i just had to do it lmao

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Hay cross how do you feel about me and nightmare sans shipped together because he's mine!

Now that we’re talking about ships…

Here comes another little tought.

You’re free to ship any characters you want… I won’t impose you which things I do like and which ones I don’t…
I think the shipping world is wonderful, because you’re creating something after all… (even if it’s nsfw lmao) and you are having fun! You like to do your story and that’s great!


Sometimes there’s something that can ruin a friendship between artists in real life because of this you know?

Like, some people only cares about their fictional characters and fame instead the people who supported them and had a nice time with those creations and ideas…

Always happen something that can hurts an artist just because someone didn’t like what this artist did, that person shows his dissapointment with hate, jealous, with fear of their fanchilds/ fan ships could disappear… in the worst case, they take the artits’s personal mistakes as an excuse in order to get everyone’s approval about their thoughts and “what must be right”.

I said before that I was afraid about some people could misunderstand the canon characters because of the “popular” ships, but this doesn’t mean I don’t hate those ships… actually this make me feel sad…not for the misunderstandings!

It makes me feel so sad when some people wants to hurt others because of a different point of view… and make that person could be hated for a entire fandom…forcing  them to quit all the work this person did, and being judged about their acts for another events… just because one person hated them for a ship they doesn’t like it and helped to increase hatred and revenge.

Is that…fair?

I accidentally came out today

So, the story goes as following: me, my parents, and a wife+husband family friends were celebrating the wife’s birthday.

For dessert, we had something topped with raspberries, and for those who wanted, almonds.

Wife: “Stone, you don’t like almonds, do you? I just have this feeling that you don’t.”

Me: “You’re right, I’m not very fond of almonds.”

Which is when my dad pulls a pun. A really shitty pun. Based on me being a lesbian.

See, in Swedish, almond is “mandel” while “man del” can be translated as “man part”. So my dad. My dad…

Dad: “She doesn’t like ‘man part’ either!”

And I just fucking lost it. I couldn’t stop laughing at my dad’s shitty pun on me being a lesbian. I mean, I’ve suspected that he and mom suspected the whole “not straight” thing, but… Oh boy, did not expect that!

Wife: “Oh, well, you haven’t decided on that, have you?”


Me: “Yes, I have.”

Wife: “Oh, that’s fine then.”

and then they made a joke that I needed to find some ‘woman part’ instead.

sdfghjk I’m still laughing about it, omfg. I wish everyone else could have an equally funny/nbd coming out as I did.


You Don’t Own Me (Sabo)

So just let me be myself
That’s all I ask of you
I’m young and I love to be young
And I’m free and I love to be free
To live my life the way I want
To say and do whatever I please 

I've never had a day where mental illness just cleared up, it's more like a brief ten seconds where I sort of feel like a normal functioning human being

I call this “experiencing tranquility,” Zenyatta-style.

Anyway, I felt it, like ten seconds ago, and the feeling hasn’t quite faded.

But this is incredible.

Right now I actually feel fine.



Do other human beings feel like this all the time, those ugly lucky fuckers?


So in @therealjacksepticeye​‘s Subnautica video today had him singing his “Superhero” song at one point, and I just figured out what it sounds like to me:

Someone’s been Visiting the Night Dimension, it seems… (it’s even the ocean level, which makes this even funnier).

Also if someone has the power and desire to do some audio witchery where they line up Jack’s singing with the song, please feel free ‘cause I lack the tools to do it myself LMAO

Samurai Jack Season 5 Episode 3 summarized by my reactions:


“I guess mortal injuries in this series run on anime-blood-amount logic”


“Oh, he left it in! Yes, that’s the smart thing to do in this situatio–nevermind.”

“I bet it’s the wol–yep, it’s the wolf”

“He didn’t even bandage it??? I mean he at least had his loincloth to work with”

“How is this man still alive”

“Wait how much time is passing??”

“They go to the trouble of dragging her body out just to leave it there 2 seconds later? I mean okay I guess”

“These kids clearly have no survival skills. What’s gonna happen when they run out of food?”

“Do they like … sleep … sitting up or something??”

”Awwwww, cute baby Jack.”

“Oh wow they actually mentioned Bushido!”

”Oh shit, time to have your innocence stripped from you”

”Conveniently shaped bone shard!”

”What even is that thing that he’s using as string? Is that bark? You can’t use bark for string!”

“Oh jeez, the end of that ‘needle’ is painfully large …”

“Oh come on, the water would have washed that shit away”

“Aaaaaaand your healthy does of Xanatos Roulette again”

“So ur telling me they got literally no education. Like none at all.”

“Noooo, don’t go, wolf bro”

“How did anybody expect them to find Jack or survive long enough to if they know literally nothing about the outside world??? This is the silliest shit”

“Seriously what the fuck. How much time has passed??”

“Jack didn’t think to fashion himself some clothes by now? How has he not frozen to death?”

 “Ah yes, the graphically simplistic snow fight. Every animator’s wet dream.”

“You’re telling me this man buried himself naked in the snow? Remind me how he’s alive again?”

“Oh shit oh boy here we go”

“Oh shit”


“Haha, the crow”

“Oh damn”


“Okay then”

“This feels a bit rushed but I mean I get it”

“Ooh this is some bushido metaphor type shit. They can’t kill him without also killing themselves”

“Oh. They’re just gonna–okay. Put em up lmao”

“Okay nope they’re just gonna go at him with weapons”

“Did he just snap her neck?”

“Oh, okay. Nevermind.”

“Man, she took that like a champ”


“And then there were two”

“That chain’s gonna saw through the log. I’m calling it right now.”

“Of course HER mask comes off”

“That is the face of weary resignation right there”



“Ah, fuck”


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Help I'm sorry but u give such good advice I'm still in love with my bf who dumped me bc he couldn't be in a relationship bc family problems and I just found out a week later he was asking other girls out and it hurts like a bitch lmao what do I do

he’s confused and sad and upset that your family was a barrier to the relationship so to relieve that stress he’s become interested in cheap and immediate physical/emotional satisfaction that he’ll quickly realize either after the dates or a week later that they don’t compare to what you had. he’s fronting real hard 

or maybe hes just a fuckin asshole idk you choose which shoe fits 

dont bother paying attention to anything hes doing, dont check his social media, dont text him, dont do anything related to him, just focus on yourself and how you can grow as an individual 

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i’ve never had apple tea that sounds so yummy ALSO i used to dip in shakes n ice cream lmao

apple tea is so beautiful. i have vivid memories of going to a rug shop in in turkey and sipping it while my parents negotiated w the seller. i think its custom for the owners of the shop to give potential buyers apple tea and its just so warm and fruity and sweet and its smells divine. omg i still do that and a lot of my friends call me nasty but like i love it… the saltiness w the sweet just compliment each other so nicely….

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Are you a Gold Star lesbian? (Just in case you don't know what it means, a Gold Star lesbian is a lesbian that has never had sex with a guy and would never have any intentions of ever doing so)

i have a boyfriend and we have been together for two and a half years lmao

definitely not a gold star lesbian :—)


Climb, climb. Tower of beloved corpses.


Then & Now // redbubble

(I haven’t done anything like this since 2010… )

Anyways Alec Lightwood is the type of person that would get his boyfriend a gift literally anytime he went anywhere. If there were 8 demons that he had to slay on the 5th avenue, he’d spend 10 minutes on the demons and then another 2 hours in Louis Vuitton picking out the wallet that Magnus would most likely think matched his new shoes. And if he went out shopping for let’s say Jace’s birthday, he’d somehow come home with a bag from American Eagle for Jace and like another 5 bags with Sephora and MK and Marc Jacobs and Gucci and some other antique store that was on his way home for Magnus. And if Izzy finally dragged him to Macy’s to get him some new shirts, he’d probably secretly sneak off and end up getting Magnus 3 different belts instead. And every time there was a Sephora anywhere near where Alec was, he’d end up spamming Izzy’s snapchat with a bunch of pictures of palettes and single shadows and eyeliners and highlighters and asking her which ones are good and which ones would Magnus like, and he’d also end up having his arms completely swatched in a bunch of lipsticks and eyeshadows every time he’d go to the mall for literally anything. And Magnus would always say that he doesn’t have to do this but he’d just smile and shyly reach for Magnus’s hand and just look up at him and whisper under his breath “yeah but I want to” and Magnus would melt and kiss him bc he cannot believe how much he loves this man