i just had to draw this real quick


@thisshouldbegayer and I just began a mermaid AU, and I don’t know where it’s going, but this is how it started.


I had a few others tell me that they wanted to see a few more NITW characters in my mspaint doodle dump, so here we have Casey Hartley, Jackie, and Steve Scriggins… Also the lyrics aren’t really voicecanons… Just songs I can see them listen to (Casey’s songs is ‘Don’t Repeat’ By The Offspring, Jackie’s is ‘The Greatest’ by Sia, and Scriggin’s is ‘Coming in Hot’ by Hollywood Undead). 

So I drew Casey because I thought it would be a fun practice, but I completely forgot that Jackie and Scriggins were also in my story too, so I just had to draw them out real quick… Yup. Enjoy Peeps. 

((Also I have to tag @askhartley @effcults @scrigginisms and @transgoatjackie because they are my favorite bloggers and they are doing a good job and this is also kind of like a little tribute for them? You guys rock! ))
( ˊᵕˋ )♥♥

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The latest fic by @borntomake broke me. For several days already I have had the itch to draw Victor with freckles, but since I have no time for it now, there is a very quick Photoshop just to get it out of my system.

“He’s not Photoshopped and airbrushed to perfection, and for some reason, the flaws make him impossibly more attractive. He’s a real person. Three-dimensional flesh and bone. Cheeks sprinkled with freckles. Lower teeth slightly out of line. Creases beside his eyes when he laughs.”

UPD @dadvans Hope you do not a month-old photoshopped Victor :)

“We are the New Americana
High on legal marijuana
Raised on Biggie and Nirvana
We are the New Americana!”
~New Americana by Halsey

So suddenly Halsey’s New American came on and I had the urge to draw this thing cause god damn not only do I want my Patricide with Ashi but also a whole fucking revolution. It’s unfinished drawing but I don’t care. I just wanted to draw something real quick. So here ya go.

missscarletawesome  asked:

Well if you ever do sell your art I will gladly be your first customer!! I still LOVE your art so much and hope you continue drawing. Don't let those rude anon's deter you. Your art is absolutely beautiful. Have a wonderful day!

You’re all so sweet to me, I just had to whip something up real quick TT O TT

pc-the-unicorn  asked:

Can you also draw a doodle of a STVTFOE AU idea o have in which Janna is a witch? The main ship of the AU is Manna (my 3rd favorite Marco ship) so could you draw Marco playfully pulling Janna witch hat over her eyes?

Manna is an A+ ship, I agree

And like… I couldn’t just doodle something real quick, I had to make a lil comic

And hey, Multishippers are always welcome on my blog and as a gift you even get a bonus:

The problem is just that I can’t draw kisses, hehehe…

Had a listen to the Strange Case of Starship Iris and I love it! Had to doodle a quick drawing of Liu, and I love this moment sooooo…

(Also the prosthetic arm hasn’t got a real proper headcanon behind it, I just got this mental image of her detaching her arm to fit in the cryochamber and it stuck with me)

I had a dream about him ;;o;;

youwillpoop24-7  asked:

I could see Angus walking in on Wilson playing as Winston and him being the one who knows nothing about video games, would say, "Who's your friend Wilson?" and Wilson would totally say "you!". Angus would blush so hard!!!

Im screaming omgggg This is the cutest thing ever. I’m sorry, I just HAD to draw this out real quick…

And of course I had to also draw Angus being so flustered and happy because of his baby boy. ♥♥

Day 59: We Change Things Up

I’ll come back to day 60 I promise! But for now I wanted to post this up real quick. Originally the creator had posted this on a reddit thread and then after 3 days had to abandon the project. A handful of people hanged on and then dripped away. So far it has just been me, my sister, and my FC mate continuing the art challenge (occasionally we see someone post a drawing to the tag but then disappear). Since it was just the 3 of us, we decided to change the order of things, remove a few questionable/redundant listings and add a thing or two. This is the edited challenge list we are going use now and yes day 15-04 are Freebies we’ll be giving out when we get there. Stay tuned to the FFXIV reddit as we have some ideas to help hype up the community as we count down!

Also if you guys want to join in so it’s not just us lonesome three, feel free to pick up from today! (It’s day 55 btw!) I am super behind but I am gonna keep pressing forward!

Really into Archie comics right now. Specifically Jughead Jones. Especially after the premiere of Riverdale and the amazing portrayal/adaptation of jughead by Cole Sprouse, I just had to draw him real quick. Too lazy to use a reference, so there are lots of mistakes. I was trying for more of the shows look with the hat and the moody, emo thing he has going on.