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pairing: philip hamilton x reader

prompt: “can you do a phillip x reader where reader is madisons daughter???”

a/n: of course i can! this was inspired by the dear theodosia cover by regina spektor. this was my second philip imagine so i hope it’s not too bad haha!

t/w: bad pick up lines?? slight angst. really not a lot though!

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You’d known Philip for a long time. He was your best friend since you were little so you had practically grown up together. There were lots of play dates that your parents found endearing and adorable pictures of just the two of you.

In each one, you were smiling wide with your arms wrapped around one another or at least touching each other in some way. 

Your mom and dad always teased that you were destined to be a Hamilton. You always blushed at the thought of you and Philip getting married, but you had never fully tossed it aside. He was wonderful, kind, and loyal. He’d make someone very happy someday.  

You’d silently hoped that it would be you.

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Aww, this guy found my blog and obviously didn’t have anything better to do today.
There were more comments he made but tumblr only let’s you post ten pictures at a time.

I particularly love the comment where he tells me feminism is incompatible with Christianity and Catholicism.
First, the “anon” wasn’t anonymous…he had “Catholic” in his name, so ya…
Second, I don’t think a guy who calls me a nutty, sexist, Nazi, evil person gets to throw stones on things that are incompatible with Christianity…

It’s just so cute. He’s just spending his afternoon, cruising my tumblr, getting all offended… Shedding tears like a little, melting snowflake.

Day Eighteen

-A woman approached the counter with a three-pack of baby wipes in her hands. She proceeded to open the three pack in front of me, place the three individual packs on the conveyor belt, and hand me the packaging, telling me that it was for the three packs of wipes. I had gathered that much. What I still could not determine was her goal here.

-I asked a man if he had found everything alright, to which he bellowed, “yeaaaaaah buddy.” I genuinely admire his enthusiasm for picture frames and decorative pumpkins.

-Mid-conversation with a woman I was ringing up, I looked down. When I looked back up, she was gone. Thankfully she had just stepped away to get a drink from the cooler. I was worried that she had been a ghost all along, which would have been a problem for me, as I do not think ghosts have the ability to carry wallets.

-I handed a mother a second sticker for her daughter. The mother told the daughter, “You can give this one to your sister!” The daughter told the mother, “I can give this one to me!” and proceeded to slam it on her shirt before she could be stopped. This is a hero who knows what they want and will not let anything get in their way.

-I heard a little girl shouting, “I hate this! I hate this!” As I heard her approach, I expected to see a child mid-fit. Instead, I saw a child thrilled with the concept of despising the world around her. At least she is happy with it.

-A girl was ecstatic that her mother agreed to buy her Tic Tacs. To make her day even better, I handed her the Tic Tacs outside of a bag, with a sticker hidden under it. She shouted “Tic Tacs!” and looked as happy as she could possibly be. Thirty seconds later, she discovered the sticker, and started babbling gleefully about having a sticker. This was the single purest, most unadulterated happiness I have ever witnessed, and I think my purpose in life was to bring about this moment.

-My manager brought me a Cadbury Egg Frappuccino. I do not know to whom he sold his soul, but no mere mortal should be able to put anything they desire so perfectly into frappuccino form.

-I talked with a man about the legal drinking age and why it is what it is. This was a good conversation. He then told me how Hillary Clinton looked like a specific blow-up sex doll. This was a finished conversation. 

-This job is officially turning me into a coffee person. At first I was disgusted with myself, but now I see a whole new world of opportunities before me. After a single grande salted caramel mocha frappuccino, I found that I had the ability to run the entire store single-handedly, run a marathon, hack the NSA, and register to vote for a candidate who is not a white supremacist. The possibilities are endless now.


Received my adorable SasuSaku charm (a double-sided charm featuring Boruto SasuSaku on one side and Pre-Shippuden SasuSaku on the other) from @kirakurapon / @chibikizumi in the mail today!

It came with 2 beautiful SasuSaku polaroid pictures, and I have to admit – when I turned the envelope to the other side (where it says, “Please do not bend”), I had a good laugh because I did not expect there to be a cute drawing to accompany the reminder!

If you missed out on the first round of pre-orders, fear not! @kirakurapon / @chibikizumi is planning to open a second batch, so keep your eyes peeled for the official announcement! ^ ^

Me and my cousin was watching the Arkansas and Seton Hall game when this absolutely beautiful cheerleader popped up on our screen. It was like for a fraction of a second but both me and him dropped our jaws because she was that stunning. So we just HAD to find her name or at least instagram. 

So we’re going through the cheerleaders on Arkansas page and they don’t have the pictures of any of them. Which btw is an incredibly smart and safe thing to do and I applaud them for that. So anyway we’re scrolling through the different cheerleaders and a good chunk of them are white girls and it’s like damn, I really can’t tell any significant difference between all of them.

Also in other news. I am a huge supporter of Cheerleading and I really do think we should give it a lot more respect and appreciate Cheerleading as a sport. They amount of physical work and discipline they have to endure is unbelievable. A few years ago I had a classmate that opened my eyes to the amount of rigorous work they do. And how they are not fairly compensated especially in the NFL. 


lol so I’ve finalyl released my designs for the next gen. I hope they’re nice to look at v///v; Reblog to support me if you’d like. I just want to know if they are cool lmfaooooo XD; Click on the pictures to expand them and read a little more info. PLEASE DO NOT REPOST-REBLOG INSTEAD!! :)  

I like theseeeee so much x////x; I would love to see them drawn in others’ styles. vuv~ 


Hex-  Nathan West.
Height: 5 ft 1 in.
Age: 15

The Love Child of Kid Flash and Jinx-He is a constant reminder that redemption of evil is possible. His mother being an ex-villain gives him lots of insights on how the criminal mind works. He may look like his mother, but he mostly acts like his father. He is fairly confident and has a bright disposition and positive outlook on life. His superpowers include flashes of light and beams of energy like his mother, but sometimes he can run really fast like his father in very short bursts. He cannot sustain that running skill for very long. He can transform into flashes of light if he runs really fast. His favorite color is pink and will always tell you that it is a manly color.

Agent- Samson Stone.
Height: 6 ft 0 in.
Age: 16

Samson is an adopted son to Cyborg. Cyborg could not have children, but decided to adopt Samson after deeply connecting with him after a mission. Samson is very level-headed and mellow. He is very much like a gentle giant. He enjoys technology and music and frequently has earbuds in his ears. He is fully human-but wears a tech suit his Father and him have built. His arms have the classic Sonic canon that cyborg wields-But also can push out blades from the side for slashing. His censor is built into his visor-He can read heat signatures and pull up GPS in front of his eyes. Samson has a habit of saying “booyah!” He enjoys children and loves to play videogames. He can fly with jets and he builds robots in his spare time.

Starshine- Kara Grayson.
Height: 5 ft 6 in.
Age: 19

The team leader, she has a level-head and speaks eloquently. Inheriting her father’s leadership skills, and her mother’s cheerful disposition, Starshine is the most compassionate of the group. Starshine makes hard decisions at times, which her teammates respect her for. She has super agility and has all the powers her mother had before her-and she absolutely loves visits home to planet Tamaran. She talks like a normal, average earth teen, unlike her mother, and is the only other person besides Starfire to see her father’s face without his mask. She is good at keeping secrets and her teammates often confide in her.

Beastia- Rora Logan.
Height: 5 ft. 3 in.
Age: 17

The first child to Beastboy and Raven, Beastia had a dramatic first encounter in the world. She takes after her father the most, and uses her powers to shapeshift into shadows and animals alike, sometimes morphing into a combination of the two. She can shadow jump from shadow to shadow and phase through objects. She doesn’t have much skill in telekinesis like her mother or brother, nor can she fly unless she is transformed into an animal that can achieve flight. Beastia has minor healing abilities and some foresight into the future. She is mostly withdrawn, and is very hard on herself unfortunately. She enjoys being support, and doesn’t like the limelight or being a leader. She deeply loves her family.

Entity- Galen Logan.
Height: 5 ft. 0 in.
Age: 15

Entity is the second child born to Beastboy and Raven, and is much more powerful than his older sister. He can shapeshift, but he chooses to mostly use magic. He does not have healing abilities, but can fly and teleport and shadow jump. However, his morphing abilities do not stop there. He can immitate voices and people and can even transform into different people with a combination of magic and his shapeshifting for a short amount of time. He is very strong but weak to peer pressure and temptation. He is the most emotional of the group and can have a hot head. He enjoys videogames and plays them often with Agent. He doesn’t understand sarcasm and it goes right over his head. Entity likes to improve his magic and will get stronger by any means…

Seeing that pin up picture with a girl, that had the focus on her legs and some dude actually sitting in the plane I couldn’t help myself. 
I know it’s not very Barry like but imagining him showing up there for a second and do this just to mess with Hal, who is getting ready for take off is still funny in my head. But I actually think that Hal loves his legs haha

artsy-dreamer  asked:

I'd love a cute O'Hare x Carmen fic, if you're still doing them! ^u^

I’m actually down to do drabble requests whenever. It just may take me a bit to churn them out. :P 

The back of the picture had a letter taped to it; its message scribbled on paper with a slightly shaky hand. Tortimer Paper stationery. No doubt ol’ man Tortimer sold it to the bunny the second he stepped on the beach. Carmen held the framed picture close to her chest and exhaled slowly before putting it, and the letter, back in her pocket. 

“Got sumthin’ on yer mind, wee lass?” the kappa steering the boat across the ocean asked, mid-chanty. He had been whistling and humming along to a tune in his head while Carmen barely noticed. Little waves rattled against the side of the boat, and it swayed with the breeze. 

“I’m just thinking about a friend,” she replied softly. 

“Is’at who yer goin’ ta visit?” 

Carmen nodded to Kapp’n. Up until a few weeks ago, she used to live next door to O’Hare - the other bunny in the picture. For five years the two of them were inseparable in their small village, Willows. Their relationship was picturesque to the other neighbors - both as close friends and perhaps more. The two were quite quiet about the particulars of their togetherness. They preferred the privacy. When O’Hare moved away to go live alone on an island, Carmen started to worry that she was wrong about their relationship. 

Then he sent her a letter. 

Hi Carmen, 

I know it’s been nearly two weeks since I left 
Willows. I didn’t mean to be quiet for so 
long. Moving back to the beach has been an
adjustment. Did I ever tell you that before 
Willows I was a hermit on a beach?
You can come visit if you want.

- O’Hare

Carmen could sense something hanging in his final words of the letter - as she often did when they were together. As if he was worried she wouldn’t come visit at all. In the picture he sent, he seemed happy - there was a bright blue sky behind him, and he was wearing a little island hat. He must have had it buried in that trunk of his since he moved away from the beach. I hope he’s happy, Carmen thought. She scrunched her nose and one of her ears perked from one direction to the next. They were close.

The boat knocked lightly against the dock of the nearest island. Kapp’n shouted out, melodically, “We’re here, lass! Watch yer step as ye come ashore!” 

Carmen used Kapp’n’s kind, gesturing arm as she steadied herself onto the dock. She took a look around. It was a beautiful island. No wonder O moved, she thought. 

Everything was still and warm. There didn’t seem to be another soul wandering the beach, just a few butterflies. At some points the silence melded with the sounds of the ocean, but then faded out again as she tried to take in the view. 

Two soft paws appeared from behind Carmen and covered her eyes. She tried not to jump, hoping it was to the bunny she wanted to see most. “O’Hare?” she whispered to the stranger. 

A slightly grumpy voice said, “Yeah, I guess that wasn’t too hard to figure out, heh.” O’Hare stepped around Carmen and looked at her with a smug smile. “Been a few weeks,” he said. “I’m sorry I didn’t–”

“Don’t apologize again,” Carmen teased. 

The two stood, staring at each other for what felt like minutes - seconds passed before they spoke. 

“Do you want to show me around?” Carmen asked, an ear twitching only slightly. 

“I suppose I could do that,” O’Hare said with a smile. 

O’Hare’s island hut seemed smaller than his home in Willows. There was a bowl of oranges on the pine wood table in the center of the room, and a modern bed pushed against the wall. There were other odds and ends that only seemed to loosely match. Carmen imagined he must have cleaned out his closet and just took some bare essentials with him in the move. He was practical that way - not to mention easily irritable during big fusses like a move. Carmen smirked as she thought about it. 

“What are you smiling at, C?” he asked her as he watched the bunny look around his small hut. 

“Nothing,” she replied, shaking her head. “I bet Kapp’n’s family will have some nice stuff for this place.” 

“Yeah, I haven’t made my way over there just yet. The little one is… Hyper.” 

Carmen slapped him on the shoulder. 

The two bunnies spent the better part of the evening sipping orange juice while leaned up against the same palm tree. Carmen hadn’t said anything for nearly 5 minutes - a record for her. O'Hare placed a paw on her knee. “What’s wrong?”

“Why did you leave?”

O'Hare sighed. “I just needed to get away. Go back to something familiar.”

“Away from me?” Small tears started to well up in Carmen’s eyes. She tried to blink them away.

“You’re such a dumb bunny sometimes,” O'Hare replied, and masked his face with his signature grumpiness. “You were the only reason I stayed for as long as I did. And you’re the only reason I stayed within such a short boat ride away.”

O'Hare huffed and leaned against the palm tree, closing his eyes to relax. Carmen was smiling from ear-to-ear. She turned to the smug, brown bunny and kissed him gently on the cheek. He didn’t want to admit it, but he was sure he blushed.

One week later, Pete the mailbird flew across the ocean, clutching his mailbag in his large mouth. He knocked on the hut door of O'Hare who was trying to find a way to fit a rubber tree he just bought from the island store in his home. The old kappa was insistent it would bring luck or something. O'Hare hadn’t been listening for long. When he heard the knock on the door an ear twitched in that direction and he scrunched his nose, not super keen on many visitors.

“Oh, hey, Pete,” he said once he answered the knock. “Mail time?”

“My favorite time!” Pete replied gleefully.

It was a wrapped present, no letter. Inside was a framed picture with neat handwriting scripted on the back:

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” 

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Prompt please for allison argent? "You look cute when you laugh" Thank you ;)

Originally posted by brainygranger

“And then he fell” Allison finished her tale with an amused grin.

“Are you serious?” I laughed in awe.

“Yeah!” That smile wouldn’t get off her lips, which was both endearing and beautiful.

I just started laughing out loud, holding my stomach as I rocked backwards. Just picturing Stiles doing that and falling, and Scott’s and Allison’s reactions… It was just too funny to me, so much that I had happy tears arriving to my eyes.

“Oh my god…” I whispered in a high-pitched voice as I wiped my tears of laughter.

Just then, I looked at her and noticed she was staring with a delighted expression in her face.

“Al…” There was confusion and wariness in my voice, but I was smiling just like her. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

She took a few more seconds to answer, closing her mouth which was agape with pleasured awe. 

“You look cute when you laugh” Allison replied, half teasing me and half genuinely.

“Shut up, silly…” I rolled my eyes, but it was obvious that I was blushing.

Especially since Allison began giggling all of a sudden.

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funny story when that now very famous picture came out i was driving and i came to a red light and decided to go on tumblr and see what i had missed out from like 5 minutes before that. I SCROLL DOWN AND PEOPLE ARE JUST MENTIONING SEBASTIAN AND IM LIKE “what the hell did he do this time”

NOW I DID NOT THINK FOR ONE SECOND IT WAS GONNA BE A HALF NAKED MIRROR SELFIE FOR THE WORLD TO SEE. I SCREAMED SO LOUD AT THE RED LIGHT IM SURE THE PEOPLE NEXT TO ME LOOKED OVER. then i continued to scream my head off for like 2 blocks before realising i was shaking (i know. i’m so dramatic) and then having to get off and face people.

i spent like 5 extra minutes in my car trying to compose myself.

so yes, sebastian. it worked. thanks.

“The hair just….just had to go. I….do you…do you hate it?”

Will looked terribly frail in this moment, shaken by something that was beyond his control. Insecurity was playing on his features, making his eyes wide. He seemed to be younger for a few seconds, just a boy feeling sudden regret about a rash choice. Only when Hannibal raised a hand to gently run his fingers over the short, soft strands, Will’s shoulders lowered and ease seeped through his body.

Picture of a planned scene in Just Alike (an rp of mine). Will Graham with short hair just seemed too tempting and so here’s a wrecked, slightly psychotic post-fall puppy who took matters into his own shaky hands while his husband was gone for supplies.

Hey guys!

I first want to address the late stickers. I am sorry they have been late I’m going to start setting deadlines so I can get them out at a more reasonable dates and I’m going to start scheduling time to actually do things.  

Second, I’m going to be so up front with you. I have been struggling with art block and motivation. I haven’t been feeling inspired and I haven’t really had a clue of what to make, even comic strip wise I am at a block.  I’m trying to just push through by stating a new project I am really excited about.

Third, I am revamping and going to do a complete update of all my profile pictures, page banners and I am going to start recording my drawing that will go in my portfolio.  

Lastly, I want to give a huge thank you to you. Thank you for sticking by me and supporting me, I am going to try my hardest to make it up to you.

Awesomest regards,


“Um, Reg? May I ask why a duck is sitting on your chest?”

“First of all: it’s a goose. Get your facts straight. Second of all………he just kind of came over. We’re friends now.”

“I really need to learn to stop asking questions.”

-Regulus Black, taking a break from studying and relaxing by the Black Lake, and eventually befriending what he now considered his pet goose: Lucy.

-Taken by Marlene McKinnon, who had come back from the library with more books to find a goose ‘doing his business’ on her notebook.

-Circa 1975, Fifth Year.

***I do not own this picture

(now taking prompts)

Day 7: A headcanon about the ship.

It came to them pretty easily before Malachite… but afterwards… it takes a really long time for Jasper and Lapis to have the kind of comfort and trust in each other that allows them to touch one another’s gemstones again. It’s a huge milestone in the healing process of their relationship.