i just had to gif it i'm not sorry



May the happy fox bring joy into your day ! 

Climb up the H of the Hollywood sign, yeah
In these stolen moments, the world is mine 
There’s nobody here, just us together 
Keepin’ it hot, like July forever

Hello and thank you to everyone who participated in my first tumblr awards! I never thought I’d get more than 10 people joining but there were a lot more than that! So it was also really difficult to choose and I’m sorry for everyone who didn’t win! Thank you anyway :)

Winners and runner ups! Congratulations!

Arya Stark award » personal favourite
winner: @taurielsilvan // runner-ups: @qveencerseii, @goodqueenalys

Sansa Stark award » best game of thrones
winner: @princejonsnow, runner-up: @ladyyofwinterfell

Newt Scamander award » best multifandom
winner: @justin-taylor, runner-up: @queen-daenerys

Daenerys Targaryen award » best edits
winner: @wondcrwomans, runner-up: @jaimelanniser

Lyanna Stark award » best gifs
winner: @natalie-dcrmer, runner-up: @mockingjaykatniss2

Brienne of Tarth award » best original icons
winner: @manbunjon

Missandei award » best icon
winner: @thehound, runner-up: @wintersnark

Margaery Tyrell award » best theme
winner: @qveencerseii, runner-up: @njmphadora

Tyrion Lannister award » best url
winner: @aredhels, runner-up: @maisieswilliams

Jon Snow award » best up and coming
winner: @gotarya, runner-up: @snow-ygritte

Hermione Granger award » most organised
winner: @wondcrwomans runner-up: @aryaestarks

Prizes are under the cut!

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how long do i have to wait
and how many sleepless nights do i have to spend
to see you, to meet you
⤿ for @ohime-sxma


“Patrick was just about to figure out where the last piece of this puzzle goes! Weren’t you, Patrick?!”

i just had to make a gifset of this scene! it’s definitely one of my favorites. the text turned out far less legible than i anticipated; it’s been a long time since i made gifs with captions… sorry about that! it’s a little better if you click through the photoset :’)