i just had to make a collage of your face

I have a lot of feelings about Nathan Sharp

If Nate wasn’t my favorite artist already, the new “StopRewind” music definitely put him there. (Tied with Dodie of course lol)

I never paid attention to the lyrics before. But after watching the video, I understand it a lot better. It’s about pushing through when life sucks because someday you’re gonna be where you want to be, even if you don’t know it yet. The video showed him reaching out to the “exit” many times, just to put him right back where he didn’t want to be.

Because if you focus too hard on how much you hate where you are, it takes focus away from working through to make sure you reach your dreams.

His face when he saw the collage of all his videos (including his tour announcement, which I noticed, that was a nice touch) just kind of made me want to cry. He’s come ridiculously far, and looking back on all the things he’s done must be incredibly surreal.

Man, imagine looking into the future just to see a screen full of the things you’ve achieved ten years from now. There are so many amazing things in store.

The video sort of helped me restore hope in myself. I’ve had a difficult time believing that I’m ever going to reach my dreams, but if Nate can do it, so can I.

So thank you Nate, even if you’re not going to see this. Thank you for following your dreams, thank you for giving me another wonderful role model to look up to, thank you for making this video, thank you for EVERYTHING.

Imagine #29 - Photo-Collage [Rocky]

For ma gurl @ambrins <3
Inspired by that one instagram-story from a little bit ago.

“Rocky?” Rydel asked, watching her younger brother amusedly as Ellington was filming the whole situation with his phone. “What exactly are you doing there?”

Rocky inaudibly mumbled something in response while holding up prints from photographs to one of the closed sliding doors in the tour bus. He used some sticky tack to hang up a couple of the photos and slid the door open and close again to see if the pictures would stay in place.

Suddenly, the door opened again. “Dude,” Rocky groaned at Riker who had entered the lounge area of the bus. “You almost destroyed it!”

“Destroyed what?” Riker asked confused, peaking at the printed out photos Rocky held in his hands. “What are you doing here anyway?”

“I’m making a photo-collage with pictures from the Meet and Greets. I thought it would be a cool idea,” Rocky stated and repositioned some of the pictures.

Riker took the small stack of photos from Rocky, flipping through them. “You know that there is no way you can fit all of these onto that one tiny door?” he raised his eyebrows at younger brother.

“Well, then I’m just gonna pick the best ones. Or I’ll put some pictures somewhere else. Or I’ll do both,” Rocky explained. He then took the stack back and started sorting through it once again, picking out his favorites.

Not able to stop teasing his brother just yet, Riker took the pictures Rocky had chosen and looked at them. “Wait, isn’t this that one chick from the Meet and Greet a few days ago?” he asked with a smirk while holding up a few pictures showing the same girl.

Rocky almost immediately snatched them out of Riker’s hands. “Her name is (Y/N) and she’s not some chick, okay?!” Rocky said defensively, making Riker shake his head with a chuckle while mumbling a ‘Yeah, sure…’ under his breath.

“Oooohhh,” Rydel piped up with a big grin on her face, having noticed the blush that had crept onto her younger brother’s face. “Rocky has a crush!”

Rocky didn’t say anything in response.

“And he’s not denying it either,” Ellington pointed out, smiling as well.

Rocky sighed and stuck the last print onto the door. “Yeah, maybe. But so what?” With that, the left to the bunk area, but not without taking his absolute favorites, and continued his collage there.

“Aww, you’re blushing,” you cooed at Rocky after Rydel had finished telling her probably favorite story. There was no denying that it was one of your favorite stories as well. Sure, all of that had happened way in the past, seeing that you and Rocky had been dating for quite some time already, but to you it never got old.

It was the evening of a day off from shows on tour and all of you were hanging out in the back of the tour bus.

“Am not,” Rocky said, miserably failing at hiding a smile that only made him blush even more.

“Um, yes you are,” you grinned and brought your face closer to his, having been all snuggled up into his side up until then.

“Psh, whatever,” Rocky covered your face with his hand before pressing a quick kiss against you temple.  

After a couple more hours of talking and enjoying spending some time with everyone, Rocky nudged you. “Wanna head to bed?” he asked quietly, his chin resting on your shoulder as you were sitting on his lap sideways. You nodded and let out a small yawn before standing up. Both of you said your ‘good night’s to the others and made your way to the bunks.

Even though the bunk was a tight fit since you were sharing it, you somehow managed to make it work. Afraid that you’d fall out of the top bunk and hurt yourself in your sleep, Rocky held you close to his chest from behind with his back facing the curtain of the bunk.

“What’s this?” you asked quietly and ran your fingers over some remainders of blue sticky tack you had just noticed was next to his pillow on the wall.

“Huh?” Rocky lifted his head a little to be able to see what you meant. “Oh, I used to have my absolute favorite picture from my photo-collage there.”

“And you don’t need to have it there anymore?” you asked curiously. Almost all of the other pictures were still in the spots he had put them back then, only a few that had fallen off were replaced by new ones.

“No,” Rocky said. “Because I don’t need a picture of my love there if I have the real version with me at all times now,” he squeezed you gently, making you smile.

“I love you, Rocky,” you whispered. Taking a hold of his hand that was close to your face anyway, you kissed his palm.

“I love you, too, (Y/N).” Rocky caressed you cheek and kissed the back of your head. “I have since I first saw you.”

Untitled Marvel Project: Part 7

Here I is to present to you part 7! So this is the last part I have prewritten so from here on these might be spaced more far apart since I can’t just copy and paste and then edit a bit. But regardless I hope you enjoy, and I’ll catch you on the flippity-flop!

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I Guess I Don't Hate Her Yet

Takes place in a regular high school AU. Shiena x Otoya

This was a result of me basically free-writing with “Shiena hates bullies and Otoya is a giant bully” in mind, so I don’t think it came out as good as it could have.

Please go easy on me, this is actually the first yuri ship fic I’ve written, hehe…

Shiena Kenmochi was furious. She was furious at the Myojou Academy administration, and furious at her roommate. Although she stated in her applications that she despised bullies, the roommate that was assigned to her by the administration had, all within the span of an hour: broken her glasses, stolen her spare ones, and teased her about cutting her hair with scissors. It was a good thing she managed to find the spare pair of glasses for all of her spares that she kept for emergencies like this one.

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knru  asked:

Hey ...how do you deal with anxiety?

So my go to answer would be exercise, because I find comfort in zoning out for a bit while moving around. But I know this isn’t going to be a super popular answer, and there are many ways to deal with anxiety. I think there’s two types of anxiety - anxiety you have time to deal with, and anxiety you have no time to deal with. If you have time to deal with it, maybe you’re at home or at a friend’s house. But if you don’t have time to deal with it, you might be at school, work, or out in public. This isn’t mean to diagnose, treat, or cure anyone, but maybe this might be helpful

Anxiety You Have Time to Deal With

- take a hot shower. showers are free of distractions like emails and text messages. the water also relaxes you.

- find something to do with your hands. if you’re too anxious to just sit and watch tv, doing something while watching or listening helps. i like small craft projects, like cutting pictures out of magazines and making little collages. (don’t pick a super elaborate or messy project, you might end up more frustrated than relaxed. i tried to make one of those glitter calming jars once and ended up with a huuuuuuuuge mess in my garage that i had to clean up, and more stressed out than when i started) other small projects could be coloring pictures or putting a puzzle together.

- make a calming playlist. the calm music playlist can be quiet and soft, or very loud and in your face. it should just be music that makes you feel good. the playlist doesn’t have to have any cohesion, other than you like listening to it. it’s also good if you can take it on the go.

Anxiety You Don’t Have Time to Deal With

- try to get outside and get fresh air. if you can’t leave the classroom / workplace, ask to go to the bathroom. get a moment to yourself to process the anxiety. it’s amazing what a few minutes by yourself can do to help.

- a mental game might be helpful, like naming all the countries in the world that begin with all the letters of the alphabet (andorra, belarus, cambodia, etc) or all the animals (alligator, bear, cow, etc).

- drink plenty of water and maybe eat something

That’s all I can think of right now, feel free to add more! 


I’ve had a very bad couple of weeks health-wise, so I did what any other person should do when they lose some of their motivation… I make transformation collages. Sometimes, you just need a reminder of how far you’ve come to kick your butt back into gear. See you at the gym tomorrow morning, bright and early 😎🌄