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[In an odd turn of events, Annabeth and Drew have ended up stranded in New Jersey. Having called an uneasy truce, they are trying to make their way back to Camp Half Blood]

Drew(Following Annabeth out of a gas station): WOW, Annie! you sure did aggressively lie to that innocent, hard working New Jersling!

Annabeth(Glaring at her): One, never call me Annie, two, they’re New Jerseyites, and three, I didn’t hear you saying anything! Sometimes you’ve got to lie a little to get a job done.

Drew(With false sweetness, arriving at a parked Chevy Impala): Or steal a car…

Annabeth(Turning red): IT WAS AN EMERGENCY.

Drew(Smiling with insufferable smugness, getting in shotgun): Oh, calm down Annie, no judgement here. A good sidekick doesn’t- although if it had been me, I would have at least spun for something in red. Black is nice for dresses, but it makes for very boring cars…

Annabeth(Getting in and turning the ignition with more force than necessary): My sidekicks aren’t usually this mouthy.

Drew(Snorting): Yeah right. Momentarily forgetting your boyfriend, I’ve seen Thalia Grace. She’s nobody’s sidekick.

Annabeth(Taking her eyes off the road to stare incredulously at Drew, narrowly missing a very angry cat): …Did you just compliment a human being?

Drew(Inspecting her nails): She wears lipstick like she invented it and she doesn’t let anyone tell her how to wear her hair. I respect that.

Annabeth: …Huh.

Drew(Pursing her lips in disapproval): Even if her wardrobe IS comprised entirely of the worst of the early 2000s. It’s like Avril Lavigne had some kind of horrifying lovechild with Green Da- EYES ON THE ROAD!

Annabeth(Swerving to avoid another cat): Oh, thank gods. For a second I thought you’d been body snatched.

“And here is what I like to call the ‘think tank’,” Carlos said jovially, flinging the door open with as much flourish as he could manage. “Do ya get it? Huh, huh?”

Mal, the newbie that he was showing around, didn’t so much as blink.

Carlos resisted the urge to sulk. It took him a long time to come up with these puns— some reaction would be appreciated! Even if it was apocalyptic rage like Azar tended to favor, at least that was something.

“So, this is where the Ideas are stored?” Mal said curiously, striding inside without any of the hesitance that new interns usually showed.

Carlos blinked in surprise, before hurriedly going in after them, trying to regain control of the situation. He wasn’t so good with kids…

“Um, yes!” he said, falling into pace beside Mal. “As you know, I’m the head Idea man around here, so I help with creation next door, and then somebody brings them over here to be sorted and put away. That’ll probably be one of your duties, since you requested to work in this department.”

Mal hummed in vague acknowledgement, eyes darting back and forth as they took in the thousands of lightbulbs suspended in the air, each held in a separate container that had a small sticker on it.

Carlos could see the wonder in their expression, and he couldn’t resist a smile. It was a magnificent sight— this room contained all the innovations and sparks of inspiration that would ever be gifted to mankind, and it was truly a thing of wonder. Even Carlos, who had been working here for over six centuries, never tired of the sight.

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Owned - pt 2

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The door flew open, causing you to jump awake from your sleep.

Namjoon turned on the lights and started to strip out of his suit. His movements were slow and uncoordinated, but it was hard to believe that he was drunk. He never let himself get intoxicated.

“Y/N, how do you unbutton this shirt.” He slurred.

Hearing him speak confirmed your suspicions. He was absolutely wasted.

You got up and helped him with his shirt. He could barely keep his eyelids open.

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Crash into Me

(Juice x OC Janna)

Special thank you to my girls @chaosmieu & @juiceboxxortiz !! Y'all are the best!! And I love you😘😘

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(Gif not mine)

“Fuck! Hot hot hot Aahh shit shit shit!” One tiny bump on the road and her hot tea was all over her.

“OH MY GOD!!” Janna had taken her hand off the wheel trying to brush off the burning when the truck drifted into the oncoming lane and she looked up to see a black Harley coming at her. Grabbing the wheel she cut it back just in time to not hit the biker, but not fast enough that he too didn’t have to swerve out of the way. Looking back Janna saw the back tire come out from under him, and the bike and it’s rider go sliding off the road. Slamming on the breaks Janna jumped from the truck and ran across the road.

“Please don’t be dead, Please don’t be dead, Please don’t be dead, Please don’t be dead…” She repeated over and over as she dropped to her knees next to the man and crawled over him.

She didn’t even hear the bikes over her own panicked murmuring but suddenly there were three more men surrounding her and the unconscious man that she pulled into her lap.

“Juicy Boy!” A thick Scottish accent called out. Ripping off his gloves he held a hand to the mans throat. “He’s alive.”

“Oh thank God.” Janna exclaimed and wrapped herself around the unconscious man’s head. “You’re ok you’re alive oh thank God you’re alive. ”

“Am I?” She heard a muffled voice come from her chest. Looking down she realized she had smashed his face into her boobs hugging him in relief that he was alright.

“Ya know usually I’ve gotta buy a girl a few drinks first?” He smirked up at her.

“Well I guess you can have a pass since I nearly killed you and all.” She smiled down at him. “I’m Janna.”

“Juice.” He replied

Suddenly she was confused “I have tea in the truck? Is that ok?” She asked

“No” He laughed “my name, it’s Juice.”

“Oh!” Blushing as she began to help him sit up. He hissed in pain when she touched his shoulder. “Oh my God. I am so sorry. Is it broken?”

Chibs had come up behind him inspecting the joint. “Nah jus dislocated.” He announced. “Jacky Boy hold him.” Jax knelt down infront of Juice and helped brace him. “Ready?” Chibs asked. Nodding that he was Chibs took hold of his arm. “On three lad. One..” POP.

“Aahh fuck Chibby what happend to two and three?”

“Sorry?” He said sarcastically with a smirk.

“Sack and Dog just took the tow truck out for repos.” Opie said walking up to them. “I don’t know how we’re gonna get the bike back it may have to just sit here.”

“Load it in my truck. I’ll take it where ever you need me to.” Janna said.

“You don’t..” Juice started.

“No! I do I am the reason for all of this I really insist. The keys are still in it bring it around straps are in the tool box.” She told Opie.

Opie looked to Jax for the ok who shrugged and looked to Juice. It was his bike after all. “You’re sure?” Juice asked her.

“Yes! I’ll even take you to the hos..”

“NO!” all four men jumped in.

At her startled look Jax jumped in. “Sorry darlin we just…. don’t do hospitals.”

“But hes..” She began to protest.

“My shoulders fine and the rest is road rash and pain. That’s nothing alcohol can’t fix.” He smiled reassuringly.

“Ok.” She replied still a bit startled by all four yelling at once.

Opie jogged across the highway and pulled the truck around. Dropping the tailgate he noticed a collapsing ramp and a large toolbox across the bed of the truck. Looking back to the petite woman then again at the truck where he also began to notice in the corners held car parts then back to her a question formed in his mind.

Seeing the look she was all to familiar with she answered before he could ask. “I’m a mechanic.” The men all turned to her with varying looks on their faces. “What? Girls can’t be mechanics now?”

All their looks turned to impressed and Opie pulled the ramp out as Jax helped Chibs pull Juice to his feet. “Aahh shit.” He grumbled trying to put weight on his foot. “I think I sprained my ankle too.”

“Aye, let’s get ya to the club house.” Chibs suggested.

“I’ll call Tara on the way.” Jax promised “You got him?” He asked Chibs.

“Aye.” He mumbled and started helping Juice to the passenger side while Jax helped Opie load and strap down the bike.

Once Juice was settled and the bike secure, Janna hopped into the driver’s seat and waited for instructions on where to go. Jax walked up to the driver’s window after calling Tara to meet them at the club house.

Looking past Janna in the truck he saw Juice holding his eyes closed and breathing deeply. “You alright man?” Juice nodded.

“I think he’s got a concussion.” She said to Jax. Noticing his face had gone pale with nausea Jax nodded in agreement.

“Follow us. If you have to stop or get separated the place is Teller-Morrow. Just keep him talking and awake he can get you there.” Nodding she started the old diesel half ton.

Pulling out behind the bikes she saw Juice getting a bit more pale. “Here.” She reached over to the cup holder and handed him her yeti full of ice water.

Looking at the cup he was hesitant to take it. I don’t have cooties and I haven’t drank any yet today. Taking the stainless steel cup he sipped at the ice cold water and began to feel a bit more normal as his head cleared and his stomach settled. “Thanks. What is this?”

“Water?” She was confused then scared that she had caused him brain damage.

“No this.” He indicated the cup. It was big heavy and said Yeti on the lid and bottom of it.

“Oh a yeti cup. It’s amazing keeps my ice all day. I drink water with everything I always have two drinks my coke or tea and a water on the side.” She smiled.

Finally noticing her accent wasn’t anything he’d really heard outside of westerns he asked. “Where are you from?”

“Well I’m originally from Louisiana my mom moved us back to her hometown in Nebraska when I was 16. I went to trade school to be a mechanic in Wyoming and now I’m here.” She smiled “How bout you?”

“New York.” He smiled. “Moved here about…oohh… 6 years ago.”

“Why here?” She asked. She didn’t mean to sound like she was prying but Jax had told her to keep him talking and awake.

“It’s as far away from New York as I could get with what I had. I met Chibs and Jax and got sucked into the family. I’d never had anything like it so I stayed.”

She smiled at the look of nostalgia on his face. “How bout you? Why here?”

“Well I’m not really here yet. I’m still sort of passing through.” She sighed. “Although I am gonna have to find some work soon so here may be it for a while if I can. I’m starting to run low on money” She laughed at herself.

Finally really looking at her Juice wasn’t sure if she was really what he was seeing or if he had hit his head harder than he thought. As she drove down main street with the windows rolled down her hair blew around her face. He noticed her curved button nose had a smattering of freckles that extended over her cheeks and across the top of her forehead. Her hair was a natural mixture of light brown to various shades of blonde that got lighter as it reached the ends at just above her waist. When she looked over at him he was positive that he’d suffered brain damage because there was no way her eyes were real. One eye was a normal solid crystal blue while the other was actually a sea green color. “Whoa” He said when they locked eyes.

“Heterochromia.” She smirked.

“Uh bless you?”

“No heterochromia. It’s a mutation of the eye. I have it. That’s why they’re two different colors.” She laughed.

“Oh they’re really like that?” She laughed even harder nodding yes. “Good I was starting to think I’d hit my head harder than I thought.”

He smiled at her as their conversation ran out and she began to sing along with the radio. “Get ready to turn.” He spoke up just as she noticed the bikes ahead of her slowing down.

Pulling into the lot Janna parked her truck and jumped out to go around and help Juice climb down from the cab.

“Here Lass.” Chibs had parked and come behind her to help. They got him inside and on the couch.

Just then a brunette in blue scrubs with a med kit walked in. “Hey babe. Thanks for coming.” Jax told her with a smile.

“Hey Juice.” Tara looked at him with a smile. “Jax told me what happened.” She started while pulling out some pills and what she would need to clean him up. “Here take these and then tell me your version of the incident.”

After swallowing the pills he starts to tell Tara his side of the story. “Well I was riding my bike down 18, minding my own business. When this chick sees me, and she was like daaammmmnnnn and wanted my attention. I mean she could’ve just waved but she swerved her truck infront of me instead. And I was like oh shit slow down baby then the next thing I know all her wildest dreams are coming true because I woke up to her sliding me into third base.”

Juice looked up at Janna and winked at her.

“Well the pills are working.” Tara siged, looking over to Janna she smiled. “I’m Tara. I’m sort of the club doctor.”

“Janna.” She introduced herself. “I’m sort of the horrible human being who nearly killed an innocent man because I’m a total clutz and a general failure at being an adult.”

“It’s ok babe. I’m not that innocent.” Juice kind of slurred then blinked at her.

“Was that supposed to be a wink?”

“You know it.” He blinked again.

“Well he’s gonna be alright. His arm will be sore and the ankle isn’t broken or really sprained he just rolled it and bruised the top of his foot. The road rash on his arm and leg though that’s going to need regular cleaning. And he does indeed have a nasty bit of a concussion. He’s going to need help for a while until the skin heals and swelling goes down but he is definitely going to need some one for the next 24 hrs.” Tara explained to the group but mostly Janna as she seemed to be the only one paying attention.

Chibs and Jax began pointing and laughing as they watched Juice openly check out Jenna’s ass and reach for her only to miss when she’d shift her stance. Hearing Tara say he would be needing help for a while Jax got an idea to help his busted up brother out. “Where are you staying darlin?”

“What? Who me?” Janna was confused at suddenly being spoken to. “Umm my truck at the moment. I was actually passing through town looking for work.”

“I’ll tell you what you can take Juice’s place in the shop since we’ll be down a mechanic without him, as long as you also take care of him. Deal?” Jax offered trying to keep a straight face, but with Chibs and Opie giggling behind him it was hard.

“Uummm” Janna didn’t have a respond because she hardly knew what he had said.

“Great!” Jax smiled and clapped his hands together. “Chibs, Ope help me get him back in the truck.”

“Wait.” Janna ran after them finally processing what was going on once they were out the door and almost to her truck. “Are you sure he’ll be ok with that?”

“Yep.” The three said as they none too gently shoved a mostly passed out Juice into the cab of the pick up.

“But..” She started only to be cut off by Tara.

“Here are his pain meds and anti biotics..” Janna tried to keep up as she rattled of dosages and instructions for helping Juice. “Here I wrote down my number if you need anything.”

Tara rushed off and Janna was immediately caught by Chibs draping an arm around her shoulder. “Follow us love.” He instructed as he guided her to the driver’s door and opened it holding out his hand for her to climb in the seat with.

Sitting there she placed her hands on the wheel and looked over at Juice who she could see was squinting behind his sunglasses. “Is this ok with you Juice? That I’m staying at your house?”

“Of course baby.” He reached over and grabbed her hand planting a sloppy kiss to her knuckles and then falling back against the head rest.

Shocked by his handsy action Janna went to pull her hand from his grasp but he was really strong even in sleep. “Juice… Juice?” She poked his cheek with her other hand. Nope he was out. She tried to pull away again but to no avail. Sighing in defeat she reached awkwardly around the steering wheel and cranked the truck up.
Forever | 23: Ecstatic

Summary: You and Sebastian Stan became best friends years ago, on the set of the first Captain America movie, and you couldn’t be happier that you had found someone just as witty and caring as you - but will feelings wiggle their way in and get in between your friendship and happiness?

Word Count: 2569

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Language - floof from now on

A/N: Only 2 chapters left!!!! I’m gonna cry when this fic ends, but I hope y’all enjoy!!! this one is a long one, sorry about that!! hope y’all are excited and enjoy :) ***TAGS CLOSED***

Forever | 22 // Forever | 24

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My very first Gerard x reader… oh boy…

Prompt: Imagine being a background dancer in the Helena music video and catch a certain someone’s eye…

Warning: Fluff. Tons of it.


I sighed, looking up from the floor I was sprawled out on.

That was the fourth run we’ve had in the last fifteen minutes and I clearly wasn’t the only dancer annoyed at this. It was hard enough to learn the moves and dance perfectly in sync with one another, but to to it in these costumes? Really?

I will admit, I did look somewhat flattering in the sleek black dress they had put me in and it was certainly cool to be working with a band that I relatively enjoyed but it didn’t make me any less desperate to just finish up this damn shot.

Suddenly Andrew, one of the other dancers, called out, “Can’t we take five?”

A chorus of agreeable murmurs came from the other dancers, myself included.

Marc, the director, wasn’t actually that bad of a guy. He knew that most of us were tired and got little sleep last night so he was fairly lenient.

“Alright… fine. Take five”

I stood up and walked back over to my chair, happy to have at least a few minutes of rest. After plopping down in the chair at the corner of the church I flattened out my dress, taking several sips from my water bottle.

Then I caught a glimpse of messy dark hair in the corner of my eye.

Looking towards the center of the room I spotted the lead singer of the band we were filming. Gerard Way.

I had listened to some of My Chemical Romance’s music once I actually landed this job. It looked fairly interesting and their album was actually pretty incredible. It wouldn’t surprise me if they got seriously popular over the next few years.

But one thing that caught my eye in person was the lead singer, Gerard.

He was, to be honest, pretty fucking hot. With his dark hair that constantly got in his deep brown eyes, it was no wonder people were attracted to him. I was not exempt from this.

Sadly I knew that the closest I would get to him would be later today while we filmed the scene of him singing with the dancers in the background. And I sure as hell would enjoy it but there was no way I could actually talk to him.

He must’ve felt eyes watching him because he turned around and for a brief moment we were staring directly towards each other. I felt my face heat up and quickly looked away, pretending to be engrossed in something else entirely.

He saw me… didn’t he? Shit I must look like some creepy stalker… dammit Y/N, this is why you’re single…

Who was that?

The dancer looked away from be but I couldn’t stop staring, a bit distracted by who she was. Only when Marc snapped his fingers did I spin around.

“Gerard? Are you even paying attention?” Marc huffed, crossing his arms. I nervously tucked my hair behind my ear, “Not really…” I admitted.

Frank snorted and looked at me cheekily, “Pretty girls were always your downfall, man” I rolled my eyes and tucked my hands back in my pockets, determined to actually pay attention to what Marc was saying.

The director shook his head, “Can’t you two at least try to act professional?”

Frank laughed lightly, “Sorry Marc, you were saying?”

“I said that during the next take you have to be careful not to move to much, try to stay in one place. The number the dancers are doing is a bit all over the place and we can’t have anyone getting hurt” He finished, looking at me specifically.

“So… What would happen if someone was to get hurt?” I asked. Marc uncrossed his arms and gave me one of those scary-serious-director looks. “We only have a week checked out for this place. If a dancer, let’s say… broke their foot? We would have to find a new dancers, teach them the number, and reshoot everything in six days"

I wolf whistled at his rant, “So… pretty bad”

“Yeah. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go finish up that number with the dancers. Once we’re done it’ll be the chorus scene. Don’t screw this up…” Marc muttered darkly before walking back to the center of the set.

Frank shoved me, a smile playing at his lips, “He has a point. You especially have the issue of walking everywhere during the shoot”

I raised my hands in defense, “I swear, you guys treat me like I’m seven. If Marc said that I shouldn’t move around during the take I won’t fucking move during the take”

“Alright guys, that was perfect! I’ll give you a few minutes to rest up then we’ll finish up the last scene of the day” Marc clapped, happy that we had finally managed to land the cut after a solid thirty minutes of failed attempts.

We all let out a unanimous cry of relief, wobbling to our chairs and routinely drinking almost an entire bottle of water.

Just as I was about to pull out my book and maybe breeze through a few pages before the next shoot, a voice shook me from my stupor.

“Hey there” Said a familiar, yet very unknown voice.

Turning to my right I was shocked to find none other than Gerard Way standing at my chair.

“I… Well I kinda wanted to let you know that you were pretty awesome. The dance, I mean” A feint blush tinged his cheeks and I could finally get a close look at his face.

When I noticed that he was fairly hot on screen or twenty feet away paled in comparison to the reality of the singer and I was suddenly lost for words.

“Thanks. You’re amazing too. Your voice is really… really good” I mentally kicked myself for sounding so winded and immediately thought of what to say next. Even if I would never get the chance to talk to Gerard ever again I still didn’t want to embarrass myself.

He cleared his throat before speaking, “So what’s your name?”

“Y/N,” Dammit I probably said that too fast, “And I obviously know what yours is”

He smiled and I could feel my heart melting just a little bit faster. Goddammit, it’s not fair for him to have a perfect smile. Gerard grabbed the armrest of the chair behind him and scooted it closer, taking a seat beside me.

“Y/N is a really nice name…” He sounded so incredibly awkward and I couldn’t help but want to try and strike up a normal conversation with him. If not only to deflate the thick tension between us.

Gerard shifted in his seat, “Hey, would you maybe want to-” He was cut off by Marc who was making an announcement.

“Alright guys! Last shoot of the night, line up!” I cursed my luck and wished I could’ve gotten a few more minutes with Gerard but it was sadly shortened.

“Dammit…” Gerard murmured before looking towards me one last time, “We can keep talking after the take, alright?”

I had no idea how to respond to that so I just said, “Sure” I didn’t know what he wanted form me or why he even wanted to chat with me. He didn’t look like he was playing the whole ‘I’m a rockstar so sleep with me’ card and even if he was there are tons of better catches in this crew. So what was it?


I twisted my body in the way Jim described, trying to act like I was reaching out for Helena’s coffin. It felt oddly correct in some weird way, like I was really in tune with the music playing from the boombox. Eventually I was working off of only muscle memory.

Then I was finally able to turn my body towards Gerard, who was singing the song he wrote with the band.

I was taken aback from the glances at his movements. He looked like he wasn’t even acting, or even singing. He was genuinely at this girl’s wake, pouring out his feelings to the camera. It was stunning. He was just so undeniably passionate that I forgot to move back at my que. Before I knew it Gerard had moved back towards the dancers and the heavy sole of his shoe had stomped on my hand.

I let out a scream and my other hand flew to my wrist, trying to pull the fingers from the ground.

The music still played in the background but Gerard had stopped singing, instantly springing off of my hand with an expression of fear on his face.

“Cut! CUT! Goddammit Gerard!” Marc cried from the side.

I could barely hear anything as I clutched my throbbing fingers, watery tears clouding at the corners of my eyes. I felt hands clutch my shoulders and I only now realized that they were Gerard’s.

“Hey, are you okay? Jesus, I’m so sorry…” He frantically looked down from my blistering fingers to my face and I couldn’t help but get lost inside his deep brown eyes once again.

“N-No… It’s fine, they’re fine…” In reality my fingers felt like they were on fucking fire. When Gerard was moving to his second que he was instructed to just walk back. But Gerard being as passionate as he is, had chosen to stomp down, crushing my digits.

He shook his head, looking back at the crowd of onlooking staff, “Can we get a medic here please!?”

The crew seemingly broke out of their shock, scrambling around to reverse the music and get everything set back up. In the confusion Gerard managed to look back to me and say, “Are you okay? Where does it hurt?”

I shakily held out my hand towards him, “M-My hand…” 

“Shit…” He whispered, taking my hand in his, carefully inspecting the reddening flesh.

By this time Marc had marched over to us, looking both angry and confused at the same time.

“What the hell was that? I thought I told you not to move!” He shouted towards Gerard, completely ignoring me.

“Actually sir… I think it-” Just as I was about to confess to being the one who forgot to move, Gerard stepped in.

“It was my fault, I know… I’ll take responsibility” He said with a knowing glance in his eye. Something that said ‘I’ve got this’

Upon his silent request I kept quiet, focusing only on the intensity of his eyes.

Marc growled, “Dammit… L/N, are you alright?” He asked, looking down at me with a slightly more sympathetic glaze in his eyes.

I nodded with clenched teeth, something that didn’t go unnoticed by Gerard, who looked really guilty about the whole thing, “I’m okay. It just hurts… We can do the shot again in five, ‘kay?”

Marc sighed, looking like he wanted to disagree with me. He obviously knew that my hand hurt and didn’t want to injure it further. But then again there was the issue of time and money and needing to get the scenes done on time. Eventually he agreed.

“Alright… fine. But we’re going to be changing up the ques so that way something like this doesn’t happen again” He said with his eyes narrowed angrily at Gerard.

He had called for some time to talk with Michael, while a medic ushered me over to a chair, Gerard not far behind.

The medic let out a hum, gently turning my fingers to get a better look at them. Finally she said, “I don’t think you’ve broken anything, thank God, but I wouldn’t recommend moving them too much”

I scoffed, “You did see the scene we’re doing, right? Hand movement is kind of required”

The medic pursed her lips, “Well perhaps you should miss this scene then”

“Not happening” I said firmly. No matter what I wanted to do this scene. I wanted to be able to look at the finished product and say that yes, I was in fact a dancer in this music video.

Gerard cleared his throat from the sideline, getting our attention.

“Maggie, can I have a minute with Y/N please?” The medic, who’s name I now know is Maggie, huffed and promptly strutted away.

Once she had gone Gerard visibly deflated, taking the seat Maggie was previously sitting in. “I’m really sorry… I didn’t mean to do this” Said Gerard while he looked down at his hands. Shaking my head, I immediately cut in, “Come on, this is my fault and you know it. I was supposed to move back on time and I forgot to, plain and simple”

His guilt was replaced with confusion, raising an eyebrow towards me. “Why didn’t you move?”

At his question I began to blush, the memories before I got hurt still fresh in my mind. “I guess I was… watching you…” I said slowly, as if I had to force the words from my mouth.

“Me?” For some reason I felt incredibly uncomfortable in that moment, wishing to disappear from the conversation/

“Well… Yeah. You were really amazing, Gerard” The singer looked shocked, as if he hadn’t ever heard the compliment before.

He laughed lightly, “Thanks… Hey, would you maybe like to get a coffee later? I’ve never really had Los Angeles drinks before”

The smile returned to my face, “Never been to California?”

“Nope. I grew up in Jersey, myself” He said with a homesick grin.

“New Jersey, huh? What was that like?” I said, genuinely curious.

The dark haired singer anxiously looked at me again, “You still haven’t answered my question”

Oh right. Coffee, “Sure! I mean, just as long as you don’t accidentally spill coffee on my hand”


But how was it? Personally it was a lot of fun to write and I can’t wait to do more for Gerard but if anybody has any other requests I’m open for ideas!

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“Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy. I can see they’re telling nothing but the truth.”

Kitsune beams at the pirate standing before her, one long leg crossed over the other, head cocked to the side and peering up from beneath her fringe.

The asshole splutters, scowling and snarling, but Kitsune’s had quite enough of playing along with this terrible farce.

“Look, do you have the kid or not?”

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anonymous asked:

A blurb where you are dating harry and he wants you to meet Gemma before you meet his mom?

*I’m not sure this is exactly what you had in mind.  Hope you enjoy, nonnie! A huge thank you to those mutuals who read this and gave me their advice.  (You know who you are.)  

Code Pink

“Gem, I‘ve a Code Pink.”

“Code Pink? Are you positive?  This isn’t a drill?  ‘Cause I’m tired of the drills, baby brother.  Always end badly for both of us.”

“This one is real.  Need your help here, Gems.”

I rummage quickly through the drawer on the nightstand, grabbing a pencil and the list of qualities Harry had written down previously.

“Okay, let’s go through the list of qualities again,” I hold my pencil up, ready to read off of the list, “Are you ready?”

“I’m ready, Gem.  But this is important.  So don’t fuck it up, ‘k?”

Responding with an equally deep sigh of my own, I look at the list, “Here we go: honesty, humility, confidentiality, graciousness, compassion, optimism, and forgiveness.   

My dorky brother pretended to think over the list, but I knew he’d been refining the list for years.  Literally years.  Since his early days on the XFactor, he had been contemplating the characteristics he wanted in a girlfriend and eventually a wife.  This list had been revised and reevaluated, reassessed and reexamined multiple times over the years.  I’d run a Code Pink on three women, each of whom Harry had thought was “the one”.  Snort.  Obviously none of them had even been close to “the one”.

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Love and Let Love (Part 2)

Love and Let Love Masterlist

Warning/s: Angst (?), Break-up, Betrayal, A few fluff moments, Panic Attack, Language, Mention of death

A/N: Part 2 guys! So this turned out longer than I thought. A little trivia for you: I tried to incorporate the five stages of grief in this story. (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression then Acceptance) The first part had a tinge of denial there, now for this part, it’s anger. This part is kind of difficult, but I’ll be happy if you read to the end. I’m also excited to let you read the next parts (Probably 2 – 3 more parts)! I promise you they’re way better than this one! (Y/N = Your Name; L/N = Your Last Name)

Number of Words: 1,939

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Imagine Sonny proposing to you

Basically a part two to this imagine

Imagine Sonny proposing to you

“Sonny,” you hissed as you hurried behind him, holding tightly onto his hand.

“We’re almost their, Y/N. Just a little more walking. It’s not too bad.” he reasoned.

“That’s easy for you to say. You aren’t wearing 5 inch heels and a dress that keeps getting caught. You could have said we were coming here after dinner. I would have packed hiking gear.” you shot back.

“Just a little further.” he reassured speeding up slightly and dragging you along gently.

Then suddenly you stumbled forward crashing into Sonny’s back. He was quick enough to steady you.

“Are you okay?” he asked concerned.

“Just peachy, can’t you tell? Sonny, can we please go back to the car?” you pleaded looking down at yourself to inspect the damage you’d done. Looking down you saw that your heel had broken off, “Damn my shoe.”

“When you see it it will be worth it and I can help with that.” he reassured with a smile.

Then suddenly he  grabbed you and swooped you up into his arms. You put your arms around his neck and leaning you head on his shoulder.

“Is that better?” he asked looking down at you.

“Much.” you nodded kissing his cheek, “I still don’t understand why we’re going to the park at midnight. Can’t we come back during daylight?”

Yours and Sonny’s anniversary had been a few days ago. Unfortunately, while Sonny had the day off you had to work. He had said it was okay but you could tell he was disappointed. So on that day you said you’d drive to Staten Island during your lunch and you could eat together. He organised this picnic for you both at Carisi Point. Which is what you had dubbed this little alcove on the local park embankment. Sonny had grown up in that park, they took family picture and you recently learned it’s where Sonny’s Mom had told his Dad that she was pregnant with Sonny’s older sister. It was definitely part of the Carisi family history.

You had a lot of dates their too. Sometimes it was just a stroll down the embankment and sometimes it was Picnics. He’d taken you their when he had asked you to move in with him. It was also where you realised that you liked Sonny. You’d driven him their when his car had broken down and he was going to the park to take pictures of his sister and his niece. He ended up taking pictures of you as well, that day.

Anyway, on your anniversary you had tried to make the picnic he had organised. You got their late due to tariff which meant you could only stay for a short time. Surprisingly, his whole family were their too. Which confused you because it was a Thursday in the middle of the day and Carisi family dinner was that night. When you their you could only stay for ten minutes. You greeted everyone, shoved some food in your mouth, apologised and then left. He asked if you could stay for a few minutes and you were about to give in when your phone rang and dragged you away.

You didn’t see Sonny for the rest of the day. When you finally got home, it was technically the next day and Sonny had already gone to bed. The next morning you apologised profusely and said on Saturday you could have a do over anniversary and they could do anything he wanted. Let’s just say he liked the idea. A lot.

On Saturday, despite it being his day, you’d woken up early and surprised him with Breakfast. You hadn’t made it, you had bought from the place around the corner from your apartment. You’d technically been banned from the kitchen. You’re not supposed to put plastic bowls on the stove whilst lit, who knew?

After he ate, he told you to get ready but didn’t tell you where you were going. It was surprise which you didn’t usually like but you trusted him. He took all the backroads so you didn’t know where you were going. You ended up at the arcade, Sonny went to as a kid. You’d loved arcades your entire life but could never go because your mother didn’t approve. Sonny had taken you to your first one on one of your dates at the start of your relationship.

You guys spent most of the day their. Having a competition as to who could win the most prizes for the other. You ate burgers and fries and played on the dance machines until you fell over laughing at each other. Together you’d won an entourage of stuffed friends which you mostly gave away to the kids but you guys kept the biggest toy which Sonny had won. It was almost as big as you were.

It was on the best days of your life and when you went home you thought that was the end of it. You went to flop onto the couch when Sonny told you to put on your fanciest dress because you were going out to dinner. Which you had half-heartedly protested but you were secretly excited.

During dinner you noticed that Sonny was a bit off. It was great, amazing even but he seemed nervous. You were curious as to what was up but didn’t make too much of it. Dinner just reminded you why you loved Sonny. He knew everything about you. He had moved the candle from the middle of the table because he knew you’d lean over ad try his. He explicitly told the waitstaff that it wasn’t his birthday because he you knew you’d try to tell them he was. And he made sure they put extra extra cheese on the garlic bread.

Also it didn’t hurt that you got to spend three hours looking at the person you loved the most. Just talking. You thought about how you wouldn’t change this for the world. The word ‘love’ was too limited to describe how you felt about him. Your Dad, being a scientist, had always told you to find your favourite piece of stardust and you had found yours.

After dinner you had assumed once again that this was the end of the night especially considering it was midnight by that time. But once again Sonny had other plans. He told you he wanted to show you something at the park. You protested saying you’d already seen Carisi point millions of times over the past four years not even the three you’d been together. To which he responded not like this.

And that brings you back to now.

You and Sonny stumbling through the park into your formal wear so he could show something secret.

“Because, you can only see it at night.” he informed allusively still walking.

“If I’m right about where we’re going. I’ve seen it many time and always during daylight hours.” you assumed.

“Not like this,you haven’t.” he whispered into your ear.

After a few more minutes of walking and protests you arrived at Carisi point. He eased you down onto the embankment.

‘So what’s the surprise?” you asked standing lopsided in-front of him.

Without saying a word, he grabbed your shoulders, span you round and pulled you close. Instinctively, you grabbed his arm. Then you finally saw it. Carisi point was illuminated by an overhead floodlight but the sea? Illuminated by the nearby Brooklyn. Bright lights against a pitch black sky. A visible beauty that you could only see by the low glow of the the floodlight.

“Wow.” you breathed marvelling at it.
“See.” he whispered before picking you up again.

He carried you to the wall that skirted the river. He eased you down so you could sit on it. He faced you towards the water so you legs could dangle off the edge. He sat bedside you, facing the other way.

“So was the broken heel worth it?” he chuckled as he watched you stare out to sea.

“Definitely, why didn’t you show me this before?” you questioned.

“I was waiting for a special day.” he responded tucking a star hair behind year.

“Well it’s our redo third year anniversary.” he pointed out.

“Yeah, but you could have done this on our first or second.” you said.

“Today’s special.” he commented still looking at you.

You nodded your head before looking out again. A comfortable silence fell over you both.

“You remember when I first you brought you here?” he asked suddenly.

“Hmm, your car broke down right before you had to meet your sister so you could take pictures of her and your niece and you needed me to drive you here.” you remembered.

“Right and do you remember what I said?” he continued to ask.

“Everything Carisi happens here, got grounded for a month and you had your first kiss here, not much else though. I do however remember is you taking pictures of me. Which I never saw by the way.” you chuckled as you poked his side.

“Oh you mean these.” he smirked producing a small stack of pictures from the inside his suit jacket.

“Oh my god,” you squealed taking them out of his hands.

Flicking through, you saw the blurry ones with your annoyed face shinning through and then you saw the ones that you took together. You saw that unlike you Sonny didn’t look at the camera he was too busy looking at you.

“Sonny, why don’t you ever look into the camera lens like a normal person?” you asked giggling as you still flipped through.

“Why would I look into the camera lens when I can look at you?” he flirted looking at you..

You raised an eyebrow and then kissed him.

“You’re one smooth talker.” you chuckled handing him back the photos.

“I try. Ah, YN. I wish I could spend every moment I have left with you.” he whispered leaning into you.

“But you work with me, live with me, your in a relationship with me. You’re practically always with me.” you pointed out.

“I know but it still isn’t enough. Do you want to spend the rest of your days with me?he asked his voice serious.

“Of course. Their isn’t anyone else I’d rather be with. Who else is stupid enough to  stick around this mess.” you reassured turning and putting your hand on face.

“You sure?” he asked leaning into your hand.

“I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life.” you smiled.

“Well alright then,” he said easing your hand off your face and kissing it.

He pulled it gently so you had turn your body round. So now your feet were dangling inches off the embankment instead of water. You were confused as he slipped himself off the wall and was on the floor.  Still holding your hand he positioned himself.

On one knee.

“Sonny…” you breathed only to stop when he put his finger to his lips.

“When we first met you four years ago. I thought I knew what being in love was like. I thought I had been in love but then you came around. With that beautiful face and proved me wrong, like always.  You showed me what love is. What love really is. My whole life I watched my parents who I know are god made soulmates and knew I wanted the same for myself but I didn’t fully understand what they had until I met you. It’s wanting to spend the rest of your life with someone. It’s not wanting to spend a second away from someone. It’s being so in love that you’re not the most important person in the world anymore. It’s someone else. And for me it’s you. I love everything about you. Your sarcastic comments, your complaints, your smirks, everything. I know you’ve had a hard life. You spent it all putting other people first. You’re the strongest woman I know. I want to show you what it feels like to be number one because you’ll always be my number one. I know you don’t believe in God but I believe he brought us together. To save each other. Before we started dating you always talked about finding your favourite piece of stardust and I can only pray that you’ve found that in me as much I’ve found it in you. So Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, will you make me the luckiest and happiest man on the planet and marry me?” he asked producing the ring from his looking right into your eyes as if they held the entire world.

His world.

“Yes,” you answered, “A billion katriilon times yes.”

He shakily slipped the ring on your equally as shaky hand. It was small and blue. The same colour of his eyes. You knew it was his grandmothers as he had shown it to you before you had started dating.

Then he swept you up once again. Lifting you up so you were technically above him so you had to lean down to kiss him. He then lowered you down and you wrapped your legs around his waist.

“I knew you were hiding something from me.” you smiled as you gently hit his chest.

“But it worth hiding, right?” you beamed back at you.

“Oh yeah.” you agreed before kissing him again, “We need to call and tell everyone.”

‘Not right now we aren’t. It’s the middle of the night.” he protested as you kissed every inch of his face.

“You’re right and anyway I think we’re going to busy for the rest of the night.” you winked.

He smiled at you before while still carrying you running back to the car. Ready to start the rest of your lives.

Broken Hand and Broken Heart (Maria Reynolds x Reader)

Originally posted by caroleecarmellow

Pairing: Maria Reynolds x Reader

Requested?: Day Seven of my write-a-thon!

Prompt: You broke your wrist over a breakup. 

Words: 700+

Warnings: Angst, Cheating, Hospital, Broken Knuckles





“This is Maria.”

“Hey, Maria. It’s (Y/N).”

“(Y/N)? What’s up?”

“W-Well… It’s kinda a funny story.”

“Have you been crying? You sound awful. Are you okay?”

“K-Kind of?”

“Did Thomas make you cry?”


“(Y/N), I’m coming over.”

“That’s probably a bad idea.”

“Why? Is he there?”

“I smashed my fist into the wall and kinda… destroyed my knuckles.”

“Oh my god, (Y/N).”

“Thomas dropped me off the hospital and left. Probably to his whore’s house.”

“… He cheated on you?”

“I’ll tell you the details of the fight once you get down here. I’m most likely gonna need surgery on my hand.”

“Alright. I’ll be there in about twenty minutes.”

“Be safe on your way please.”

“I will, love. See you soon.”



You had just finished up your inspection from the nurse when Maria came in. It was late at night but she still looked beautiful. Her hair was curly and messy like usual and she was dressed in one of Alexander’s sweatshirt and a pair of ripped jeans. Dressed casually but still looked like a queen.

“Hey, there stranger.” You said as you yawned.

Maria pulled a chair to your side, taking your good hand in hers. She had a face of concern and relief. “Are you okay?” She asked sincerely. “Did you just hurt your hand?”

You nodded. “Just my hand. And my pride. And my heart.”

Maria frowned. “What happened?”

You took a deep breath. “Thomas and I were supposed to go out tonight. I showed up to his place like normal and I saw something in his car. I got closer and…” You felt tears build in your eyes but kept your composure. “I saw him… and some chick in the backseat.”

Maria felt rage boil in her blood but kept calm. She should start planning Thomas’ death for hurting her best friend.

“The chick saw me. They both saw me when I left. I just ran home. I cried for a couple of hours and Thomas showed up. He used his spare key. We screamed at each other for about an hour before I yelled ‘shut up’ and slammed my fist into the wall. It didn’t crack or anything. But my hand started bleeding and my fingers went limp. I wrapped my hand in a pillowcase and Thomas took me here. He left after I got signed in. I’ve been here for about a half hour before they asked if there was someone I could go home with after the surgery and that was when I called you.”

Maria gritted her teeth and gripped the armrests on her chair. She was shaking in rage. How dare Thomas screw around with some whore and break your heart. She was surely going to kill him when she gets the chance.

“I’ll stay here with you,” Maria said after a few moments of silence.

You shook your head. “No, I’ll be okay. Really. The nurses will take care of me.”

“I’m not going to argue with you, (Y/N). Not after what happened tonight. I’m staying by your side before and after your surgery. I’ll stay here while you’re in surgery. I’m not leaving until you’re discharged. And then, I’m going to stay with you until your hand is healed. Is that understood?”

“Yes, mom.” You said teasingly, a goofy smile on your face.

Maria rolled her eyes and chuckled. “I might as well be your mom, (Y/N). You’re such a child sometimes.”

You pouted. “I’m not a child! I’m a grown woman who is the embodiment of maturity.”

Maria kissed your forehead and patted your hair. “Go to sleep, (Y/N). You’re probably really tired. I’ll be here when you wake up.”

You whined but you moved down to lay down. You closed your eyes and almost instantly fell asleep. Maria couldn’t help but internally gush at how cute you were when you were pouty and tired. She couldn’t help but love you. You were just so pure, so smart, so caring, so selfless. She loved you so much. Maria was silently hoping you loved her back so she had a good reason to break things off with Alexander.

But for now, she had to plan out Thomas Jefferson’s death.

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#48 wtih red...

#48: “If you want to get me naked, you’ll have to convince me it’ll be worth my time.” Oh my gosh, thank you anon, this was so much fun to write! Sorry it took a little longer than expected. I’m experimenting with a shorter, more concise way of writing. I’m hoping it worked with the humorous angle I took on this. I hope you like it! :D Thank you! <3 Below the cut:

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Its Not What It Looks Like !

Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader 

Requested by @iheartfood123 

 Word Count: 1,608

 Summary: After a long night of storming and nothing to do, Daryl finds out has Y/n and Carl decided to pass the time..  

Warnings: slight/implied nsfw, cursing 

 Author’s Note: Happy Holidays everyone !! I hope you all are enjoying yourselves over the break :-) sorry that this fic was so late ! I’ve been very busy with Christmas stuff lately (YIKES lol). Either way, I hope you all enjoy ! Starting in January hopefully, I will be starting a new Carl Grimes x Reader series that I think you all will enjoy ! (Depending on the feedback, I’ll determine how often I post chapters.) Until then, happy holidays and enjoy !!! (I again apologize about any spelling errors, as usual)


There was currently a storm passing through Alexandria, knocking out whatever power was left here. Carol was watching Judith at her place, at the moment, while Rick and Michonne went to help discuss and fix the problems with others. Carl and I were left alone in the house, bored out of our minds. 

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Monkey Business

The waffle house was filthy, which was comforting in its own way. California seemed like a different country altogether, and I felt utterly out of place as I attempted to read the food encrusted menu, while not actually touching it at the same time. I knew it was just my paranoia, but I felt like I had a sign posted across my back that said “Redneck” and everyone in the restaurant was wondering what a hillbilly from Northern Alabama was doing out here on the left coast.
Tumblr. Yes that’s right, Tumblr was the reason I had ridden my Harley all the way across country to meet a Pal I had made on Tumblr. The really weird part was that I didn’t even know his name, or if “He” was actually a HE. But there I was in that disgusting breakfast booth, trying to decide between the Ebola infused waffles, or the dysentery inducing Denver omelet. I finally landed on a triple order of bacon with toast and coffee and was attempting to clean the eating utensils with my t-shirt, when the waitress suddenly appeared out of nowhere startling the bejesus out of me. She took my order down, and within minutes brought me my food, and then asked in a monotonic manner… “Is your friend going to eat too?”
“How do you know I’m meeting somebody?” I asked.
“He always meets them here,” she replied.
“He?” I mumbled.
“Yes, you know, the Monkey”
“Oh, right, yes well, yes I guess he will be eating something”

Just then the front door slammed open to the waffle house, and in walked an old man who was obviously blind, grey hair, long grey beard, wearing overalls and flip flops, being led by a small monkey. They headed straight for my table and the old man scooted into the seat opposite of me, while the monkey bounced up and onto the table. It locked eyes with me momentarily, reached across the table taking a piece of my bacon, and began to eat while studying me.
A small silence ensued.
Glacially I tore my gaze away from the monkey, which was a curious shade of purple, and spoke to the old man. “So, you’re THE Monkey I presume. It’s nice to finally meet you.” A loud CRACK, from a hand slapping the table top brought me up short, causing everyone in the waffle house to look around. The monkey, with a mouthful of my bacon, mumbled… “Walt is not much on chit chat.”
I sat there with what I can only assume was a very stupid expression on my face, and tried to figure out how this trick was being played. By all appearances the monkey had spoken, but that couldn’t be right. I tried once again, and said to the old man, Walt… “Nice trick brother, how do you do that, are you a Ventriloquist?”
“Ventriloquist.” the monkey said mockingly, as it carefully inspected my plate and opted for another piece of my bacon. “No ventriloquism here, just a talking monkey- A Japanese Macaque if you wanna to get technical, but I just go by Monkey, Purple Monkey if you prefer.”
I had watched the old man’s mouth throughout the entire time that the monkey had been talking, and his lips never twitched once.
A strange unreal sensation slipped slowly down my spine.
I transferred my gaze to the monkey and stared for an eternal minute.
It, He, stared back, shrugging his shoulders and said… “You’re a cool one huh? This is where most people get up and run. You gonna eat that toast? I’m starving”
Pulling my plate over to him he continued… “You’ve seen Planet of the Apes I assume?” I sat there staring in disbelief— immobile.
He snapped his simian fingers inches in front of my face.
“Hey, I didn’t lose you did I?”
“No, no,” I sputtered, “I mean yes, yes I’ve seen it”
“Well,” he said, “it’s kinda like that, except none of the bullshit SciFi fantasy, time traveling assholes fucking up the earth, bunch of mutant humans and all that horseshit, and don’t get me started on Mark Walberg! He couldn’t act his way out of a paper sack, fucking asshat"
The monkey suddenly had an expression of childlike glee. "In fact, if I ever do see that wanna be out on the street, I’m gonna fling my poo at him"

The waitress appeared out of nowhere again making me jump, and setting the monkey off on a giggling spree. I’d never heard a monkey giggle, and it was disturbing. He became serious all of a sudden and stared at me.
“What are we gonna do about you now?” he said cryptically
“What do you mean by that?” I asked apprehensively.
The restaurant suddenly became quiet.
“Well, now that you’ve seen me, I can’t just let you walk around running your mouth. You forget we’ve been PALS for a long time now, and you gotta big mouth sometimes. I’ve read your poetry Cherokee- sickening sweet, runny cheesery bullshit. Oh you’re funny on occasion, that’s the only reason you’re still alive”

It was at that moment that I realized that the other people in the waffle house were all quietly listening in on the conversation. I glanced across the aisle and locked eyes with the somehow familiar face of a Hispanic man wearing a wolf print t-shirt. He gave me a very slight negative head shake, and put his eyes back on the pancakes in front of him. Across from him was a woman with one of those rubber horse heads, but with a horn on it, and she was staring into an uneaten bowl of skittles. I began to slowly look around the restaurant. I had a sick feeling in my stomach as I took in the faces that were trying not to look at me. I had seen some of these people before. A young bearded fellow dressed like Jesus. A mermaid or two eating sushi? At a waffle house? A one-eyed Canadian. Librarians. Lesbians. Lots and lots of Lesbians. A very angry comrade with tattoos up the wazoo. Filipinos. Why were there so many Filipinos? A hipster douchebag on a typewriter typing haiku?
Then it hit me.
I looked across the table at the monkey.
He grinned a wide evil grin.

(co-write purplemonkey & cherokee)

Sweeter than Honey

Description: High school AU where Dean has a habit of calling his best friend, Cas, “honey bee”
Relationship: Castiel and Dean Winchester
Word Count: 2,372
Warnings: Fluff
Author’s Note: Sorry guys, I just couldn’t get the idea of Dean calling Cas “honey bee” out of my head.

“Hey, honey bee!”

Castiel jumped at the shout and turned his head to find his best friend, Dean Winchester, grinning as he stood by the back door of Castiel’s house.

Rolling his eyes, Cas returned his focus to his little beehive. He slid the frame he had been inspecting back inside. “See you later, guys,” he told his buzzing friends and journeyed toward the house.

“What are you doing here?” he asked Dean when he was far enough to remove his mask.

Dean shrugged easily as he watched Cas remove his bee keeping gear. “I need your help with something.”

“And what would that be?” Dean’s eyes slid away as he mumbled something incoherent to Cas’s ears. “What was that?”

Dean released an exasperated sigh. “I haven’t started Mr. Turner’s research paper yet.”

“Dean!” Cas chastised. “That’s a six-page paper! It’s due tomorrow!”

“I know!” Dean cried. “That’s why I need your help!”

Cas had every urge to tell Dean no. He always did this, waiting until the last possible second to start a big assignment and then dragging Cas into his mess. Cas had lost count of the number of nights he had stayed up late helping Dean finish English papers and science projects.

But Dean knew how to work Cas. He knew how to bat his pretty green eyes and pout with those pretty pink lips and his face got just red enough to make his galaxy of freckles stand out. Cas was weak.

“Fine,” he gritted out. “But I’m only going to help you write the outline. I’m not touching the actual paper.”

But Dean wasn’t listening. He was already dancing inside of Cas’s house, pumping a victorious fist in the air.

Cas followed his friend inside. “Get your stuff out. I’m going to make some tea.”

There was once a time when Dean would make a face at Cas announcing he was going to make tea. What kind of high school boy drank tea? But Dean had long grown use to Cas’s odd likes and dislikes, such as tea and bee keeping. He just nodded and began to unload to backpack onto the kitchen table.

Cas sat at the table a few minutes later with his mug. He took a sip and then stood back up to fetch a jar or something.

“What’s that?” Dean asked, peering over his mountain of books.

“Honey,” Cas said as he spooned some into his mug. “I collected it myself.”

Dean couldn’t suppress his smirk. Cas tilted his head. “What?”

“Nothing, honey bee. Don’t worry about it.”

Cas frowned and scooted closer to Dean. “I wish you’d stop calling me that. Okay, so what have you go so far?”

“Jack shit,” Dean answered.

Cas signed. “Well, first you need a topic. Some animal to focus on.”

“What did you write about?”

Cas went to answer and flushed. There was a pause before he answered, “Honey bees.”

Dean’s laughter earned him a hard punch in the arm.

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WTF is going on in Pinal county, Arizona??

I live in Mammoth, Arizona and nothing has ever happened here worth writing about because, well, Mammoth has a population of around 1,500.

Eleven days ago, on the 3rd, an older woman who runs a home daycare in my town was found dead in her bathroom by a parent who was picking up his daughter. The kids were all really agitated and told police that Mrs. Booker (the deceased) had been yelling at them and bleeding from her eye before she went into the bathroom and collapsed in her bathtub.

Sad, and unpleasant, but not really news. But a day later one of the daycare babies developed a rash and started bleeding from her ear. She died 12 hours later and so did EIGHT other kids from that daycare - all with similar symptoms. This started a shitstorm in my town.

In a town of 1,500 people, attempts the keep people unaware and calm were an utter failure. It was on facebook by the following day. Nine people who had been at the hospital when the kids were starting to trickle in also started exhibiting these symptoms, I’m told. None lasted more than a few days.

By last Friday, 18 people who had indirect contact with the children were reported missing or dead of natural or unknown causes - all had exhibited similar symptoms just before their deaths.

It was at this point that I became directly affected. My sister returned from Oro Valley (the closest hospital) a complete wreck. She had gone to visit her friend’s new baby and upon arriving had been informed that both her friend and her baby had died. Everything I just told you was told to her by a frightened nurse. I fact checked what I could.

My sister was literally hysterical. She was speaking a full octave higher than usual and at twice the speed - I have never seen her act like that before. Her shoulders and arms had bruises so big I thought maybe she’d been in a car accident on the way home. She told me she didn’t know where she’d gotten them and when I tried to put her to bed she freaked out and started screaming at me that my bedroom was too hot. I took her temperature which was 102.8. I convinced her to go to bed.

I fell asleep on the couch shortly after waiting for a call back from our town’s M.E. I woke up to my phone going off - I had 7 texts from friends of mine all reporting the same thing:

Entire families were being found beaten to death all over Mammoth. Blood, bruises, nails and teeth missing, hair ripped out- all of them. I heard reports of anywhere from 14 to 55 dead bodies, depending on who you were talking to. In a state of completely shock, I did the only thing I could do really well on autopilot - I wrote an article about it for my blog.

I made some calls around the city but my usual contacts weren’t picking up. I went to check on my sister and she was bleeding from her ear - heavily. Between that and the bruising, I started to wonder if these were actually home invasions at all. I called the 24 hour urgent care in town but no one picked up. I didn’t want to risk driving her back to Oro Valley. I then tried 911, which also rang endlessly.

I called my friend in Oro who works for a legit newsagent and she told me that they were reporting NW Medical was running a skeleton crew because most of the medical staff had either called in sick or been found dead in their homes. She said she’d seen tanks in Oro.

I woke up the next morning and my sister was gone. I don’t know where she is and I’m too scared to go looking for her.

I have called the CDC multiple times but every time I call the same woman answers. The first time she took a statement and said she’d get back to me. Every subsequent time I’ve called, she immediately puts me on hold. She never comes back to the line.

This morning my contact at the police department finally called me back. He told me the death toll is “incalculable” at this point and that they are being “iced out” by both the state and federal governments at this point with one exception. Two people from the CDC showed up yesterday. My contact overheard them talking about Mrs. Booker’s cancer treatments as if it were relevant… He doesn’t know if it is but he hopes I can make something out of it.
I can’t.
I don’t know about Oro, but my estimation for Mammoth itself is around 40 dead after showing the same symptoms. I haven’t seen any of this in the news, which I’ve been watching religiously. Why not? We have been told the safest place for us right now is inside our homes. I haven’t seen a car pass down my street in two days.

I’m scared. My sister is still missing but I’m too afraid to look for her or go into the room she was sleeping in. My hair is falling out from stress. I’ve been smoking like crazy. This morning I noticed a bruise on my arm. I know my immune system is compromised and I’m too afraid to leave my house. I called my parents in Tucson and left a message but they haven’t called back.

The last I heard from my friend in Oro was Saturday morning. She texted to tell me they had started to find bodies lying in the street. No one is bothering to collect them anymore. I responded but she never texted back.

I’ll update more as soon as I can. Anyone in Oro or Mammoth, please contact me. I haven’t seen another human in over two days and I feel like the last person on earth.

It’s almost 6 here and a siren has been going off for about ten minutes. I don’t know if it’s a tornado siren or an air raid siren but it’s loud and creepy as f*ck.

I noticed a small bruise on my arm that upon further f*cking inspection spreads all the way down one side of my back. I’m so f*cking scared. I had a breakdown where I just screamed at the wall and cried and there was blood in my tears and that was like an hour ago.

I’m going to go over to the neighbors because I can’t be alone anymore and f*ck it, it’s not like I can get it because I’ve already got it. The sirens have me terrified and the sun is almost down here. My name is Lindsey Allen, I’m 29 and I’m from Mammoth, AZ

For You ~ pt. 15

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~ Beautiful ~

“And remember, class, to send it your presentation for the ‘the most beautiful moment in life’ . It’s due Monday.”

Really? How did I miss that deadline? I haven’t even sat down to look at the pictures that I had taken. Talk about procrastination.

“________-ah!” My head turns towards the classroom door.

I gather my things and walk towards Lee. “How come your teachers always let you leave early?”

“Because I’m great like that.” She flips her hair dramatically. No wonder she’s in the drama class.

“I think it’s because the teacher doesn’t want to spend any more seconds with you.” She looks at me with a sour expression.

I grin at her and loop my arm through hers. “I haven’t seen Joon the entire day.” Usually he is always next to Lee.

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One jewel for your thoughts

“Dude you are so fucked” Gray said rolling his eyes at Natsu.

The dragon stopped his tasks just to look back at Gray throwing his punch in the air “What for, iced butt?”

The Demon slayer smirked shocking his head “I mean, you brought me here, because you want me to keep cool this strange fruit so, when Lucy comes back from her mission, she can taste it fresh”

“Yeah not my fault if this thing is really delicate and it comes out only few days per year. Erza said it is sweet and juicy, Lucy will surely like it!” Natsu said jumping down from a tree with the prize in his hand.

“Yeah, and obviously it has to be in this Monsters’ territory” Gray said looking at the pile of strange creatures knocked out at their backs.
He then took the fruit inspecting it. It sure looked good all soft and glossy. “How many of this things are here on this tree?” He asked.

“Oh, just this one” Natsu answered- “Mira told me that this kind of fruit is very rare, every tree makes only one of those! You have to be very lucky to take it!”

“And you want to give it to Lucy, right?” Gray gave the fruit back to Natsu covering the red little apple with a thin shell of shiny ice.-“Don’t you want to taste it yourself? I mean when we talk about food it’s rare that you don’t shove everything into your mouth without thinking twice,why do you want to give it to Lucy?” Gray asked passing a hand through his hair and looking strangely unconfortable about something. Like in his head was going on a more complicated thought than the one he was voicing.

“Don’t know man” Natsu looked at his distorted reflection on the ice and put the fruit in his bag-“I think Lucy will like it and that’s all.. Oh and then she will probably smile and thank me, cooking for me so I’ll have even more food than just one fruit! This is how it works!”

“I see!” Gray mumbled, deep in thoughts-“however you really are fucked!” The ice make mage smirked.

“What? Why?“Natsu shouted lifting his fists.

“I mean, do you ever stop thinking ‘bout Lucy?!” Gray’s smirk became larger.

“I..” Natsu opened and closed his mouth “It’s Not like I think about her this much, iceass” the dragon slayer said pouting and crossing his arms.

“Oh really? Then let’s make a bet!” Gray suggested with his branded smugface, licking his lips already tasting the flavour of victory.

“I’m all fired up!!” Natsu nearly shouted, hitting his fired fist on his open hand.

“You will give me one jewel everytime you think about Lucy!” The ice mage proposed.

“Pfff” Natsu shrugged “one jewel?! That’s fine!! Lucy doesn’t want me to bet money, but one jewel is a sum she would approve so I’m in!!

“Good!!” Gray said stretching his open hand toward Natsu.

“What?” The dragon slayer asked, eyeing Gray suspiciously.

“You already lost your first jewel.”

“Damn!!” Natsu swore looking in his poket for the money. Two seconds later he swore again under his breath and gave Gray a second jewel.

“I’ll be rich in no time!” The ice mage smiled taking the money. “Now let’s look for another one of those trees! I want one of this fruits too!” He added putting his hands in his pokets and blushing slightly.

“Aw come on let’s stop with this stupid thing!!” Natsu said nearly crying while Gray kept laughing.

“Are you crazy? I’ll probably never need to work anymore, for my whole life, if I keep this bet up!!”

“Yeah but Lucy will kill me if she knew I lost all this jewe…..Aaaaaw fuck I have to give you another jewel, haven’t I?” Natsu was pulling desperate at his hair at this point.

“Yup!” The ice mage laughted “and with this last one jewel, I reached the amount to go to the Fiore’s best resort, two days all inclusive for two!” He said putting the money in his poket.

“I’m so fucked!!!!!” Natsu shouted bumbing his head on the wall.

The guild door opened,revealing two chatty, pretty girls full of bags.
Lucy and Juvia reached for the first table waving goodafternoon to Mira.

“Juvia is soo hungry!!!” The water mage said.

“My feet hurt!” Lucy complained taking off her shoes.- “but I had fun!”

“Juvia too!” She smiled.

“Yo!” Natsu said approaching slowly the girl’s table.

“Hey there Natsu! Is it everything ok? You seem a bit off!” Lucy said inspecting suspiciously the dragon’s expression.

“He is just sulking coz he’s a looser, or better a goner!” Gray smirked getting close to the table.

“Gray sama!” Juvia called smiling bright.
“Juvia didn’t know you’d be here at this hour! Juvia is so happy to see you!” The girl said trowing her arms around Gray’s chest. The ice mage just stood awkwardly still letting her brush her face on his naked torso and blushing slightly when she lifted her smiling face to look directly at him.

Natsu sat next to Lucy staying oddly quiet while the celestial mage started to tell him about her mission.
“…-and then we jumped off the tree and Juvia created this giant wave and we looked like two surfer and I Lucy kicked the idiot and…”

“Wait” Natsu said “did you say tree?”

“Yeah” Lucy answered confused.

“Lucy, I have something for ya!” Natsu said digging in his bag.

“Really? What is it?” Lucy said exciting.

“Buut… I’ll give it to you only If you promise you won’t get mad at me today!!” He said interrupting his quest.

Lucy eyed Natsu suspiciously.
“What did you do?”

“It’s all Gray’s fault!” He said lifting defensively his hands.

“What did you do,Natsu?”

“I lost money on a bet! Natsu admitted feeling ashamed "it was a one jewel bet, but then I lost all my savings!!! He said bumbing his head on the table while Lucy crossed her arms on her chest.

"Natsu, What did I tell you about betting money? And how could you lost all your savings betting one jewel at time?” She said crossing even her legs on the bench.

Natsu toyed with his fingers,duelling with himself about how much to tell her without looking like a total idiot.
“I bet a jewel for every time I thought ‘bout you during these days” He said talking fast.

“What?” Lucy asked with her eyes wide opened. Suddenly she couldn’t look at his face nor find the strenght to be mad. All the blood in her veins had reached her cheeks and she was boiling like a steam engine.

“I’m sorry Lucy!!” Natsu whined “I’ll do anything! Do you want a feet massage?” Natsu said taking Lucy’s foot in his hands and starting to rub it.

Lucy looked at Natsu’s face, his eyes so fixed on her she couldn’t breath fine. “Eerm…”

“Take a room you two!!” Juvia smirked hugging Gray’s arm that smirked alongside, looking at Natsu’s oblivious face and at Lucy that seemed like she could explode any time soon.

“What..uhm, What did you have for me?” Lucy mumbled trying to change the subject.

“Oh this!!” Natsu smiled bright giving her the red juicy fruit. “I think you’ll like it!!”
Lucy took the apple and blushed even more. “Na..Natsu is this? I mean.. How did you?”

Natsu smiled wider looking at Lucy’s face “I knew you’d like it!” He said proudly.

“Lucy is soo lucky!!” Juvia whined “Juvia always dreamed about receiving that Apple one day!”

“Actually…” Gray said looking everywhere but at Juvia’s face “I took one too, and If you want it that badly…” Gray took the fruit from his bag giving it to Juvia. The water mage looked speachless, then her face morphed into the brighter smile he had ever seen, she could lit up the whole guild, and then she started to cry,hugging Gray like her life depended on it,while the ice mage complained and blushed.

“Is that Apple really this good?” Gajeel asked Levy, looking slighty annoyed about their friend’s noise.

“You don’t know the legend, do you?” The blunette asked. Gajeel looked at Levy’s face with a puzzled expression.

She closed the book she was reading and took off her glasses.
“The legend says that the Gods took one fruit from heaven and decided to throw it on the eath. This fruit looks like an Apple and matures only for few days per year, usually in the most dangerous places, so it took a lot of strenght and luck to find the right tree and grasp the Apple, so much that the legend says it is like meeting the right person. The legend also says that the fruit, it is so good and beautiful that everyone who find it, would eat it without a second thought, but if you can resist it, thinking about giving it to someone else instead, it means you care about that person more than you care about yourself. So basically receiving that Apple from someone means that he truly loves you, and so the Gods will protect forever your love assuring you a happy future together.I bet Juvia and Lucy knew about the legend” Levy smiled looking at her friends.

Gajeel stood quite few minutes letting the story sink in, then he abruptly stood up placing both his hands on the wooden table and mumbing something about the future together…“Shrimp I have some errands to do!” He said running outside while Levy blushed and smiled, wishing him good luck.

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