i just had to draw this real quick

Really into Archie comics right now. Specifically Jughead Jones. Especially after the premiere of Riverdale and the amazing portrayal/adaptation of jughead by Cole Sprouse, I just had to draw him real quick. Too lazy to use a reference, so there are lots of mistakes. I was trying for more of the shows look with the hat and the moody, emo thing he has going on.

lololol decided not to include the original Bendy in the picture

anyway, on YouTube i saw different versions of the fan made theme song
for Bendy and the Ink Machine, and the thumbnails had these three different
Bendy’s, so i went to draw them real quick

(literally took this whole week just to make a drawing with a plain layer of
color and not even a stack of the dozens of effect layers after it)

So… I recently noticed that this blog gained some followers who are actually not porn blogs - so I wanted to say - Hey! Nice to meet you real people on tumblr! If there’s something you want me to draw or just talk to me - feel free to do so! 

And meanwhile enjoy this quick, not really good, wintery thing I drew at school while panicking because of all the school-related stuff. Hope you had better start of semester. 

Yes, Yes I know I’m trash. Yes, yes, fox and bunny how scandalous. BUT! I had this idea in my head of them trying for adoption but it was really hard to convince giving a prey a predator infant (regardless if the mate is a predator as well)… So one super quick doodle later:  red fox baby is added to the family! 

I just want this baby fox to be a real thing.  I’ll go now.  [Masterpost

My take on bee, peacock and fox kwamis. They actually debuted yesterday in All Kwami Group Drawing but I really liked how the three of them turned out (and you guys seem to enjoy my designs as well) so I wanted to draw the three of them seperately. :3 Which one is your favourite?

This is something really quick before I start to study.

Waaaaah I can’t wait to see canon ones. I just wish that fox kwami will have this fluffy fox tail (but somehow I think it will look more like the one on fox miraculous). And please, oh please, give me REAL fox ears, not bunny-like ones that Volpina had.