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“I feel no need to burn down the house I built by hand. I can make additions to it. I can redecorate. But I built this. And so I’m not going to sit there and say, ‘Oh, I wish I hadn’t had corkscrew-curly hair and worn cowboy boots and sundresses to awards shows when I was 17; I wish I hadn’t gone through that fairy-tale phase where I just wanted to wear princess dresses to awards shows every single time.’ Because I made those choices. I did that.”

Imagine going missing (pt. 2)

Imagine getting found, in a glass coffin, asleep. Like Snow White. Imagine the Doctor finding you, in a palace underground, on the moon, on accident. Imagine the Doctor gently touching the glass, and looking at how subtly sickly you were, and how you were wearing a beautiful silver dress he’d never seen before. Imagine him gently tapping on the glass, and your eyes slowly opening. And giving him a smile. Imagine him slowly lifting the coffin lid and lifting you out. Imagine neither of you ever being able to explain what happened to you, just ‘the girl the wind brought back’. And you kept traveling with him, as if nothing had happened.

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Imagine Jared practicing his vows [Expanded Imagine]

Jared paced for a moment, just before his brother walked in to the room.

“How many times are you gonna go over those?” The older Leto asked.

Jared smirked. He had to get them perfect, because she was perfect. He’d never met anyone like her. Someone that loved him for who he was, not a character he played, not a song that he sung. Just him.

“Is she here yet?” Jared asked quietly.

Shannon’s eyes lit up.

“Yeah. I just came back from her dressing area. She looks beautiful.”

Jared took a few deep breaths. He wasn’t nervous. He was excited. He was going to make the biggest commitment of his entire life to the one person other than his flesh and blood family who understood him.

His brother, joined now by his band mate walked out of the small room and out to the sanctuary of the chapel.

They wanted this to be small. Just them and the most important people to them. There would be enough press and noise generated by this moment later, but for now they wanted it to be simple and about the love that they had for each other.

Shannon stood at his brother’s side and Tomo stood with them as well. Jared glanced at his proud mother, and his soon to be family giving them a quick smile and nod.

He turned as he heard the back doors of the chapel open to reveal the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. His bride. His wife. His everything.

I found this gif somewhere on the internet, but can we just look in the background for a second. We have Hailee doing a cute surprise face when Tay and Calvin hug, then that girl in the background wearing the black dress does a little happy dance. Obviously this gif is beautiful enough  because Tay had just swept yet another award, and the Tayvin hug, but I must say the people in the background make this gif even greater 


make me choose | laurenflick asked: Anne Boleyn’s summer or winter wardrobe


Day 2 : Favorite Outfit(s)
↳ Purple & Black Outfits