i just had to make it transparent

social experiment, whenever someone says Beyoncé is overrated just ask them who’s out here doing it better than her

It’s just very transparent seeing people, (mostly black men and alarmingly the black women who are trying to win brownie points with these niggas), who are so uncomfortable with a black woman receiving as much praise as she does but try to make it about a lack of talent

I had a nigga tell me the other day he thinks Beyoncé is just “a regular bitch” and he wouldn’t go to her concert even if it was free. You’re ridiculous.

new things & stuff

hey so first off,  i had a lot of fun doing the pixel challenges lately, i made some stuff i really liked & it kind of gave me time to think about new things & ideas

for a while now I’ve been feeling like i want to make some changes, and now i feel like it’s about the right time for me. i’m not exactly sure what i’ll be changing yet, but probably just experimenting a little with my art, a change in how my blog looks and maybe even …a URL change *dramatic piano keys*.. Put an end the ‘can you make *Insert random fandom thing* transparent for me xxxx thanks’ kind of asks haha, so yeah heads up on that

but i basically just want to refresh this blog & make some cool stuff & enjoy it more you know  ~

good times (ahead)   👌🗿🍷 

Hi everyone! I have a little annoucement to make. Asakiku Week is back!

With Halloween right around the corner I thought it would be a good time to bring back the week so everyone could have fun!

This event will be running from Saturday 29th October to Friday 4th November. Hopefully this will give enough time for people to thing about the ideas.
This time around, the themes are a little more differents since they are all more or less related to Halloween and things such as magic and costumes.

❁ Saturday 29th October: Magic / Witchery
❉ Sunday 30th October: Animal
❁ Monday 31th October: Hetaween
❉ Tuesday 1st November: Demon / Devil
❁ Wednesday 2nd November: 2P / Another colour
Thursday 3rd November: Free Theme
❁ Friday 4th November:  Fantasy Creatures

It can be in any form of art you want it to be (drawing, writing, cosplay, graphics,/edits, whatever you feel like doing)! Just have fun which is the main point of the event!

The tag used will be #AsakikuWeek so please follow it for updates (as I don’t want to spam the main tag too much with this) and to share the works you did! ( you can also follow @asakikuweek for this)

If you have any questions feel free to ask, my askbox and private messages are always open! :3

Thank you for your time, and have fun!


Neither of them had meant to make their feelings so transparent, but somehow these Amestrians knew (Edward, Greed, Mr. Hohenheim, Alphonse, Dr. Knox… they all had a way of seeing straight through them)

maybe it was something in the way they spoke of each other, or perhaps in the way they protected each other, or in the way they each admired and valued the other

Perhaps the people of this country just have a way of recognizing l o v e when they see it.

Lingfan Week - Making it Public

(repost, because for some reason this never posted in any of the tags, and done a month later because i did not notice at first)

Coloring/Shading Tutorial

I got an ask, so I guess I’ll go ahead and make a more in-depth tutorial!

I actually just use the default round brush that Photoshop has, but make sure Transfer is on. That’s what gives you transparency in your strokes. If you know how to use it, boring default brushes will do the job just great!

Besides learning how to layer strokes to make them blend well, it’s important to know which thickness of brush you should use. As you can see, the hair was shaded with a small diameter (emulates hair texture and strands) while the clothes had a bigger diameter (like clothing folds). As you keep practicing, you’ll get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. Hope this helps!

Happy birthday, Ken~! <3

Sadly I had to crap this out in an hour since my wrists are still healing from surgery and I don’t have the endurance I once did, so sorry for the poop. >_>

I was hoping everyone could just imagine what they would give Ken for his birthday as being what’s in the box, so if you do reblog this, it would be awesome if you could put what you got him in your post or in a tag. :>

Thank you, Puku, for making this transparent!

TL;DR: get nice fluffy leaves by forcing all your leaf planes to be shaded as if they’re facing outwards from a central point.

I had a bit of time this afternoon and wanted to figure out how to make fluffy, witness-style trees. A couple of other people also wanted to know this, so here’s a little tutorial about it. As always, this is blender3D specific, but there’s probably a way to do it in your preferred software as well (I think it’s called something like normal thief in maya EDIT: try normal thief in 3ds Max, and transfer attribute in Maya. Thanks to @mellowTama for pointing this out!).

The trunk is pretty simple, just an extruded cylinder:

More interesting is the leaves

It’s pretty easy to guess that there’s a ton of transparently textured, semi-randomly placed planes in there and the shader’s nothing special - just unity’s standard standard+fade material,

with a pretty substandard leaf texture made with the airbrush in gimp.

And a bit of lighting foolery to make it look better.

BUT most importantly is normal editing on the leaf planes. Without, they look like this:

Not good.

The general idea behind normal editing here is that you want all of the normals to be pointing more or less “out” of the tree. Normals are normally (hah) the vector that lies perpendicular to the plane on which any given polygon lives; that’s what being a normal means. Changing them in this way more or less makes them be lighted as if each plane is on a sphere around the center of the leaf cluster.

The easiest way to do this in blender is to add the Normal Edit modifier like so.

And here we are! Nice fluffy leaves


You couldn’t sleep. Rafe was breathing faintly next to you, the occasional snore making you grin. You’d been awake so long your eyes had adjusted to the dark. You found yourself tracing the shape of the ceiling with your eyes, willing yourself back to sleep. But it didn’t work. You weren’t tired. You rolled onto your side, and looked at the almost transparent curtains draping over the two glass doors that opened onto the balcony. You bit your lip, and quietly reached over to check your phone. You’d turned on aeroplane mode; you hadn’t felt like connecting with people the entire day. You liked to recharge alone. Rafe was an exception though, you accepted his company whenever it was offered and open.

The night had just broken the midnight barrier, and you begged yourself to listen to that one song that so perfectly captured the countryside nightlife it made you feel unstoppable, free, weightless. You swept your hand across your bedside table until your fingers closed around the wires of your headphones. You peeled the blanket gently away from your legs, and you planted your feet on the ground. The rich texture of the carpet beneath your soles, between your toes - it was comforting. You plugged the little buds into your ears and hit the play button. You picked up Rafe’s winter coat from off the hook on the wall in your room, and shrugged it on over your thin night dress. You smiled back at your boyfriend, before quietly pulling down the door handle and slipping out into the open air.

Your legs were chilly, but your body was pleasantly warm. The moon grinned at you from the sky in its crescent shape, and you were compelled to smile back at the thought. Your eyes were drawn up to the stars, sprinkled sparingly across the sky, like God had no care for them and they were as common as diamonds. Your eyes lingered on Polaris, the North Star, and the thought of roaring flames and gases somewhere out in space had you brimming with intrigue and fascination. You spent some time scanning the sky for constellations. You found Ursa Major, with its significant ‘frying pan’ shape that was supposed to be the back end of a long-tailed bear. The astronomers before had rather wild imaginations, but you couldn’t exactly speak against that. Your imagination was equally untamed. You looked for the constellation representing yours and Rafe’s star signs, but they weren’t present in the fraction of sky you saw.

You hummed along to the music, the tempo suiting your mood. You clasped Rafe’s jacket tighter around you, finding comfort in the scent and sort-of-feel of him. It still had little petals and leaves from the Scottish flora and fauna sticking to the fabric and inside the pockets. You sighed, leaning against the balcony. Rafe’s country home was by far your favourite of his bases. The front drive was loose stones, but beyond that it was dirt tracks and forests and rivers. You heard the scrabbling of blunt claws against the glass, and you turned to see your rather large husky pawing for you. You quietly opened the door, and she squeezed through as soon as she was able to fit. She lapped at your hand with a rasped tongue. You sat in one of the lounging chairs, legs either side so your companion could sit between. You wrapped your arms around what was almost seventy-percent fluff, and rested your head on top of your husky’s. She let out a tiny bark, and you shushed her. She whined and tilted her head in a vain attempt to pepper your face with puppy kisses. You spluttered, but silenced when you heard footsteps nearing the door.

When Rafe drew back the curtain, you saw he’d cocooned himself in your blanket. A hand peaked out of where there was a gap in the wrapping to push the door open.
'Your not going to fit.’ You laughed, and he gave you a tired 'watch me’ look. 'You look like a burrito.’ You have to cover your mouth when he tries to squeeze through the door, and just bounces back instead. He finally unraveled himself and makes it through the door. He straddles the seat and sits behind you, letting you grip the corners of the blanket and wrap it around the three of you. You felt his arms snake around you waist inside the warmth of the blanket, and he rested his head on your shoulder.
'Why you up?’ He murmured.
'Couldn’t sleep. Did we wake you?’
He shook his head. 'I woke up alone.’
You pouted, turning your head and letting out a soft, sympathetic 'oh’. 'You want me to come back?’
He shook his head again, 'doggy will get jealous.’ He kissed your shoulder. You giggled at your tired boyfriend.
'Oh you’re right. But maybe she should be punished for being up past her bedtime. Maybe we should make her jealous.’ You pat your dog on the head. You feel Rafe smile.
'She’s not the only one up past her bedtime.’ He says.
'I’m allowed to be.’
'Hmm. Are you sure?’ You could feel Rafe looking at you.
'What, you going to punish me for that?’
'Maybe. Someone’s not getting breakfast in bed. Made by me and not the butler.’
'Rafe, you cannot cook. But I appreciate the gesture.’ You smiled, clasping the blanket shut with one hand, while the other laced with one of Rafe’s in your lap.
'Maybe I’ll punish you with the pancakes then. I’ll force you to eat burnt batter.’
'I’d still eat it. Just to spite you.’
'Well then how am I supposed to punish you? Wait-’
You lean forward as you laugh, the innuendo in his question mixed with the pure fatigue and innocence of his voice was strangely funny to you.
'How about I just come back to bed, hmm?’ You rub your thumb in a circular movement in his palm.
'I like that idea.’ He nuzzled against your neck, and you ushered the dog inside with you, finally locking the door and Serling in bed with Rafe. The chill abated almost immediately after you hit the mattress and covered yourselves, and soon after you found it much easier to fall asleep.


oh man, like bogbirds wasn’t going to be the first thing I drew this morning!!!!

Also I had to make my own previewer cause the others are straight up see through, so for any fake stuff or accent artist that wants:

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