i just had to draw this real quick


@thisshouldbegayer and I just began a mermaid AU, and I don’t know where it’s going, but this is how it started.

I didn’t.. .. only draw one quirk zine picture.. in fact i also had lineart + light study for this second image done. I really went overboard hhaha… I drew this in case the zine was looking for less cartoony pictures. Just slapped some shading on it just now an added some dual-colours real quick since I didn’t get accepted, and I don’t want it lying around unfinished forever. Again, congrats to those who got in and good luck! <3

“We’ll call again, okay?”

They got their provisional license! A happy hug to celebrate passing the exam. Though they also know the time they could spend together during the training comes to an end. Having just become a couple, getting robbed from the one opportunity to see each other is a bit hard to deal with - the happy tears quickly turn to sad tears. Inasa tries to comfort his crying boyfriend before departing.

I’m gonna be away from the pc for a couple days but I didn’t draw anything yet again so I just had to make something real quick to post otherwise I’ll pull my hair out x_x

Drawing sad todos is my favorite thing apparently I draw too many sad todos


I had a few others tell me that they wanted to see a few more NITW characters in my mspaint doodle dump, so here we have Casey Hartley, Jackie, and Steve Scriggins… Also the lyrics aren’t really voicecanons… Just songs I can see them listen to (Casey’s songs is ‘Don’t Repeat’ By The Offspring, Jackie’s is ‘The Greatest’ by Sia, and Scriggin’s is ‘Coming in Hot’ by Hollywood Undead). 

So I drew Casey because I thought it would be a fun practice, but I completely forgot that Jackie and Scriggins were also in my story too, so I just had to draw them out real quick… Yup. Enjoy Peeps. 

((Also I have to tag @askhartley @effcults @scrigginisms and @transgoatjackie because they are my favorite bloggers and they are doing a good job and this is also kind of like a little tribute for them? You guys rock! ))
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The latest fic by @borntomake broke me. For several days already I have had the itch to draw Victor with freckles, but since I have no time for it now, there is a very quick Photoshop just to get it out of my system.

“He’s not Photoshopped and airbrushed to perfection, and for some reason, the flaws make him impossibly more attractive. He’s a real person. Three-dimensional flesh and bone. Cheeks sprinkled with freckles. Lower teeth slightly out of line. Creases beside his eyes when he laughs.”

UPD @dadvans Hope you do not a month-old photoshopped Victor :)

I heard yesterday was “Pocky Day” ?
Have quickly two cuties then, a bit late !

(I can’t get tired of drawing them, definitely… but can’t manage to find enough time to make a real drawing, with colours and all but, hey ! Just you wait !!)

An belongs to @psukho​ and me ~
Bun belongs to the lovely @delicatewizardstranger


(I just had to finish designing Jazz’s humanformer. His outfit isn’t the official uniform, I just wanted to put him into the ‘70s fashion real quick-

**Shades ver included!)

((ADDITIONAL NOTE: Jazz isn’t part of the ask!squad on this blog, but if an ask happens to mention him, he will show up in a few drawings. Remember, Jazz was mostly a temporary member of the Bee Team. This also goes for Optimus, Ratchet, and Bulkhead))

Did a super quick sketch last night of what I’m drawing next for Inktober lol. Kinda saves me the time of vigorously erasing on paper I guess.. It’s Rem from Dance with Devils P: Recently there was a release of official art of him with slicked back hair and I just had to hop on that real quick LOL.

Am I allowed to still finish Inktober even though it’s November now OTL

missscarletawesome  asked:

Well if you ever do sell your art I will gladly be your first customer!! I still LOVE your art so much and hope you continue drawing. Don't let those rude anon's deter you. Your art is absolutely beautiful. Have a wonderful day!

You’re all so sweet to me, I just had to whip something up real quick TT O TT

“We are the New Americana
High on legal marijuana
Raised on Biggie and Nirvana
We are the New Americana!”
~New Americana by Halsey

So suddenly Halsey’s New American came on and I had the urge to draw this thing cause god damn not only do I want my Patricide with Ashi but also a whole fucking revolution. It’s unfinished drawing but I don’t care. I just wanted to draw something real quick. So here ya go.