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How to Make Quick and Easy Tattoo Sleeves

Got a cosplay idea but the character has lots of arm (or leg) tattoos? Don’t feel like painting on yourself with body paints or hunting down that horrendously expensive temporary tattoo paper? Here’s a quick tutorial for making tattoo sleeves using nylons and sharpie markers! 


- Supplies are cheap! You may even have many or all the supplies you need right at home.

- Quick and not very messy! No paint is involved, and sharpie marker dries instantly. 

- Easy! Great artistic skill not required.

- They move with your skin! People have legit thought these were real tattoos. From a distance, yes, but I had guys at cons with actual ink on their arms come over to compliment on my full (fake) sleeves. 

- You get to eat pringles! More on that later. 


- They are delicate. Nylons get holes in them super easy and forearms run into stuff, lean against things, and generally make it hard for the sleeves to survive. But if you only need them for a weekend, that’s ok.

- I haven’t experimented too much, but unfortunately this technique probably doesn’t work for wearers with darker skin tones. Sharpie ink is transparent, so any color it rests on just multiplies and the tattoo won’t show up very well. You’ll want to go the fabric paint or body paint route to get the best bold, bright tats. 

- Can’t do white sections, because sharpie ink is transparent and doesn’t come in white. I leave them blank and they read OK, but the white areas will always be pink, tan, brown, etc. unless you dab in a little fabric paint, which will not be covered in this tutorial.

- Sharpie is supposed to be permanent marker, but on skin…it’s not. The ink will most likely wear off onto adjacent clothes. Not that big of a deal for me, as I tend to wear my tats with white shirts that can be bleached, but other shirts may not survive as well.

OK, let’s go! Here are your supplies: 

You’ll need a pair of nylons, scissors, tape, a set of sharpies, your designs printed out on 8.5 x 11 paper, some bracelets, and a can of Pringles. You can use any design you want, of course, but Here is the link to these fine Newt Kaiju tattoo designs. 

If your nylons have an undies part, cut the legs off and wear the undies on your head for the rest of the tutorial, if desired. Put the legs on your arm like so, and cut the toes off so you can slip your hand through. You can cut some of the top of the sleeve off as well, but don’t cut too much because you can’t put it back on if your sleeves are too short. 

Here are my creepy sleeves. Now for the pringles.

Tape your design template to the Pringles can. It doesn’t reach all the way around but eh. The Pringles can gives you a nice stable surface to draw on that is roughly the shape and size of an arm. It’s a little short, so just roll up the rest of the nylon above the workspace and adjust both template and nylon down when you get to working on that part of the sleeve.

Color with the markers! I recommend doing the colored areas first and then doing the black outlines on top of it, to avoid the black ink contaminating the ink pads of the lighter markers. Remember how that always happens to the yellow ones? Eww. Nylons are thin and slide around a bit, so it’s best to use short strokes and dotting to get the ink on.

Take the template off the Pringles tube, flip the paper to the blank side and put it back on again. The paper collects the extra ink, so it’s hard to see any missed spots. Now you can see any bits you may have missed. Fill them in for completion. Also, the paper doesn’t manage to wrap all the way around the Pringles can, so now is the time to free-hand a bit of the design where the template doesn’t reach. For Newt tattoos, that’s the back of the arm. 

When you’re all done coloring, put them on!

There’s a rough end to the tattoo right at the wrist, of course. Disguise where the sleeve ends and your skin begins with some pretty bracelets:

There we are, much better!

Now…you’re done! Have some Pringles! 

“Haise had feelings for Touka but Kaneki doesn’t”

But, hey!!!


The title of the chapter where Haise first met Touka (and the one he instantly fell for her) is called:

The feelings Haise felt for Touka were inherited from Kaneki. It just happens that, since Haise didn’t have any memories of his past, he also didn’t have any issues that would make him lock is feelings deep down on his heart.

While Kaneki had a lot to deal, Haise was just Haise, which made his feelings for her more obvious and transparent.

Kaneki and Haise may be “““diferent”””, but the heart is the same.

Think Outside the Lovesquare Day 1: Wrong Number AU

(Just a note to clarify, I elected to use bolded text to indicate Adrien’s texts and italicized text to indicate the person texting him.)

Hey, are you back in France yet?

Adrien stared down at his phone. He wasn’t entirely sure who was texting him, but he could only guess it was someone working for his father. Maybe Nathalie needed a new number and hadn’t had the chance to tell him yet. He shrugged and replied.

Just got back today. I should be home soon.

How’s work?

Adrien raised a brow. Nathalie had been with him until the last two days, so she already had a pretty clear idea on how most of the work had gone. Maybe she just wanted to know about the last shoot.

Fine. Everyone seemed pretty happy with it.

Cool. Are you free this weekend?

Adrien checked his schedule, a bit confused that Nathalie was asking him, instead of the other way around.

I should be, yeah.

After all, she’d promised him a few days off after the grueling three weeks of travel and photo shoots and media attention. His calendar was indeed free aside from a fencing lesson he’d chosen to keep.

Wanna meet up?

Now he knew something was wrong. Nathalie wouldn’t ask

Wait. Is this Nathalie?

What? No, this is Nino.

After a moment, the mystery person added on.

I sat behind you last year.

Adrien frowned. So, it wasn’t Nathalie after all. That didn’t explain who it was, however.

Sat behind me? Where?

In class. Remember?

Now it was beginning to make sense. Adrien flopped back onto his bed and stared up at the screen. It really should have been obvious. After all, Nathalie and Chloe were the only ones who texted him.

I think you have the wrong number.

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So for you guys unaware; @smartphonehour and some of their friends made a mermaid AU for Be More Chill, and they made Jeremy into a rare barracuda mermaid that most people either fear or just find weird. And since Jeremy is the precious boy, I just had to draw him.

This was originally a cute picture though, I swear. But then it suddenly turned into young Jeremy being mocked by some other fish ehhhhh. I’m sorry I didn’t want to make him sad but it just happened!!!

The first pic is the original sketch that I did in pen (while I was meant to be doing my maths work I should mention XD), the second pic is the finished image, and the final image is a transparent version of the precious boy himself. All together, I think it took me over 2 ½ hours to draw this! This was honestly a spur of the moment drawing I did today, so I hope you all enjoy it!

Now, if you don’t mind excusing me; I believe I sadly have school tomorrow and it’s… *looks at clock* 12:40am, so I guess that means it’s sleepy time no- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

schmoop alert!! i wrote a thing
adoribull, T, kisses and fluff and not much else really. dorian is a grump but bull always makes things better ^_^

He hadn’t woken up in a terrible mood. Waking up had been rather pleasant, really, for all that he’d been crushed partway into the mattress. His bed was small, and Bull took up most of it. Dorian liked that, though. There was something about the way Bull took up space in his life now. Unapologetic, smiling, warm– he’s never once regretted opening his door to Bull.

Closing the door behind him, however. That’s where the trouble lies. It’s in the moments before Bull turns to walk away, when he’s still leaning on Dorian’s doorframe with that terrible smirk, that’s the problem. He wants something more. More than a tangle of bedsheets and a smile across the tavern later. More than knowing that Bull’s door is always open to him, more knowing he can go to Bull. What he wants– terribly, selfishly– he wants a promise that Bull will come back to him.

It’s not something that he can ask for. It’s not something that fits in what they have. Dorian knows that. His role in this, after he and Bull have spectacular sex and fall asleep in each other’s arms, is to tease Bull about sleeping late and close the door behind him. He can’t ask for a promise, or even a kiss goodbye, because that’s too much like asking for Bull to care.

That’s the feeling that lingers for the rest of the day. Not the warmth and calm of waking up with Bull, but the pointless aching. Why should one kiss matter so much? Why can’t he be satisfied– for once in his life– with what he has?

And asking for affection isn’t something he can do. He has far too much pride to ask for it, and if he’s honest, he’s afraid that Bull might say no. Then of course, he might say yes, and not mean it, and give Dorian everything he asks for but secretly resent him, and–

Dorian slams his book shut. He wasn’t really reading it, anyway.

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True to Self

Bryson Tiller returns with his Sophomore album True to Self. This was a very enjoyable album to listen to. In aspects of comparing it to Trapsoul it is definitely not a slump at all. He still provides us with the same transparency that we got in Trapsoul and the same high quality sound. Bryson takes us on a journey telling a story of what life has been like for him since Trapsoul changed his life.  

To read my in depth review click read more below. 

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I’ll Stand By You

Originally posted by that-0ne-nerd-blog

Pairing: Sebastian Smythe x Reader

Summary: Sebastian staying by (Y/N)’s side no matter what happens.

Word count: 1.115

A/N: I love Sebastian so much, but I am not so happy of how this turned out. I don’t know, but I feel that he’s a little bit out of character. I’m asking for forgiveness in advance, guys. I will write something better soon, I promise. Thank you.

- G. x

You entered your favourite coffee shop, Lima Bean, making the little bell attached on the transparent glass door ring. You walked inside with your eyes glued on the ground, trying to prevent people to see your puffy and red eyes.

You had a shitty morning at school and you have always been a sensitive person. You can’t handle harsh comments that come out from people’s dirty mouth, even though you have always wanted to stop giving a damn on people’s thoughts, but you just can’t.

You were expecting on not stirring up any trouble anymore, but you knew that you were too clumsy when you bumped on someone, luckily, he hasn’t gotten a paper coffee cup in his hands yet or else everything would’ve gotten worse.

“Damn it! Watch where you’re going next time.” The boy in front of you exclaimed annoyed. The voice was so familiar and you quickly looked at him, revealing him your haggard face. “Shit, I’m sorry, (Y/N).”

As you see the tall boy’s beautiful face, your appearance enlightened a little bit and you felt relieved somehow. He was standing straight in front of you, wearing a regretful face. He must be really sorry for how he treated you just awhile ago, but what can you do? Being snarky and being sassy are some of his negative traits, but you accept him just like that.

“Sebastian.” You quickly wrapped your weak arms around his slim waist, not caring if you rumple his perfectly flat-ironed school blazer, and waited for him to reciprocate your hug. He hugged you tight and played carefully with your hair.

“What happened?” He asked you in a worried tone as you broke the hug and he led you to an empty table. You looked at him, thinking if you should tell him what has happened. “(Y/N)?”

You breathe out heavily as tears started to stream down your face once again, remembering the pain and the disappointment that your friends in glee club has given you this morning.

“Why you look so sad, (Y/N)?” He nibbled his red lower lip and caressed your forearm gently. “Tears are in your eyes.” He came closer to you and he wiped your tears away your red soft cheeks using both of his thumb.

“Bas,” You fidgeted your hands as you called his name. He noticed the nervousness in you and he paid attention on what you have to tell him. “New Directions found out that we are in a relationship.”

“What?” He was gobsmacked for the words that have just slipped out of your mouth. “How?”

“I have no idea, Bas.” You shook your head several times. “I really don’t know how did they find out. All I know right now is that they are against the bond that we have together.”

“Shit, I knew that they wouldn’t approve it.” He murmured. “I’m sorry, babe.”

“It’s not your fault.” You slightly gave him a weak smile.

“It is.” He contradicted you because he really thought that it was his fault. “They hate me for my behaviour, (Y/N). You can’t blame them.”

“Bas, they should mind their own business.” You slightly shouted and it caused the crowd to look at you, but you just didn’t care about it. “They can’t dictate me who to love or not.”

“You are right, love,” He nodded. “But you can’t blame them. You are their little baby and they are just being overprotective.”

“I am big enough to know what is right from wrong, Sebastian.” You angrily answered him. “They told bad things about you and they talked shit behind your back. They treat you with disrespect, Bas.”

“I deserved that.” You unleashed a long deep sigh because it doesn’t seem like Sebastian can get your point.

“As my close friends, I demand that they respect me, you, us.” You say as you dried your tears and endured the pain as the tears burnt your cheeks.

“Wait,” He furrowed his eyebrows. “Did they disrespect you too?”

“Some offensive words escaped from their mouths.” You raised your shoulders as a sign of not giving a damn about it.

“Okay,” Sebastian started. “They crossed the line with that.” He said and you can sense the anger in his voice.

“Bas, it is okay.” You reassured him, being calm once again.

“No, it is not.” He shook his head furiously. “We are talking to them.”

“But you hate the stench of public schools.” You slightly giggled, trying to change his mind but bearing with Sebastian was hard enough.

People can tell him everything what they want, but they will never win against him. If they insult him, he surely knows how to shut them off and they will never make him angry. But whenever people tells something offensive about you, his lovely and gorgeous girlfriend, he is able to start World War III just to protect you. No matter how much it would cost him.

“I don’t care, (Y/N)!” He arrogantly answered. “I force myself to treat you right and to treat you better than your ex-boyfriends did. Nobody, I repeat, nobody can hurt you just like that. I won’t let people treat you like that.”

“But it is okay, Bas. It really is.” You caressed his right cheek with your right thumb. “They just disappointed me so much and you know why?”

“Why?” He raised his left eyebrow. He was trying to calm himself, but anger was still heard in his voice.

“Because no one stood by my side.” You downheartedly responded.

“(Y/N),” He called your name, trying to get all of your attention. “You know that I have always said that I’ll stand by you no matter what, even if you’re wrong, and I won’t let anybody hurt you.” Sometimes it still amuses you that he’s a sweet and caring person when it comes to you, but you know that you would love him the same if he ever acted arrogant and annoying around you.

“I know, Bas.” You were fluttered for what he has just said even though he repeats it every time.

“I know that you know it.” He confidently smiled. “And I am still talking to them about these stuffs, just to be clear.”

“Fine.” You rolled your eyes and you chuckled.

“I love you, always remember that.”

“I love you too, Bas.” He quickly wrapped his arms around your waist and you wrapped your arms around his neck. “Thank you.”

“Everything for my princess.” He pulled away from the hug a little bit and pressed a gentle and soft kiss on your forehead.

Your lips have formed a wide smile as you thought how lucky you are to have Sebastian by your side.

he’s quite the fighter

LOL rewatching season 2 and Emma is making me crack the fuck up cos she’s all 

“You know him?”

“Wait, you know how to sail a ship?”

“So now you’re a pirate that can sail a ship?”

“So you know hook?”

Homegirl gives zero fucks about Gold bleeding out or the fact Neal is back, she just wants info on the stab happy hotness she just had to tie up. And she’s trying to be so subtle bless her but lawd almighty she’s transparent. 

“So you know hook?”


“What’s he like? I mean apart from the murder vendetta. What’s he into? Does he lift? What’s his A game saying?”

“Jeez, Emma! You wanna know so bad, just go hop into bed with him.”

“I’m trying to, dammit! But I need something to work with. Help a sister out, will you?”

And now i just can’t help imagining her ramblings as she shifts an unconscious hook into that storage space.

“Dammit… why is it always the hot ones… wow, his arms are firm… at least he smells better than he looks… oh yeah, he’d definitely feel good on top in another situation….god, why’d you have to be such a jackass…. I had plans for when I returned…”

ppii-ku  asked:

Can I request a flower shop au? (I know it's been done but please I need more lol) Anything goes but consider this: Victor having fantasies about Yuuri on a bed covered with rose petails~

Yayyy of course!! (that mental image tho…save me from my vivid imagination)

Viktor had a plague. 

No, not the termites, he had got rid of those the previous week (even though his wooden furniture still wasn’t over it).

No, they weren’t cockroaches. Thanks god, those were disgusting. 

And he swore that if a rat ever stood on his apartment he would burn the edifice down.

No, Viktor’ plague wasn’t that kind of plague…

Viktor had a flower plague.

Now, he had done his best to stop it, he swore. He had taken all the serious precautions. But nothing seemed to be able to stop the spreading of that maddening weed that was, apparently, just emotional.

It was inevitable…how was he supposed to ignore his compulsion? Yurio had helped him write a list of warnings he needed to have in mind each afternoon when he walked back from work, but Viktor was a weak man, and he hadn’t been able to get done any of the points satisfactorily.

1) Don’t walk through THAT street.

There, just around the corner, there was certain special shop. Which he needed to avoid at all costs, unless he wanted his apartment to keep collecting green while his wallet ran out of it.

2) Hold your breath.

If he was pathetic enough to choose the long way home (like he always did) and found himself in front of the shop as if it were an accident, then he should avoid the sweet scent of jasmines that always drove him towards his doom. It was a trap, Yurio said. A macabre trap Viktor was willingly falling into.

3) Don’t get inside

Once he grabbed the handle, once he was welcomed to hell by the lovely jingle of the door’s bell, once he walked to the counter, once he saw HIM…there was no turn back.

4) Don’t think about him

Don’t think about his smile, don’t think about the thousand colors of the endless flowers reflecting on his glasses, don’t think about that adorable way in which he furrows his nose when he laughs. And, for the love of all that’s holy, DON’T think about that fantasy of yours in which he’s surrounded by a thousand rose petals, naked, tangled in your bedsheets. No, Viktor, don’t do it. That way, if you keep thinking about him, tempting yourself with no-happenings, you’ll end up walking into the Katsuki Flower Shop once again. 

And that’s exactly what he did right then.

Yes, Viktor had a plague. But it wasn’t only the flowers in his apartment. It wasn’t only the daisies on top of his dining table, nor the three bouquets of tulips in the kitchen, not even the orchids peeking from the front pocket of his every suitcoat. No, it wasn’t the lavender perfuming his clothes inside his closet, and it had nothing to do with the azaleas that matched with his bathroom’s curtains. His plague was so much deeper than that. It had deep-rooted inside of him, it had spread to every corner of his body and bloomed in beautiful colors, sprouts of sensations he had never felt before. Viktor had a plague, and Viktor was in love.

So he really had no other choice, he couldn’t help himself as he made his way to the flower shop every single day, just to talk to the florist. And he never left empty-handed, no way. He couldn’t let the other know he was the sole purpose of the visit…that would have been terribly embarrassing! He ended up making the stupidest of excuses, ranting about relative’s birthdays and empty tables at his office that just NEEDED some petunias when in reality he kept all of them, since he couldn’t even allow himself to throw them away before they withered because they reminded Viktor of HIM. Yes, he was an idiot. And totally aware of it. But he was willing to continue being an idiot if that meant he could see Yuuri Katsuki every day.

He turned round the corner, already failing the first step, and didn’t even bother to hold his breath as he let the engulfing scent of lilies take over his senses. He opened the door, way too submerged into his own fantasies, his eagerness, and the overstimulation of his nostrils; and it was only when he heard the jingling of the little bell at the entrance that he realized that he had done it again. He was visiting Yuuri.

“Oh, Viktor, you are early today!” There he was, fixing a gorgeous bouquet of fuchsia flowers Viktor didn’t even know what they were, his eyes fixed on the ribbon he was carefully tying around the stems.

“Uhm, yeah. I finished with work quite fast” He said, clearing his throat, trying to sound as casual as possible.

“What would you like today?”

It took him five solid seconds to realize he was talking about flowers. The flowers he usually bought because he was a love-struck fool. The flowers he was supposed to be ordering right then.

But he had forgotten to make up his excuse, he hadn’t thought of what fake kid at hospital or false empty tombstone may need flowers that day. So he didn’t really know what to ask for…and the answer was certainly not on the seller’s pretty face, which he kept stating at as if it was the whole universe.

“Oh, uhm, I really like those you are working with right now” He pointed at the counter, where some few falling petals were beginning to betray Yuuri’s dedication “They’re lovely”

“These?” He picked them up, fixing them delicately “This are carnations, they came in today…aren’t they beautiful?”

“Indeed” Viktor almost choked on the word. 

“I was just making this bouquet to pass the time, you can take it if you want! Just let me prepare it a bit…” He took one of those transparent papers he always put around the bouquets, and carefully began to wrap it around the flowers “Who are the flowers for, this time?”


Damn, he had run out of lies.

“Who are you going to gift them too?” Yuuri repeated the question, smiling kindly as he handed him the bouquet, and Viktor was so in trance he didn’t even reach for his wallet. He just kept staring like an idiot, thinking of how his house was about to turn into a botanical garden, on how Yurio had promised to kick his ass if he kept talking plants to the office, and how there was just one single part of his life that was missing some flowers. And he was going to deliver them right away.

“You” He blurted out, before he could even reason his intentions.

The florists face turned the same shade as the carnations. He stared back at Viktor, eyes wide and mouth agape, lips bouncing in babbles he felt unable to turn into proper words, as he was handed the bouquet back.

“W-what?” He stuttered, accepting it either way, yet still not fully comprehending “Why??”

“Those are for you” Viktor said, looking away for a second, but not really lasting much staring somewhere else. His adoration was stronger than bashfulness “Because…maybe… I want to ask you for dinner tonight?”

Yuuri tried to speak again, but before his lack of words, he was forced to nod eagerly instead, almost completely undressing the whole bouquet. Viktor smiled as he saw him hide behind the flowers coyly, almost camouflaging within them, and looking painfully adorable.

“Good” He said, biting a grin “There’s a nice Italian restaurant two blocks away, would you like to…”

“Yes, I’d love to” Yuuri peeked his face from behind the carnations, and leaned forwards to plant a blooming kiss on Viktor’s cheek from across the counter. Then, when he saw he had left the man in a thunderstruck state, he giggled to himself and took a flower out from the bunch to place it inside his date’s front pocket, before he turned to the back of the store to keep on working “See you there at eight”

Viktor nodded, gulping loudly, and paying for the flowers before he forgot.

Once he left the shop, he took the carnation from inside his pocket and began to pluck out the petals, one by one, humming happily as he reached his flowery apartment.

“He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me…”

Tutorial/ Work process

I remembered I promised (back in January, uff) to make some kind of tutorial or work process of this artwork, after some of you asked me.

So, here you go, from the beginning to the end in more or less 25 steps with photos and three short videos and comments :D.

Everything’s under the cut, because it’s a lot.

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Catfish 3833

The first version has a little jarring effect and the second doesn’t :P I just love fefnep so much and I’ve had the sketch of this lying around for so long, I thought it was worth colouring eventually. Transparent!!!!! Also I think I went for a more Ancestor-y vibe but I’m not sure, by the time I reached the jewellry my patience started running out lol

So as ya’ll know, hetalia isn’t popular that much anymore.
And all of the admins of past have moved on from it.
This is a little sentimental note haha
I made this transparent blog back when I was a wee little thing in 9th grade, almost 4 years ago.
And I never expected it to get so big.
So all I really just wanna say is, thank you. Thank you so much for supporting this blog, and for being in the hetalia fandom. With your support, this was a highly successful blog at it’s peak. I had a lot of fun making transparents for all of you to use.
To wrap this up, I’m gone from the hetalia fandom personally. I don’t post it much anymore. I don’t see it as active on my dash. I’ve moved on.

So I’m really happy that this blog was here for me to share my edits, and my feelings for hetalia!
I’ll still be logged into this blog, since it’s my baby I will hold on to it, and make some edits from time to time, but please don’t expect much from me!

I’m sorry, and thank you for your time.
Admin TEa

Joker Imagine - ignorant

Anonymous said:Could you do a imagine where the joker hasn’t been paying a lot of attention to you and someone guy becomes obsessed with you making joker get jealous and overprotective

Originally posted by mysparklinginsanity

Your P.O.V.

 J was sitting in his office with Frost and a new businessman I hadn’t seen before. They were planning something that I wasn’t allowed to know anything about which sucked because I was bored. He had been literally ignoring me for the past few days and I hated it. So since it was night I got dressed in a short sexy dress, I made myself pretty and left the penthouse with my favourite golden heels that matched the black dress. J could stay in alone since he obviously managed well without me.

It took a couple minutes the reach a club that was packed with people. I was allowed to the VIP area since I was J’s girl and that made me happy. I managed to take one drink until I noticed that some guy was watching me. First I thought he was just checking me out, but he was literally just staring at me. The guy had black clothes and sunglasses on. I could only see his mouth and his brown hair.

Well I could protect myself so I didn’t think too much about it. Some girls were dancing on the dance floor and I just randomly joined them, hoping that they wouldn’t run off. I felt free and I really swung my hips along the loud the music, feeling so happy for a change. The girls were blinded by the lights and alcohol so they accepted me into their little group and we were dancing like wild animals.

But then the stalker came closer. He took photos of me and made me a little uncomfortable .What the fuck was wrong with that guy

‘’Come on girl! You should step up!’’ One of the girls I danced with poked my back and nodded at the small stage where we had dance offs. It was empty and the lights shone on it. Yes! So I chirped happily and climbed on the stage, feeling dozens of eyes on me. Another girl with a red dress climbed to the stage and we stepped into the transparent booth to dance. She’ll regret this so much.

                             A few days later I was just casually making something to eat in the penthouse. Ever since I saw this guy at the club, he had been following me around Gotham. Next time I’d kill him. The worst thing was that J had been so busy with his criminal job that he kept ignoring me. He hadn’t even had sex for two weeks which was strange. So I hadn’t bothered him by telling him about the stalker. It’s like the guy was obsessed with me. He always took photos and the next second he was gone. It really started to creep me out.

What if he was watching me right now?

The doorbell rang and I sighed. I left the bread on the table and hurried to go and check who dared to come up to the penthouse. As I opened the door, I saw no one there. Instead I saw a box of the ground. It was blue. I checked the hallway and even the elevator until I grabbed it and took it inside. I looked at the small box curiously as I headed back to the kitchen. It gave me a bad feeling in my gut. 

I placed it on the kitchen island and opened it carefully. I saw polaroid photos and a letter. I picked one up and felt disgusted when I saw what the photos were.

They were all of me.

I gulped as I looked through the photos that had been taken secretly. One had even been taken of me in a public bathroom where I added more lipstick on. My hands started trembling and I didn’t even dare to open the letter. I had to tell J. Hopefully he wouldn’t find me lame, but I was scared.

Nervously I knocked on his brown office door and waited until someone opened it. Frost stood in front of me and I just walked in without asking. J gave me an angry glare and his businessmen shut up. ‘’Y/N what’s so important that you have to interrupt this?’’ He sighed and leaned his head in his hand tiredly. His fingers were in his green hair and I knew he was pissed.

‘’There’s something you should see’’I  tried to tell him as calmly as I could. ‘’Yeah yeah..I’ll be there later’’ He muttered  and tried to get back to the meeting. His ignorance was kinda pissing me off now. ‘’No. You’re coming now’’ I growled and kept a straight face. His icy eyes looked at me angrily and he hated that I talked to him like this in front of those guys.

He stood up and walked to me with a dark look. ‘’I’ll be there soon’’ He excused himself and yanked me out of his office. I mumbled in pain but he forced me to follow him to the hall. ‘’What the fuck was that?’’ He whisper-yelled in my face with hatred in his eyes. My body started to tremble because I had been holding so many things in. ‘’Someone’s stalking me J..He follows me everywhere and now I got a box of photos of me and a letter’’ I spilled it out with a small voice.The anger faded from his eyes and I could see that he grew a little worried.

‘’How long has this been going on?’’ He asked me and then followed me to the kitchen. ‘’I don’t know..a few days’’ I let him know and then let him take a look at the box. He opened the letter and I waited anxiously as he read it. His grip on the paper got tighter and he clenched his jaw, letting me know it made him angry again.

‘’Who the fuck is this guy?’’ He growled and threw the letter on the floor. I shrugged nervously because I didn’t know. ‘’You’re mine..Damn Y/N. Did you read that?’’ He asked me and pointed at the white letter. ‘’No..’’ I whispered and suddenly felt a tear stinging my eyes. I couldn’t let them fall now.

‘’Why didn’t you tell me earlier?’’ He questioned me while looking through the photos. His irises were large and he was breathing raspily. He was obviously holding himself back from going out and shooting whoever he saw. ‘’I thought you wouldn’t care’’ I admitted quietly and rubbed my knee nervously. J turned to look at me silently. I wasn’t sure what he was thinking.

‘’Well of course I care..’’ He started, but I cut him off. ‘’No. You’ve been ignoring me for the past two weeks J! This stalker has given me more attention than you’’ I spat a little angrily and stood up. His red lips parted and he seemed surprised at my outburst. ‘’Hey that’s not cool doll. You know you’re my girl, right?’’ He groaned and then walked closer to me. He seemed jealous. I just crossed my arms and bit my cheek so I would shut up.

‘’I won’t let that idiot hurt you. We’ll find out who it is and kill him, okay?’’ He tried to make a deal. Our eyes met and something about him made my heart swell. ‘’Fine’’ I sighed and then hugged him. J wasn’t usually the type of guy to hug, but he hugged me back. His scent made me feel home and safe. His arms held me so tightly, yet gently that I was allowed to relax a bit. ‘’I won’t let anyone hurt my princess’’ 



Here are some Ki-Bo transparents!!

This is my first time making transparent sprites, I think they look good!
God I love Ki-Bo so much, I just had to do his cute sprites, I’ll probably do more tomorrow.

[Please do not post them to the Danganronpa Wikia. I will post them myself. If you want to use them, go ahead, but please don’t claim that you made them yourself.]

anonymous asked:

if you have time, i was wondering if you had any advice for artists considering selling their work on red-bubble. I’ve never sold my art before and it makes me nervous, but I'm going to college soon and it’d be nice to make money from selling some of my art. Thank you!

regarding selling on redbubble, it’s actually fairly easy! all you need to do is upload the photo (with a transparent background) and it’s all set to go to be sold on all kinds of stuff

you basically just want to make sure that the file for your art (wether it be photoshop drawing or a scan of a traditional one) is big enough to be used on their file system. if your file is too small or not at enough DPI, it will be tiny and blurry and not cover the area you want it to on the product. i would say stick to larger than 3000px in all directions and stay at 350 dpi and above. i know that means it’ll be a HUGE file but it’s worth it for quality trust me

as for subject of the art you’re selling, this is a very fine line. if you’re going into selling mostly fanart (like me), you need to be careful about the way you title and tag it. for the titles, i would HIGHLY suggest titling them as the most conspicuous non-copyrighted thing that could allude to that character as possible. for example: i titled a sailor moon drawing up there as “sassy sailor” and nobody was the wiser. also, with fanart, do not tag it as anything. no tags at all. that’s how the copyright bots find you. i know it can be hard for people to find your work without a tagging system, but you really gotta rely on self-promotion for that one. if your fanart gets taken down, don’t bother re-uploading it. they will know, and they will delete your account and not give you your revenue. it’s not worth it.

for original art, you really don’t have to worry about tags or titles. tag that shit up. put as many tags as possible in there. go wild

and that’s basically all i can give you as far as advice

just keep an eye out for shitty re-post accounts stealing your art because boy howdy there are a lot of those on redbubble

good luck on your art endeavors, friend~

2 A.M

A/N: So this is the second installment of my apparently new A.M series that I didn’t even knew I needed on my blog. You can read Luke’s version here

Pairing: Y/N/College!Michael

Rating: PG-All

Request: No

Words: 6.000+

Summary: Y/N’s and Michael’s hate for each other won’t get any better when they’re paired up for a science project. And when a thunderstorm appears and Y/N isn’t safe to walk home she has to stay at Michael’s dorm against her will

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