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(If you saw Springle’s stream from a couple days ago, you’d understand lmao)    Many brain cells were lost in the making of this. Rip brain cells. I blame @springledongle  for this bullshit coming to be, but what glorious bullshit it is.      I had to draw @foxygogogo too, since their Fun Foxy fits this perfectly to me, but that might just be me. Idfk lol. (This is based off the vine at 7:34)


(Finally) Crossing Paths

(What’s up yall! Shay here, with a new imagine! This was so fun! This is one is pretty long, and I got a little bit off track at the end…? If you don’t understand the references just ask me or my best pal google. But ITS SO CUTE I LOVE IT and I hope you do too! As always, these gifs are not mine. If you have any comments/concerns/questions, my ask is always open! Thanks for reading!)

Pairing: Barry x Reader (gender neutral!!)

Word count: 2131

Warnings: Les Mis allusion at the end (it fit perfectly, I just HAD to)


You shifted your laptop and notebook into your left arm and pulled hard at the heavy door to your favorite study spot: Jitters.

You readjusted the strap of your backpack and headed toward the counter to order your drink. The Barista’s back was toward you, so you patiently waited for her turn around and finally order your more than needed coffee.

“Hi, what can I get– (Y/N)?!” The barista exclaimed. Your eyes widened in excitement.

“Iris! You work here?! Why have I never seen you before?! How are you?” You said happily.

“I’m great! I’m so happy to see you! Now we can finally figure out when we can have that catch-up date!” She said, completely forgetting her job.

“Yes, totally! But, um, I actually have a lot to do right now so-” You began.

“Yeah, of course! Wait here, I’ll give you a copy of my hours!” Iris ran into the ‘employees only’ door. Happy to see your friend again, you patiently waited for her to come back and take your order.

While you quietly stood at the counter, a tall young man walked straight in front of you and leaned over the counter.

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I had to learn how to be a monster
and I taught every lesson myself.

My claws were just nails
before I dug them deep into earth
and they emerged as sharp branches.

My teeth were just teeth,
blunt with river rock polished edges,
until I broke them on the forest floor,
chewed flint like fudge
and spat out the last softness
that sheltered on my tongue.

I took the human being I had been
and shaped her into a shadow, a demon,
a being of power.

My hands forgot to be anything but fists,
holding only strength and resolve,
my mouth forgot what it was to smile,
forgot kindness, but it learned how to bite,
it learned how to bare teeth like knives

My heart was the hardest part,
still weak with each beat,
because even monsters can learn how to love
but you don’t need to hold hands
when you can hold the world at your feet.

I had to learn how to be a monster.


Because the world wanted me weak,
and afraid and ashamed.
It wanted me docile.

And I wanted to prove I was more.

So when even our heroes were bowing to pressure,
I remade myself iron

- i had to learn how to be a monster // l.s.

SasuSaku Fest 2017
Day 2- Insecurity
The Love He Deserves
Summary: Her shift at the hospital has just ended and they’re both having a nice dinner for two. Everything is going just fine until a figure from his past appears and shows Sakura that, unlike she had always imagined, her love for him was nothing. Not anymore.
A/N: Okay, this one theme was too intense for me! I had lots of ideas that would fit it perfectly, and I ended up choosing this one mainly because of personal experience (if you could call it that way). There are tons of stories featuring a funny, jealous Sasuke, and I’m sure insecure, jealous Sakura will make the perfect balance! I hope you like it, and please, tell me what you think!

“ I cannot believe it! Uchiha Sasuke, is that you!?”

A sudden, loud voice crossed the entire room, drawing everyone’s attention to the source of such sound. The chatting ceased, food was left aside and eyes turned from every table of the ramen shop just to acknowledge the one who had blurted out the raven haired boy’s name like that. It sounded inconvenient and troublesome, and by the way his lips twitched, Haruno Sakura could tell that whoever that person was, her teammate, Uchiha Sasuke, wasn’t pleased to have his dinner interrupted at all.

Perks of being a war celebrity, she thought, with an amused smile on her face.

For the pinkette had her back turned to the entrance, her emerald eyes could not see the one who was now approaching their table. At that moment, her conclusions were based solely on his facial expressions, and judging by how he was looking away and trying not to be seen, Sakura could easily tell how he was feeling. He was annoyed, and in a certain way, so was she, for she knew that their dinner was about to be disturbed by one of his crazy fangirls. The dinner she had been anxiously waiting for since she had last seen him, 36h before, when she started her shift.

It was their last dinner together before he had to go back on the road.

Life could be really unfair sometimes.

But she had to understand it, after all, her teammate has become a famous person after saving the ninja world. He didn’t belong to her in any possible way, therefore, his popularity was none of her business. Neither her love for him nor the fact that they had already crossed the friendship line a couple of times gave her the right to buzz about his life, yet, not being annoyed was quite hard at times like that.

Especially at times like that.

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So I was working on the sidebar image for my blog, but then I had to add a random background to post it cause they are way too perfect.


Sarada Uchiha aesthetics [Sakura - SasuSaku]

“Sometimes it seems that the going is just too rough / And things go wrong no matter what I do / Now and then it seems that life is just too much / But you’ve got the love I need to see me through”

So…I got my official autism diagnosis today. Idk it feels nice to have someone validate me. Lol the psychologist said he knew right away that I was autistic. He said I’m not the mildest case he’s seen but I’m definitely not more severe. He said that I’m a little too much to be “Asperger’s” but like, obviously still pretty mild. I feel weird since my mom had a weird reaction to it but at least I feel validated and I know 100%. It was nice I didn’t have to take any tests he just did the interview and said I fit every criteria of the DSM-V perfectly. He also said he’s happy that I seem to have insight on my ASD and how it effects me.

the-divine-screamo  asked:

if you simply must write limericks about your sexual exploits, at least try to fit the meter.

Haha, no that would have been way too time consuming, I don’t get paid for this, remember? I know they aren’t all perfectly executed limericks, but I sure had fun writing them. Besides, today I made people laugh! that’s all that really matters to me. 

Good For You

Harry Styles One-Shot

Recent Writing | Masterlist

Requested? nope
Warnings? smut!!!
Word Count: 4,576
if you couldn’t tell by the title this is based off of “Good For You” by Selena Gomez. I’ve been wanted to write this for so long and I’m so glad I finally did. It’s super long so, like, read at your own risk!! :P

Let me show you how proud I am to be yours
Leave this dress a mess on the floor
and still look good for you…

The dress wasn’t snug, nor too loose, in fact it fit just perfectly. It was my favorite piece of clothing to ever have in my closet. It would sit in my closet adorned on a hanger that I pushed all the way in the back so that nothing would dare touch it. When browsing for something to wear, I would sometimes come across it, and for a second, a very brief one, I would almost dare wear it.

Harry had no clue I had it. It was my own little secret. But it wasn’t just a secret you tell someone about, it was my secret weapon in which I planned to use in full force against him.

“Y/N?” His voice boomed through the hotel room, I heard him loud and clear in the bathroom as I finished getting ready. With the final touch of a dark berry lip, that admired the dress, I made my way out of the bathroom just as Harry appeared in the entry way. “Y/N…” He began to say my name once again, but once his darling eyes fell upon my figure I felt a smirk creep upon my lips, and I was failing incredibly at trying to hide it. I actually wasn’t even trying to hide it…at all.

“Yes?” I leaned back to grab an earring from the counter and began hooking it in my ear.

“Are you, um,” He swallowed hard, his voice shaky in all aspects, “are you ready to go?”

I smiled deviously, “Yep!” He blinked a few times as I finished fastening the earring. Once I was finished I pushed past him, waiting at the door. “Where do we have to go again?” One Direction was having a party to celebrate the success of their newest number one single, Drag Me Down. Parties in the middle of tours happened often, and I was always excited when I got to be a part of it. At these parties, people always got dressed up to the Nine’s, it was a nice release from the pressure that these boys were on on a daily basis.

I had another plan to release some of the pressure Harry was under.

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emmettthedreamwalker  asked:

I'm really upset, I ordered a binder and I measured myself and everything but it didn't fit. Idk what I did wrong but it's really super tight (like too tight).

It can happen. Even when measured correctly there can be some discrepancies in sizing I dont know why. I have heard Underworks is like that, can have the same label sizes and they can be different sizes. I measured perfectly for a L and when it came it was tiny so had to reorder a size up. Its not always as easy to get right as it should be. If you measured right then it probably wasnt your fault, this can still happen. The good thing is they tend to be good about returns if it doesnt fit, just contact them and sort out an exchange. Also describe it all to them so they can help to advise what size you should go for (if its really way too tight one size up might not be enough so its worth checking with them). Delivery from them is pretty quick as well so you shouldnt have to wait too long before you have one you can use. This can happen so dont blame yourself for it. It might cost a bit of time but you will have a good one soon. Dont be tempted to use this one though wait until you get a proper sized one

Haven’t posted good art in so long!!! I’ve been getting slower since, I def need to catch and draw/improve faster!!!

Anyways, decided to draw the (bratty) loli that I gave my voice to :^)) I consider her kind of my child like my ocs just bc I voice acted her hHaa

She fits in perfectly too bc she’s crazy as well |,,D

But anyways, please check out @pocketmirror-project !!!! I had the pleasure of VAing and beta testing for them and now the game is released (sniffs) so proud m an

To: You

There’s this girl. And I only saw her once. But I know she’s the one. The love of my life.

It was last week when I saw her. We were out on a hunt, digging up clues and gathering information, same old, same old. But then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her. She had the most gorgeous face. Her eyes were the color of something that came out of a book. Almost indescribable, but I’ll never forget them. And her hair was breathtaking. It wasn’t too long and it wasn’t too short. It was so unique and it fit her perfectly. It shone like the sun against the daylight.

And her smile. God, her smile. I can still see it like it was just a minute ago. I only got the privilege of seeing it for a couple of seconds, but my god, was it the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. She was staring at her phone, and someone must have sent her something funny, because she broke out into the most adorable, wide smile. I owe the person who got her to do that. Her teeth were just perfect, all white like pearls. And it lit up her face. Her eyes sparkled, it dimpled her cheeks. I still can’t get over it.

If I would’ve been closer, I might’ve heard the laugh that came with that life changing smile. And I can only imagine how bright it would’ve been. I wish I could’ve heard it just once.

She walked with the intention of a goddess, which was fitting, given her appearance. And I’d seen angels before, but they had nothing on her. She lived up to their title. She was absolutely perfect. It felt like I was witnessing something holy pass through the masses, like I was committing a religious act, watching her. Others may not have seen her that way, but even from where I saw her, I saw that she was such a beautiful person, inside and out. And I would have given anything to have known her.

But she was gone, just like that. I didn’t even have time to consider going over to her, not even working up the courage to move, because she was gone in the crowd that rambled along the sidewalk. Probably never to be seen again. But damn, do I want to see her again. I didn’t even know her, and I know it’s ridiculous and not like me at all, but I’m in love with her.

She’ll never know me. She didn’t even see me. But I just wish that I could know her name, hear her voice. Just once.

So, if you’re reading this, I’m talking to you. It was you I saw. And I have to say, you’re perfect. And I hope that you get to see this, read this. And I hope that you appreciate yourself like I do. Because I love you and I’m watching out for you.


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Inner Circle tag

Just thought it would be great to share our love for Winner <3

Tagged by @sally95cindy let’s say x)

  1. How did you become an Innercircle ? I’m a VIP and a Blackjack so I had heard about WIN and I watched it after it finished. I rooted for Team A from the beginning (although I’m an ikonic too) bc there was just something about them. I’ve been an Incle ever since
  2. Favourite mv ? Sentimental, because of the aesthetics, the colour scheme, the outfit, and it fits the song so perfectly
  3. 2014 S/S or EXIT: E ? 2014 S/S, solely because there are more songs
  4. Favourite song on 2014 S/S ? either But or Tonight (but we all know Different is everyone’s fave)
  5. Favourite song on EXIT: E ? Sentimental
  6. Favourite solo song ? Mino’s “Body” aka the perfect night-drive song
  7. Favourite cover they did ? Missing You by 2NE1, and you should definitely watch the MR removed version (the harmonization at the end tho)
  8. Favourite Winner TV moment ? Mino and his ducks lmao (or when Taehyun wrote a letter for each member to thank them)
  9. Did you watch WIN : Who Is Next ? yes and I cried
  10. Do you have a bias and if so who ? I can’t choose a bias, it basically changes everyday. At the moment I’d say it’s Seunghoon
  11. Winner in suits or in ripped jeans ? love both but winner in suits (my boys are classy af)
  12. Dorky Mino or Sexy Mino ? Dorky Mino
  13. Boyfriend Seunghoon or Best Friend Seunghoon ? BOYFRIEND
  14. Seungyoon’s lips or Seungyoon’s voice ? his voice, it’s so rich
  15. Jinwoo’s laugh or Jinwoo’s smile ? his laugh bc it’s both awkward and cute
  16. What was your first reaction to Taehyun leaving the group ? I was in denial until I read the article bc I couldn’t imagine winner without him
  17. What’s your opinion on Jinwoo’s refusal to wear socks ? I can’t understand it tbh but at this point it’s his thing
  18. Are you also a yg stan ? I’ve liked every group from yg so far, so yes
  19. Are you glad they’re starting something new or would you rather have the complete XIT ? I’m glad but I wish we had closure for the EXIT movement. I hope that they’ll finish it with Taehyun one day
  20. How excited are you for their upcoming comeback on April 4th ? extremely, I’m so ready for this

I tag @ygboys-ot11 @bwipsul @fatenumberfor@ygsneglectedchild@sentimentl@girlsboysandursidae@innerw1nner@nyaancatnip@jidarong@iksarai@justeki

If I haven’t tagged you and you want to this, then BAM you’ve been tagged <3

Voice of Reason

“Why would you do this to me?”

Raven stared at her perfectly manicured fingers as she tried to ignore his judging stare. Every second that passed between them was tense and thick, emotions running on high, so much so that it put the simple empath on edge. His perfectly pressed suite hugged his fit figure in all of the right places while his indigo tie hung loosely around his graceful green neck. He paced erratically, never staying place in one spot for too long. The goth was afraid of what he must have though of her as she barged into him on this day of all days. How could he ever forgive her for what she had to do.

“I’m sorry Gar, I really am I just-”

“You just what? Can’t stand to see me happy! Is that it? Your miserable so you have to make everyone like you?” Her body subconsciously flinched at his harsh, judging tone. This isn’t what she wanted to do today. No, all she wanted was to stand beside the beautiful bride and pretend to be happy for the man she secretly loved. Although he failed to see her true feelings all she wanted for him was happiness, honest and true happiness. Happiness that she herself knew was never possible for her. However, fate had another plan for the skidish Titan.

“That’s not it.” she managed to force past her tongue. “I know what you must think of me, but you needed to know the truth before you walked down that isle.”

“So you expect me to believe you? You expect me to go up to her and accuse her of that! You must be out of your mind!” His tone rose with every syllable that was thrown her way but she did not sway. This was too important, he was too important to life in the dark forever.

“I am not out of my mind.” The empath whispered to her fingers, choosing to advert his gaze still. “I know what I’m talking about. I can sense it on her Gar, I’ve heard her say it to her friends, she’s admitted it to everyone and-”

“But not you! She never admitted it to you!” he bit harshly. “You hate her, why should I even believe you!”

Her empty gaze met his for the first time in what felt like ages and what he must have seen forced him to take a few steps back in shock. Tears welled up in her eyes as the last ounce of her composure slipped through her frail finger tips. His never ending forest eyes watched her as she stood from his hotel bed. Her frilly indigo dress fell back against her knees causing a tingling sensation to slip up her soft skin. “Never in our friendship have I lied to you. No matter how much we fought, no matter how much hatred I felt from you, I have always told you the truth no matter how much it hurt.” A broken intake of air cut through the tension in the room and her hands instinctively moved across her chest providing a false sense of security. “I know you love her. I sense it from you every time you two are together, it is so overwhelming that I have a hard time-”

Her voice dropped just before she was able to finish her pathetic sentence. Years of self control all built up only to fall at the hands of the only person she ever loved. Her mind cursed her for what she had lost, for what she allowed herself to loose. It wasn’t him, it never was, it was always her. Always closed off, always rude and selfish. Eventually he had given up on her, moved on to someone who accepted his affection with open arms. She had kept her mouth shut, watched as their new found love blossomed, she was their when her proposed and even though she died that day, she told him the truth. That she wanted what was best for him and at the time she believed that was another woman. Even when she had been asked to be a bridesmaid she only accepted because he had asked, so here she was in a ridiculous dress attempting him to see something that she had been blind to. If she hadn’t left the room with Star for that split second she would have never known, she would have let him live in some sick fantasy of a girl that only existed in his head. God she felt stupid. “I love you Garfield, as a friend, as a team mate and as something so much more.”

Her pathetic confession seemed foreign on her lips, like the taste of a new drink. In so many ways it felt wrong, but in so many more it felt so right. His awkward tick kicked in as his hand rose to rub the back of his head, breaking the eye contact that she had initiated. “Raven. I-”

“That is why I had to tell you the truth. That woman is bad news. She is cheating on you, her lover his here waiting for her, taking her every chance he gets. You may love her but I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that she does not love you. Weather you believe me or not, that is up to you.”

Silence fell on the two as what was spoken sank into the room. The truth hurt but with truth came something so much more important. Freedom. Finally the empath knew that she had gotten her point across and with one swift motion she scooped up her jacket along with her the idiotic purse Star forced on her and walked towards the door. Her heels hit the carpet, matching the beat of her breaking heart. “Where are you going?” He asked softly.

“I don’t know.” she replied honestly as she whipped the tears that still fell from her face. Makeup smudged against her palm but that didn’t matter, she didn’t need to impress anyone anymore. “But I’m not going to stand around and watch you marry someone like that.”

“Your a bridesmaid, what am I suppose to tell-”

“I don’t care what you tell people.” she bit almost harshly. “Tell them I’m sick, that I had an emergency. Hell, tell them I ditched the wedding to go get drunk on the strip, it doesn’t matter.” Her body turned one last time towards his green figure and her lungs took in the sweet smell that haunted her dreams. “I’ll be leaving tonight.”

“When will I see you again?” The simple question took her aback slightly, almost stunning her in the process.

However after a moment she gained what little composure she had left and whispered, “I wish I could lie to you,” after a hollow chuckle she answered him in the most honest sentence that she had ever let slip past her lips. “after today we will probably never see each other again. Not after this.”

“Raven, wait-”

But she didn’t. No she couldn’t. Her sanity was long gone and there was no way she could bare another moment in his god like presence. Her letter of resignation had already been filled and placed under the door of her leader, after the wedding her would open it and everyone would know. After tonight she would no longer be a Titan.


The train station smelled of feet and decaying food. Passengers grunted and muttered as they loaded and unloaded their designated shuttles. A grey mist settled around the empath as she waited for the 9:00 passage to California. Not her first choice in destination however, after much arguing with Jinx she had agreed to stay with her and Wally until she decided what she wanted to do. Her fingers twisted and pulled at her done up hair as she tired to untangle the web that they called beauty. Bobbie pin after bobbie pin fell to the station floor and at some point she actually believed that her scalp would bleed from all of pinching.

After on final pull the last of the pins fell to her lap allowing her plum hair to fall gracefully to her shoulders. A satisfied sigh passed her lips and with one flinch she shot the dreaded pin towards the trash next to her. Out of pure dumb luck the pin bounced off the rim of the can and landed directly into the sack below. A stupid smile crossed her face and she couldn’t help bask in the simple pleasure that it offered her.

“Nice shot.” A voice said from behind. The goth didn’t bother to turn for she knew who the voice belonged to, she could always tell it was him by the way his voice slipped down her skin like honey. Her back straightened and she found herself holding her breath as he took the seat beside her.

“I mean really, you should play basketball.” he joked lightly as his gaze shifted to her. She could feel the burning sensation on her skin, the same one she felt every time he looked at her.

She watched her heels as they planted themselves firmly onto the tile floor, “What are you doing here.”

A light chuckle erupted from the person beside her and she could sense the relief that he admitted to her. It confused her, hell it scared her. “It took me along time to find you Rae. I never took you for a train person.”

“I asked what you were doing here.” she hissed as she turned to face his twisted face. He looked as if he was deep in thought, as if the question was surprising to him.

“I’m here to avoid the disaster that I left behind.” her replied softly, running his green hands through his perfectly sculpted hair ruining it forever. “Everyone was pissed and rude. Specifically her family.”

It was her turn to offer the confused look. She could not place the feeling that was seeping form him. It was weird, almost feeling new to the young woman. “I don’t understand.”

“I confronted her and she admitted everything. I was surprised honestly, she had never told me so much during our whole relationship.” Although his voice was upbeat, Raven could sense the undertone of hurt that he was trying to hide from her. “She has been cheating for months now, hell she even invited him to our wedding. I feel like a fool.”

“It’s not your fault.” the goth whispered softly. His gaze met hers and he offered the toothy smile that she had fallen in love with as a child. Nothing could stop the gentle smile that grew on her face. Although tragic that his relation ended she was happy. Happy that he found out, happy that she had taken her advice and confronted his fears. The truth had set him free.

His hand slid over hers sending a spark up her arm without her consent. Slowly his fingers interlaced with hers and she couldn’t help but stare at the action. “Thank you Rae.”

“Yeah.” she whispered to their conjoined hands, “For you anything.”

The sound of her train nearing the station pulled her out of the moment and back into reality. They watched as it slowed to a stop before them, opening their doors to her and sending a sinking feeling to her stomach. “Is this yours?” he asked squeezing her hand tightly.

“Yeah.” she whispered half hearty, not knowing what to do.

A few moments passed and finally he removed his hands from hers clearing her throat in the process. “Well, are you going to take it?”

Her breath quickened as she pondered the question. Did she take it? Her brain screamed at her to get up and leave, to take every grueling moment she had experienced and leave it with him, to start over and hope for the best. However her heart told her otherwise. “No.” she replied almost silently. “No, I hate California.”

“Hmm.” he sneered undoubtedly allowing a smirk to cross his face. “Yeah sunshine, fun, who loves that?”

“Pssh not me.” she replied ignoring the happiness that radiated off of her and allowing herself to bask into in his radiance.

“Well,” he cooed leaning in closer to her form causing a pink tint to grow against her skin. “since your already missing your train, how about I buy you a drink.”

Her face turned to reply in a sly tone, however she was cut off by his lips as he captured her into a sincere, almost overwhelming kiss. The station began to melt around them and she allowed her hand to raise to his neck in order to pull him closer. He obeyed her silent command and brought his hand and placed it softly against her exposed knee. Her skin burned with passion while every nerve of hers stood on end.

Perfect. It was perfect.

As he finally pulled away he left his infectious grin with her. Her eyes opened and she finally answered, “Finally.”

Cuddles x Luke Hemmings

Word Count: 571

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Fluff overload

Much love…

 You smiled as Luke’s fingers intertwined with your own. His large, slightly calloused hands seemed to fit perfectly with yours, as they were meant to. Your head soon made its way, nuzzling into Luke’s warm chest. He responded, pulling you closer to him, so much that you practically rested on top of him. You killed for the moments like this, when the two of you just cuddled. There were no distractions and it was your time. Luke’s other hand began to run down your back as he placed a kiss upon your forehead. “I love you, (Y/N)”, he whispered filling the void of speech. 

You smiled and cuddled in to what seemed to be impossibly closer, replying, “I love you more, Luke.. More than you’ll ever understand.” He shook his head and planted a kiss upon your nose, “I will always love you more..” It was a new feeling that you’d only experienced with Luke; being loved so much. Love was just such a strong word but you were positive that for you two love was existent. Luke taught you what love was, he made you feel special, he made everything worth it. You considered yourself to be incredibly fortunate to have Luke and he knew how you felt as well, feeling the same for you. As you rubbed his thumb between your thumb and index finger you had a ridiculous grin planted on your face. “What are you smiling at, Dork?” Luke questioned, a small laugh followed the question. The smile never left your face as you spoke, “You, me… Us,” you shrugged. He shook his head at you and smirked as he gnawed slightly on his bottom lip, playing with the ring attached to it. “Stop it,” you whined, burying your head further into his chest in attempt to conceal your reddened cheeks.

 Luke’s hand let go of yours as he attempted to lift up your head. As soon as he did you were forced to look into his subtle blue eyes that were simple breathtaking. “Don’t hide, you know I think it’s adorable,” he spoke, brushing several flyaways from your face and tucking them behind your ears, “I only do it because I know it gets to you.” You sat up lightly punching his arm, glowering at him, “I hate you Hemmings.” Within seconds he had pinned you down, speaking with the slightest bit of seriousness in his voice, “No you don’t Babe, lying is a punishable.. By tickling,” his sentence terminating much louder than it had began. His hands quickly ran down to your hips as he took several small jabs at your sides which turned into full blown tickling. Laughter erupted from your lips as the torment continued, tears soon fled your eyes due to the laughter’s extent. “Luke,” you gasped, “Don’t,” which was soon followed by a plead to, “Stop.. Please!” Your laughter still continued even as he replied with, “Don’t stop?”

 He laughed, more so giggled, “I won’t stop then.” He then planted sloppy kisses across your face as he continued, now laughing himself. You began flailing beneath him, your laughter intensifying which prompted him to stop. 

As soon as you caught your breath you proceeded to wrap your arms around his neck, planting a chaste but loving kiss on his lips, “Maybe I do love you Hemmings, but I’m still more punk rock than you..”

Preston pulled out a small scroll, that fit perfectly in his hands, as he slowly etched into the other room. Inside, was a slowly decaying corpse, that stood upright, and was making sickening chocking sounds. It let out a low screech upon smelling something, as it swiftly turned to face the duo. Its face resembled a rotting corpse, with a rugged sack over its head. Though the most horrifying aspect of it, was that it’s entire body looked too be skinless, and was just muscles. It let out a loud shriek, as it charged at them with in human speeds.


Preference #2: Transatlanicism by Death Cab For Cutie

a/n: first song preference! milestones people, milestones!! also, I’m going through a huge death cab phase right now, so this fits perfectly!

Tyler Joseph:

“The distance is quite simply much too far for me to row,
It seems farther than ever before.”

The distance between Tyler and I was killing our relationship. The last time he toured, we kept in touch by texting and facetiming every day, but that only worked because he was gone for a few months. But now, he had been gone for over four months, on a world tour and also the festival circuit. He had invited me to come visit him, but being a student made it hard to just drop everything and join him on tour. In the beginning of our relationship, we were inseparable, but we haven’t talked in days, and when we did, it was a short, bland conversation. I couldn’t live in a lifeless relationship, even though I loved Tyler more than I loved myself. I opened up a new text message and sent Tyler all of the feelings I felt about us and our relationship. “The distance between us is killing our relationship, Tyler. I know you are touring and living your dream, but I need you too, and I’d never ask you to give up something you have worked your entire life for,” the heart wrenching text message read. Tears formed in my eyes as my phone rang with a new message on the screen. “(y/n), are you saying what I think you’re saying?” he asked. I replied instantly with, “don’t choose me Tyler, I’m not worth it, maybe we met at an inconvenient time, but right now you need to focus on you.” I sent the message, threw my phone onto my couch, and bawled into a sofa cushion for the remainder of the night, ignoring all of the messages popping up on my screen at an alarming rate. 

Josh Dun:

“I need you so much closer.”

It was 4:32 AM when I heard my phone ring on the bedside table, where it was laid, charging. The ringing awoke me out of a deep sleep, and my eyes had not quite adjusted to the brightness of my phone screen when I answered the call from Josh.

“(y/n)?” He asked. I could tell that he was sniffling. The sound of Josh crying made my heart crumble into a million pieces. I sat up immediately in bed, worried about what could be troubling Josh.

“Josh, what’s wrong?” I ask, anxiously awaiting the answer. Josh never cried. This was bad. 

“I need you so much closer, (y/n). I need you because it’s 4:32 in the morning, and no one is awake, and I’m probably crossing a state boarder, and I’m laying in my bunk, crying because I miss my girlfriend so much. I need you here with me, (y/n). The distance is making me crazy. I miss you cheering me on from the side of the stage, I miss the way your hair smells when we cuddle in my small, cramped, bunk, and I miss you beating my ass in Mario Kart. I need you here with me.”

“Josh, I feel the same way babe. The distance is killing me too. But you need to be strong for me, for Tyler, and for all the fans rooting for you in the crowd. Two more weeks baby, two more weeks and you’ll be back here with me. I know you can do it babe. Just stay on the phone with me until you fall back asleep, okay baby?”

“I love you so much, (y/n). Two more weeks.”

“I love you too Josh. Just two more weeks.”

a/n: oh my god what did i just write there are tears falling from my eyes… i’m sorry that josh’s was so much longer than tyler’s! i just got off on a tangent and couldn’t stop. Josh girls be warned!!!!!

Ok but like honestly who would have thought? Like of course I was always pulling for something like this. And I always had faith that they would continue to be a prominent couple - they have to much chemistry not to - but to have been through everything that they have and end up here? This was more than I had ever let myself hope for.

The thing that really gets me though is that they probably felt exactly the same way. Between the two of them they have more issues than a magazine stand. They have both probably thought more than once that they’re too messed up for anyone to really love them. Then they found each other. They fit so perfectly that tomorrow ED could be like “Yeah we’ve been planning this for the last 15 years.” and I’d be like “ACCEPTED!” .

It’s actually kinda uncanny how well they mesh. Not just the actors but the way their characters are so compatible. This ship could not have been crafted any better. The stars aligned for this one and we were blessed by the Soap Gods.

That’s beside the point tho, the point is that these two people who closed themselves off from the belief that they could ever be loved for exactly who they are, found each other.

Robert needed someone to guide him towards a lighter version of himself. He needed someone who likes to needle and tease him. He needed someone to come along and completely catch him off guard, who would always surprise him and keep him on his toes. He needed to know that someone kind and sweet and loyal could love him.

And Aaron needed someone who wasn’t willing to sit back while he plays the martyr. Someone who pushes him to open up and not let his problems fester. he needed somebody that was gonna push him to want more for himself. He needed someone bold and outrageous and who had the personality of a sledgehammer so it was impossible for him to keep them at arms length.

They both needed someone who wouldn’t or couldn’t walk away. Someone who would step in and refuse to give up whenever they faltered. They needed their other half, their perfect fit… their soulmate.

The way that it all came together and the way that they’re still so engaging is the closest thing to magic that I’ve ever seen in real life.

50 ~ He Talks About Being A New Father

Calum: “I look at her and just imagine (Y/N) as a baby. When she was born, I instantly knew what her name was going to be too. (Y/N) and I had talked about it, and it was like both of us clicked with the name Abigail. She’s fitting into it perfectly.”

Ashton: “We both had no idea what we were doing when he was born, but the minute we got home, it was like our mommy-daddy senses went on and we became experts. It definitely has been a challenge but… I’ll cherish these moments when he gets older.”

Luke: “I love it. I love being a father, and I never thought it would be this way. Honestly, I love that feeling of constantly being needed you know? Like yes, (Y/N) and I need each other, but this is different. What I do is what will shape this child. I won’t mess it up.”

Michael: “Being a dad has definitely shone a light on the world around me. There’s a new perspective now that I’m a father and I don’t really know how to explain it. This little girl has the power to change the world. And I get to help her get there.”