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A Richonne Ranking: 40 Moments
[30] Naked – The Next World, 6x10

I want to personally thank Andy ‘Ricky Dicky Doo Dah Grimes’ Clutterbuck and My Girl Danai Gurira for their unyielding dedication to their craft. Their performances here as Post-Coital Couple #1 are truly unparalleled. As if the kiss wasn’t enough to make my head explode, this quick little follow-up scene just about finished me off. Every detail of the frame has been carefully constructed to kill me. Hand placements. Leg positions. Mostly hand placements. One hand in particular. Ass man, as established in… err, almost every episode?

Any argument that Rick and Michonne will be softened by their relationship is swiftly addressed here. Even at their most vulnerable – asleep and naked – they are ready to leap into action and I am HERE. FOR. IT. Look at this couple of warriors turning into a warrior couple.  

  • Andy: It’s great. Two warriors, two warrior lovers. Bring it on! […] The final scene was supposed to be a little more demure. Danai and I just said, “The audience has seen us have a kiss. Then, there’s this reveal of us in bed. The only way we’re going to up this ante and make it real is we’ve got to be naked. We wouldn’t hide under sheets. We’d go for the gun and katana.” We wanted viewers to know nothing’s changed. They’re just ferocious.
  • Tom Payne: So Danai and Andy get up out of bed. First of all, she’s pointing her sword at my face and worrying about me looking. I’m like, “I’m just looking at the sword because I don’t wanna lose my eye.” And then Kari comes in and says, “Can you look Andy up and down and then smile at him?” I’m like, “No!” There was a moment where I was like, “Yeah, maybe I’ll do that…” but Andy was completely naked in front of me. 
  • Danai: It was fun. It was very bonding and, ultimately, we had a great time that evening. 
Bungou Stray Dogs Book 1: Dazai Osamu’s Entrance Exam [Chapter 3 Part 10-12]

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I just finished my major exams and university entrance preparations yayyy :DDD So I am FINALLY free to update and translate stuff :D

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When Sawada Tsunayoshi woke up as a baby, he didn’t cry, he just stared at his mother as if wondering what world he had come to. Babies weren’t supposed to be like. They were ‘pure’ and ‘innocent’, yet why did this odd child just stare? He had knowing eyes looking straight into people’s souls.

Brown eyes were supposed to be filled with wonder or pain because, why am I here?

But they were dead and blank.

Nobody knew how to fix it and it freaked everyone out.

For the first few months he was quiet, his parents were starting to think he was mute. No, he just stared blankly at everything.

Then the parents found out that his eyes couldn’t see any color.

Everything went down.

“Why did you give birth to a defect?!”

“Why did you have to be born?!”

All the while, as his parents argued their senseless battles, he just stared.

Babies don’t know anything except cry.

But he didn’t.

He did not demand attention.

He didn’t want to.

So, in his crib he just listened and stared at everything. So… quiet. Sometimes his mother forgot to feed him.

He was raised until he was 3, but no love or affection was given to him.

“Who would love such an ugly, weird child?”

Then, one day, in an act of desperation, of pure pain; his parents left him on a door step of a church.

The church’s orphanage seemed to be a good place.

It seemed to be a good place.

Tsuna among others were taken care of until they can work, until the age they can do the work.

The nice sisters they knew when they were little became devils.

How ironic.

They forced the able children to work, to clean the church from day on end.

No love, just coldness.

But even then, Tsuna had a friend.

She was a very optimistic girl, always laughing and smiling.

As if pain couldn’t paint her pure white canvas.

They were always together, helping each other.

Until years later, when they were 10, something happened.

Tsuna was on bell duty that day.

Father was going on a trip to another church. It was good, nobody’s going to shout at them and tell them what to do. It lessened the harsh treatment.

Up went the tall stairs to the bell tower.

He was alone, not like the other days where he had an older kid with him.

Tsuna walked up but stopped at the curious little room he found a bit odd to be placed.

Curiosity was what killed the small bit of innocence he had.

He peeked into the room; he heard ragged breaths and sinister laughs.

When his eyes finally made out what was in the room, he stumbled and covered his mouth to prevent himself from vomiting.

His friend, his true friend was there. Sitting on the Fathers’ lap, naked and twisting in pain.

She was moving up and down but it was forced while the Priest sat there with pink cheeks and a greedy smile.




Tsuna didn’t know what he was doing until the last moment when he opened the door wide open.

His best friend stared at him in shock and shame.

Father didn’t seem to think so.

“What’re you going to do? You can’t do anything. Why don’t you come and join us?”

It was the first time Tsuna saw something besides black and white. It was bright and blinding.


Before he knew what he was doing, Tsuna walked to the Father.

“Oh? Going to join? Come here.”

Tsuna glared at father and slowly climbed to his lap.

He strangled him to death.

He felt bigger and stronger; full of anger.

The father fought back but he couldn’t specially since the bone in his nape snapped and he was suddenly limp.

Tsuna looked at his best friend. Brown-orange eyes widened when he saw her bleeding and panting.

Life burning away

She smiled a tired, pained smile before Tsuna reacted and extracted her body from the dead priest.

“Tsu-tsuna, remember when we were small? We wanted to run away and live another life.”

Tsuna didn’t say anything, just stared at her. Eyes filled with unknown emotion.

“Please get away from this place and live. I will always be there for you. I will see what you see, feel what you feel.”

With one last smile, she died.

Silent tears fell from Tsuna’s eyes. There was no bright color anymore. It was just the same goddamn grey.

He cried his tears out and slowly dressed his best friend.

I will leave you with some decency.

He made her body sit at the steps, looking as if she was sleeping.

Sleeping for eternity

He locked the door and continued up the stairs. He rang the bell and he quickly made his way down.

He ran until he was outside the church, everyone was looking at him strangely, why is he crying?

He didn’t care if he was being chased.

He ran and ran. He didn’t care where he went, he just ran until he was tired and was walking aimlessly among the crowds of Japanese people.

The church was almost isolated from the whole city of Namimori because it was a place of prayer.

Dazedly, he looked around the place. It was a market, or what he thought because it was busy.

His worn little legs carried him.




He bumped into someone, a man in a traditional Japanese yukata with glasses.

He didn’t seem dangerous at all.

Tsuna’s eyes widened he saw color again.


The color was engulfing him like flames and it was beautiful.

“Hey, kid, are you alright?”

That was the last question that rang in his ears before darkness embraced him.


Six long years have passed since that incident. He lived away from Namimori and had taken up residence in Tokyo. Tsuna had started seeing flames on people and he didn’t know why.

Bright colored flames, his savior, Kawahira had called, Dying Will Flames.

“I’m not your savior, kid. You saved yourself.”

He said that it was a dormant quality in human beings that was only brought out when there’s a life or death situation.

A will to live

There were special people that could manifest the flames and use it to fight.

And those special people normally belong to the mafia, something Kawahira was reluctant to tell him about but did so anyway.

For six years he learned a lot of things about the mafia and wishes to stay far, far away from it.

“You have sky flames kid. They would want such a rare jewel.”

So, he started –insisted- on having a slightly normal life. He went to school and is now a first year in high school with normal grades and no friends.

“Acquaintances are good but you don’t need anything other than that.”

Along with that was the training he underwent with Kawahira. To protect himself from the mafia, he was grateful for it.

This was his routine until he was a third year in High School, where he decided to move out because Kawahira was going back to Namimori.

“I don’t want to go back to that place.”

He left a sum of money until Tsuna can stand on his own feet. They lost contact with each other but they knew where the other could be found.

Two years have passed since then, Tsuna is now a second year in college, studying Economics.

His world was still the same. Grey with colored flames on people. He sustained himself by doing multiple part-time jobs; a cashier at a local fast-food chain, a staff at the book store near the station and a waiter at a café.

Overall, he seemed like a normal person. He works hard at school and at work. He was well-liked by everyone.

Well, he seemed to be.

He trusted no one. (It was discreet, of course.)

He was very cynical of everything.

He was always alone.

I don’t really care what others think.

All he wanted was to graduate from college, get a job, when he gets enough money, build a business and then die.

It sounded dull but he was dull. Nothing in this world was interesting anyway.

The only thing that interested him now was photography.

That was ironic; he didn’t see any color other than the flames but he took great shots. The photography club said so. (He joined on a whim.)

It was nice, he guessed, but in order to get a really good camera, you have to spend money. So he worked hard until he got a DSLR camera, his very first. He treasured it like there’s no tomorrow.  

Photography was in a way, a hobby.

It was nice, having something that he could create.

It made his dull, gray days more content.

He was content.

Like a moving picture in magical movies, the mafia just came in.

He was working at the café that day. Wiping the table outside the store when a man in a suit came in front of him; he had cold, black eyes and a fedora.

Tsuna deadpanned at him, silently observing him. Bright flames engulfed him in a mysterious way.


“Yes? What can I help you with?”

The man didn’t answer at first, allowing the light of the moon to illuminate his dark frame.

Dark, baritone voice rang from the man, “Yes. I am looking for someone named, Sawada Tsunayoshi.”

It registered quickly to Tsuna that this guy was from the mafia but there’s no use lying.

“Yes, that’s me. What do you want?” Suspicion ran through his head.

“Ah, that’s great. I just wanted to talk to you about your parents.”

His parents?

Images of papers from the orphanage about someone leaving him outside the church doors resurfaced in his mind.

His parents left him to die outside the cold doors of a church.

What do they want now?

“What about my… parents?”

I don’t even know you.

The man cleared his throat, “I’m Reborn, I’m a friend of you father. We’ve been looking for you.”

Why would they look for me after so long?

It sounded fishy.

“Will you please come with me?”

Tsuna frowned. This is ridiculous.

“No. I will not.” A firm voice that surprised even Tsuna himself said.

Reborn sighed, “Then, I’ll just have to force you to come with me.”

You’re going to force me?

Tsuna pursed his lips and glared straight at the man, “That’s called kidnapping, Sir. Please leave if you’re not going to order anything or else, I’m going to call the police on you.”

With that, Tsuna turned his back on Reborn and made his way to the door.

Or at least tried to, when he felt something cold pressed against the side of his head. “You were wide open.”

A silent shot was fired and nobody saw Tsuna get back from his cleaning duty outside the café.

Welcome to the Mafia.


When Tsuna woke up, all he felt was numbness. Next, it was arguing voices. The voices were familiar, from a dream, a daze in a long time. He opened his eyes to stare at the white ceiling of a room. The voices seemed to have stopped.

His dead eyes swept across the room and he found it bare. It was suffocating, he wanted to get out. He tried to sit up from the cold ground and winced in pain. He looked down to see a dress shirt and slacks on him; his vest was removed from his uniform.

Where am I?

Tsuna stood up and walked, a clinking sound, his right foot was chained.

I feel like a prisoner.

The only door in the room opened to reveal a man in a suit. He was burning.

Dimmed Orange

He was a large man and he walked with a purpose, eyes set straight at Tsuna’s prone figure. He stopped in front of Tsuna and took the chains away.

“Tsunayoshi,” The man started as he looked at dull, blank eyes. “Do you remember me?”

Confusion swam in Tsuna’s being. He had not met the man but he seemed eerily familiar; a memory from a forgotten childhood.

Tsuna kept his blank expression and said in an equally blank tone. “No, who are you?”

He can see the sigh from the man’s eyes. “I’m your Father, Sawada Iemitsu.”





Those were the feelings that ran through Tsuna’s unreadable expression. It’s been too long, he didn’t care anymore. His parents didn’t come to get him from that orphanage, no thought or love or longing was given to them, only hate.

Why should I care about you?

Why should I acknowledge you?

No fucks given, Dad.

They stared at each other until Iemitsu, Dad, became impatient and just asked him to come.

“You will meet somebody important today.”

Tsuna just followed through, never once saying anything to his so-called Father. They walked up and down, left and right, it was dizzying. Whatever this place is, it’s like a maze.

The mafias’ like a maze, once you get in, it’s hard to get out.

Finally, when they reached a certain floor, they used an elevator up. After a few minutes, they got out and walked into a luxurious floor with maids and butlers running around and stopping to bow at Iemitsu. They stopped at the end of the long hallway, in front of large double doors.

Iemitsu knocked twice and a small confirmation to come in was heard. They entered the room and Tsuna stared at an old man sitting in a throne like chair with the man who kidnapped Tsuna leaning on a wall.

A very dim flame surrounded the old man.

A dying orange

Two chairs were in front of them and Iemitsu gestured for Tsuna to sit down as he too did so.

This must be the Boss.

Tsuna stared at the old man in question, he seemed kind but one can never know.

The silence was thick, no one wanted to speak and everyone was staring at each other as if treading on an unsafe road.

“Tsunayoshi,” The old man started, “I am Timoteo, the Ninth Boss of Vongola.”


What did the most powerful family in the world wanted from him?

So many questions rang inside Tsuna’s head but the Ninth Boss continued, “I am old without any heirs,” a sharp stare was directed at Tsuna. “Without a choice, I am forced to make a decision to make you, Sawada Iemitsu’s son, my heir.”

You are forced at that rate?

“Don’t you have sons?” The old man looked at him in sadness.

“They’re all dead.” Tsuna’s expression did not change.

“I see, what gave me the right to be a candidate?”

“Your father,” Tsuna inwardly winced. “Is a descendant of the first boss of Vongola, Giotto.”

Tsuna remained silent, taking the information in.

Timoteo looked at his successor with a calculative gaze; this boy is different from his sons or any other person in the mafia. He sat up straight with dignity, eyes unreadable with unknown emotions. What happened to this child? He’s been living a normal life from what he’d heard; he should not be like that.

“Do I have a choice on this matter?” The boy finally asked.

The Ninth Boss of Vongola was taken back by the blunt question. On the corner of his eye he saw Reborn look at the boy with strange, sharp eyes. Iemitsu seemed to be stunned to silence.

It felt as if he was negotiating for a very important ally so he chose his words carefully, “Yes, you have a choice.” He paused, treading on unfamiliar waters. “But know that whatever choice you may make, it will either destroy the mafia or change it for the better.” A pointed look directed at the boy, “It all rests on your hands.”

Do I even want that kind of power?

I don’t even care about the mafia. I just want to live a normal life.

Tsuna looked straight at the Boss, “Do you really want me to be a Boss? I know you don’t have much of a choice but are you sure with that decision?”

“You see, I don’t see colors, I’m practically color blind.” He continued not letting the old man speak. “When I was a baby, because I have this condition, I was given away to a church, a church where apparently child labor was a thing and where priests rape young girls until they die.”

Shocked eyes stared at him but he still went on. “I ran away when I was 10, surprise. I’ve been living on my own for the last 9 years, trying to live a normal life and then my supposed Father comes in and says that I’m the heir to a mafia family. Look, I’m practically a stranger, are you sure you want to hand the mafia in my care? I might even destroy it inside out.”

A firm gaze was directed at Timoteo and he felt the authority of a Boss, “And, what if I say I don’t want to inherit this Famiglia and let’s say… live a normal life?”

A stunned silence followed the speech; everyone seemed to be taking their time to digest it. The silence was too long and Tsuna stood up, “Timoteo-san, to be honest I felt that I had no real choice, no matter what I do, it seemed that any wrong decision I make will haunt me for eternity. I will think about it, please have me escorted out.”

Timoteo cleared his throat and called out a name in Italian, a man in a butlers’ suit came from the door. He bowed and greeted the old man in their language.

“Please escort this boy to a room and allow him to rest.” The butler nodded and gestured for Tsuna to follow.

Tsuna stopped before the door and looked back at Reborn. “Oh, and before I forget, kidnapping is illegal, you should know that, Reborn-san.” He exited the door and Reborn hid his smirk behind his fedora.

This will be interesting


Felicity was the perfect companion for an experience like this. The size of this film is very new for me and I had the perfect friend and confidante to talk about all the fears and things that you have to go through and overcome, you know?
                                                                    ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫
I’d seen Diego in Y Tu Mama Tambien, which I had been a big fan of when I was growing up. I just thought it was the coolest film ever. It was excellent working with him. He and Jyn in the story have a very lovely dynamic, and he’s very open, very collaborative and easygoing, and loves drinking espressos in true Spanish style…


The first time Andrew saw Neil without his medication blurring his judgment, he thought, This could be a problem, but he did not take it seriously then.

For the longest time, Andrew thought this was something he could back out of. Neil was just another notch on the belt, so to speak, another handsome face that would be interesting for a while. And yeah, maybe Andrew looked a little longer at Neil than he did at anyone else, but Roland had lasted, right? And besides, Neil was bound to be different, because Neil was family, and so Andrew had to take the extra steps to protect and provide. Right?

90%. 91, 92, 93.

+sherlolly because...their Christmas scene does things to me.

I did it again. I stayed up late and I have work tomorrow and I am just going to crash. However, I was a little frustrated from writing all these rather dark and uncomfortable scenes in The Admirer and had a sudden desire for some good ol’ Sherlolly. Bonus matchmaker Mycroft because I’m sure it’s no secret by now, I love Mycroft. x I’m dead sleepy by the way, so if there are strange errors, forgive me. I will edit them tomorrow or something.. x


Happiness (also on FF.net)

“I’m inviting Molly. So there,” Mary said. 

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But if John is not into clowns, and DAD is not into clowns... WHO IS FURNISHING THE HOUSE?!

And for the the 345th time, I forget to save the game and take half an hour to get back to the right point.

FROM WHO?!? …It begins to dawn on me that maybe… is she aware that her grandpa is dead?? Or is she in some sort of shock that makes her fail to realize it? Because she didn’t tell a soul that she was living alone on the island. She was nonchalantly chatting about Grandpa with Dave before.

….I don’t know how many times I began writing chunks of text when the explanation was on the next panel. I lost count of it.

Yeah, well, no way he was gonna die. And he has a pretty thick skin anyway… no, not figuratively, HE HAS GOT A CARAPACE. And we cannot give commands to anyone anymore, thanks PM.

WHOAAAAA, I CAN’T BELIEVE I JUST UNCOVERED THE BIGGEST MYSTERY IN HOMESTUCK!!!! The arm’s owner is… just David Brimner! The poor man was just trying to get his mail back with his ghostly powers! Oh, David, you silly prankster, you gave me such a hard time! Haha, I actually thought this was an important plot point, how silly of me! :)

Well, PM. Would you look at that. It’s like your personal cute doggy who brings you the mail on saturday’s morning! Just don’t slay him this time.

DON’T TRUST HIM, LIL’ WORMY!! He has only got eyes for the letter! He doesn’t care about you! He will kill you as soon as he gets his weak pathetic digits on that envelope! Just between you and me, lil’ wormy, I think he isn’t that alright in the head, all that talk about mail and politics, I think he wants to build an empire populated by mailbots, watch out.

Oh, the betrayal! Jasper is turning in his grav— well, you kind of defiled it a little while ago… But wherever he is, be sure he is turning!! Oh, he is turning like you wouldn’t believe! Turning and spinning and turning, it would put your youth roll to shame!

Look, all that pink and cats and wizards messed up with her head and now she talks like a normal thirteen y/o kid. I can’t believe she put something not purple on.

 And that countdown expired half an hour ago, just sayin’.

Not a transportalizer. Could or could not be an appearifier where you don’t have to insert coordinates?

I think there was a time in which a countdown was near expiring. I vaguely remember Rose being concerned about it. But it was so long ago, the memory is fuzzy and distan— GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE!

WHAT. He had a little suit on even when he was alive. The crosshair is stuck on him. 


…In the middle of a therapy session with Jasper….

Yes, Rose. I’m sure you knew such big words at four, or even how to write at all. She’s really just making a drawing of Jaspers with tiny and badly drawn hearts all around it.

THE DAY HE DIED?!?!?! I don’t want to watch!


Eww. At least I don’t have to worry about Rose attempting to eat it because of its color.

It’s really just a bunch of random letter— OH MY FUCKING GOD. THOSE ARE THE BASE PAIRING OF DNA! …What is that thing… attempting to do… because the order displayed is mostly wrong. GG is an incorrect pairing, for example.


I’m almost sure it was Rose’s mom. Who else would be interested in bringing Jaspers back.

It’s incredible how obsessed the both of them are with that cat. And with wizards, because HONESTLY, Rose can deny it all she wants but someone who is as fascinated by dark lore as her and draws fanart of an Harry Potter parody CANNOT not be a wizards lover. They could be chatting amiably about them over tea and have the nicest mother-daughter relationship and instead they don’t even talk.

It’s not even that Rose’s Mom is not capable, it’s just that she wasn’t supposed to appearify Jaspers at all. If I got everything right it created a paradox and therefore a mutated clone. If one where to appearify someone they were meant to, even the dumbest would succeed. And by dumbest I mean John Egbert. Lalondes, step aside, we’ve got an honest to god ectobiologist here!

Can’t wait for the day we get all unethical and start cloning living beings!!

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