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A/N okay, this is my first girlxgirl imagine and I’m nervous to post this bc I’m as straight as an arrow and I’m terrified I’m going to screw something up. BUT, I love Evie so much and she deserves so much recognition. Credit for the gif goes to @naidot !

Summary: reader is on the Isle and part of Uma’s crew, but she’s been in love with Evie for a long while and when she hears they’re back on the Isle she decides to be better and help them escape.

Warnings: sword fighting

Evie (descendants)

You looked up as Harry ran into Ursula’s restaurant, calling out for Uma quite obnoxiously.

“Chill out, Harry. What is it?” Said teen asked as she walked out of the kitchen, rolling her eyes in annoyance. “Mal’s back,” he grinned, his eyes as mischievous as ever. Gasps were heard all around the restaurant, and your eyes widened. She’s back? Does this mean that they’re all back?

Uma looked at him cautiously,“You saw her?” Harry nodded proudly, blowing a bubble with bubble gum before saying,“I got this gum from her. She was in that kids salon.. whatever it’s called.”

“Dizzy’s?” You questioned in curiosity, wondering if he had harmed the girl. He shrugged,“I suppose so, anyway, if she’s back that means-”

“That the rest are probably back too, or will be coming.”

As they began to plan, Gil ran into the restaurant claiming he’d seen the king, Evie, Carlos, and Jay. Everyone began to listen to Uma as she gave them a plan of what they were going to do to get off of the Isle. You listened intently, making a plan of your own. You were going to help them. You and Evie were once close, and you couldn’t deny the feelings you had for the bubbly girl. She was just so different from everyone else.

Only an hour or two later, Harry and a few other goons came back to Uma’s ship with Ben in their arms. You caught eyes with him, sympathy filling yours. His eyebrows furrowed slightly in confusion as he recognized your gaze. There were ropes tied around his wrists, and you could tell he was scared. They immediately began to tie him up to a pillar, and you waited for the perfect time to run off of the ship and toward where you knew the four would be.

You threw a rock at the sign, and watched as the gate lifted up; revealing stairs. You climbed up them, bursting through the door. Evie and Mal looked over at you with wide eyes, and the both of them immediately stood up from the couch they were sat on.

Evie grinned, running toward you and grasping you right,“Y/N, oh, I missed you so much!” You squeezed her back just as tight,“I almost didn’t believe it when they said you were back."You pulled back, holding her at arm’s length, shocked that the girl you’d been in love with since you could remember was standing in front of you. You didn’t think you’d ever see her again. Mal cleared her throat,"Uh, why are you here? Aren’t you apart of Uma’s little group that just kidnapped Ben?” You glared at her,“I’m here to tell you I’m going to help you escape.”

“How do we know you’re not just playing us?” Mal questioned, as cautious as ever. Evie shook her head, grasping onto your hand,“She wouldn’t do that, I trust her.” Mal glanced down at your intertwined hands, before looking up at Evie,“You sure?”

The blue haired girl nodded,“Positive.”

Mal stared at her, before nodding and telling you their plan. They were going to make a 3D model of Fairy Godmother’s wand, so that Uma would believe that they were actually giving it to her and then they were going to run out with Ben before she realized it was a fake.

You looked up at her, asking,“It’s a good plan, but what if she tries to use it before you leave?”

“She’s too dumb to think of that,” Mal scoffed, and you hesitantly nodded. You explained to them that you needed to leave before they realized you were gone, and after a quick hug with Evie you were running out of the door again.

“Where’ve you been? You know what, I don’t care. Just mop the floor like you were supposed to two hours ago,” Uma snapped, heading to her cabin. You sighed, but did as told. You discreetly made your way closer to Ben, who looked less scared now, more nervous than anything.

“When they come for you, I’m going to help you guys get out of here. So, don’t be surprised when I start fighting with you guys,” you whispered to him as you mopped the floor. His eyebrows furrowed again, and he whispered back in disbelief,“Why?”

“What they’re doing is wrong, and I can’t let Evie get hurt.”

His gaze softened lightly, but he didn’t respond. “Why’re you here, anyway?” You asked, glancing up at him. He hesitated,“I came back for Mal.” You looked up at him,“You love her so much that you’d risk your life for her?” He looked down,“Yeah, I would. And I’m guessing you would too- for Evie, I mean- if you’re going to try and help me escape.”

You looked up at him with an intense gaze, filled with love. “I’d do anything for her.”

A few hours later, the four, plus Lonnie, arrived with the replica of the wand. They two different groups had bursted into song, Harry holding onto Ben on the plank that he was going to throw him off unless the wand was handed over. And it turns out you were right, because when Uma was handed the fake wand she told Mal to prove that it was real.

Luckily for them, Carlos’ now talking dog had snuck into the limo and followed the group there, giving Mal a perfect way to fake it was real. Ben was shoved over to Mal after some cheering, and she immediately tried to pull him off to leave despite his protests that they shouldn’t have given them the wand. You sighed, your foot tapping anxiously as Uma attempted to bring the barrier down with the fake wand.

And soon enough, swords were out and the two groups were fighting. You ran closer to the ones you had promised to defend, kicking away someone who attempted to attack Evie. “Get away from my girl!” You growled. She looked up at you with an unknown look in her eyes, which you had no time to notice as you fought with another pirate.

She was quickly pulled out of her trance, hitting her sword with another pirates. After what felt like hours, you were running down the tunnel to their limo.

“I wish I could bring you with me,” Evie had frowned, holding onto your hands. You shook your head with a sad smile,“I don’t belong in Auradon.” She gently caressed your cheek with the palm of her hand,“I didn’t think so either, but I do. It’s perfect there, but it’d be even more perfect with you.”

Mal had just ran out of the tunnel and gotten into the limo, alongside everyone else. “Come on, Evie!” She called. You pressed your lips against hers in a chaste kiss, putting as much passion into it as you could. She kissed back, backing away and cloning into the limo, but not before saying,“I’m going to get you to Auradon Y/N, I promise.”

You didn’t respond as they quickly sped off back to Auradon, and you sighed as you realized you were in deep shit.

A few days later, you were cautiously walking through the Isle when fancy and clean men walked up to you, holding a scroll,“Y/N Y/L/N, a message from King Benjamin.”

Your eyebrows furrowed as you hesitantly took the scroll, unrolling it. Your eyes widened at the words written, and you quickly looked up at the men,“Yes.”

You were going to Auradon.


Request: Hello, I really love your writing!! And I also really miss Matt the radar technician! So I was wondering if you can write a modern!matt where the reader and him are close friends that have feelings for each other and she sticks up for him bc he gets picked on. Idk something like that. But yeah! You always know how to make your stories amazing! Thank you!!

A/N: I’m so glad I received Matt requests bc I miss that son of a bicth……thank you, anon, for the request! Enjoy :) [gif not mine]

Word Count: 2.5K+

Warning: None

Matt was, what you called, your average ‘nerd’. His glasses were as big as his head, the silver rims and thick lenses that hugged his nose. His attire was always neat and in place–although the opposite went for his bright blond hair. Now that was a mess. It was hard to keep the curls looking nice. Brushing them weren’t an option and neither was jelling it, so he let it be.

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Oh man, where do I begin?

A year ago, I officially began my presence in the Fire Emblem Fates RP community — and here I am, still here, a year later! Only those who have been around for longer than I have remember my old URL KIRAQI — but upon further deepening of Kiragi’s character, was changed to the one I have present day. It’s only been my second experience with a community on Tumblr, my first being in the Osomatsu-san fandom — and I had ditched one of my blogs in said community in favor of Kiragi.

I guess I should start with what I’m thankful for in this introduction. Honestly, there’s a LOT to be thankful for — this community’s kindness, it’s welcome, and the zeal it had ever since I joined to improve many different aspects of myself in the creative aspect. This includes my graphics, writing, musical ability — it’s endless. I joined this community with absolutely no idea how it’d work out — honestly, I thought it would be a lot like the Osomatsu-san community, where the majority of people DREW ANSWERS to asks. I was surprised to find out that the majority of the fandom used their creative writing skills for the most part. I was young — er, younger — when I made the blog, so I had no knowledge of what I was doing, other than the fact that I was here to have fun — I think that’s the most important part to when I joined. As began to roleplay more and more, new glasses were placed upon my face, and I started seeing — well, EVERYTHING differently. 

Before this gets too long, I’d like to just say thank you — to YOU. Because it’s likely that if you’re seeing this from my blog, you’re following me — you’re one of those THOUSAND followers that I have accumulated over the past year. Roleplaying is not my priority, as writing in a whole is just a hobby for me, and I always do things in the order and balance that I want — perhaps that’s selfish of me, but this community has allowed me to realize MANY things. Everyone I met was so unique and amazing, and even though I’ve only managed to fully befriend only a fraction of my followers, I cannot wait to see what’s in store for me in the future!

And — oh yes. You didn’t forget, right? Because I didn’t — I told you that I’d make a CELEBRATORY VIDEO. Now, let’s begin this long-ass bias list. | art credit !

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 This is so long, goshhhhh. I’m feeling so hard for Spencer Reid. Look at that .gif! He’s such a puppy. 


We believe the killer is a white male, in his mid to late twenties. He is very organized and intelligent but he instantly shows signs of low self esteem and needs reassurance and will probably bring up the killings in conversation. We believe he stalks his victims for long periods of times before actually making contacts them. This guy has no type, he takes any opportunity he can get and kills indiscriminately-” the TV went off with a click and Logan plopped onto your couch, looking at you with his big, brown eyes and the smirk that somehow always seemed to be on his face, no matter what situation he was in. Sometimes, you regretted giving him a key. 

“Get dressed, babe.” he flashed his teeth at you before he winked. 

“I’m not going out tonight.” you told your best friend. He looked at you with a that smirk on his lips, knowing that soon enough he would convince you to do whatever he wanted. “Did you see the news? There’s a killer out there, Logan.” you pointed at the TV, waving your fingers around. 

“I met a new guy and he invited you to go out with us, Y/N, so you’re going.” he put his head in your lap and you tapped his forehead quickly with your fingernails so he would move. “You bitch, I paid good money for those.” he grabbed your hand and pulled it into his lap, examining your fingernails for chips or cracks. 

“I’m not going, Logan.” 

“Yes, you are.” moving to stand in front of you, he took both of your hands this time as he pulled you up. “I’ll buy you breakfast.” he promised. 


“And lunch.” 


“And supper and I’ll pay your Netflix bill for three months, I swear to the gods.” Logan promised, looking you in the eyes. You huffed and puffed, pulling away from him as you walked into the hall and got into your closet, pulling a dress off the rack. 

“How long have you known him?” you asked, ducking into the bathroom to change. 

“A couple of days. I met him at the bar Thursday when I was doing my show. He’s really nice, a little shy. He’s adorable, I think you’ll like him.” he nodded his approval when you walked back into the hall and shrugged. 

“”You say that about all of them.” you rolled your eyes, grabbing your phone and keys on your way out of your door. 

The club Logan did shows at every week wasn’t very big. It was always crowded, though, especially on Saturday nights. 

You hated going out with Logan when he was meeting up with a guy because you usually ended up in a corner somewhere with a coke and a magazine. But this guy was different. The three of you sat together in a circular booth. The guy introduced himself as Charles and Charles kept you in the conversation, unlike any man Logan had ever introduced you to. You liked him and thought he could be good for Logan, who usually tended to choose odd guys.

“Y/N, what do you?” 

“I take care of him, what are you talking about?” you laughed nervously, not one for loud places and lots of people. Charles’ eyes were oddly calming and when you look at him, things got a little quieter. 

“Well, that’s full time on its own, but I was talking about your job? Where do you work?” he asked as he leaned back and put his arm around Logan. So you told him about your job and how much you loved it, answering any questions he had as he listened attentively, his light eyes, flickering down to Logan every once in a while. “That’s so cool.” 

“What do you do?” you asked. 

“I’m a writer.” he told me. 

“No you’re not, you told me you worked in a restaurant up town.” Logan snapped out of his trance and looked at Charles then at me. Logan had had sketchy boyfriends before and he could clock one from a mile away. 

“That’s just where I work. I’m a writer, babe, I told you that.” Charles laughed it off but his eyes became much more frantic as he looked back to me. “Anyway, did you hear about those murders?” 

“Yea.” Logan nodded his head toward the door when Charles wasn’t looking at him. 

“No.” I lied to tell Logan I didn’t want to leave. 

“You haven’t heard about them?” Charles asked, his upper lip twitching a little and at that moment, I looked at Logan, having changed my mind. We were both always so paranoid of everything and part of me felt bad for it but I thought for a second that Charles might- No. It was impossible. 

“Excuse us, Y/N and I are going to the ladies room.” Logan grinned. 

“You’re going to the girl’s room?” Charles asked. “It’s for girls.” 

“You sound like my dad.” Logan rolled his eyes and grabbed my elbow in his way out of the booth. “He is shady as fuck, we’re getting out of here.” 

“No. Logan, listen, you drug me out here and now you want to go home.”

“Who talks about murder on a date? We can party somewhere else if you’re really in the mood for it but I’m not staying here.” he shook his head, looking into the mirror and twisting his finger under his bottom eye lid to fix his eye-liner. 

“No, we should stay. He’s not that bad.” you pleaded. 

“Okay, but if says any more sketchy bull, I’m high tailing it the fuck outta here.” he waved you off. 

“You know you can’t resist a chance to tell me, “I told you so.’” you pushed between his shoulder blades and you two left the bathroom. 

You two sat at the table with Charles against, who looked nervous as you sipped your drink. He probably knew you two were talking about him so you spoke to him and Logan pouted most of the time. Soon, though, you wished you’d listened to Logan because you were getting tired, really quickly. 

“Y/N!” Logan called out. It took a thousand years for you to turn your head to your best friend, who was leaning over in the seat. “Run.” he almost whispered. You wondered how you could hear him in all the noise around you. You could feel his breath on your neck as he slumped against you, trying his best to push you out of the seat. “Drug.” he whispered. 

“Y/N, Logan? Are you guys okay?” Charles feigned concern, his voice dripping with it but the grin on his face ruining it all. Jewels, a friend of yours and Logan’s, came over to the table. 

“How ya doin’, honey?” she smiled. 

“Help.” I groaned and she laughed, turning to Charles. 

“Are you his date?” she asked Charles. 

“Yea, does he always get this drunk?” 

“Yea, she’s a lightweight. She has one beer and she’s done.” Jewels laughed. 

“I think I’m gonna drive them home. Can you help get her to the car?” he asked Jewels. 

“No!” you tried to scream but it came out as a whine. Charles carried Logan like a baby and Jewels threw her arm around you, holding you up as she dragged you to the car. 

“Baby, you can’t stay here this drunk.” she laughed. “Charles is gonna take you home.”she told you as she put you in the backseat next to Logan. You tried to keep your eyes open to see where he was taking you but your eyes were so heavy , becoming like lead, drooping until you were asleep. 

“Wakey, wakey, Y/N.” Charles’ voice sounded like he was talking under water. “Wakey, wakey.” 

“L-Logan…” I managed. 

“That’s so sweet.” Charles made a tsking noise. “You know, when he woke up he called out for you too.” Charles’ figure cleared in your vision and you could see his curly brown hair again. 

“Wh-” you thought you’d vomit for a second. “Where is Logan?” you took extra long to blink. “Where is he?” 

“In the corner.” Charles said, not amused. “He doesn’t matter.” Charles glanced over at Logan, who’s body was slumped in the corner with a busted lip and a cut on his forehead. “It was you the whole time, Y/N. It’s always been you.” he whispered. “I’ve been watching you for so long.” he touched your hair and you struggled against the chains that held you up from the ceiling. “I killed those people for you.” he said slowly. “I’ve been protecting you. I-I know-” he laughed softly. “I know you don’t like violence and all that but that why I had to be the one to do it. You’re always so nice to everyone and that’s what I love so much about you, but you never take initiative.” he shook his head. “You have to go for what you want, you know? Or you’re never going to get it.” 

“Why are you doing this?” you cried as he continued to pet your hair. “”Let us go.” 

“Why would you want to go?” Charles asked. “You’re home, don’t you see? I built a house for you in the country, just like you wanted. A little cottage int he woods where no one will ever find us.” 


“What do you want from me?!” he screamed, yanking your hair back. “I’ve given you everything!” You knew what you had to do, you’d read about it before in a book. Playing along with his fantasy was the only way for you to stay alive, the only way for you to get Logan out alive. 

“Ch-Charles…” you stuttered. 

“I know, I know, I’m sorry. I- I didn’t mean to shout at you.” he sighed, pulling you to him by your torso, the chains clanking. 

“It’s okay…” you tried not to let him hear the desperation in your voice. “Charles, you know, we can’t be a-alone while Logan is here, you know? Why don’t you let him go?” you asked. 

“Oh, honey…” he waved moved over to a table on the other side of the room. “I knew you’d say that. So I’ve already thought through it all.” 

“No, don’t hurt him.” 

“You need to see this… You need to see how you get what you want.” 

“PLEASE!” you screamed, pulling against your chains. “PLEASE DON’T HURT HIM!” Charles wasn’t phased, though. He calmly turned around with a knife in his hand.

“Screaming and crying won’t do you any good. I know you think he’s your friend but he was keeping us apart, Y/N… I can’t just let that slide because you think you care about him.” 

“I do care about him! He’s my best friend, please!” you might as well have been talking to yourself. Logan was restrained differently than you were. Where your chains held you in a standing position, Logan’s held him to the ground. 

“It’ll be quick, I promise.” he said sincerely as he placed the knife to Logan’s throat. As if that weren’t bad enough, Logan was just beginning to wake up. 

“Y/N?” he croaked. “Wha-” That was it.

You grew up with Logan in a small southern church town, where the two of you were put down daily for being yourselves. You were all he ever had and he was all you ever had. He moved with you to New York City when the two of you graduated high school and you moved into the same building, right across the hall from each other. He was your best friend and the only family you’d ever had. And there you were watching him choke on his own blood. 

Your legs gave way under you and you let yourself fall, your weight yanking your arms painfully as you dangled from the ceiling. 

“I’ll give you a little while…” Charles kissed your head on his way to the stairs in the corner of the room. You were crying too hard to care. Your heart was in your throat and you heaved sobs, crying out his name over and over. If you’d just listened to him when he said he wanted to leave… 

“Logan!” you screamed. “I’m so sorry, Logan! I’m so sorry!” you cried until you went hoarse and there was no energy left in your body. There was no fight. Charles could’ve come down those stairs at any moment and done whatever he wanted, you didn’t care. He’d taken away your will. Your hope. 

You let your legs go limp under you and you were hanging from the ceiling by your chains. You’d almost passed out when a hand covered your mouth and an arm wrapped around your entire body. Seeing Logan’s blood covering the floor again brought everything back and your struggled against the body behind you.

“Shhhh… My name is Spencer Reid,okay? I’m with the FBI. I’m gonna get you out of here but I need you to be very, very quiet.” he lifted you off the ground and you stood up while someone else used bold cutters to cut your chains and you fell into him. He hugged you tight for a second before he put his arm under yours and guided you up the cellar stairs and into the moonlight and fresh air, through a horde of cops and FBI agents who all seemed to blend in together. All looking like they’d seen too much. There was an ambulance waiting for you and the new agent let you fall onto the bumper off it before turning to go away but your gripped his blue shirt tight and pulled him back, tears washing dirt off your cheeks in streaks. “Please don’t leave me.” you begged desperately. “Please.” you choked on sobs. 

“Okay…” he soothed, pulling himself up into the ambulance. 


                          KYLO X READER || Soul Mate 15

“The voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time.”

A/N: Fuck it, I couldn’t wait till monday to post this. SOME GOOD SHIT COMIN UP, I PROMISE YOU, LEAVE ALL THE ANGST AT HOME BC WHATS UP AHEAD IS !!!!! [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 3K+

Warning: None…finally!



The burning and stinging sensation in your hip was suddenly absent, the bright red flare that instantly disappeared from Viktor’s abdomen allowed his body to come crashing down onto the ground beneath you; an abrupt jolt was sent through your body as the collision echoed throughout the hall. You weren’t sure as to when you had finally gotten the necessary rest you needed, because this had to have been some sort of dream–nightmare. Looking up from the fallen body, your eyes slowly shifted up to meet those of your savior, breath getting caught in your throat from the sight of the  face you were now looking at. This had to be a dream.

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Andy Biersack imagine (bc my feelings are through the roof)
I should be working on my fanfic but *sighs* I’ll probably start uploading it sometime next week…? Depending on if I have time because I’m going to a band camp for 2 weeks and it’s all day stuff so…
Anyways, here’s a emotional imagine!

You lay in bed, scrolling through tumblr.
Sometimes when you’re bored, you go on Andy’s tag, just to see what’s up.
Imagines, pictures, confessions, smut, more imagines, more smut, kinky smut, smut-
Maybe that’s enough for today.
You couldn’t help but see a lot of Warped tour pictures, many beautiful fans and other artists posing with Andy.
One being the beautiful Juliet Simms. (I love Juliet guys she’s like one of the sweetest girls I’m not dissing her aha)
You couldn’t help but admire her. I mean, she makes great music, she’s drop dead beautiful, sweet.
Also really close to Andy. For everything.
They having a past together didn’t really help your confidence at this point.
You get up and look at yourself in the mirror.
You start questioning your looks.
Andy have literally millions of girls who would sell their soul to be in your spot, girls that he could have in one action or word.
Why did he pick you? Out of every other pretty girl out there.
You sigh, running a hand through your hair.
Why do you do this to yourself? You always end up making yourself feel like shit about something you shouldn’t even think about.
You decide to try and drop it, going on your way to the kitchen, passing Andy who’s sitting on the couch.
“Hey babe, how was the nap?” He says, looking up from his laptop.
You shrug. “Okay, I didn’t sleep long.”
“Oh, okay.”
“I’m getting something to drink, want anything?”
You nod, going to the fridge, getting a bottle of water for Andy and making tea for yourself.
You bite your lip, returning to the living room.
This was eating your insides and you couldn’t stop thinking about Andy’s choice of you.
You hand him the water, thinking.
“You alright?” He asks, sitting his laptop on the coffee table.
“Hmm?” You say, returning back to earth.
“You seem distracted by something.”
“Oh, I’m fine. Just thinking.”
“What are you thinking about that has you zoned out?” He takes a sip of his water, eyes not leaving you.
You pull your legs underneath you.
“You… It’s nothing. I… You wouldn’t understand it. It’s a dumb thought anyway.” You mumble, sipping your tea.
He frowns. “You’re worrying me babe, what’s up?” He turns his body to you, giving you his full attention.
You sigh, sitting your mug down.
“I’ve… Been thinking a lot and just… I… It’s really stupid.” You chuckle, shaking your head.
Andy grabs your hands, interwinding his fingers with yours.
“It’s okay, you can tell me anything.” You look him in the eyes.
“I…. Andy, why did you pick me?”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, like to have a relationship with. Why me? Why not any others prettier girl who is wrapped around your finger and would be with you in a heartbeat? Why someone so boring and… Just me?”
He smiles slightly, taking one of his hands, cupping your cheek lightly.
“Is this why you’ve been so distracted lately? You’ve been questioning why I wanted a relationship with you? And not just any girl?”
You nod. “I told you it was stupid.”
“Not at all Y/N. I thought you were breaking up with me at first. No, no, no. And why did I want something with you? Because love, when I first saw you… Well, it’s hard to describe love at first sight. I saw you and… My heart beater faster, all the people around you, but I couldn’t see them. All I saw was your beautiful self. My stomach had this ache, not a painful one but… A funny one. My head was foggy and clear at the same time and all I wanted to do was admire you, talk to you, get to know you. I just knew that you were special. I knew you were going to be a part of my life. I was going to make it happen. As for the other girls, I don’t see them like I do you. I love you for all the unique things only you do. How you steal my shirts to wear to bed when I’m not here, using my shampoo in the shower because you say I smell good, cutting off the crust of your toast because it’s too crunchy. Getting tshirts a size too big because you say you want to be stylish yet comfy, when you’re at our concerts and still cheer and scream like you don’t know me personally. It’s adorable and it’s just only a few reasons I love you with all my heart. Sure, there are other girls out there, but I only want you.”
He presses a light kiss to your lips and you smile.
“Oh Andy, I’m sorry I doubted it.”
He shakes his head, pulling you almost into his lap.
“No, you didn’t. You just don’t know, and never will know how much I love you. You have became my world- fuck it, you’ve became my universe. Without you…. Is something I don’t want to imagine. I love you so much Y/N, it almost hurts. But it’s worth the pain to have the most beautiful, funny, adorable girlfriend and hopefully wife someday.”
You can’t help but smile as you wrap your arms around Andy and kiss him.

If you have a suggestion or a personal request, send it in to me! I don’t ignore requests!

Jealousy has no end - Liam Dunbar

Description: Based off 5x06, you get jealous when you see the unusual interactions between Liam and Hayden, making you lose control of your witch powers.
Ship: Reader x Liam
Fandom: Teen wolf


It was training time for the young and new people in your coven, and today you had to learn tracking spells. you were only 3 people in class; you, the twins Caleb and Cassie, both were one year older than you. yet the 3 of you went to devenford prep.

it was how you met Liam actually, before he got expelled, he found you and cassie trying to cheat on a test using your magic. back then, you used a memory spell to make him forget. but when he got his werewolf powers, the memory resurfaced.

and then the there was the deadpool, so with time, you ended up dating
(A/N: might write the full story, if requested bcs idk)

“So who are we tracking first” Cassie asked setting 3 maps of beacon hills down on the floor

“Brett left his jersey with me today after practice” Caleb says “I can track him down”

“I’ll track Liam since he forgot his phone with me today” you say pulling the phone out of your pocket

Cassie looks around the dim lighten room “Oh” she jumps up and takes a book that was on a table next to her “I borrowed this from Mason the other day”

“Well now we can move on to stalking our friends” Caleb joked earning chuckles from you and Cassie

The three of you start to chant words, you feel the energy flow throw your fingers, then a blue spark hit your map, your eyes shoot open to see that the same had happened to them.

“Mason’s at Hills’ homemade ice cream” Cassie says
Caleb raises an eyebrow “I knew something is going on between them” he grins “Brett’s there too”
“I wonder who Liam’s with in Sinema then” you say but the answer was already in your head, Hayden.
“His pack maybe” Cassie tries to answer.
“They’re having a book club” you tell your friends who look confused “It’s something about memories or whatever”

“you do realize you can break whatever’s blocking their memory” Caleb says 
“Yes, but Liam doesn’t want me in this” you explain


You sat next to Mason and Brett as they talked about something that you weren’t paying much attention to, instead your attention was on Liam and Hayden’s interaction

He had obviously told you about 6th grade, but you knew there was another kind of tension building up between the two of them.

but now instead of reading the dread doctors, as Scott had asked you to, you were watching Hayden and Liam as they continued to score a goal after another

the eye contact they shared made something in you boil “Y/N” Mason exclaimed making you jump, you look at the paper in your hand that was on fire.

your eyes widen and you quickly put off the fire you had unintentionally caused. “are you okay?” Brett asked 

“Yeah yeah” you shrug off opening the page you left on to continue reading

“What’s up with those two” Brett asked mason and so Mason started to explain their 6th grade story.

You look up from the book to see the lacrosse goalie on the floor, Liam must’ve hit him hard.

yet they continued their little contest making you even more jealous, which deep in your mind you knew was kinda stupid off you since it’s probably nothing.

but another part of your mind said otherwise, it was then you heard a scream from the other side of the field 

“Y/N what’s wrong with you today?” Brett asked raising his voice, you noticed that Liam was looking at you too

“What did I do?” you ask
“Blue mist covered half of the field” Mason explained “and I’m pretty sure Blue is your signature coven color, so unless there’s another witch around here from your coven, you have to explain yourself”

he was right, each coven had its own colour to mark their work, and yours was blue.

“I’m gonna go, I need rest” you say putting your things in your bag.

as you walked away you heard someone yelling for an inhaler.


that night, you sat alone in the training room, learning spell about finding killers, if you got that down, you can find the dread doctors’ whereabouts using things that were left in Donavon’s jail

in truth, you just wanted to distract yourself from thinking of Liam, he hasn’t really answered your phonecalls and you two haven’t talked in a while

Then your phone rang, you look at it hoping to see Liam’s name, only it was Scott

“Hey Scott” you answered your phone
“uhm Y/N” he says “I need a favor”
“What’s wrong?” you ask

You weren’t apart of the pack since you were in your own witch coven, but you had no problem helping Scott and his pack whenever they needed help

“Can you track dead bodies?” he asks, which at this point didn’t surprise you.
“no, I find people using their aurora that leaves a magical track on their things” you explain “and since they’re dead, the aurora’s gone”

“Oh” he says in disappointment 
“Is there anything else I can do?” you ask hoping you can be somehow helpful to the Alpha
“Not at the moment” he replies. “see you tomorrow”

but before he closed the line you needed to ask about Liam

“Scott can I ask you something?” you say
“Sure” he answers
“Do you know where Liam is?”
“he mentioned something about going to Sinema for Hayden” he says “Is something up between you two?”

“possible” you say “We’ll talk later scott”

“ok bye” he ends the conversation 


you walked through the doors of Sinema with Caleb behind you, when you told him where you were going he refused to let you go alone while you’re angry.

so that’s how you ended up looking for Liam between the bodies of people.

and when you saw him, he was alone with Hayden “Ok what the hell” you yelled at them your hands lighting with blue sparks

Caleb held your wrists in an attempt to hold you back, instead you started chanting words that you didn’t know their meaning nor have never heard before.

“It’s not what it looks like” Liam said trying to calm you down but you kept chanting, unable to stop yourself, you felt something taking over. Soon your feet were off the ground and your eyes were glowing blue.

Hayden collapsed to the floor “I’ll help her” Caleb said “you try stopping Y/N” he told Liam

You couldn’t control yourself, you tried stopping yourself but you kept chanting. It was as if something was controlling you
“Y/N” Liam yelling lunging at you only to make you fall on the floor beneath him.

Your head hit the floor making your eyes come back to their natural color

“What happened” you ask as your eyesight went back to normal, Liam was on top of you with glowing golden eyes. “What did I do?” You say moving away from him, afraid you’ll hurt him.

You saw Caleb holding an unmoving Hayden as he tried bringing her back to consciousness “I’m sorry” you whisper “It wasn’t me doing it, I would never hurt her”

“It’s not you” Caleb confirms “I read about something like this before” he says as Hayden slowly opens her eyes.

“It’s when you feel a feeling for the first time, your magic is surprised by it in your system and therefore follows its lead” Caleb explains “what were you feeling?”

your head goes down “Jealous” you admit “like I’m losing something I love" your eyes look at like “someone actually”

“You thought I liked her?” Liam raises an eyebrow at you “Y/N I love you and nobody will change that anytime soon”

Hayden slowly started moving, and when she opened her eyes, she yelling on the top of her lungs “What did you do?” She asks looking between me and Liam

I’ll block her memory, you two can finish talking so I can head home" Caleb says knocking Hayden out, again and taking her away.

Liam laughed at something Caleb mumbled while leaving, werewolf powers you mentally sigh.

“Now where were we?” Liam says coming closer to you

“I was apologizing about being a jealous girlfriend” you say trying to break the tension

“Not that” he rolls his eyes “I mean the ‘I love you’ part”

You fail to hold back a smile at his cute idiocy “I love you, Dunbar”

He gently puts his hands on your waist and his lips move to yours

“I love you too” he mumbles between the kiss

AN: This request is so sad, but I really enjoyed it. Thank you to the anon who sent the request in. I hope it lives up to your expectation. (THIS GIF IS MINE. I made it.)

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Plot: oneshot where pietro and the reader are crushing on eachother and the reader is sad bc today is her moms birthday (who died) so she locks herself in her room and won’t let anyone in. pietro understands the pain she’s going through so he waits outside her door for a long time talking to her until she lets him in. before she lets him in he sings her a song his mom used to sing to him whenever he was sad and she lets him in and he cheers her up. lots of fluff 💕


“Reliving Those Memories”

It had been exactly 4 years since your mom had passed. Every year it got harder and harder to cope. You continuously blamed yourself for her death.

HYDRA had wanted to recruit you for your abilities. They wanted you to join so badly, they didn’t care who they had to hurt to get their wish.

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Imagine – Babysitting JJ with Jensen ((Part 3))

Word Count – 1,575

Pairing – Divorced! Jensen x Reader

Triggers – Nonnee

A/N – I’ll probably have like 5 – 7 parts on this. I’m sooo glad everyone’s enjoying it and all the kind messages along with the ones asking for more make me really happy so thank you J also thank you for 1.1k !! ALSO ALSO WHOS READY FOR LUCIFER TONIGHT WOO BUT THEN NOO BC PROB MEANS SOMETHING BADS GONNA HAPPEN TO SAMMY AND I DON’T WANT THAT


- A week later –

This past week has been insane. You and Jensen have been spending every moment you could together, not that you minded of course. It was just weird not having JJ there, along with Jensen’s filming schedule being crazy and long leaving you lonely a lot during the days.

Today was going to be a great day for the both of you cause JJ was coming back, finally. It felt like it’s been forever since you heard her say your name, or felt her tiny hand grip on your finger. You also knew Jensen’s been dying to see her, hearing him talk on the phone with her during the night and crying after.

You and your boyfriend jumped up at the sound of the doorbell, running to the door excitedly nearly tripping over each other on the way.

“Daddy!” She yelled, reaching her arms out to him.

“Hey sweetie, were you good for mommy?” she nodded.

“She’s had a cough the last two days, but it seemed to be doing better today.” Danneel said.

“If It starts up again I’ll call, thanks for taking her.”

“Of course, I gotta go and film for a movie. I love you JJ!” She said kissing her daughter on the cheek.

You closed the door after Jensen and gave them both a big hug. JJ laid her cheek against your head, smiling against it while Jensen kissed the top of both of his girls heads, his girls.

“Dinner tonight now that princess is home?”

“Sounds like a plan, but where?”

“We can just go to the restaurant down the street, JJ loves their French fries and their steaks are pretty good.”

You nodded, kissing him after than ran up the stairs to get ready. You hopped in the shower and cleaned up for the night, smile never leaving your face. Jensen went into the room you both shared, placing JJ on the bed and turning on Spongebob to keep her occupied as he got ready for his date night with you.

After your shower you put on a red dress, your favorite dress actually. You grabbed it off the lamp table in the bathroom, leaving it there while you showered. You put it on and smiled at yourself in the mirror, feeling confident for the first time in a long time.

“Still fits, here’s hopping my feet haven’t gotten bigger over the past 7 months and my heels still fit.”

You put on your eyeliner, mascara, burgundy lip stick, and whatever else you thought you needed. You straightened your hair and put on your heels, finally after an hour of getting ready you were ready for the night.

You slowly walked down the stairs to find Jensen already standing at the bottom with JJ in his arms. He had on a white shirt and black jacket over it along with black jeans, and black dress shoes. JJ had on a burgundy dress Jensen bought her awhile back, still fitting her perfectly along with a black bow in her hair and black dress shoes.

Jensen looked at you with amazement, mouth slightly open at the sight and heart pounding harder than ever. He looked at you as if you were the first women he ever saw, as if you were a bright light that he couldn’t stop staring at.

“God I’m the luckiest guy to ever walk on this planet.”

You gave him a soft smile and kiss on the cheek, leaving some lipstick print on his cheek making you both chuckle.

“Your dress is the same color as my lipstick, how cool is that?”

She clapped along with a cheerful smile and loud squeal. Tonight was the night you and Jensen planned to tell her about you two in some way that she would kind of understand. You were nervous, but also very excited as was he.


You three finally arrived to the restaurant. Jensen opened up the car door for you, getting JJ out of her car seat after. You walked in arm in arm and got a table of two while JJ sat in the highchair.

“This place is beautiful, Jense.”

“Not as beautiful as you baby.”

He held your hand from across the table while JJ played with a spoon. You nodded your eyes over at her, wondering if it was time to tell her.

“J, can your daddy and I talk to you for a second?”

She put her spoon down and looked at you guys with a confused look.

“Do you like y/n?” she nodded of course, making you smirk and pinch at her cheeks softly.

“Daddy likes her too. Daddy loves her very, very much. You know how Uncle Jared and Aunt Genevieve love each other?” She nodded again.

“Well daddy loves y/n like that, and she loves daddy too. She’s going to be around a lot more now, is that okay JJ?”

You felt your heart stop, waiting for the answer. She looked back and forth between you too, then finally nodded happily with the biggest smile across her face.

“Alright! High five!”

They high fived, including you also. Eventually your food came and you all ate together for the first time as an actual family, leaving you and Jensen smiling nonstop.

“So, you ready to be stuck with me?” You asked, taking a bite of your food.

Jensen looked up at you with a smile, shaking his head after.

“I would rather be “stuck” with ya than not with you at all.”

“But it’s me, Jensne! I’m a dork.”

“You’re my dork, now stop talking bad about yourself. I love you!”

You all finished your food, JJ’s face was covered with ketchup by the time the night was over. On the ride home she fell asleep in the back, leaving you and Jensen to yourselves sitting and listening to classic rock together.

“Have you ever been scared of the future?” You asked, staring out the window.

“I used to be, but now I’m excited knowing we’re together. Why do ya ask?”

“I’m not sure. I’ve been thinking of how Danneel’s going to react when we tell her I stole her family, in a way. I’m scared she’s going to take you away from me Jense, I don’t want that.”

He placed his hand on your thigh and gave it a small squeeze along with a reassuring smirk.

“It’s going to be okay baby girl. If she gets pissed that’s her problem, and if she tries anything we got Gen, Jared, Misha, Vicki and more on our sides. Besides, I would NEVER leave you EVER.”

“I trust you, I’m just overthinkin’ I guess.”

“Don’t stress it baby we got this, I loovvveee you!”

“I love you too, babeareno!”

He laughed a little louder than expected, leaning his head back as he did.

“Did you seriously just call me that?!”

Before you could answer you heard a familiar song come on the radio, taking you and him to surprise.

“Wise men say…only fools rush in, but I can’t help falling in love with you.”

Jensen looked at you with the same look he gave you when this song came on that night you both shared your first kiss, pure love and nothing else. He looked at you like how he did earlier when you were coming down the stairs. You guys didn’t say anything and just took the song in in silence, letting it all sink in together, happily.


You kissed JJ on the cheek along with a quiet goodnight while she tiredly waved goodnight, having her daddy carry her up the stairs to go to sleep. You took off your dress and put on one of Jensen’s t shirts again along with no pants, curling up into bed when you heard talking coming from the baby monitor.

“Are you happy me and y/n are in love, sweetie?” You heard his voice coming from the other side, listening in.

“I am too, she loves us both very much Justice. Your mommy loves you too. We all love you. Y/N will always be here for you and daddy and she’ll make sure we’re safe and happy no matter what, okay? So will I. I love you girls very much, my girls.”

He ended the conversation by singing her Wild Mountain Thyme softly, rocking her to sleep. After he finished and she was sound asleep he came into your guys bedroom, rubbing his tired eyes and running his hair back.

“Thank you for taking us out tonight babe, you’re so good to J and I.”

He nodded tiredly, throwing off his shirt and pants then climbing into bed. He tiredly wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you in tightly moaning at the feeling of comfort while he leaned his head against the back of yours.

“Night princess, I love you.”

“I love you too, forever?”

He kissed your head and smiled against it.


tbh i was pretty iffy about re-making magnus into his own blog; if i’d have the muse for him or if people would even want to write with him???? but i’m SO GLAD i did. because i’ve only had this blog for three weeks or so && i’ve really missed writing him && being here has been amazing so far. i’m??? so??? surprised??? that there’s so many of you !! a lot have followed me over from my other blog, and new people. and i just want to express how grateful i am for all of you and i love you <3 <3 <3

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Dean Winchester Smut- Anger Management

Prompt- Anon- “Can you do a dean story where he’s pissed about something and he’s driving while you’re in the passenger seat and you two are dating but you haven’t had sex yet(about 6-8 months into the relationship) and you scotch closer to him and kiss his jaw line and whisper sweet things to calm him down and he ends up pulling over so he can kiss you, and you end up having sex in the impala? (She’s riding him) and fluff after?”

A/N- so i’ve been holding out on writing for a few days, bc not only am i busy, but ive been trying to wait until i get my phone. But I dont like doing that to you guys :( Keep requests you cuties, i gotchu <3

            This was the longest most tension-filled car ride you had ever been on. The worst part? No one was here to break the tension. Dean was pissed, but he was calm and pissed, which frightened you more. He wasn’t speeding or clenching the steering wheel, he was just being Dean. 

      “Talk to me abou-” You turned in the passenger seat to look at his profile. “No.” Dean quickly cut you off, then began to speed up just enough for it to be noticeable . “Seriously Dean?” You asked, your arms thrown up a little. “Seriously.” He replied, kissing his teeth and shifting in his seat.

     Scooting closer on the leather seat, you put your hand on the inside of his thigh, mid way up and kissed his jaw. You felt the muscle under it flex as he groaned in his throat. “I’m all yours baby…” you moaned into his ear, knowing he would go for it. You had both been dying to have sex since you got together, but never really got privacy for long enough to do so. 

        “Show me how mad you are…” you said, nipping at his ear lobe. You squeezed the inside of his thigh, kissing behind his ear. You felt Baby accelerate every few seconds when you hit his sweet spot at the corner of his jaw. Feeling Deal pull off to the side of the road, it was seconds before he grabbed the back of your thigh and swung your leg over his so you could straddle him. 

          “I want you so bad right now, baby girl..” Dean said, pulling your head back by your hair, kissing and sucking at your neck. “Take me , I’m yours.” Dean didn’t need to be told twice. Immediately, he was pulling your yoga pants down, along with your underwear. 

          Slowly, you started to grind on his hard denim covered cock, his eyes watching you contently. “Fuck.” He moaned as you pushed just slightly harder. “Dean..” you moaned, feeling his hands that were running up your sides, gripping and feeling your smooth skin. The warmth of your body against his cold hands sent electricity through you. 

        Cupping your breasts in his hands, Dean massaged them lightly, reaching behind with one hand to undo the clasp. Pulling your shirt off, you removed your bra, kissing Dean’s lips. Continuing to his jawline and neck, you felt him shift, his head between your breasts as he kissed up and down the valley. 

         Tangling his hands in your hair, Dean pulled your head back, kissing from your neck to your belly button, then back up. Licking your nipples, Dean took one in his mouth, sucking and nipping lightly, just enough to send all the pleasure to your core. 

            As he reached down to cup your core, Dean smirked at you, kissing your chest before he plunged a finger inside you. “I just want to feel all of you” Dean spoke before taking his hand out of your hair and cupping your ass.  Moaning, you let Dean pump his fingers fast inside you, his thumb rubbing rough, fast circles on your clit. “I’m gonna cum” you moaned, out of breath from pure euphoria. 

     “No you’re fucking not. Not until I’m pounding that pussy.” Dean’s eyes were full of lust as he quickly undid his belt, pulling his cock out. Twitching and leaking pre cum, you watched Dean line himself up with you as he pulled you down, forcing himself completely inside you. “Fuck you’re so tight.” Dean said, grabbing your hips and moving for you. 

       Moaning, you let Dean take his anger out on your body, his thrusts deep and full of pent up anger. “Fuck Dean, fuck me.” Pounding into you, Dean’s cock filled you to the brim, your pussy stretching to accommodate him. “Don’t stop, Dean” you moaned, gripping his shoulders. “Dean I’m gonna-” you were out of breath as Dean started to play with your clit. “Cum on my cock baby..” Dean said, playing with your clit roughly, making sure you were over the edge. 

      Clenching tightly around him, you dug your teeth into his shoulder as your high took over your whole body. Legs shaking, Dean went impossibly faster, chasing his high. When he finally came, he thrusted a few more times before he finally pulled out. 


     Laying in bed after you and Dean got home, you were in his arms, just talking about old memories. Laughing, you let the slow silence take over. You looked over at Dean who was watching you, his green eyes full of love, just simply adoring you. Pushing hair behind your ear, Dean grabbed your face, kissing you softly. “You’re all I want…” Dean said, kissing you again.

Chance//Isaac Lahey Imagine

(Gif isn’t mine so credit to owner)

Pairing: Reader/Isaac

Word Count: 1760

Warnings: cliche, fluffy Isaac!!

Plot: Y/N is a human, and begins to feel left out and useless when the pack has deal with the new supernatural problems, and keeps her out of it to ‘keep her safe’. Although Isaac is a part of the Hale pack, he notices her left out and talks to her. 

A/N: This is just a short little imagine, fluff thing I wrote bc I love Isaac with all my heart. This imagine takes place in season 2, before all the new characters and also includes the cocky new werewolf Isaac, along with the cute cuddly one we all know and love! I wrote this imagine because I miss my baby so much and all I want is for him to come back from France. Also, we all need some Isaac fluff to lighten the mood after the finale. So please enjoy, and if you like this feel free to request and check out my other imagines!



“So what movie are we gonna watch tonight?” You smile as you sit down next to Stiles in the cafeteria. After a long, boring week at school, it was finally Friday and time for your annual movie night with your best friends. Ever since middle school, almost every Friday you, Scott, and Stiles would get together at one of your houses and watch a movie together. Eventually Allison joined in, with the occasional appearance of Lydia, and now it’s kind of a tradition for all of you.

Stiles looks everywhere in the cafeteria but at you, and you sigh already having an idea of what he’s going to tell you. “Lemme guess. I’m being ditched to go deal with ‘horribly dangerous supernatural stuff?’”You say already rolling your eyes.

“What? No… I have to… help my dad at the station…” Stiles says shakily. 

“You already no you’re a terrible liar, why even try?” You say, trying to hide your smile because of your anger. 

“Eh, I don’t know it was worth a shot.” He shrugs. “Anyway, we can’t watch a movie tonight because we have to do more research on the Kanima.” Stiles sighs, knowing how upset you’re going to be. 

“Oh great! Am I actually invited to this research party or do I have to stay home to ‘keep me safe’?” You say with sarcasm.

This time Scott speaks up and says, “Y/N, you know we only want to protect you. I don’t know what I’d do with myself if you got hurt!”

“What’s the big deal if I help you guys? I’ll stay out of the way of the fights! And besides, you let Stiles go to everything!” You retort, crossing your arms in a childish way to help get your point across.

“It’s different.” Scott says quietly, trying to calm you down.

“How is it different? Because he’s a human genius and I’m just average? Well thanks Scott. Since it seems like my presence isn’t needed anymore, I’ll make myself useful elsewhere.” You snap, standing up, making sure they understand how annoyed you are. You may not be as smart as Stiles, but you didn’t think that meant you couldn’t be of use to your friends. 

“Y/N, you know that’s not what I meant! Wait!” Scott says beginning to stand up.

“No Scott its fine. I’ll leave you all to talk about your supernatural problems that you so desperately want to keep me out of. I should probably go study if I wanna be as smart as Stiles anyway.” You finish, turning around and walking out of the cafeteria. You feel like you may have been a little harsh, since they did say they were only trying to protect you. But it’s not fair! Stiles is just as human as you are, and just because he’s a genius he gets to help with everything! You’re sick of it! It’s not like you’re not aware of the supernatural world. You were the second person Scott told about his werewolf abilities. You just can’t understand why he won’t let you help. Lost in your own thoughts, as you’re walking out of the cafeteria you bump straight into someone, making them drop all of their books. 

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” You apologize, not even looking at the person before bending down to help pick up their books.

“Don’t apologize gorgeous, It’s my fault. I wasn’t watching where I was going.” You hear a voice say. You look up to be met with the most beautiful blue eyes that you’ve ever seen. Shivers soar through your body when you look at his face and realize that this is not the same boy that you’ve had a crush on. It’s a werewolf. You are kept out of a lot of things supernatural, but Scott always makes sure to tell you the people you should be cautious of. Of course your luck causes you to run into one of the most gorgeous guys in Beacon Hills High School, who just so happens to be a part of the Hale pack. You quickly stand up, handing him his books and brushing off your clothes. 

“Yeah.. um I have to go to class now… sorry again for bumping into you.” You put on your best fake smile, and turn around beginning to walk the other way. You’re about to let out a sigh of relief, before you feel an arm wrap around your shoulders, causing your heart to speed up intensely.

“You see Y/N, I’m a very observant person, and I couldn’t help but notice the way that your pack has been treating you lately.” Isaac says smugly, obviously hearing your heart beat jump at his touch.

“Scott just wants to keep me safe, from you know, people like you and the rest of your pack.” You answer gaining a little bit of confidence. It’s just Isaac. Isaac Lahey. A boy you’ve been going to school with for years! The fact that he’s a werewolf doesn’t change anything. He’s not going to hurt you! And even if he was, he wouldn’t do it in a school setting! Or would he?

“Oh you won’t need protection from us Y/N. I would never let anyone, especially my pack, hurt you. The real problem at hand is the Kanima, and all Derek and the rest of us want to do is get rid of it. Scott has no reason to be afraid of us.”

“Scott isn’t afraid of you guys or Derek.” You answer. “He just doesn’t agree with your opinions on things.”

“Do you?” He asks. “Or do you just believe in whatever Scott tells you too.” 

“I think you should remember that this is one of my best friends we’re talking about here.”

“Well I think you should remember the situation we’re in. All of us could be in serious danger, and all of the disagreeing is not helping any of us.” You look down, knowing that he’s right. When you don’t answer, he decides to continue. “Look, I’ve liked you for a while now, even before I was a werewolf. But because of how I was before, I barley had the courage to even talk to you. Well look at me now! I have the strength and confidence that I’ve always wanted! Scott may disagree with what Derek is doing, but he’s not taking into account the people on the other side of the story. My life has done nothing but improve since I was bitten. Same with Erica and Boyd. So how about you give me a chance. We don’t have to tell Scott right away if you don’t want too. We can see how things play out.” The two of you reach your next class, and you turn around to face Isaac.

“Alright, we can give this a shot. But Scott and the rest of my pack can’t know.” 

“Great! I’ll pick you up at 7!” Isaac says quickly kissing your cheek and walking away to his next class. Shocked with how forward that was, you slowly lift your hand up to your cheek, touching where he kissed it. You better not regret this.


Hearing a knock at the door, you take one last look in the mirror, grab your bag, take a deep breath, and answer the door. You’re finally going on a date with Isaac, who has been your crush for the longest time, and you know you should be excited, but you can’t help but feel a little bit worried. The door opens to Isaac, who immediately smirks when he sees you.

“Ready?” He asks. You simply nod in return, following him out to the car.

“When did you get a car?” You question, since you normally only see him on his bike.

“It’s not mine. Derek let me borrow it.”

“Derek Hale let you borrow HIS car?” You reply shocked.

“Yes, but he did threaten me to take care of it. Anyway, let’s get going shall we?” he walks up to your door opening it for you. You thank him and get into the seat.

“Where are we going anyway?” 

“It’s a surprise.” He smiles, getting into the drivers seat and starting the car.

“C’mon you can tell me.” 

“What’s the fun in that?” He laughs, making your heart skip beat at the beautiful sound. 

The two of you drive in silence for a while until Isaac stops the car outside of the woods.

“Uh, Isaac? Why are we outside of the woods?” You ask confused. Hoping that you weren’t wrong in agreeing to go out with him.

“You’ll see. Just close your eyes and take my hand.” He says taking your hand in his, him leading the way as you trail behind him. 

“Close my eyes? What if I fall? We’re in the woods!” You say cautiously as you close your eyes. 

“Don’t worry babe, I’ve got you.” He says, causing a light pink blush to appear on your cheeks. Isaac leads you for what you think is about 5 minutes, until he stops, walks behind you and grabs both of your shoulders. He leans down to your right ear and whispers, “Open your eyes.”

You open your eyes and are met with the sight of beautiful lights strung around all of the trees, and a blanket set up with a bunch of food placed on it. You’re speechless, and you’re heart feels like it’s beating out of your chest. 

“You did all of this for me?” You ask, utterly amazed by the view in front of you.

“Erica helped a little, but yeah. You deserve it Y/N. I wanted to make sure that you knew how special you truly are, since you haven’t really been feeling that way lately.”

Not knowing what to do to show Isaac your true appreciation, you turn around and pull him into a kiss. You know your heart beat must be going insane right now, but you could care less. It was a short but passionate kiss. The two of you separate, and he grabs your had into his once again, and leads you over to the blanket. You two sit down, and you cuddle into his side.

“No one’s every done anything like this for me before.” You smile.

Isaac leans down and kisses the top of your head. “You deserve this and more Y/N. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.” In that moment all of your worries about the supernatural flooded away, and you got to enjoy this unbelievable moment with the werewolf who has managed to steal your heart in a night.

so, enjoy my fun graphic xD but, as 2016 comes to an end, i want to recognize some people. on a personal level, 2016 has been a fantastic year for me. i was accepted into my education program, i started in my education program, i made friends at school, i made friends at work, i started in a new job that i actually really like. while 2016 has had many ups and downs, it’s also been a great year for me in regards to rping. i’ve just passed my 1 year and 5 months mark on this blog – the longest i’ve ever had an account for. i’ve just passed 1,750 followers – the most followers i’ve ever had before. i’ve made some really great friends, i’ve had some really great plots, and i’ve developed better as a person myself. i want to thank everyone who has been there along the way, who has helped me become the person i am today because without you guys, i wouldn’t be that person at all. so, thank you to everyone. this is in no particular order ( actually, it’s in alphabetical order but shhhhh )

❄️ @aithreachas ❄️ @alfodir ❄️ @agirlingrey ❄️ @anxmalxnstincts ❄️ @bravelink ❄️ @benjenstcrk ❄️ @braverytaught ❄️ @cerseilionesslannister ❄️ @cellobowsandarrows ❄️ @dominusmontis ❄️ @davosshorthand ❄️ @dcvoidofcolor ❄️ @eldestshebear ❄️ @fadetogrey ❄️ @feastforthecrown ❄️ @gryffindorhead ❄️ @goldenngore ❄️ @godsiwasstrong ❄️ @georgerrrmartin ❄️ @herunfailingkindness ❄️ @honorwinning ❄️ @hraustr ❄️ @hangtherules ❄️ @ismiracle ❄️ @illegitimatesnow ❄️ @inspectcrjefe ❄️ @jestersmuses ❄️ @jedichosen ❄️ @kingofashcs ❄️ @krrakenprince ❄️ @klllerwithin ❄️ @littlewinterdove ❄️ @lordofelves ❄️ @lcrdcrow ❄️ @ledivdova ❄️ @ladyoftheneck ❄️ @lovelyladylysa ❄️ @maidofwinter ❄️ @mocthergrimes ❄️ @meleabra ❄️ @mithraiic ❄️ @nuiiruk ❄️ @nxrthernblood ❄️ @notatlas ❄️ @outlawiism ❄️ @oftarth ❄️ @officerdxddy ❄️ @onceporcelain ❄️ @ofironandbeauty ❄️ @pureironking ❄️ @padshiy ❄️ @predative ❄️ @podstye ❄️ @queenlymuses ❄️ @rhaegxr ❄️ @royalsadist ❄️ @raidstombs  ❄️  @starhaze ❄️ @symboltothenation ❄️ @showmaxter ❄️ @shieldarmed ❄️ @scarredhound❄️ @snarkofstark ❄️ @strongerthanchaos ❄️ @talentforlying ❄️ @torturedmemory ❄️ @thelittleqveen ❄️ @unseenmockingjay ❄️ @unscathcd ❄️ @valorslain ❄️ @verydoctory ❄️ @warhornofgondor ❄️ @worserthoughts ❄️ @worshipsonlydeath ❄️ @xaedificare ❄️ @xstrange ❄️  @yngwolfrobb ❄️ @zokliitsos ❄️

a few shoutouts bc these people are awesome. it ended up being beneath a cut bc it got really long. apologies xD

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Hullo lovelies! :) I’m gonna make this bit here short because I don’t think I could adequately put into words how much I appreciate every single person who follows me anyway, and I feel like I keep repeating myself…but I will honestly forever be baffled by the fact that people enjoy this blog AND decide to stick around even though it’s become such a fandom mess (…maybe I should get a life? Hm.) Thank you to everyone who sends me messages, reads and replies to my posts, likes and reblogs my shit. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You’re amazing and I appreciate you all so much. Stay beautiful, sweet peas ♥

At this point I gotta give a shout-out to some super special snowflakes:

brainiacdean: Because we’re both watching waaay too many shit shows that take over our lives (srsly, what are we doing?), and there’s no one else I’d rather discuss them with on a daily basis. You have no idea how much I love talking to you and being salty with you, Lucy. You’re smart and witty and I’m so grateful that you’re my friend.

dixonscarol: Hanna. Hannahannahanna. Even if we sometimes don’t talk for weeks (lmao), I never feel like we lost our very special way of having conversations, i.e. jumping from super ridiculous topics and writing sonnets about all sorts of things and people to insanely deep conversations about life and how much people suck. You are and always will be an amazing person.

empressmcbride: Weil’s manchmal einfach nett ist, meinen Hass und meine Liebe gegenüber mancher Dinge nicht auf Englisch verfassen zu müssen :3 You were one of the first people I followed and talked to and you’ll be there till the end (…way to sound super dramatic, Eena), because you’re on of the nicest, kindest and overall loveliest people I ever had the pleasure to talk to. I still hope we can make that meeting happen one day.

leigh57: I LOVE YOU SO EFFING MUCH, SHANA…which you probably know because I keep telling you, and to be honest, I think you’re actually the person I say it to the most, lmao. Talking to you is always such a joy, no matter the topic (let’s pretend we talk about other things than Carol and MMB 90% of the time), and I love how you do you and don’t let anyone bullshit you. You’re so intelligent and passionate and the kind of funny and sarcastic that I just adore - I aspire to be more like you, and quite frankly, I’m not sure why you even bother with me. Eh. But I’m so happy that you do. I admire the heck outta you.

seyfrieds: I’m pretty sure you’re my demonic soulmate, Sylvia. There’s no pretending with you because - even though we haven’t known each other for that long - you KNOW me because you ARE like me in so many ways. I thank the lord that you’re as messed up as me and just popped into my inbox when I declared my love for some maniac on a show that everyone else dreaded, and I always enjoy talking to you about his glorious butt. Thank you for letting me be my asshole self. Love you, hoe.

theresnosafeharbor4myships: Zan :) You gave me my favourite nickname and so much more…someone to talk to back when I didn’t really feel like talking to a whole lot of people. Someone who gets me, someone who cares how I’m doing, someone who values and trusts me enough to tell me about their life and ask for my opinion. I can’t imagine going a single day without talking to you because you pretty quickly became a vital part of my life, and if something happens, you’re the person I wanna tell. I’m so very grateful that, over a year ago, you decided to publish a post that I loved so much, it made me wanna talk to you…and yes, I do believe that was fate. You’re one of the strongest people I know, please don’t ever doubt that or yourself. I love you very much.

bold = peeps whose blogs I stalk visit on a daily basis bc they’re #goals

a - d


e - k

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In case I forgot anyone who feels like they should be on here, I’m really sorry! Please feel free to shoot me a message and ask me what the heck’s wrong with me. (Spoiler warning: the answer is ‘a lot’)

BAD TEMPER IImasterlist + [part one found here]

A/N: Since you all sent such lovely feedback on the first part, I thought it would be nice to make a prt two (also bc i really wanted to) so I hope you enjoy this one as well!

Word Count: 4.1K+ 

Warning: Profanity

There was nothing like the sweet feeling of returning home–or that burning sensation that still lingered on your cheek from Kylo’s kiss–it almost was as if the man had lips of fire that burned with passion and desire…which only made you the slightest of flustered and irritated. Flying the TIE fighter wasn’t as bad as you expected, although it was tricky, you remembered a few tips Poe had told you about piloting which were (surprisingly) useful.

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I had to remake this bc none of the links worked but

Holy shitballs I reached 5K! Thank you guys so much for following, liking, and reblogging my posts, it really means a lot to me! I never thought I would get this many followers but here I am now, wow. I would make this note longer but I’m deadass tired right now. Just know that I love you and the boys a lot and I appreciate every single one of you! Much love xx

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A/N: I’ve decided to stop putting the summary bc I’m pretty sure at the point the idea is already been planted in your brains lol, anyways, it’s cb friday and here’s more cb for your pervy ben solo loving hearts! Enjoy!

Warning: Bother reader and Ben are kind of pervs at the beginning but not intentionally…

Word Count: 4K+

Sitting with his back pressed up against the couch as his attention was set on the TV screen, Ben had his arm spread out on the top of the couch as you had sat next to him, legs crossed along with your arms as you watched the movie playing. Slightly turning your head to look at Ben, you smirked as you realized how enthralled he had been in the film, only to trail your eyes down his chest, then to his hips where the waist band of his sweats wrapped around. Taking in a deep breath as you bit your bottom lip, your hand lied up on his knee as Ben’s hearted skipped a beat, looking over, seeing your head facing ahead.

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So, we’re finally getting rid of 2016, altough it has been a shitty year overall, it will always be the year where I met many wonderful people who mean a lot to me. I made this blog almost 6 months ago and i’ve met so many amazing people since then and i’ll always be grateful for that. This is a shout out to those special people and my lovely mutuals who i always love to see on my dash! Prepare yourselves for some sappy shit… Hope 2017 will treat us better. I love you all <3 

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                       520+ FOLLOWERS. THANK YOU!!!

So.. I basically reached the 500 followers mark, and I’m??? I don’t even understand why y’all are even following me?? Like, I’m barely here because I’m a busy as fuck mun?? Ahhh T_T I wish I could roleplay with all of you.. Like any other person, I have my mood swings and just sometimes don’t want to come online to roleplay. It’s just a hobby, right? I feel like Caleb’s developing more and more thanks to all of you! I feel really comfortable roleplaying him, even though there are times in which I could just slap the fuck outta this boy- but don’t we all wanna do it sometimes? I’m sure as hell I ain’t the only one feeling this urge. I wanna thank you guys for giving me an amazing roleplay experience. I hope my writing doesn’t confuse you, though- I’m an ESL mun, obviously still learning English, and I wish to improve my writing skills! I hope you guys help me with my wish~ ANYWAYS, below are people that have made my stay amazing and/or are close to Caleb!

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