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Harry Styles - Guest Songwriter Imagine

[I’m not as happy with this as I wish I was when I first imagined writing this and that kind of bums me out. I’ve thought about re-writing it but just wanted to get something up for you guys. I’m sorry. I don’t know why I’m not happy with this - I’m just not. I hope you all like it though!]

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I think what makes me the most excited is how Lana Del Rey is smiling on her new album cover and she’s just exuding the aura of happiness now in her new song and just seems so happy and it means a lot because when I first started listening to Lana I was your sad depressed teen and she had that same aesthetic / song style / music and I could relate and now years later and through multiple phases of life she seems so happy and comfortable in herself and recently I’ve felt that same way too and just content in my life and understanding where I’m going and I feel like all her fans healed with her over the years she’s happy to be alive i’m happy to be alive everything is ok this is so sappy but damn thank you Lana.


Elliott Smith’s 5th and final (in his lifetime) studio album was released on 18 April 2000.

Recorded in different studios over the course of nearly 3 years, the album was, according to some critics, a digression from Smith’s previous albums, or, according to others, a progression. Whichever the case, it was the most successful of his albums, peaking at #99 in the US.

Autumn de Wilde took the photos for the album (with Smith standing in front of the Solutions Audio-Video Repair store in Los Angeles), and Smith described the title (based on a Schoolhouse Rock song Smith had covered): “there’s something I liked about the image of a skater going in this endless twisted circle that doesn’t have any real endpoint. So the object is not to stop or arrive anywhere; it’s just to make this thing as beautiful as they can.”

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Just like the Sign of the Times cover pic that album cover pic of his naked back in the water is so eye catching and iconic. That will stand out and stay in people's minds and I love how much it is the opposite of so many album covers of straight on shots of the artist's face. He's showing his vulnerability, naked, head down, exposed back/neck but it feels strong as well, he's turned away from the camera shielding himself from the public eye. It really makes me feel something just looking at it

I was having some emotions earlier about the symbolism of Harry laying himself bare. I had to stop or I was gonna have to leave the office and take a walk down to the dam down the road and throw myself off it, on the lake side of course lol

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Why did you make two albums of covers on your band camp? (Just curious not to sound rude sorry)

one of them is just uploads of covers from my youtube channel cus people had been asking for the audio without the talking and stuff!! The other one is covers that i’ve just made with no video

The Diary of Mr. & Mrs. Ackles

TITLE:  The Diary of Mr. & Mrs. Ackles

PAIRING:  Jensen x Reader


WARNING:  Fluffiness and Jensen singing (if that’s a warning)

SUMMARY:  Follow the story of Supernatural star, Jensen Ackles and his pop star wife, [Your Name] Ackles as they deal with the pressures of fame and being newly married. As told through their point of viewsYou think you know, but you have no idea…this is The Diary of Mr. and Mrs. Ackles.

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  This is strictly for fictional purposes only.  Any real life people mentioned that are portrayed in a negative light is not how I feel.  Just pretend they’ve been naughty.

SONG USED:  Leather and Lace -Stevie Nicks & Don Henley




I just arrived in New York to surprise my wife during her show. She actually believed that I was staying back in Vancouver filming the next episode for Supernatural.   Truth is that I finished filming my scenes early and hopped on the first flight out.  When I FaceTimed her earlier, it was just a decoy to throw her off.

I couldn’t let my wife have her first headlining tour without me being there to support her.  She’s worked too damn hard for this, and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

It had been about an hour since the show has started, but I was on my way there now. The taxi picked me up from the airport and brought me straight to the arena. When I got out,Y/N’s manager, Eric, met up with me.

“Hey, Jensen.” He greeted me with a handshake.  “How’s it going?”

“It’s going good. I’m glad I made it on time.  How is everything?” I asked as we headed into the venue.  I couldn’t help, but notice the stares and giggles coming from the people we passed on the way.

“Man, the show is going fantastic.  Everything is running so smoothly.  Y/N was made for this.”  I smiled at his words.  I always knew the potential my wife had.  How unbelievably talented she was.  “She’s going to love this, Jensen. She doesn’t even have a clue that you’re coming.”

“Yeah?”  I turned to Eric, who just nodded in response, before walking over to a guy, who looked like a guitar tech, and whispered in his ear.

He was then handed an acoustic and walked back over to me.

“So, how is she?”  I grabbed the guitar from Eric and shoving the strap over my head, subconsciously giving it a tune.

“Why don’t you take a look for yourself.” Eric patted me on the back, and we walked out further.  He then pointed to the stage, where I see my beautiful wife standing in front a huge crowd.

She completely took my breath away, looking like an angel.  God, how much I love this woman. I waited for my cue, as she began to speak to the audience.

“How you feeling tonight, New York?”  She asked and the crowd went wild.  They absolutely love her as much as I do.   "Wow, y’all are crazy.“  They screamed louder.  "Beautiful crazy, though.”  She smiled, removing a strand of her hair from her face.  “Thank you.  Thank you so much.”  She nodded, before just standing there and taking it all in.  I watched as gave a few small waves and blew some kisses.  “Well,” she cleared her throat, placing the mic back up to her lips, “this next song is one of my favorite songs on my new album, Love Uncontrollably. I wrote this song for a very special person in my life. My wonderfully amazing husband, Jensen Ackles.”  The crowd screamed. “I don’t know if you know him.  He’s on this show about saving the world from monsters and stuff.”  She giggled at her own joke, as the crowd’s screams seem to get louder. “But he inspired me to write this song. So here it is.”  

The beginning chords of the song begin, and I recognized it immediately.

I remember when she recorded this song. The perfectionist in her never let me hear it until the song was completed. I don’t mean to sound like a complete sap, but when I heard the song for the first time, it nearly brought tears to my eyes. No one had ever done that for me before. Expressed how they felt in more than just words.  It was beautiful.  It was also my favorite song on her album as well.  Maybe I’m just being biased.  I don’t know.

The song was near ending and she still hadn’t notice that I was here.  I took that as my cue and started to make my way to the stage.  Her back was still turned to me, but the crowd quickly noticed my appearance.  I placed my finger up to my lips, casually letting them know not to blow my cover.  Sliding the guitar behind my back, I wrapped my hands around her waist, causing her to nearly jump out of her skin.  She quickly turned around and she finally saw me. The look on her face was priceless.  It was of shock and disbelief.

“Jens?!”  She screamed quickly embracing me in a hug, and I squeezed her tight.  She then pulled back, grabbing my face in her hands.  “What… baby what are you doing here?”

My thumb wiped the stray tear that fell from her eye, and I leaned forward to place my lips on hers.  God, I missed my wife so fucking much.

I pulled away from her still shocked expression, holding onto her hand and walking over to her mic stand.

“Hey New York, how’s it going?”  I said giving a slight nod, as the crowd went wild. “Thank you.  Thank you. I know you guys are wondering what I’m doing here.” I turned to Y/N, who was practically on the verge of sobbing as her hand was covering her mouth.  "Well, I couldn’t let my beautiful wife, here, have her very first headlining tour without me here at her very first show.  I also wanted to tell her in person, how proud that I am of her, and that I love her more than anything.“  I turned to give her hand a small squeeze, then followed by a wink.  I then heard the crowd ‘aww’.  I quickly turned my attention back to the audience.  “I was also wondering, if you’d mind a small impromptu duet.  Is that ok?”  That seemed to drive the crowd even wilder.  “Is that a yes?”  I turned to my wife, and she nodded, still completely speechless.  “I think that’s a yes.”

As they began to set us up, I pulled Y/N to my side, hugging her close.  She then looked up at me with those beautiful Y/E/C, before I leaned down and pecked her nose.

With her hand still in mine, I walked her over to the two chairs that were now set up for us.  She sat in her seat, with her mic and I sat on mine, when I was handed a mic.

“Ok, so this is completely unrehearsed. So I’m apologizing for any fuck ups tonight.”  I laughed, and everyone laughed with me.  I looked over at my wife, who was smiling at me, and I felt my whole heart swell.  I gave her another wink, and began to play the chords of our favorite song.  But then I stopped, speaking up again.  “Little known fact about this song.  It was the first song we’d danced to and the first song we danced to at our wedding.”  The crowd screamed.  “Put that in your fucking magazine.”  I said, causing the crowd to laugh again.  “I love you, sweetheart.”

"I Love you more.”  Y/N finally said, and I just shook my head.

“Not possible.”  I gave her a smirk, and started playing the first chords of the song.

Is love so fragile?”  Y/N began to sing.  “And the heart so hollow.  Shatter with words.  Impossible to follow.  You’re saying I’m fragile.   I try not to be.  I search only for something I can’t see.”  She looked over at me, smiling as she took in the words.  “Still I carry this feeling.  When you walked into my house.  That you won’t be walking out the door.”

It was true.  This was the first song we’d ever dance to.  Long before Y/N and I started dating, we had been friends for awhile, meeting through Jared.  At the time I was seeing my ex, and she was dating the biggest douche-wheel on the planet.  But one night, four years ago, she was reeling from a broken heart and so was I.  A night of drinking at Jared’s lead us to this song which lead us to this moment here.

Y/N stood up from her seat and walked over to me, singing the chorus.  “Lovers forever face to face.  My city your mountains. Stay with me stay.  I need you to love me.  I need you today.  Give to me your leather.  Take from me my lace.”  I cupped my jaw, running her thumb across my cheekbone, and I melted into her touch.

I licked my lips, before standing to my feet, before her.  “You in the moonlight.  With your sleepy eyes.  Could you ever love a man like me?”  I was then taken back to that night four years ago.  Her arms wrapped around me, as I looked down into those beautiful Y/E/C of hers.  That was the night that I realized how much I needed Y/N in my life.  “And you were right.  When I walked into your house.  I knew I’d never want to leave.  Sometimes I’m a strong man.  Sometimes cold and scared.  And sometimes I cry.  But that time I saw you.  I knew with you to light my nights.  Somehow I’d get by.”

She smiled, as I leaned my forehead against hers as we sang the chorus together.  

Lovers forever face to face.  My city your mountains.  Stay with me stay.  I need you to love me.  I need you today.  Give to me your leather.”  She then sang.  “Take from me my lace.  But take from me my lace.  Take from me my lace.”

As the song ended, the crowd went wild, and I could care less.  My beautiful wife was in my arms.  As she smiled up at me, wrapping her arms around my neck, I pressed my lips against hers several times, letting her know how much I loved her.

When we finally  broke away, I spoke into the mic again. “Thank you so much, New York.  I appreciate you giving me your time.  But I’m gonna turn you back over to your regularly scheduled program.”  I smiled, giving a wave.  “Have a good night.  And I hope y’all enjoy the rest of the show.” I pulled Y/N in for another hug and kissing her forehead.

“Wow,” I heard Y/N say as I began to walk off stage, “that was surreal.  Did that just really happen?  I’m…shocked.  Isn’t he a great husband, you guys?” She asked and the crowd went nuts.  “Whew,” she breathed into the mic, “I don’t know how I’m even going to finish the show now.  My heart’s racing so fast.  My husband ladies and gentlemen.”


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170520 Kyuhyun Fanmeeting

kyu said 110k for his fm is too expensive he wanted to do 29k…😂

kyu said there is not much on the stage… bc the price is 33k HAHAHAH

kyu says his army enlistment takes up most of his mind now (theres a photo of his brain) then he read out his packing list (eg: skin lotion)

2nd place in his mind is ‘ELF (wearing) rubber shoes’

kyu said he sent his friend to army b4 and that friend broke up with his gf so he is worried about his own enlistment too

3rd: plans for two years! kyu wants to learn piano and singing

kyu also wants to learn languages and cooking 😂

4th: drink healthily.
5th: afreeca TV kyu says he watches it alot

kyu said he did alot of things these days, some things(activities/shows) we dk abt but he cant say.

kyu said after like 12 years he finally sleeps in the dorm’s masterbed room! *victory pose* he says SD doesnt come back often so he’s happy

kyu said sj’s 8jib is coming but to not let everyone be bored, he might or might not have participation in it 👀

kyu is asking questions like “will i master piano?” then he open the book of answers

kyu is doing song req section! but not from fans. its songs that kyu wants kyu to sing

song req: #5 Still

there is only piano and acoustic guitar and not background vocals 😭 his voice is soooo clear

song req #4: ATG

song req 3: 혜성

혜성 = comet, kyu’s jap song

song req 2: love in time!

song req first place: 좋은사람 from his 1jib

kyu said the composer of this song wrote this thinking kyu was enlisting cos gura kept saying on RS in 2014

kyu: i see some empty seats? isit bc the premium sellers failed? ;)

vcr of kyu’s history came out and dont don came out so kyu started dancing😂

next segment is song request from fans!

first song: i dont sing this much ‘the day we felt the distance’

2nd song: u always pick the song i dont sing much! 조연히 안녕!

after singing: i dont like singing this its so hard

3rd song: kyu: Ahhhh!! 🙈 he whispered the song title to the band

i forgot the song title but 😍😍😍 he doesnt ever sing this

kyu saays aside from the recordingg studio, this is the first time he sang this song

its 'smile’!!

next segment: fans msgs to kyu

fan: why dont u make insta?
kyu: when everyone started using it i had this feeling “why must i do everything that every1 does?”

fan: whats ur shoe size
kyu: 265

fan: whats ur foundation no?
kyu: 23 sometimes 21
fans dont believe
kyu went to ask his coordi LMAO its about 21

fan: whys is your expression the same in all album cover?
kyu: thats cos my training period is short

fan: wich member u miss the most?
kyu: …donghae since i missed him out just now

next segment: fans song req of other singers

1st song: its a song i listen to so its a relief “너의 모든 순간 - 성시경

kyu talked about not being able to guest at SSK’s concert next week

2nd song: 만아줘 kyu says its a song he knows but not familiar so he search it on his phone

3rd song: globin ost: Beautiful!!!!!!

messages from RS mcs, NJTTW, SJ members were llayed in a vcr!

new song: 이젠 안녕

kyu believes fans didnt secretly record he doesnt want it to be leaked before the new song is released!!

kyu ask if he should sing another song and we chose Dorothy!!!

he’s imitating ryeoowook and yesung lmao

kyu said its interesting he shall do one more! 雪花! he cant rmb the chinese lyrics so he switch to jpn!

kyu did a photo time with us 😘

new song: 다시 만나는 날

pls dont leak any video or audio of the new songs!

kyu said after he enlist he will greet everyone thru sns once a month on saturday, maybe he will sing….


Strangers Pt. 2

“Be scared and do it anyway.”


Hot tears trickled down your cheeks as you stared at the photo album in front of you. Grayson had made it for you before he left for LA. You had looked at it every day for the longest time after he left, but stopped after a while; it hurt too much.

Trying to wipe away the never-ending tears, you pushed open the album. The first picture you saw was of you, Gray, and Ethan at your eighth birthday party. Grayson had smashed a piece of cake onto your face and Ethan was pointing and laughing.

He wrote a short paragraph under all of the pictures.

Think of me when you eat cake, Y/n. You’ll be thinking of me often;)

You let out a strained giggle through your quiet sobs. You missed how it used to be, how close the two of you had been. You would give almost anything to have that friendship back.

You flipped through the pages, hopelessly longing to have back what once had been yours.

Your eyes settled upon a picture of the two of you at your sophomore prom. He was carrying you bridal style, your head was thrown back and you were laughing.

You smiled and read what he had written: Whenever you miss me, look back at this picture and remember all of the good times we shared!

You were pulled from your thoughts by a soft knock on your door.

Closing the book that contained your most precious memories, you dried your tears the best you could and opened the front door.

“I’m sorry,” Grayson said, extending his arms. You sighed and walked to your couch. “I got you these flowers.” He grinned, closing the door behind him. “Carnations, your favorite.” He shrugged and set them down on the coffee table, next to the photo album.

He softly ran his fingertips over the cover of the album before picking it up. “You kept it?” His voice was low, barely audible. “I didn’t think you would.”

“Don’t make a big deal out of this or whatever, but I made this for you.” He handed you a light brown photo album with a picture of the two of you framed on the cover.

“Aw, Gray!” You smiled and he blushed. “I love it!” You flipped through the pages, happily.

“I’m glad you like it. It took me weeks to make.” You giggled and wrapped your arms around him. You sighed and frowned as you pulled away from him.

“I have to tell you something.” You were terrified, but you needed him to know.

“Okay?” A look of concern washed over his face.

“Oh gosh, okay.” You were fumbling over your words, too nervous to form a complete sentence.

“Y/n? What’s up?”

“I’m too scared to tell you, Grayson.”

“Be scared and do it anyway.” He chuckled, shrugging obliviously.

“I love you. Like more than a friend love.” He pulled his bottom lip between his teeth, unsure of what to say. “I know you don’t love me like that, but I needed you to know before you left. Before I would never see you again.” You chuckled dryly, embarrassed by your confession.

“Come with me, Y/n. Come to LA with me and Ethan.” You half smiled at his offer, but denied it. You knew things would never be the same.

“It was all I had left of you.” Your eyes began to water again, but you blinked the tears away.

“You didn’t keep in touch, Y/n. You ignored my calls and texts. I tried to be in your life just as much as I had been before I left.” You shook your head. Would he ever understand how hard it was to talk to him after he rejected you?

“Grayson you don’t get it! I couldn’t keep pretending like I was okay, like it didn’t hurt to talk to you every day. Because it did. It broke my heart every time I talked to you. I got tired of not being okay, I had to distance myself. And before I knew it, you weren’t part of my life anymore. And yes, it was my fault but I was doing it for me.” You felt terrible and selfish for admitting it, but you had to get it off your chest.

He didn’t speak, he just looked at the cover of the album. The two of you sat there in silence for what seemed like hours. You stared at the flowers and he stared at the photo album, quietly existing in each other’s worlds for the second time that day.

You finally broke the silence, “Did you just come here to make me feel bad or what?” Sitting in silence was driving you insane.

“Um, uh, no. No, I didn’t. I came to apologize and tell you that I do love you, Y/n.” He finally looked up, his gorgeous hazel eyes staring into yours.

“It’s late, Gray. You should go.” He nodded and you stood from your seat on the couch. You walked to the front door, Grayson following quietly behind you. He wrapped his arms around your waist and lowered his head to the crook of your neck.

“I’m leaving tomorrow.” He murmured. A single tear fell from your eye, but you quickly wiped it away. He pulled away moments later and exited your apartment.

Closing the door, you let out a soft sob. “I love you too, Gray.”


Part two of Strangers. Hope you like it! Part three tomorrow!

Part one

Part three

Whisk Me Away (tres)

Well, it’s been a bit, right? If I edit this anymore, I’ll go crazy. So here, have at it. 

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Sgt. Pepper sessions

“ I felt we were just in the studio to make the next record, and Paul was going on about this idea of some fictitious band. That side of it didn’t really interest me, other that the title song and the album cover. It was becoming difficult for me, because I wasn’t really that into it. Up to that time, we had recorded more like a band; we would learn the songs and then play them (although we were starting to do overdubs, and had done a lot on Revolver). Sgt Pepper was the one album where things were done slightly differently. A lot of the time it ended up with just Paul playing the piano and Ringo keeping the tempo, and we weren’t allowed to play as a band so much. It became an assembly process - just little parts and then overdubbing - and for me it became a bit tiring and a bit boring. I had a few moments in there that I enjoyed, but generally I didn’t really like making the album much.

I’d just got back from India, and my heart was still out there. After what had happened in 1966, everything else seemed like hard work. It was a job, like doing something I didn’t really want to do, and I was losing interest in being ‘fab’ at that point.Before then everything I’d known had been in the West, and so the trips to India had really opened me up. I was into the whole thing; the music, the culture, the smells. There were good and bad smells, lots of colors, many different things - and that’s what I’d become used to.

I’d been let out of the confines of the group, and it was difficult for me to come back into the sessions. In a way, it felt like going backwards. Everybody else thought that Sgt Pepper was a revolutionary record - but for me it was not as enjoyable as Rubber Soul or Revolver, purely because I had gone through so many trips of my own and I was growing out of that kind of thing.” - George, Anthology

Intertwined( Part 9)

//Part 1// //Part 8//

Author’s note: Jinyoung as a child. *Jackson voice* cute.


Mad World - Jasmine Thompson

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room - John Mayer

Hero/ Heroine - Boys Like Girls

Pairing: Reader x Jinyoung(Got7)

Word Count: 1200+

Genre: Angst

Originally posted by jypnior

A month passes without any changes, Jinyoung and I go by like nothing has changed. Except there is a different kind of air surrounds us. I started to wake up without dreading my day, I started to look forward to my training and see Jinyoung. I had a light at the end of what seemed like an endless tunnel now. The sadness of a tragedy that surrounded Jinyoung and I started to slip away. It replaced with something I haven’t felt for a long time. Hope.

Mark started to leave me alone with Jinyoung more. His bedroom somehow became somewhere safe. Just like our spot. We would spend afternoons together at his desk. He would work on paperwork and I would read. Our afternoons started a few days after Jinyoung purposed my freedom. He had asked me to stay behind and keep him on track. Which was technically one of my responsibilities. I took my seat beside him and after just watching him work for so long, he asks me if I had anything else to do. Which I didn’t, most maids would sew or embroider. I didn’t know how to do either because I grew up in the gardens. That’s when Jinyoung ask if I wanted to read one of his books.

He gave me a simple black bound book and said it was one of his favorite love stories. It took a month to finish. But I was in love. Not with some man but with the simple act of reading. I made my way through it page by page, I felt alive and well…human. For the first time, I felt like I was on the same level as everyone else, like no one, was above me. We were all equals. I was sad when I finished. As I close the back cover, I felt part of my soul left with the characters I learned to love through the pages.

“You can go pick another one if you want.” I was caught. I look up from the cover and into the soft eyes of Jinyoung next to me.

“Can I really?” I was addicted to reading and I wanted more.

“Yes. those books don’t get used enough. I’m glad they have another person to love them.” I stand from my chair and let my feet take me to one of the many bookcases. I run my fingers across the spines. Glancing at the titles. Two caught my eyes, they were at the bottom. They look different from the rest. I pull them out, turning to Jinyoung. Who eyes never left me.

“I haven’t seen those in such a long time.” he smile at me and waved for me to come over.

“What are they?” I sat back in my seat and place them on his desk.

“Photo books from my childhood.” he flipped the cover of the top book open as I scooted closer to see.

“Aww, you were a cute baby.” I laugh out. The first few pages were filled with black and white pictures of Jinyoung as a baby. “Who’s that?”

“That’s Mark and me. I think I was one year old and Mark was four. His mother took the picture. His mother took a lot of these pictures actually. She was the one to make this book too.” Jinyoung was pointing to picture where Mark was giving the camera a big grin and trying holding a one-year-old Jinyoung from walking away. “ I miss her.”

“What happen?”

“She passed away a few years ago from a sickness the doctors couldn’t cure. She was the one to raise me. She was like my second mother. Around the time I turned one, she started to bring Mark around and that how we became friends. she made this when she had become chained to her bed.” it was odd to hear about Mark’s mom. It was like I was getting a snapshot of my own mother life. Jinyoung continues to turn the pages. It was now pictures of him when he was 4 or 5. One page was filled with Jinyoung playing in the gardens.

“Wait, is that me?” I place my hand on Jinyoung arm to stop him from turning the page. I point to a picture, it had Jinyoung and a girl both holding out a bunch of flowers and twigs in their tiny hands.

“Don’t you remember? We were both trying to make bouquets with the garden’s flowers and Mark’s mother found us covered in mud. And-”

“My father found us soon after the photo was taken. He told us our bouquets were very pretty but that I had to go for some reason. I didn’t understand why then. But I know why now.”

“We weren’t allowed to be playing together. We were lucky it was just Mark’s mom and your dad that found us not someone else.” Jinyoung quickly turns the page and started to talk about the pictures again. I stay silent as he flipped through the rest of the album. Thinking back to the day I spend in the gardens as a child. A couple days after that picture, I stumbled across the spot that became our hiding place. I wish life had stayed as simple as it was as a child. I would give everything to go back to those days in the gardens.

Mark started to turn up in less of the photos. He was replaced Yugyeom and another boy I didn’t know.

“That’s my friend Jaebum. But everyone calls him JB. His father was a high member of parliament. We had the same tutor. I liked him because he didn’t have nose stuck up in the air like the other kids I was introduced to. He’s serving in the military right now. So I haven’t seen him in a couple months.” he turned the last page of the book and closed it. Running his palm across the smooth leather, smiling at the memories.

“It’s funny how we make a family of people we aren’t related to.”

“Isn’t that what friends are. A family you pick and choose. And if you’re lucky enough, one of those friends become someone you create a whole new family with.” I look into Jinyoung depthless eyes. He looks back down at me, letting out a sigh.

“Yeah only if you’re lucky.” he lets out another sigh and lays his head on my shoulder, closing his eyes. Looking somehow peaceful.

“so what’s in the other album?” I point to the other photo book, which looked much older than the first one. I wish I could let Jinyoung stay on my shoulder but anyone could walk through those doors.

“I don’t know. Books somehow end up on my shelves that I never put there.”  he sits up again. and pulls the book into his lap, carefully opening it to the first page of pictures. “looks like it’s a photo book of my father. while he was serving in the military I think.”

“he looks so young and strong.” I scan across the pictures as Jinyoung flips through the pages. A single picture falls out of the album and to the floor. I bend over and pick it up. It was a photo of the king with his arm around arou-

“Jinyoung, why is the king’s arm around my father?”

As always I hoped you guys enjoyed reading this as much I loved writing it!!<3

Pink Floyd's David Gilmour has covered all of Beyoncé's Lemonade on the guitar

Pink Floyd were well known for their concept albums, and it seems that the band’s joint singer/guitarist is a fan of other artists’ takes on the form.

David Gilmour and his son Charlie recently gave a shared interview with The Guardian about Charlie being jailed for climbing the Cenotaph in 2011.

During the touching interviews, Charlie let slip that his famous dad had been cajoled into covering all of Beyoncé’s Lemonade - on the guitar.

“The most blissful family occasions for me now are when all the younger siblings are at the farm [in West Sussex] in the spring,” Charlie said.

“We pick nettles and make a big nettle soup, sit by the fire and have a sing-song. The last time it happened, the Beyoncé album [Lemonade] had just come out and we made David cover the whole album from start to finish on the guitar.”

"There was always so much music around in the house - it was a very nice thing to enjoy and discover and talk about - a Leonard Cohen record playing or something along those lines, and my dad was always strumming something.”

David, who is Charlie’s adopted father and a dad to seven other kids, said: “I love being a dad.

"It’s full of frustrations and annoyances and stuff, but the great moments are just so great. They are lovely. There are those moments, and have been with all of my children.”

In 2014, Pink Floyd released The Endless River, previously unreleased material Pink Floyd wrote, recorded and produced with Richard Wright during sessions for 1994’s The Division Bell.

David released his fourth solo album Rattle That Lock only a year ago.

The Flaming Lips have covered Pink Floyd’s albums (and other people’s) live in full - how about David popping into a studio and laying down a unique version of Lemonade?


“I had done a lot photos for Hole and when it was time for their first album Courtney wanted something striking and unusual. I had been experimenting with color infrared film. It is a medical film used to make images of skin and eyes. The veins show from beneath the skin! So, it is possible to get very beautiful images and/or horrible strange visions. Exposure is the key, so Courtney and I did some tests. She loved them and we then shot the photos for the cover of Pretty on the Inside. The colors you see on that cover are just as they appeared on the film. The trees went all pink!”

- Vicki Berndt

anonymous asked:

Don't you wish people would focus on Nirvana's music instead of always zeroing in on his death? I get his death was a big deal but he did create some amazing work. I get his lyrics were personal but only focusing on his suicide is so redundant. He loved making music and he loved performing. What's your favorite Nirvana song? Ironically the song I always listen to is their cover of DB's The Man Who Sold The World but the album I like the most is Bleach.

I made this blog for that. I’m always trying to remind people who’s the real Kurt Cobain, that he had a bright side and that his music is what truly matters. I’m sick of people talking about his suicide and depression only because he wasn’t just about that.
My favorite album is In Utero, and my favorite songs are Lounge Act, Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle and Paper Cuts

Harry Styles - Surprises You On Live TV Imagine

[This one was so amazing and fun to write! Thank you for requesting! I hope you enjoy! ]

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Well, i decided to make a thing in the most epic way, hope you enjoy it, Ed :D. Keep the amazing work so i can expand this little idea i had. Drawn old school; with pencil and pen.



God dammit, Man. love those little details on everything (like the freaking lil duck on the belt)

I love it. A lot. Thank you so much.

Infographic Tutorial (Photoshop & Illustrator) + ribbon texture PSD download

Here’s a tutorial on how I made this infographic, as requested by Anon! 

I’m no expert on either program or infographic-making, this is just how I went about the process. It involved tons of experimentation and it’s hard to explain clearly so I’ve divided it into a few parts:

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[Seattle Jazz]

Inspired by a new card set in which players are put on jazz album style backgrounds, got the idea to switch things up a little and make these - posters putting some of our girls onto some legit classic jazz album covers (and yes, I made two Rumi’s. Why? ‘Cause who’s gonna stop me?… you? I’d like to see you try). Had a lot of fun making these, and a tiny part of me is curious if anyone can figure out which albums these are.

A labor of love from the past couple of days. The things I work on when I should be working, hehe.

Welp, for now, I’m gonna go turn on the record player, get me a glass of scotch and a cigar and just… chill.




a musical television special produced by T-Pain. It features the voice of T-Pain as the Ghost of Freaknik, as well as the voices of entertainers such as Lil Wayne, Young Cash, Snoop Dogg, Sophia Fresh, and Rick Ross, and comedians such as Andy Samberg and Charlie Murphy who provide additional voices. It was scheduled to air on Cartoon Network’s late night programming block Adult Swim sometime in 2009, but after several push-backs, it premiered on March 7, 2010. The musical is based on the actual music festival of the same name that used to take place in Atlanta,Georgia.


Oh-ho-ho, Freaknik is back, BAY-BEE!

What better way to ring in the second to last day of Black Animation Month with this Adult Swim produced movie based on one of the hottest college block parties to ever hit Atlanta, Georgia. In keeping with the spirit of being based on a party, this whole movie feels like one huge party full of music, dancing, and colorful personalities whoopin’ it up. As if that weren’t enough, the cast of this movie is a veritable who’s who of big names in rap who do in fact do some rappin’.

That’s something I love about Adult Swim; they have the pull to bring in a lot of big name stars yet they also enjoy bringing exposure to lots of up and coming artists. Hey, they worked their magic to an extent with Tyler the Creator and the rest of Odd Future.

Anyway, as much of a good time as this movie is it did come under a lot of flack for, in no small words, reinforcing some negative stereotypes about black folks. Ohh yeah, the stereotypes that all black people care about is partying, vanity, finding ways to get out of work, and endlessly coveting material possessions. It’s got all that and more–  but at the same time, look at the company that produced it. Adult Swm is known for having a tongue-in-cheek style of humor where they make fun of everything and everybody. They’re making fun of all these aspects of Black culture by presenting them in a context of relative normalcy for the setting.

To give us some more perspective, let’s turn the table over to Pix.

Freaknik was an interesting project to say the least. An animated semi-musical presented and starring autotune artist T-Pain, as well as the likes of Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Lil Jon and Cee-Lo Green just to name a few. And it’s also kind of based on the legendary black party of parties in 90’s era Atlanta? If I had to sum up my experience with this special using two words, I’d probably say: guilty pleasure.
During its initial premiere, Freaknik got a bit of flack from critics, while some publications like Essence Magazine, pretty much wrote if off as an embarrassment and harmful to black culture. Personally the bemoaning articles and criticism felt more like critics out of touch with the youth. You know, Bill Cosby telling us to pull up our pants moment. And honestly, while the jokes in this special tether just a tad past satire and into stereotypical at times I wouldn’t go so far to call it the entertainment A-Bomb to black culture.
What I had hoped to get from Freaknik was the hip-hop equivalent of Metalacolypse, which is essentially a show about metal culture that makes the jokes about much of metal so absurd, yet strangely kind of true. But its comedic cover also wraps around a dedicated smart love letter to the culture. Brandon Smalls is a true metal head. Heck, the guy even made a concept metal album AFTER creating three soundtracks worth of material for the show. So when he subtly slides in a joke about an infamous black metal artist whose suicide death made a cover, you know its done out of a weird morbid love for the culture.
And Freaknik kind of does that to a degree, but nowhere near on the level that it could like with Metalacolyspe does for metal or Black Dynamite does for Blaxploitation films or the social scene of its time. For every funny joke and nod, like Kid And Play dancing while mentioning that their current party is better than any other “House Party,” they’ve hosted, you’ve got other cheap racially-charged jokes that just sort of fall flat.
But maybe the point of Freaknik isn’t really to over-think it. Perhaps it wasn’t really trying to be a show that’s smarter than it looks on the surface. Maybe in its own way, it’s just trying to force viewers, especially black viewers, to let go and have fun much like the original concept of Freaknik before it all went to shit in the mid to late 90’s.
Who truly knows. But one thing’s for sure, that soundtrack is pretty bumpin’. 

That just reminds me, I gotta get the soundtrack but yeah, that’s pretty much what I thought. Thanks, pal.


  • A soundtrack was released by Jive Records and Nappy Boy records on April 20, 2010. 
  • The 90-minute uncut version of Freaknik: The Musical has been released on DVD and other forms of home media. 
  • Freaknik: The Musical originally evolved from a failed pilot entitled That Crook’d ‘Sipp which was created by Jacob Escobedo, Nick Weidenfeld, Levell “David Banner” Crump and Mike Weiss. The pilot premiered on television on May 13, 2007.
  • In its original American broadcast on March 7, 2010, Freaknik: The Musical was watched by 797,000 viewers 18-34, making it the second most watched Adult Swim program of that night, behind a rerun of Family Guy.


I ain’t partied out just yet folks, tomorrow is the final day of Black Animation Month and do I have a special treat for you. IT’s a little something I’ve been looking forward to showcasing for a long-long-long time because it’s something very special to me. Hope you’re ready.