i just had to make an album cover for this

so i’ve been recording little ditties (some original, some covers) on this keyboard for years and i just want to make a list of all the shitty covers i’ve recorded on this here keyboard:

  • “only love can break your heart” by neil young
  • “good king wenceslas” by uhhhhh traditional
  • “martha my dear” by the beatles
  • “all you need is love” by the beatles (i should delete the beatles covers to make room for other things tbh)
  • “the times they are a-changin” by bob dylan 
  • “you and i” by lady gaga
  • “have a cigar” by pink floyd
  • “wish you were here” by pink floyd
  • “a cruel angel’s thesis” by yoko takahashi
  • i guess i did another cover of “only love can break your heart”??? i should delete this one i have two

so there’s five slots to record on but each slot has like 5 tracks so if you just press play you get this jumble of 3-4 different songs but the last track (track #5) is this EPIC original composition that’s like 20 seconds long and it’s not very good but it’s EPIC


“I had done a lot photos for Hole and when it was time for their first album Courtney wanted something striking and unusual. I had been experimenting with color infrared film. It is a medical film used to make images of skin and eyes. The veins show from beneath the skin! So, it is possible to get very beautiful images and/or horrible strange visions. Exposure is the key, so Courtney and I did some tests. She loved them and we then shot the photos for the cover of Pretty on the Inside. The colors you see on that cover are just as they appeared on the film. The trees went all pink!”

- Vicki Berndt

Sgt. Pepper sessions

“ I felt we were just in the studio to make the next record, and Paul was going on about this idea of some fictitious band. That side of it didn’t really interest me, other that the title song and the album cover. It was becoming difficult for me, because I wasn’t really that into it. Up to that time, we had recorded more like a band; we would learn the songs and then play them (although we were starting to do overdubs, and had done a lot on Revolver). Sgt Pepper was the one album where things were done slightly differently. A lot of the time it ended up with just Paul playing the piano and Ringo keeping the tempo, and we weren’t allowed to play as a band so much. It became an assembly process - just little parts and then overdubbing - and for me it became a bit tiring and a bit boring. I had a few moments in there that I enjoyed, but generally I didn’t really like making the album much.

I’d just got back from India, and my heart was still out there. After what had happened in 1966, everything else seemed like hard work. It was a job, like doing something I didn’t really want to do, and I was losing interest in being ‘fab’ at that point.Before then everything I’d known had been in the West, and so the trips to India had really opened me up. I was into the whole thing; the music, the culture, the smells. There were good and bad smells, lots of colors, many different things - and that’s what I’d become used to.

I’d been let out of the confines of the group, and it was difficult for me to come back into the sessions. In a way, it felt like going backwards. Everybody else thought that Sgt Pepper was a revolutionary record - but for me it was not as enjoyable as Rubber Soul or Revolver, purely because I had gone through so many trips of my own and I was growing out of that kind of thing.” - George, Anthology

I remember when I first started writing Sims stories

It was back with TS2 and I just posted them as albums to the sims 2 website. But what makes me laugh is that I used to hand paint my album covers because all I had was Paint. 😂
I’m so glad that I have photoshop now!


So, I had an idea to combine Oracle cards with Shufflemancy into SHUFFLEMANCY ORACLE! These are just some concept images, still working on how I want them to look. It would feature album covers from the songs, tracks for numbers, maybe a record or tape on the back of the card. You could interpret with the name of the song, the lyrics, the art, or the overall feeling of the song. I think I’d even make a playlist to go along with it in case someone wasn’t familiar with the song. What do you guys think? 

For example: 3 Libras could be interpreted as feeling invisible, or trying to help someone that doesn’t want to be helped. And On a Good Day talks about overcoming our own self doubt and criticism and channeling how it feels on a good day where we are at our best. 

I think it could be fun. Thoughts?


anonymous asked:

I swear you guys are killing me. I had my music on shuffle and If You Do came on and i hadn't listened to it in a while and I literally just died remembering how incredible that song is... and then I saw the album cover and omg you guys are just.... HOW MUCH RICE DID YOU EAT

Jackson: -looking serious- I ate a lot of rice. Like a lot of rice.

Jinyoung: We also practiced very hard on the vocals, spent a lot of time making sure everyone’s parts were exactly how we wanted them to be, and went to the studio every day. 

BamBam: I ate a lot of rice too!

That’s the coolest thing ever holy shit.

“That’s some… magical destiny stuff right there.”

Have I mentioned before how much I love Connie? No? Okay just wanted to make sure.

“Guys I just had the best idea for an album cover.”



Yeah I’ll be honest Pearl, I don’t get it either. I can’t think of why Lapis would take the entire ocean unless she wants to use it to heal her gem somehow.

Tues. 7th February 2017


Baby bun looked so happy today- he was smiling wide, talking excitedly and was so happy his hyungs were there. I hope he had the best day- I’m sure he did. He went from a shy boy to a confident young man before my eyes <3

Last night they just released their track list- There are only 4 and ½ new songs which makes me a bit upset because I want a lot of new BTS music but I knew that this was a repackaged album so can’t complain. I can’t wait to hear #YNWA  ahhhhh - I wonder what’s the concept going to be. BTS and their staff are hyping it up so much I know it will be lit.

Jung kook released a cover of Goblin OST Crushes’ beautiful! It actually sounds amazing and was like the best thing to wake up too. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ezc2FJmxTKs)

On twitter there was also a army selca day and omfg I actually forget how frickin beautiful army is. Like legit there are so many beautiful army that slay its crazy!!!! 

Countdown to YNWA 7 Days (0mg 1 week)

Prince and Photographers

JOE GIANNETTI: He was just beginning when I was hired to shoot the For You album cover. At the time, there weren’t a lot of make-up artists who understood how to do makeup for people of color. But he had found someone who knew. He had a giant afro, and he made it clear he wasn’t going to cut it, so the hair kind of dictated [the cover]. He came in with two of his friends. All of three of them were very at ease with doing this, which was a great relief because a lot of the other people who were there were kind of uptight. But he was just beginning and I mean…Warner Brothers was going to pay for it.

We spent a whole afternoon shooting. The longer we shot, the more relaxed he became. After a while, we were just sitting around laughing. Then we went out to California to shoot the album insert. The insert is him sitting on a bed and it looks like he doesn’t have any clothes on, but he does have a bathing suit on. It was pretty modest. It was oval window and a circular bed and he was playing. The picture was pretty nice. You think it’s kind of wild but it wasn’t, it was quite tastefully done. He had a very good attitude.

It became apparent very quickly how smart he was. And we’d have conversations about what it is to be a musician and be a performer, and I think he took that to heart. Right after, I began to see big changes in performance and how he presented himself. I used to tell him, “The less people know about you, the better off you are, because they will use it. They’ll turn it.” He knew when a manager or somebody around was trying to snow him.

You know how some performers, they diminish the people around or the fans. He didn’t do that and neither did his staff. There was a great deal of respect for other people. You didn’t feel like an outsider. You didn’t feel like a vendor. You were considered an artist for whatever you did: makeup artist or costume artist. That’s why I think he got the best out of people.

He made himself. Anybody that comes forward and says “I made him”—they didn’t! Prince made Prince, that’s the best way to put it. People forget its performance, it’s not just the music. It’s putting a show on and sucking you into the brilliance.

DJ and producer Mark Ronson tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross about getting the retro-soul band The Dap-Kings to play on Amy Winehouse’s album Back to Black:

“I had started to use Dave Guy, the trumpet player, an incredible musician. I had started to work with him a little bit because I was making these demos of cover versions I did for my second album, Version. But I was doing all the tracks, and then we’d work out the horn arrangements together. So he came into the studio one day, and they had just cut a cover of “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” for something with Sharon Jones, and I just was blown away by how they got that [sound]. I mean, it was just so much the real deal.

And at the time, Amy and I were working on demos for Back To Black, and I was probably using whatever computer trick I could. They have plug-ins for your computer that make things sound old or whatever it is, and I played Amy this recording of Sharon Jones. And I said, “How good is this? We should get these guys to play these demos.” And she’s like, “Yeah, yeah.” She would say, “It’s the nuts” if she thought something was really good — it was “the nuts.” So she said it was “the nuts” and we got the whole band, not just the horn section.”

This interview is part of our Best of 2015 series.


“hey, rivers, babe, i’m supposed to go on in, like, an hour, and i’m starving. could you get my assistant to run some pad thai up to the dressing room?”

“sure thing, bey - chicken, shrimp, vegetarian?”

“shrimp. oh, and… um… listen, about the after-party tonight… you know, we’re going to have to walk the red carpet, and there are going to be a lot of photographers around… would you rather i wear flats instead of heels?”

“why… why would i care if you wear flats or heels, beyonce?”

“well, rivers, i’m already a few inches taller than you, and the heels just add even more height. and i know you’ve been sensitive about your height ever since they had to photoshop you on the cover of the blue album to make you look as tall as your bandmates.”

“beyonce. that’s insane. i was not photoshopped on the cover of the blue album. i am just as tall as all the other members of weezer. don’t be silly.”


“and furthermore, when i wear my orthopedic lifts, and you wear flats, i am only three inches shorter than you, which is barely noticeable, and…”

“so you want me to wear flats? that’s fine, they’re more comfortable anyw-”

“no! you can wear whatever you want! really! wear six-inch stilettos! wear the louboutins i got you for your birthday! it’s fine!”

“rivers. please stop crying.”

“i can just carry a little stool around and hop onto it every time someone wants to take a picture of us.”


I know us YG Stans or even just fans of certain YG artists are impatient when waiting for a comeback and I get it, but YOU try writing and composing 50+ songs only to get a few songs approved and then record it, shoot MVs and having to design an album cover and see how long it takes you. Also it’s YG, he always knows when to have a comeback for his artists. If his artists had comebacks every year then wouldn’t they overlap and only some will win awards? It’s a great way to make each one shine

Reckless Proposition, Part 10

Note: I always love it when Taylor gives acoustic performance, like when it was just her and her guitar in the crowds of 50,000, or that Grammy’s museum performance, or the latest one was when she performed at Max & Kenya’s wedding. I secretly hope one day she will release a full acoustic album, because I know it’s just going to be mind blowing. But until then she just released her full acoustic album in my fiction.

Enjoy this chapter, and thank you for your kind words and supports. You are amazing, I love you!


Adam caressed Taylor’s naked back gently as she laid on her abdomen. A blanket was thrown carelessly around their bodies, just enough to cover below their waists.

Her own vocal filled the air as they had made love to her new songs. A soft smile was visible on Taylor’s lips, she was replaying the dance they just performed on her bed just few moments ago. They were making love. It wasn’t just sex. She knew it, he knew it, but nobody wanted to be the first to acknowledge the feelings.

“I love you…” he whispered. His voice was raw, filled with emotion for this beautiful woman.

Taylor met his gaze, “you know how I feel about you, Adam,” she said softly.

“Say it, Taylor! I want to hear it, please,” he begged. Adam Wiles never begged, but Taylor successfully altered his life’s principles.

Taylor closed her eyes, tears spilled on her cheeks; she wasn’t sure whether it was happy tears or sadness. “I never stopped loving you, Adam Wiles,” she admitted out loud for the first time since they broke up.

So much for keeping all the feelings at bay.

Adam leaned down and kissed her lips softly. “Let’s be together again! I don’t want to be just in your bed, I want to be in your heart,” Adam spoke firmly.

“You are in my heart, Adam. You never left, you’re everywhere. I wrote an entire album for you for God’s sake,” Taylor said exasperatedly, “but we still want different things in life, Adam,” Taylor reminded him the reason they broke up in the first place.

Adam was silent. He wished he would want the same thing with her, so they could be happy together, instead of being miserable alone.

“And that’s okay to want different things. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, it just means we can’t be together.”

“Should we end this? For good?” he asked softly, he felt a big lump on his throat as he said the words.

Taylor looked at him sadly, she always knew her proposition had an expiration date. Ending things now would be the smart move, feelings were already involved. They were just hurting themselves even further. “Can… can we still do it? I’m not ready to let go of you completely just yet. Please?”

“I’m not ready to let go as well,” he rolled her over and buried his face in the crook of her neck, holding her like there was tomorrow.



Six days after Taylor Swift released her new acoustic album, Bare, Calvin Harris was seen leaving Taylor Swift’s house in Los Angeles early Saturday morning.

Bare consists thirteen beautifully written love songs and people have been speculating that they were all written for the DJ. Swift has neither confirmed nor denied the speculation.

It has been a massive week for Swift. Bare has reached more than 1.3 million of sales, topping off Swift’s ‘1989’ first week of sales record which hold a spectacular number of 1,287 million copies, and the week hasn’t ended yet.

Both Harris and Swift’s reps didn’t respond to the rumor of them getting back together, but by the look of it Harris was definitely touched by Swift’s love declaration. Fire your comments below!

Beatles VI (1965) (Odd)

The cover for this particular album is not all that remarkable. There isn’t anything particularly special happening on it. The reason I have chosen this cover to be included here has to do with the photo featured on it. This is a cropped version of a publicity photo showing the group slicing into a large cake. However, for the album, the photo had the bottom portion cut off, showing just the group holding the knife. Without knowing the backstory behind the photo, it does make one wonder what the group is slicing into and why Ringo is getting such a kick out of it. It is an odd photograph placed in the context that it has been.