i just had to gif this scene so funny

Okay don’t get me wrong I love Finn so much but someone please explain why he had no visible qualms about attacking the storm troopers. Like I get he’s changed but wouldn’t it be hard to hurt someone you used to be a brother/sister in arms with? Didnt he think ‘oh no my blaster bolt just hit FN-5143, he was quite funny’ or remember how he used to have quiet sombre lunches the cafeteria with his squadron. No hesitation my dude just goes for it and it kind of bugs me. And i don’t mean he should stand there and die, maybe a quiet scene after the battle to show his inner turmoil or even just mulling it over. Finn was able to change, doesn’t he ever wonder if some other stormtroopers felt the same way or feel obligated to help them get out like he did. Someone please explain


Come into the light…