i just had to gif this because i laughed so hard at it


Emma and Killian laughing like two teenagers 

Requested by @lady-cs-dream

I know Killian was stressed about the all David thing, but can we just overlook that for a moment and look at the both of them here. I remember someone once told me that she doesn’t the same light and happy vibe from CS as we saw in season 4 now in seasons 6, and she thought it was because of all the hard stuff they’ve been through in season 5.

Well, I disagreed with her at the time because the first scene we saw on season 6 (the coach one *sigh*) was such as light and happy as this one is right here. Emma and Hook both had to live with the burden of that vision and while they were trying to act as business as usual, they were affected by it. It was heavy lying there between them. And now this burden is gone and we see the direct outcome of it. Both of them so damn happy!

I love seeing both of them like that and I especially love seeing Emma laugh!!!! She deserves it so much, and you can see how happy she was at that moment.

“James is getting a bit frustrated shut up here, he tries not to show it but I can tell” (Lily’s letter to Sirius). 

This gif is so sweet and tender, reminds me so much of what Jily means to me. Just a little gesture trying to cheer him up when he’s not feeling fine. We all have this idea of James being fun and brave, but sometimes we forget that he also had his weakness and failures. I love that Lily is the one who inspires him to be strong, especially when he makes mistakes. She doesn’t ask him “Are you ok?” because she knows when he’s not. She says “We’ll be fine” instead and that’s enough. She always makes him smile and laugh when he’s having a hard time. And vice-versa. I just love James & Lily and this gif is beautiful.

I didn’t have too much time to draw this weekend but I’m always thinking about Jily. I miss writing about them so I decided to share some thoughts here :)

note: I don’t know where I’ve found this gif. it’s just here in my computer since 2014. I always look at it when I need inspiration.

Fred Imagine:

“Fred! FRED STAHHHPP!” You were laughing so hard that you had tears in your eyes. “Only when you say it y/n. That’s when I stop.” He smiled. “Fine, fine. I’ll say it. I’ll say it.” He stopped tickling you. “Yes?” He asked. “Fred,” you laughed again “is the funniest Weasley.” You couldn’t help but laugh again. He tickles you just because you had to say this. “Thank you.” He said pridefully. “But, I think I need to tickle you again.” He pursued. “No. No no!” You let out a fit of laughter. “STOOP!!! FRED!” You couldn’t help but laugh even though you tried not to. “UGH! FREEEEED!” You groaned as the door opened and George walked in with his hand over his eyes. “Just getting my History Book.” You kept laughing and Fred kept tickling you. “It’s good mate. I’m just tickling her.” Fred said. George slowly removed his hand. “Oh thank The Dark Lord.” He sighed with relief. “Dude. That is so low. Do you really think that we’d-” you started. “I think Miss America is on a rant.” Fred chuckled. Yes you are American. And no you do not care that everyone tries to talk in American accents just for you. You actually think it’s pretty funny. You always walked around the hall singing Country music. You were from Louisiana so you had a big southern accent. “Shoot, y'all are just haters ain’t ya?” You scoffed. You went for the door and Fred grabbed you by your waist. “Oh no you don’t!” He pulled you back over to his bed where you were sitting and started to tickle you again. You and Fred weren’t dating, but you sure acted like it. You were inseparable. Jointed at the hip. How ever you want to say it. You were that. “Oookayyyy. See you later love birds.” George said walking out of his dormitory, closing the once open door on the way out. Fred kept tickling you. He was on his knees, straddling your waist. “FREED STOP!!” You shirked. He quit as you spoke. He gave you a boyish grin. “Why would I stop?” He questioned. “Because.” You said. “Because why?” His British accent sounding foreign from yours. “Because I said so.” You crossed your arms, still laying down. He didn’t rebuke. His eyes fluttered from yours to your lips and you followed his gaze. Next thing you knew, he pressed his lips to yours. You kissed him back. “Hey guys I forgot my book.” George walked in and you jumped away from each other. George smirked at you both. “I knew it would happen at some point. Lee owes me 5 galleons…” He walked right back out of the door and went looking for Lee Jordan. “So where were we?” Fred asked. “Right about here.” You kissed him again. “Will you be my girlfriend y/n?” Fred asked against your lips. You pulled away. “Duh.” You laughed. He pulled you in for a hug and kissed your head. “I know this is sudden, but I love you. I love you, Miss America.” You laughed. “I love you too, Mr. British.” You both laughed. This had to be the best day ever.

Sorry it took me so long to write, I just could think of anything. And plus school and homework and sports. But ah well…