i just had to make a gif of her because she's so adorable

It was difficult to lighten so please forgive the quality but I just love this subtle moment in Consumed.

Because you can clearly see that Daryl has absolutely no fucking idea where Carol has brought him or where she plans on going so he kinda sits on the desk like, “We stayin here? Oh… nope.” and he gets right back up again. :P

But what I love the most is that he doesn’t ask. There was only one question voiced in this entire scene which happened when they first entered the room and it had to do with whether she had “worked there or somethin’” but the rest is done without words. Because he doesn’t need words with Carol. When she moves the chair, he knows she wants to move the desk to block the door; When she needs the keys, he hands them to her. etc,etc. 

They can speak without speaking.

And it’s just another example of that fucking adorable Daryl and Carol code that is laced through all their scenes. They just know.

Having said that, I would not object to some words at some point or anotherrrrrrrr. Words maybe likeeee, “I fuckin’ love you okay” Yes, those words would be nice*ripshairout*