i just had to make it mckirk okay

Alrighty, ::cracks knuckles::

Let’s take a moment to talk about the Beyond scene, where Bones is about to doctor on Spock with Jim finally among them.

First off, Spock- ever since the crash, he had been strong. Not letting his injury get the best of him and keeping a stiff upper lip. To show the doctor that he was capable and efficient. So that Bones wouldn’t worry about him. But of course Bones worries anyways..

Alright, good…theeen, we get to the scene I was talking about…..
The way Spock just lets his pain show through and he doesn’t entirely fight to hide it, when Jim gets him to lie back on the couch.

How he becomes cooperative, when Jim gently (and with worry so visible) starts softly ordering Spock to be a good patient.

Oh golly, and #3. Don’t get me started on that little moan/whine Spock let’s free. Y'all know which one.

Let’s just add in, the little arm rub/pat that Jim does, to give his babe some reassurance. That’s good stuff too. The way Bones gently pulls away as a emotional human, becoming the stoic doctor, because he knows Jim will do enough of that worrying for them all. And that he knows, Jim will do all the comforting that he had done for Spock hours before. And I love how Spock just let’s all the strength slide, just to get a little more of the babying from his favorite Captain. And Jim can’t help but literally sit on the ‘make-shift’ med bay bed by his bae. All we needed was a good hand holding, then it would of been complete. Just… Gosh, I just love how they Love each other. I just love this scene, okay!

let’s talk about academy era leonard mccoy and how good he probably looks on the lazier days when he’s dressed in an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt and his hair is still all ruffled from sleep as he reads through his notes for class

or mccoy in the gym with the muscles in his legs and arms and back all tensed and sweat dripping down his neck and his shorts just slightly too low on his hips

or in his cadet reds which of course fit just right with his hair all combed back and neat and how he probably pretends he hates wearing the uniform except it also feels kinda nice 

let’s talk about how jim probably had trouble not making out with his hot doctor best friend 24/7 (not that len would have complained if that were the case)