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Hey guys! I just wanted to put a disclaimer out here on this story, it is very angsty and deals with mature subject matter, it could possibly be a trigger warning. Thankyou so much!

It all started simple enough, it wasn’t supposed to end up like this. Hanging out with the gang, that was it. But then there was Betty Cooper

Kind, selfless, beautiful Betty Cooper who would rather die than see any living thing being tormented in any way. He should’ve noticed it, seen it in her eyes, the way her shoulders drew up and her breathing quickened. She was ready for a fight. And a fight she was going to get.

They had been eating, that’s all, just minding their own business, going over school work and laughing with their friends when all of a sudden the crash of a plate hitting the ground echoed through the barely full diner. Everyone’s eyes were drawn to Dilton Doiley now sitting on the ground covered in his own food, bleeding from his arm. He wasn’t alone. Surrounding him were the biggest high schoolers Jughead had ever seen, tattooed and muscled their faces so mean and rough, it was scary to even look. And then they kicked the poor boy laying on the ground.

They kicked Dilton so hard, he coughed himself into throwing up. Betty was up in a second flat, he never even had the chance to touch her, grab her arm. Keep her stuck in that seat. He would’ve done anything to keep her there.

“Stop! What’s wrong with you?! What are you doing?!” She shouted hysterically, moving to help Dilton but was quickly stopped by one of the bunch.

“Back off bitch, this isn’t your fight.” It was a group of six all equally staring Betty down with such venom Jughead thought me might throw up alongside Dilton. He saw her hands go up to her ponytail, tightening it.

Oh shit.

“It’s my fight now, this is my town, my diner, my friends.” She stood tall , not a shake to her body. Suddenly without any warning she was slapped across the face, completely knocking her to the ground. “I said mind your own business bitch.” The tallest one spoke spitting on the ground near Betty’s face.

He had hopped over the booth in a second flat, Archie and Kevin following close behind

As soon as he reached for the monster who had slapped Betty he was being pulled down by another two of the gang. Pinning him to the ground and using the heel of his boot, the one to his left kicked him hard in the cheek, splitting his lip. He vaguely heard the screams of Veronica and Cheryl and saw Archie and Kevin being held back.

“This your girlfriend?” The tallest one said shoving Betty’s face into the ground by jugheads head keeping his foot on her head, he couldn’t help but think that this asshole was getting dirt in her hair. He tried to catch her eyes, tried to tell her it was gonna be okay, he was here, they were gonna get out of this but he couldn’t find her eyes, he could only make out the light pink cardigan, they weren’t letting him move, suddenly he heard her yelp and the sound of skin hitting skin caused him to push up in the force holding him back. He caught a glimpse of the scene.

The man had Betty’s shirt almost all the way over her head and had punched her directly in her side. “You’ve gotta learn” he was saying, “you can come with us, pretty young thing like you, we’ve got space in our trailer, we could make good use of you.” The rest of the group laughed and jughead growled

“Oh your boyfriend looks jealous, why don’t we let him see a little more, hell who knows it might be the last time he gets to see this tight little body.” The man was trying to unbutton her jeans but she was wiggling too much. He gripped her face so tight, Jughead was sure he was gonna leave bruises “stop fucking around”

She looked the man dead in the eye and spit right in his face “fuck you.” He couldn’t help the swell of pride in his chest, she wasn’t going down without a fight. The mans face contorted into something Jughead had never seen before, he was so angry he was physically red

“You dumb..” his hands were around her neck squeezing and jughead thrashed, pushing against the men holding, “Betty! Get the hell off of her!” He was crying now he could see her choking.

It was all over before it began, the sound of police cars blared through the windows and he was released, watching Betty slip to the ground he breathed a sigh of relief, the gang tried to run but as soon as they made it to the door, pops was there, rifle in his hands and cellphone held up. The cops rammed through the door taking down each and everyone of the monsters. He looked up to see a flash of black and red fly past him.

“Betty! Somebody help! Please” Veronica was crying, thick streaks of black mascara running down her face and Cheryl was on her cellphone with who he presumed was a lawyer based on her declaration of “you’ll be representing Betty Cooper and I want you hereNOW!”

He looked up and saw Archie, holding his arm and helping a shaking Kevin up.

Suddenly snapping out of his daze he got up running to where Betty was laying. Shoving both Cheryl and Veronica out of the way he dropped to his knees. Betty’s eyes were open, tears streaming out, her eye completely swollen and the harsh red fingerprints sticking out on her smooth skin, she had her fingers on her throat,

“I can’t Breathe” she choked out her voice raspy and weak.

Jughead was crying now, she should never look this, ever. but here she was , broken and hurt. And he couldn’t stop it, he didn’t do anything to help her, he couldn’t.

She was reaching for him

“My side juggie, its…I can’t..” his hands instantly went to the lift her t shirt, her ribs were bruised beyond belief and that brought on a fresh round of tears. Suddenly she was being ushered away by a group of emts a man gently lifting her onto a stretcher. Veronica looked at Jughead, “I’m gonna go to the hospital with her okay, you stay here and answer the questions they have, but if I don’t see you by Betty’s side in an hour, I’ll lose it.”

Archie gripped his shoulder
“This was not your fault man, they were going to kill Dilton, Betty did what she does best, help people. you couldn’t have stopped it. You know that”

Shaking his head he went over to the officer to describe the attack, apparently these men have been on a rampage, they had put six students in critical care, ones still fighting for his life. They were going away for a long time.

And Betty did that.

She stuck up to those monsters and she got them put away. But how could he face her? He looked her in the eyes as they beat her. He couldn’t do anything, just watch. The voice of Kevin Keller broke him out of his thoughts.

“She needs you, I know you’re blaming yourself but Betty would kill you if she knew you were doing that, you jumped in, you put yourself at risk for her, she knows that, she’s probably feeling just as guilty as you are, so go to her. Now. before she overthinks herself into a coma.” Sheriff Keller came and quickly took his son away. He was a good dad.

Shit, Betty’s parents were away on a week long cruise for a journalism retreat. Betty literally was on her own.

Hopping into Archie’s car, he smiled weakly at his best friend, he was waiting for him, he knew he would come to his senses, turning the key Archie turned to Jughead , a huge smile on his face
“Alright jug, lets go get you your girl.”

He rolled his eyes. Alright then, let’s go get the girl.


Pulling into the hospital parking lot, Jughead ran out of the car, sliding into the waiting room, “Betty Cooper” he yelled to the general public
“I need to see Betty cooper.” Suddenly a nurse in light blue scrubs approached him “Betty Cooper is in recovery, from her chart I can see she’s fine , no internal bleeding. Just some fractured ribs and a whole lot of bruising. Unfortunately only family can see her right now, ms.lodge is the exception.”

Jughead shook his head
“No. no I have to see her, her family is all away, I’m what she has right now. I’m … I’m her boyfriend.”

The nurse looked at the panicked boy and felt herself smile, he clearly cared about the beautiful blonde. She could bend the rules just once.
“First door on your right.”

He started to run before turning back quickly “Thankyou, Thankyou so much”

Standing outside the door, he took a deep breathe, okay he was ready. Slamming open the door he felt like all the wind had been knocked out of him.
She looked so small in the huge white hospital bed, tubes sticking out of her arms, the purple Bruises marring her perfect face. He wanted to cry, but he wouldn’t she needed him to be strong.

“Well I’m going to get pudding, vanilla or chocolate b?” Veronica said gathering her wallet.

Betty’s eyes never left jugheads “chocolate” she smiled, she knew that was his favorite.

Eyeing Jughead with cautious eyes, Veronica walked out the door. As soon as the handles clicked shut he was by her side

“I’m sorry” they both said at the same time.

It was almost comical how similar their faces were in that moment.

“For what” they both said again almost synchronized.

Jughead finally took her hand cautious of the tubes “I let them do this to you, I couldn’t get away I tried so hard, I watched everything they did, everything they tried to do. I couldn’t even protect you.” She shook her head quickly,

“This is my fault I should have left it alone, I saw how they were acting, but.. they were gonna kill him. He’s so small, he couldn’t take much more” she choked out through watery eyes “and then you jumped in and they hit you. That’s my fault” her fingers went to touch his bloody lip. But he grabbed her hand pressing it into his chest, right over his heart.
“I would go through this a hundred times over to spare even one of those bruises on your face.”

She sniffled, smiling at him

“Were quite the pair aren’t we?”

He laughed softly, rubbing the soft skin of her cheek, careful of any bruises.

“I’m not letting you out of my sight now, I hope you know that.” Betty nodded
“I don’t wanna be anywhere but with you.” She whispered
“Good, because I’m not going anywhere.” He dropped his forehead to hers and closed his eyes.

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Nitya here! I’ve had this blog for 900 years and some of you guys have seen me through one direction, years of regret superwholock, marvel and dc, the 100, sense8, star trek, star wars, and my final form: kpop. the best part of this has been seeing all my old favs also turn into kpop trash blogs  how we’ve stayed together for so long through all this.  anyway here’s me being gross and loving my mutuals (long post ahead)

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Too late for that -Tom Holland

A/N: I don’t know why I keep ripping my own heart out. The second part is even worse. Enjoy!

Life is really not that entertaining when you are in bed half of the time and the other half you’re wandering through the hospital. Either to talk to doctors or to get yourself ran through tests and medication. It was one of those days where you didn’t have much energy because of the chemo and just lied in bed looking out the window. The tube in your nose tickled every few seconds when it sprayed fresh oxygen into your nose. You looked over to the door when it opened and your mom came in.
“Hey sweetie!” she said and was literally glowing with excitement.

“Uh..hi?” you said and were confused on why she was so emotional.
“What’s up?”

“Nothing. Just brought you some clothes and thought we should get you a little prepped up. I read that caring about yourself should help you get better. You’re always wearing that hospital thing. I brought you some nice jeans and a blouse. We can do your hair, maybe?” she offered and took the clothes out of the bag and laid them across the bed.
“Yeah…I guess.” you said and shrugged your shoulders In the last few months where your condition got worse you didn’t have the heart to say no to things which seemed to make your mom a little happier. To have cancer sucked, but to have a kid that suffered from cancer sucked even more. That’s the reason why you tried to keep her happy even though getting out of these comfy clothes was the last thing you wanted to do.

“Alright. Let’s get you out of bed.”

After you changed into the clothes your mom brought which you could have found cute if your bones weren’t poking out of your skin, showing how much weight you had lost. You were breathing heavily after you changed and had to sit down to calm your breathing.
“I’ll just put my hair in a ponytail.” you said out of breath and gave her a small smile before closing your eyes and concentrating on your breathing. After your lungs seemed to calm down a little you reached up to put your hair into a ponytail.

“How do I look?” you asked and smiled up to your mom who was obviously hiding her tears.
“Mom…” you sighed but she wiped them away immediatly and put a big smile on.
“You look stunning.” she said and made you chuckle. You leaned back against the head of the bed and pulled the blanket over your legs because your body didn’t really know how to heat up or how to cool down properly.

“I-…uh”, you started and closed your eyes again trying to not concentrate on the pain in your chest,“I should get some rest now. We’ll go out for a walk later, if you want?”
“Of course honey.” she approved and brushed her hand over your hair while leaning in to give you a kiss on your forhead, “Get some rest.”


You probably slept for half an hour even though you’d tell your mom you slept for two or three so she wouldn’t worry. The pain wasn’t always unbarable but it was always lingering in your chest which didn’t let you rest. You were looking out the window again, feeling a little drousy but not able to sleep. The wind outside was relentless, constantly dragging the trees and flowers in every direction. They were at the winds mercy, bound to be destroyed or survive without having a say in it. Helpless. Your gaze trailed back inside to your own body. Your hands were in your lap, your legs were outstreched - still in those light blue jeans.

Suddenly someone knocked on the door and the head of your mom peaked through the gap.
“Can I come in?” she asked and you nodded and waved her in. She was grinning again but this time she was holding her phone up as if she was filming you.
“What’s that?” you asked sceptically and raised an eyebrow.
“Nothing.” she answered and at the same time the door opened wide and someone in a red suit flipped into the room, landing perfectly right beside your bed.
“Oh, shit!” you cursed while laughing and pressed your hand against your chest because it startled you a little.
“Language!” your mom scolded you halfheartedly and you rolled your eyes.

“Hey! I’m Spiderman!” the person in the suit said, the mask muffling his voice and reached his hand out for you to shake it.
“I can see that. I’m Y/N.” you chuckled and shook his hand and pulled your hand back again.
“Nice to meet you.” he said and walked over to the side of the bed and reached out for his mask. As soon as he pulled it over his head your eyes widened and you felt your cheeks blush.
“Oh you’re really cute.” you blurted out and looked away while you heared him laugh at your comment. Now you understood why your mom insisted on changing your clothes. You would have been angry with her if she had let him see you in those hospital robes.


Tom, as you later found out, was a great actor. You hadn’t seen Civil War and Spiderman: Homecoming wasn’t released yet so you weren’t aware of the fact that they had cast a new Spider-Man. But he was great, he talked to you for a bit, made you laugh and for a little moment you felt admired. Because he had this look on his face as if he did not see you in this hospital bed. He talked to you as if you were two young adults at a party getting to know each other, but then he had to go on to the other people and surprise them. His manager actually came in to tell him that it was time to keep going. You did not expect to see him ever again. He was an actor after all, famous all around the world.

But he was going to prove you wrong. Almost a week later there was a knock on your door. It couldn’t be your mom because she was at work. It couldn’t be the doctors because they came in literally five minutes ago. You furrowed your brows trying to figure out who it could be but it was pointless.
“Come in!” you called and the door opened slowly. Someone in a black hoodie slipped through the gap and closed the door behind him. As soon as he turned around your mouth fell open.

“Hey.” he greeted you and took his hoodie off and shook his head to fix his curly hair.
“Wait a se-…Tom?” you said trying to figure out what was happening.
“Ah, okay. Alright where are the cameras? Mom! You can come out now!” you called with a smile on your face and looked around to see them coming out. But there was no one.
“Actually..” he said and stepped closer and pulled out sunflowers from behind his back, “it’s just me this time.” he added and handed you the flowers and sat down next to your bed on a chair.

You looked down to the flowers and up to Tom again, blinking, showing your confusion.
“Are you…okay?” he chuckled and waved infront of your face and made you look into his eyes.
“How did you expect me to react? Freaking Tom Holland just snuck into my hospital room.” you said and threw your hands into the air.
“Not my smoothest move. I admit.” he chuckled and scratched the back of his head.
“You don’t say.” you teased him while asking yourself where you got the boost of confidence in the back of your head.
“If you had given me a heads up, I would’ve changed into something…less hospital-y.” you joked while pointing st the robe and made him chuckle.
“Why? I see a perfectly fine, beautiful girl.” A smirk appeared on his face and you had to press your lips together not to grinn like an idiot.
“Not very smooth either.”

“Shit.” he chuckled and brushed his hand through his hair. His gaze traveled from your nightstand up to the bag of red-brown-ish liquid that was attached to a tube which lead to your arm. His eyes widened a little while stared at it and an awkward silence developed.
“It’s not as bad as it looks.” you said finally and his gaze jumped to you while his cheeks flushed.
“I-..I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to-…stare.” he said while shaking his head and you shrugged your shoulders. “It’s fine. I stare at it sometimes. You try to understand things that keep you alive.” you tried to joke but it was a way too touchy topic.

“Anyways!” you added before another awkward silence could start, “why are you here?”
“I remebered having a good conversation with a gorgeous woman, so I had to come back to check on her.”

“Still. Not very smooth.”

“But effective.”


Surprisingly you had a very good time with the man you just had met. And after that he kept coming in as much as his schedule allowed him to. To a point where you became really good friends and maybe a little more which concerned you very much. It scared you, having feelings for somebody, knowing your state. Almost four months in, where your condition got worse every day, you were having some really dark thoughts. Did you deserve to be loved? Was it fair to somebody else to begin a relationship when you knew you’d leave soon? Were you even allowed to love anyone? To let someone love you?
“Hey starnger.”
Tom walked in with his hands full of bags and a flower between his teeth.
“Wha-…” even though you were not feeling well at all he still managed to make you laugh.
“Take it.” he mumbled and leaned down for you to take the flower and you did.
“A guy gotta eat.” he said and winked before sitting down and unpacked the food.
“I can’t eat any of those.” you said with a raised brow and he nodded.
“I know. That’s why I got you…this!” he said and pulled out a whole head of lettuce and held it right under your nose.
“Ha ha. Very funny, Holland.” you said pushing his hand away and rolled your eyes while trying to hide your smile.
“I know baby. I am the funniest.” he said in a cocky voice and you hit his shoulder playfully.
“Shut up.”

It was almost midnight when a nurse came in for the fifth time and told him to get lost this time. I asked her for five minutes and she was kind enough to leave us alone.
“Alright. I better get going. You need to rest.” he said and leaned down to give you a kiss on your forhead.
“Tom.” you blurted out when he had already turned his back on you.

“I need you to keep in mind that my condition isn’t getting better.” you said and he raised his brows.


“So…don’t.” you tried to give him a hint but he acted dumb.


“You know what I mean Tom. I’m dying!” you blurted out finally and crossed your arms infront of your chest.

“No I don’t and no you’re not.” he said while shaking his head and shrugging his shoulders like a child who didn’t want to come inside, even if it got dark outside.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” he added and blew you a kiss which made you sigh.

“Tom.” you stopped him again and took a deep breath, “Don’t fall in love with me.”

“A little too late for that.” he said and you saw him grinn before he left your room to avoid the angry nurse.

Celestial Friend Part 1

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Title: Celestial Friend Part 1

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader (there are also some ass hole kids)

Word Count: 1,797

Warnings: high school (most of us have been there- or are there lol), fluffish

A/N: The new series is here! This first part is quite long, but I’m confident you guys will LOVE it! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I’m not sure how long this series will be. I’ll see where it takes me. You’re also welcome to suggest where you’d like to see this story go!

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Another town, another high school.  You couldn’t remember how many schools you had gone through already this year.  Two, maybe three?  It was hard to keep track when you never had the chance to fully unpack any of the boxes in your room.  Your mother was a real estate agent.  She went where the biggest opportunities were, and those opportunities presented themselves fairly often.  She was good at what she did and the company that she worked for knew she didn’t mind traveling.

You were now attending a new high school in Lebanon, Kansas.  You moved so many times last year that you had to be held back.  You were going to be the oldest person in your senior class.  Most people assumed that you weren’t intelligent enough to graduate, but that was the exact opposite.  You educated yourself most of the time, reading as many books as you could.  Your favorite kind of books were about space and history.

You opened a book as you grabbed the paper bag that carried your lunch.  You were currently reading a book on psychology.  You took a bite out of your sandwich as you read about the frontal lobe and how it controls impulse control, judgements, language, memory, motor function, problem solving, sexual behavior, socialization, and spontaneity.  It was an interesting read.  The psychology of the brain was fascinating to you.

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Imagine Chris being worried about you.

A/N: Part 2, yay! Not much to say here, just building things up for y'all. 😏 You can read the previous parts here - (Mini Series - Masterlist; Mini Series Spin-off - ‘Unexpected Reader - Masterlist’; ‘Chapter 2 - Little Ways Away: Part 1’) Enjoy. X

“Bet you thought I was going to answer the phone. Well, I’m not because I’m busy so-”

Chris hung up before your voicemail could finish talking, sighing because it was the seventh time he’d gotten your voicemail in three days. He was starting to get worried because he hadn’t spoken with you since Sunday, which was when he’d questioned if you were really okay and you’d lied to his face. The two of you agreed to have a proper conversation after that one, but it was yet to happen. Every time he called, you’d watch it ring and let it go to voicemail then text him back with an excuse as to why you couldn’t answer: “I’m in class.”, “I’m on my way to work.”, “I’m in the library.”, “Dodger and I are going for a walk.”, “Ava and I are on our way to a movie.”, “I have to call my mom.”, “I’m going grocery shopping.” Out of the seven times, you’d only told the truth twice about why you had to miss his call.

Now Chris didn’t know if he was really that unlucky and you were really that busy, or if you were avoiding him so you wouldn’t have to deal. You knew him, as well as he knew you, so you got what he meant when he said “I’ll call you tomorrow and have an actual conversation, okay?” The last thing you needed was a worried boyfriend- something Chris would’ve become if he’d confronted you and you’d broke down crying- so you decided it was better if you avoided him for a while. In your mind, it was a good idea because yes, he’d be worried, but he’d be less worried than if he knew the truth about your struggles. You knew he had enough on his plate with a project as big as Infinity War and that he didn’t need you to be on it too.

In your mind, you were being a thoughtful girlfriend; in Chris’, however, you weren’t. And though Ava knew how things would end if you didn’t reconsider your bad idea, she said nothing because since she spilled the beans to Chris- you’d politely asked her to stay out of your relationship. She agreed, of course, because as your best friend she’d always respect your decision- even if it was “a fucking stupid one.” That comment was unsaid because she knew you didn’t need a fight with her when a fight with Chris was obviously on its way. All of this, everything that was happening right now was the calm before the storm. Eventually Chris would get ahold of you and everything you thought you could avoid would come crashing down onto you.

“Bet you thought I was going to-”

“God dammit, Y/N,” Chris cussed as he slammed his phone onto the table; Sebastian looked up with a raised brow. “Sorry,” Chris muttered, rubbing his forehead. “I just-” he huffed, “I’m trying to get ahold of Y/N and she won’t pick up and I’m kind of freaking out. She’s clearly going through something, but she won’t talk to me about it. And I don’t- What the fuck is going through her mind?” Sebastian pursed his lips at Chris’ obvious frustration. “Does she think this is a good idea- to just avoid my calls like my worries are just going to disappear?”

“I think it’s a good idea to breathe, maybe?” Sebastian suggested and Chris took a slow, deep breath. “Okay, now that you have some oxygen in your lungs,” Sebastian teased then chuckled when Chris shot him a weary look. “Just relax, man. I’m sure everything’s fine and you’re just overreacting.”

“I am not overreacting, she-”

“That sounds like something someone who’s overreacting would say,” Sebastian cut him off with pursed lips and Chris rolled his eyes. “Oh come on, Chris,” Sebastian chuckled. “She’s a university student, what do you expect? Do you remember your university experience? 'Cause I do. Things get busy and chaotic and overwhelming, but it’s nothing that we couldn’t handle. So stop worrying so much, Y/N is a capable girl. If she’s not telling you things, maybe it’s because she can handle it.” Chris huffed and Sebastian sighed, “I know you feel like you have to protect her 'cause she’s younger than you, but maybe you’re being a little overbearing?”

Chris had nothing to say because Sebastian made some pretty solid points. Like you, he had a best friend to knock some sense into him, buff tense situations, and talk him out of some dumb decisions. Perhaps Sebastian was right, perhaps he was being a little overbearing. But he couldn’t help it, you were important to him and he knew you weren’t the kind of person who talked about things unless he pressed. That was one of the differences he’d found between you and your second person protagonist, you were more concern with how he saw you which meant you’d lie to him if you had to. He realized that the two of you really needed to discuss that before it became a bigger problem than it already was, and he knew it would because honesty and communication were two of the most important factors in a successful relationship. Clearly those were the areas the two of you lacked in considering everything that’d happened between the two of you.

“I’m sure she’ll talk to you when she’s ready,” Sebastian consoled. “Until then- I don’t think you should push her. I don’t know her as well as you, but I feel like she’s one of those girls who- y'know, the-more-you-push-the-further-she’ll-run? She seems like the type, and it’s not a bad type- it’s just tricky.” Chris sighed and nodded in agreement. “But she obviously cares about you, so don’t give up on her. After all, you don’t know what her reasons are. Maybe she doesn’t want you to worry and that’s why she’s not telling you anything.”

“I’m not going to give up on her.” Chris wasn’t sure about a lot, but he was sure about that. “She’s a puzzle, that one, but she’s one of those puzzles that when you figure it out and finish it-” he smiled when he thought about you, “it’s going to be beautiful and incredibly satisfying.” Sebastian found himself smiling at Chris’ smile; he was very happy for him friend, that was for sure. “And I know for a fact that she’s not telling me anything because she doesn’t want me to worry, that’s exactly the kind of person she is. But,” he sighed with a small smile, “that’s one of the many reason I love her. What?” Chris chuckled when he heard Sebastian chuckle.

“Nothing,” Sebastian shook his head. “I’m just- Y/N is the first girlfriend you’ve spoken so openly about.” Chris narrowed his eyes, but his smile remained on his lips because his friend was right. “You’ve never talked about any of your other girlfriends before- well, not when the relationship was still so new. But with Y/N? I mean- you keep photos of her in your trailer, you introduce us over FaceTime, you talk about her all the time and it is- This is a new side to you that we all love,” Sebastian admitted and Chris’ smile widened.

“Yeah, well-” Chris’ smile reached his eyes when he thought about the future he was planning to have with you. “She’s different.” Sebastian nodded, because obviously you were. “I know I can spend the rest of my life with her, and I want to. I really, really want to,” he admitted with a soft chuckle and Sebastian smiled. “I um- I just want her to live her life first, before she settles down with me. I don’t want her to miss out on anything, y'know?”

“That’s sweet,” Sebastian nodded. “I like her with you, I think we all do. She’s…” He trailed off, trying to find the right word then settled on what Chris used earlier, “different. But it’s the kind of different you want to welcome into your life.” Chris nodded in agreement. “I don’t know, I think you knocked it out of the park with Y/N. I haven’t met her in real life, but- I’m fairly confident about what I just said.”

“Me too,” Chris nodded with a smile.

“So try and remember what I said earlier, so you don’t do anything dumb to lose her,” Sebastian reminded him and they both chuckled. “'Cause man, Chris, you’d be a world class idiot to lose a girl as amazing as Y/N, who’s obviously perfect for you.”

“Believe me, I know,” Chris chuckled as his mind flitted back to the conversations he’d had with Ava, your mom and dad, your older brother, his mom, Scott, Carly, Shanna- literally his whole family, Kevin, Scarlett, Robert, both Chrises- basically everyone and anyone he’d spoken to about you. He didn’t need more people to tell him what he already knew; you were special and he wasn’t going to let you go. “You’re not the first person to tell me that.”

“Yet I’m sure I won’t be the last.”

“Yeah, me too,” Chris chuckled.

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Part 3



Request: hii! idk if you take requests for stiles, but could you do one where the reader has liked Issac a while but he doesn’t feel the same, so stiles goes to comfort her and ends up accidentally gushing his feelings for her. thank you! <3 

warnings: just fluff, more fluff, kisses, and fluff.

gif cred @lovemusiclifexx


They had been sitting in the clustered little cafe around half an hour, but she still hadn’t brought a finger to her mug of cocoa. She sat with her legs folded to her chest, black jeans skinny and tattered, a comfy over sized white sweater drooping around her front. Her hair fell in tangled waves around her face, and her bright eyes bore intently into the marshmallows floating atop the surface of her drink.

“Hey, earth to (Y/N),” Stiles snapped after the fourth time of trying to get her attention.

“Wha-sorry,” she shook her head, blinking away her stars and raising her eyes to Stiles’ bright coppery brown ones.

He leaned forward a little in his big green sofa chair, his blue flannel hung loosely around his shoulders. He took a deep breath, his lips parting as he blinked, “you’re thinking about him, aren’t you?”

“Am not,” she fired back defensively, her cheeks flaring up.

“Oh come on sweet cheeks, you haven’t touched your cocoa in thirty minutes, and that stuff is usually a cure to anything for you,” he chuckled.

“How do you know that?” she stammered, arms folding.

“Because I know you,” he smiled. His little dimples arose on his cute cheeks, his bright eyes crinkling as he watched her response intently.

She sat quiet for a minute, toying with a string on her sweater, “am I good enough?” she asked at last.

Stiles gaped, taken a back, “obviously, what, why?!”

“Well because apparently he doesn’t think so,” she pouted, lower lip jutting out.

“Ugh, Isaac? That guy? Really?” Stiles rolled his eyes.

“Hey, don’t say it like that,” she huffed.

“Well I’m sure you have better taste than in sunshine haired werewolf boys with commitment issues,” Stiles leaned back in his chair, tapping his foot against the polished wooden floorboards.

“Stiles,” she warned.

“Right, sorry, sorry!” he raised his hands in defeat, tilting his chin to the ceiling, where golden lights came trickling down from strings.

“You say it like you know better,” she teased, “do you?”

His eyes flickered back to hers, “maybe.”

Her hands wrapped around her big red mug as she took a sip of her not so hot drink, the chocolate making her feel bubbly and good just like Stiles knew it would. 

“Enlighten me,” she smiled.

“Oookay,” Stiles ran his slender fingers absentmindedly through his messy brown hair. “I think there’s someone out there who really cares for you, like a lot, like you’re their whole world,” his voice lowered seriously. “I think he loves how your laugh sounds, and he just wants to hear it all the time, to know you’re happy and that he can give you everything you deserve.”

He finished quietly, his eyes burning holes into the oak table and basically looking anywhere except at hers. He breathed in the scent of freshly brewed coffee and warm pastries, his heart doing flips. The cafe was practically empty by this point, and they were the last two to be sat in the cozy back room.

“Mm,” she contemplated, setting down her mug when he finished. “Now where do you think my mystery man is, Mr. Stilinski?” she beamed.

“Probably closer than you think,” he tried weakly.

She stared at him for a good few seconds, eyes flickering up and down her friend with interest, and then she burst out in a fit of giggles.

“What?” stiles chuckled, throat rumbling from the sight of her sinking into her laughter with little wheezes for air.

“Phew, you got me for a second there,” she snorted. “Oh god,” she covered her face like she always did when she ugly laughed, but Stiles just grinned. He loved her ugly laugh.

“What?” he said again.

“Oh nothing,” she bent forward in her chair and placed her palm to Stiles’ knee, “it was a good act though.”

“Act?” Stiles pondered, buzzing with electricity from where she touched him.

“Well you know, Stiles the nerdy goofball, lecturing me on love? Yeah right,” she winked.

“Heyy,” Stiles said with mock hurt, the butterflies in his stomach dying down, “you’d be surprised how knowledgeable I am in that area.”

“Oh please, the farthest you’ve managed is a high school crush, and lord knows she’s not going anywhere near that area,” the girl snickered.

Stiles let out a giggle, resting his palm atop the girls hand. She didn’t flinch away, but she tensed, just a little.

“Okay, so I’m a little lacking in the relationship field. But you had a crush on a dumb jock of a werewolf with raging hormones,” he fired back playfully.

“Ouch,” she said.

“Too soon?” Stiles asked, wondering if he’d hurt her feelings.

“Nah,” she smiled, “I don’t need that loser,” she decided.

“There you go!” Stiles beamed, “you finally came around.”

“I guess I just needed the right person to show me how,” she squeezed his hand lightly.

“Here,” Stiles said, moving his hand and raising a thumb to her face. She dipped back a little, but he shushed her protests and wiped the excess whipped cream from around her mouth anyways.

“Oof, thanks,” she said. “Wha-EW!” she giggled when Stiles licked the cream off his fingers with a smirk.

“What?” he snickered, “can’t waste. That would just be selfish.”

“Well, you’re right there. You’re not selfish, Stiles Stilinski.”

“Aren’t I?” he lifted a brow, frown settling in on his full lips.

“No,” she insisted. “You care too much about the people you love to hurt them,” she said, “one of the many wonderful things about you. Coupled with the fact that you buy me hot chocolate all the time,” she smiled.

“Well, I know how to treat a lady,” he said, giving her a nudge.

“Oh yeah?” she challenged.

“Hey hey hey, don’t judge. I bet I’m way better at this stuff than you’d give me credit for,” his warm brown eyes crinkled happily.


“Like I give great cuddles.”

“From practicing with your pillow?”

“Okay well I’m a good kisser, I bet.”

“From practicing on your hand?”

“Fine but I can fend off anyone who gets in our way.”

“From practicing with that flimsy thing you call a bat?”

Stiles stopped, eyes narrowing as he suppressed a smile, “you can make fun of me, but don’t you dare make fun of my bat.”

They burst out laughing in sync, wiping the tears from their eyes as they bent over themselves with giggles. When they finally calmed down enough to take a breather, the girl had propped herself on her elbows, leaning in towards him, and he mimicked her gesture.

His eyes flickered over his, and his voice came a whisper, “you’re really cute when you laugh, you know that?”

“Wow, guess you can add being a gentleman to that list of yours,” she blushed.

He sighed, his face saddening, eyes drawing away.

“What’s up?” she asked, tilting his chin up with her fingertips.

“You know what else I’m good at?” he said with a sense of defeat.

“What?” she said, so close to him now that she could breathe in his cologne and warm aroma.

“Falling for beautiful girls who can’t even see the power they have over me.”

For a second, she laughed. It was instinct. He was joking, right? That’s what Stiles was best at, jokes. But then her eyes came to him, and she noticed his hesitant gaze, tilted lips, and trembling fingers, and suddenly it wasn’t so funny. Stiles, the adorable and dorky Stiles, suddenly seemed far more intimidating in front of her.

She bent back, her heart faltering, “oh.”

The cafe seemed to spin around her. The floorboards were gone, the coffee’s scent was making her dizzy,  the lights were blurring.

“Yeah,” Stiles said softly. Then, when he saw her spaced out expression, “you okay?”

“Y-yeah,” she shook her head, taking in a long breath and focusing herself once more, “fine.”

“I’m sorry,” he said at once. “I shouldn’t have said anything, I-I m-mean that was dumb, obviously. I guess I was wrapped up in the moment and you’re whole fall for Isaac just got me all over the place,” he stammered, placing his head in his hands.

“Hey, no, Stiles, look at me,” she soothed, pulling his hands gently away from his face, “I’m glad you told me.”

“Really?” he rasped, fingers trembling against hers.

“Yeah, I was just so oblivious that it never even occurred to me you could feel like that, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t say that,” he said quietly.

“No, but I have to. You’re my best friend Stiles, you’ve always been there for me. So there for me that I never even thought twice of what we meant to each other besides that. You bringing it up just woke me up, shone a light for me, reminded me that…” she trailed off.

“That what?’ he murmured, golden flecked eyes darting over her face.

“Maybe you’re right. Maybe he is closer than I know,” she said. “I mean, who’s there when I can’t stand being alone or afraid? You. Who makes me laugh more than anyone else could? You. Who puts me first, the person who I know I would fight for the same way they would fight for me-” she babbled, fireworks erupting in her belly, suddenly wanting to melt under Stiles’ gaze.

“Loving you just comes so easy that I’ve been taking it for granted,” she finished.

It was weird for her, to stare at her best friend and suddenly see him clearly. His adorable freckles, the distinct blink of his eyes when he laughed, how much more vivid his eyes looked up close, the way he would twitch his nose or touch his face when he was nervous. It was like seeing him for the first time.

“What are you saying?” Stiles breathed.

“I don’t know what I’m saying,” she admitted, her heart doing bounds.

Stiles bent forward, so close their noses almost brushed each other.

“Okay. What are you feeling?” he tried.

“I’m feeling,” she whispered, heart going into overdrive, unable to think clearly from being so close to him.

“Yeah?” he breathed.

“I’m feeling…” she blinked down at his lips, and he tilted his head like he was daring her to try something.

“I’m feeling kind of like I want to kiss you,” she said, her last words coming muffled as she spoke them into the breath where her lips met Stiles’. They were soft and warm, intoxicating, even, and god did Stiles know how to use them. He brought a hand to her cheek, fingers sliding across her flesh and into her hair as he bent more deeply into her mouth, sending electricity through her veins. She detached herself for a breath, but he was back at once, and there was a sudden urge for dominance as the two molded their lips together with more pressure, dipping back and forth as one leaned in harder than the other. Her hands went to his hair, brushing through his soft locks and tugging softly at them, the smell of the cafe being drowned out by his gentle aroma, and the brief taste of him being enough to have her hooked, to know she was going to have it bad.

Stiles pulled away with a long breath, his big eyes blinking open to hers, their foreheads touching.

“Wow,” stiles said breathlessly.

“Wow,” she repeated, instantly hating the way her mouth felt without his lips pressed to hers. “I guess that practice on your hand really did pay off,” she giggled.

“You just couldn’t help yourself, could you?” Stiles’ eyes crinkled, his lips twitching.

“I really tried,” she laughed.

He brushed his nose lightly to hers with a big smile that filled her whole being with joy.

“You really make me crazy, Stiles Stilinski,” she said in awe of him.

“Do you think,” he started nervously, “I can continue to make you crazy? I can be, you know, the only guy making you crazy, maybe?” 

“Maybe?” she repeated.

“Yeah,” his cheeks warmed.

“More than maybe,” she decided.

Title: NA Attendee Part 3

Character: Charlie Peters

TV: Shameless

Warnings: Smut n’ fluff!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

Their clothes laid scattered all around the floor; their plates, on the kitchen table with their meal forgotten.

Y/N had one hand in her hair, the other holding onto Charlie’s shoulder, moaning as she rode him.

They were at it again, unable to keep their hands off of one another.

“Come on, baby,” Charlie grunted, holding her hips as he helped her move up and down his length.

He could see that she was close to the edge again, her inner muscles twitching around him.

She gasped, rolling her lips, making them shiny, “Charlie,” she moaned, “fuck me,”

He didn’t have to be told twice. Lifting her hips, he had her get off of his lap.

She knew what he wanted. He watched as she got on her knees, her ass high in the air. Mounting her from behind, Charlie held his shaft, letting it slide easily into her.

She sighed, letting her body relax. Using slow thrusts, Charlie got Y/N worked up again.

Her torso was practically flat on the mattress, his hands being the only thing that had her nestled against his pelvis.

“Charlie!” her gasp was sharp and he could feel her inner muscles quiver.

Speeding his thrusts up, he gave her everything he had with each stroke.

“That’s it, Y/N… come on, baby,” he coaxed her, panting.

Her moans started to get louder and louder until she came hard around him.

He held her to him, buried deep in her wetness.

Her orgasm was so strong, that she held her breath, reaching out blindly to try to grab handfuls of bedding. Even her thighs were shaking in his hands, her leg muscles tight.

He wasn’t going to let a damn good orgasm like that go to waste. He was right at the edge.

Her passage was already tight, but it felt tighter when she came, so he pinned her down to the mattress and thrusted a few more times, shouting out her name as he came inside her.

She was gasping for air, rolling her hips with small rolls as they both came down.

Finally Charlie collapsed on top of her, trying to keep most of his weight off of her.

“No more… no more,” she gasped, her eyes closed tightly.

Charlie chuckled, pulling out and rolling over.

Y/N blinked her eyes, looking at Charlie with bleary eyes.

“I’m not gonna be walking straight for a while,” she giggled.

Laying on his side, Charlie rested a hand on her backside, laughing as he kissed her shoulder, “I’d apologize, but that would be a lie,”

Slowly, Y/N pulled herself closer to him, “We need to soak in the tub,”

Charlie hummed kissing her, “Wait here,”

She snorted, “Like I could run even if I wanted to!”

Leaning over as he stood, he bit her cheek, making her yelp and laugh, “Leave my ass alone!”

His bobbed his eyebrows, then made his way to the bathroom.

The tub was garden sized, able to perfectly hold both of them. Starting the water, he made sure that it was hot, but not too much so.

Once he used the bathroom, he went back to the bedroom to get Y/N. She was sitting up at the edge of the bed, her hair all wild from the sex and her neck and breasts littered with hickies and beard burns.

Having mercy on her, he held out his hands to help her up. She swayed, nearly falling back down to the bed.

“You weren’t kidding,” he laughed.

Once they were in the tub, Charlie pulled her flush against him, wrapping his arms around her.

He kissed the side of her head, running the soft pecks down her cheek, neck and to her shoulder.

She hummed, her body relaxed.

Charlie bent his legs, the knees poking out from the water. He sighed into her damp skin as she ran her hands up and down his thighs.

Tilting her head back and to the side, Y/N puckered her lips slightly for a kiss.

Charlie’s hand came out from the water, holding her chin as he slowly kissed her.

Her lips were plump and would definitely need some lip balm once they got out of the tub, but they were soft all the same.

They sighed into the kiss, then smiled softly as it ended.

“This is nice, thank you,” Y/N whispered.

Charlie swallowed the lump in his throat. He laid a series of pecks to her lips before answering her, “Thank you,”

He could see the question in her eyes.

“For what?” she asked.

“Giving me a chance.”

“Charlie,” she said, softly, “We’ve been through this. There’s no need to thank me, okay?”

He squinted his eyes playfully, “I’m a stubborn man,”

She shook her head, grinning, “Ain’t that the truth,”

When the quiet settled in again, he pushed her torso forward, taking a washcloth and started to wash her back.

Y/N pulled her knees up, resting her head on it as he soaped her up.

Once she was all slippery, he used that as an advantage. Taking his fingers, he began to rub the muscles in her back, making her moan.

“Holy…” was all she got out, “You should have gone to massage therapy school,”

“I did. Had my degree and everything… that’s how it all started,”

Charlie rinsed her back, making sure that all the suds were gone. He pulled her against his chest, kissing her just below her ear.

“I was at a client’s home, some rich woman. I was young and dumb, she was young, dumb and beautiful. She gave me my first line and then another,”

Y/N sank her hands into the water, rubbing his thighs as he spoke.

“It became a regular thing and it was great from what I remember… or what I thought was great. Then one day, a few months later, I woke up after a night filled with drugs and sex to find her dead… she had overdosed.”

“I’m sorry,” Y/N whispered.

Charlie nodded, holding her tightly to him.

“It’s in the past though… I want to keep it there. Besides,” he said, using his index finger to tip her face up to his, “I have a mighty damn fine future ahead of me,”

“Is that so?”

He barely nodded, looking down at her plush mouth, “Yep,”

Y/N smiled, meeting his lips. The kiss was slow, promising of what was to come for the couple.


Here’s me throwing a little appreciation to everyone who makes my time on this website for dumdums worthwhile! I wanted to do something a little different instead of just listing all my favs, so i’ve written just a little blurb to thank you for making me so happy <3 I hope you all manage to find your tag lol this got a bit long (might have to do a cheeky command+f heh) compliments / blurbs under the cut!!

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Imagine Chris realizing he’s in-love with you.

A/N: This is Part 4A. (Unexpected Reader - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B) A huge shoutout to Ava, my best friend, who is beyond amazing. Thank you for letting me write you, I am truly honored you trusted me to. @chrisevans-imagines I’ve got nothing but love for you, girly ❤️ I had a lot of free time on my hand today sitting in a dentistry.

Chris stood outside your apartment door with his letter for you and a bouquet of your favorite flowers- red roses- in his hand. His clammy fist hovered over the door, unable to knock as he was too nervous. May was coming; he was about to leave to film Infinity War and he was going to be gone for nine months. Nine months. That was a long time for him to not see you, considering how you’d spent time together every day of the last sixty-five days. For two people who claimed they weren’t dating, the two of you did a lot of things couples did. You’d meet for meals and have movie nights, and if it was held at your apartment- your best friend and roommate, Ava, would spend the whole night teasing the both of you. He’d keep you company while you worked at your university’s library, and you’d keep him company while he worked out at his gym. He’d hang out in the restaurant you were working at when you had to do late night shifts or close, so you wouldn’t be alone and he could drive you home. Some days, you’d just call to meet for coffee or ice-cream so you could simply ask the other about their day.

Other than not having the romantic benefits of an actual couple, the two of you were a couple. Those around you didn’t understand why the two of you wouldn’t just have the talk and become an actual couple; Ava, especially. The conversation you had with her last week was still seared in your mind, she’d made some pretty solid points that you consistently tried and failed to argue with.

“As adorable as the both of you are, you are insufferable.” She’d said to you and you’d sighed because you knew she was right. “Honestly, Y/N. He likes you and you like him, so why are you making it more complicated than it has to be? Just grab the man and kiss him already.”

“It’s not that simple, Ava.”

“How is it not that simple?” She pressed with a frown. “Do you not see the way he looks at you? He likes you and he wants to be with you. Trust me and go pursue that relationship, you’re going to be dating Chris Evans! That’s like a dream come true for us fan girls, for you.”

“Exactly,” you argued and she frowned, confused by your comment. “I’m just a fan,” you elaborated before she could ask you to. “What if I’m not with him for the right reasons? What if I’m not good enough for him? I’m just a fan, Ava,” you repeated. “I’m nobody compared to him.”

“Lovely,” she chuckled as she took your hands in hers. “I’ve known you for a while now, and we’ve always said that we know each other better than anyone else knows us so- you need to hear me when I say this.” You sighed because you knew what she was going to say. “You are not just a fan, you are an amazing human being that Chris would be lucky to date. He’s just a guy, okay? And if you’re just a fan of his, then what is he to you? He’s a fan of your work too, but that’s not making him feel less about himself. You are in-love with him, and if you think you’re only in-love with him because he’s Chris Evans- you’re not as smart as I thought.” You sighed again and you heard her sigh too, “he’s still here, isn’t he? He wouldn’t be if he didn’t care for you.”

“Yeah, or maybe he’s here because of my stories.” You countered. “Maybe he’s here to see if I’m like the girl in the story he loves so much.” Her face prompted a point from your irrational thoughts. “So what if I’m not the girl he thought me to be? I can’t lose him, Ava. I’d rather have him in my life as a friend than not have him in my life at all.”

“You’re right,” she nodded and released your hands. “You’re nothing like the girl in the story.” You felt your eyes narrow at that, but you said nothing. “You’re a thousand times better.” She said and you smiled. “But- if you don’t want to take that risk and be with him then- don’t. It’s your choice and you know I’ll always respect your choices.” You smiled and gave her elbow a grateful squeeze. “Even if it’s dumb,” you heard her murmur under the breath as she disappeared into the kitchen.

“Yeah, I heard that!” You called, biting back your smile.

“Yeah, I meant for you to,” she called back.

A week later, after Ava had a similar but slightly more subtle conversation with Chris while you were in the shower, here he was at your door. Because Ava was right, as always; the two of you liked each other and it was for all the right reasons. It was completely understandable that what brought you together birthed some doubts and insecurities, but surely all of the time you’d spent together had cleared your minds of it.

Chris liked you- loved you even, and he was done being just friends. You were an amazing girl and if he left for nine months without telling you he loved you, and you got swept off your feet by another man- he would be devastated. Just like you were after reading the latest tabloids about him and Scarlett Johansson being a thing. Which was why-

“Chris,” you gasped when you opened the door. He took a step back, as stunned as you; he hadn’t expect you to open the door, nor did you expect him to be standing outside. “What are you doing here?” You asked, slinging the strap of your little purse over your shoulder as you glanced at your phone which had just buzzed in your hand.

“Oh um- I just…” He trailed off, swallowing, unable to say what he wanted to. He was nervous, and he was distracted because you were dressed up like you were going on a date. And you were- with Sam, a boy in your class- but you didn’t mention anything to Chris, which was why he was confused. “Where are you going?”

You didn’t want to tell him you were going on a date because a small part of you still held onto the hope that you had a chance with him. You were afraid- terrified even, that if you told him about Sam, that door would close forever. You thought about lying, until you remembered you read that he was allegedly dating his oldest friend and brilliantly talented co-star, Scarlett Johansson- a woman you could never, ever surpass. So why couldn’t you tell him? After all, what was the harm in telling him, your friend?

“I’m going on a date.” The words felt so heavy coming out of your mouth; the excitement you had when you agreed to coffee with Sam faded the second you saw Chris. “His name is Sam, he’s in my class.” The more you explained, the more Chris’ heart ached. He subtly slipped the letter into his back pocket and lowered the bouquet to his side; he was too late. “Are those…for me?” You quizzed with a raised brow.

“Uh- no,” he shook his head with a forced smile; he had to pretend he was okay because he didn’t want to ruin your date. “These are for Ava, she um- she mentioned the other day that her mom wasn’t doing too well, I think um- I don’t know, so…” He trailed off in a weary tone; he couldn’t even find it in himself to lie properly.

“What?” Your eyes narrowed with deep concern as you mentally questioned why your best friend didn’t mention anything to you. “That’s crazy. She didn’t-” Ava had heard the commotion and walked out from her room; she poked her head over your shoulder and you turned to her, frowning. “Your mom’s sick?” You asked. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because she’s not,” she answered, frowning.

“Didn’t you say she was um- she hurt her back or something?” Chris quickly spoke up; his eyes begged her to go along with his lie when you looked away from him. “I remember you feeling really down, which is why I brought you these.” He held out the bouquet and Ava took it, even though she knew the flowers were for you. “Anyway, I should go. Um-” he scratched the back of his neck, “I’ve got errands to run.”

“Stay, please,” Ava stopped Chris before he could run away. “I’d like to talk to you about something before you run off. Surely your errands can wait,” she said with a look in her eyes that only she and Chris understood.

Your phone buzzed in your hand again and you knew Sam had arrived and was waiting for you in his car downstairs. “You kids have fun, I gotta go. We’ll call your mom later and send my regards,” you suggested and Ava nodded. “Are you sure about this outfit?” You asked her, one final time before you left.

“Yes,” she smiled at you then looked over your shoulder at Chris, trying not to sigh at his heavy expression. She knew exactly how he felt, she’d had her fair share of seeing someone she loved with someone else. Oddly, she didn’t feel bad about seeing her best friend with her celebrity crush; that was just the kind of selfless person she was and you loved her for it. “You look beautiful.”

“Thanks, love.” You smiled then patted Chris’ arm as you brushed past him. He opened his mouth to stop you, but stopped himself before he could. He was too late, you looked happy and he couldn’t ruin that for you. “I’ll see the two of you later!”

The second you faded from view, Ava beckoned Chris inside; he walked in with slumped shoulders and heavy steps. She held the bouquet for him to take back then closed the door behind him. He stood in your living room, shuffling his feet as he tried not to kick himself at his bad timing.

“She’s only going on a date because she thinks you’re dating Scarlett Johansson,” Ava told him and his head shot up, a deep frown on his face. “Did you not see the tabloids? It’s everywhere, she was pretty bummed.”

“Why would I date Scarlett?” He frowned. “She’s one of my oldest friends, she’s like a sister to me. We don’t have that kind of a relationship.” Ava nodded in agreement because she’d told you the same thing. “I mean- we tried, but we realized we didn’t feel that way about each other. Wait- so she’s going on a date to spite me?”

“What? No! What is wrong with you?” Ava scolded then chuckled softly at his sheepish look. “She’s going on a date to distract herself from you. She likes you, Chris. If you can’t tell from the way she writes about you, then boy are you dumb. She’s just worried she’s not good enough for you, which is absolutely-”

“Ridiculous,” he finished for her. “Not good enough for me? What the fuck does that even mean? She’s amazing.” A smile formed on his lips as he began talking about you. “She’s so kind and sweet and beautiful and strong and funny and talented and-” he cut himself off, sighing. “And I’m in-love with her.”

“Yes you are,” Ava nodded. “And she’s in-love with you too.” She chuckled when she heard him sigh again, “relax. It’s not too late, she’s not even that interested in Sam. She’s just going because she’s too nice to tell him, ‘sorry, but I’m in-love with someone else.’ Just leave that letter you have in your pocket here and I’ll pass it on to her.”

Chris felt his eyes narrow as he reached into his back pocket, “how do you know that this is for her?” He asked as he pulled out the letter he’d spent days writing and refining; he didn’t know how you got stories out without hours. “Here,” he passed it to Ava, who took it with a light laugh.

“Because I’m a writer, and so far- this entire thing has been like a very adorable and very complicated little mini series.” She commented and he managed a smile. “But luckily for you, Chris, we’re over the hump. Things should be smooth sailing from here on out, as long as the two of you talk. God, if the two of you had just talked like I’d advised- this could’ve all been avoided. That poor boy, Sam wouldn’t lose the most wonderful girl to the perfect guy without explanation.”

“Thanks, Ava,” Chris smiled. “I can see why Y/N loves you so much, you are a good friend to her.”

“I’m her best friend,” Ava corrected with great emphasis and Chris nodded in acknowledgment with pursed lips; the tone Ava used said one thing and one thing only, “don’t fuck with my best friend or I’ll kill you”. Then she repeated it in words so Chris got the point, “which means I will kill you if you hurt her in any way, do you understand?”

“Believe me,” he assured her, “I’d kill me too if I hurt her.”

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Part 4B



Request: Could you do a oneshot with Kai taking care of his stressed out gf in college? Thank you! ❤

gif cred @ximaginingkaiparkerx


You lay on your back, staring up at the ceiling where you’d stuck a bunch of tacky old glow in the dark stars. They sparkled an ugly green color, but it was the closest thing you’d get to the real ones back in mystic falls. You were still in your clothes from the day, some blue jeans and a knit sweater, and your hair was a tousled mess. Multiple notebooks and textbooks lay scattered around your body, and you groaned and rubbed at your eyes before promptly sitting up with an exaggerated sigh. It was one in the morning, and exam week, which meant little to no sleep for you, and late nights sipping on old cups of coffee. You grabbed at your mug and took a swig of the cold drink, letting out a sigh of agitation and throwing a highlighter across the room with a short scream of frustration, but before it could hit the wall, a hand snapped from around the wall and plucked it from the air.

“Kai?!” you breathed in surprise, “is it really you, or am I so tired I’m seeing things?”

“It’s me,” he chuckled, wooshing over to your side in a second and causing you to drop your mug in surprise.

“I’m delirious, don’t scare me like that!” you laughed. Then you relaxed with a little smile, “you’re really here.”

“I really am.”

Kai bent down beside your bed, his bright blue eyes narrowing as he scanned you over. His eyes flickered across your paled skin, dark circles, and chapped lips, and your makeup less and exhausted self had never felt more self conscious.

As if reading your mind, he stated, “you look-”

“I know,” you grumbled, “atrocious.”

“Actually I was gonna say beautiful,” his lips twitched.

It was dumb how something so simple could make your heart do flips in your chest.

“I don’t know, it just makes you look a little…” he paused, searching for the right word, “rougher.” Then he gave you his cute little wink, “it’s hot.”

“Kai!” you squealed shoving him playfully, to which he smiled wide and climbed up onto your bed.

He wore a dark black coat and tattered grey jeans, his dark boots dangling off the bed. He smelled faintly of the forest from back home, and a little like rain, too.

“Come here,” he scooped you up into his arms, wrapping you into one of his bear hugs. You burrowed into his front and nuzzled your face into the crook of his neck, breathing in his aroma, your body instantly relaxing under his touch.

“So, tell me what’s been keeping you up, sweetheart?”

“Says the one who hardly sleeps,” you scoffed into him.

“Well why would I when I could be keeping you up all night and until morning, princess?” he smirked, his eyes flashing.

“Kai,” you blushed furiously and tried to claw your way out of his arms, but he just held you tighter and chuckled, his chest rumbling beneath you.

“Kidding,” he laughed. “Well, unless-”

“I’m a bit busy,” you cut him off with a chuckle, shifting your body so you could blink up at his big blue eyes.

He hummed and trailed his fingertips gently through your hair, “why’s that?”

“My finals are this week, so all I’ve done is study, and I’m beyond stressed, you grumbled, lip jutting out.

“Aw, I’m sure you’ll do amazing,” he cooed gently.

“Easier said than done,” you sighed.

“Come on,” he tilted his head like a puppy, “I know you. You always overthink, and you always over stress everything.”

“That is so not true,” you said unconvincingly.

“Mhm, sure,” he smiled, dimples alighting his cheeks. “And I also know that you always try your best, so you will succeed. And hey, if you don’t, you’ll know you did what you could, and that I’m proud of you either way, okay?”

You sighed, brushing your nose against his jaw with a sigh, “okay.”

“So, maybe you should get some sleep for once, you need it,” he reassured, scooping you up and gently rubbing his fingers rhythmically into your shoulders.

“Mmm, but that feels good,” you rolled your head to Kai’s shoulders as he massaged you.

“Okay, fine,” he said, “but first tell me about those horrific things on the ceiling.”

“The stars?” you laughed.

“Sure,” he said, digging his knuckles into your spine as you spoke. It hurt, but in a good way.

“I put them up there after I moved into the dorm. I don’t know, I guess it’s just a reminder of how bright the stars would shine back home, how we’d lie under them and tell stories,” you sighed.

“Yeah,” he responded, moving his hands to your lower back, “I miss that.”

“Me too.”

You turned, Kai releasing him as you pushed him gently back onto the bed, so you both lay looking at the faded ceiling.

“What’s this?” he laughed.

“We’re stargazing, just like the old days.”

“Oh,” he beamed, “of course!”

“Look,” you said, pointing at one of the half broken and uglier of the stars, “that one looks like you!”

“Oh shut it,” he snorted, nudging your side.

You laughed and rolled to your side, and Kai was already there, doing the same. His eyes shone through the dark, brown hair slightly ruffled, and that smile he wore melted your heart.

“You remember what else we used to do under the stars?” he whispered.

“Nah,” you obviously lied, “I might need a reminder.“

Kai’s full lips twitched as his hand cupped your face, body rolling into yours like a puzzle piece as his mouth found your own. You curled your knees into him, Kai’s arm scooping you into his front and closing the gap between your bodies as you kissed each other, foreheads touching, noses squishing against each other as you lost yourself in his taste. And so you lay, tangled together on the old mattress, in the tiny dorm room, beneath the crappy stars, and it felt enough like home.

Kai sighed and pulled away from you, “shall I let you sleep then?”

“Wait,” you tugged his collar before he could move, “stay? Just a little while?”

“Okay,” he smiled as you turned around, your back to his front as his arms went slinking around you and you cuddled into each other. “Just a little while.”

And so you pictured the mattress beneath you being fresh green grass, the ceiling a canvas of diamonds, and the fan a cool night’s breeze, and you drifted away just like that.

.  .  .

When you woke up, he was gone, and not a trace of him was left, almost as if he’d never been there in the first place. You yawned and rubbed at your eyes, heart sinking because you already missed him. Your alarm blared beside you, and you knew it was time. But as you threw on a jacket and sneakers, hands scooping up your textbooks, your eyes fell on something. A cup of coffee sat beside your bed, and it was still steaming hot, and a part of you wondered if Kai had enchanted it to stay hot for you. He’d scribbled a note on the cup in his messy handwriting.

“Go get em.’ I love you. Also I figured you could use some hot coffee for once.”

You chuckled, heart lifting as you put the cup to your lips and took a slow sip, it tasted really good. As the warm liquid hit your throat, your eyes caught another message written on the other side of the cup. You took a swig as you read the message;

“Also, you’ll need the pick me up and lots of sleep, cause’ I promise you, you won’t be sleeping much when you get home.”

He’d scribbled a winky text face and a bracket heart by his words, and you almost spat your coffee everywhere in surprise.

“Love you too, Kai,” you laughed into the empty room.

Request Scenario: You are feeling insecure and Mark tells you there’s no reason to. 

Genre: FLUFFF 

Word Count: 1379 

A/N: squealing squealing squealing.


It was a road you’ve been down more times that you can remember. It was a place where you swore to yourself you will never go back again, but words are easier said than done because here you were again, staring at yourself in the mirror. It wasn’t even judging yourself anymore, it was like greeting an old friend, ahh hello, you are still here I see. No matter how fucking hard you tried, each flaw was still there, etched into you, bone deep. Never leaving, always reminding just how imperfect you were. Looking blankly down at your now damp tshirt from the tears that have been continuously falling from your eyes, you unconsciously reached over for a tissue and carefully dabbed away the salty pain away. 

Numbly walking out of the bathroom, you saw your ever-growing-in-fame boyfriend, Mark in TV. Reaching over to give him a call before the feeling of inadequacy came flooding right back as quick as it had sparked in the first place. You watched him as he danced on stage, biting those lips that still made your heart race after all these years, his body moving along with the beat of the music, pieces of his hair stuck onto his forehead as he glistened sweat. You could almost laugh about how ridiculously good he looked, how is he real, it’s like he is a freaking god. 

In spite, you chucked the flimsy wadded-up tissue at the screen. “You good-looking asshole, why did you even take a second look at me! WHY COULDN’T YOU JUST HAVE LEFT ME BE. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE ME FEEL SO SHITTY ALL THE TIME.” You broke down, you were so emotionally drained that the remaining pain just came vomiting out as you whispered, “Why can’t I be good enough for you…” Knees buckling as you collapsed onto the ground. You were so defeated, Mark wanted to punch himself for leaving you to drown in all that internal agony. You had accidentally hit the call button before your emotional breakdown causing your cries to ring throughout the suv containing the members of GOT7. Everybody knew you as their little sister and wanted so hard to run back to you and surround you with as much love as possible, it ripped each of them apart hearing your cries, but they also knew it was Mark’s job that cannot be replaced. He wouldn’t allow it. 

“Hey Mark, don’t grip your phone so hard, you are going to break—” Jackson tried to calm his hyung down, seeing how angry he was at himself. 

“Do not tell me what to do. Damn it, can’t we drive faster?!” Mark shouted, slamming his fist against the foggy window, dispersing the mist clinging onto the window. 

The moment the car was even remotely close to the distant to your home, Mark slammed open the door and sprinted into your house, ramming into the corridor walls as he entered. You bolted straight up from the ground, frantically rubbing away the tears stains from your cheeks, not wanting Mark to see you in this state. 

“Mark! Baby! You were great on stage! As per usual!” You tried you hardest to be perky and excited, like you usually were, but the hiccups between each words left you exposed and vulnerable. 

“Y/N. Come with me.” Mark eyes were glassy and tears were threatening to fall.  

“What? What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” You did not know what he knew, concerned that your baby was injured. But he gently wrapped his arms around your body before carrying you towards the bedroom. 

“Put me down! Mark! I’m heavy, oh my gosh, please put me down.” You declarations immediately faded away as you saw a single tear glide down his flawless face. 

“Mark?” You whispered, wondering if he had somehow heard your little commotion. There was no way though… 

Placing you gently onto the bed, Mark sat next to you and stared at you. Knowing that thinking about how beautiful you were, even with reddened eyelids and pink-tinted nose, was useless, Mark took a deep breath and spoke. 

“You remember the first time I met you?” You nodded rigidly in response, mind drifting to the unforgettable cold winter day. “We were at the pet store, I was getting food for Coco and there you were stealing my new puppy right from under my arms when she ran towards you." 

All your sad thoughts were suddenly washed away when you remembered seeing the attractive boy and the adorable white fluffball in his arms. You were shamelessly gawking over how gorgeous he was before the puppy in his arms jumped off and ran over to you–making you drop off everything in your arms because you wanted to catch her. 

"The first time I saw your face, you had the most beautiful and brightest smile on your face. Your eyes were literally shining as you played with Coco, my heart wanted to jump out of my entire body because I have never seen such a beautiful girl in my life- and I never will. And oh your laugh, do you know how much I love your laugh?” Mark tilted your chin up because the entire time you were drilling holes into the mattress, trying to absorb the words Mark was saying. You gulped, not familiar with such strong emotions. 

“I’ve done the most dumb things just to hear your laugh. Things I will never do for anybody else, things I will probably never admit doing if you ever tell people, but I do it because I love you so much.” Unbeknownst to you, although Mark seemed so collected, he was internally bursting at the seams. He wanted blurt out everything he loved about you, even if it didn’t make sense. He didn’t know if what he was saying was making a difference in how you felt, but he wanted to do whatever was possible to make you understand how treasured you are by him. 

“Mark…” You managed to get out, you could feel everything all at once, bubbling over within you. 

“I’m not done Y/N.” He held his hand up, pretending to be offended, causing you to release a light giggle. Oh this boy… 

“You are one of the sweetest person I’ve ever met in my entire life, although you can be sassy at times, which is the best. I love how much you care about me and the rest of the GOT7, hell, sometimes you give me perspective from the fans so I understand why they do certain things.” Tears were smoothly rolling down your cheeks, while the pad of his thumbs caught each one. Wiping them away tenderly. 

“And your body is perfection, it was handmade from God himself. Every curve of your body, I love so much, it’s amazing to hold you. So soft and there will never be a day where I will find a flaw in your body. You are also so so sexy much when you are moaning my name.” This made you flush red, eyes widening and staring at Mark in disbelief. Yet, he still continued on, gently rubbing lazy circles on your thigh. 

“Life being an idol can be so difficult and so pressuring and I pity the rest of the guys because at least I get to come home to you. I get to call you after a long day, see your face, and hear your voice. Do you understand how important you are for me to live?” Mark’s face was now wet with tears too as you two began to laugh at each other. 

“Oh we are a mess.” You hiccuped, messily wiping away his tears with your hands. “Mark, I love you so much. What have I done to ever deserve you.” You wrapped your arms around his neck, wanting to hold him forever. 

“I could ask you the same thing, beautiful.” Mark mumbled against the base of your neck, sending shivers down your spine. “Don’t let anybody tell you anything different because you are just right.” He added the cheesiness wink and finger-guns at the end. 

“Did you just…” You mouth gapped open before crashing into the bed backwards laughing, having to clutch your stomach because of the pain caused by the constant movement of your body. 

“See, this is my amazing girl.” Mark chuckled, looking at your lovingly as you continued to laugh. 


Oh gosh, blushing from my own writing… Hope you all like it and know that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. BECAUSE ANYBODY WHO SAYS OTHERWISE DOESN’T MATTER AT ALL. xx 

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Imagine your wedding with Chris.

A/N: Here we go, here’s the finale. :D Thank you so much for showing all your love and support for this mini-series, I’ll be sure to inform you if I decide to write more for it. You can read the previous parts here: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4. This will be all added to my Masterlist but I’ll also be making one solely for this mini-series. I’m done yapping, enjoy. X

It was fifteen minutes till the wedding. Your wedding. You were in your beautiful wedding dress, a custom-made one by the designer you loved; Ellie Saab. You looked absolutely stunning, thanks to your talented prep team. You looked perfect and you were marrying the man of your dreams, so why could you still feel yourself on the verge of having a panic attack?

You forced yourself to breathe in and out as slowly as you could manage so you didn’t start to hyperventilate. It didn’t work, so you started to pace in your wedding dress; it wasn’t the best idea. Your best friend was too busy packing your honeymoon luggage, and your mother was too preoccupied with your flower girls- your niece and Chris’- to notice how badly you were trying not to freak out. You shook your head and mumbled to yourself, “I need some air.”

You were about to walk out the back door of your room and into the garden when you heard your brother’s voice enter. You turned to him and swallowed, shaking your head when he asked “you ready, kid?” His eyes narrowed in concern, like your mom’s and Luca’s; you had both their attention now.

“I um-” You shook your head again. “I’m not- I’m- um- I’m having a bit of a panic attack,” you let out a breathless chuckle that held limited humor. “I need some air, I need some air. Luca, get me some air,” you demanded as your hand wrapped around your amethyst clover necklace; you needed all the luck you could get.

“Hey hey.” Luca rushed to your side and put an arm around you. With the other, she grabbed your wrists; it was her ‘keep-Y/N-on-her-feet’ position. “You are fine, Y/N. It’s just nerves, you need to breathe. In and out, babe. In and out,” she instructed in a soothing tone.

“Outside,” you told her. “Take me outside.”

“Okay,” she obliged and steered you towards the patio exit, “let’s go.”

• • • • • • • •

The two of you stood in the garden, the fresh air and the chirping birds did well to calm you. You fiddled with your necklace then your engagement ring, smiling to yourself in reminiscent of how Chris proposed. You were sure about marrying him, you’d been sure about him long before marriage was even an idea. You knew your nerves had nothing to do with him, it was- well, you wished you knew.

“What’s wrong, babe?” Luca asked you; you tore your gaze from your beautiful ring and turned to her. “You and I both know this isn’t about Chris, so what’s the problem?” She asked, titling her head in concern and confusion.

“I don’t know,” you shook your head. “I mean- I guess…At every wedding, there’s a chance of something bad happening. I don’t want anything bad to happen at ours,” you told her. “I just- what if I trip walking down the aisle or the food isn’t good or the band is horrendous and no one dances?” You rambled your irrational fears. “What if the paparazzi and reporters crash the party and ruins the day that- I’ve been trying for the last nine months to perfect? This is our wedding day, Luca. We only get one and it needs to be perfect,” you asserted.

“Y/N,” Luca chuckled softly; like Chris, she was used to your chronic overthinking and perfectionist ways. “You are about to marry the love of your life. Even if everything at your wedding goes wrong, you’re still going to leave it as Mrs. Y/N Evans. That is what’s important here, Chris- he is what’s important here. He loves you and he could not care less what happens as long as you say ‘I do’ at the alter. You could trip walking down the aisle and he will gladly pick you up and dust you off and marry you anyway because he loves you.”

“I know,” you managed a smile as your eyes welled with tears. “I’m just- I’m a bit of a perfectionist.”

“Tell me about it.” You heard Chris’ voice and flinched. You turned around and felt your lips part in awe at how handsome he looked in his black, custom-made suit from Versace. He watched you with a similar look, silently thanking the universe for you. “You look beautiful,” he breathed with a sickly sweet smile.

You looked down at yourself and smiled, then gasped when you realized your groom was seeing you before the wedding in your wedding dress and that was bad luck. “Oh my God, Chris. What are you doing?” You demanded and he chuckled softly. “You’re not meant to see me before the wedding, it’s bad luck.”

“I couldn’t resist.” He smiled at you then nodded at Luca who had decided to give the two of you some privacy by heading back inside. “Plus- Your mom told me that you were freaking out and I had to make sure you weren’t going to run out on me.”

You chuckled softly, fiddling with your engagement ring. “You are not the reason I’m freaking out.” You assured him with a smile. “In fact- you are the only thing I am sure about at this wedding. I don’t even know if French vanilla was the right choice for the cake anymore.”

“Oh, come on. French vanilla is the best choice for a wedding cake, we both tasted it and we both loved it.” He chuckled and walked across the garden to take your hands. “I think the dress you’re in can be another, you look like a Disney Princess.”

“You know it’s bad luck to see your bride before the wedding, right?”

“Meh,” he shrugged nonchalantly. “That’s such a dumb superstition, like seeing how beautiful you look before everyone else will ruin what we have. Nothing,” he said, brushing your hair out of your face. “Nothing will ever ruin what we have, Y/N.”

“I’m actually really glad to see you.” You admitted, chuckling nervously and wrapping your arms around his neck. He smiled and slipped his hands around your waist, pulling you closer to him. “You always know how to make me feel better.”

“I kind of have to, you’re going to be my wife soon.” He smiled and let out his own nervous chuckle; it was the good kind of nervous though, the excited kind that created butterflies in his stomach. “I gotta know how to take care of you, right?”

“You don’t happen to have a bag of Gummi Bears in your pocket, do you?”

“You know what.” He laughed and reached into his suit, you laughed as he pulled out a tiny packet of Gummi Bears. You felt your eyes well with tears of joy and excitement; you were about to marry the perfect man. “I figured you would need the distraction today, guess I was right.”

“You’re amazing, Christoper Evans.”

“I have to be to marry you.” He smiled and dipped his head to kiss you. “You’re going to be okay,” he assured you when he broke the kiss, much to your dismay; you could’ve just stayed with him in that garden forever. “And our wedding is going to be perfect, I promise.”

“I guess I’ll see you in there.” You told him and he nodded, pushing the bag of Gummi Bears into your hand. You chuckled softly and gave him another peck on his lips. “Thank you for this,” you held up the bag, smiling.

“Thank you for this,” he smiled and gestured to all of you; you blushed as your smile widened. “I’ll see you in there, Mrs. Evans.” He pressed a quick kiss to your cheek then hurried back in the direction he came.

• • • • • • • •

The music started and your father walked you down the aisle behind the wedding party. The entire time, your eyes were locked with Chris’. He smiled and patted his pocket, subtly informing you that he had another bag of Gummi Bears for you. You stifled a chuckle, your smile reaching your eyes; you were ready for this chapter of your life to begin.

“Take good care of her, Captain.” Your father told Chris as he gave you away; Chris nodded, his eyes never once leaving your face. “I love you, sweetheart.” Your father hugged you tightly and kissed your cheek before leaving you to Chris to join your mother on the sidelines.

“Aren’t you glad I didn’t trip?” You joked as the two of you joined the priest up at the alter. You heard Chris chuckle softly in response. “Are you sure about this?” You turned to him and he turned to meet your gaze. “'Cause we’re about to chain ourselves to each other for- the rest of our lives. You better be sure about this.”

“You say the stupidest things when you’re nervous,” he whispered softly into your head then pressed a kiss to your cheek. “Can we skip all the extra stuff and get to the vows so I can just- marry this girl already?” He asked the priest and laughter erupted in the church. “I don’t think I can wait any longer,” he said and smiled at you.

“Let’s get to the vows then,” the priest nodded. “I believe the two of you wrote your own?” He asked, and both you and Chris nodded. “Shall we begin with you, Mr. Evans? Can we have the rings, please?” He gestured for Scott; Chris’ best man to come forth.

“Don’t screw up, bud.” Scott patted Chris on the back and passed the rings over. Chris rolled his eyes whereas you chuckled. “You look beautiful, Y/N.” He smiled at you then moved back to his original spot.

“Okay,” Chris took your left hand in his, ring positioned at the tip of your finger as he began to recite his vows. “I don’t want to go into the history of our relationship- even though every second I’ve had with you has been utterly amazing, but I have to talk about the beginning. Before I met you- I never understood the meaning of true love. I always thought that as long as you loved someone and things worked, you could spend the rest of your life with that person. I was-” he chuckled softly, “very wrong. Meeting you made me realize that there was a specific person for everyone and that you were mine.”

“Chris,” you smiled and felt the tears well in your eyes.

“You, Y/N, you-” He felt his own eyes water as he continued to recite the vows he had spent the last nine months working on. “You gave me a new perspective on love, you made me believe in the possibility of having a soul mate. I love you because you stand by me and love me through everything. My ups and downs, my insane work schedule, my stupidity.” He chuckled. “You take care of me when I’m sick, you pretend to share my diehard love for The Patriots even though we both know you hate sports.” Everyone laughed, including you and Chris. “You give me a sense of purpose in life, and that is to love you and be everything you’ll ever need; a husband, a father, a friend, Captain America- if need be. Now I won’t make promises I can’t keep, I won’t pretend like I’m as perfect as you paint me to be- but I will do my best to be the man you see me as.” He slipped the ring onto your finger. “I love you, Y/N.”

“And I thought I was the writer in the relationship,” you let out a breathless chuckle and Chris smiled. “Well, here goes.” You took his left hand in yours and positioned the ring at the tip of his finger. “Christopher Robert Evans, you are possibly the best person I will ever love in this lifetime or another, and I am so incredibly lucky to have met you. The only thing I could ask for now is that I’d met you earlier so I could spend more of my life with you but- that’s just being greedy,” you chuckled softly and he smiled. “You spoke of the beginning and I feel like I should too because you deserve to know that even before we met, you never once ceased to amaze me. With your kindness and your incredible talent and of course-” you giggled, “your dashing good looks. I loved you even before you knew my name and every day since you took me to Russo’s for our date, I have been living a fairytale that I don’t ever want to end.”

“You’re going to make me cry,” Chris chuckled softly, pulling his hand away from yours for a brief moment to brush away a tear gone rouge. You giggled and he smiled, placing his hand back in yours. “Okay, sorry. Continue,” he nodded.

“You make my busy life so much easier and my bad days so much better. You give me the sense of clarity and assurance I need when I get nervous and angsty about the tiniest things. You tell me things are going to be fine and then you do everything in your power to make sure it happens. You take care of me when I go out and party a little too hard-” The two of you laughed at that, remembering drunk you was what brought forth his proposal. “And make sure I always wake up to a hearty breakfast. You’re constantly challenging me, forcing me out of my comfort zone but never failing to make me feel safe. You keep our romance alive, you keep me so incredibly happy, and most of all- you love me even when I can’t love myself. You say you’re not as perfect as I paint you out to be but I disagree, you are every bit the man I see you as. Everything I am and everything good about me is you, Chris, and I am so ready to spend the rest of my life with you.” You slipped the ring onto his finger and smiled, “I love you.”

“I hereby pronounce you husband and wife,” the priest said; the grin on yours and Chris’ face grew as the two of you prepared for the next part. “You may now kiss your bride,” the priest told Chris but his lips were already on yours.

Applause and cheers erupted throughout the church but your focus was only on your husband, just as his was on you. Chris broke the kiss and pressed his forehead against yours, smiling, with your face cupped in his hands. You smiled back, wrapping your hands tightly around his wrists.

“I love you, Mrs. Evans,” he whispered.

“And I love you, Mr. Evans,” you smiled.

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Hellooooo everyonee! :D Hope you all are having an great daaay and I wrote you guys new part to the story! :)

Enjoy <3

Read previous parts:
Part 1

“Can’t let go” Jimin story - Part 2

For next few days Jimin and you only have been texting each other.
He would always say “Goodmorning or goodnight beautiful” and that would make you so happy..

Few times it happened that you two are in a same class.Jimin would always turn his head towards you and smile at you.
“Mister Jimin,please stop looking at miss Y/N and pay attention to the class” teacher would say to Jimin
You would smile and put your head down because you know people are looking at you and Jimin.
“Sorry sir..” Jimin would say and look back at you again and then pay attention to class

After class you picked up your books and walked out of the class,Jimin followed you from the behind.
“Y/N” he said and you stop to walk and tunr around towards him
“Yes?” you smiled
“Do you wanna grab some lunch later?” he looked at your eyes
“Don’t be shy Y/N…It’s just a friend lunch” he smiled getting closer to your face
“Fineee,I’ll goo” you smiled 
“Okay” he winks and walks away

You don’t usually do this,but you couldn’t stop looking at his ass.It was just an amazing ass..
“God what am I doing?” you laugh at yourself 
“Y/N!” Olivia shouts in your ear and you jump a little
“Whyyyyy do you have to do that?!” you look at her
“It’s just fun” she laughed
“What you doing later?” she added
“Why you ask?” you look at her
“Well I wanted us to go to the mall,since I need to buy some stuff” she explains
“I..Kind of like going to lunch with Jimin” you said
“You what?” you raised her eyebrows
“He just asked me to go after class to the lunch” you explain
“Ohhhhhhhh…..So it’s a date?” 
“What?! No It’s not” you laugh
“It’s a date okay”
“Olivia it’s not-”
“I can’t hear youuuuu” she said walking away
“I-” you roll your eyes and walk to the classroom

It happens that Jimin was in the same class as you,again.
“You in this class too?” he asked as you sat next to him
“Yup” you laugh 
“Wow,well I like that” he nodded his head
“I like it too” you looked at him and you two smiled at each other
“OKAY CLASS!” teacher walks in yelling 

Jimin and you look at each other again with serious faces.
“What’s up with him?” Jimin wispers to you
“I don’t know” you wisper back
“CLASS YOU WILL DO SOMETHING!” teacher again yelled sitting on a chair in front all of you
One guy raises his hand
“Yes you?” teacher points at him
“Why are you shouting?” 
“Because..I am excited for this project” teacher smiled
“Ahhhh okay” he added and stood up again

All of you laugh at him and his acting.
“You all will be separated in pairs…” he walks around the classroom
“It’s a thing where,one of you has to do a pose and another one has to draw them” he added

You got really nervous,but still felt excited about the project…YOu didn’t know who will you be paired up with.

“But why did you want us to do that?” one of the guys say
“Because I wanna see the art” he said
“I don’t get it” Jimin wispers to you and you laugh 
“It’s okay,I don’t get it that well either” you said
“OH LOOK AT THEM!” teacher comes up to you two 

Teacher gets closer and closer to Jimin,he almost fell off the chair,because he was trying to make some distance with the teacher.
“Okay,you two” he said pointing
“W-what?” you asked
“You guys are paired up” he smiled
“Good luck! NOW let’s see other pairs!” he walks away from you two

Jimin and you look at each other.
“I..” he started
“When does that needs to be finished?” you raised your hand
“Tomorrow” he smiled
“Oh Jesus Christ” Jimin shaked his head “No”
“You don’t want-” you started
“No! I wanna do it,It’s just we have to do that tomorrow” he looked at you
“Well it will be tiring,but still..We can do it!” you smiled and pushed him a little
“My place or yours?” 
“Jimin and Y/N,please talk after the class” 

After class Jimin and you decided that you will come to his place at 7pm.
“But you still going?” he asked
“Where?” you were confused
“To the lunch?” 
“Ohhhh about that…My friend has to-”
“It’s okay…Next time” Jimin licked his lips and nodded his head
“You’re not mad?” 
“No,why would I be?” 
“I don’t know…” 
“Y/N I am not mad,see you later” Jimin laughed and walked away
“Byee” you said

Something about Jimin made you nervous to be around him.You think of him only as friend,at least for now.But the way he looks at you and smiles,it makes you go crazy.

Jimin on other side can’t stop thinking about you.The way you smile at him too.
When you get confused and shy around him sometimes.
It makes him like you even more.

“Olivia just takeee it” you look at her while she’s trying out a dress
“I don’t know” she was looking herself in the mirror
“You are just..I can’t stand you anymore,I’ll be outside” you said and walked in front of the store.

You looked around then took your phone in your hands and check some stuff on it.
“Jimin you are so crazy man” Chris shouted on purpose 
You lifted your head up right away and look around..You spot Chris and Jimin together laughing.
You laughed
“What are you doing here?” you asked
“This is soo cute.Whenever you guys go,you see each other” Chris teases
Jimin gives him a serious look and he stops to laugh.
“This is Chris,my dumb friend” Jimin smiled
“Heeeey” Chris looked at him
“He needed to get something,so I went with him” Jimin explains why is he here
“Y/N you left-” Olivia smiled
“You are Jimin” she said pointing 
“Yeah I am” 
“That is the guy you’re-” you slap Olivia’s arm
“That she what?” Jimin smiled looking at Olivia then at you
“Nothing” you said instead of Olivia
“Okay this is weird” Chris was confused
“Yeah” Olivia nodded her head

You lick your lips and look at Jimin then look away.
“Let’s go home” you said
“B-bye” Jimin said as you two were walking away,you didn’t want to say anything because you were embarassed 
“Damn it,I should have teased you too about her!” Chris slaps his head

Jimin just shaked his head and looked at him.
“Let’s go Chris” 
“I kind of like that Olivia girl” 
“Good for you man,good for you” 
“What’s wrong with you now?”
“Nothing.I’m okay” Jimin smiled

Chris rolled his eyes and continued to walk with Jimin.
Jimin was just bothered with you just going off without saying anything.
“Jimin” Chris looked at him
“She’s just shy,don’t be bothered with a stuid thing” 
“How did you know?”
“Because..Umm you are my FRIEND obviously?!” Chris laughs
“She’s cute” Jimin bit his lip thinking about you
“She was so shy when you asked a question” 
“I like that…”Jimin smiled

His phone rings and It’s you.
“Hey” Jimin answers
“Hey,um..I wanna say sorry for the thing that happened before” you laughed a little
“Nah,It’s finee..I know you like me”Jimin teased you and smiled
You stayed speachless,you didn’t know what to say.
“Y/N you there?” Jimin added laughing a little
“I know you like me” you smiled biting your lip
“Hmmm..Maybe and maybe not” Jimin smiled
“I knooow youu” you laughed
“I know you too” 
“Okay,umm see you later,bye” you added and hang up
“Jesus Christ” you thought to yourself and put one hand on your chest:Your heart was beating so fast.
You were actually really hot right now,you couldn’t cool off.

“Okay” you said as you walked to Jimin’s room door.Yoou knock on it and he opens it.
“Hi..Come in” Jimin opens the door and you walk in.
“Okay we gotta do this quick and good” you laughed leaving your stuff on his bed
Jimin sits next to you,little bit closer.
“Who will be the model? I mean how will we do this” he laughed
“Umm..Well you be a model and I will draw you” you smiled looking at him
Your heart skipped a beat as you noticed he was sitting closer to you.You tried to stay cool.
“Okay” he nodded his head

You stood up to get everything prepared..He turns his head towards you and smiles at you.
“Why you o that?” you asked 
“DO what?”
“Smile at me?”
“Is there something wrong with that?”
“You don’t like it?” he stood up and camed towards you
“I like it” you smiled and tapped his chest
“I know you do” he smiled licking his lips
“HEY JIMIN! OH SHIT-” a guy walks in
“Did I interrupt something here or…?” he added
“Oh no,nothing..What’s up?” Jimin looked at him

While Jimin was talking to him.You were looking at his face,lips,neck..His hands,muscles..Everything.
All you wanted to do is hug Jimin for the first time to feel his embrace..Those strong arms to be wrapped around you and holding you tightly.
“Okay,see you then,bye” guy said and walked out
“Y/N?” Jimin noticed you looking at him
“Ah what now?” you look up at him
“We gonna do this thing or?” he laughed at you
“Yeah,just go there and look trough the window” you point

Jimin noodded his head and walked over to the window.
“No” you said
“I need something better,like maybeee…You can take off your T-shirt?” you smiled and felt nervous
“Okay,sure..” Jimin winks at you 

He starts to take off his T-Shirt,you bit your lip watching him.
He throws the T-Shirt on his bed and looks at you.
“Is it good now?” Jimin smiled
“Y-yeah” you couldn’t stop looking at his abs,his whole body.
“I know you like what you see” he winks
“Oh stop it!” you laugh rolling your eyes.

All that Jimin had on himself was torn jeans,a silver necklace over his neck and his beautiful body showing..You were almost out of breath how hot he looked.
He was standing,with his hands in his pockets..His vains showing from his arm muscles to his hands.
That was your weakness about a guy.Them vains showing.

You were looking at him and drawing him..He was in some deep thought while looking trough the window.
“God Y/N I can’t stay like this anymore,can we take a break” Jimin laughed
“Of course” you laughed 
“Oh thank you” Jimin relaxes his body and sits on the bed
“How you doing so far?” 
“Good” you smiled
“Daaamn I even look better when you draw me” he smiled looking at you while looking at the drawing
You laughed looking at him.
“You look nervous” Jimin said and sat back on the bed again
“Why would I be nervous?” you look at him
“Well I don’t know,but” Jimin said raising his shoulders
“I am not nervous at all” you smiled

You hear from the outside,how rain is falling hard.
”Why would..Oh God” you said
”You don’t like rain?”
”No..Not a all when it’s raining that hard”
”Well you’ll stay here with me,till it stops” he smiled
”I guess..I don’t know”
”I know you want to Y/N” 

You rolled your eyes and stood up.
Jimin and you got back to the drawing.When you finished it,the rain still hasn’t stopped.
“I guess I am staying” you said
“You will wait till the rain stops or?”

Jimin was sitting on a chair and you were laying on his bed.
Both of you were laughing and getting to know each ther more.
“And then I was like-” Jimin stopped to talk when he notices you’re asleep
He smiled and took a blanket and cover you up..
“I knew you can’t stay awake till it stops” he laughed and tok another pillow and layed on the floor next to the bed.

Andy Biersack imagine (bc my feelings are through the roof)
I should be working on my fanfic but *sighs* I’ll probably start uploading it sometime next week…? Depending on if I have time because I’m going to a band camp for 2 weeks and it’s all day stuff so…
Anyways, here’s a emotional imagine!

You lay in bed, scrolling through tumblr.
Sometimes when you’re bored, you go on Andy’s tag, just to see what’s up.
Imagines, pictures, confessions, smut, more imagines, more smut, kinky smut, smut-
Maybe that’s enough for today.
You couldn’t help but see a lot of Warped tour pictures, many beautiful fans and other artists posing with Andy.
One being the beautiful Juliet Simms. (I love Juliet guys she’s like one of the sweetest girls I’m not dissing her aha)
You couldn’t help but admire her. I mean, she makes great music, she’s drop dead beautiful, sweet.
Also really close to Andy. For everything.
They having a past together didn’t really help your confidence at this point.
You get up and look at yourself in the mirror.
You start questioning your looks.
Andy have literally millions of girls who would sell their soul to be in your spot, girls that he could have in one action or word.
Why did he pick you? Out of every other pretty girl out there.
You sigh, running a hand through your hair.
Why do you do this to yourself? You always end up making yourself feel like shit about something you shouldn’t even think about.
You decide to try and drop it, going on your way to the kitchen, passing Andy who’s sitting on the couch.
“Hey babe, how was the nap?” He says, looking up from his laptop.
You shrug. “Okay, I didn’t sleep long.”
“Oh, okay.”
“I’m getting something to drink, want anything?”
You nod, going to the fridge, getting a bottle of water for Andy and making tea for yourself.
You bite your lip, returning to the living room.
This was eating your insides and you couldn’t stop thinking about Andy’s choice of you.
You hand him the water, thinking.
“You alright?” He asks, sitting his laptop on the coffee table.
“Hmm?” You say, returning back to earth.
“You seem distracted by something.”
“Oh, I’m fine. Just thinking.”
“What are you thinking about that has you zoned out?” He takes a sip of his water, eyes not leaving you.
You pull your legs underneath you.
“You… It’s nothing. I… You wouldn’t understand it. It’s a dumb thought anyway.” You mumble, sipping your tea.
He frowns. “You’re worrying me babe, what’s up?” He turns his body to you, giving you his full attention.
You sigh, sitting your mug down.
“I’ve… Been thinking a lot and just… I… It’s really stupid.” You chuckle, shaking your head.
Andy grabs your hands, interwinding his fingers with yours.
“It’s okay, you can tell me anything.” You look him in the eyes.
“I…. Andy, why did you pick me?”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, like to have a relationship with. Why me? Why not any others prettier girl who is wrapped around your finger and would be with you in a heartbeat? Why someone so boring and… Just me?”
He smiles slightly, taking one of his hands, cupping your cheek lightly.
“Is this why you’ve been so distracted lately? You’ve been questioning why I wanted a relationship with you? And not just any girl?”
You nod. “I told you it was stupid.”
“Not at all Y/N. I thought you were breaking up with me at first. No, no, no. And why did I want something with you? Because love, when I first saw you… Well, it’s hard to describe love at first sight. I saw you and… My heart beater faster, all the people around you, but I couldn’t see them. All I saw was your beautiful self. My stomach had this ache, not a painful one but… A funny one. My head was foggy and clear at the same time and all I wanted to do was admire you, talk to you, get to know you. I just knew that you were special. I knew you were going to be a part of my life. I was going to make it happen. As for the other girls, I don’t see them like I do you. I love you for all the unique things only you do. How you steal my shirts to wear to bed when I’m not here, using my shampoo in the shower because you say I smell good, cutting off the crust of your toast because it’s too crunchy. Getting tshirts a size too big because you say you want to be stylish yet comfy, when you’re at our concerts and still cheer and scream like you don’t know me personally. It’s adorable and it’s just only a few reasons I love you with all my heart. Sure, there are other girls out there, but I only want you.”
He presses a light kiss to your lips and you smile.
“Oh Andy, I’m sorry I doubted it.”
He shakes his head, pulling you almost into his lap.
“No, you didn’t. You just don’t know, and never will know how much I love you. You have became my world- fuck it, you’ve became my universe. Without you…. Is something I don’t want to imagine. I love you so much Y/N, it almost hurts. But it’s worth the pain to have the most beautiful, funny, adorable girlfriend and hopefully wife someday.”
You can’t help but smile as you wrap your arms around Andy and kiss him.

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Imagine being Chris’ safe haven.

A/N: Since quite a few are asking about the next part to ‘Imagine Chris helping you take care of your sister’ here it is. I thought about going to bed and finishing it in the morning, but- sleep is for the weak. I really appreciate the support, lovelies. Hope you enjoy! X (Read Part 1/Part 2)

You looked down at the card and read the clue again. It was vague compared to the first clue, but somehow, you still knew exactly where to go. The card said, “other than our lovely homes, where else would we consider a safe haven?” You were pretty sure Chris was referring to the time the two of you almost got caught by paparazzi whilst out on a date, before the relationship went public when everything was still new and under the radar. Chris had spotted the paparazzi before they spotted you and decided to sought shelter in the first establishment he spotted; Nixon Coffee House. The owner of the place, Carl, was a huge fan and offered to lock the doors so they couldn’t ruin the date. It ended up becoming one of the most memorable days for both of you; a new friend was made, and a new coffee place was found.

“It looks closed, Sissy,” Olive said as you walked towards the front door; Dodger sat beside her with his leash in her small hand. “Are you sure you’re right?” She looked up at you as you leaned forward, using your hands to shield your eyes from the sunlight so you could look inside; it looked closed but you were sure it was the place.

Chris watched the three of you from his car and laughed softly. He reached for his walkie-talkie and held it up to his mouth, “hey you.” He took his hand off the button and chuckled softly when he saw you spin around with narrowed eyes. “You with the pretty Y/E/C eyes.”

“I think he’s talking to you, Sissy,” Olive giggled and passed you the walkie-talkie.

“What game are you playing here, Evans?” You spoke into the walkie-talkie. “Where are you anyway?” You scanned the vicinity but failed to spot him as he was in a rental, and not his white Lexus. “Just because you’re not working right now,” you pretended to be annoyed even though you were enjoying every second, “doesn’t mean I’m not either.” You released the button so he could respond.

“Don’t be such a spoiled-sport,” he teased and you rolled your eyes with a smile on your face. “You’re lucky we’re on a bit of a time crunch, otherwise I wouldn’t be talking to your dumb bum right now.” You scoffed and he laughed, keeping his finger on the button so you couldn’t respond to that. “Carl closed the café to help me with the scavenger hunt, the door’s unlocked so just push it open and go inside. Alright?” He asked then answered for you. “Alright. Now forget this number,” he whispered in a threatening tone then chuckled when he saw you laugh. “By that,” he continued, chuckling, “I mean- give the talkie back to Olive.”

“Are you going to make an appearance at all today?” You quizzed then waited for his voice to come through; it didn’t and you huffed. “Chris, are you-” Olive snatched the walkie-talkie out of your hand before you could finish and Chris smiled at her from his car.

“Thanks, bug.” His voice came through and Olive shot you a smug grin. You scoffed with a smile on your face as you shook your head in disbelief; you were glad they got along, but you were starting to think she’d rather be his sister than yours. “Make sure your dumb bum sister goes inside, okay?”

“Aye aye, Cap'n,” she responded and saluted the walkie-talkie; Chris smiled from his car. “You heahd ‘im, Sissy.” You chuckled softly at the way she was copying Chris’ Boston accent, dropping her Rs. “Let’s go in.” Olive placed the walkie-talkie back into the bag then took your hand, tugged on Dodger’s leash, and led the way. Chris waited until the three of you disappeared into the establishment before he moved onto the next location.

Upon entering, fairy lights strung across the ceiling and along the walls lit up as if they were stars in the night sky. Olive gasped then giggled, tugging on your hands excitedly when synthetic snowflakes starting falling. Your smile reached your eyes; you were in awe. How he managed to do something as amazing as make it snow indoors was beyond you, you were just incredibly grateful he was doing it for you.

“It’s a bit much, don’t you think?” You looked up as Sebastian emerged from the back room.

“Seba!” Olive dropped Dodger’s leash and sprinted towards one of yours, and Chris’ best friends.

“Liva!” Sebastian scooped your little sister off the ground as she lept into his arms. As his arms wrapped around Olive, you noticed a traditional Tiffany&Co box in his hand. Your heart skipped a beat because you thought it was a ring box, then you realized it was rectangular and you relaxed; God help Chris if he had Sebastian help him propose. “How’s my favorite little garnish?”

Olive giggled at that, like she always did when Sebastian called her his 'favorite little garnish’; eight year olds found everything funny. “I’m good,” she grinned. “I’m having a lot of fun today, we’re on a scavenger hunt.”

“I can see that,” Sebastian chuckled as he looked over at you; he held out his hand with the box, indicating that the box consisted the next clue. “Your boyfriend really has a lot of time on his hands, doesn’t he?”

“Yeah,” you chuckled as you walked over, “and apparently so does his best friend.” Sebastian chuckled. “What are you doing here, Seb?” You asked as you took the box from him. “Aren’t you meant to be filming 'I, Tonya’?”

“I am,” he nodded. “But Chris’ scavenger hunt made its way to the top of my priority list.” Your eyes narrowed at that and you chuckled. “Just-” he chuckled, interrupting you before you could ask him what was going on. “Stop trying to jump ahead and open the box.”

“You, Olive, and Chris-” You chuckled with a shake of your head as you did as you were told. “You three are so Goddamn bos-” You cut yourself off when your eyes caught the silver necklace lying on the satin material; the airplane pendant dangled off the delicate chain as you gently lifted it from the box. “Oh my God,” your eyes welled with tears, “this is…” You trailed off, thinking back to the time you saw it in the store.

You were in New York for a job and Chris had flown in to spend your birthday with you. You’d just finish dinner at a romantic French restaurant and was walking the bustling streets of New York City when it started snowing. It just so happened that the store you were walking past when the snow started to fall was Tiffany&Co, Chris knew how much you loved Tiffany’s and took you inside. He offered to get you anything you wanted but you didn’t want anything because him being with you was everything, but as you were leaving- you spotted that necklace. That simple and plain necklace- a necklace that didn’t stand out compared to the other intricate pieces- made your heart flutter. It wasn’t because it was special or beautiful, it was because it reminded you that no matter where your jobs sent the two of you, a plane ride would always bring you back together.

“He wrote something in the box,” Sebastian informed you.

You turned the lid over so you could read what your boyfriend had written, you were sure it was another sweet message along with the next clue that would lead you to the next location. You tried not to start crying when you read what he wrote: “Captain America may not be able to fly, but Chris Evans can. No matter where we go, I promise I will always find my way back to you because you are my safe haven, Y/N.”

“I think she’s crying,” you heard Olive whisper into Sebastian’s ear.

“No, I’m not,” you chuckled softly, sniffling and brushing the tears from your eyes.

“And I think she’s ready for the next clue,” Sebastian said to Olive, smiling at you.

Part 4

Alternative ending for the final part of my Teacher!Jimin fanfic, since my original post caused so much pain :P

Part I/Part II/Part III/Original Ending

Genre: fluffy and smut

Word Count: 3661

A/N: sorry for everybody who died over the original post hehe… I will add the part links to this post later. I’m posting from mobile for you dying readers.


Tossing and turning, feeling nothing but emptiness next to you. The fantasy was over, the small moments where your heart leaped out of your chest because of how real it felt… all over.

“Sweetheart, Y/N. Come on, it’s time for school.” Your mum called out from beneath the staircase. Although it still made your heart skip a beat when you saw his ethereal figures, it was masked behind this cold look, distant, and not yours.

Oh boohoo, what a problem you have being a highschooler. Oh what shall you ever do if you don’t get to fuck your little teacher toy for one day. The sick laugh rang inside your head as you winced at the voice within you. But in a way, you knew it was true, while everybody around you were beginning to worry about which college they will be going to, your only problem was a boy– a man.


“You guys hide it so well!” Your bestfriend, Mia, declared in the hallway, causing a few looks to be shot at your direction.

“Shush!” You shouted as quietly as you possibly could.

“Seriously though… So you guys have definitely done some thing. What have you guys done.” Mia winked at you and asked with a hushed voice. You couldn’t answer because you began to remember the feeling of Jimin’s lips latching themselves onto every section of your body and the musky smell of your sheets and pillows the morning after. The amount of laundry you voluntarily did without a second thought would have made your mother faint, but so would the reason why. Your hesitation was enough for Mia because she gasped and slapped you harder than you expected on your arm, “Oh my god!”

“Ow! Stop it!” You hissed back, rubbing your arm, the sting only caused you to remember the time Jimin decided it would be fun to slap your ass while ramming into you, making your head spin like never before.

“Oh my god, that just made you think about him again!” She shouted once more. Looking up to avoid her prying eyes, your eyes were instead greeted with the distinct hooded eyes which has followed your every move for the past few weeks when you didn’t realize.

You stared him and you knew he saw the sadness in your eyes. Hell, he didn’t even have to look at your eyes to know. Everything about you has changed ever since he left your home on the Sunday night you parents came. You couldn’t sleep soundly now because of the void of the burning heat that used to warm you up at night, you missed feeling his smooth chest against your palm every time you turned around because he never once let you go during the night. Or how his hair would reflect the sun rays when they hit his hair in the mornings. You hated feeling so lost without him, you kept on telling yourself that you weren’t the type of girl that depended on a man, but so did Jimin, who didn’t think he was the type of guy that relied on a girl so much either.


Walking out of his car everyday after a shitload of work, all he gets to anticipate inside his home was loneliness and piles of paper to grade. No ability to wrap his arms around your soft body, while sprinkling kisses along your neck making you squeal and laugh. Not being able to sleep with the smell of your hair gently tickling his nose and waking up in morning with the beauty of your half awake eyes, angelic morning voice, and the way you still managed to smile so brightly and sincere after a night of hardly any sleep.

These thoughts haunted every empty corners of his house, every time he looked up from the floor, he could imagine you dancing around in glee. It was torture not being able to walk up to you at school and hold you tightly, all he gets to do is stare at you like something he could never obtain in this lifetime. Only a few damn years.


Another day, another dull and uneventful day. Walking into the room, you were gently pushed around by the bustling group of your fellow peers, you took your seat in the middle of room.

“Oooo is that a note from him?” Mia whispered, pointing at the small folded note on your table. What?

Carefully unfolding the sheet of yellow paper, the air seemed have left your lungs, rendering you the inability to breath.

I know what you and Mr. Parks have been up to. You slut.

Your eyes snapped up to look at Jimin, he has never seen you look so scared, causing his mind to run wild with worst possible thing.

“Y/N.” Mia whispered, reflecting the fear in your entire body.

“Mia…” You felt the tears trying to seep their way through your eyes, not feeling the smirk that was facing in your direction.

That’s what you get, bitch.


“Maybe it’s just a joke… I mean, there’s no way anybody would have found out.” Mia hypothesized, trying to ease away your anxiety that was beginning to overwhelm all your sense.

“Seriously?! Nobody would be that specific. Nobody even notices me, why would they send it me?” You groaned, slamming your forehead against the library table. This is what you get, Y/N. Why did you even think for a second that having a relationship with your teacher was a good idea?

“I’m sure it’s nothing. Trust me, tomorrow, it will be like it never happened. When am I ever wrong about these dumb high school pranks? Remember I’m dating the school’s biggest dumbo.” Mia gestured towards her grinning boyfriend with a fake disappointed expression. It doesn’t take a genius to see how in love they were…

Mia was wrong. Mia was dead wrong.

You think you are so smooth, teasing him like that? You are such a whore and everybody knows it.

“Real mature.” Mia sneered at the note, also placed there the next morning. You could see Jimin trying to get your attention without being too obvious, but from the way he was bouncing a little up and down at the bottom of room was far from being sly.

“I don’t care if it’s immature or not. Jimin could get fired and I could get suspended!” You sharply answered, looking around to see who would have placed this threatening note, you saw nothing, but a sea of tired faces trying to get calculus over with. You were tired of this and wanted to face whoever wrote this note, so picking up your pen, you scribbled back, “Why don’t you tell it to my face instead of hiding behind a dumb note?”

“Go Y/N.” Mia encouragingly pumped her fist into the air lightly, praising your forwardness.

Tomorrow couldn’t come faster. You wanted none of this.


You were actually standing alone, after school, in front of the 2nd floor girl bathroom. You could laugh at just how dramatic this all was, but you more worried about whoever this person was, saying it to the school board.

“I’m surprised.” The thickly sweet voice made you spin around to find its source. Standing before you was none other than the female class president, Lauren.

“Lauren?” To say you were shocked was a large understatement.

“You know, if you want to keep your little affair with Mr. Park a secret, you might not want to make him jealous at Jungkook’s party and have him drag you out of the house.” Your cringed at the thought that she was there that night to witness that entire scene.

“You saw th—”

“So how’d you do it? Spread your slutty legs underneath the table? Beg for a good grade?” Oh, this girl should write a story. You were now more than an a little annoyed by her rude assumptions.

“She did nothing of that sorts and I’m more than positive that you can be taken out of student council with making that sort of accusation against another students.” Jimin was leaning against the wall with an grim expression, making both you and Lauren jaw gap wide open. Where did he come from?

“Ms. Lauren, I suggest you take precautions before putting threatening notes on other student’s desks. Ms. Y/N, you on the other hand need to not ever call your teacher to pick you up from a party just because you were drunk. It’s highly inappropriate and this idiotic teenage girl drama? I expect it to be completely over by Monday.” And with that Jimin strolled away, facing his toned back towards you and hands, sophisticatedly placed within his pants pockets. Park Jimin.


“Hey Y/N.” Until now, you’ve always rolled your eyes when people used the phrase “his voice was music to my ears”, but now you were the one forming that thought when you heard him call out for you.

“Jimin…” You weakly whispered back, afraid that someone might overhear you two. Things were looking worst and worst for you two as the last few weeks of school was approaching.

“Just come home with me.” The power he had over you with just the way he spoke your name made you finally realize that you cannot deny how much he has instilled himself into your every thought.

The last time you were in his car your head was very much in pain and you couldn’t see anything clearly other than the roof light glaring at your bloodshot eyes. But now you saw how clean he was, with a few exceptions of gum wrappers in the cup holder.

“I just don’t understand why people leave their car filthy. I’m not a clean freak.” Jimin read your mind as you rotated your neck, observing the car’s surrounding. Your chest vibrated as you chuckled at his declaration, dork.

“So, why are you bringing me home?” You asked, swirling your fingertip on the fogging glass.

“I miss you…” He whispered, like this was the first time he’s admired that out loud, “I don’t mean that complete sexual way.”

“Killed the mood, Jimin.” You laughed at his add-on that he felt like he needed.

“Sorry.” He hung his head a little before taking a turn around the corner into a nice neighborhood complex.

“Jimin…” It was your turn to lower your voice, this was a really nice neighborhood.

You sat in silence as your sat frozen in the car, staring at the house in front of you. Jimin was now staring at you, laughing, and taking his keys out of the ignition.

“Come on babe.” That only made your heart tighten with bittersweet sentiments, why is this so unfair. Taking small steps towards the giant house, you couldn’t wait until your voice came back to you to ask him how the hell he owns this. You almost choked when you saw the interior, it was beautiful, and you could even see the pool in the backyard.

“There’s a fucking fireplace in the middle of the living room.” You gawked at the design of the place, it was ridiculous.

“You like it?” Jimin tossed his bag on the couch and placed your next to you.

“You’re making it sound like we’re looking for a house.” You laughed, once again the feeling returned.

“What is this, Y/N…” He wasn’t in your line of view, standing directly behind you, you could feel the ghost of his breath on the back of your neck. It was the silent question that danced in the air ever since Jimin touched you for the very first time, but both of you were too afraid to ask it.

“I don’t know.” You admitted, wet droplets crawling your cheeks, finally able to show themselves after all this time.

“Shhhh don’t cry, Y/N.” Jimin spun you around, his soft lips made contact with each salty tear and kissed them away. All you knew right now was that you just needed to be close to him, to be able to finally touch him after the weeks of neglect. Weaving your fingers through his lush hair, you sank into his lips with a new found urgency. Everything was going in slow motion as you two venture into the dark abyss of your desires, gripping your thighs and lifting them up to wrap around his torso, he stood there momentarily, having you manipulating every nerve of his body for your will. He wanted to be here forever.

Walking blindly towards the hallway that led to his bedroom, Jimin pressed you against the cold wall, unable to control himself any longer, he rolled himself into your core as he began painting bruises on your neck.

You could feel him through the rough materials of his jeans, which only stimulated the sensation even more. His arms wrapped around your body, ready to lift you into the room.

“No stay.. Stay.” You moaned, grinding yourself into him, making his forehead fall against yours as he winced at the restricting cloth. Your feet touched the ground as he released you from his embrace to pull your top away from you. After each lost of clothing, your lips would be on each other once again, where it be his lips sucking harshly on your neck or you nipping at his earlobe and jawline. His hands were painfully slow when he reached your skirt, reaching behind you and squeezing your ass, making you yelp. Jimin left your skirt on, but ripped off your flimsy pantyhose and panties.

“Does Sir have a skirt kink?” You teased, gasping wantonly when Jimin lifted you up against the wall again.

“I have a Y/N kink.” He grunted, gripping your waist as his swollen lips traveled down to spend some sweet time on your needy breast. Your nipples erected in attention, the way his hands squeezed and massaged your mounds always made you think that you could come right then and there, but then he would move onto sucking down your stomach. You couldn’t even believe he was still holding you up, but suddenly you felt the welcomed intrusion of his length thrusting deeply into your soaked folds. Your back rubbed against the now heated wall, for some reason or another, this felt different. Like it was first time, consuming him, while he entered you over and over again. The built-up was slow, but painfully delicious. Your lips connected with his, but this time it was more harsh, biting and pulling onto his bottom lips, making him hiss at your rough treatment.

The shallow breathing between you two mixed with the sounds of him diving into you was something that will forever be burned into the back your mind, even for years to come. It was in perfect harmony, you couldn’t hold on any longer, your nails raked themselves along his once pale back, which was now decorated with your mark of ownership. All eight red lines of irritation.

“Fuck Jimin…” You gasped, he was pulling almost completely out before slamming back in you. You could feel him in your stomach every time, making you scream in utter pleasure.

Gasping for air, your eyes widen as Jimin moved you towards his bedroom. You were already slightly exhausted, but you knew he could get you thirsting for him as soon as he touched your skin, electrifying all your senses.

Landing onto the bed, you decided to change things up a bit because all this was going too slow for your taste. Hooking your thighs onto his pelvis, you flipped him over until he was under you and completely at your mercy.

“I’m gonna ride you Mr. Park…” Your voice reached a new low octave, so thick with lust, you wanted the man beneath to be withering under your every touch. Jimin noticed your new persona because his lips were tightly bitten when his eyes made contact with your darkened ones.

Gripping his thick shaft, you sank into it, it was impossible how big and hard it still felt. Your small hands placed against his chest, you could feel its expansion increasing in speed as your hips began to move. Quickening your movements, you would immediately slow down when you feel Jimin throbbing within you, ready for release.

“Damn it Y/N. Let me come.” Jimin groaned, frustrated in the position he was in. A faint giggle left your lips, allowing Jimin to know that you weren’t planning on doing that any time soon.

With no restraints this time, he massaged your ass as a warning, which you did not get, and landed a quick slap on it. It bit into your skin, making you moan because of its effect on your constant rocking on his length.

“Faster Y/N.” He commanded, orange hair strewn across his face, eyes squinting dominantly at you. He made you want to give it to him and every fiber of your body hated the power he had over you, but you complied. Skin slapping against skin, your moan and groans echoed throughout the large room, filling up your ears with only sounds of passion.

“Come on babygirl, come for me.” This made you whine, gripping on his shoulder for support, you sank into him in incredible speed that you didn’t know you could, but so did the volume of the scream you released. Collapsing onto his chest, your breathing was erratic, trying to catch your breath every time. Both knowing this will probably be the last time you two were together, you clung onto each other like lifelines. Unable to let go.

“Reality sucks…” You whimpered, tracing his chest with your finger, wanting to memorize every part of his body.

“What if it didn’t…” This made you look up to his brown eyes. You suddenly felt all the energy lost, rushing back into you.

“What do you mean Jimin. Now is not the time for joking around.” He was telling you what you’ve wanted to hear for the past few weeks, but how?

“I don’t mean to brag, but if you haven’t noticed, I’m pretty well off.” He waved it hands around, gesturing towards the large house you two were in.

“I was going to ask you about that.” You laughed, observing how chic everything looked, “Did you rob a bank?”

“Yes. My father’s bank precisely.” You could hear the fringed cockiness in his voice, making you duck into his chest, laughing.

“So you are rich…”

“Pretty much.” And so Jimin explained how his father owned the half of the popular malls of your state and how he decided to become a teacher to get away from the lifestyle that drove his brother away from his family. You voiced your sympathy, but Jimin told you it was not necessary because that was only reason why he could have become a teacher. “And that’s the only way I could have met you.”

“Cheeseball.” You booped his nose, making him wriggle it like a child.

“I’ll just teach at a highschool by your college. I’m smart guy if you haven’t noticed.”

“I can’t see past the ego that is just pouring out of you. But I haven’t noticed because I am more focused or other things during class if you ask me.” You smirked, cocking your eyebrows suggestively.

“Tsk tsk tsk. Naughty naughty.” Jimin rolled you over until you were underneath him, as the tickling and sweet kisses began sprinkling along your body.


Running your hands along the wall with plaster peeling off its side, the memories that were secretly written on every edge. Who knew it will would all go by so quickly, graduation ceremony was over and now you were left alone to mindlessly wander through the halls of a place that you knew you will miss, but you now that a new chapter in life to look forward to.

Probably not the day when Jimin will be introduced to your parents, but that can wait, you began laughing as you imagined the look on their faces. So it’s not the best idea to tell them everything.

Walking towards the room that changed your life ever since you took first step onto its scratched up wooden floor, you saw the mirage of your boyfriend sitting at his desk, glasses sliding down from his nose and working the endless pile of papers.

“Hello beautiful.” A smile broke through your face as you felt his chest warming your body. Turning around you saw Jimin smiling down at you, so much to the point where you could no longer see his eyes.

“Hello Jimin.” You reached up for his collar and pulled him into a deep kiss. Breathing a sigh of relief, knowing that all the secrets were no long secrets, Jimin hands landed on the small of your back and pressed into the kiss even more. Backing up to the table that will forever be imprinted with your bodies, clinging together the first time, you two laughed when your back hit the edge of the table.

“Ow!” You yelped, rubbing your back.

“You weren’t saying that last time we were here.” Jimin retorted. There were many things I was saying the last time we were here.

“Care to show me?” You tugged his hair, ready to smash your lips against his plump ones. “Mr. Park–”

“Y/N?” Your heads snapped towards the door, you shoved Jimin onto the floor and away from you. You heard Jimin grimace at the pain, but you were too shocked to react properly.

“Mum, dad, boyfriend.” You pointed at the awkwardly sprawled out boy on the floor, who was now waving rigidly at your parents who were crossing their arms and looking at you two. While your dad looked like he could punch a hole into Jimin, your mum was trying to keep a straight face. Your palm immediately contacted your face as you groaned in embarrassment.

Not exactly how I pictured it would go.


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If you don’t help someone who gets bullied, you’re as dumb as those who mock.
No matter who you are, you’re beautiful and you deserve to be loved.
This one isn’t my best imagine but I felt like I had to write it.

Request : The reader’s high school reunion is coming up but doesn’t want to go because of her past bullies. She works at the lab and has a crush on Pietro. He decides to help her out.


Your youth had never been easy. Since you were a child, you had learnt how to fight and you didn’t go to school.
However, when you were 15 your father died and your legal guardian decided to send you to high school.
Obviously, you had strange reactions with the others due to your childhood and everybody was making fun of it. It was all about bullies and weird things.
Later, as you were gifted, Tony Stark offered you to work with him and soon, you became friend with the Avengers and forgot about your past.
After the battle against Ultron, the team brought the twins to the tower but Pietro was injured and needed intensive care.
When he woke up, he was sick as hell and you helped him while he was recovering. He was grateful for what you had done for him and when he left the tower, you realized you missed him a lot. Actually, you had a huge crush on him.
Two days passed and you were trying to focus on your work when a gush of wind whipped your face. You turned around and noticed the speedster was sitting on the table behind you. A smile crossed your lips and you ran to him, wrapping your arms around his neck. You kissed his cheek with tenderness and he blushed slightly.
“How are you ?” You asked before taking a step back.
“I’m fine. What’s up ?” He smiled softly.
You shrugged and leant against the table, staring at him. He was now totally healed and all the girls were fond of him since he became a hero. You tried to chase your thoughts away. Anyway you would never be with someone like him.
“I just received an invitation to my high school reunion.” You moaned.
He raised his eyebrows.
“That’s cool ! When is it ?” He asked.
You shook your head and drummed your fingers on the table nervously.
“I don’t know, actually I don’t care.” You shrugged.
He frowned and gazed at you for a few seconds.
“Why ? I mean … It must be funny … I’ve never been to high school.” he admitted.
You bit your bottom lip and sighed.
“I wasn’t very … Popular at high school.” You declared shyly.
He shook his head.
“Oh come on, look at you now.” He said as he glanced at you.
You blushed and rolled your eyes.
“What ? I’m still the same.”
“So you were beautiful, smart, cool and …” He hesitated but he smirked. “Sexy.” He finished.
Heat flooded your cheeks and you giggled.
“Stop trying to make me change my mind.” You groaned.
“I’m just speaking my mind.” He replied naturally.
Pietro was always teasing with you and you knew it wasn’t serious. You looked down and tried to think about his words. Indeed, you were now an adult and it would be a good idea to face your past and realize you had grown up. You weren’t this afraid teen anymore.
“I could come with you.” He suggested.
“What ? But …” You started but he moved his index finger on your mouth.
“Oh wait, wait. We could say I’m your boyfriend.” He chuckled and you frowned.
“You would do that ?” You asked, surprised.
“Of course.” He nodded with a huge smile.

The reunion was taking place today and Pietro came to your flat to pick you up. You were wearing a simple black dress when you opened the door.
“Hi !” You smiled softly.
He stared at you for a few seconds, looking at you from bottom to top.
“What ?” You asked, worried.
He gave you a shy smile and shrugged.
“You’re beautiful.” He simply said.
“Oh … Thank you.” You blushed but tried to appear indifferent.
You didn’t want to embarrasse him.
When you walked into the main room of the highschool, you recognized a few people and you were about to run away when Pietro took your hand. You couldn’t go back now.
The worst bitch you had ever known, Brenda, put her hand on your shoulder, making you startle.
“(Y/N) ?!” She exclaimed with surprise.
Your eyes widened as you tried to keep calm and you looked at Pietro for a second before turning to her.
“Oh, hi …” You replied politely.
“Oh my god ! It’s been a long time ! What do you do in your life now ?” She asked curiously.
You gazed at her and a fake smile crossed your lips.
“I work with Tony Stark.” You declared.
She opened her mouth and giggled nervously.
“Oh. Ok …” She replied.
“What about you ?” You asked indifferently.
“Oh I … I’m looking for a job.” She shrugged, embarrassed.
You smiled slightly and she looked at Pietro. Her eyes narrowed and she gasped.
“Oh my gosh, I know you !” She exclaimed again.
He raised an eyebrow with surprise.
“I saw you on television !” She continued. “Are you … Dating with …” She started to ask clumsily.
Pietro let your hand to wrap his arm around your waist and he smirked.
“Yes. Actually … We’re engaged.” He replied as he gave you a knowing glance.
Brenda shook her head and she let out a nervous laugh.
“Wow ! It’s … It’s incredible.” She said with a bit of disapointment.
When she finally left you alone, you sighed deeply and Pietro groaned.
“Do you still think you missed something ?” You muttered with a grin.
He raised his eyebrows and hissed between his teeth.
“Okay I surrender … You wanna go ?” He asked.
You nodded quickly and he laughed. As you were discreetly heading to the exit, someone called your name and you screwed up your eyes before turning. It was your ex boyfriend. You closed your eyes for a few seconds and swallowed.
“Ex boyfriend …” You muttered.
You thought you were going to have one of those endless conversations but Pietro wrapped his arms around your waist and gave you an extended kiss. At first, your eyes widened but you finally closed them and deepened the kiss, throwing your arms around his neck.
Suddenly, you noticed the atmosphere had changed. There were no more noise around you and you could feel the wind on your skin. He was still kissing you fully on the lips and you moved back your head. You were in the middle of an empty street.
“Where are we ?” You whispered, surprised.
He shrugged.
“Outside.” He replied as a laugh escaped his mouth.
You instantly blushed when his breath caressed your lips. His hands were on your hips and your cheeks started to burn when you realized you were still in his arms.
“How do you feel ?” He asked softly without releasing his grip on you.
His face was so close you thought you were going to pass out.
“Better … I … I thought it would be unbearable but it was kind of … funny.” You admitted in a hushed voice.
He smiled and you felt his fingers sliding on your hips slowly.
“You’re an amazing person (Y/N). I’ve never met someone so patient and caring …” He declared, looking in your eyes.
His words touched you deeply and you looked down. Usually, people told you you were smart and good at fighting, but he knew you better than you thought. You slowly licked your lips. They tasted Pietro and you couldn’t get enough of that.
“Don’t do that.” He muttered.
You looked up at him and frowned.
“What ?” You asked innocently.
His hand reached your jaw and his thumb slid on your bottom lip gently. Your heart skipped a beat as you tried to reason with yourself. Your gaze crossed his and a strange sensation filled your stomach. He lowered his head and his lips met yours once more. It wasn’t a dream, it wasn’t an illusion. Pietro Maximoff was kissing you in the middle of the street. His tongue caressed yours in slow movements and you deepened the kiss passionately. Your fingers tangled in his silver hair as you succumbed to his tenderness.
When you moved back your mouth, you were short of breath. You blinked and stared at him.
“What was that ?” You sighed.
He frowned and a giggle escaped the back of his throat.
“A kiss ?” He replied in a teasing voice.
You hit his chest slightly.
“I know what’s a kiss thank you Maximoff …” You groaned.
He chuckled and brought you closer, burying his face in your neck. His lips brushed against your skin softly, making you shiver.
“A declaration ?” He whispered.
You blinked and tilted your head slightly to look at him, a little bit lost.
“I love you.” He clarified before giving you another tender kiss on the lips.

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“The worst year with you” Suga story - Part 8

“Thank you” Suga said to you
“For what?” you looked at him
“For trusting me” he looked at you too
You smiled at him and kiss his cheek.
“No need to thank me for that” you said
Suga smiled at you
“Shall we go somewhere?” he asked
“Where? We can’t go back to school that’s for sure” you laugh
“If you want..My place,we order pizza?” he looked at you with his eyebrows raised
“Okay,sure” you smiled

Both of you stand up and start to walk to his apartment.
“Do you wanna talk about that girl?” you bit your lip nervously
“Well,there is not much to say..” Suga puts his hands in his pocktes
“We were together one year,then we broke up and that is where story ends” he looks at you
“Why did you turn out to be a bad guy after that?”
“It makes me stronger” he said taking a breath
“Y/N..You ask too many questions” he looks at you 
“Well sorry..I mean,we’re together,so I thought you’ll be honest with me” you said not looking at him
“Even thought we are..I can’t tell you everything” 
“Okay,that is little bit rude”
“It’s not”
You just sigh and look away.
While you guys were walking together,you didn’t speak to him..It was just the way he was rude moments before..It’s the way he says stuff,and they sound mean.
Suga kept looking at you,then he looks away,then looks at you again.But you never looked at him since he said he’s not gonna say everything to you.It bothered him not to hear you talk to him.

“Are you mad now?” he takes your arm stopping you
“No” you fake smiled and continue to walk but he grabs your arm again
“Stop doing that” you slap his hand and he moves it away
“Are you mad?” Suga asked being serious
“I am not mad” you lied again
“Fucking lies Y/N” he comes closer to you
“Why are you getting mad out of nowhere?” you asked
“Because you’re not answering my question” he said coldly
“Yeah,I am mad…But I’ll get over it” you sigh
“What? Do I need to apologize now?” he was acting so mean towards you right now
“What is wrong with you suddenly?” you were starting to get nervous
“You’re really overreacting..How can you be stupid at something so stupid?” he raised his voice,you took a step back from him
“I’m overreacting?” you point at yourself
“I just thought because we’re together that we’ll be-” 
“Fucking let go of that “we’re together” shit!” he shouts
“Suga,calm down” you said putting your hands in front of you
“How can you fucking ask me about that girl?!” again he shouted
“I..” you couldn’t find words
“Rap Monster told you everything! How dare you ask me something about that cold hearted bitch!” Suga got really mad because still,he ain’t completely over her..And it hurts him to even hear about her or speak about her.
“Okay,I am sorry-”
“I fucking can’t believe you brought her up!” Suga shouts and turns around from you
“Don’t you ever,but EVER bring her up” he points at you
“I said I am sorry and don’t threat me again!” you shout at him and push him away from you 
Suga shuts up and realises that he has been yelling at you.
You just stared at him and turn around and start to walk back home.Suga didn’t to anything,he didn’t want to stop you from leaving,because he know he overreacted right there.That it wasn’t your fault,it was his.Because he can’t get over the break up even that passed few months now.

You camed home tearing up because the fight didn’t make any sence to you.
You though that he’ll be honest with you and tell you everything,but guess you were wrong.Why does bother him that you asked him about his ex.Suga should already be over her by this time.
He has you now,he should be happy with you and not fight.
“ He is a bad person,you’ll see..And good luck if something happens between you two” you remember what one girl told you the other day
“Oh God” you said to yourself and lay back on your bed

Tomorrow was the most dumb day for you even if it’s Friday.
You woke up feeling not so well,right away trough your head goes Suga and the fight you guys had yesterday..
“I feel like shit” you were talking to Sophie over the phone
For some reason Sophie was the one who could give you advice and always help you out from the rest of the girls.All they care about is getting a guy and just making out with them.
“Why? What happened?” Sophie said
“Suga and I had a fight yesterday…I mean two fights actually” you said putting your makeup on 
“That’s not good…I think you guys should talk” 
“I don’t think I’ll talk to him after yesterday” you said
“Y/N..We both know you will talk to him again” Sophie said and you laugh
“But the way he was so mean”
“That is a part of a bad guy..And you took a shot to be with him in a relatinship,who knows what will happen” 
“I don’t know…Okay,I’ll see you at school,love ya’ “ you said and hang up the phone and go to school

“Suga” Jimin shouted and he stops to walk
“What’s up” Suga turned towards him
“Najmoon’s party tonight” he smiled
“Okay,cool…We still performing a sad song?” 
“Yeah..But not the one he said,we are gonna perform “Hold me tight” because his cousin on the end decided that song” Jimin explains rolling his eyes
“Fine” he said nodding his head

Rest of the boys camed towards Jimin and Suga and all of them sat down on the ground.
“Ahhh they are so hot” Jimin was looking at some girls
“Shut up,you have Bella” Jin pushed him
“Well I do,but I can have few more,right?” Jimin bit his lip smiling
“You’re such an ass” J-Hope laughed
“Ohh now look at those…Suga is your pretty lady there?” Jimin pokes his shoulder

Suga looked at him and then searched for you in the crowd.
He saw you..You were so beautiful to him..The way you were smiling with your friends make him sad,because even after a fight you’re smiling.
Suga doesn’t know will he apologize or not.
“You can’t take your eyes off her” Jungkook joked
“I can’t..She’s hot” Suga looked at him
“Can I talk to you?” Rap Monster puts his hand on his shoulder and Suga nodded and they both stood up and walked together
“Are you guys okay?” he asked
“We were,then she asked me something and I got mad and now we’re not speaking to each other” Suga explains
“And sorry..For yelling at you yesterday” he added looking at Rap Monster
“Nah It’s fine..I mean I should be the one telling sorry because I told her your past” Rap Monster said
“Anyways..Don’t you think you guys should talk?”
“Thing is…I honestly am not over her”
“Over your ex?”
“Suga,It’s been months!” Rap Monster was shocked
“I still have that little feelings in myself for her” Suga said
“That is not okay man” 
“Her and I kind of secretly started texting” Suga was honest
“WHAT?!” Rap Monster shouted
“You..Have a girlfriend..And your girlfriend is Y/N!” he puts his arms on Suga’s shoulders
“I don’t know what am I doing Namjoon..I’m fucked up…On other side I really do like Y/N,I DO! But still I have feelings left for my ex” Suga explains

Sophie was around the corner and she heard them speaking about you and the situation.
When she heard Suga still likes his ex,she was in complete shock..
“Namjoon” she jumps in front of them both
“Come with me please?” she smiled and took his hands in hers
Rap Monster looked at Suga
“I’m sure you won’t mind..Right?” Sophie looks at Suga
“Oh,no…You guys go..I’ll catch up with you later then Namjoon” Suga half smiled and walked away

Sophie smile fades from her face and she held his hand tight and lead him to the empty classroom..
“Hey,hey..What’s wrong?” Rap Monster asked her and closed the door
“What the fuck is Suga doing?” Sophie looked at him
“What is he doing?” Rap Monster pretended like nothing’s wrong
“Don’t you…Lie to mee” Sophie comes closer to him and points at his face
“I am not lying” he laughs
“Don’t you DARE lie to me” Sophie grabs his shirt and pulls his face down because she was shorter than him
“Okay…:” Rap Monster smiled and kissed her cheek
“Suga said something about..That he likes Y/N,but also likes his ex” he explains
“Hmmmm” Sophie walks back and forth
“That is creepy Sophie” Rap Monster laughs
“What is her name?”
“Oh I know her” 
“Well of course you do..She’s popular too” Rap Monster looks at her
“I think..Megan is trying to do something here..Not let Suga be happy with Y/N”
“That is a good thing you said right there”
“I know right!?” Sophie smiled
“Okay..Here is the plan..You need to convince Suga that he likes Y/N and not Megan” she puts her hands on his shoulders
“And..?” Rap Monster looks at her
“That’s it” she smiled
“But you are not gonna do anything?”
“No” Sophie smiled and walked out of the classroom
“Crazy girl” Rap Monster smiled and walked out

Later, on the big break, you were at your locker looking what do you have next.
You realise you have history and right away you remember Suga will be there.
“I can’t believe it” you said to yourself and closed the locker and behind it Taehyung was standing with a smiled on his face.
“You need something?” you tried act like you didn’t got scared by him right now
“You” he smiled and pushes you against the locker and stares at your eyes
“Are you serious?” you asked
“Yes..Isn’t it obvious?” Taehyung laughs looking at you
You tried to push him away from you,but you couldn’t.
“No matter how much you try,you won’t push me away from you” he said
“Seriously,what do you wa-”

You were cut off because Taehyung pressed his lips against yours hard..His hands slipped down on your ass,pulling you closer to his body.
You kissed back,putting your hands on his chest.
His tongue slipped into your mouth and kept kissing you.
In way way you thought this is the one of the worse thigs you have ever did,but on the other side you liked kissing Taehyung even he was yelling at you when he gets mad.

Taehyung actually did all of that because he liked you,a lot.

Luckily no one was at the hall at that moment to see you two making out.
When you pulled away to catch breath,Taehyung smiled.
“Why did you do that?” you asked
“Simple..I like you,you are hot” he smiled biting his lip
“Why did you kiss back?” he added raising his eyebrows
“Oh God!” you close your eyes
“C’mon ain’t a big deal you know..” Taehyung winks
“It is a big deal! I basically cheated on Suga” you said 
“He already cheated on you,so” Taehyung bit his lip again
“He what?” you were in shock
“Cheated.On.You” he looks at you

You didn’t believe what you were hearing.How could Suga do that to you already?

“Y/N,no need to be shocked..” Taehyung got closer putting his hand on your neck
“He’s a bad guy,so am I” he smiled and pulled you in a kiss again
You didn’t kiss back this time,because all in your head right now was Suga and his cheating.
Taehyung pulls away noticing you aren’t okay.He sighs.
“Cheer up!” he tried to make you happy
“I don’t do this shit..Cheering up people,so please cheer up” he added
“How can I cheer up after what he has done to me? Like we just got together” you said looking at Taehyung
“Why did I say that” Taehyung asked himself
“After this amazing make out you worry about that asshole” he looks at you

You didn’t know what to say or what to do.
“Look I know how you will feel better” Taehyung smiled
“How?” you raise your eyebrow
“By kissing me” he smiled
“Y/N that will make you forget about him”

You were nervous,you bit your lip and thought if Suga cheated on you,you can cheat on him too.
You took Taehyung’s hand and took him to girls bathroom and lock the door..
Right away as you turn around you started to kiss him..He pushed you against the door and puts his hands on your waist.
“Ohh I never imagined you like this” Taehyung said to your ear
He moved down to your neck and kissed it softly…You bit your lip as he did that.
Someone started to knock hard on the door.
“OPEN UP!” a girl yelled
“Shit” you said
“Go inside” you point at the toilet
“What? NO!” Taehyung looked at you
“Do it” you said and he went inside
You unlock the door and a girl comes in.
“Why did you lock the door?” she looked at you
“I was having an important call from someone” you smiled
“Geez..Like I can’t believe” she looked at you

After she left Taehyung camed out..Before both of you camed out of girls bathroom,Taehyung kissed you one more time.
“I will come again” he smiled and winked and walked out

You walked outside too and went to try find Sophie,but she was no where to be seen.
“Oh God what did I do” you put your hands on your head

Suga on the other side was with Rap Monster whole time.And Rap Monster was trying his hardest to make him believe that he’s in love with you and not Megan.
“Dude,I cheated on Y/N” Suga said
“I am sure Y/N can understand that you went trough a hard break up” Rap Monster looked at him
“I don’t know man..When I think about it,I know she will find out about this and she will break up with me”
“What if she forgives you?”
“I don’t know” 
“Enough about that,you coming tonight?” Rap Monster asked
“Yeah..I’ll be there” Suga was nodding his head
“But Najmoon” Suga stopped him from entering the school
“If she finds out,and wants to break with me..I know that will be the end of our story” 
Rap Monster nodded his head

“PARTY WOOOO!” Olivia shouted as all five of you were in the car going to the party
“YAY” Bella shouts too
“HEY I AM DRIVING HERE!” Sophie shouted at them
“SO SHUT UP” she added
All of you laugh…You were very nervous about the paty.You don’t know what will happen.
“Y/N CHEER UP FOR LOVE OF GOD!” Emma looked at you
“LET’S PARTY!!” you acted like you’re excited
“YEAAAH” Olivia shouts

You shake your head “No” when you realise with what crazy people you are hanging out with.
When you guys arrived there was already so many people.
“Babe” Rap Monster said and hugged Sophie
“Jimin?” Bella looked at him
“Inside somewhere on the dance floor” he points

You waved at Rap Monster and he smiled
“Come in guys” he lead you inside

Right away you guys took some drinks and went to the dance floor.
You were looking around to see if Suga was anywhere but you couldn’t see him at all.
You crashed inside because you find out he’s been cheating on you,but now you cheated on him too..So both of you got one knives in each other backs.
At least you feel sorry for cheating on him,but you think he actually does not give a fuck at all.Will you break up with him tonight? You’re not so sure yet.

“OKAY!” Rap Monster shouts and music stops 
“So..I decided that we put up some karaoke up in here,soo who wants to sing a little?” he smiled
No one answered
“SHE DOES!” Sophie and Emma shout pointing at you
“Oh no,no,no,no” you said laughing
“COme on up!” 
“Y/N! Y/N! Y/N!” everyone was cheering and making you to come up on the stage

Suga was in the corner of the room so he watched everything.This is gonna be the first time he will hear you sing.
“OKAY!” you shout and go up on the stage
“Ummm..” you looked at the huge crowd in front of you
“I need few dancers up in here” you said

J-Hope and Jimin come on up smiling at you.
“Um,I will sing “Take me home” by Cash Cash” you explain and the music starts and people started to cheer,but then they shut up when they heard you starting to sing.
“ I’m falling to pieces
But I need this
Yeah, I need this
You’re my fault
My weakness
When did you turn so cold

You cut me down to the bone
Now you’re dancing
All over my soul
I’m falling to pieces
To pieces, to pieces

But I still stay cause you’re the only thing I know
So won’t you take, oh, won’t you take me home
Take me home, home, home
Take me home, home, home
Take me”

You sang with happiness and everyone started to dance and cheer for you..When you were singing actually you thought about Suga.

After the song everybody was clapping,and Jimin and J-Hope hugged you
“Thanks” you looked at them
“No problem” the winked and left
“I WILL KILL YOU!” you camed to Sophie and Emma
“No you won’t” they smiled
“God I hate you both” you laughed and took a sip of your drink

Suga went trough the crowd and took your hand and you followed him.
You guys went outside in the back.
“You have a beautiful voice” he smiled trying to act like nothing is wrong and he’s just hoping you don’t know about anything
You noticed that he’s acting like nothing is actually wrong.
“Thanks” you smiled back
“Are you okay?” he asked
“Am I okay?” you looked at him
“Yes?” he laughs
“No..You freaking cheated on me” you smiled
“Y/N..No,please” his heart started to beat s fast because he didn’t know what to do
“Why Suga?” you tear up
“I won’t deny anything,because most of it is true..But Y/N don’t let the things get ugly,before they didn’t even get beautiful” Suga looked at your eyes
“I can’t believe it Suga! I fucking hate you” you raise your voice
“Y/N please don’t let things get ugly” Suga said
“You’re saying that to me?!” you were in shock
“I am sorry..Please forgive me..I was wrong!” Suga took your hand in his but you move it and start to cry and just walk away without saying a word.

Suga took a breath and kick a bottle that was on the ground..Jimin camed and told him it was performance time.
“So,my cousin is here and she asked to sing a emotional song..SO here we go” Rap Monster explains

You camed back inside and hugged Sophie hard not wating to let go of her.
“Y/N what happened?” she was repeating that question,but she knew what is wrong
“I can’t believe” you said
“Calm down,calm down..Don’t cry now” Sophie wipes off your tears
“Deep beath” she was calming you down

You calmed down a little and watched Suga and the boys perform a song..
The song was so emotional that made you cry even more.
“Hold me tight,hug me
Can you trst me,can you trust me
Please,please,plesase pull me in and hug me”
Jin sang and then it was Suga’s turn.He found you in the crowd,and kept staring at you..
“ Your cold face tells me everything rather than words
I can see a break up rising over me like a high tide
I know it will soon be our last but I can’t let you go
Don’t talk, don’t leave, just quietly hold me girl”

When he finishd his part Suga looked away,so did you and started to cry..Sophie took you home.


“Did you say I am breaking up with you?” Sophie asked you
“N-no..I just left” you sobbed and took a tissue wiping off your tears
“Oh God” Sophie said
“He’s a fucking asshole” you said
“I hate him” you added
“But I still love him” you said and looked down