look towards his best friend and then looks at Sana to see if she’s okay with this. She just nods at him and he raises his hand lightly.

The estate agent introduces herself and then leads the way to the flat. Elias walks behind her, a little too eager for his plan of first acting like this wouldn’t be his flat. Lastly Sana and Yousef walk through the door. Yousef looks at Sana who smiles lightly and laughs about the eagerness of her brother. She’s wearing a light pink hijab he has not seen her wearing for a while but appreciates how it suits her.

Yousef bumps his shoulder lightly into hers which makes her look at him. Grinning he tells her: “At least he’s not stuck in a revolving door.”

Sana laughs about that and nods but doesn’t get the chance to reply because Elias, who is a few steps ahead of them, turns around and glares at them: “Are you gossiping about me again?”

“We didn’t say your name.”, Yousef says at the same time Sana says, “That’s the least you owe us right now.”

Before they enter the flat, which is on the third floor, Yousef and Sana stop for a second and look at each as if to say What did Elias get us into? It’s too late to back down now. Yousef holds his hand up, for Sana to take it if she wants to. They’re supposed to be a newly-wed couple and those are usually very in love. It won’t be hard for Yousef to ‘act’ like that. He’s not sure what it is that Sana and him have, but it’s definitely going in the right direction of what he hoped for a long time. He has been hanging out with Sana quite a lot. Sometimes it felt like a date when they hung out, sometimes not at all but it felt good all the time. Sana looks from his hand to him and then takes his hand and intertwines their fingers together. Yousef bites on his lip to not grin too much but the look Sana gives him makes it very hard. She’s smiling, showing her dimples but then pressing her lips together. Yousef’s eyes follow that movement.

Sana says: “Well, it’s not Elias stuck in a door but this can be a lot of fun.” Yousef agrees. He definitely agrees. Acting like he’s married to Sana doesn’t sound bad at all.

The flat has a bedroom, a living room, a small kitchen and a bathroom. The first room they go into is the kitchen. The estate agent talks about how great this kitchen is because whoever moves in can keep everything that’s already in here. The stove, fridge, and all that.

Sana and Yousef are supposed to make Elias look like the best possible tenant. They can do that. They’re still holding hands and Sana leans a little bit more into Yousef’s side, when she goes to answer the estate agent’s question of how they like the kitchen.

“It’s nice. It is. But maybe a little small for us.”, she looks up to Yousef and smiles at him before looking back at the estate agent: “This one likes to cook a lot. And for many people. So I’m not sure if this kitchen would be ideal for us. Right?” She looks at Yousef again who couldn’t keep his eyes off of her while she was talking. He shakes his head to clear his thoughts but then quickly nods.

“Yeah, my wife is right.”, Sana’s head turns really quickly to Yousef and she looks surprised and blushes. Elias notices that but all the estate agents sees is a happy couple. Yousef is very aware of Sana’s presence next to him, by his side, and to not dwell on it too much he continues talking: “This kitchen would be perfect for someone that cooks after work, for just themselves and maybe one or two friends. Like Elias for example.” Yousef points in the direction of Elias who conveniently is smiling at the estate agent. Even when she introduced herself she seemed more interested in Elias than the 'actual couple’.

“Then let’s go the next room. Hopefully that will fit better to your needs.”

The estate agents leaves the room first, and Elias after her. But before he leaves, he turns around and shows the couple two thumbs up and grins at them. He really thinks this plan will work out.

“On to the next room.”, Sana says smiling and leads the way but doesn’t let go of Yousef’s hand.

The next room is the bedroom. It is not too big either and Sana wonders why the estate agent would look for newly-weds to rent this place. There’s barely room for one closet in here, let alone two. They look at the room, Elias again a little more interested than Yousef and Sana. In fact, Yousef’s eyes keep finding Sana, their hands still intertwined and once in a while at Elias to see how he’s doing and what he’s looking at.
When they’re asked what they think of this room, Yousef waits for Sana to answer but she waits for him. So Yousef tries to think of anything to say. A reason why this wouldn’t work. But he can’t come up with anything. That’s why he says what he says next.

“I don’t really care much about the bedroom, so I’ll let you answer this one, babe.” At this both Bakkoush siblings in the room turn to look at Yousef but Yousef tries not to let it faze him. Sana on the other hand wasn’t prepared for him to call her Babe and is overwhelmed for a second. She gulps but turns to the estate agent and smiles at her while answering.

“To me, this is too small, I think. I noticed that a big bed plus two wardrobes wouldn’t fit in here.”, Sana says. “This is better for someone that lives alone, I think.”

Yousef, who forgets the act for a second, asks Sana: “Would we need two wardrobes though?” Elias widens his eyes at him to indicate that he shouldn’t look for anything that would make the estate agent think that they are interested. But Yousef doesn’t even realize that.

Sana raises her eyebrows and laughs. “Eh, yes! Definitely! You have so many shoes that those alone need so much space.”, she looks at the estate agent and without noticing what she does, leans more into Yousef. She’s holding his right hand with her left one and puts her right hand on his upper arm: “This one has a lot more shoes than I have and he looks after them really carefully, it’s crazy actually.”

“Hey.”, Yousef defends himself, “I don’t have that many shoes. And not too many pairs more than you have.”

Now it’s Sana’s turn to look offended. “Oh, please. I can assure you, if we went now to count them, you’d have more.”

While Yousef and Sana are bickering back and forth, the estate agent is watching them with an amused smile. All she thinks about these two is that they are such a good fit for each other. Elias uses the opportunity to make himself more sympathetic to the estate agent and comments with a nice smile: “They both have huge sneakers collections. Probably the same amount but none of them would admit that.”

And after looking at the bathroom quickly, the last room left is the living room. It is quite nice actually. Sana can see her brother living here. But not herself. Elias did really inform himself well and found a fitting flat for himself and now Sana hopes that this stupid plan will work out for him.

The living room has two big windows but rather low ceilings. She looks around for a bit, observes Elias’ reaction to the room and finally looks at Yousef who looks at her brother. He has been by her side the whole time since they stepped into the flat. Absentmindedly he strokes the back of Sana’s hand with his thumb which makes Sana smile involuntarily. From the corner of his eye, Yousef sees Sana look at him and meets her gaze. The thing in that very moment that makes him so happy is that usually both of them try to hide how much they like, no scratch that, love each other when other people are around. It makes them both, but Sana more, uncomfortable.  However, when they are alone or not being watched it’s completely different and they almost communicate with their eyes. And right now, right now they don’t need nor want to hide any of the feelings because at this very moment it’s wanted and necessary because of Elias’ maybe-not-so-stupid plan.

Yousef and Sana’s little private bubble bursts when the estate agent speaks up. She gave them a few minutes to look at the room even when there is not much to look at because it is an empty room.

“Before you tell me what you think of the living room, would you mind if I asked you something private?”, she doesn’t even wait for an answer and continues to talk, “Well, you two are the cutest couple I’ve seen in a while. You’re obviously so in love. Can I ask how you proposed? And who? I’m imagining it to be something very special.”

Proposing? Elias, who was chill the whole time and let the other two answer the questions, looked a little stressed out about this question. It’s a good thing he is standing behind the estate agent so that she can’t see his panicked face. Sana does though and tries not to react to it. Instead Sana tries to casually answer. She racks her brain for a good answer and then decides to say: “Well, I didn’t want to wait around until he asked me. So I was preparing something but he did propose to me first, didn’t you? Do you want to tell the story?” Now she looks up at Yousef again who is already looking at her. At the other end of the room Elias is just watching them navigate through the conversation. He thinks that they are doing better than he had imagined but he had hoped they would do well. They were the first two people that came to his mind as soon as he thought of this plan.

While he reacted to most of the questions as if he wasn’t sure how to answer, Yousef had a really good answer really fast. Like he didn’t even need to think about it.

“I did, yes. I knew that Sana deserved something better than just me getting on one knee and asking her to marry me.”, while saying that Yousef can’t look at anyone but Sana. He is supposed to talk to the estate agent but what he’s thinking about doesn’t allow him that. But he gets a grip on himself and looks at the estate agent to continue the made-up story. Usually it’s Sana that has most control over how she reacts to things and how she presents herself but in that moment she couldn’t do anything but look at Yousef.

“I got my friends, including Sana’s brother over there..”, Yousef nods in Elias’ direction and the estate agent looks over her shoulder to look at Elias for a second. “… to learn a choreography with me. I danced for almost my whole life now and the Sana caught me dancing once when we first started talking so I thought it was appropriate. We surprised her at one of her Basketball games, when she and her team came back from the break.”

While the estate agent looks really moved, she clutches her hand over her heart and smiles very broadly and seems at loss for words for a while. Sana is at loss for words too. Yes, it is a made-up story but he talked about it so quickly without thinking much about it, it amazed Sana. Imagining that really happening makes Sana want to almost cry because it is such a cute idea and she realizes she needs to get a grip on herself immediately. That doesn’t hinder her to unconsciously lean into Yousef’s side and him realizing it. After explaining  the plan, which is of course only a made-up story, for now, Yousef seems a little bit bashful and looks down on the floor before being able to look anyone in the room in the eyes. It’s quiet for a few moments until the estate agent exclaims how nice of an idea that was and if they had a video of that on their phones with them. After they told her no they didn’t she asks about the room.

Without hesitating Yousef takes the questions now: “I’m really sorry but I think that wouldn’t work. Combined we have a lot of books and DVD’s that we would need to put in a tall shelf and we both have big families we would invite over all the time, so I think this wouldn’t work for us.” He looks over at Elias now and says: “But this flat would be perfect for someone who is not married yet and doesn’t need as much space as we would.”, when saying we he lifts Sana’s and his intertwined hands.

Now Sana casually contributes to the conversation, acting like she just remembered something: “Elias, didn’t you want to move soon? Wouldn’t a place like this be perfect for you?”

With that Elias and the estate agent begin to talk, this time not about Sana and Yousef but about the possibility that Elias could rent this flat. While they do that Sana and Yousef decide to leave and wait outside. They go down the stairs, still hand in hand, both not noticing because it feels so natural. Once they stand outside, they let go but stand in front of each other. Smiling and looking at each other for two minutes without saying anything verbally.

All the tiredness Sana felt before coming here is gone, she feels really good. Yousef who wasn’t up to doing much on his day off, after a stressful few days feels like he could go on a run or climb a tree.
Instead he asks Sana: “You came here directly from the University, right?” She nods.

“Want to go eat something together?”, Yousef asks. Sana nods again. She looks up to the window of the flat they just looked at and then starts to say something to Yousef but gets interrupted by her phone. She reads the text she just got and smiles a little about it.

Sana looks into Yousef’s eyes and says: “That was Elias. He said that we can go without him.”

Yousef grins at her. He wouldn’t have minded having Elias with them, he is his best friend after all. But spending time alone with Sana is something completely different. “Then let’s go.” Sana falls in step next to Yousef; they walk down the street closer than they walked on the way there. So close that their hands brush against each other once or twice.

“I still would’ve loved seeing Elias stuck in a revolving door.”, Sana comments out of nowhere and makes Yousef laugh. He laughs so loud that an elderly couple in front of them turns around to look at them. But they don’t look annoyed; they just smile at Sana and Yousef.

“Me too.”, Yousef says. His gaze falls down onto Sana’s hand in his and he says: “But I’m happy about how all this turned out.”

Sana and Yousef look at each other, Sana looks at Yousef’s hand she took a few moments ago and then into Yousef’s eyes again.

“I’m pretty happy about this, too.“

The Woman Behind ‘Wonder Woman’
For the director Patty Jenkins, a world in crisis demands a heroine who is sincere.
By Cara Buckley


Patty Jenkins knew expectations would be stratospheric for “Wonder Woman,” starring Gal Gadot, a former Miss Israel who served as a combat trainer in the Israeli Army. The film (in theaters Friday, June 2) is the summer’s most anticipated release and also the first time the halter-top-and-hot-pants-wearing superhero, who was introduced in 1941, has had a movie all her own. But Ms. Jenkins, whose only previous feature, “Monster,” won Charlize Theron an Oscar in 2004, said she felt pressure most intensely from herself.

“I have a high bar for myself already; I always want to do something beautiful and meaningful,” Ms. Jenkins said by phone from her Los Angeles home. “I was aware that I was the first person of all time getting to direct a Wonder Woman film, and that was taken very seriously.”

She wasn’t the first choice: Michelle MacLaren left, with Warner Bros. citing “creative differences”; and Ms. Jenkins said she and Ms. MacLaren ran into each other as the switch was happening, and hugged. “We’re cool,” Ms. Jenkins said.

Her vision of “Wonder Woman” — someone strong, loving and vulnerable, who exudes sincerity, which Ms. Jenkins says is sorely lacking in films — has most critics in a swoon. Here are edited excerpts from the conversation.

I wish this movie had been around when I was a little kid.

I just got a little teary hearing that, because it hits me every once in a while, when I go to mommy-daughter events. I knew it was going to be PG-13, and there’s so much there for adults, but also that little girls were going to want to see it, so I tried to make it as safe as possible. If we succeeded in bringing something to people while they’re growing up, that would be something.

How does the director and writer of a film Roger Ebert deemed the third best of the decade not immediately get hired to make another feature?

There was a movie I was trying to make right after “Monster,” a bigger behemoth, the Chuck Yeager story. It was a life dream, but it just didn’t line up. We just had issues with the life rights ultimately. Also, I got pregnant, and making a feature is not compatible with the first years of a child’s life. Then the bottom fell out of the indie film world, and nobody was interested in what I brought, but instead in what I could do for them. I had my own scripts, but people didn’t want to read them. They only wanted to do tent poles. So I began doing pilots.

Do you think gender hurt you in terms of trying to make feature films?

I don’t know. Ironically, tent poles were what I was asked to do, though they weren’t ones I was into. I think [being a woman] might have had something to do with why people were not interested in my screenplays. It was, “Ah, we don’t want that point of view, we want our point of view.” If you want more diversity in the industry, you need diverse people writing scripts and developing them.

When you started the project, was the casting nailed down?

The only casting in place was Gal. I’m so picky about casting, and when I heard that they’d cast Wonder Woman, my heart sank. But oh my God, it was one of the luckiest things that ever happened to me, because Gal Gadot is so magical and wonderful. They found the best person in the universe.

Do you think “Wonder Woman” needed a woman to direct it?

I don’t think any movie has to have any specific kind of person. I wasn’t directing a woman, I was just directing a hero, and that freed me up to go broader with her personality than someone might be able to do if they were afraid to make her vulnerable and loving and warm, and not always right, which is absolutely imperative to a leading character. That’s been one of the hardest things about leading characters: Other people might not have felt safe, or worried [that] if there’s any vulnerability, what that’s saying? But main characters have to have flaws, and have a journey and be rich. I felt the same way about “Monster.” A woman didn’t have to direct it, and I wasn’t directing a woman’s story. I was directing a person.

Did you get studio pushback on making Wonder Woman vulnerable?

There were a lot of conversations, definitely, and it was a constant surprise to some people that I was doing it. But you look back at the history of characters, and oftentimes any notion that the lead person doesn’t get to be anything but impeccably right, that becomes D.O.A. That’s been a problem with some of the female characters they’ve tried to put forth. They’re too hard or too strong. I think “Hunger Games” was one of the great things changing that. She’s just a girl.

“Monster” was an indie, and this was a huge movie in terms of its production budget. Was that ever daunting?

Surprisingly, no. The TV projects I was doing were getting to $11 million or $12 million, shooting over an eight-to-10-day period, shutting down the Chicago River with helicopters and 1,000 people. In TV, you can end up working with a very high budget. Then, my vision was so clear for “Wonder Woman.” It’s the exact same math applied to more.

Will there be another Wonder Woman film?

Yeah, I sure hope so. It seems that way.

You’re doing it?

I’d love to, and that’s definitely a conversation, but nothing we are announcing yet.

This may be a cheesy question, but what do you want people to take away from this movie?

Did you say cheesy? Cheesy is one of the words banned in my world. I’m tired of sincerity being something we have to be afraid of doing. It’s been like that for 20 years, that the entertainment and art world has shied away from sincerity, real sincerity, because they feel they have to wink at the audience because that’s what the kids like. We have to do the real stories now. The world is in crisis.

I wanted to tell a story about a hero who believes in love, who is filled with love, who believes in change and the betterment of mankind. I believe in it. It’s terrible when it makes so many artists afraid to be sincere and truthful and emotional, and relegates them to the too-cool-for-school department. Art is supposed to bring beauty to the world.



I mean it’s no Tangled (2010), but it’s a really good continuation of my favorite movie

Things I loved:

- everyone seems so in character (except one). Rapunzel is the sweetest girl and Eugene is hilarious. Pascal is the best friend anyone could ever have and Maximus is still rocking is charge. Getting to see more of those characters and others really helps in loving them more. Cant wait for more adventures

- Cassandra is awesome! I didnt like very much the fact that rapunzel was out at night with only her and no pascal or eugene in the music video but watching the whole thing makes perfect sense now! Sorry for judging too soon!

- Mom and Dad moments! I totally love how comprehensive her mother is and I love when she says ‘’I only ask that you’d be safe, smart and, above all, be true to yourself’’. I can also understand her dad’s point of view but since I didnt like him that much I’ll discuss that in the ‘’things I didnt like’’

- THE WIG THING. I had a huge problem with the wig when it appear on the trailers because it was never established in the world of tangled that those things existed and I really disliked rapunzel with it. It seem something more for beauty and the beast and it make me think of cinderella 2. But, again, after seeing the movie it all made sense. I knew whe was using it to hide the hair but its not something they just threw in, so I’m gald and sorry for judging too soon.

- the hair growing back again made sense (even tho she touched the stone thing and not the ground where the flower was but okay). I really want to know what are those spikes

- the animation is really cute and consistent

- OTP IS BACK YEAH - eugene is so romantic and caring and funny and protective and everything rapunzel deserves. I loved when he declared himself her best friend because yeah they can be a couple of best friends!

- I also liked cassadra’s realtionship with eugene. sassy buddies

- I love the songs! (even tho they’re few!!)

Thing I didnt like:

- some cliches or plot holes like the opening scene (where they want us to believe rapunzel is running from trouble when it was all just a game they took too seriously?? i dont get the point of it, it seems forced just to indruduce the world she wants to visit), why is a rat delievering a paper to lady cane, how did she got into the castle (just because you put a fancy wig doesnt mean your automatically royalty), there are few guards on jail because most where at the coronation doing their incompetent jobs?

- my biggest problem is the king. Yes, the man that cried so emotionally that made you cry, the man that cried even when his wife didnt, the man that even without any lines whatsoever thill now delievered a great and super emotional performace. That man is now a stupid cliche ‘’i want to protect you so you stay locked forever’’ father. Dont get me wrong, losing his dauther would probably make him take those decisions but he alwasy seems so strick with rapunzel for no need. I wanted him to talk to rapunzel with kind and sad eyes explaining things to her, how he feels and how he felt, what he fears and trusting her a bit more- but he’s always like ‘’dont embarrass me’’, ‘’dont go out’’. I think he’s reaaaaally out of character

- I understand why rapunzel said ‘’no’’ to eugene’s proposal but why did they create that situation where she would be forced to say no? she would have never said no otherwise. I think they deserved better

I think that’s all I have to say



The Run Through - Smut

 Author: mystic-biscuit
Series Rating: NSFW 18+


Notes: I started this fic when the picture below first was released and I was over come (pun intended) with rage lust I needed to get it out. I things I would do I tell ya. *wipes brow* and I’m applying for the film union here so this gives me extra rage lust. 

I dont know how the casting in film works, so I made it all up.

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will you write a steve harrington focused head canon of like how he is after the events of season one and how the ot3 became truly close. god just hit me with that healthy relationship between steve and nancy and jonathan.

Steve eats dinner at the Wheeler’s house every night for the month following “the incident.” He tells Nancy he wants to be close to her in case she needs him and while that’s perfectly true, it’s only half of the entire truth. What he doesn’t tell Nancy is how much he needs her. How he’s been sleeping with his bedroom light on, if he’s been sleeping at all. How he wants to quit the baseball team because every time he holds a bat at practice he sees a gnarled monster in front of him and his stomach seizes up. How he’s afraid of the expansive woods behind his house that used to offer so much comforting privacy. He doesn’t want to tell her any of this because he knows she’s mourning, he knows this affected her more than it did him and her feelings come first.

After dinner, Steve drives home. He’s never been close with his parents, but the distance between them feels so much greater now, as if he’s grown up overnight in a way they could never understand. Nobody questions it when he heads right up to his room and calls Nancy to tell her that he’s arrived safely at home. It’s something she makes him do as he’s thankful for it, thankful that someone cares as much as she does.

Just before Christmas, Nancy mentions that she’s worried about Jonathan. Steve realizes that Byers has been lurking in the back of his mind for several weeks as well. Each time they see each other at school, engaging in small snippets of conversations, there seems to be something missing, something unspoken lingering between them. Steve decides, as he hangs up the phone, that it’s guilt. He grabs his keys and heads to the mall to buy a new camera.

A week after Christmas, Steve gets into a fight with his father. It’s loud, one of their typical yelling matches, full of fury spit from a father to a son. Steve goes for a long drive. The Wheelers are out of town, visiting Nancy’s grandmother, so he ends up circling around Hawkins, radio blaring, until he catches sight of a familiar car parked outside the movie theatre. Byers must be working the late shift.

Steve, on a whim, ventures inside and sees Jonathan behind the ticket counter looking bored. He puts on his best charming smile and walks over to say hi. Jonathan looks slightly surprised to see him and, after awkward hellos are exchanged, asks Steve which movie he’d like to see. Not having thought through this plan (if it could even be called such) entirely, Steve blanks and tries to make a joke that falls flat.

“I just needed to get out of the house,” he confesses in the aftermath of a long silence. Jonathan nods. He’s familiar with the feeling, though it’s one he’s had less since Lonnie moved out.

“I’m off in half an hour,” Jonathan tells him, “Was gonna grab something at the diner…” The invitation remains unspoken, but Steve nods, accepting it.

Over crispy fries, greasy burgers, and lukewarm coffee, Jonathan thanks Steve for the camera. When they part ways for the evening, Steve tells Jonathan to call him when he gets home safely. It’s a force of habit and it never ends up going away.

Thanks for the prompt anon, loved writing this! Hope you enjoyed 💜

June 10, 2017...

Adam West died today. If you don’t know who that is then you didn’t grow up like I did but that doesn’t matter. You’ve got Affleck now, but I grew up watching reruns of this guy on TV. Movies have done a good job and all that, sure, but there’s nothing like the originals. They always stick with you.

… You know I tried to make Cas watch The Dark Knight movies once? He knew all the references now but just didn’t get them until he actually saw the damn thing. Honestly, I never did know if knowing every pop culture fun fact in the world was a blessing or not, but if Cas is any help it’s probably better to know what you know versus know what you only think you know. Look at me being philosophical.

But anyway, we were into the second one when he asked about Batman in general. He didn’t get superheroes, or why I liked Batman enough to want to make him understand the Bruce Bayne and Robin. Now, this was the time before superheroes basically became what everyone nowadays talks about, so it was a valid question I guess. I told him about superheroes were something for someone out there growing up like they were for Sammy and me as kids, but Cas still didn’t get it completely. I knew he hadn’t because the guy just nodded and said he understood when I knew he had no friggin’ clue why that meant anything beyond seeing some guys run around in tights. He got it a little more after the movies ended, but still.

I remember thinking these guys were heroes when I was younger, how they’d go out and kick ass and save everyone. That means something to you when you’re a kid. It sticks with you, and just like that that actor that you later realize plays that hero on TV sticks with you too. You learn about how that actor was a hero in real life too with all the things he did and all the people he helped, not to mention God knows how many kids growing up saying they’ll be Batman. You know what I mean? I feel like you do without me having to outright say it on here and have something on here that is completely not something I’d ever say out loud.

        But, guess I should say this anyway for when Cas does come back and reads through these. Maybe he’ll understand it a bit better now, come to think of it. Heroes are not just people running around in spandex; they’re the ones that show kids how to stand up for themselves in a world that constantly wants to kill them. They’re kind of like our own little escapes that we want to see ourselves as some day, and when those things transfer over like they do with actors being the literal superheroes with all they do, then all the more reason to actually… be Batman.

- Dean

Yesterday | Tomorrow

Mom always makes a big show about how sore and tired she is after coming back from the gym. She usually says something like 

“Ugh your big brother is gonna hate me for asking- but I think I need another massage…. Here’s my debit, why don’t you go see a movie or something?”

They didn’t hear me come back after I had left to get my phone which I’d forgotten… So they didn’t notice me hiding by the door, seeing just what kind of ‘massage’ my brother had been giving her…

Even more disturbing than the unprotected incestual sex they were having was the way she looked at him when he finished on her… Like he had her in a trance… He owned her.

Come to think of it… I don’t think she even went to the gym…

ID doc´s  year in life


Christmas is almost here and I can´t believe that it´s gonna be a year since I started…doctoring. AND WHAT A YEAR. I feel like i learnt a lot but also like I still have even more learning to do.

There is a lot of u here, still don´t get how this rant-filled blog has so many followers but I am glad it has. I am glad there are folks out there caring about my every day bs (and some of u even follow me on twitter! what a ride that has to be.)

Well anyway, I feel like i haven´t posted anything of value in a while. So for the first time in a long frickin time i sat down with my computer, opened a bag of extra cheesy nachos and started to write down some ideas.

In this first post (out of few i guess) I wanna write u down some of the ideas/schemes which worked for me about how to handle your time as a first year doc. As u can see I won´t be using the term intern. Where I am from …u r not really an intern. U are a full fledged doc who still needs some supervision but also sometimes when somebody professionally younger ends up with you….sometimes I am the “attending”. Doesn´t happen often but it does happen sometimes. So if u are from similar backround, or even if u r not…I hope this is gonna be helpful…or something.

  1. Plan your year

What? A year? YOU MUST BE CRAY.

No actually it´s pretty neat so just hear me out. Have some sort of plan/planner. I use my iphone calendar which can sync with my computer´s and I use a paper planner too…bc I am oldschool. 

There are occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, work stuff like a conferences and tests and certificates to take which has to be planned super ahead. Making a rough outlook of your next year wont hurt. Setting up a reminder for your boyfriends bday a month ahead so u can research the perfect gift? I mean common…that can be neat. Reminding u the next dentist or gyno visit…..The last possible day to pay for that conference….SET UP SOME REMINDERS. Made my life so much easier.

2. Plan your month

Girl u gotta set up those period reminders. Getting stuck in a all nighter without pad or a tampon and  have to ask the nurse to bring u some from the supplies u have for patients….not pretty…and those pads and AWFUL. Nothing worse that handling your shift well just to realize your panties are like something from a murder scene. 

Totally kills the vibe.

Also it´s good to know when do u have shifts. Mark the dates. Do meal prep before a shift and a “cool down” activity after a shift. I usually go out to see a movie or just plan a fun night with my bf and a bottle of wine watching Gilmore girls. It will make u something to look forward to as u get up at 4:00 in the frickin morning for otherwise healthy young man who had one watery stool and vomited once…and u bet your ass he called himself an ambulance. OH the rage.

If u have some holiday that month…do so! Sleep in, cook food, chill out…self care folks. Planning is caring.

3. Plan your week

I usually play my week around three or four main activities. Firstly work, second my free tme, my chill time and my beauty time. I´ll talk about work later.

My free time is all about friends, family and my boyfriend. I make sure I stay connected with people I care about even only when I send the poo emoticon to my brother. I call with my mom. I do some reding for work, I check up with finances, I check up what´s needed at home. I make plans to cook/buy/clean up. If not on paper at least in my head. I do yoga.

I CANNOT recommend a more useful app as Wunderlist. If u like lists and u have a partner with who u share a flat THIS IS THE SHIT. It makes u share lists and u can see if he or she checks the boxes as DONE. Makes doing house-work and buying stuff way more easier. And fun.

My chill time is about winding down. I don´t usually do a lot of moving during my chill time. I either just watch netflix or read a book or scroll on tumblr or play new Dishonored. I just chill and I dont care if there are dirty dishes or if my core isnt tight enough.

Beauty time is all about the pampering. Working at the hospital is gonna take a lot. Not just the stress and long hours - but also the overheated rooms during winter when the ganitors run the central heating UP TO MAX SOLAR LEVEL BURN BURN EVERYONE BURN. Your hair suffers and your skin suffers and its all dry and kinda unhealthy looking and there are weird spots and veins….I take long baths, I do face masks and hair masks and essential oils. At least once a week there is a section which is all about that bod. Your body is your temple. And u wouldn´t want your temple to be dry gray depressing wasteland would u. Take care of that bod. There are few essentials, when it comes to these things- I use/bring to wards everyday but about that some other time.

I usually plan one or two fun activities each week. Might seem like that´s not enough but When I come at home at four, it already dark outside, and its six below zero…there isnt much will left in me to even do stuff, not talking about going outside! that´s cray! So that leaves weekends. I plan meetups with friends, trips to the cinema, getting to know the city (bc we moved). Anything really. Something to look forward during your work hours. Unless you work weekend in which case everything sucks and nothing can save you.

4. Plan out your day

Oh boy. I use to plan a day  into two big sections. Firstly work, secondly the rest.

I have to be at work before 7:00 and I should know at 7:00 if shit went down with my patients. It usually means sitting behind a computer, eating my breakfast, slurping strong coffee and reading my colleagues notes about the night shift.

Then I make small notes about my patients like
“Miss X will have CT today, need to call the tech and tell him…..”


“Mr. Y doesn´t like his diet…gotta talk with the diet nurse and come up with something..”

Stuff like that. Stuff actual FOR THAT DAY. 

If u are freshly out of school and suddenly u work at a hospital…the whole process can and probably will take some time to getting use to. You will have to make up a system which works for u -  from how to best manage patient, who u can turn when u need a surgeon´s opinion when the the surgeon on call is a total asshole. Which therapist is the best and actually helps people. Where u can score some free pens ? Stuff like that.

For me the hardest thing was how to most effeciantly do rounds. I often have 8-10patients. SOmetines when I am all alone on the floor I have 20patients. And they can be all very difficult cases. And nobody is there to help me.

So I usually start - first the acutely worsening - septic, old folks which cardiac problems, suspected PE etc….there is A LOT that can happen in ID department. If there isn´t anyone actively dying on me I usually start with new admits. They normally take the most time.

I check their papers, their vitals, their main complains and after I go check on the physically. Then I come back and write my notes, order tests etc. When that is all done I check out if any new results came in.

!!I always write notes into my patient´s papers about which results we are still waiting for.

Again, if nobody is actively dying, around twelve I go to have a lunch. I eat regularly. Bc, once again guys. Self-care. The department won´t crumble after you leave for 20-40minutes for your legally required brake. Also running a floor…its a team effort.

And thats why I have to make  a correction here…

The first thing I actually do when I come in in the morning, I ask the nurse: Who do I need to see first. Bc nurses are your eyes and ears and hands.

After lunch I write down plans for my patients, something like :need another chest xray and if clear will go home the day after tomorrow…etc. In that case u always know who and when u wanna discharge somebody.

Also I write discharge papers…I try to write a bit every day of their hospitalization…but i am gonna be honest…sometimes I am just too frickin lazy.

And then its 5minutes before the end of my work day. And that´s that.

When it comes to most of my notes in my planner about my post-work activities….I usually have writing down stuff like - V cooks dinner, dishes are on me this time, gotta start christmas decorations. Gotta buy a christmas tree! Write down all the food I wanna cook on christmas…look up recepies and ….

U get the idea.

I was never a big planner. I kinda swam tru my life plan-free. Stuff happened and I managed. But once I started working as a doc I realize there IS A LOT I have to keep up with - work and home and friends and LIFE. It cannot be all work and no fun.

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Head canons for paladins when they're srsly contemplating marrying their s/o and paladin just does the pirates of the Caribbean style proposal like "s/o!! Will you marry me?!" S/o says yes and paladin shouts at Allura "Allura marry us!!" lol I hope that makes sense?


  • It’s a heat of the moment thing. He’s usually very level-headed, but he really wanted to marry his s/o and it just happened. He, of course, plans an official ceremony later.


  • Honestly, I could totally see Keith doing this with his s/o. Wouldn’t even think twice about it. He’d just propose in the middle of battle and marry his s/o right then and there.


  • He was completely serious about marrying his s/o, and he wanted to make that perfectly clear, even if it meant he had to propose during battle. He’s super excited about it after, because it was so cool? Like something out of a movie!


  • He’s super worried he and his s/o aren’t going to make it out of there alive, so he wants to marry them right then. When they do survive, though, he’s a little embarrassed at his rash decision making, but doesn’t regret it.


  • Save this poor child, they’re reciting their wedding vows while ducking under and around enemies and weapons. After the battle they’re a little embarrassed, but happy that they’re married to their s/o now.



  • She’s just really confused.
  • Marriage ceremonies are supposed to be very romantic and a one of a kind experience, but she does suppose getting married in battle is rather unique.
  • She stumbles over the lines a little half because she’s surprised she’s doing this in the middle of battle, and half because she’s in the middle of battle.
  • Very honored to have the chance to ordain the paladin and their s/o.

- Admin A

Small rant: Cars 3

I just wanted to vent my annoyance at how Cars 3 is at the top of the box office right now. People only keep seeing these because Pixar’s name is on them, and Pixar only makes them because they sell toys. They’re not very good, definitely not the same quality as Toy Story, Inside Out, or Up, honestly these are the kind of movies I’d expect a studio like Illumination to put out, not Pixar!

I mean just think if Pixar had stopped making these after the first, or even the second one, they could have been putting their effort into something that actually matters to fans, like the Incredibles 2!

Seriously, Captain Underpants is still in theaters, go see that instead!

Compass – Prologue

Pairings: Diego Luna x Reader

Warnings: swearing (what’s new); anger

Word Count: 619




Just another lousy day, dragging on by at my dead end job, I thought, walking to my desk. Sitting down, I huffed.

I have to find a way out of this job. I can’t be here just making birthday cards for the rest of my life… I have a degree in digital media design for fucks sake!

Huffing for what felt like the millionth time, I got up in a hurry and marched down to my bosses office to finally tell him how I felt. Reaching the door, I didn’t even think twice and opened it, finally letting out all my anger built up over these years.

“I quit, Mr. Sanchez! You hear me? I quit! Q-U-I-T, quit! And you wanna know why? It’s because making birthday cards is not for me and it’s certainly not the thing I want to be doing for the rest of my life! I have a degree in Digital Media Design for fucks sake! I’m not cut out to be doing stupid things like… this! I want to be doing something wholesome! Like… Working on movies! Not thinking of clever puns to put on cards! So, I’m done! Goodbye, see you never!”

Mr. Sanchez just sighed after my whole monologue and looked at the people sitting across from him, which I just know realized he had there… And god, did I feel like a dumbass.

“And this… Is (Y/N) (L/N)… The person I was about to introduce you to. But, it seems like I just saved myself an introduction,” he said, chuckling a little.

“What’s so funny?” I asked, “And why did you want to introduce me to these people?”

Continuing, he said, “These people are your new bosses. I was actually looking for another job for you, because, every time I passed you, it seems like you hated being here. And seeing how you have a degree in DMD… But, if you’d like to quit on them now, please do. It’d be hilarious.”

I walked to the two chairs across from Mr. Sanchez to come face to face with a man and a woman and I had no idea who they were.

“Um, excuse me, but who are you guys?” I asked looking between them and Mr. Sanchez. They just laughed in response.

The man stood up first and extended his hand.

“I’m Gareth Edwards, and this is one of my colleagues, Kathleen Kennedy… Your boss knows some very serious strings and I think we found the right person for you to tie them all together,” he said as Kathleen got up and started to walk out with Gareth. He stopped at the door and motioned for me to join them.

After we got out of the building, he started talking again.

“This job is a job you will love. You, my dear (Y/N), will be project manager of all the Digital Media Design workers. But, this job will require you to make heavy commitments, and, you will move out there,” he continued.

“Excuse me, out where?” I asked confused.

“Los Angeles, of course. I know you might have already settled down in New York, made good friends, but if you can just hear me out–”

I stopped him dead in his tracks. “You’re absolutely wrong. For starters, I just moved here a year ago, still have no friends and just quit my job. So, I’m all ears now.”

“Great! When can you start?” he asked.

“Woah, woah, woah! Before I say my answer, I wanna know what/who I’m working for?” I asked, chuckling a little bit.

Finally, Kathleen spoke up, smiling a little. “Have you ever heard of Lucas Films or, more importantly, the Star Wars franchise?”


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7ENUYTXlJg)

No.  No, no, no.  No.  NO.

So much autotune.  Why?!  I am so sick of Hollywood studios casting actors who are not singers for MUSICALS.

Am I blaming Emma Watson?  Of course not.  It’s not her fault.

I blame the studio and casting directors.

Because one of two things happened.  1. They cast an actress who is not a trained singer (I think when she got this job she tweeted that she was starting voice lessons) and gave her a few months to be able to sing a fairly difficult score.  I mean, it’s not Sweeney Todd, but it’s not the easiest to sing.  And when she couldn’t keep up due to lack of experience (again, not her fault), they had to autotune her.  2. They decided to make the score sound more “modern” by autotuning and filtering everyone’s voices, as well as the score.  Which would mean that they will be autotuning Audra MacDonald.  And I am not ok with that!

I think either way I’m going to leave the theater disappointed.  I’m going to go in with as open a mind as I can, but after hearing this?  It’s going to be tough.

I just wish they would cast musical theater actors for movie musicals.  Especially for something like this.  It’s DISNEY’S Beauty and the Beast, people will go to see it no matter what!  But I think that big Hollywood studios don’t realize what large fan bases Broadway actors have. I mean, imagine if Laura Osnes had been cast as Belle….

I can only hope that this will eventually happen.   

Alright I wanna talk about the scene with Cassidy and Jesse in the kitchen after the fight with the Angel.

-These two are so comfortable around each there now that they are literally standing there together just in their boxers like it ain’t no thing. Now with Cassidy, because of his not giving a fuck attitude, he seems like the type to walk around naked all the time and not care who sees. However, with Jesse I get the vibe he’s more private about his body especially because of his scars, so the only people who would see him shirtless are those he’s dating (i.e. Tulip).

-They’ve just got out of a serious fight and are talking about movies and saying who they are from said movies (something me and my friends do all the time minus the fighting Angels). They are now officially brash bros who will talk cavalier after a fight together.

-Jesse asked Cassidy how he’s been and actually seems concerned. I think Jesse is the only person (outside of Tulip) who cares about what happens to Cassidy and doesn’t just see him as that Irish fella whose passing through town.

-They start asking each other about their tattoos and Jesse makes a reference to his Grandma (Mean old lady). I think if it had been anyone other then Cassidy Jesse would have just changed the subject without saying anything.

-Cassidy tries to advise Jesse about Genesis and you can tell he’s really worried about Jesse and what his powers are gonna end up doing to him.

-Even though they’re sort of arguing Jesse chooses to sits closer to Cassidy. Jesse isn’t upset at Cassidy questioning him and challenging him, and Cassidy is comfortable enough to voice his doubts to Jesse. I feel like Cassidy is the type of character who doesn’t voice his opinions often because people don’t listen to him, but he knows now when he speaks to Jesse he listens so he isn’t afraid to speak freely.

You cannot tell me these two men aren’t best friends.

Preference #11 - Best Friend's Brother - Part 2 - Smut - Requested



Part 1


 “Come on, you have to stay quiet…” Ashton murmured against my collarbone before letting his teeth sink into my skin again. I almost let out another whimper, but like he said I had to be quiet. We were in his bedroom and my best friend, his sister, was home and we had not told her about us.

“Ashton…” I whined as my hips bucked on their own accord. He chuckled darkly letting his hands slide up my shirt, warm and knowing. He’d taken his time to become familiar with my body; to memorize every way to drive me absolutely crazy.

“Shh baby…” He whispered his hand sliding further down my body his hair running down in its wake. I felt the warmth of his breath against my skin over my breast and my hips bucked again. He had this habit of doing everything he could for me until he had me begging and I was just about ready to start begging again.

“Please!” I whined arching back to press my body against his as he pressed hot, open-mouthed kisses on my chest. It made him chuckle again as he raised himself up and slipped my shirt off over my head. He liked knowing what he could do me.

“That’s all you had to say, sweetheart.” He said leaning forward to kiss me. Our lips were pulled apart when he took his shirt off before turning his attention to both of our jeans. After he wiggled out of his jeans, he knelt between my legs taking his time to remove mine. I moaned as he began leaning forward pressing kissing along the inside of my leg. I couldn’t control my bucking hips any more.

“Please Ashton!” I whined between my finger that I’d clamped between my teeth to keep from crying out. He clicked his tongue at me, chastising me for trying to rush him. He let his finger swipe across my heat over my panties.

“You’re pooling love, are you that turned on?” He whispered with a cool confidence.

I moaned with my hand clamped over my mouth.

“Who got you this wet?” He asked me.

“Seriously?” I said but right as I had opened my mouth, he suddenly pressed his finger hard against my heat making the word come out as a whimper.

“I already know the answer.” He said with a smile slowly sliding my underwear away from my body. His next move was to close his mouth around my heat making my body convulse with pleasure.

“Feel good?” He hummed against me. I hurriedly nodded and suddenly his mouth was pulled away.

“Screw you.” I whined as he reached over to his night table for a condom. He laughed.

“I plan on screwing you actually.” He commented sliding the condom on. I groaned getting a firm grip on the sheets as he lined himself up.

“Think you’re funny.” I grumbled.

“Are you ready?” he said bending over to be closer to me. I nodded as he braced his arm on the wall. He slid himself inside once he knew I was ok.

“Holy!” I started to say but he put his hand over my mouth. When he peeled it away, he replaced it with his lips. He kissed me tenderly for a moment, without bothering to thrust into me quite yet.

“Shh love.” He said letting his fingers slide down my side.

“Then stop making me want to cry out.” I sighed and he chuckled bracing his hand on my hip.

“Ready?” He said and I nodded. I felt him slide out then slam back in again. I dug my teeth once again into my finger to keep from moaning in pleasure. I felt him sloppily drop kisses over my neck and collarbones as he continued to move picking up to a faster, steady rhythm. I dug my fingers hard into his back scraping down over his skin. Soon the room was full of both of our heavy breathing with his grunts and my somewhat contained moans.

“Babe…” He murmured using his hands to raise my body up off of the bed so he could nip at my breasts. I tangled my fingers tight into his hair holding on while my teeth clamped onto my lip almost making it burst.

“Ashton…” I whimpered my body moving with his thrusts. I felt him getting sloppier. My body was tightening the core of it in my stomach. I was close, dangerously close. He started going harder beginning to hit my g-spot. A few more thrusts and I was sent over the edge…

“Oh god…” He groaned pressing his face into my neck. I felt him go over the edge too.

“Ashton…” I sighed sinking back onto the bed my body spent. He fell beside me, tossing the used condom into the bin.

“You’re going to stay with me tonight, right?” He asked reaching for me and wrapping me in his arms. I nodded snuggling against him keenly aware of our naked bodies pressing together…

“Not like I can cuddle your sister like this.” I said against his warm chest.

“Please don’t.” He laughed pressing his nose into my hair. He let a sigh of contentment. “I love you.”

“I love you, too Ash.” I sighed closing my eyes.


“Wait, you’re not going to be at the house tonight?” Calum asked his sister, my best friend. We were getting food together after a double date with her and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was currently in the bathroom, figures he could skip out on this awkward conversation…

“Nope. But Y/N’s staying over.” She said brightly. I knew that Calum’s mouth slipped open. We had been together for a while but we’d both agreed to take it slow when it came to sex. It had already been getting harder to resist the temptation but now we were going to be alone together… Considering we hadn’t actually had sex, we’d gone pretty far… About as far as you can go in fact.

“You can’t just…” Calum struggled to say. She just shrugged lightly.

“Oh, there’s my boyfriend with the car. See you guys tomorrow! Enjoy!” She said getting up and skipping out of the shop. Calum shook his head paying the check as an awkward air settled over us.

“Ready?” He asked and I nodded. We drove to his house in the same awkward silence.

She always does stuff like this. It was like she had a bet on when we would finally give in and she was pushing for sooner rather than later.

“You know, we don’t have to…” Calum said as he opened the door. His parents weren’t in town so we were in the house alone.

“I know but uh, can I take a shower?” I asked and he nodded giving me a strange look.

I slipped into the bathroom locking the door, if he came in now, there was no telling what would happen. I washed myself off in the hot water and when I got out I used my friend’s blow dryer until my hair was dry and I finally came out.

“You know, you took a while in there.” Calum said when I walked into his room. “Holy crap, why are you just wearing a towel?” He practically shouted scrambling away from me. His face had turned bright red in the flash of a second.

“…I needed something to put on?” I said gesturing to my sleepover bag on the floor of his bedroom. He nodded.

“I’ll be downstairs. I’m gonna put in a movie, too…” He said awkwardly and I smiled after him. Once he left, I put on one of his flannel shirts over my underwear and headed down stairs.

“You’re parents won’t be home, right?” I asked coming down to see him making food with his back to me.

“Nope, we are completely alone…” He said not turning to face me.

“Cal, why won’t you look at me?” I asked softly wrapping my arms around his waist and pressing my cheek into his back.

“Because I’ll start really thinking about how we’re all alone and all the things we could do and eventually I won’t be able to control myself…” He said. I glanced down to his hands on the counter; he was gripping the edge so tight that his knuckles were white.

“You don’t have to control yourself…” I murmured raising up onto my tip toes and pressing a kiss on the nape of his neck. I felt his body tighten up.

“You’re too good…” He groaned turning to face me. He glanced down at me and groaned again. “How the bloody hell am I supposed to resist you now?”

“You’re not.” I said with a giggle. I felt his arms fall around my waist as he bent down to press our lips together. In all honesty, that kiss was far too fleeting for my liking.

“I don’t want to rush this between us. I love you so we can go slow…” He said. I felt his thumb tracing circles over my hip through the fabric.

“Calum, I’ve known you forever and I want to do this with you…” I said and he smiled pressing another fleeting kiss to my forehead.

“But you’ve never done this before… We don’t have to just because we’re alone.”

“Cal, do you not want to have sex with me?” I asked letting my lack of confidence show.

“No, I don’t want to have sex with you.” He replied. In that moment, I felt tears filling my eyes and I just wanted to run away. I couldn’t move though as his fingers were digging into my hip.

“What?” I asked doing my best not to cry.

“If you ever tell anyone I said this, but I want to make love with you not just have sex… But do not tell anyone I said that…” He said pulling me toward him.

“But can we…?” I asked. I couldn’t believe I had to all but beg to have sex with my boyfriend.

“Sure…” He said and o we went up to his bedroom. It wasn’t until, sometime later, when the shirt had been removed my skin and he was propping himself on top of me that I felt awkward. I had never done this before.

“Are you ok…?” He asked as his hands glided over my hips having already memorized my curves.

“I’m good just a little nervous…” I admitted as his hands ghosted over my chest. It was silly. We had done a lot together. We just hadn’t done anything where sex was an option at the end.

“…Your heartbeat is going really fast…” He muttered pressing his finger into my left breast.

“I’m nervous…” I explained as he gently lowered himself down onto me.

“It’s ok. We don’t have to do this… I can’t hurt you anyway.” He said tracing my cheek with his finger staring into my eyes. He was only in his briefs and I could feel the warmth of his body soaking into mine.

“I love you. I’m ready.” I said and he nodding. He leaned down to bring our lips together moving them with a rhythm that already had me getting lightheaded just from a kiss… Slowly, his soft and warm lips traveled down the edge of my jaw, over the curve of my neck, along my collarbones, down my shaky chest, over my butterfly-filled stomach, and finally lower. His fingers were not idle either as they traced over my boobs, waist and inner thigh. My bra had come off and he was between my legs.

“Are you ok?” He asked and I nodded unable to speak since I was so distracting by him being between my legs.

“I’m good…” I said and he nodded. I felt him run a finger over my panties before slipping them off…

“You’re uh… You’re already wet…” He said awkwardly. “Do you think you are, uh, ready…? Like wet enough it won’t hurt so bad?” He asked running a finger over my folds. I managed to keep my hips from bucking before I answered.

“Calum… How would I know?” I asked and he sighed.

“Ok, let me know if it doesn’t feel good…” He said before letting one of his fingers slip into my heat. My back immediately rose as I arched it because of the intense pleasure. “You’re a little tighter than you have been, but you said your nervous…” He said talking more to himself than me. He was trying to maintain his composure.

“Calum… I’ll be fine…” I said and he nodded raising himself up again and taking his finger out. Again, if we’re being honest, I missed the contact. He reached over and put a condom on. I watched him, the toned body of my boyfriend, my best friend’s brother and the guy I’ve had a crush on for years, come closer until his warmth was once again surrounding me.

“Alright, I’m lined up, let me know if it hurts too much.” He said letting his fingers glide through my hair. I nodded raising my hand and digging my fingers into his shoulder. I felt him go in. My whole body tightened up in response but I didn’t feel bade. I still dug my hand into his shoulder. He was completely focused on sliding in gently, as not to make me feel any pain.

“Oh Calum…” I moaned dropping my head back. He gave a faint smile to me. Once he was in all the way, filling my heat where I could fill him hot and hard in me, he stopped moving.

“Let me know when you’re good… You hardly bled at all…” He commented, talking more than necessary out of awkwardness.

“I’m good.” I said wrapping my legs around him and giving what I hoped was an encouraging smile.

“Ok…” He said bracing his arm before he slid out before ramming back in. I gasped feeling my whole body get shaken.

“I want you to feel good…” He murmured dropping his face into my neck letting his teeth graze my skin. He slid out once again, lifting one of his hands to gently play with my boob. I moaned as he adjusted his hips making his ridge run hard over my walls. He rammed back in and I groaned louder; this time he’d hit my g-spot.

“Oh god, Cal!” I groaned as he continued, working to slam into my g-spot every time.

“Can we – Cum together?” He asked between hard thrusts. I had become completely unraveled underneath him so it was all I could do to nod through my ecstasy filled haziness. When he saw that I nodded he dropped his hand between us to begin circling my clit. I started bucking my hips in response losing the last fragments of my hold on reality.

“Calum!” I groaned when I felt my whole body tightening. I was close.

“Me too.” He said with a groan, his thrusts now beyond sloppy.

“Oh Calum!” I said when I felt catapulted over the edge. Half a second later, I felt him release into the condom.

“Did you enjoy it?” He asked a while later, when we were tangled up together in his bed. Out of shyness I’d put his shirt back but nothing else.

“Uh huh…” I sighed tracing patterns over his chest.

“I love you, Y/N.” He said kissing the side of my head.

“Love you, too.” I replied.


“I have a wager this time.” Michael said plopping himself down with me. We were in his pool house, alone. He was staying back there because his parents had family over and they were using his bed. We had been spending a lot of quality alone time in the pool house together since he’d been out there. We could play video games without any judging from his sister, my best friend.

“What wager?” I asked and a Cheshire cat smile spread over his face. My stomach lurched with nervousness.

“That for every match we win, we take a piece of clothing off.” He said putting COD into his Xbox. I glanced over the clothes I was wearing; his hoodie, tank top, leggings, underwear and socks… “And you’re gonna stay the night right? Since it’s a weekend?” He asked coming back to plant himself on the bean bag in front of me.

“Yeah, I can…” I said getting up and sitting with him between his legs. I held my controller in my hands and he held his with his arms around me. When we played video games together, we sat like this although recently the game he played was ‘what can I do to turn on my girlfriend so much that she loses her mind?’

“Perfect, now then…” He said dropping one kiss on my neck before we turned to the game.

Three hours later and I was in a compromising position… I was just in my underwear while he had been able to keep his jeans and shirt on with his underwear. Although, once I’d lost my shirt, he’d been significantly more distracted.

“You know… It’d look bad if Y/BFF/N came in now…” I mused squirming a little to get rid of my wedgie.

“Not the worst…” He mused with a cocky smile.

“What would be the worst then?” I challenged.

“Sex.” He said bluntly.

“But we haven’t had sex together yet.”

“I know… But I don’t know if I can resist you any longer…” He said in his sultry voice grazing his lips over the back of my shoulder. A shiver chased itself down my spine.

“Michael…” I sighed trying to get away. But I didn’t know if I could resist any longer too.

“Hey, instead of you taking off another piece of clothing, even if that would be totally enjoyable too, if I win this next game; we make out?” He said and I nodded. I knew he was smiling as he wrapped his arms around me tighter.

The next game we were both distracted. Finally, it ended and he had beaten me. He made quick work of turning everything off and playing some music in the background before we relocated to the bed he’d been using. As usual, our lips connected with the others, each of us familiar with the other. I was just keenly aware of my lack of clothes…

“Hey Michael… We could do more than make out.” I suggested after a while… He looked at me with a fair bit of surprise.

“Like what…” He said trailing off. I felt my teasing side come out as I knelt toward his crotch. He gulped.

“Like this…” I said slowly unzipping his jeans shimmying them down his leg. He gave me a look as I slipped his boxers down. When I closed my mouth of his tip, letting my tongue graze around the edge, the groaned dropping back.

“Do that and I’ll never last for more…” He moaned. I chuckled taking in more of his length.

“Come on Michael…” I said and he grunted thrusting his hips once. I continued to give him a blowjob until he had enough. I felt his arms reaching for my body and I wasn’t too surprised when he lifted me up. He spun me until we were in the sixty nine position.

“So, how wet are you?” He muttered with more than a little frustration in his voice. I felt a little a wave of self-consciousness roll through my body as he slipped my underwear off.

“Come on…” I moaned teasing his balls for pay-back.

“Nope. You’re not cutting me slack.” I said and he raised himself up running his tongue over my folds.

“Michael!” I cried out as his tongue traced circles over my clit. I couldn’t even focus on his dick in front of me anymore.

“Are you ready for something harder?” He teased. I moaned as he dipped his tongue inside.

“Don’t tease me!” I cried out.

“It’s my job!” He replied letting his finger join in the mix. I felt my legs shake.

“Get a new job!” I cried pushing myself up and turning to face him. He looked at me in surprise.

“What new job exactly?” He asked though he struggled with getting words out. I was straddling him, naked, so I understood.

“Make me feel good, if you’re up for it…” I said placing my hands on his chest.

“Oh hell yes I am up for it.” He said guiding me off of him as he got the condom. A minute later, I was back to straddling him getting ready to take him in.

“Ready?” I asked and he nodded. I slowly lowered myself onto him digging my teeth into my lip as he filled me. I saw his face go blank once he felt that he was inside me.

“Holy crap, it feels so good.” He groaned before he flipped me.

“I couldn’t be on top?” I asked adjusting to his size.

“Nope. I have to have sex with my gamer, pizza-eating girlfriend so I want to be in control.” He said holding himself up over me.

“What about my lazy boyfriend?” I asked and he chuckled bringing his lips to mine to share a heated kiss.

“He likes sex.” He said lightly before pulling out and slamming in.

“Holy!” I cried out raising my hips to give a better angle. He dropped his hands to play with my chest.

“Just hold on.” He said through grunts has he continued. With each thrust, he went harder and faster.

“Michael!” I cried out digging my hands into the sheets.

“Damn, you’re getting too tight.” He said sounding strained.

“The hell can I be too tight?” I said through moans.

“Dear god!” He said. “You’re so wet too!” He said again sounding strained. I felt him getting sloppier while he went at it.

“Michael!” I cried out as I exploded when he hit my g-spot.

“Oh fuck!” He grunted before falling on top of me when he finished too.

We crawled into the bed together after that.

“I bet you’re too tired to play video games again…” I said and he rolled his eyes.

“You give a lot of challenges.” He commented tangling his fingers in my hair.

“Yet you take every one.” I said sitting up to kiss him.


“Whenever I manage to help her and her boyfriend, they end up talking together until three in the morning and I feel too awkward to be in her room.” I muttered to myself. I had once again been to my friends house and once again fixed her relationship. Unlike all the other times this had happened since I had gotten together with Luke, he wasn’t home to hide away with me in his room.

“People will think you’ll crazy if you talk to yourself, you know.” I heard someone say behind me in the kitchen.

“Luke! Jesus! I didn’t know you were home!” I said after jumping out of my skin. He chuckled wrapping me up in his arms.

“I just got home.” He said kissing the top of my head.

“Hey, can I sleep in your room again tonight?” I asked and he nodded.

“Let’s go up now, even.” He said and I nodded.

A while later, I found myself explaining my stories to him as our limbs had made a knot of themselves on his bed.

“I really love how passionate you get.” He murmured trailing his fingers over my leg.

“Why don’t you play me something?” I asked and he sighed.

“You’re gonna think I’m a sap.” He groaned leaning back onto his pillow.
“I am not Michael. I want to hear you be sappy so I can think I was the inspiration.” I said giggling.

“If you’ll smile like that afterwards, I’ll play.” He said with a sigh.

“Yay.” I said moving to let him play.

“I need your love to light up this house/ I won’t not know what you’re all about/ I want to feel you feel you tonight/ I want to tell you that it’s alright/ I need your love to guide me back home/ When I’m with you I’m never alone/ I need to feel you feel you tonight/ I need to tell you that it’s all right/…/ I see myself here in your eyes/ stay awake ‘til the sunrise/ I want to hold you hold you all night/ I want to tell you that you’re all mine/ I feel our hands intertwine/ hear our hearts beating in time/ I need to hold you hold you all night/ I need to you that you’re all mine.”

“Luke… uh, when you say you want to hold me and feel me, what are you talking about?” I asked looking at him steadily as he put the guitar back.

“It’s embarrassing…” He said coming closer to me.

“I thought about cuddling but then I thought about sex, if I’m being honest.”
“I thought the same.”

“So is that something you want to do?”  I asked and he turned red.

“It doesn’t matter to me…” He said awkwardly.

“So at least come over and hold me and feel me…” I said shifting over on his bed.

“I love you…” He said joining me. I smiled wrapping my arms around his neck as his lips found mine. His hands pressed into my body. I was keenly aware of it. I felt his hands slip up my shirt. I felt his hands wander over my inner thigh. I felt how he was touching me as if to savor it.

“Luke…” I said and he stopping kissing me to look at me.

“Hmm?” He said and I sucked in a breath to gather my thoughts.

“I want to go further…” I said and he looked at me.

“If you’re ready…” he said and I nodded.

“I am.” I said and his hand slide further up my shirt and his lips trailed softly in its wake. My shirt slipped over my head and a second later his shirt was off too. He kissed all over the skin exposed by removing my shirt before removing my bra. When it fell away, he nipped, kissed, sucked and bit all over my boobs making moans fall from my lips and my back arch.

“You’re always so responsive…” He murmured trailing a finger down my body to my leggings. “Can I leave marks?” He asked and I nodded, my head already beginning to be fuzzy. I knew I had even begun to get wet, too.

“Luke…” I breathed out. I felt his lips against the left side of my chest and then I felt the sharpness of him sucking. When he pulled away, there was a love mark right over my heart.

“I’ll be there with every heartbeat….” He commented.

“It’ll fade.” I said and he sighed.

“Just focus on the meaning and me.” He said shaking his head. I giggled as he hooked his fingers in my leggings beginning to pull them down.

“I love you, Luke…” I said and he smiled.
“I think you’re wet enough so…” he said reaching over and getting a condom.

“Ok…” I said as he teased my entrance with his tip. I arched my back and dug my teeth into my lips in response. Within the squirming he had me doing, he slipped it in.

“Does it hurt?” He asked with a shaky breath as he stared down at where our bodies became one.

“I’m perfect.” I said and he chuckled sliding out slowly.

“Yes you are.” He said before pushing his length back in. My body tightened and I felt my blood rushing.

“You can be rough.” I said bracing myself. It just seemed like he was going so slow.

“Right, if it’s too much, tell me. Otherwise, just think about me.” He said and I nodded. He slid it out one more time and rammed it in. I whimpered.

“Damn, you’re tight…” He grunted putting more and more effort into it.

“Luke!” I cried out when he kept slamming it in harder and harder.

“I’m getting close.” He groaned making his hips thrust at a furious pace.

“Me too – Luke!” I moaned finally reaching my culmination.

“Christ!” He said as I felt him release.

We didn’t say a lot for a while after that…

“Hey, if ever write another song about me, will you show it to me?” I asked and he laughed his fingers in my hair.

“Sure, you’ll have to read more of your poetry to me too.” He said and I nodded against his chest.

So as promised, my spoiler review of Batman v Superman. To read my impressions of this movie without spoilers and my thoughts still high on adrenaline + rants about how unfair the bad reviews are imo, click here 

 But this one has MAJOR SPOILERS from the movie, so stop reading right now if you still didn’t watch it!


- The editing (or as I like to call in this case, the butchering). It was terrible. I felt like they had so much material filmed they tried to put a little of everything but when you do this, some things are just too short and disconnected with the rest of the movie. There were scenes that would be better if left out instead of adding its 30 seconds version. There’s no point in going back and forth so quickly if you don’t give time to let the scene play out in an appropriate time. The cuts were too sharp without a proper transition that could make sense, some of them I felt almost dizzy.

- Lex Luthor: I get what Eisenberg tried to do and I think it was a great idea in theory. But the execution didn’t work because the character didn’t have the proper time to play out like it would happen in an exclusive Superman movie. The movie has so many characters and parallel storylines you can’t quite grasp where Lex is coming from with all his quirks and maniac aspirations, instead of escalating and getting immersed in who is this person gradually, you’re hit right in the face with everything in the first time we see him. When you don’t have time to portray a character with so many screaming details like this, he becomes annoying and distracting. I thought the trailer was misleading and he would be better in the film, but what we see in the trailers is exactly how he is, no further development or additional layers. We get a glimpse of his past (big daddy issues, apparently Luthor Senior was very abusive) and of his psyché about  the duality of being a genius but still have no power, which is a cool concept for the character when you’re someone who lives among gods and all this discussion but it’s so small, they pretty much just jump straight out to megalomaniac insanity with him. But it’s a courageous approach, you can see Jesse gave his everything but it wasn’t enough, unfortunately. The only thing I really loved about the character was how he manipulated Bruce and Clark and orchestrated everything. But even this was rushed.

- Doomsday: I’m glad he was just a small part of the movie but I was disappointed the aesthetic we got in the trailer is all we get in the movie. Indeed he gets stronger and bigger as he gets hit but the crazy kinda spike rocks growing out of him every time it happened weren’t impressive enough to make his looks increase and look different from an hybrid of a ninja turtle on steroids with Hulk’s Abomination. I honestly thought the Doomsday from the trailer was a a baby Doomsday that would get bigger and meaner-looking as the battle progressed but even if this kinda happens in a small degree, he still looks dumb and plain bad.

- The exaggerated amount of trailers and tv spots we got beforehand: I wish I had watched only the first comic con trailer. The plot wasn’t spoiled, but some of the scenes were totally showed from start to finish in the trailers. Lex introducing Clark and Bruce, the first time we see Wonder Woman suited up, the first time Superman and Batman are face to face in costume when Superman rips the batmobile’s door off. The first was really cringe worthy as it was in the trailers but the other two were amazing and I still felt my heart beating wildly because they are epic moments and with the soundtrack wow, simply iconic, but I wish it was the first time I was watching them.

- One of Batman’s action sequences: the scene in question is one in which he is hallucinating he is ambushed in the desert. That whole fight was terribly choreographed, I have no idea why Snyder chose such a wide framing to shoot it, you can really tell it’s something rehearsed and it looks very slow. But that’s the only action scene that didn’t work.

- The continuity from Man of Steel: As much as I love that you can absolutely feel this is the same universe of MoS, I know this will turn off a lot of casual viewers. That’s the only reason I put it in the bad pile (but don’t worry, this is in the good pile too lol). Because personally, I loved how we start the movie with Bruce’s point of view of what happened in MoS between Clark and Zod. But I saw so many confused faces, most people clearly had no idea what was happening. 

- Bruce’s parents dying again: Ok cool they brought the Comedian from Watchmen to be Bruce’s dad but how many times can we watch little Bruce losing his parents and not roll our eyes? It totally loses the emotional impact when we see it happening for the 26th time.

- No post credits scene: I already knew it wouldn’t happen and I don’t expect every superhero movie to emulate Marvel so I didn’t stay but I heard so many people that waited complaining… I wonder if that’s really the last impression you want to leave on your audience, just give them something simple and small to make them happy after waiting 10 minutes for nothing.


- Ben Affleck became my ultimate batman: He plays my favorite kind of batman, what I call B&B Batman (Brutal & Bitter). He is extremely violent, he just had enough and his motivations are very well displayed. We can see he struggles from a selfless point of view in which he worries with the destruction a powerful creature like Superman could bring among humanity but you also can see him in an almost selfish light too, what can he do when people have a godlike superhero as an option? You can feel he is struggling with becoming obsolete in some ways as much as this is not the focus of his problems with Superman, but it’s there is some degree. We get to see him using his gadgets and when he breaks in to save Martha Kent omg, what an amazing fight! It really shows what he is capable of why Batman is so badass even being a regular human being with no super powers. I was cheering so much! He looks so done 100% of the movie, which I love lol

- Superman saving the world: yes, we get to see Clark saving people from fires and floods and explosions, it’s just amazing! It’s an important thing to show us after all the destruction he participated in Man of Steel, so I’m really glad they reminded everyone who is Superman and what he does most of the time. The way people look at him in an almost worshiping way was equally satisfying and disturbing but very close to how we as human beings function with things more powerful than us, a mix of blind awe and fear.

- Strong insight in what means to be Superman: For the first time I connected with Clark in his cinematographic version. You can really feel how he is the most lonely creature in the world. You can feel how he wants to do good, how much it costs him, how much it hurts him to receive injustice and ungratefulness in return and still not blame us. It’s really strong and a very emotional anchor in the movie, I was speechless about how much a felt for him and very pleased with Henry Cavill’s portray of the character. I just wanted to hug Clark, I still want to dig his body out of his grave to do it. If I had to choose I’d say I’m totally team Superman and I never imagined saying this before this movie

- Lois and Clark: I never cared much about them as a couple, but I won’t lie, they were super cute and strong together. The chemistry was there and Lois humanizes him so much and you don’t feel an unbalance in the relationship, as much as a powerful creature Clark is, Lois is the one to anchor him and give him something he desperately needs: a sense of home and belong and he does reckless things for her (how human of him) so she holds more power than him in some ways.

- Lois Lane being a journalist: I’m so glad she wasn’t doing military/astronaut work in some alien ship like in MoS because it was ridiculous. There’s nothing wrong with being a regular human being so I loved to watch her doing high risk journalism and being nosy and going after what she wants. Even if something backfires, she still gets power and knowledge that is game changer for the plot just by doing her job and being good at it, it’s refreshing tbh.

- Alfred: every minute Alfred has screen time, it’s a blessing. He sass the shit out of Bruce and you just want to kiss him for it. I never thought I would say Alfred is hot. But it’s the Jeremy Irons effect, there’s nothing we can do about it, just embrace the feel.

- Wonder Woman: She was flawless. I’m so hyped for her solo movie now. I don’t agree with people who say she should have had more scenes. I’d love to see more of her, but I think this should’ve been exactly what it was: an introduction to leave us wanting more. She is mysterious, badass, takes no shit from our little boys and she’s absolutely amazing! Seriously, the first time she shows all suited up and her score starts to play, you’ll get goosebumps, your heart will threat to beat out of your chest. It’s everything I dreamed, we get to see her using her shield, sword, bracelets and lasso. I love her chemistry with Bruce too and how she cradles Clark’s body in her arms with so much tenderness for such a powerful creature like she is. Ugh I could talk about her all day, I simply love her and Gal Gadot did a great job with the material she got.

- The soundtrack: two of my favorites, Hans Zimmer (Inception, The Dark Night) and Junkie XL (Mad Max: Fury Road) so I was expecting awesomeness and I was not disappointed. It’s a somber score with some exceptions like WW’s song that’s more wild but it’s a heavy movie so it was something expected.

- The tone: yes it’s dark and gritty but a film that contemplates the philosophical questions this one does, even if not in dept, there isn’t many other aesthetic options. I like how DC is so different from Marvel, I love both and it would be super boring if they looked the same. I’m not sure if I’ll take my kids to watch this one, because even being PG13 it’s very adult in its themes and more of a political drama than an action flick, but I’m glad we have this more grown up version too.

- The cinematography: the only thing I expect from director Zack Snyder is great visuals because it’s his forte (maybe his only one) and he didn’t disappoint with cool concepts and beautiful shots. It looks epic and large-scale. I’m also glad his directing is a little more tamed when it comes to the excess he often chooses. I’m imagining Affleck as a more grounded director gave him some advise maybe?

- The Justice League introduction: this is one of the most polarizing questions, but I particularly love how quick it was handled. I was afraid they would put too much of each new character and it’d become a pre justice league movie instead of a batman v superman one. I’m relieved to say this did not happened. It was quick, objective and even if not an epic choice to introduce this characters, it gets the job done. I don’t agree with some people saying it was shoehorned. It’d be bad if these characters would just have more exposure in the next Justice League film, but each one of them will have their own solo movie, so no need to ruin the impact and reveal too much about them beforehand. We (and the other characters) only needed to know they exist, which was accomplished.

- The continuity from Man of Steel: See, this is in the good pile too! As I said, I love that you can absolutely feel this is the same universe of MoS. Even if MoS is not a movie that I love, continuity is a blessing. And as much as the regular audience will feel confused, I loved all the nods for the more hardcore fans. They hint at Darkseid too and I can’t wait!!! 

- The Batman v Superman duel is more dramatic and political than actual action: and I see this is one of the reasons most people are disappointed, but I love how they had so much building up until their confront, which happens only after 1 and a half hour into the movie and is not overly long. These characters are not like Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, who already have an emotional connection and background. So to Clark and Bruce go to blows and mean something beyond “fuck yeah cool fight” it has to have something behind it, something that justify how it escalates, something to make it more than two angry men beating each other in some dark alley. And all the political and philosophical questions were amazing to fill this need. I see some reviewers say that the movie has outdated notions of deity and obedience but excuse my french, it’s bullshit. The point of the movie is not to defend this concept but to show how we as flawed human beings convert everything into this because it’s a pattern we understand and seek since we lived in caves. And we still can’t let go of it, no matter how evolved and civilized we think we are. When senator Finch is getting interviewed and is asked: “Do we need a Superman?” and she simply answers: “We have one.” it’s absolutely brilliant and so powerful, it’s one of the moments a movie reaches something way deeper that it even is trying to be and you just wish you could have a little more of that.

- The trinity: Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman fighting together was a breathtaking moment and even if it was more of a tease than a full on battle, I loved every second of it. It’s a dream came true and the “is she with you?” “I though she was with you” exchange didn’t ruin anything, it was actually quite cute and it helped me breathe while I laughed because I was so overwhelmed with the emotion of seeing them lining ready to fight together, wow, I needed some levity to handle it in a non embarrassing way while in public, so I’m grateful 

- Clark’s motivations to fight Batman: I can’t stress this enough: I love how Clark was forced to fight Batman. At first you’d think it’s a cheap excuse but it’s not, any other excuse to have Clark beating the shit out of Bruce even to defend himself would be stupid and out of character. Having his mother, his only pure connection with who he is as Clark Kent and not just Kal-El, to be the catalyst to his confront with Bruce was very smart and respectful to the character. It also added a lot of emotion to the whole sequence, Clark is spiraling in a kaleidoscope of emotions which breaks our heart to watch but add a lot to the character. He clearly doesn’t want to do this but resigned himself that nothing can stays good forever, omg I felt stabbed in the heart and I loved it.  

- The Marthas: Nothing makes me more happy when a movie gives proper importance to the moms. These are boys deeply changed for the presence/absence of their motherly figures. Martha Kent and Martha Wayne being what finally snap both out of their stupidity and put them to work together made me smile from ear to ear, I had to shove a handful of popcorn in my mouth to stop me from squealing loudly in the theater. And when Martha Kent says she figured Batman was a friend of her son because of the cape, man, that’s one of my favorite moments in comic book films of all time and I’ll never forget it.

- Granny’s Peach Tea: enough said, it was such a fabulous twist!

- The death: Ok last but not least, from the moment Clark grabs the kryptonite spear from the moment the end credits rolled up, I was a mess. I started crying right at the moment Lois started to beg him not to do it, and you can clearly see he is going to do it because if not him, who else? When Bruce wrapped Clark’s dead body in his cape to let him slide into Wonder Woman and Lois Lane’s arms, omg, what a powerful scene! I don’t care about how in superhero movies nobody really dies, fuck it, I felt, I felt every bit of it, and I still can’t believe I felt so many emotions in such intensity watching a Zack Snyder film. How iconic was too watch both funerals? One is the spectacular burial of Superman, god, alien, resource, mysterious creature, criticized and hated by most in life but an admired hero by everybody in death. As they say, the perfect heroes are the dead ones because they can’t disappoint us. The other one was the burial of Clark Kent, son, boyfriend, protector, friend, a good man. A very small ceremony at his home, the home that embraced him as a person and not a commodity. I was floored with feelings and the little hint that he’ll return didn’t ruin the impact of the brave choice the script made in killing him off, because it’s expected that he won’t stay dead and kids would leave the theater in tears if they didn’t at least hinted at it.

- “If you seek his monument, look around you”: The quote from architect Christopher Wren’s tomb is so powerful and perfect in this context, I love how they used it for Superman, wow!

CONCLUSION: Yesterday I said I enjoyed BvS very much. Today after a whole night and day to digest it better I can even say that I loved it. It’s those kind of movies that has so much going on and goes against everything you were expecting that you need some hours or days to digest and let it settle in your heart and mind and accept how great it was for what it tried to be and not for what you thought it would be. You have to let go of your speculations and expectations and be free of all this to really embrace this movie, because it’s absolutely the opposite of what everybody predicted and this is a good thing. I’m even more excited now for Justice League and Wonder Woman than I was before. Go see for yourself instead of just following the critics that don’t have the same background as us fans, specially if you love comic book movies!


Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Words: 1101

Based off of this post.

Pietro watched you as you avidly talked about your favorite movie with Steve on the couch. He loved how your eyes were filled with so much passion. He loved how you flail your arms around as you explained your deep love for the plot and characters.

“Stop staring.” Wand said in their native Sokovian language as she stood next to him crossing her arms.

Pietro straightened, “I wasn’t staring. Just..observing.”

Wanda scoffed, “Right.” They both continued to watch you as you spoke to Steve. Wanda leaned in closer, “You know, you should make your move soon. I hear that Captain has a crush on Y/N.” Wanda smirked as she watched her brother’s eyes narrow in on Steve.

You continued to go on about your favorite movie. Then you felt eyes on you. You looked up to see Pietro and he was..glaring? You watched as he zoomed away  and Wanda ran yelling after him.


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She’s Just A Broken Girl (Part 4)

Pairing: Reader X Simon (It can easily be replaced by a boy/girl of your choice)

Warnings: Nope, little sad but nothing too bad.

Requested(?): Nope. but requests are open!

Additional Notes: Here’s part 4!! The next part might be the last but it depends how the writing goes. Anyways, ENJOY!

… … . .

(Reader’s POV)

I knock on the door and Vik answers it and lets me in.

“Long time no see” He says, patting my back.

“I know. I’m sorry” I tell him with an apologetic look on my face. I used to be quite close with Vik, but when I stopped seeing everyone I distanced myself from all of my close friends.

“Food’s in the kitchen” He says, leading me in as I kick my shoes of at the door.

“Ooh, pizza” I clap, taking a seat on one of the barstools. Everyone groans at my happy tone. “Hungover?” I ask everyone and I receive nods from everyone except Tobi, who was munching away at a slice of pepperoni pizza.

“I need to stop drinking” JJ says, rubbing his head.

“JJ you literally say that every time you have a hangover” Ethan laughs at him. “Remember that day you spent the whole day bent down next to the toilet? Ethan asked and everyone giggled at the memory.

“What had happened?” I asked, unsure of what they were talking about.

“He drank more than he ever had before, and he was literally throwing up all day. We all took turns looking after him because we knew he would probably choke on his own vomit” Josh spoke, making everyone stop eating. “Sorry guys” He laughed, looking at their faces of disgust.

“I’d like to put that memory behind me” JJ sighs.

“I wish I had never asked” I admit, placing my pizza slice onto a plate.

“We’re back!” A voice suddenly rings out from the door. I knew who it was, and I had a good guess at who the “we” was. I turned around nonetheless, and what I thought was my worst nightmare was true. There he was, standing with her, shopping bags in hand. His eyes fell on me as they widened. He wasn’t expecting me to be here.

I wanted nothing more than to cry, but I needed to put on a brave face.

“What’d you get?” Tobi asked, pointing out the bags in her hand.

“Oh, just Simon spoiling me again. I’m so lucky” She gazes up at him. I turn my chair around to face back to the table. Josh mouths a “sorry” to me, but it wasn’t his fault. They never knew what he had done the night before and how significant this really was.

I could have easily run off to the toilet but I refused to let it get the better of me. I finished off the last slice of pizza from the small box in front of me. I closed it and added it to the pile of finished food. I pulled my jumper off due to the heat of the room and placed it on the table.

“We were going to have a movie night if you wanted to join us Cara” Vik asked, and I smiled and nodded at him.

“That’d be nice. Thanks” I say. We all chatted around the table and we eventually moved to the large corner sofa so we could start the movies. Simon and Jen emerged from the stairs and took a seat at the opposite side of the couch. The first film Josh put on was Paranormal Activity, he had declared we were going to binge watch all of them.

Everyone had blankets, and I was sharing with Vik since I was closest to him. I hated scary movies and all the boys knew it, I would wake up screaming in Simon’s bed after watching films like Insidious.

During the whole film I had my face under the blankets, only peeking out every so often. Every time there was a jump scare I would hide behind Vik and I would see Simon send a glare towards me. I wasn’t doing it to make him jealous, I was genuinely scared out of my mind. I couldn’t even try and give an explanation for his glares, I literally would just duck behind Vik when something popped up, he didn’t hug me or anything like that. So I decided to ignore him.

The end of the film was approaching – I knew that because I had been watching the clock during the entire film. I had heard the end scene was the scariest, so I was mentally preparing myself. It didn’t work. The final scare came and I jumped up and over the couch and hid behind. Way to play it cool.

The next thing I heard was JJ burst into laughter as he peeked his head over the edge to see me. “Have you never seen this before?” He asks between giggles.

“Does it look like I have? NO” I tell him, standing up and straightening my shirt. Simon had his arm around her. And It was like it all just hit me again. He made me feel like he wanted me, and that he made a mistake, when all along he still wanted her.

“You can stay the night if you want since we’re watching loads of films. I don’t want you driving home too late” Josh interrupts my thoughts.

“I’d have nowhere to sleep” I tell him, taking my position back on the couch.

“We have a spare room” He tells me. I really didn’t want to, but I knew if I said no I would be pressured into it anyways.

“Or she can sleep with me” JJ says jokingly, wrapping his arms tightly around my neck in a forceful hug.

“That’s what I won’t be doing. But I’ll stay I suppose” I tell Josh, gasping for breath dramatically when JJ let go.

“There’s a box of your stuff in the spare room already I’m sure you’ll find something to sleep in in there” Josh tells me as he slots in the next film.

“I’m going to the bathroom I’ll be back in a minute” I excuse myself and enter the large bathroom. The same one I was in last night. I did everything I needed to do, and washed my hands before exiting again. As I approached the couches again Jen was kissing Simon, the same lips I had kissed less than 24 hours ago. “Be strong” I told myself, but it was easier said than done.

To be continued

“The Little Mermaid has always been my favorite Disney movie for as long as I can remember. I’ve always felt a connection with Ariel of wanting something that seemed so far out of reach. When it came out on DVD I knew that I had to watch it with my niece, who just turned 5. Watching it with her for the first time made me remember a time where magic & happily ever afters were real. Seeing her face light up & now proudly saying Ariel is her favorite princess makes me love Disney & it’s magic more”

Demon!Luke pt.6
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You were crying. Ever since he told you that you guys were in Australia, you were upset, but as soon as you got home it hit you pretty hard. You were miles away from home and it was a tiny chance that anyone you knew would find you.

 "Let me go! I wanna go home!“ You sobbed as Luke held you close to him, trying to calm you down. You strained against Luke, thrashing around violently as he held you.

"Princess, calm down.” Luke murmured to you. He would’ve just made you become calm but it probably would do more damage than actually help.

“Let me go! I wanna go home, please!” You cried and tried to punch Luke. It took him his all to not just make you stop and calm down. 

“Shh, Princess. It’s okay.”

“No, nothing’s okay! I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you! Take me home!" 

"Look, Princess. You are mine. You aren’t going home, so you need to start calming down.” He hissed. Your breathing hitched when his demeanor darkened, as did his eyes. As Luke stared down at you, your sobs subsided to tiny hiccups. Tears still cascaded down your cheeks and Luke wiped them away with a stony face.

“No more crying, okay?” His palms held your cheeks and your hands went up to hold his.

“Okay.” You nod at him weakly.

“Would you want to watch a movie with me?” Again, you nod at him. You went to sit on the couch in the living room while Luke put in the movie. This time, you guys were gonna watch Dead Silence since you wanted to take your mind off your sadness by becoming scared instead.

“You ready, Princess?” Luke asked as he plopped directly next to you after he put the movie on. You smile weakly at him.

“Yeah. I - uh - I watched this movie before. It was with my brother and his friends.” You mumbled back, playing with the hem of your shirt. You felt yourself become emotional again.

“Hey,” Luke said softly when he saw the first tear drop out of your eye.

“I-I know. I’m sorry. I haven’t seem them in a long time, like three wee - ”

“It’s actually been a month and two weeks.” He corrected. Your breath hitched. It’s been that long?

“Oh.” By now, the movie started, but you were too focused on your emotions to notice. Your head was clouded with the inevitable nostalgia of wishing to be home once again.

Then, you felt his hand pulling you into his embrace. You cuddled into him and suddenly you felt his hands become warmer.

You were in your brother’s friends house. You grew up with your brother alongside his friends, and today happened to be one of their birthdays. You went to Cj’s house where his birthday were to be held at.

You guys just got done playing hide and seek around the neighborhood that you guys lived in. Cj, his other friends, and your brother sat scattered around Cj’s room, watching Dead Silence.

Cj and his friends kept on making a stupid commentary on the movie, adding witty and funny remarks after one of the characters did something that they thought was stupid.

You couldn’t exactly focus, though, because throughout the whole time of watching the movie, you felt someone playing with your hair. You remember when it was actually happening to you, you had turned and saw nothing. This time, though, you turned to see Luke.

“I miss you.” He had said when you turned back around, as if you hadn’t seen him.

It was just a memory, but now you could see Luke in them. You were only reliving it. Surprisingly enough, the memory made you feel a little better. It reminded you of what you couldn’t return to and it was just soothing to know Luke could just show you memories when you felt nostalgic.

“Can you show me another one?” You ask after the memory completely went away. He smiled.

“I thought you wanted to watch the movie?” He asked, cocking an eyebrow at you. You shrugged.

“You said you aren’t letting me go home… This is as good as it’ll get, isn’t it?” You question. Luke’s heart breaks a little more when he saw your tiny smile fade and the way your eyes seemed to be a little duller.

“Which one do you wanna see?” He asked, trying to improve your mood. It didn’t matter; you just wanted to see more memories.

“Erm… Can you show me my Fall Out Boy concert?” You asked after a moment of thinking. He smiles and nods. Luke’s hands become more warm and you were brought back to the night when you went to see Fall Out Boy.

The blaring music, the adrenaline, the ringing ears, and your hoarse throat reminded you of home.

“Dance, dance, we’re falling apart to half time!” You scream as the concert continued. You turn your head slightly to see Luke, but quickly look back at the stage in front of you.

You felt your legs burn as you jumped up and down and all you wanted to do was just sit down, but you couldn’t. The buzz of the concert and the fact that you could see Pete’s beautiful face kept you going.

“I love you, Pete!” You scream once they were done singing Dance, Dance. The memory continued for as long as Fall Out Boy’s set was, which was an hour and thirty minutes. Once the concert was over, you felt the nostalgia of seeing them set in as you walked out of the venue.

“Do you want to see something else?” Luke asked. He didn’t need an answer because he already knew that you wanted to continue.

“Yeah. Can you show me the time where the boy at church asked for my number?” You ask giddily. Luke smiled, but it was full of venom. You were his and his only and when he saw the boy from church asking for your number, he got beyond pissed.

Luke wasn’t completely not allowed in churches; if he went in one it could only be for a period of time before he started getting hurt from the after effects. Despite him hating the memory, his hands radiate more warmth and you were suddenly reliving the memory.

Church just got done as you left through one of the doors. You stood off to the side by one of the doors, waiting for your family to catch up with you. And you were also secretly waiting to see if you could catch a glimpse of church boy. You heart sped up when you saw that church boy was coming your way. Your eyes immediately casted downwards and you felt your palms sweating as your heart sped up.

“H-hi.” He muttered when he was close enough for you to hear him. It seemed he was as nervousness as you were.

“Hello.” Your voice comes out a little higher pitch and quieter than you thought it’d be, causing you to flinch. When you looked up at him, you saw that Luke was standing right beside him with black eyes and a deep frown etched on his face, but your main focus was on church boy.

“I’m Zach.” He said to you. You try to hide your grin when you saw how sheepish he was acting towards you.

“I-I’m Y/N.” You say back unsteadily.

He smiles broadly at you. “Um - this is gonna sound so creepy but I think you’re very pretty and I see you a lot at church and, um, can I have your number?” Zach asked awkwardly.

You could see Luke’s eyes becoming even blacker, if possible, and also see him taking a step closer to Zach.

“Um, I actually don’t have a phone.” You saw Zach’s face drop and his face becomes impossibly red.

“Oh, crap, really? S-sorry for bothering you - I’m, uh, I’m just gonna go.” You start to smile at him stumbling around.

“Zach, I’m kidding. Here, give me y-your phone.” You say. His face shows slight embarrassment.

“Ohhh. I - I knew that.” He muttered, handing you his phone. You typed in your number and sent a text to yourself.

“There you go.” You say. Luke’s face was becoming red as Zach bid his goodbyes.

“Text me later, yeah?” He said. You nod and wave.

“Thank you.” You said once the memory was over. He nodded.

“Anytime, Princess.” Luke said to you. His face was a bit red and every other time he blinked, his eyes were pitch black. You chose to ignore it, in partial bliss that you had all these times you could look back to and feel a little more complete from them. At least now you had a part of your home while you weren’t there. Even though they were just memories.


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This… is likely a really bad idea, to respond to these sort of things.  But every so often there are large misunderstandings from people who weren’t there during the creation of “Farewell, FamiKamen Rider”, didn’t watch the movie, didn’t watch our commentaries, etc.  I’m seeing new discussion pop up this week in light of about 28,000 new people seeing Justin’s story and learning what the FamiKamen Rider is and what our movie made for him was after I just made a video thanking Toei for making Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, because it’s something Justin would have loved.

It seems that the first post in the pictures is from someone who perhaps didn’t see Justin’s original videos, or didn’t hear anything we said about the production of the project.  Most of these things I’m writing are things we’ve stated elsewhere, such as in our commentary track.  We had access to photos, music, concept art, and other early drafts and episode synopses of many of Justin’s proposed episodes for his mini-series.  It’s true that this movie is not 100% what he wanted, but that was literally impossible to accomplish when Justin was not alive to do these things.  Justin was going to have to be between three to four different characters at once, being JewWario, Yanki J, NegaDub, and possibly the re-animated version of his first version of the FamiKamen Rider suit which he was naming GAW (Game & Watch).  There was literally no way to bring back NegaDub without it actually being Justin.  So when the last thing you see of NegaDub in Justin’s original cannon is him being defeated, for our purposes, it was better to just leave it as is.

We attempted to utilize as many ideas otherwise as we possibly could have without having Justin here.  For example, Yanki J was always intended to become the SuFami Rider.  This was teased in videos that Justin already had online, and was confirmed in early scripts and episode synopses.  Our only difference was that we’d already made a suit for SuFami before someone had sent us pictures of what Justin originally intended him to look like.  Really, we weren’t that far off.  The similarities include a long coat/tails similar to Kamen Rider Wizard, and some sort of big stick to swing.  But while our version used Super Famicom color schemes, it turned out Justin’s original costume was to be all white and closely resembling Sadamitsu the Destroyer.  That was the largest difference, and really more of an accident since we didn’t have images to go on until the production of our movie was almost over.  For that reason, we included those very same production photos of Justin himself in his white costume during the creation of that costume in the ending credits of our movie.  We didn’t want that to go unseen.

In Justin’s original series, Mark and Samantha Fujita were intended to both play villain characters.  Samantha’s character was meant to be something of an evil lolita character (Samantha already has those kind of outfits).  But they were also meant to actually physically be in Colorado to film.  Justin ran out of money and couldn’t get anyone out to film (that included me, the week we were supposed to film my parts).  However, I managed to include the both of them still.  In Justin’s original WaRiOn series and the introduction of the FamiKamen Rider, Shigeru Miyamoto gives JewWario the equipment to be able to fight, eventually turning him into the FamiKamen Rider.  For that reason, we cast Mark as Shigeru Miyamoto.  Samantha’s part remained relatively similar.  While we, too, could not afford to fly anyone out to us, we had a local friend Caley Richardson play as the suit actress for Tsunemi, the lead female villain for the movie, and had Samantha voice act over her so that she could continue to fulfill a similarly intended role Justin had in mind for her.

There’s a large and important reason why the characters of MarzGurl and Chris go through a restaurant to talk to Shigeru Miyamoto.  Justin largely insisted that his character go into a restaurant and eat all the time (even against the suggestions of some people who were trying to help him write his scripts at the time, as some felt there was never a solidified reason why the character kept doing that).  The restaurant was supposed to be where he would meet my character, who would somehow manage to give overly wise advice to JewWario time and again.  For that reason, it was really important that we got a restaurant into the movie where we would go and find a secret, remote location to get advice from someone wiser than us.  Thus, we go through a restaurant to get to Shigeru Miyamoto who sent us on a much longer mission.

I’d received confirmation from others who were working with Justin on his original project that there had largely been talk of having the villains work for SEGA.  That seemed like the logical direction to take the project to begin with.  So, there you have it.  Justin at some point wanted SEGA involvement, and that’s what we gave it.

The original trick team that Justin was working with reached out to me and wanted to help.  But there was no way to fly them out to San Antonio and get the choreography down.  If I could have afforded them, I would have.  But that was impossible.

There are parts we wanted to use and tried to get, but couldn’t.  You can see photos of props and costume pieces during the closing credits of the movie as created by Featherweight.  I’d asked people close to the project if they were able to locate or acquire these pieces so that we could use them, but they never fell into our hands.  The best we could do without these creations and with no money is create cheap black-and-white knock-offs that kinda-sorta looked bug-like in nature.  And past that, the only thing we could do was show these photos and the concept art for the armor during the credits.

The song playing during the ending credits, Ready To Brave, was not a song we composed.  It was composed specifically for Justin’s original miniseries.  There was originally supposed to be another vocalist, but my understanding was that it would have been difficult, to say the least, to get her to want to return to do the vocals.  So I filled in with them, only because I was running out of options.  I’d considered composing a Miku Hatsune version of the lyrics, but ran out of time to do that, too.  It was just faster and easier for me to do the vocals, even with my own dissatisfaction with it.  But that composition was absolutely intended to be used for Justin’s original project (the opening theme, I believe).  

In regards to Doctor Holocaust, that clip at the beginning of the movie most certainly was not invented just for the movie.  That’s an actual clip of Justin inside that FamiKamen Rider suit.  It’s from a video that Conal MacBeth (Doctor Holocaust), Justin, and myself made in 2012 while we were in Guelph, Ontario, Canada as guests at Con-G.  Make no mistake, Conal and Justin were friends.  The naming scheme of Doctor Holocaust up against a guy who named himself JewWario was absolutely unfortunate, sure.  But perhaps you should have seen some of the videos we made leading up to our appearances at Con-G.  Conal had no idea who we were, but Justin reached out to me and asked me to make a fun video with him where the two of us called out Doctor Holocaust because he’d made a video promoting all the other guests of Con-G, except for us.  Justin was fake-mad, not because of a guy named Doctor Holocaust, but because we weren’t mentioned in his silly video promoting the convention, and Conal wasn’t even actually a representative of the con.  The whole thing was a joke.  Conal’s response was to make a Doctor Holocaust video responding to us and saying there’d be a battle, but he also said something to the effect of, “Look, I know what my namesake sounds like, but I wasn’t trying to fight a guy with the name JewWario.”  Again, the whole thing was a big joke. 

We filmed this fight video, as I said, in February 2012.  But the video didn’t come out for quite some time.  In fact, Conal didn’t end up releasing the fight video until after Justin passed away in early 2014.  This meant that the very last footage of the FamiKamen Rider to come out, that would have actually been cannon, was this fight footage against Doctor Holocaust.  In that video, a news reporter says that the bodies are never found.  This is what gave us our only possible opportunity to create something that would actually feasibly exist within Justin’s cannon.  After all, how else do we explain that Justin is not here to be the FamiKamen Rider?  From all of the meetings we had with as many people as humanly possible, there’s simply no way to recast the FamiKamen Rider, and we had no intention of passing the suit on to some other person.  That was NOT Justin’s wishes.  He was absolutely not here to designate someone to pass the torch on to.  FamiKamen Rider is JewWario.  JewWario is Justin.  We did what we had to do in having Matt Burkett do the suit acting for the FamiKamen Rider (and Yanki J inside of the SuFami suit, too), but we were absolutely not willing to give it to anybody else after that.  It’s why we wrote Chris as turning down an offer to be a new hero in the name of Nintendo.  This movie was not intended to glorify anybody else but Justin in the process.

If you want to get mad at Conal for having the name Doctor Holocaust to begin with, I guess you can.  You wouldn’t be the only one to do it.  For many years, he defended the name as being “A” holocaust, not “THE” holocaust.  However, about a week or so ago, he actually finally “killed” Doctor Holocaust off in the first of a two-part video, telling his audience that he has heard and understood the many complaints he’s had on the name for years.  My understanding is that the second part of this two-parter coming out next month or so will be the character coming back to life with a new name.  I don’t know that that changes anything.  All the same, be real, friends.  Again, Conal and Justin were friends.  You don’t have any room at all to be angry at the two of them fighting each other when this is something Justin actually wanted to do with Conal.  You didn’t see how happy he was, or how much fun he had making that fight video.  He was all smiles, and the set up to it was all jokes.  This entertained the living hell out of Justin.  If you’re going to be mad that the FamiKamen Rider’s body was missing, well, I guess you’d better be mad at Justin, too, for agreeing to the writing of the fight.

I suppose you can say he “died” if you want.  We were really careful to not say anybody died.  Certainly, his body was missing.  But in watching the movie, his essence absolutely is not dead.  It’s been inside the FamiKamen Rider cartridge for three years.  If you want to say, “STFU, that just means he’s dead,” fine, go ahead.  That wasn’t what we said, but okay.  Now, it was our every intention to keep what actually happened to Justin separate from the events of the movie, aside from deciding that we were saying goodbye to the character.  For that reason, we never used the name “Justin” out loud in the movie, in order to separate Justin the real person from “JewWario” the fictional character.  But because of that, one critique that Linkara gave us was that we should have used Justin’s name because Justin was JewWario, and JewWario was Justin.  And that’s fair criticism, because despite the fact that JewWario had funny scripted and absurd things happen to him, he still had other characters occasionally call him Justin (Yanki J often called JewWario “Justin”).  While fiction happened to JewWario, real life often seeped in, because Justin was just a real, down-to-earth sort of guy.  So, ultimately, this is a decision that was never going to please everybody.  Do you acknowledge what actually happened to the real life human being, or don’t you?  In our opinion, we believe that we did the least angering thing by saying goodbye to the character but not directly addressing the real world suicide.  But, again, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, I suppose.

To suggest we “looted his corpse” is also something of a misnomer.  We haven’t made a dime off this movie.  We specifically did NOT want to earn any money either on the production or the distribution of the movie.  Some people donated a little money.  MAYBE $200.  The rest of the donations were in props and costume pieces. And past that, we dug ourselves into great debt trying to finish what we could, buying costume pieces and props, because we didn’t want to make people feel like they had to contribute more money to a project that so many people already gave $10,000 to.  I don’t know what happened to that money.  We did not have access to that IndieGoGo, nor did we have access to those funds when the decision was made to make the movie.  We did the whole thing by the seat of our pants, when several, several, several people came to me and asked me if I would do something with Justin’s work.  I don’t know why they asked me.  I don’t know what made me qualified.  I certainly didn’t feel qualified.  But I DID feel like people deserved to get something after they gave $10k and we all knew they weren’t going to get anything for it.  And furthermore, there was a strong desire on my part to allow something of Justin’s original ideas to make it out into the world, even if he wasn’t there to finish it.  No one else was going to do it.  We did.  And we did it on mostly our own cash, cash we really weren’t in a position to be able to afford to spend.  We turned off ad revenue on everything involving FamiKamen Rider, including vlogs about how people could help on the production, trailers, and the movie itself.  I’ll repeat, WE DON’T MAKE MONEY ON FAMIKAMEN RIDER.  It’s part of the reason why we haven’t sold DVDs of the movie yet, despite people asking for it, because we haven’t rightly figured out how to print them and come precisely to cost (or keep from going into debt in the process).  We do NOT want to earn money on DVD sales.  Our next decision has been that, if we were to ever print DVDs, any extra money we’d ever make on them would just go directly to charity, likely for suicide awareness.  But we’ve just never figured the whole thing out.

Now, not liking the movie, that’s something you’re absolutely allowed to do.  There are PLENTY of parts of our own movie that I don’t like.  I wish that it wasn’t made under the circumstances it was.  In fact, I wish we weren’t even put in a position where there was any thought that a movie needed to be made at all.  I wish Justin was here.  I wish he had made his original series.  I wish we’d had more money.  I wish we’d had more time.  We made the movie with no money and with all of our cameos done from a distance in under six months.  This was NOT a Channel Awesome movie.  This movie did NOT have large scale crowdfunding.  We were in a race against time to make a deadline for MAGFest 2015, like we’d been asked by members of MAGFest staff.  I wish I wasn’t acting in it.  You can complain about my acting, and you know what, you’re right to do so.  I’m not good at it.  I hardly even like it.  I simply did what I had to do, especially since “MarzGurl” was right there in that fight alongside the FamiKamen Rider against Doctor Holocaust.  We did what we felt we could with the cannon that already existed.  It wasn’t the way we wanted it.  But we did the best we could.  You don’t know how many hours we poured over his old material to make sure we didn’t contradict what Justin had already established, or how long we judged what we wrote against what Justin’s plan for his series was.

Will “Farewell, FamiKamen Rider” ever be Justin’s original miniseries?  No.  That will never exist.  And it breaks my heart that it won’t.  But to say we didn’t do absolutely everything we reasonably could within our human power to make sure we utilized everything of his we had until there was nothing left, then… well, you just weren’t there to know.